Album Stream – Possessed By Paul James “There Will Be Nights…”

October 23, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  19 Comments

possessed-by-paul-jamesPossessed by Paul James’s music has been described by many as more of a life-changing event than a musical experience. He channels the spirit of music through himself like none other on stage, and leaves crowds staggered. A titan of the deep blues scene, a well-respected songwriter, a musician known equally for his prowess as a singer, fiddler, banjo and guitar player, and a leader of independent roots music, Possessed by Paul James draws from blues, country, folk, and punk rock, in a wild and raucous show that touches the very soul.

possessed-by-paul-james-there-will-be-nights-when-im-lonelyThere Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely was recorded at Burns Audio in Austin, TX by Grammy Awarded engineer Cris Burns, and features contributions by world-renown producer and steel-guitar player Lloyd Maines, legendary harmonica player Walter Daniels, Cary Ozanian and Darren Sluyter from The Weary Boys, and members of Austin-based band East Cameron Folkcore. Mastered by Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, The Fleshtones & more) and recorded in the spring and summer of 2013, There Will Be Night’s When I’m Lonely showcases Possessed by Paul James’s creative brilliance with more attention and effort than ever before, while taking great care to not suffocate, but enhance the magic that has made him one of the most coveted live solo performers throughout The United States and Europe.

By day Possessed by Paul James, aka Konrad Wert is an elementary school teacher working with developmentally disadvantaged children, and was awarded Teacher of the Year honors at his school last year, illustrating how music is just one way this gifted musician can touch lives.

There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely can be streamed in its entirety below, but folks touched by the music are encouraged to per-order the album or pick it up once it is released October 29th through Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. He can also be found on American Songwriter’s November Sampler.

Pre-Order There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely

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19 Comments to “Album Stream – Possessed By Paul James “There Will Be Nights…””

  • I’m not channeling Tom Petty…but I think he would like Paul James. I do.

    Beware of the days… when men call garbage music good and when men call great music unmarketable.

    Paul James has a God-given talent.

    There’s no need here for “Joe Diffie’s” name.. or motor boatin’ on the pontoon. Maybe one day…. a Tornado will Blow Away the crap machine.


  • Thank you for sharing this. His music is incredible and he deserves a larger audience.


  • Finally decided to give this a listen, and…wow. Thanks for bringing this artist to my attention!


  • Hey Trig, is Konrad playing the fiddle himself on these songs? If so, damn, he is incredible! Really liking what I hear so far.


    • Konrad plays all the fiddle, viola, banjo, and guitar on the album, excluding the steel guitar on two songs, and the electric guitar on “Songs We Used To Sing.”

      There’s a breakdown of the players and instruments on the album here:



  • A few years ago I was lucky enough to wind up on a festival bill with this amazing talent. It was a two-day weekend shindig waaaaay out in the East Texas Pineywoods, and me and my bandmates spent most of the time we weren’t playing just wandering around, guzzling beer and availing ourselves of the backstage whiskey stash, but out of all the other acts, Possessed by Paul James made me take notice in a very big way. Definitely the highlight of that weekend.


  • this might be off topic but i’ve got a question…has Hillgrass Bluebilly ever released a bad record? have they even released a mediocre record? this new PPJ album is perfect example of why HBE can’t be fucked with. and i know that sounds like some fanboy shit but i don’t care. when it comes to roots music record labels,these cats are in a class of they’re own…


    • Thanks man!


  • The instrumental work on this album is world-class. The fiddle intro for the title song is out of this world! It is strongly reminiscent of Celtic music.

    This album represents the pinnacle of melodic music.


  • Fantastic!!!…BUT PLEASE TELL ME “THAT” aint a “Blue Dixie Cup”!? he’s holdin…?


    • …pardon my lack of the loop cause I just watched that horseshit they call “Red Solo Cup” and I hereby acknowledge to fill my cupboards AND CD Player with “Blue Dixie Cups”!…sheeesh…


  • Wonderfully creative production and well suited. Conrad is a hell of a player and lays everything out in his songs. Its hard to find music as original, authentic and honest as his. Thank you for streaming this!


  • I just love his music. I’m so excited you are streaming this so I can enjoy it before I buy it. I suffered a terrible loss last year & had a really hard time afterwards. I swear one of the things that got me through that was staying up late after I put my family to bed painting & listening to Possessed by Paul James, it became a routine for me & was very cathartic. It’s very special when you can connect with music that way. I just got to listen to the whole album Where Does All the Time Go reminds me so much of myself & things I went through, so awesome, gave me chills. I love all things Hillgrass Bluebilly.


  • This is definitely the best I heard PPJ sound yet. It was a thrill listening to the full album on a sundaymorning. Could this be a contender for album of the year?
    I think that the children he teaches will remember him for the rest of their lives. He’s got the talent of expression, and too many teachers don’t. But I also think that this is an album that has the potential of a breakthrough to a much larger audience than he’s had so far.


  • Fuck this is incredible! I still always think about seeing him at Muddy Roots like 2-3 years ago and will never forget it….awesome album thanks so much!


  • Yum. Thanks for sharing!


  • […] Country Music is streaming the album here. And if you’ve never seen him play live, it will change your […]


  • The polish on these recordings, both the writing and production, is incredible. I love the rawness in the earlier PBPJ stuff but this and Feed The Family are in a class of their own. Bravo.


  • hermoso disco ..muchos saludos desde chile!1 latinoamerica ..salud!!!1


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