2011 Muddy Roots Music Festival Dates, Lineup & Location

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By all accounts, last year’s inaugural Muddy Roots Festival was an overwhelming success. The lineup was amazing, the performances were spectacular, and all the brave people that made the trek to Cookeville in middle Tennessee said the experience measured somewhere between a life changing event and a religious experience. Good times, good people, good food, and of course, good music. The only thing missing was YOU.

So this year for the second installment, we need to fix that. If you like the music that is talked about on Saving Country Music, then this is the premier event of the year. There is nothing bigger, and nothing better. And when you factor in all the bands you will be able to see for the price they’re asking, it’s a bargain. But the music is just the excuse. To a man, the 2010 Muddy Roots participants all boasted about the camaraderie the event created between the fans and artists, and between each other, and the friendships and memories they walked away with lasted well after the music stopped.

Saving Country Music is dedicated to being the hub of information about all things Muddy Roots leading up to this year’s festival September 3rd &4th, being held once again in Cookeville, TN, just outside of Nashville.

The beginning of the lineup can be seen below, but please note more names will be added later, and some could change leading up to the event.

Tickets are $55 in advance, and $70 for walk-ups. But think of this like buying a ticket for a show. Think of it as someone throwing the biggest backyard party imaginable, with any and all of your favorite bands traveling from all around the country to be the entertainment, and this is just you pitching in for a keg and paper plates.

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Current 2011 Lineup:

Wayne Hancock

Possessed By Paul James

Hellbound Glory

Goddamn Gallows

Left Lane Cruiser

Calamity Cubes


Cutthroat Shamrock



Ten Foot Pole Cats

Porter Hall Tennessee

Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band

Rachel Brooke

The Perreze Farm

JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters

Owen Mays


Rev Deadeye

Mark Porkchop Holder

Slackeye Slim


Last False Hope

Cletus Got Shot

Hillbilly Casino



Foothill Fury

106 Comments to “2011 Muddy Roots Music Festival Dates, Lineup & Location”

  • DAMN!!!!!!!

  • I’m glad to see Rachel Brooke in the lineup!

    • Me too!

      • Me three!…Fourteen. :)

  • Anyone from the New England area planning on going get ahold of me.

    • Good idea. If people want to pair up and carpool to help with costs, feel free to either use this comments section or the Saving Country Music message board to figure that out. Let’s not let transportation be a reason someone can’t make it. There will be people coming from all over the country. Don’t let there be an empty seat in your car. Fill it up and help yourself with gas $$$!

      I just set up a transportation thread on the message board. People can use this if they want to help find a ride, or find a rider.


  • YES YES YES!!!!

  • Screamin’ Jesus that’s gonna be a helluva show! I ain’t missin’ one minute of it this year!

  • After my new years resolution last night (to see more concerts) I think I’ll have to try & go

  • and Smokestack and the Foothill Fury.

  • I actually got goosebumps reading those names! So many good bands! Alright then, I’m gonna do my damndest to get down there. There it is. Decision made!

    • Im stoked to read THAT!

      • There’s some serious ducks to get in a row, but I’ve got time to do it! I was kinda hoping to zip over to Ireland/England this fall, but that’s a bigger undertaking than this. And when else will I get a chance to see so many of my favorite bands (plus many I’ve yet to check out), and meet so many of you fine friends? After reading the line-up it’s a no-brainer!

        • Yay Yay Yay!

  • This is such a great article! Very excited to go to the Muddy Roots Festival this year!

  • Gawd help us ..some line-up….looks good !!!

  • Beautimus! Can’t wait!

  • It sounds awesome, wish I could go!

  • Spamming this everywhere I can! Hope it’s a great success this year.

  • My hangover is cured. Holy F-ing Shit. That’s all I can say. Jason, you outdid last year.

    Where’s Aaron Lewis? :p

  • I’m so there!

    • More yay!!!!

  • Oh boy, we can’t wait to again to be involved and you have our full support!

  • Couple of things:

    1) Anybody who knows they are going to go for sure, I would encourage them to go ahead and purchase their tickets as soon as they can. The more pre-sales, the more Muddy Roots will be able to gauge how many people will be there and gameplan accordingly.

    2) I know that for some people, because of family / job commitments/ health / money / etc. they may not be able to be there in person. Nothing will replace being there, but I know that I and many others are committed to try to cover and chronicle everything that will be going down to make people who just won’t be able to make it still feel a part of the experience. And even if you can’t go, you can still support it by helping to spread the word.

  • Wow, what a true honor to be in the middle of all those stellar names! This is gonna be a great event and worth every penny of the ticket price!

    I am gonna try my best to make this the first time that a lot of internet dorks will meet in person! I am stoked. Can’t wait, everyone give props to Jason for his incredible dedication and hard work getting this together for all of us!

    • By saying you’re “in the middle of all those stellar names” you mean the future of bluegrass, Last False Hope for the people who don’t know.

      And I know you’re talking about me when you say, “Internet Dorks.” We’ll see if you have the rocks to say that face to face in Sep.

      • I include myself in the “internet dorks” statement as well!

        • Last year I went and knew NO ONE. I brought my mom and my former babysitter. True story.

          This year, I may know at least 50% of the folks in attendance due to staying in touch with people I met last year via the internet and new friends I’ve made the same way. I’m writing my dissertation on online community. I think this will be a pivotal personal experience for me in this regard.


    • I prefer to think of us all as “music dorks” who use the internet to connect to the music we love and each other, but it could be just semantics!

  • A buch of names I would like to see and hear “live”, so I WILL buy tickets! ONLY …(because of my love for the unsung musicians you have listed) and to endorse this gig! I swear to god the only way I can justify this trip though (so far)…is if you can ADD HANK III to this roster! (if you don’t beleive me, try roosterin’ up to my hen for a week!). Sounds like a great show, hope I can make it!

    • …or in other words, Hank III is the ONLY reason…she knows better than to argue the point. YES, I preffer “peace” in the valley…so to speak.

      • I know there are some more names to come, so Hank III might show up. I can say for sure that the reason his name is not on the list is NOT from either a lack of interest from Muddy Roots, or a lack of trying. It more has to do with Hank III coming with a very high dollar price tag. You’d think III could give a discount since he’s only 1 1/2 hours away, but there’s touring schedules, he’s got to fly Gary in from Austin, all kinds of stuff. So let’s keep our fingers crossed, but understand that if this can be a big deal this year, maybe next year they will have the budget to get some even bigger acts.

        • Not if Black Eyed Vermillion is on the roster. :)

  • hellyeah…ill be there

  • This is going to be all kinds of awesome. That’s one hell of a lineup!

  • I was already sold on going, now I’m fucking stoked. The lord baby jesus could not have crafted a better lineup.

    • Amen! Hallelujah!

  • Fuckin’ A. You have achieved multiple levels of awesomeness for the 2011 fest. That lineup is downright sexual. Kudos. I’m there.

  • Damn! I gotta see what I can do.

  • Just bought a plane ticket. Now to buy a festival ticket. No turning back now!

    • Nice man, can’t wait to meet ya!

      • Likewise Jashie, and I can’t wait to see Last False Hope play!

    • I am all kinds of excited! All y’all in Cookeville….lil’ ol’ Cookeville!

  • Great to see JB Beverley added to the the list, what a talent. I was there last year and it was great, but it’ll be a little weird without Larry and his flask. They really kicked things up a notch. What’s their status?

    • I can tell you more bands will likely be added. I’ll be trying to keep everyone informed.

    • I’ll see them on 2/14 and I’ll make pouty faces….maybe things can change. hahaha.

  • I have a couple of questions

    1) this isn’t very likely to sell out is it? I know it’s the second year but that lineup will draw a crowd with the right promotion.

    2) Is the advance price going to go up any or will it remain $55?

    There is like 9 acts on this thing I want to see and I’m sure the rest will be awesome. I’ll definitely be going but probably won’t buy my ticket till Summer….coming up from Valdosta, GA if anyone wants to carpool going up I-75.

    • unless they announce Hank III….then I’ll have to buy a ticket so I don’t miss out.

      • It’s a huge venue. It probably won’t sell out but the earlier we pay, the more cash Jason has to work with up front. Triggerman explains that above. There are other good folks coming up from GA that I know of but some of them are families so their cars may be full up.

        • 50 acres isn’t too shabby.

  • How many times do yall reckon Karen is gonna comment on this?

    • 21…

    • We’re all gonna have to pitch in for a Tiara for her to wear all weekend, and a troupe of Nubian servants to carry her around on a big giant pillow like the Queen of Sheba.

      • FYI i got a bad ankle so im out sorry….

      • Well, Trig, there can only be…but one Queen, no? But if you wanted that title, I’ll take princess. ;)

        • Who’s the shark?

          • Bruce…Terry Bruce.

      • I’m fightin’ for that title…..Tooth and nail, baby! :)

        • I’ll share my tiara with all of the C*NTS.

          • I believe Potter is coming.

        • BTW, Christie Trent is in, Cynthia for sure…Heather can’t come because of baby…we need to work on Potter and Larry…

          • Janet Archer bought her ticket, and I believe Alex from MI is coming as well. I haven’t heard from Larry yet.

          • Awesome. I’ll work on Larry in February.

        • YAY!

      • To quote one of my favorite movies “What’s A Nubian?”

        • I’m blanking out on the source…help me out.

          • “Chasing Amy”! Right?

          • I think that’s right!

  • I got $10 on 20 times!

  • I’m at 9 now…

    • This is 8 for me, so I’m right behind you! Can you tell we’re excited?

  • Ok guys so we should make a little compound there. All of us internet dorks should all just put the tents together pull for beer and food Me and Nix can BBQ like mothers. Think about it. We used to go to the largest paintball game in the world every year. It was 5000 people strong plus camp bitches. We all made it much easier on ourselves pullin money. I got the hookers and coke!

    • I’m in. The Beej always has the BEST hookers and coke I heard.

      • I try. I like to get the really big black hookers. That smell like government cheese and bologna.

        • I only like hookers that smell like organic beans and rice.

          • And ones that show up with no bras on screaming about womens rights?

          • I like bras. Bras are the best non-surgical lies that exist.

            Women have rights?

          • You had me at “hookers and coke.”

  • My Dad, My Brother and I came down from Minnesota last year and it was amazing.

    • Will you be back? I hope so!

      • I hope to see you fellas again TOO!!

  • Muddy Roots….picking up where Deep Blues Fest left off.

    • Nope….DBF lives on….there’s things in the works for 2011. Just sayin…

  • Im going to do my best to make it.. Ill be taping of course.. But ill also be found down at Cookeville Boat Dock for the best catfish and hushpuppies in the world.. Plus Center Hill Lake is probably my favorite place on earth..

    • See, these are the kind of inside tips us first-timers need!

      • This will be my first time to Muddy Roots but my family used to get a Houseboat on Center Hill Lake every summer and to this day that lake holds some of my best memories including the food at Cookeville Dock. It has hardly changed since I was a kid too which is great!!

        • Too cool…I lived down there for a couple years back at the turn of the century (that makes me sound real old!). I loved both that lake and Dale Hollow. Cookeville is a small town filled with good people. There’s this amazing tree house in Crossville just an hour away. I have pics of it on my FB profile from when I took my kids there this summer. Have you seen it?

          • I’ve been to Crossville a few times as my parents have some friends who live there and I seem to remember something about a tree house but I don’t think I have actually seen it..

  • Hell yeah Jayke Orvis! What would be awesome is for III to show up, hear Jayke and decide, hmmmm, I need a mando in the damn band! If y’all haven’t heard his new album you are definitely missing out. That boy can pick! And, to top it all off Rachel Brooke….that’s a treat in itself! Can’t wait!

    • I was thinking the same thing!

  • […] the front of their shirt–something. But because they are participants in this year’s Muddy Roots Festival, and were there last year, and honestly, because they are just so damn good, I am making an […]

  • Good times, good people, good food, and of course, good music. ——————————– thats what the article say , sounds like a GREAT TIME !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gonna be a real blast getting to play on this bill, and meet some of you folks.

    I can’t reveal too much right now, as a few people aren’t concrete, yet, but if it all goes well, I’ve got an all star lineup of the 80 Proof Boys in store for you folks, that I’d rather be watching, than fronting.

    This is going to kick ass!

  • I’m gonna have to see if I can get the whole band to come out. Out steel/ mando player just got a suburban!!!! road trip

  • I seriously get chills thinking about seeing all those awesome bands in one place! definitely going even if I have to walk!

  • […] music to the people. This has formed the big tent movement that can be seen in things like the Muddy Roots Festival lineup where you have country and blues musicians booked side by side, and nobody bats an […]

  • Get me on that list! I’m playing too :-)

  • Are Lucky Tubb and Bob Wayne still on the bill ?

    • This is the old, initial lineup announcement. Lucky and Bob were added with a bunch of other folks later.

  • what’s the chance of getting my band, Hudson Hornet, on this? i understand it’s been full for a while, but…never know…

  • Why no single day tickets ? We are locals and older than the majority of the crowd.
    Would be nice to just spend a day. Never been to Bonnaroo for the same reason!!

  • Hello everyone!
    I have a question and hope somebody here can help us out. We’re comming to the festival from belgium. We want to spend te nights at the festival, because hotels are to far away, and drinking and driving… no fun… So we have been looking for a camper to rent for a couple of days, but those prices are just crazy.
    My wife realy hates sleeping in a tent, so that’s no option. So if somebody knows a cheaper option for renting a camper or has a camper for rent… Please let us know. We are comming for sure, tickets are payed for, but this little camping problem is becoming a pain in the butt…

    You can contact me at: [email protected]


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