2013 Muddy Roots Festival Official Lineup

January 26, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  64 Comments

The Muddy Roots Festival happening in Tennessee Labor Day weekend Aug. 30th – Sept. 1st has announced their 2013 lineup. Once again Muddy Roots defines the nexus between country, punk, blues, bluegrass, and other underground and independent roots by presenting a mix of music that is very wide ranging yet strangely intuitive from the universal DIY spirit and appreciation for the roots that can be found in all performers.

Speaking of DIY and appreciation for the roots, the 2013 Muddy Roots headliner will be legendary punk band and one of the originators of the DIY spirit in American music, Black Flag. Led by Greg Ginn, the band is re-forming to play Muddy Roots as their first US date.

The 2013 Muddy Roots lineup is also topped by legendary Bakersfield songwriter Red Simpson, primarily known for his songs canonizing the American truck driver. It was recently announced that Red would be saluted by the Country Music Hall of Fame as a “Poet & Prophet.”

And The Monsters from Switzerland, a self-proclaimed “Wild Primitive Chainsaw Massacre Teenage Trash Garage Clonedrum Fuzz Rock N’ Roll” band will be making their sole US stop at Muddy Roots.

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  • Black Flag
  • Red Simpson
  • The Monsters
  • Shooter Jennings
  • Scott Kelly of Neurosis
  • Larry & His Flask
  • Possessed by Paul James
  • Dale Watson
  • Deadbolt
  • Whitey Morgan & The 78′s
  • Greg Garing
  • MR_Poster_2-11x17-NEW-FINAL-WEBSean y Zander
  • Hellbound Glory
  • Those Poor Bastards
  • Reverend Beatman
  • Jack Oblivian
  • Left Lane Cruiser
  • Austin Lucas
  • The Planet Rockers
  • Hillbilly Casino
  • Eerie Von
  • Joe Buck Yourself
  • Good For You
  • Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies
  • The Movie Star Junkies
  • The Gladezmen
  • Brownbird Rudy Relic
  • Los Bastardos Magnificos
  • The Calamity Cubes
  • The Goddamn Gallows
  • Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy
  • Dad Horse Experience
  • Joe Huber
  • Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs
  • The Harmed Brothers
  • Two Man Gentlemen Band
  • The Tillers
  • Rickets Pass
  • Delaney Davidson
  • Bob Reuter’s Alley Ghost
  • Otis Gibbs
  • Dash Rip Rock
  • Cuttthroat Shamrock
  • Hangdog Hearts
  • Carolina Still
  • Joshua Black Wilkins
  • Stuck Lucky
  • Phil Hummer & The White Falcons
  • Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons
  • Rachel Brooke
  • Black Jake & The Carnies
  • Ten Foot Polecats
  • Hooten Hallers
  • John The Conquerer
  • Ray Lawrence Jr.
  • Sarah Gayle Meech
  • Rachel Kate
  • Grass Crack
  • The Dead Soldiers
  • The Broken Spirits
  • Scott McDougall
  • Hellfire Revival
  • Last False Hope
  • Peewee Moore
  • White Trash Blues Revival
  • Psycho Devilles
  • JB Beverley & Wayward Drifters
  • Charlie Overby
  • Filthy Still
  • Burlesque Le Mustache
  • Muddy Roots Berlesque Troupe

64 Comments to “2013 Muddy Roots Festival Official Lineup”

  • A roots festival being headlined by a punk band? LOL!

    • Promoting country, bluegrass, blues, folk, americana, punk and everything in between!

      Black Flag is also the roots of punk rock.

      • I don’t think anyone can deny that Black Flag sounds very different than most of the other bands there. This can be a plus in terms of getting some people who wouldn’t otherwise attend come to the show, and especially as it seems like a lot of underground country fans and bands were formerly punk rockers, they will probably like it.

        However, for people (like myself) who never were fans of punk rock and are already turned off by the prevalance of punks/former punks at some country shows, this is something of a turn off, though not a dealbreaker (I will probably attend)

        • Well, maybe if everyone wasn’t focused on what their fellow festival goer was listening to 5, 10 or 25 years ago, it’d be a more enjoyable experience for all parties involved. There are those of us who enjoy a majority of the acts. Perhaps you’d be more at home at a Taylor Swift or Tim McGraw concert? I can assure you, there will be NO former punks there. Educate yourself.

    • Social Distortion, Violent Femmes, Primus (Duo De Twang), X/The Knitters…clear connection, what’s not to get?

      And would love to see them all at the fest!!!

  • Perhaps in 2014 there should be an independent hip-hop group headlining Muddy Roots. After all, hip-hop is closer to the roots than punk.

    • What did I tell you about picking your battles Eric?

      • No battle here. Just a suggestion. What’s wrong with having independent hip-hop groups at Muddy Roots?

        • Welp, for all of you Eric haters out there, you’ll be happy to know that after a thread of personal emails between him and I, he’s told me he’s done with Saving Country Music. Many will be happy, but truth be known I’m a little depressed about it. The guy could be a pill for sure, but I did appreciate his perspective. Maybe he’ll be back someday.

          • He had a really different perspective that was interesting to read, that’s for sure. I hope to see him back, as well. I have no doubt he’ll continue to check up on the site, though.

          • Yeah, I’m kind of sorry to hear that. I appreciated that he became very enthusiastic about the site and seemed go back and read all the past articles. However, I don’t think he had yet to develop a sense of what the roots music community was about, and I found some of his comments exasperating. And your interest in the Taylor Swift saga combined with his often rabid defense of her could be tiring. I thought his best comments here was that back and forth he and New England Country had on some other article. Impressive for a 22 year old.

          • Well, I’ll miss Eric’s discussions about things. Didn’t often agree with the guy, but he usually had a point, and more often than not, presented his side of things well.

            In this case, I have to say I almost agree with Eric. Not on the hip-hop being closer to roots part, but on the fact that they might as well have a hip-hop artist headline next year (hell, let’s just go with Kid Rock, he mixes and matches all of the above, that way everyone will be equally happy or pissed off).

            I’m not saying that to disrespect Black Flag. I went to work at a Dodge dealership in another city late last year and another technician up there turned me on to their music, and now I own all of their albums. That guy was as deep into the underground rock, punk, and metal as I am into the red dirt, bluegrass, rockabilly, and outlaw country, and we found a lot of common ground musically. I may not agree with Black Flag headlining the festival, but I can see where it will draw fans across genres because I’ve lived it. As much as I don’t agree with the idea of them being the headliner, I can also see the very strong potential for positive to come from it.

    • “After all, hip-hop is closer to the roots than punk. ”

      You say that with such certainty and yet I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    • Eric….Maybe you shouldn’t go to the show instead of complaining. Maybe comprise your own music festival.

  • Let the Easter egg hunt for misspelled names begin!

  • How can you say punk isn’t close to the roots? That makes no sense at all. Punk and Country are brothers of the same rebellion. Three chords and the truth. And that is all I am gonna say about it

  • I thought they were playing Coachella as well.

  • Punk & Country are both played w/ REAL instruments. Instruments that take time, talent & patience to learn. Hip Hop…. not so much ;)

    • To be fair, I there are quite a number of hip hop acts that use live bands.

  • That Black Flag announcement made my night. It is going to be another amazing weekend.

  • No Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band?!?!?

    • Jayke explained this a week or two ago. He’s playing the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender and Muddy Roots Europe, and there was some other festival he wanted to play the same weekend so he decided two out of three Muddy Roots events was plenty. Oh hell, let me just find it…. Here it is:

      3) MUDDY ROOTS) yes we are playing Muddy Roots. However, not the one in Cookeville on Labor Day Weekend.
      We are going to be in Wisconsin that weekend at the Jackpine Jamboree. Its pretty much the festival that got .357 started.
      We WILL be at the Spring Weekender may 10th n 11 as well as MuddyRoots Europe so we figured that can make up for it. We love Muddy Roots and plan on being part of atleast one form or another every year.

  • No Jud Block AGAIN, but plenty of Farmageddon folks. What a surprise.

  • Couple Rhode Island bands playing this year. Love joe Fletcher’s music

  • That’s a beauty of a lineup as always! Glad to see the Polecats back on there

  • Scott Kelly is awesome. Wish I could be there.

  • Probably won’t be able to hit this, as much as I’d love to… Just wanted to mention I took your advice and saw a Sarah Gayle Meech show in Nashville and wow she is fantastic! Thanks for the heads up on a great artist, and thanks for doin this site! I’m a big Sarah, Hellbound Glory, and Turnpike Troubadours fan now thanks to you!

  • All music has roots.

    The muddy roots festival never claimed to be a country roots festival or a bluegrass roots festival or an acoustic roots festival. They are the MUDDY Roots festival.

    As far as the roots of any music goes, Black Flag is as roots as it gets when it comes to the roots of the hardcore punk genre.

  • I just hope Black Flag doesn’t dissapoint. I’m a huge fan of their music…FROM THE 80′s. But, I saw the Ramones and the Misfits late in their careers and I was very unimpressed.

    I gotta say this: I always thought that Erik feller was an alter ego of Trigger, and I never cared much for his comentary. But, this kid had a point. I’m pretty dumbfounded that Wayne Hancock won’t be playing the fest, but a version of Black Flag will be headlining.

    • Well, punk bands have played there before, right? I guess if you can get a punk band as legendary and seminal as Black Flag, it’s hard not to name them as the headliner.

      Looks like the singer will be Ron Reyes, who apparently was the singer between Keith Morris and Henry Rollins. Figured it wouldn’t be Rollins, given the tension between him and “The Ginn.” Also, I think he’s hung up his rock and roll shoes (performance wise) and is mainly doing his spoken word stuff. Too bad it’s not Keith Morris.

      Alter ego? I don’t know, man.

      • I certainly get that most of the fans are also fans of Black Flag. I love them as much as any devoted fan, but I don’t like them in my hillbilly playlist. But, I get your point. If they’re going to be there they may as well be headlining I guess.

        • “I love them as much as any devoted fan, but I don’t like them in my hillbilly playlist.”

          Point taken. And like you said, there is the chance that the reunion could be a disappointment. Seems a little risky.

          • I just hope they don’t outshine the other performers who haven’t had the chance to enjoy the success that Black Flag has. Like I said, I love the shit out of Black Flag’s music.

            Peewee Moore just announced that he and his band will be playing the fest agian this year, and almost all of the comments on his facebook post are about how awesome Black Flag is. That just plain sucks. Some people don’t have any respect.

          • Yeah, that’s odd.

            Saw this link on Trigger’s Facebook page. Apparently, there will be another Black Flag configuration touring in 2013 called Flag with Keith Morris on vocals and Chuck Dukowski on bass. Seems like that might be a more fun bunch.


    • Again, I’m not a fan of punk to begin with, so I’m not the best to judge; but it seems to me that a huge difference between Punk and Country is that country is not just a young man’s game. Most seminal punk bands peaked were started by high schoolers and peaked/broke up by the time the band members were in their mid 20s or earlier. Insofar as they had further success, they usually changed their sound.

      George Jones, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash etc. careers peaked in their 30s and 40s and 50s.

      Thus having a bunch of guys in their 50s screaming and jumping around on stage seems less appealing than a 78 year old Red Simpson.

  • I really don’t want to start a flame war on the old interwebs, but I was really looking forward to going to Muddy Roots for the first time this year. Now, I think I’ll pass. Black Flag and some guy from Neurosis?

    I can’t stand playing shows where I follow a metal or punk act cause the music doesn’t fit together at all. It’s like Slayer playing a gospel revival. The metal and punk aspect pushes country fans away. How in the hell will they transision from Red Simpson to Black Flag?

    • Some guy?? Scott Kelly is in the best band ever…The mighty Neurosis. But he also does amazing solo acoustic sets as well. Last year he released an album, along with Wino from Saint Vitus, and Steve Von Till from Neurosis of songs by Townes Van Zandt. Acoustic country songs!!!! I doubt Scott Kelly will be playing any “metal” at this show…..It’s probably best if you don’t go. Stay at home and continue to be willfully ignorant and close minded….This show sounds awesome!!!!! Real roots country and Black Flag? Genius for those who have open minds and hearts…..

      • I guess I’m just too close minded and ignorant to understand how Neurosis is the best band ever, or how Black Flag fits with the Harmed Brothers.

        I’m just expressing my oppinion as a musician, and a devoted fan of live music in general. It seems like a strange line up. But, I also don’t like Johnny Cash’s music, so go ahead and make fun of me for that while you’re at it.

        • I’m just expressing my opinion that Neurosis is the best band ever. Compared to most bands today, they are the closest thing to real roots music. Roots music doesn’t have to be about the genre or specific sound…..It’s all about attitude and doing it yourself, with only the help of true music fans…..Again, just my opinion. I am also a musician and a huge fan of many styles of music, but I never would go as far to post my disdain over a couple artists playing with a shitload other artists at a summer festival…..Okay I get it….You don’t like different genres crossing over one another in a live format. But why go on the net and bitch about it??
          Exercise your right not to go and enjoy it. If you do go to the show, just go get a beer or food when the bands you don’t like/respect are performing. Why complain about it? Do you think the organizers are going to take certain bands off the bill because you’re upset about it? I doubt it, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try…..
          Now mind you, I’m not making fun of you for your musical tastes or expressing your opinion (no matter how close minded it makes you appear). I guess your post just irritates me……No harm meant.

          • I do like different genres of music playing at the same festivals, but this is a stretch. Goddamn Gallows isn’t all that different from other bands on the bill that sound more traditional, but there is a link. They cover Townes and have a banjo.

            I guess I was just expecting something different. I know damn well no one is going to change anything about this fest based on what I say, and I don’t expect that. This comment section is for people like us to comment. And, that is all that’s going on here.

            Also, easy on the ignorant and close-minded comments. I’m not disrespecting you, so please don’t disrespect me.

          • But why go on the net and bitch about it??

            I understand what you’re getting at Barrow and I’m not calling you out or anything, but I pride myself in keeping Saving Country Music as a place that people can voice their grievances. I think “going on the net and bitching about it” can be a very powerful thing, as we’ve seen in the case of the recent Blake Shelton comments.

            I may have some of my thoughts on this lineup here soon, I’m busy at the moment fighting other fires. But I will say that is one of the points of having multiples stages at a festival is so that if there is something that doesn’t peak your interest, you always have an alternative. I’m not sure if the question should be when looking at a festival lineup, “What are the one or two names I don’t like or don’t fit.” It should be, “Are there enough names I like to justify the trip and expense?” There’s a lot of names here, and the experience for each goer can be completely different. You can focus only on the country and blues bands, and still have too much music to see. There’s a big under card here with a lot of names, many I don’t even know.

        • there are multiple stages so if you don’t like a band that’s playing then go to another stage. Or just miss out on an amazing show because you don’t love every band. Your choice.

          • You’re right. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be there, I’m not asking the organizers to remove them from the fest, I’m not calling anyone an idiot for being happy about this, I’m just saying its weird, and I don’t think it fits. So, before you put in your two cents, please read all the comments.

    • Hey “Willie Nelson’s Guitar”, I know you are involved with working Muddy Roots. Can you please tell us what you think about the decision to book Black Flag this year?

      • I can answer that. There are a few points to make but I will keep it simple. Punk has always been a style of music we promote. It’s on our website alongside country, roots blues, folk, and everything in between. A lot of our bands look up to old punkers or are them. Many blend punk into blues, country, bluegrass, etc. It’s part of us. When one of the most iconic punk bands comes out of retirement to play your gig you say YES THANK YOU! I am completely honored that they chose us. We try annually for a wide range of artists and landed on this one. You’ll see us making a big deal about it because it’s our job to. We really need to get as much press as possible. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS THERE IS MORE THAN ONE STAGE! People don’t “not” go to festivals because of 1 band. You go to festivals for the 60 other bands you do like. Or if you don’t like them you stay home. I do it all the time.

    • Likely, they will be headlining different nights, as was case last year with antiseen.. the nice thing about muddy roots having2 stages is that most likely, even if you don’t like black flag, there is something you will enjoy on the other stage.

      • You’ve got a good point. I guess I may be overreacting, but it does seem weird.

        • Hagphish

          it’s weird, but it works. that’s the beauty of Muddy Roots.

          i’ve been all three years, and i can say that it’s an incredible time and that you shouldn’t miss it just because you have no interest in Black Flag. there will be more than enough amazing music and people all over the place that you won’t have to pay any attention to them if you don’t want…. besides, there’s so much going on, for three days, you’re going to need to skip a couple shows anyway.

          • I said it like three times before though…I LOVE Black Flag. I just don’t like listening to hardcore and Calamity Cubes at the same festival. It’s the same reason I didn’t like seeing Six Feet Under at Warped Tour. There were white supremecists with swazi tattoos on their heads mixed with 16 year old Green Day fans. They do not fit together.

            But, I have am jealous of anyone who’s been to the festival in the past. It always sounds like so much fun, and the photos and video prove it. I’m sure it will be a total blast, and one of the funnest things happening this year.

    • William Elliott Whitmore has built a career by opening for rock acts ranging from murder by death, converge, clutch, red sparrows, saviours, chris cornell, ten grand, etc; good music is universal and those with “soul” will get it if it’s good and not contrived. Also, neurosis is ridiculously awesome!

  • What an awesome lineup1

  • Wow that all sounds great. I may have to visit my mom in Paris, TN in September now. Those poor bastards and plenty of other bands in the modern underground country scene cite Black Flag as a major influence. I’m sure the festivals people thought about it before they just slapped Black Flag on the top of the list.

  • I’m really stoked on the diversity of this festival. I’ve not been yet, so I’m really excited about going this year.

  • I don’t know how the Black Flag booking worked, but how if they wanted to kick shit off at your venue, how could you say no? That’s my roots. Keep it up!

  • Trig says Eric is not commenting on here anymore hahaha. For anyone who ever thought Eric was a real person I feel so sorry for you. It’s just Trigg’s alter ego so he doesn’t get as much hate. To the person saying Eric went back in and read all the old post haha. Hilarious almost priceless (easy to go back and read them when you wrote them all-he is Trigg).

    Oh and Trigg after all your bellyaching about country and punk mixing when you were hating on acts similar to Last False Hope (and really hating on Last False Hope) Black Flag playing this must really get your shorts in a twist. Don’t back pedal on how much you acted like you hated the way the country punk mix had become in country. Oh the irony in it all.

    • Here’s a screen shot from the site’s comments dashboard. I erased the emails with my novice Photoshop skills. But of course, you won’t believe any of this, but here’s my evidence that Eric and I were not the same folks.

      Now, you can take those IP address and load them into this IP address locator:


      This will give you all the information you need if you believe Eric and I are the same people.

      But you are making the classic mistake Confucius of not giving your adversaries respect for their strengths. You may not like me or think what I do here is pap, but if your theory is the comment culture that exists here is because of my smoke and mirrors, you’re fooling yourself, especially after what transpired here last week. Two people have been proven to be impersonating other people and using multiple names in the comments sections before, and they both were adversaries of mine, not allies. But of course, all you have to do is create doubt.

      • Furthermore, I haven’t given my opinions about the Black Flag headliner because to be perfectly honest, I am conflicted about it and am still processing it. You’re right, there is a lot of irony involved. But get over yourself man. Nobody here is criticizing Last False Hope, and my guess is the only person that wants to fight old battles from 2 years ago is you. We’ve moved on, we’ve evolved away from that. So either evolve with us or go away.

  • Furthermore I kid you not I think Jack Williams is also Trigg haha.

    Just look at the way they type, the words they use, the way they reply over and over explaining themselves to the max. Oh man it’s almost too hilarious. It’s like some hook, line, and sinker stuff on this site.

    • I don’t know if you’re right or wrong, but I’ve always though Erik was an alter ego. Who knows how many others are alter egos. I guess that’s the good/bad thing about the internet. You can be whoever you want.

  • To the Muddy Roots ‘suits’. Thanks for the great lineup. Its always exciting to see the lineup unveiled to hear some of the acts that i’m familiar with and to also, and more importantly, hear some tunes i’ve never heard before.
    I think its great and a smart idea to bring in acts like the Rev and BF to maybe gain an audience that wasn’t there before. Both have a great, loyal fanbase and if its puts more money in the pocket of great promoters and the great artists that we like, i’m all for it.

    here’s a quick question, if you would like to respond.

    Have the Meat Puppets ever been contacted or considered for a MR event?
    I think they would fit the bill.

    • We haven’t contacted the Meat Puppets but I would!

      To the other responses above I urge you all to listen to the music before judging. Scott Kelly from Neurosis is NOT Neurosis. I mean I love Neurosis and all but we did not book them. Scott Kelly put out an album of acoustic roots and covers a lot of Townes Van Zandt. Doom metal dude covering one of the deepest and darkest folk singers makes a ton of sense. We give a home to all the stuff in between. I promise you will always see converts, in betweens, and folks that build bridges between scenes.
      Black Flag will not be playing rootsy acoustic stuff. They are here because they are the roots of Punk Rock.

      We always joke about “Spreading the Muddy Roots Gospel.” What we really aim to do is to share music from one “scene” into another. To tear down those damn walls. What is punk? Follow it back through time. Roots blues, country, early rock n roll….it’s all the same. Blend it all. Sharing the MR Gospel is also about sharing really damn good music by hardworking underground bands to people that don’t know about them. Pull people off the radio addiction and put them in front of someone like the Calamity Cubes. Building the fan base as well as giving someone culture helps everyone.

      Hell look at all those metal heads getting in touch with country music because of people like Hank 3. Now if we could only book him! One day. One day. ;)

  • Black Flag? Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s punk. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Hermosa Beach going, “My God, that ain’t punk!” Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass.

  • Black Flag and Last False Hope. I must be in heaven. That bill is also doing the midwest in June. Unreal… PS: Ron Reyes is rad! I love his singing.

  • Man, I’m just happy that I can go to a festival and everything doesn’t sound the same. The way I see it, I’m getting everything I like at one big show. If I’m in the mood for punk, string band, omb, country, blues, or bluegrass. I think this is genius. Thanks for making this possible to everyone involved.

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