55 People Arrested, 22 Hospitalized at Keith Urban Concert

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keith-urbanA total of 55 arrests and 46 medical incidents, including 22 people transported to hospitals, marred a Keith Urban concert event in Mansfield, Massachusetts Saturday (7-26) night at the Xfinity Center as part of his “Raise ‘Em Up” tour. Jerrod Niemann and Brett Eldredge also performed at the concert. The incidents resulted in the Mansfield Fire Department having to declare a “Mass Casualty” event to solicit the help of surrounding communities to deal with the amount of people needing care. Ambulances from Eaton, Foxboro, Mansfield, North Attleboro, Norton, Plainville, and private ambulance contractors were called to the scene to help deal with the the incident.

Deputy Fire Chief James Puleo of the Mansfield Fire Department told The Boston Globe that by 10:30 PM, the department had already deployed eight ambulances to Xfinity Center. The Mansfield Police Department said many individuals became ill at the Keith Urban concert due to excessive alcohol consumption.

The Sun Chronicle is also reporting that officials requested help for a 16-year-old boy with an unspecified injury and was unresponsive.

The Xfinity Center Public Relations Department later released a statement saying, “Last night we hosted more than 18,000 Country Music fans in Mansfield. Our team works hard to offer a great concert experience for fans and an overwhelming majority of fans enjoyed the concert, there were approximately 20 people that were transported to the local hospital mostly with non-serious, alcohol-related symptoms.”

The news comes as numerous stories about country concerts getting out of hand have been in the headlines, including an annual event in Pittsburgh where pictures of trash and drunken patrons became a national story in late June. Last week there was also the story of a 22-year-old man found dead in a dumpster after a Jason Aldean concert, but police have yet to determine what caused the man’s death.

Below is a joint statement released by Mansfield Fire and Police Departments in regards to Saturday night’s incident:

Joint Police and Fire Press Release relating to the July 26th Keith Urban Concert forwarded by MPD Chief Ron Sellon and MPD Chief Neal Boldrighini.

Police, Fire and Xfinity staff employ a unified command approach implemented in 2013 that is extremely effective in dealing with public safety. This is a scalable model that is accomplished through a systematic review of the history on each show and information regarding recent issues at other venues.

Last evening’s Keith Urban concert was not anticipated to present with the volume of issues handled, but measures were in place to provide appropriate and adequate care and protection to all patrons. As a result, although there was a higher than expected volume, appropriate care was available through the expandable model.

In total Fire and EMS attended to 46 medicals resulting in 22 transports mostly alcohol related. The large number of medicals in a shortened time of approximately three hours caused the activation of a phase one EMS plan utilizing ambulances from five mutual aid communities.

Police dealt with a steady stream of intoxicated persons as well, resulting in over 50 people being taken into protective custody and a number of others arrested for alcohol-related issues.

We would like to commend all those working the concert from ushers, to security, to the Police, EMS, and Fire personnel who worked and the local hospitals for their professionalism and resilient efforts during this busy show. Although all public safety personnel experienced a high volume of activity, the unified command model provided the flexibility to expand and meet the emerging needs as they began and provide the services required.

—Fire Chief Neal Boldrighini Police Chief Ronald Sellon Town of Mansfield Ma

Last night Keith Urban posted a short video thanking the Mansfield fans. “Gosh, up on the lawn tonight? That was nutso,” Keith says.

***UPDATE (7-31-14): Keith Urban took the below video down, but has finally released a statement about the numerous incidents at the concert.

“My team and I were horrified to learn of the events reported in Boston this past weekend and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected. This type of behavior stands in stark contrast to the spirit of our shows.” – Keith

81 Comments to “55 People Arrested, 22 Hospitalized at Keith Urban Concert”

  • Well….who is really surprised…twats acting like twits.

  • Why do you think these horrible events all seem to be happening at “country” shows north of the Mason Dixon line? Might not be a connection at all, but strange nonetheless.

    • I’m sure we’ll here from someone on here all about the socio economical make up of the New England states just like we saw with Pittsburgh incident.

      • I live in Mansfield, Ma and read this site weekly for the past 2 years or so. I am the only one I know that respects and listens to Texas country and “non pop” country as well as bands like Whiskey Myers and Blackberry Smoke. I do like a few of the mainstream guys, but I’m a Randy Rogers Band, Cody Johnson, Miranda Lambert etc type fan. I really don’t go to these concerts anymore because of this behavior. I’m in my early 20s and I can’t take it. My friends go to get slammed… not my style. This morning my brothers and I were laughing because this happens at every concert here. Surprise surprise… people have no self control. Bunch of morons.

        • Love the site btw… I never post and while I don’t always agree with everything, a lot of your posts are spot on Trig. Amazing how many people can’t hear the difference of “good country” vs the Luke Bryan garbage. “Wahhoooo! I love beer! Be right back… gonna go get my John Deere hat and go to a concert” Makes me sick.

        • This has nothing to do with being a moron. To open a business and charge the public ..the establishment has responsibilities…what about past incidents?..should they have fire extinguishers? Water?..clears paths for an ambulance?..you my friend are the moron..you have no idea what has happened there…I for one was not intoxicated but was a victim at one of their venues…A company that thinks they are above the law.!..Or should I say…. make their own law.. once we are inside…..If you have a heart attack sir…how long would you find acceptable for a paramedic to get to you?..If your child is hit by a car..how long?..if you walk by a grill that explodes and catch on fire..how long?..Do not make a comment you know nothing about and i suggest you think before you type!

  • The Mansfield Police Department said many individuals became ill at the Keith Urban concert due to excessive alcohol consumption.

    Somehow that fits, because under the influence is about the only way one can enjoy Keith Urban.

    On the other hand, I could probably go to a Keith Urban show blasted out of my gourd on absinthe & Jagermeister and still find all sorts of things wrong with it….

    • Keith Urban used to have some pretty good material…not traditional country, mind you, but he wasn’t full-fledged pop, either. His most recent album though was pop almost through-and-through (though I will admit to enjoying “Cop Car”).

      • Eh, to each his own. He just tries to be so open-minded and claim all these different influences, but in the end it always sounded to me like the musical equivalent of mystery meat casserole.

  • Last night in Pittsburgh, Aldean, Lambert, and FGL played to a crowd of 38,000 at PNC park and it sounds like there weren’t any of they issues that occurred during concerts previously held at Heinz Field.
    However, there were a few factors to take into consideration. First, it was a sizably smaller crowd (38,000 vs. 62,000). Second, the weather was a factor: rained delayed and curtailed the concert. Lastly, tailgating was restricted: surface lots opened only 3 hrs before the start of the concert; once the concert started remaining tailgaters were asked to leave the lots. In addition, more dumpsters were brought in and more frequent garbage pick-up during the event. In the past officials handled garbage removal like the city deals with snow removal – wait for it all to fall, then react.
    There were 60 citations issued (mostly underage drinking) which has to be norm at events such as a big concert.

    • As I typed the above then clicked on the pittsburghpostgazette.com, the mayor’s office just released a statement about last nights concert which included the following:

      Although the city reported there was less trash, it said there were 32 people taken by ambulances to area hospitals, mostly for intoxication, which was only slightly less than the number people needing ambulance service after the Bryan concert.

    • I do think context is something that is much needed with this topic. What is an average amount of incidents at concerts of these size? What about the difference in the genre of the acts involved?

      Plus I wonder if there is a hypersensitivity to this type of stuff now.

      • It’s like babies left in the hot car syndrome. Every night CNN is reporting on a new incident. It’s been happening since the car was invented, but it’s only news now cause of the Harris case.

        • Yep, and shark attacks a few years ago when in fact there were actually less than average.

          • CNN didn’t report this. The Boston Globe did.

        • People have been getting injured and arrested at concerts for years. But this used to be indicative of big rock concerts. Now it is happening at country concerts, and significantly more prevalently, especially when compared to rock. Country music draws the yahoos and troublemakers now—the people who don’t know their limit, and the underage idiots who try to emulate what they hear in the songs.

          • Because of brocountry and country radio targeting these rock fans? “Drink to that all night.” Country had many songs about drinking before brocountry and now it’s worse.

          • “…and the underage idiots who try to emulate what they hear in the songs.”

            So exactly what are the ‘underage idiots’ hearing in songs that make them want to copy that behavior? Is there any clear cut examples? Keith Urban doesnt exactly make me wanna raise some redneck hell.

            There is tons of festivals and tours every year that run smoothly. Now the light is magnifide on country music because of how big it is now. Bonehead behavior has always happened at all type of concerts through the years. I will say though, it seems country music gets press like gangsta rap tours in the 90’s anymore.

      • It is exceptional to have to take 22 people to the hospital, and make 55 arrests for a crowd of 18,000 for any concert, and for any genre, except apparently for country in 2014. Usually the local fire department will provision an ambulance crew or maybe two on site for an event like this, whether it’s a musical event, or a sports event that may draw a comparable number of patrons. The Mansfield Fire Department had to reach out to seven different surrounding communities for assistance. There are events happening at the Xfinity Center of this size all of the time. The type of medical and police response is never required. No, this is not babies in hot cars, this is a prevailing trend that started in 2011 and has to do with the type of crowd and atmosphere country music is drawing in 2014.

        • Didnt the report say they had a plan already in place for situations like this and they developed it in 2013? I doubt they just came up with it out of the blue and that it was put in due to necessity. Let’s not act like this was the first time they have needed to have the back up towns.

          • I don’t think that I said they came up with the plan out of the blue or implied that. It seems the “mass casualty” plan was already in place, and implemented when a disproportionate number of people needed medical assistance. It would stand to reason that if any given event at the Xfinity Center saw 22 people needing to be taken to the hospital, then they would already have a fleet of ambulances waiting out in the parking lot. My guess is most events there maybe call for one, maybe two ambulance rides. This case was exceptional.

    • Why more dumpsters? Were they expecting additional bodies to be dumped in them?

  • Why would 18K go see this clown. I know his a top 5-8 country male artist but the guy is a clown. I mean his songs suck for the most part. A few good ones I must admit but I mean his last one about the cop car was stupid.

    Oh and his ear ring is so not cool.

    • My parents said the same about the music I listened to in the 70s.

    • I gotta say , I think Keith Urban is a better -than-average singer and guitarist…but I’m pretty sure he’s written the same song 46 times now .

      • I think Keith Urban is a better -than-average singer and guitarist

        That could be, but at the same time I think that, like in the case of Brad Paisley, Urban’s abilities get blown up all out of proportion by folks looking to justify his alleged place in country music. Pretty much every time Urban’s talent is mentioned in any context, I think of a conversation my wife and I had one day as we were listening to Radney Foster’s version of “Raining on Sunday” on 95.9 the Ranch:

        My wife: Which Nashville twit did this?…This fellow sure does make it sound appealing, doesn’t he?

        Me: Keith Urban had a big hit with this song back in 2003. I believe this is Radney Foster. That’s who it sounds like, at least.

        My wife: Oh, well, that makes sense, then! Radney Foster shits out more talent every morning than Keith Urban could hope to ever possess, even when he’s holding onto Nicole Kidman.

        • That was so eloquently spoken by your ‘better half’. Perhaps you two should have a morning talk show on PBS.

          • That was so eloquently spoken by your ‘better half’.

            Yes it was! We’re working on the talk show. :D

    • Gee… I don’t know. He’s only had 15 number one songs and is considered by most industry experts to be the one of the best guitar players in the world…. I have no idea why anyone would see him. Idiot.

      • Number one where?

  • Hmmm …. I wonder if there’s any correlation between all these alcohol -related arrests and injuries and the fact that EVERY OTHER SONG ON COUNTRY RADIO CELEBRATES DRINKING ?

  • Judd…Keith is NOT a clown…He is an exceptional guitar player and singer-songwriter…If you don’t like his music, don’t listen to it…Don’t go to his concerts…But please refrain from the name calling…Keith is a talented, special man…He doesn’t deserve to be called names…”Cop Car” is a special song to me…And if you knew the details about it from the songwriters…And the reasons that Keith could relate to it, you might not think it so stupid…And I love Keith’s earrings…They are very sexy…

    It’s clearly a shame that people cannot go to a show and enjoy the music and entertainment without getting blasted…Those people missed the music…Keith puts so much of himself in his shows…It’s truly a shame, they got drunk…And missed the “real” good time…

    • My guess would be you’re female.

      Keith Urban is nothing. He’s a sub par singer and a mediocre guitar player (I’ll go as far as “above average”). He just looks like a good guitar player because we’re living in a time period where lead singers can’t play guitar anymore and it’s expected that the strum two cords and pretend like they can. Miranda Lambert is one of the worst. I can’t stand people that act like they’re doing something cool (or even useful) when they are strumming two chords just to look like they can play. His songs are crap and forgettable (honestly I can’t think of the name of one of them off the top of my head).

      Basically, the only reason he’s gotten as big as he has is because he’s a pretty boy that married a famous actress. This guy represents most of what’s gone wrong with main stream country music.

      • Basically …the only reason he’s gotten big as he has is because he is a pretty boy with 16 number 1 hits and he has won multiple awards of the years. In the middle of his run he hooked up with a famous actress. Good god man, thats fine if you think he sucks. But he obviously has more going for him than looks and a famous wife .

        • 15 number one hits, if you count his appearance on “Start a Band.” I don’t but I’m sure a fan would.

      • Ahhhh, but have you ever seen Keith Urban play guitar live? I saw him opening up for someone years ago and the thing I was most impressed with was his guitar playing. Awhile later I was thrilled when he came to a bar near me and I was lucky enough to get a spot very close to the stage. He put on a great show, I enjoyed listening to him and I really enjoyed watching/hearing him play guitar. His career exploded shortly after that, well before he married Nicole, and he truly is one of the ones I believe deserved it. Is he “pure country”? No, he’s not, but he does respect those who came before, he does sound good live – definitely no auto tune needed – and he’s certainly not one of the ones I bash as bringing down country music.

        Oh, and by the way, I’m female, but Keith is not the type I “drool after”, so my admiration of him is based on talent and talent alone. :-)

        Someone above wondered if there was a tie-in between so many songs nowadays being about drinking having an influence on the stupidity at concerts. I truly believe it does. I made the comment to a DJ not long ago that any recovering alcoholics listening to the latest country songs on their station would probably be having a hard time staying sober. There are consequences to everything …

  • Too much time on their hands, too much access to beer and drugs and a general lack of personal social mores influenced by our increasingly immoral culture.

    ………….God isn’t part of country music anymore. Oh sure, the words may be in some of the lyrics but the sexually charged nature of the music and dress code help to rile up the uninhibited unaccountable masses.

    You see it everyday. Personal accountability is sorely lacking everywhere.

    • ‘Too much time on their hands, too much access to beer and drugs and a general lack of personal social mores influenced by our increasingly immoral culture.’

      Amen, Karen

      • That would make a good song.

    • I don’t mean to pick on you, but this exact comment could have been written in 1955 or 1905 or 1885 (if, you know, they had the internet then).

      The problem is not “kids today” or “these immoral times.” People are jerks and teenagers are stupid. It’s the venue’s job to keep it together for everyone else.

      • Sorry, Matt, but if people can’t control their impulses, public behavior and have some sense of decency, I don’t know what a venue can do except kick people them out.

        I have attended some heavy duty rock concerts along the way and have never seen anything like what has been described here several times. I’ve attended many outdoor blue grass festivals with the beer flowing and the pot smokin and people managed to hold it together. If they didn’t, they usually had a friend or two who would corral them and keep things under control.

        If it sounds “old school” to expect some common decency in a crowd, then I’m staying away from the crowds. Of course there is always a drunk or two or someone who lights up in an indoor stadium.

        I’m not ready to give up on mankind yet :) but the incidents seem to be increasing. We can’t blame the performers either, although some types of performances encourage more rowdy behavior than others.

        I am right back to my original point of individual responsibility and accountability. Maybe these nutcases should have their mommies take them to concerts if they have no clue how to conduct themselves or maybe their mommies don’t either. :)

        • That is such BS – half a dozen of you have written “Oh I’ve been to rock shows and never seen this kinda … blah blah blah” REALLY? Were you so stoned that you didn’t notice? I’m a fan of all kinds of music and I HAVE been to rock shows. I’ve seen Van Halen, Aerosmith, KISS, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue – all the type of bands that could headline a venue of that sort…. I’ve also seen Dave Matthews Band and Buffett – and let me be the one to rain on most of your parades – but this is fairly common. 20 people out of nearly 20,000 isn’t abnormal…. plus I’d be willing to bet that 90+% of the medical emergencies were strictly alcohol related… not drug related – which is far more common at a DMB or Rock concert, or a PHish concert….it’s stupid kids drinking too many bud lights before a show or sneaking in with a couple nips of Jack and then throwing up …. for the most part, it’s harmless. Let’s not get too carried away – sheesh

          • I’ve seen Van Halen, Aerosmith, KISS, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue – all the type of bands that could headline a venue of that sort…. I’ve also seen Dave Matthews Band and Buffett – and let me be the one to rain on most of your parades – but this is fairly common.

            None of these names are country names. That’s the point. This used to rarely or never happen in country, especially for big mainstream acts. Now it is happening commonly.

          • Trigger – it’s happening more frequently because country has become the #1 touring genre… and with it are alot of younger fans – when I was “that age” we were listening to hip hop or rock… I didn’t get big into country music until my early 20’s…thank you Garth Brooks. That being said, there are no big rock concerts anymore – look at all the big headliners, they are band from the 70’s and 80’s and 90’s… none of the hip hop shows are drawing big crowds. I live in Springfield, and we go to all the shows in Hartford, but happened to be at the Keith show this past weekend in Mansfield – there are 8 shows on the “megaticket” out here. 8! that is a record and shows that country music has an enormous audience…. and these folks aren’t coming to see Johnny Cash and George Strait. It should speak volumes that George Strait couldn’t sell out Gillette Stadium (with Tim McGraw) yet the Xfinity theatre in Hartford has packed in nearly 25,000 for every other country show this summer. $25 lawn tickets will do that…..

        • My whole point, actually, was that you aren’t old-school, that people have always been complaining about this sort of thing and they always will. You are just as much new school as old.

          And yes, they should kick people out, which is apparently what they were not doing (As noted by the well-written letter below this comment.

          I agree 100% with personal responsibility, by the way. I just happen to think this argument is as old as time and will continue to be argued long after we are all gone.

          • I do agree that people have always complained about teens but I have never experienced the pure outright disregard of others the way that some have described and the way I, myself, have experienced. Personal space is not respected in many cases and the total lack of self respect and personal decorum and slovenly behavior has hit a new high. Maybe there will have to be an age limit at concerts……until people learn that they have to exhibit some kind of public decency. Don’t wanna get into preaching here :) but I worked in soc svcs a long time and taught parents how to be parents………..or tried…….. (I have seen it get worse and worse over the years). A few weeks ago I posted about a FGL concert that was held at the local baseball stadium. I saw young teen girls running all over town dressed in some of the skimpiest, see-through, shortest things I’d ever seen in public and all with cowboy boots. I didn’t know what was going on until I heard the “music” downtown. THAT is a parenting problem. The selfie issue has gotten to be a national epidemic. I was at a concert in outdoor floor seating at a casino recently and all I saw all night was butts and iphones and teeth. Very irritating with no regard for those behind them. Again, I’ve never experienced such disregard, rudeness and so on at concerts and I cannot even list all I’ve attended. I was at a J. Geils concert back in the day and we all were standing on our chairs getting crazy but I never saw any scantily clad half naked, drunkenness or vulgarity all night. I was at some of the craziest rock concerts in college and there might have been some pot smoke in the air but no one got hurt or out of hand. There is a lack of discipline and guidance that has permeated our culture. Maybe the complaints are the same, but the behavior has gotten out of hand and scary. As for me, I’m sticking to the safer concerts like Alan Jackson.

          • It has to get worse, right? Otherwise how will the previous generation that got worse be offended? Those kids in the skimpy outfits taking selfies are the same ones who will grow up to complain about the next generation.

            Either way, I think it’s best we both go to that Alan Jackson show and argue this out with a responsible amount of liquor in us. :)

          • Funny you should mention Alan Jackson about 14,15 years ago (definitely pre 9/11 and ‘Where Were You’) at a Jackson/Paisley concert I saw a drunk guy throw up all over the back of a woman in front of him and then get dragged out by security/sheriff’s deputies while his wife/girlfriend cussed out everyone in sight.

            Not saying things haven’t gotten worse in country but I do think people have a tendency to look at the past with rose colored glasses.

          • “at a Jackson/Paisley concert I saw a drunk guy throw up all over the back of a woman in front of him and then get dragged out by security/sheriff’s deputies while his wife/girlfriend cussed out everyone in sight.”

            In that situation, security did their job and actually dragged the drunk guy away. Based on what Amanda said, it sounds like security at the Keith Urban concert neglected to maintain order, which contributed to the unruliness apparently.

          • Yeah they did reasonably well in the incident I witnessed and I’m not trying to say that the atmosphere I saw was anywhere near the scene at this venue only that it’s not like drunken incidents have never been part of the country music concert experience and the commenter above mentioned Alan Jackson.

            From reading about these recent incidents it sounds to me that the major driving force is the pre-func tailgating which seems to have virtually no structure or controls. Sounds like these venues need to set firm guidelines on when parking lots can be opened and have a strong security and police presence checking for under age drinking and other generally unruly behavior before it even spreads inside the venue. And this added cost will inevitable be passed down the line to artists and labels which may lead to a change. Hip hop concerts have had to deal with this for years now with gangs and the like.

        • And Amen again , Karen . Drunkenness is no excuse for disrespect .

          Anyone from Canada witnessed news footage of the Stanely Cup Riots in Vancouver several years ago and saw a level of drunkeness , stupidity , disrespect and disregard for personal and public property and criminal behaviour by a very youthful crowd which has taken YEARS for authorities to address. Thankfully , much of the fiasco was filmed and even today …several years after …we are hearing reports of people being tracked down and brought to justice .

          • Albert, I’ve always heard about those crazed European fans who cause riots and knock over bleachers and people get seriously injured or killed. We can’t just say “it always happens” or “we have to expect it” or soon there will be no boundaries anywhere. Americans have always led the way with a bit more civilized behavior. We must have expectations and lead with example and teach our kids that drunkenness is not synonymous with having fun. (Side note: i was very young when my 19 year old brother was killed by a drunk).. This isn’t about respinsible drinking, which I do, but it sounds like many of these events are almost promoting underage drinking.

          • The entire culture seems to promote drinking , sex and violence to the under-aged , Karen . Video games , TV programs , Commercial ads , Movies , etc….it isn’t just a music thing . Party , Party Party .
            And I’m very sorry to hear of your brother’s death to a drinking driver. In my mind , there isn’t a more senseless crime .

    • I agree with Karen. I am not exactly an “old fart” @ 37 and def not a prude. That said I am amazed at the way alot of the younger crowd acts in public. Drunk as idiots, confrontational, loud and just rude in general. I was front row at a show a few months ago with the pit in front of me. There was a group of high school (one of their teachers was behind me) girls standing in front of us, so drunk that several fell down. Two had on dresses so short that you could literally see their asses and at least 100 times they would yell “selfie” and all get in a pose and take pictures. Beside me was a family with 2 daughters and their mother asked the girls to tone it down and was called a bitch and one of her daughters called a fat loser. (The daughter was maybe 8). It disrupted the entire concert for everyone around them. There is just a general lack of respect and accountability with the younger crowd. It’s all about who can get the most attention and cause the biggest scene when called out on their behavior.

  • Here’s a letter I wrote to the Xfinity Center:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I attended Saturday night’s Keith Urban concert at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA on the lawn and was appalled by the behavior of the patrons and even more upset by the lawn security’s unwillingness to help. My friends and I were seated on the lawn at approximately 6:40pm waiting for the openers to begin. We hadn’t even been sitting for 10 minutes when a teenaged boy about 3 feet away started to projectile vomit all over himself and the lawn. The concert hadn’t even started yet! Having attended the Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line concert two weeks prior, our patience for puking drunk people was already thin. I went and alerted a security personnel (in a yellow shirt) and a few of them came to assess the situation. We stuck around to watch the outcome and I couldn’t believe what I saw. The yellow shirts called over an EMT, who provided the boy with water, sat with him for a few minutes, AND THAT WAS IT. This happened multiple times throughout the night as we continuously moved our spots but what was the point of us alerting anyone anymore if nothing was going to be done about it?

    I know that the lawn has the stigma of being crazy and we thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into from prior experiences at your venue. But what I’ve witnessed during the past two concerts I’ve attended this summer is just dangerous and out of control. 14 and 15 year olds so drunk they can’t even hold their heads up. A 350lb drunk boy stumbling down the hill and taking out 4 women at the knees. I shouldn’t have to worry about being puked on during a concert! Can’t some more controls be put into place to ensure that EVERYONE enjoys their experience at your venue?

    I have some suggestions: better searches of patrons entering the venue! If someone is too drunk to function before they even enter the concert, they should not be allowed in. Also, your website states that water bottles with an unbroken seal are allowed into the concert, but is anyone actually checking the seals? I can tell you that no one checked the four water bottles that I brought in. I can also tell you that I saw many people pouring “water” into purchased sodas while on the lawn. Finally, why doesn’t the lawn security patrol through the crowds looking for issues? If someone is puking, and therefore disturbing the other concertgoers in their area, why are they not removed?

    Your public relations team stated in a press release, “Last night we hosted more than 18,000 Country Music fans in Mansfield. Our team works hard to offer a great concert experience for fans and an overwhelming majority of fans enjoyed the concert, there were approximately 20 people that were transported to the local hospital mostly with non-serious, alcohol-related symptoms.” I can tell you that an overwhelming amount of people on the lawn were angry and disappointed by the behavior of the underage people. Local news articles are stating that approximately 20 people were transported to local hospitals but also that approximately 50 people were put into protective custody, meaning they were drunk and unruly, but not enough to send them to the hospital.

    Your team might have not found them drunk enough, but they were certainly unruly enough to ruin our night. My friends and I have purchased lawn seats for two more shows this summer, but after what I’ve witnessed so far, I’m not sure they are worth attending. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your plans to both improve security on the lawn and my experience at your venue.


    • That makes no sense. Why would someone pour water into their soda? Wouldn’t it taste watered-down?

      • It wasn’t water in their bottles. It was vodka or rum which is clear like water and with no one checking seals or patrolling the lawn, it is how the underage and even of age patrons are getting so drunk during the concert.

  • Well, if I was stuck in a Keith Urban/Jerrod Neiman concert, I would be fighting my way to the exits as quickly as I could.

    What is it with this type of nonsense with these clowns?

    This is what passes for country music and concerts these days.

    I have no interest in going to a show which is understood to be a Mardi Gras/UCF hybrid with a little lousy music thrown in to buffer the mass stupidity.

  • For more than a few years, I admit to having been a major Keith Urban fan, although he has done a number of things to cause me to lost interest in him recently. That said, at the 15+ concerts I attended over the years, there was NEVER anything even close to this crowd’s behavior and I could hardly believe that what I was reading happened at one of his shows. I blame the Jerrod Nieman fans as Keith usually has much lower-key openers like Little Big Town. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

    • I agree. I’m thinking it was more the people coming to see Jerrod who were the problem rather than the ones coming to see Keith.

  • I have been to so many metal & outlaw country concerts & I have never seen this. I mean all day festivals & never seen this. I’ve never even seen this on race weekends in Atlanta where I’m from when every redneck ass in the entire state has been there drinking for days. I’ve been to so many DAC shows with biker gangs & did not see one person projectile vomiting or one female passed out with her legs open. Haha. Definitely indicative of deeper cultural issues. Keep writing these articles & keep these conversations going. Job well done Triggerman. There was a Luke Bryan concert in Atlanta yesterday (I think) we have an awesome morning radio show here (very rare for FM radio) in Atlanta called the Regular Guys they do a lot of funny cultural commentary & they have been tweeting & RTing pictures with the hashtag #LukebryanDrunk ridiculous. Embarrassing.

  • A Keith Urban show? Seriously? What the hell is going on out there?

  • Well, looks like the media can’t always blame ELECTRONIC music fans for excessive partying.

  • Also attended the concert Saturday night and was amazed at the amount of under age drinking going on in the parking lot prior to the show. There were no security personnel anywhere and only saw 2 police officers on bikes. I witnessed at least a half dozen kids walking past the ticket checker totally smashed. To one security woman’s credit she did refuse entrance to a staggering, maybe 16yr old, girl. While walking to my car after, I ran into a fight between 2 high school boys just punching it out in the parking lot……if this is our future we are in serious trouble!

  • 55 people arrested.

    The crime:

    Listening to Keith Urban.

    Bail was reportedly set at 5 Nice n’ Easy Highlight Kits and 6 pairs of hoop earrings.

  • There are a lot of good points on here regarding this issue. While some of them have some truth to them I think it comes down to the music style. Case in point. I saw a sold out RRB concert last year at a venue. Folks were drinking and having a good time. Nothing got out of control. This year I saw Eli Young Band at the same venue and again sold out. EYB has been gravitating closer and closer to that pop country sound. Things bordered on out of control for most of the night. There were around 10 incidents involving alcohol and 3 or 4 involving fighting. It seemed like most of the show goers were trying to drink as much as possible in as short a time possible. Based on the response that Acapella act HomeFree for a FGL cover I figured it was a different crowd and it was. I think the culture that has sprung up around “bro country” or “pop country” or whatever you call it is a lot to blame. What kind of people do you expect to attract when the majority of the songs to some extent are about drinking and partying. To me it becomes somewhat shameful that these songs are recorded and the artists seem to lack the intelligence or morality to see how their songs can influence others. These incidents are becoming more commonplace and the artists(I use that term loosely) do not seem to care. That to me speaks volumes about the character of these new country stars.

  • I don’t know what to make of it- I’m an alt country fan and I have never seen these type of issues, but then again, the shows are pretty darn small. There does seem to be some correlation with violence, litter and and mainstream country lately, but I am not sure why. Cops used to heavily target Grateful Dead shows, which I thought was a joke because the fans could not have been more peaceful. Before that, It was metal shows were supposed to be really dangerous, but I had no problem at them. Maybe it is just country’s turn, or maybe just like hip hop, art can imitate life or vice versa.

    Help- I am caught without a strong opinion?! This never happens to me!

  • This has been overblown to the extent of being ridiculous. It boils down to the venue not being covered by adequate security. As said, they didn’t expect to have these problems with an Urban concert because he normally attracts pretty decent fans. I’ve been to two or three and haven’t seen an abundance of drinkers. Also, he’s acknowledged as one of the premier guitarists around, and to hear the trolls tearing him apart is a joke. There’s a lot of jealously when it comes to Urban, and the remarks by the keyboard warriors are so transparent as to be pathetic. Poor little boys w/o a life, trolling on a keyboard. BTW, do you want to blame the tornado that hit Revere on Urban as well while you’re at it?

    • Also, he’s acknowledged as one of the premier guitarists around

      That sound you just heard was me rolling my eyes. I’ve said it elsewhere and will say it here:

      It seems like that’s always the direction the conversation goes:

      “Keith Urban sucks.”

      “Nuh-uh! He’s a great guitar player!”

      That would actually mean something if he was just playing guitar as opposed to trying to be a star in his own right. But that’s not what he’s doing, so here we are. And I’m just not seeing it. He’s an at-best competent vocalist and songwriter who doesn’t give a shit about country music beyond his ability to make money marketing his music as that, which more or less renders the whole guitar thing moot. It’s just the strangest thing. Country music has no shortage of talented instrumentalists — Jerry Reed, Steve Wariner, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart, Keith Whitley, and the list goes on.

      And none of them ever had to have their place in country music justified by their instrumental talents. There’s a reason for that.

  • The world would be a better place if alcohol/wine/beer didn’t exist.
    It almost seems hypocritical for someone to be arrested for drinking too much at these shows. It’s a pretty good bet that when you sell mind altering drink at a live show, that someone is surely going to have their mind altered. Duh!
    These shows are packed with people who drank too much. Only a few get caught.

  • Hey Trigger there is an article in the newest Billboard Country Update about the proliferation of drinking songs in country. Don’t think I can link to it but it’s somewhat interesting in that it’s the listeners who are asking what’s up with the alcohol themed songs.

    Hopefully this is further evidence that some sort of return to substance is on the horizon.

    • If you have a URL, you can post it right in a comment and it will populate as a link.

  • And now this story is being reported up here. (I live in the Boston area)


  • Its about safety..Businesses have rules ..they think they are above all of the laws that we are subject to…Dig deeper and you will all see.

  • […] there’s a link between the recent spate of incidents and this booze-heavy lyrics. (Sample comment on a story about the Urban concert: “Hmmm …. I wonder if there’s any correlation between all these […]

  • […] issue at one city venue and not others, and only one genre of music and not others (such as, say, country music), was never quite explained. Mike Layton and Gord Perks led the charge to overturn this direct […]

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