Billy Joe Shaver to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

October 20, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  9 Comments

Texas country music legend Billy Joe Shaver will receive a lifetime achievement award nicknamed the ‘Rusty’ on November 17th. The award is named for another Texas music legend, Rusty Wier, and is being bestowed by Love & War in Texas.

Scheduled to appear and perform at the ceremony are some more Texas legends, including legendary member of the Lost Gonzo Band and the man who penned the original Austin City Limits theme “London Homesick Blues” Gary P. Nunn. Add Tommy Alverson, Mark David Manders, and the Tejas Brothers to the lineup as well. It is also tradition for the performers to ‘roast’ the honoree.

The first Love & War Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Rusty Wier on Nov. 23rd 2007 in an event that also was a benefit for Weir who was battling Caner at the time (read about the event). Over $10,000 was raised to help with Rusty’s medical expenses. Wier died last year, but not before bestowing the second award to his good friend Tommy Alverson. The third recipient of the ‘Rusty’ was Gary P. Nunn.

Love & War in Texas is a music venue and restaurant created by Tye Phelps and Travis Shull to help preserve and promote Texas heritage. Phelps says the Love and War Lifetime Achievement Award was created to honor a prominent Texan every year, for anyone who spends their life time contributing positively to Texas. The event will be held at the Plano, TX location. There’s a Love & War in Grapevine, TX as well.

At the moment Billy Joe Shaver is not scheduled to perform. He is currently undergoing intense physical therapy to rehab an ailing shoulder.

9 Comments to “Billy Joe Shaver to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award”

  • This is very heartwarming. Texas really is like a whole nuther country.


  • This is a good article Triggerman. Hey speakin’ of Texas an since I didn’t read the last blog in time to post…why not give Ghoultown a listen. They’re a Texas tex mex band. They have a hellbilly style to alot of the songs, but play the old timey tex mex type feel. For at least an album they didn’t have a trumpet player. But anyhow they do goth country. They have a free song on their website and at least two music videos on youtube. Worth the check out if ya like Hank III or goth country that’s a great band.


    • I’ve heard some stuff from Ghoultown before. I need to give them a deeper listen.


  • I thought it was called the “rusty” cause it took so damn long to give it to the artists that have long deserved it! Billy Joe Shaver IS a long unsung hero in my book. FANtastic writer!…AND HIS RECOGNITION IS LONG OVERDUE! GREAT POST, THANKS!


  • Long Overdue … The ‘scene’ is in paranoia.


  • I’ve been listening to Billy Joe Shaver since 1994, never heard of him before, but the cover of Tramp On Your Street looked interesting enough to give it a listen, and I liked what I heard. So I played it on local underground radio, I saw him in concert a few times, still with Eddie in his band, and I had the chance to do a 20 minute interview.
    For me he is one of the best in songwriting, and should be a household name for anyone who claims to know about country-music, it’s only fair that he gets a “life-time achievement”-award when he’s still able to receive it. “When you know what a hard luck time he’s had” (Todd Snider – Waco Moon).
    He is in my Hall of Fame.


  • […] The fourth Love & War Lifetime Achievement Award — nicknamed the ‘Rusty’ in honor of its first recipient, Texas music legend Rusty Wier — will be given to Billy Joe Shaver on Nov. 17. […]


  • how didja manage to not include a Hank III tag here?


  • Final details:

    November 17: 4th Annual Lifetime Achievement Award honoring Billy Joe Shaver. Past recipients who received the “Rusty”, Gary P. Nunn and Tommy Alverson will be presenting, along with Ronny Spears, Darryl Lee Rush, Mark David Manders, Tejas Brothers and more!! Show starts at 6pm. $15


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