Aaron Lewis of Staind’s “Endless Summer”

April 11, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  34 Comments

Isn’t Arron Lewis bored yet and ready to return to butt rock? Apparently not, as he told The Tennessean late last week he’s planning to release a “very country” album in June. What does “very country” mean? If his previous song “Country Boy” is any indication, it will be songs with laundry list country lyrics, and that’s exactly what you get with his new single “Endless Summer” just released to the always gullible and complicit entity known as country radio.

Since Aaron Lewis doesn’t know shit about country music, we can’t expect him to stray too far from The 6 Pop Country Song Formulas, but someone forgot to tell Arron Lewis it looks dumb when you publish the “Summer Song” formula verbatim without filling in any of the blanks to complete the ruse. Didn’t they at least have Mad Libs in the power elitist, ultra-affluent area code 413 hamlet of Longmeadow, Mass. where he grew up?

In this dumb, unremarkable song, Aaron does do two pretty remarkable things. The first is he name drops Jason Aldean of all people. That’s right, designer jeans fashionista Jason Aldean is now cool enough to name drop in a song when you’re a struggling, aging rocker grasping, clawing for any tiny bit of mainstream relevancy or attention. And then after Aaron says how proud he is that his girls sing along to Jason Aldean, he calls out Miley Cyrus, saying, “It makes me smile just a little bit because it’s not a Miley Cyrus song.”

Miley Cyrus is a colossal trainwreck as well, but at least she is true to herself. A couple of years ago when she was interviewed by Parade, Miley said she is steering clear of country because country “feels so contrived on many levels.” Guess who Miley is talking about Aaron, she’s talking about your genre-hopping ass, the transparency of your stupid summer song, and your designer jeans model buddy Jason Aldean.

I wonder if Lewis will have Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit sit in with him like he did on “Outside”.

I can see through you Arron, see your true colors. Inside you’re ugly, ugly like Miley.

Actually I thought Miley did a decent job covering Bob Dylan’s legendary “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” for the Chimes of Freedom Compilation. I’d take it over anything from Aaron Lewis any day.

Two guns down!

34 Comments to “Aaron Lewis of Staind’s “Endless Summer””

  • Seems like he’s channeling Kenny Chesney on this one.

  • I refuse to listen to this!

  • The first thing i noticed was the predictable Rodney Adkins/Blake Shelton instrumental track he stole to put these horrible lyrics over. The second thing was the songwriting crime he committed when he used a rhyme about fishing poles and soul in his chorus, then pasted it into the next verse 15 seconds later. I stopped at that.

    • It’s topped by a repeat of the same line. Then they show a dude fingerpicking a dobro while we hear the guitar solo from “Every Rose has it’s Thorn”.

  • oh this is absolutely the worst kind of music, and probably easiest to write. More like Endless Drivel

    • yeah couldn’t get thru it , gag me with banality

  • whoa whoa whoa, i agree this encapsulates everything that is wrong with cashville country music but no need to throw new england under the bus! Just cause you’re from NE doesn’t mean you cant like/make great music.

    • Nobody is throwing New England under the bus and I apologize if it came across that way. I’ve said many times (though I understand you may have not seen it) that regionalism in country music or any music is ridiculous and should be tamped out. Honestly I was just having a little satirical fun at Aaron’s expense. More specifically though, I was not making fun of where he is from, I was simply pointing out that a man with bloated bravado about how country he is is from an area that has one of the highest per capita personal wealth in all of New England, and all of the country for that matter. He could live in a rich neighborhood in Texas or Alabama, and the point would still translate. But even being rich doesn’t disqualify you from singing country music, it only makes you a hypocrite if like Aaron you sing about how much of a red-blooded down home country boy you are incessantly through idiotic laundry list lyrics.

      • Right on. Love the site!

    • People from New England, or anywhere, can make great music. But it makes me skeptical when they stray into the Country and Western genre without any Southern or Western roots, although there are some significant exceptions. And it really bothers me when they sing with fake Southern accents. If you don’t speak with an accent, don’t sing with one. Hank Williams and Waylon spoke exactly how they sung; that’s how they pronounced their words. Neil Young has some great Country/Folk songs and doesn’t try and sing with a contrived Arkansas or Tennessee twang or something. But when guys like Josh Thompson (from Wisconsin) or this Lewis loser try to impersonate Southerners, it’s insulting. Damn Yankees.

  • Wow. I don’t want to watch but I CAN’T LOOK AWAYYYYYY!!! It’s like the scene in Indiana Jones when they open the ark and everyone’s face melts. Except it’s my ears.

  • This sounds like so much like Darius Rucker haha. Maybe crossing over for the sole purpose of profit isn’t such a great idea, “It’s been a while” (sorry for the shitty Staind reference) since this douche has written anything worth paying attention to. Who knows, maybe Chad Kroeger will be the next to come out with a country album. God help us if that happens.

    • so are you not just into this particular arron lewis track or all arron lewis and staind music .don’t get me wrong this sure in hell is not one off my favorites the song is is hurtin not his best work but i am a fan of most of what he and stained have done over the years. with staind or solo the live shows sound quite good .regardless of where he’s. for i think most of his songwriting is above average.and. staind last studio album shoud they can stil put out a very good hard rock album.

  • Hmmm…is it just me or doe this and Outside my Window fom Sara Buxton sound strikingly similar at times? Me thinks they do? The again I could be wrong, what do you think Trigger?


    • Man, all of these songs sound the same because they’re all working off the same 6 formulas. lyrically and sonically. Sing low in the verses, go higher in the chorus. And since were making so much music these days, there’s bound to be songs that sound the same, even if it’s accidental.

  • This man is confused. Another Staind album came out a few months ago but I’m presuming that flopped considerably because he’s trying to do faux-country again… just when I thought his attempt at country the first time around was a commercial failure.

    • The “Staid” album did fail miserably. Mainly because Aaron spent more time promoting his “country” stuff than he did in writing for this CD. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zORR9554tK8

  • horrible. just god awful horrible stuff.

  • I can really relate to this song!!!! I like sun, and cars, and beer!


    This guy “gets” us.

    • Haha. There’s no telling how many facebook statuses I will see that says just that.

  • Didnt he say when his EP came out that he is really country and that he sold his soul to make rock records but he was done with that? Didnt Staind put out an album out after that or am I confusing my timeline here?

    • I think you might be right there. I remember him saying something like that, but I didn’t notice that Staind had put out another album until now. This is probably worth looking in to, could be fun. ;)

      • According to wikipedia the last Staind album came out on September 13, 2011 and his solo EP came out on March 1, 2011 after recording finished on it in July 2010.

  • Wow, not sure what to say… I always hated stained and now i hate him on a personal level…

  • Still don’t understand what all of the fuss is about. Is it because he is coming towards country? I grew up listening to country and still listen to it on occasion but for the most part I am a metal-head. I listen to music that I like, not because it is country or metal, but because I like it. Yes, I have listened to Staind for over a decade and loved most of their music. All I see here is someone doing a solo album. It’s music that he wants to make. Anyway, Aaron, keep writing what you want to write!

  • It’s not the Worst thing I’ve ever heard. To me it’s a combo of Kenny chesney,
    Blake shelton, and hootie. It has no real soul to it. Not to say that shelton and chesney don’t have a touch of soul to them; but Aaron Lewis needs to go back to making records for adult contemporary stations. Stainds first two albums Torment and Dysfunction are in my opinion great metal records. It’s no secret that I am first and foremost a metal head, but here in North Dakota we all have roots in country. Hell one of my first albums was a Willie Nelson record.
    I think if there was never a band named stained, he wouldn’t be doing this. If he were he would be no more generic than Hootie. It’s about the almighty dollar and not the music. I understand that as a musician wanting to make money but this is going too far. Triggerman you can’t even give this two guns down because you’ve already pistol whipped this guy and taken that nice Gibson he was playin.

  • Your all a load of shit. For one Aaron Lewis can do anything he wants. There is nothing but pure talented music. He can hop genres if he wants to. Numerous number ones on rock charts and now on country charts. Say he knows nothing about country music. Well he knows enough to have both of his albums have multiple chart toppers. You guys are f’n stupid. There is nothing he can’t do. He covers so much different music and does it better than anyone on earth. Oh yeah assholes where are your albums. Why aren’t you on stage touring for 9 months out of the year. He is one of the most recognizable voices and successes in music. Period. If you had one ounce of his talent you would be making music. But for him to consistently produce music that tops the charts without even blowing a single album and then to hop to country and do the same thing is unheard of. So talk all the shit you want but one thing for sure is your fucking wrong and babbling like a grade school girl. Don’t like his music that’s fine but to sit and talk shit about someone you don’t even know, and act like you could even compare to him is ignorant. See the thing about him is he isn’t trying desperately to hold onto a career. The man can do everything he could when he started. Hence his self titled album “staind” that he released the same year as his first country album. Huh go figure both albums were on the top of the charts. And saving country music….he’s the only man who could do it. Ignorant people.

    • Neither Staind, nor his solo albums have produced a number one hit. He hasn’t produced a number one Album since 14 Shades of Gray, 4 Staind albums ago. The last Staind Album did not reach 100,000 in sales.

  • Aaron Lewis is stupid. Does he expect anyone to believe that he is actually a “country boy” (a term that way to often gets used by white suburban kids who drive big trucks around that never see any dirt or snow). He is from Vermont for crying out loud.

  • It seems like y’all got nothing better to do than bag on someone, for people to not like his music y’all sure do have ALOT of opinions about it. I personally like his music. I liked Stained as well. I like the music and the lyrics and actually being from Alabama and growing up in the woods it’s nice to hear a song that reminds me of who I am and where I come from. Isn’t that the point of music is to reach others and have them feel the music? Give a damn about where he comes from or what kinda life he’s lived, y’all sound like the Kardashians the way y’all stereotype and judge.

    • This site is called Saving Country Music, he isn’t Country its that simple. I think the site you are looking for is HelpingShittyRockersDestroyCountryMusic.com

  • You do realize that being country is a state of mind and not a geographical placement right? I was stationed in north New York and let me tell you, I met some people at a festival called Mud N’ Gears that were more redneck than I am. If his music is accepted by even 1 person than he has done his job. The message has made it. I guess people like Darius Rucker and Colt Ford don’t count either right? Because they don’t follow “Mainstream” standards of country music then there is no way they could be considered a good country artist. Your arguments are voided from the jump unless you know this man personally and can attest to his upbringing and lifestyle. It’s not that I’m on the wrong site, I just can’t stand for people to be so jaded about a topic when they themselves don’t understand the context they are arguing for

  • Wow, so much hating lol guess you people have nothing better to do with your pathetic fucking lives but hate on another man. Aaron Lewis is making good music much better than most of his peers in this genre. For you ignorant fucks country isnt being southern, it’s a way of life.

    • I just don’t care for the fake accent. I think he is a talented singer/songwriter but he needs to quit faking the twang

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