Blake Shelton Calls Classic Country Fans “Old Farts” & “Jackasses”

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blake-sheltonThe reigning Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year and reality TV personality Blake Shelton made some disparaging remarks about traditional country fans in a recent interview with GAC as part of their Backstory series. The “Hillbilly Bone” singer and judge on NBC’s The Voice made the remarks as part of an update to the original GAC Backstory episode to include more information on Blake Shelton’s continued success. In connection with Blake’s first CMA for “Male Vocalist of the Year” award in 2010, Blake Shelton said,

If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on. Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!” Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.

The new version of Blake Shelton’s GAC Backstory aired first in mid December 2012, and will be airing numerous times in February.

Blake Shelton’s comments are not only hurtful to classic and traditional country fans, they are incorrect. According to a study of country radio conducted by Edison Research and released during last year’s Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, listeners actually want more classic country on radio, and the lack of it has been given credit for the contraction being experienced in the radio format. Edison Research President Larry Rosin last February said,

I believe that we as an industry have really made a mistake in our conception of our own stations. While many people don’t want to listen to classic country music, some still do, and we’ve let them float away…We run the risk that we just are more and more pleasing to fewer and fewer people until all we are is ecstatically pleasing a tiny, unsustainable number of people.”

Blake Shelton also specifically mention “records,” but statistics shows that older music listeners are the ones that still by music in physical formats, while younger listeners (aka “kids”) tend to download music illegally, stream it at very low margins for artists and their labels, or purchase individual songs.

Furthermore Blake Shelton brought up the common misconception that classic and traditional country fans do not want country music to evolve. Though this may be true for some traditional fans, as Saving Country Music pointed out in a piece titled Progress Vs. Traditionalism in Country Music, the progression of country music while still keeping it tied to its roots is the foundation of Americana which has benefited from tremendous growth over the last few years.

Blake Shelton has landed in hot water before for making inflammatory comments, especially on his infamous Twitter account. In May of 2011 Blake got in trouble for seemingly advocating violence against gays by re-writing the words to a Shania Twain song. The singer later apologized.


1-24-13 (11:43 AM CST): Country music legend Ray Price has just responded to Blake Shelton’s comments through his Facebook page.

It’s a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song , have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!! Ray Price (CHIEF “OLD FART” & JACKASS”) ” P.S. YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY AS US OLD-TIMERS. CHECK BACK IN 63 YEARS (THE YEAR 2075) AND LET US KNOW HOW YOUR NAME AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE REMEMBERED. – Ray Price

1-24-13 (11:55 AM CST): After receiving numerous comments and posts of this story and others, Blake Shelton took down one of his Facebook fan pages. SCM is also attempting to confirm reports that numerous radio stations are pulling Blake Shelton songs from their rotation. SCM also asks that people be respectful to Blake in their comments.

1-24 -13 (4:14 PM CST): Blake Shelton has responded through Twitter:

Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music”..And probably some other things from that same interview on GAC Backstory.. I hate that I upset him.. The truth is my statement was and STILL Is about how we as the new generation of country artists have to keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. Just EXACTLY… The way Mr. Price did along hid journey as a main stream country artist.. Pushing the boundaries with his records. “For The Goodtimes” Perfect example with the introduction of a bigger orchestrated sound in country music.. It was new and awesome!!! I absolutely have no doubt I could have worded it better(as always ha!) and I apologize to Mr. Price and any other heroes of mine that it may offended.. I meant every word I said. Country music is my life and it’s future AND past is important to me. I’ll put my Lo(v)e and respect and knowledge About it up against anybody out there… ANYBODY…

1-24-13 (5:56 PM CST): Ray Stevens has also joined the fray saying, “I just heard Blake Shelton’s remarks about ‘old farts and jackasses’ and all I want to know is how he found out the title to my next single because it’s been a closely guarded secret here at the ‘Home.’ It will be available on vinyl or 8-Track at your nearest Tower Records store.” Brandon Fulson beat Ray to it though, recording a song “Old Farts and Jackasses.”

Dale Watson has also chimed in: “Ray price is the best voice in country music period !!!! And some supremely Mediocrre voice like this fuck Blake Shelton should whince!” He is the Lance Armstrong of country music !! HYPE, Mr. Miranda Lambert!”

1-25-13 (11:31 AM CST):

A few of Blake Shelton’s music peers have risen up to defend him. Martina McBride posted on Twitter, “Just catching up on this. We all know where your heart is Blake. Love you.” Chris Young posted on Twitter, “Love what you meant by your quote buddy. Know how much you love country music history. Love your music brother and who you are.”

Dale Watson has written a new song inspired by Blake Shelton’s comments

1-26-13 (3:14 PM CST): Country Music Hall of Famer and Blake Shelton friend Bobby Braddock weighed in on Facebook saying in part:

I think his point recently was that to be viable, country music has to keep reinventing itself. It’s clear from his statements that he’s terribly sorry that he’s offended his heroes like Ray Price. I think what’s controversial is not what he said but the way he said it. That was just Blake being Blake, going for the outrageous and trying to get a rise out of people.

1-26-13 (4:24 PM CST): Jean Shepard is the latest to chime in, saying, ““We’ve got a young man in country music who has made some pretty dumb statements lately. What did he say? That traditional country music is for old farts and jack-you-know-whats? Well, I guess that makes me an old fart. I love country music. I won’t tell you what his name is….but his initials is BS….and he’s full of it!”

Ray Price’s Facebook page was apparently blocked because of his Blake Shelton comments. “HELLO FOLKS, SINCE I MADE THE COMMENT ABOUT BLAKE SHELTON, FACEBOOK HAS BLOCKED ME FOR 30 DAYS FROM ACCEPTING FRIENDS REQUESTS.

1-29-13 (10:41 AM): In response to Blake Shelton’s comments, Willie Nelson has renamed his current tour the “Old Farts & Jackass” tour. Also, on the 26th, Ray Price accepted Blake Shelton;s apology, saying in part, “I HAVE ACCEPTED BLAKE SHELTON’S APOLOGY TO ME PERSONALLY. I think Blake is a fine young man with a big future in Country Music. I AGREE that he should be given a chance to restore his credibility with the MILLIONS OF FANS who were deeply offended by those HURTFUL WORDS AND RENAMING US ALL AS…..well, you know what he said. I would regret it if the words I have spoken would in any way harm Blake personally or his career and his chances for the future.”

2-1-13 (12:20 CST): Country Weekly reports that Blake Shelton met with Ray Price prior to Ray’s performance at the Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, Oklahoma on Thursday (1-31). Price also invited Blake Shelton up on stage where he warmly introduced him to the audience. Durant is about an hour from where Blake Shelton lives with Miranda Lambert, who also attended the Ray Price performance. See Photo of Blake, Ray, and Miranda. and Photo on Ray’s Bus

2-6-13 (8:20 CST): Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts has weighed in on Blake Shelton’s comments, saying in part, “Country music does have to evolve and it has evolved to where it is, and it’s going to keep evolving into whatever it’s going to be. I think that’s kind of his point, from my side, being serious, he’s kind of right. But, he didn’t have to be so edgy about it.”

Evangelist Records has posted a new “official” video for Dale Watson’s song “Old Farts & Jackasses.”

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Blake Shelton’s comments can be seen at the very end of this video. UPDATE: THE VIDEO OF BLAKE SHELTON MAKING THE COMMENTS HAS BEEN REMOVED DUE TO COPYRIGHT CLAIM.


Thanks to Greg Morris for the tip on this story.

589 Comments to “Blake Shelton Calls Classic Country Fans “Old Farts” & “Jackasses””

  • Dumbass in his dumbass song says he’s “got a friend in New York City / he’s never heard of Conway Twitty.”

    Dumbass doesn’t do irony, does he?

    • A LOT of people in New York have heard of Conway Twitty. I’m sure he’s played Carnegie Hall at least once.

      • Wonder if he knows who they based that musical “Bye Bye Birdy” on? Dunbass is right!

        • Carty, just so you know, Bye Bye Birdie was based on Elvis, NOT Conway…!!

    • Blake Shelton could only wish he would EVER be as popular as Conway, Ronnie McDowell, Ray Price, Loretta Lynn, etc. He will never see that day. He’s the has been.

      • Ronnie McDowell?

        • haha… exactly… had to look him up and I love classic country…. but I love Blake Shelton too… been blaring his music here in Texas all day

          • Blake Shelton is a limp wristed sissy. Kick the poo out of him and you could mail him around the world in a matchbox.

    • You’re haughty dude….you just caught a break man. Your songs are quite predictable …I’m a session cat and most of the new country is so devoid of real soul.
      How many times were you auto tuned in the studio…get off your high horse and be humbled …DOLLY AND WILLIE kick your butt when it comes to songwriting…heck even STING’S country songs are better than yours.

      Here’s a good idea you should learn more chords your songs would be much more interesting.

      Like blue notes, flattened 5 th’s diminished …augmented …oh yea I forgot STAR …you’re better than that ….LMAO!!!

      You’re lucky the buying public has been dumbed down so much or you wouldn’t have a shot!

      Rock Star!

    • I copied this phrase from ‘About.com Friendship.’ It fits Blake Shelton.

      Ever heard the phrase, “open mouth, insert foot”? It means saying something really stupid and offending another person. We’ve all put our foot in our mouth at some point. (Don’t tell me I’m the only one!)

      You can feel like a real jerk when it happens, but this set of quotes on putting your foot in your mouth should make you feel a little better. After all, it happens to the most powerful and refined people, too.

      I believe Blake needs a monitor for his mouth…..LOL Dumbass.


    • Have tickets to see him in Salt Lake this coming week till I saw this and I will never have respect to his music ever again. Sounds like a Liberal left Wing imposter with a nice country voice but totally screwed up . Phony with out the roots to country…

  • While I agree with your second point regarding the evolution of country music, I must disagree with you on the other one. As much as it pains me to agree with Blake, he’s right in that the “old farts” that want classic country don’t buy records anymore. You referred to a study by saying, “listeners actually want more classic country on radio,” while this is true, wanting to listen to a style of music on the radio does not equate to record sales. If the study had stated that country music buyers want to buy more classic country, then we would have case against Blake’s comments. You posted a statement from Ronnie Dunn a while back and he expressed, albeit less offensive, similar sentiments. Older folks aren’t buying the records and that gives Music Row, Blake and his peers, and fans of pop country the impression that it’s not what people want. And if it ain’t sellin’ it ain’t playin’.

    • “As much as it pains me to agree with Blake, he’s right in that the “old farts” that want classic country don’t buy records anymore.”

      I respectfully disagree. People in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond are to ONLY people buying records these days. The “kids” either steal their music, stream it at extremely low profit margins, or buy individual songs. Here’s another study…


      ..and you’ll see the only people buying “records” are these “old farts.”

      And what the hell is an “old fart” ? I’m 35, and Blake Shelton is 36. Saying classic country is not commercially viable is the same idiotic mistake the industry made with Johnny Cash. Check the sales numbers for Dwight Yoakam, Jamey Johnson, Hank3, and Justin Townes Earle. These guys are selling out every show they play. Is Blake Shelton more popular? Of course he is, but to disparage the huge number of classic country fans by saying “nobody” wants to listen to that music, and to characterize them as “old farts” when there’s many fans in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, is irresponsible, especially for the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year.

      • I doubt that many people in their 30’s or 40’s are classic country fans. I would think that the majority of country music record buyers in that age range are suburbanites, especially women, who prefer pop country.

        • This is the same exact mistake that this industry is making and the result has been the disenfranchisement of thousands, possibly millions of independent music fans. That is why the disparity between mainstream music revenue and independent music revenue continues to tighten. Of course there’s more people in their 30’s and 40’s who listen to mainstream music as opposed to “old” or independent music; that goes without saying. But when you completely cast off huge segments of demographics, like Larry Rosin of Edison Research said, you risk leaving yourself with little or nothing.

          Pop has its place in country music. So does classic / traditional country. It’s balance that must be adhered to for the long-term viability of the format, and right now, with little or no classic sound, the format is suffering.

          • Absolutely.

            What I can’t understand is why the country music industry would be focused so exclusively on pop country if such a strategy fails to maximize their profit. After all, isn’t maximization of profit the #1 goal of all corporations? How come we realize the mistake they are making in achieving this goal, but they don’t?

          • Casting away classic country fans is an even bigger mistake for Music Row in the long term. If pop music improves from its current state, a significant number of pop country fans may desert country music and return to pop. Classic country fans, on the other hand, will always be loyal to the genre.

          • As for old farts not buying records, I’m 87 years old and have a collection of over 300 CD’s, about 100 33 albums and I don’t know how many cassettes.
            I think Blake Shelton’s initials fit him to a tee.

        • Well I guess you do not know to many people in their 30’s and 40’s, because there are a great deal of us that like classic country. And classic country is now considered from the 80’s as well. It is funny when a “classic country” song is played in a bar, most of the people there can sing every word of the song. Blake him self has played classic country in his shows. I have been to 2 of his shows.

          • Old Red was an O.K. song but I don’t see any Blake Shelton songs being classics. Also, it wouldn’t hurt a thing for him to clean up his “garbage” mouth!!!!!

          • Well, Blake had a great record when he first came out. Songs like “The Baby” or “Old Red” to me, were very reminiscent of an Old Country style song.. Probably the reason why I liked those songs..
            Today’s country radio has totally alienated me.. I miss ARTISTS.. Remember Hank Williams-Johnny Cash-John Denver- Ian Tyson- Stompin Tom Connors(I’m Canadian alright).. Who cares who ‘looks good’ and sings good’ anymore, or ‘how young they are’?.. If I want that, I just listen to pop.. I’m so sick of one hit wonders… I think the industry IS alienating the REAL country fans completely.. And A LOT OF GREAT MUSIC that is out there that SHOULD be paid attention too…
            I couldn’t care less about the Chesny’s and the Sheltons.. Bring on the real music and the real artists, the real reasons we all started listening to country in the first place!!
            I love Ray Price, and I’m proud of it!!

        • I am a 42 year old woman who listens to classic country. In fact I almost exclusively listen to cd’s I purchase so I don’t have to hear the crap they play on the radio.

          • get xm radio then listen to willie’s place want have to buy cd’s

        • Actually, I would disagree; I know many in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s (myself included) who would rather heard Cash, Owens, Haggard, Jones, etc., than Blake Shelton or Taylor Swift. This includes both genders and many of these people are listening to my weekly radio show that features the classics. I should note, too, that it’s our station’s most listened to program, outdistancing the shows that play jazz, hip-hop, and rock.

          • Girls, not much has been mentioned about our Legendary 1st Ladies of Country. It’s been all about the Kings of Country. I love the Kings none other can compare. But, this is what “real” country music sounds like. Tammy, Loretta, Patsy, Dolly, June, Kitty, Emmylou, Tanya, just to name a few. None of these country legend ladies ever crossed over to a new age country. They didn’t have to they had the songs, the music, the twang, the feeling that not only hit you in the heart but in the gut
            Folks that’s country not this so called new age country. I agree they need to start a new genre of new age country music. Because these new so called country artists today don’t even deserve to be in the same class of artists as the Legends.
            Being the classic country lover I am this sums of Blake Shelton’s comments to a tee.
            The biggest & greatest song from the Legend of All time. Recomprised due to space. All y’all who think this new age country is country listen to this classic country from a legend. Then tell me what you think.

            This ol’ world is full of singers but just a few are chosen to tear your heart out when they sing… no there never be another red haired stranger or a man in black & folsom prison blues the okie from muskogee or hello darling Lord I wonder who’s gonna fill their shoes who’s gonna stand that tall who’s gonna play the Opry & the Walbash Cannon ball who’s gonna give there heart & soul to get to you & me Lord I wonder…… oh Jerry Lee & Charlie & go cat go still echos thru the years…you know the heart of country music still beats in Luke the drifter you can tell it when he sang I saw the Light oh Marty, Hank, & Lefty why I can feel’ em right here with me on this silver eagle rolling thru the night.
            Who’s gonna feel their shoes????? Sure won’t be Blake Shelton.
            How’s that from an old fart jackass Legend Lover of Real Country Music.

        • I’m 24 and I like classic country. I hardly listen to country radio because I don’t like the majority of it. Really, if I do turn on the radio, I’m listening to a classic country station. It’s a shame BS has fallen into the pop country vat. I had always liked him, but recently his last few singles have been lukewarm at best. Especially the latest “Sure Would Be Cool If You Did.” Those have to be the worst lyrics I’ve heard since Colt Ford’s biscuit songs! I understand artists are trying to make a living and to do that you have to go where the money is, however, this is only a phase and to lose a good portion of your fan base, the ‘old farts’, you will also lose a lot of sales in the long run. Like others have said, most of modern country is just a dot on the map, if that! Why do you think Johnny Cash is still popular? His music is timeless. Ask someone 30 yrs form now who Jana Kramer is or who Love & Theft are…they wouldn’t know them from rats @ss!

        • Are you kidding me? I’m 31 and grew up listening to “REAL” country music. Blake is going to lose some fans for that comment. I like Blake’s music, it has good country sound to it. This new type of country that, aka teeny bopper BS Taylor Swift puts out is a F’n JOKE. Go play on hip hop stations because country AIN’T country without some god damn twang. Keep that crap off my station and crank up the good stuff.

        • I definitely disagree with you (respectfully).
          I am a 31 year old woman, who wouldn’t like country music at all if it weren’t for the influence of my granddaddy. He exposed me to Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, then later on George Strait, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan and Tanya Tucker.
          Since then I have listened to as much as I can get my hands on.

          Sure I enjoy a some T Swift once in awhile. But to me the genuine country music will always be the kind that tells stories, and reminds people of where they came from.

          I am not a fan of Blake Shelton, because he doesn’t seem to respect his roots. Now Miranda Lambert on the other hand is a hell of a writer, and her music hits home.

          Just my little opinion.

        • I’m 39 and I absolutely HATE this crap they call country music. That includes Blake Shelton and his other auto-tuned cronies. He’s the entertainer of the year because his label has enough money to make it happen. I have an app that I use to listen to classic country stations. I live in Nashville and it’s embarrassing that there is not one classic country station. WSM might play some classic stuff but they are overwrought with this pop country crap. I was never a Blake Shelton fan and this gives me even more reason not to care for his music.

        • Sorry Eric, I am 43 and I LOVE classic country. Don’t get me wrong, I love many of the new artisits music as well, including Blake’s, but I am offended by his comment. I don’t know how old he is, but I don’t think I’m that much older than he is and I still love going to the Earnet Tubbs store behind Nashville Palace when I make it that way and buy Conway Twitty, George Jones and Tammy Wynett music. Why can’t I enjoy it all?

        • Eric, I have to disagree with you… I am 29, and would rather be drug over a cactus naked than support the likes of Taylor Swift and the other teeny bop garbage that has infested “country radio”. Give me Tanya Tucker and Dolly any day of the week. I also prefer “Country Boy Can Survive” over “Country Girl Shake it for Me”. There is still a lot of women in the age rang you described that prefer solid country gold to solid country crap.

          • Loved the wording of your comment. It perfectly described your disgust with current country music. I couldn’t agree more.

        • That makes no sense whatsoever. I am 45, born in 1967, someone 10 years younger than me would have been born in 1977. Both of us would have grown up during the era of “classic country”. Even someone born in 1987 (25 years) would have been exposed to Alan Jackson, George Strait, Hank Jr. etc…..
          I am a fan of Blake Shelton, partly because he is a fellow Oklahoman. We pride ourselves here on speaking our minds.
          That being said……. I would give you the same advice as I would Blake……Think about what you are saying before shooting off your mouth.

        • Umm I’m 29 and a female. I love George strait, Garth brooks, Waylon, Merle, buck owens, etc and I do not like pop country. (Like Taylor swift). That is not country. For you to use that generalization and say people in 30s and 40s esp women do not listen to classic country and mainly pop is bull.

        • Everyone is overgeneralizing. I am a female and I grew listening to and enjoying the “old farts”. I still have the records and I buy them in CD form when I can find them. It has bothered me for years to see CW music slowly turn in to soft rock. I understand what Shelton was saying but he could have said it without Insulting all the greats that came before him and paved the road he is skipping down. Surely there is room for both types of CW music.

        • I am a 38 year old woman. I have always loved country music even immersing myself a bit in the history of country music and I love those classics. I still primarily buy cds though I occasionally legally buy mp3 downloads of ENTIRE cds for my phone. These are almost exclusively country music. I have no problem with boundaries being pushed musically nor country music evolving. I enjoy traditional, classic, americana, folk country, country pop, country rock, honky tonk, etc. All I ask is that the lyrics are intelligent and honest. I don’t mind the occassional fun novelty song, mindless drinking song, or “look how country I am” song. That being said, I like very little of what is being played on country radio nowadays. Because I turn on the radio and most of what is played are mindless drinking songs and chest thumping redneck “I’m so country” songs. Craig Campbell recorded a song that said “if you have to tell me how country you are..you probably ain’t.”

        • In my 30’s and love classic country. I grew up listening to it and playing it and have always enjoyed it. I buy it on cd’s, off of i-tunes and listen to it on sirius. I think if you grow up listening to it or are exposed to it you have a wider range of choices and can decide what you prefer. I like some of the newer stuff but typically not enough to buy it.

      • cool discussion but i hope you guys dont really think any of this has entered blakes head im sure hes just parroting stuff he hears from suits. i dislike the other extreme too though any simple name calling.

        • Well Blake can kiss MY country ass. Raised up with ol’ Hank,hobo Jim, Boxcar,Buch, Emylou and even outlaws Waylon, Willie and Merle I will cut him out of my playlist. And selling musicalbums is soon small business,finito, see Alan Jackson on live consert’s doing.. wow….

      • Let me start by saying I’m a fan of this site and its message. I’ll be one of the last people to stand up for the sorry excuse they call “country” music on the radio these days.

        I think we’re agruing different points. I’m 30 years old and I don’t consider myself an “old fart”, but I know I’m not one of those young whippersnappers either…mainly, because I use terms like “whippersnappers.” Blake using those comments/terms to stir up commentary has worked even though he was offensive and likely lost a few fans. It is correct to say that he is being hyperbolic to state that “nobody” wants to listen to classic country. And for the industry to ignore a large demographic will make them less money than if they catered to it/us. I certainly agree with all of that.

        However, I still can’t see, even from the data on the link above, that says 30-40 year olds are the ones buying music. It may be the 30-40 year old’s money, but their kids are determining the purchases. Unless you know a lot of 30-40 year olds, male or female, that are buying One Direction and Justin Bieber albums for their personal enjoyment. The 14.1% increase in digital album sales and 12.8% decrease in physical music sales along with the list top selling artists suggest to me that people under 20 years old are influencing music sales. Since WWII and the ensuing years marketing, music and otherwise, has mostly been to influence housewives and children. Now the times have changed, but the thought hasn’t changed much at all. Market to the children and the parents will buy. I’m not suggesting that catering to a (smaller by comparison) classic country crowd wouldn’t add some extra heft to Music Row’s coffers, but why make millions when you could make billions by marketing to a younger crowd, force-feed them garbage “country” music that takes little to no effort to create, so the profit’s high, they’ll think they like it, and their parents will buy it for them. That’s why they’re in it, right? To make as much money as possible?

        I hold out hope that another artist can turn current country music on it’s head. Someone with Cash’s attitude that will tell Music Row that there is a market out there for good, thoughtful, well-written music, and then go on to make millions proving them wrong.

        • Thankfully I found 959theranch.com a few years ago and have fallen in love with Texas/Americana music. Haven’t had to hear a BS song since. Real singer-songwriters are still out there and thankfully it is spreading like wildfire to those that are fed up with “pop country” I’ve brought the ranch app with me all over the nation and so I never have to go without great music

      • I remember the day that Waylon passed away. Saw the story on the news before I went to work. Awful day there – friends who loved Waylon like I did met me at the door when I got there. Couldn’t stop thinking about him at all that day. Got home, went to the barn to feed my horses, and my cousin was there tending to her horse. Looked at me – saw that I was upset – and said “Oh my god, I can’t believe that you’re crying because a singer died.” Wanted to grab her by her ears at that point. I tried to explain to her who Waylon was, what he had done for country music, the kind of person he was. Her comment to me was, “Well, everybody leaves a mark.” Granted, I guess … but some people leave truly important marks, and others just pencil smudges. Singers in today’s world of pop country just leave smudges … here today and gone when the next latest greatest smudge hits the paper. As one of those old farts and jackasses he referred to, I take serious offense to this. I am 60 years old, my music collection is huge, and I still buy music every month, when I can find music worth purchasing. I own almost every Waylon album on vinyl, we have records and CDs from so many classic country artists. I used to like some of the new country – there are a lot of songs in my library from newer artists, but this last direction that country music has taken just makes me cringe. I never listen to the radio – ever – these days. My CD player and iPod are home to the music of my heroes from the old days, a smattering of new country from when it started to change, and most importantly, music from our beloved independent artists. Their talent so far exceeds most of what they play on the radio today. I never ever watch award shows anymore … entertainer of the year? Really? Someone who would make a remark like he did? As Waylon said, it’s a world gone crazy cotillion … I think “country” music really needs divided into separate genres now … real country and pop country. Separate the radio stations and put video channels on in separate categories. Let Mr. Shelton and his crew go hold hands with the pop genre so that people whose music truly deserves to be played on country radio can be heard. Shame on him and his fake apologies. I would not want to leave a mark like this.

        • Thanks for the story Deb!

      • Well I personally believe this is all taken out of context! I mean it is so bad in our world now that you can not make a comment without everyone jumping on your back. I love Blake Shelton and what he has done with country music today. I also love the classics, I was raised on Johnny Cash as he is my great grandmothers first cousin. Blake was not meaning anything disrepectful, anyone that listens to country music and says they are fans, should know how Blake Shelton is. He is a fun loving, country as can be country artist. No not everything he says is worded as a publicist would have him say it, but that is what makes Blake, Blake! He is true to himself and does not pretend to be something he is not. He also honors the lares and greats of country music. I say everyone gets over themselves and let him be Blake!!!

        • You are the 4th person whose come here saying his comments were taken out of context, yet it still not been explained to me what the context is. The way the comments were presented includes every single word he said before and after the controversial statements. And then, they are presented in a 14 minute video with the statement at the very end. It is not possible to give the comments more context than has been given. If you’re meaning to say that Blake did not mean the words as many are taking them, then explain what he meant. I only know one definition for “Old Fart” and “Jackass.”

          • what’s strange to me is no one (CMT or other news) has said a word concerning all this uproar over your posting on this..I have to agree in part way that what he said is this newer age country music keeps the younger age listening, and for those of us who still listen and buy older classic country can do so and not have to listen to the newer rock style on the radio now a days. They ain’t many choices on the radio around here, it’s either rap/rock/new country/pop hard to find old country stations. FB has many older classic country singers who post their music and if it wasn’t for it and some other music sites (youtube) no one would hear of the good old Traditional classic country music. Yes Blake should of not said what he did but hey it’s done all he can do is aplogize to ones he offended. As time goes by all music is replaced with newer sounds because this world keeps changing and certain music must do so to stay alive. The good thing is we (older generations) still have our records or cd’s to enjoy..and one thing saddens me is all the older classic country music records/cd’s dumped on “Goodwill & S>Army” stores and just discarded by the wayside..because no one who had them cares about the real music anymore…..

          • CMT has not said anything about it, but many other outlets have. The Tennessean had a story about it. The Boot, which is probably the biggest mainstream country blog had a story about it. Taste of Country had a story about it. Fox News linked to it on their “Nation” page. The USA Today had a story about it yesterday. It’s in a lot of places really. It never hopped to that second tier where TMZ and CNN are covering it or anything, but I think the amount of coverage it received was pretty robust.

            We may hear Chet Flippo chime in over at CMT at some point. His “Nashville Skyline” column that he posts irregularly usually tends to talk about these issues, so we’ll see. Some outlets may revisit it on Monday as well.

        • Absolutely CariAnn!!! I completely and totally agree with that!

      • I pretty much agree with you but for the fact even younger people in the 20 -30 age are requesting more traditional country music, I see every where we play and for a fact I worked for Ray Price 2007-2008 and was lucky to have been on the last of the breed tour, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, & Ray Price. 40+ city`s and sold out crowds at most venues, and what was amazing to see was the amount of YOUNG” people including teenagers, up front and screaming for more, I think Ray received more standing ovations than anyone, never a night finished with out one, Wood Stock NY, 30,000 people & Ray Got 3 standing ovations, I mean not a butt left in a seat, & they ranged from 16 to 86 but the majority of the crowd 20`s 30`s 40`s 50`s ! And the concessions were selling out on CD`s, of course tee shirts`etc, did well but they wanted the music they were hearing on stage & these were young people !

      • Blake is Male Vocalist and should conduct himself as such… The only apology that needs to be made is from the other twits that spoke up when they should have Shut Up!!! Where is the Respect out of these people? You mentioned Shooter Jennings.. You didn’t hear this BS spewing from that young mans mouth because he was Raised to have Respect for the “Old Farts & Jackass'” he was raised with! Blake Shelton & these other idiots should talk to Shooter about THAT..I’m SURPRISED Shooter hasn’t had a TALK with Blake Shelton YET regarding RESPECTING HIS ELDERS. Which btw would include George Straight & Allan Jackson (Murder on Music Row) boy, Ain’t that the TRUTH…
        You Never get to BIG to be Put in your place… ie,(dixiechicks)
        Never Forget Where YOU Came From… Old School is BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blake Shelton is an ASSHOLE! I remember when he could not even piss on his own foot here in Nashville let alone sing a song! The nerve of this putz. Forget about him even playing an instrument either…that boy sucks like a homo in heat! Seriously – who does this dick-head think he is? He is not fit to hold Merle Haggard’s underwear let alone be called a country artist. His music is really shit music with pop sprinkled on top of it. he is just another manufactured artist that is propped up with bullshit marketing. What a hypocrite…hear he was just paying homage to George Strait and then he turns around and stabs George Strait in the back…along with every other notable REAL COUNTRY ARTIST that there ever was!? Johnny Cash may be gone…and though I am a guitar builder/player…I am more than able to hand Blake his ass! What do you say Blake, I will meet you in a UFC cage and we’ll have no rules, if you win I’ll shut up – if you lose you have to kiss my ass literally, and then Merle Haggard’s ass, and then Vince Gill’s ass, and then George Strait’s ass, and then George Jones’ ass, and then Willie Nelson’s ass, and right down the line bubba! Then, your breath will smell like your music sounds – like shit! By the way ya’ll, visit my website at keltonswade.com and see some of the best authentic vintage replicas of telecasters and stratocasters on the planet. Send me a friend invite as well on Facebook. I am all about a country music revolution. If we all stand together, we can make it happen. Real country music is like a great pizza, it will out sell a crappy pizza every time. Blake Shelton and every other male and female artist I see on television and unfortunately hear on the radio make my life worse because I saw them or heard them. Real country music makes your life better!

      • This is EXACTLY what ran through my veins up to the fighting part when I first see this bullshit. I can’t imagine how I will be feeling by the end of reading these comments.

      • Amen!

      • Your are stupid!! You just called every artist in this world bad!! Blake Shelton could kick your ass!!

        • Because if an artist is not on TV or the radio, they don’t exist?

      • See, here’s the problem right here. What Shelton said would not have riled people up as much if he would not have called them old farts and jackasses. I don’t give a hoot and a holler what his intent was or what the context was (that is such a cop out excuse) blah blah blah. There is no excuse for calling anyone names, no matter what or how big the difference in opinion. People are allowed to have different opinions and likes/dislikes, but it’s not necessary or constructive to call anyone names. I mean it’s not like any of us are politicians in D.C.-at least I hope not!

    • It really saddens me to think that Blake Shelton has mad a statement like this! I have sat in many meetings in Nashville where they are discussing the state of the industry and why they are NOT selling records. There is a HUGE segment of “old FARTS” out there calle “baby boomers” that the LABELS have overlooked and are not marketing to. I have studied this generation and beyond. (and I am a journalist involved in country music) They are the largest group of people that have disposable income. And they BUY CD’s and are extremely loyal. One of the reasons RFD-TV has grown so rapidly is because people are STARVING for country music!!!!
      And on the younger scene, everything that is IN is retro, and the 20-30 group are loving classic style music of all genre’s. So the NEW country music is RETRO!!!!!!

      • I understand his wanting to enlarge country music but what is happening is they need to have a new genra of music and need to give it a new name. You have classic, traditional, bluegrass, country, country rock and Americana and on and on. OK name your music something new and drop country cause you ain’t country your playing some rock and roll!! We all have a choice to what we like but rename your new music. You make us ashamed to have you under our umbrella of music if your gonna act like a spoiled kid. Start you own music label and do your own thing. Toby Keith did that and look he is shaking and moving own. He did not rant he just took action!!! Remember the suits are not always right. If we move on to a different kind of genra that is ok. You will have your crowd. Look at RFD-TV they have proved there is a audience out there that loves a different kind of music. Is the music business about money or talent?????????? Definately Blake has joined the Money Suit Crowd. Shame on you for saying things about people who laid down there lives for you to be a star in the music business. Look at the Radio stations, the unions who make sure you get your money and residuals on time, the musicians who make the music behind you,the songwriters, the thousands of music lover who do buy music and spend money so your ass can be a star. Did not get there buy yourself. Start your own label and do what makes you happy. Leave the rest of us alone and let us enjoy our music. Go create a new genra that is ok. But be humble and nice about what is changing and it will.

      • Great comment, for the life of me I can’t figure out why the industry is shunning such a MAJOR part of the population!! Seems that if COUNTRY RADIO had its choice it WOULDN’t play these artists, but the marketing side of it all (advertisers) seem to be designating what is good country music .. I wish the DJ’s would stop listening to Nashville Suits and execs.., and start embracing REAL country artists again.. And why not play more old school country instead of the Tim McGraws who just won’t go away… I mean just because he has 40000 awards, does this mean I SHOULD like him.. Or what.. Gimma a break…

        • Local country radio stations are the key. They are funded by local business. Local business influenced by people who buy their products. If you’re unhappy with the garbage your local country station is playing, including Blake Shelton’s trash, complain to the local businesses and tell them you’re not shopping there anymore because of their radio station’s selection of pop country dribble. It’s all about the money. And that all starts at the local level.

    • The only people BUYING music are the old farts! Free seems to be the new economy! You get what you pay for.

    • So you may disagree but what research can you provide to refute the people that have done their research? Hmmm, lots of pros on here, opinions don’t much matter because it’s our own feelings and perceptions, but facts matter, just sayin’ where’s yours?

    • Every year I buy at least a dozen “Classic Country” reissues on CD and would buy more if I could find them; I but every new George Strait, Alan Jackson, George Jones and Allison Krauss CD that hits the market (and anybody else I can hear that sounds Country). Yeah, I like to hear twin fiddles and the steel guitar, but I like all sorts of instrumentation. But it’s not music when all you can hear is the drums and bass and you can only understand 3-5% of the words – it’s noise!

    • Did you understand the study?? It clearly stated that the older generation ARE still buying the music….the KIDS are the target audience and most of em download free or illegal songs off the internet, AND that the older generations know what to expect when they walk into a record store or cd shop and that is, that the industry is being overrun with ‘pop’ country…..country is country, there never should have been a category of pop country…..that isnt evolution of country music….its just outright making up a music genre…..yeah I said it…MADE UP! Country music has tradition and goes back generations…..say the same about pop country, oh thats right, you cant, it hasnt even existed for 20 years yet. People always forget, traditional classic country always bounces back. And no egotistical smart ass like Shelton, will ever change that. And he aint special….the ONLY good song he has done is Who Are You When Im Not Looking, and THAT singular song, along with the album sales (because of that one song), was the sole reason he won Vocalist of The Year, because personally, other than that song, his other songs and performances are karaoke caliber at best. And you heard him in the piece, he copied Rascal Flatts. If it weren’t for that….he’d be a memory by now.

    • Excuse me, I’ve been buying country music since my school days and I’m now approaching 60 and am STILL buying country music. However that doesn’t mean I’m willing to put up with these younger hot to trot performers that have no respect at all for all the hard work, sweat, and tears the older generation of performers put into paying the way for the likes of Blake Shelton.

    • i love old and new country

    • I was born in 1963 and if i buy anything country its from the old timers like loretta patsy johnny george ronnie and conway and elvis….i couldnt even tell you the new artist because hell they all sound the same ….the classic country artist all have unique voices and styles….Blake needs to remeber who opened those doors for him and i bet his name will not be remebered in 40 yrs……my grandkids ask to listen to johnny cash or elvis….not blake or miranda or any of the rest of those so called counrty kids.

    • Maybe Blake & some of the younger ones that think the old songs are outdated should check on how many dvd’s of the the Grand Old Opry are sold. We have bought everyone. Now if Blake has gotten so big headed & making such stupid statements then I am going to get big headed & not watch The voice anymore. I have a choice I can make & will. Better watch your manners young singers. The old ones were know for being courteous.

    • Screw you you dumb Ass as to the comment if it aint selling its not right. Why would your grandmother cater to the likes of what you like today? it sounds like shit to her as her old time music sounds like shit to you , and Blake! With out the mother of anything, ” Thats the fondation of the past to anything you would not have a Blake or Haggard or Waylon ,,Wynette , E t c .. to music fondationes to express your way of any country music.. Blake can make all the millions he wants with his understanding to the ignorant youth of this land but so what as he is a phony at best… Ive had abit to drink tonight so sorry for the grammer but this cowboy tells Blakey to go screw his sel,f rightous ways..!

  • I will officially erase all of my Blake Shelton music, and throw that record I have away. Thanks for nothin’ man.

    • Please tell me this is a joke.

  • What a hypocrite… After calling out Eric Church on his comments

  • Well he can go fuck himself because I honestly think his new song might be the most uncountry song to ever hit “country” radio, it’s like this guy was trying to impersonate Usher. Most of these idiots are just too stupid to write good lyrics so they have to change instrumentally so that they can claim they aren’t stagnant. When I look at “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” or Tim McGraw’s “One of those nights” all I see is terrible songwriting. It’s like these idiots don’t really even know what makes a truck awesome, or what makes a night memorable, so they just kinda point in the general direction because they aren’t capable of communicating an idea. Trig, you should do a piece about the degeneration of songwriting in country music.

    • The empathetic storytelling style of songwriting, which has always been the heart of country music, is unfortunately being replaced by the list style of writing. This trend is all the more unfortunate at the current time, since stories of surviving through hard times could serve a truly useful purpose in this time of economic crisis.

    • let’s just leave tim mcgraw out of this .. he’s still country .. with an edge sometimes

  • talking shit makes miranda hotter but on blake it just reminds us hes just a pretty cardboard cutout

  • I wonder what his beautiful wife has to say about this…

    • His wife told him to say it….they are gonna have to sell the farm because nobodys buying any music these days. The heat is on all the Corporate Country, Pop and that Cheerleader rhyming African American…poetry? (RAP) …..that 2 note monatomic goofy wave your hands in the air stuff…and the music is free now…we guess. So, your gonna be listening to all back catalog (oldies, but greaties) because they have set up a system where people will pay 4 bucks for a cup of coffee every day but don’t really want to buy corporate generic CRAP music that all sounds like one kid is making it all. Just go play with your little smart phone, and enjoy those great Cinnamon Toast Crunch jingles. Get married, get a TV, and start buying crap from the TV and have UPS bring it to your door so you don’t get shot at the mall.

      • Wow, that escalated quickly.

    • If you read Blake on twitter my guess you would wonder no more at what his wife thinks. It at times has been embrrassing as a fan to see how he talks to those girls. I’ve seen women tweet that Miranda must be made of steel to put up with it. Its paid off for him because he now has their skirt tails to hide behind and they are who buys his music. He may miss Miranda every couple years, but his I Love You’s are there day in day out for those teen girls. Please people, don’t take this out on Miranda. She loves so many of the older stars, She sang in honor of Meryl with Chris at the Kennedy Center with delight on her face. Meryl loves Miranda , if you remember he sent her 37 roses for her 27th birthday. Also called her before she went on stage at CMA’s that night. She can;t stop praising Loretta. The list goes on/on

  • I recently watched a DVD I got for Christmas titled “The Johnny Cash Show” 1969-1971. It kinda reminds me how one country star bridged gaps,did the show his way and became a legend in a very tumultuous time. BS or any of the so called country acts today could not pull that off if they tried.

    • Luther I agree with you 100%

    • I agree completely. I was just commenting on the Johnny Cash road show the other day. When he had Carl Perkins, the Statler Brothers, the Carter Family and June; that was by far the greatest stage show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few in my 77 years, including some of the big Rock stars.

  • I wanna listen to my grandpa’s music and NOT his.

    What an asshat.

  • Yup, he just lost a fan. I use to love him and his music. I thought he was the coolest guy. His music wasn’t exactly traditional, but it had something different than all the other mainstream shit. He has always had a great voice and I admired him for that. I honestly thought he was a great entertainer….Then the last couple albums of his have been getting worse and worse. His music is basically shit now. They are all about the same gay ass things and they sound exactly the same. You can hardly distinguish ‘God Gave Me You’ from his new song. I don’t care how famous you are. You would not have a job if it weren’t for the classic country singers who paved the way for you. How can he honestly be dumb enough to say that on TV? Even if he has an opinion about it, you gotta show some respect to those artists who made country what it is. And I have to disagree with him. I spend so much time looking for albums from classic artists. And I know a lot of kids much younger than me who feel the same way. There is nothing wrong with music evolving, but it still has to keep its country sound. I’m just so pissed all i’m doing is rambling on, but seriously?!? Who the hell does he think he is? And seriously, his wife is like Merle Haggard’s #1 fan. I wonder how many classic country albums she has? If this dick thinks that he actually made himself look good, he’s dumber than I thought. I will never listen to him again.

  • Anyone see the obvious in Blake’s comments?
    He doesn’t make music out of his love or drive, he makes it simply for money. ‘the kids that buy records’
    Zero respect for music, any genre.

    Now this money need isn’t novel, every artist has to make a living, but ive never heard an anyone get so close to saying, ‘im a sellout’

    What a douche.

    • Tim, you have hit the nail on the head. Most all do this. I always loved Reba but she sold out to pop. Money rules all music now. Not the love of the music.

      • I disagree about Reba. I heard Reba McIntyre (before she was REBA) sing the Star Spangled Banner at the NFR in OKC. First time I ever heard the SSB sung country style. Awesome! Reba has always performed a variety of music styles and although I love all kinds of country music, Reba’s versions of blues songs are my favorites. She is and always will continue to be an awesome musician.

  • It sounds to me like Blake has fallen prey to the notion that every country music fan loves & wants to hear music like Taylor Swift is producing. Personally, I hate that stuff. I listen to country because I want some substance in my music. I’m a 31 year old lady who prefers classic country to all the new stuff being released in Nashville. According to Blake, I guess that makes me an “old-fart”. Then again, I do still buy records, both actual CD versions & digital versions. What is he referring to by “records” anyway? Because if you ask me “kids” aren’t buying tangeable records from a store, those are the older folks who aren’t up to speed with digital music players & such. My dad’s got an iPod but I have to load everything for him–and by the way he takes my music because I have all the Waylon, Hank, Patsy Cline, etc that he wants–from all the CDs he buys himself. If Blake’s referring to digital sales when he says “records” then I’d agree that more of those sales are being made by younger farts. But to say that these “kids…don’t want to buy the music you were buying” is just wrong. He shouldn’t take a generalized idea like that & spit it out like a fact. My 24 year old brother and I share classic country that we find. He schools my dad sometimes. I wouldn’t say he’s an old fart. In regards to radio, I’ve personally stopped listening to the stations that play the new stuff. Haven’t listened in about 2 years. I don’t need new country to sound just like the classic country. I don’t want some artist to come along and produce music that sounds exactly like Waylon’s music; I’d just call them a copy cat. What I want are artists who sing songs about life. I want song writers to start writing songs that actually matter. I’m tired of all the meaningless, mindless, get-drunk-in-a-field, drive-in-my-truck-down-this-old-dirt-road songs. I want songs like Silver Wings & He Stopped Loving Her Today & If You’ve Got Leavin On Your Mind. Better song writing! That’s what this old fart would like Blake Shelton to focus on as “one of those people…that gets to decide”. And can we work on not gyrating, Luke Bryan? For Heaven’s sake, be a man!

    • Blake Shelton is 5 years older than you, 12 years older than your brother, and a year older than me.

      • And 19 years older than me. I’m not an old fart yet, I just know good music.

        • Wow, so there are people on this site who are younger than me!

          I would definitely be interested in a poll that measures the number of SCM users in each age range.

          • I am 21 years old and my brother is 16. He owns every Haggard record there is. I think I did my “big sis” job pretty well. The classic country fans ARE out there, of all ages! Either most people don’t realize that, or refuse to admit it.

          • I just turned 23. I’ve been trying for years now to get a lot of my friends to listen to the great older music, but mostly with no luck.

    • I am 31 as well and I also don’t touch the radio! I am totally with you on sharing and schooling people about real country music at it’s best. This just sickens me…

    • Very well said, Selena! You articulated exactly how I feel too. There’s no emotion or soul in the newer country music. I can remember artists actually had tears while performing some songs. I rarely listen to music on the radio; I Iisten to my own classic CDs or talk radio. I want my music to not only entertain me–I want to be moved too.

      • Thank you. This may sound weird, but I love a song that makes me cry. I like to feel a connection to the song. Even better when the song hits me by surprise; when I didn’t even know I’d be crying about a certain subject. That makes me hit repeat. Let’s hear it again, cry some more. Ha Ha. That’s not weird, right?

        • That’s what makes a great country song! Something that gets you right in the gut. Absolutely not weird!

  • I wonder if he’s ever been to a country show. By country I mean actual country, I have. The majority of people who pay to hear these “old farts” & traditionalist play are in their 20’s & 30’s.

    • I am going to see David Allen Coe in a couple weeks and then George Jones on his farewell tour and so excited I can’t stand it. I would never be caught wasting a dollar on any of this bullshit! Yet again old fart here @ 31

      • I saw David Allan Coe over the summer and it was a great show. You definitely won’t regret it.

        Also I am most definitely an old fart.

        At the age of sixteen.

        Good Lord, I should just hurry up and write my will already. Gotta leave something for the grandkids.

  • I’ve been dealing with this crap since I was in high school (think 1980’s). I’m done fussin’ with it. Nowadays I just shrug my shoulders and say “You got your music and I got mine”.

  • is this the American Idol guy? What a squeaky clean cunt.

    • Nope. Blake Shelton is one of the judges from The Voice. The American Idol winner you’re talking about is Scotty McCreery, whom I believe would never be caught talking such disparaging remarks about legendary artists of country music and their fans. Scotty’s music tends to be more traditional country music. You should watch his performances in American Idol Season 10, as the songs he had sung were mostly from the legends of country music. Others may choose to think that he’s just a copy cat of Josh Turner, but who among us have not tried to copy someone whom we admire so much? But nowadays, people can see the difference, and he can hold his own, gaining more followers as he goes along. Don’t expect much from his songs, though, as compared with the old timers as Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty, etc., his is limited because he’s still 19 and unlike Blake Shelton and company, he would not record anything that speaks of sex, drinking, etc.

    • And the other American Idol guy you are talking about is Keith Urban, who is much more respectable of traditional country artists (in fact, he said in an interview that 10 years from now – when Scotty McCreery won in 2011, that traditional country music will be the IN songs again), and his songs are definitely much, much more better than Blake’s.

      • And Keith Urban is an Aussie, rejected here in Australia and embraced in the U.S.

  • Eh, guy can have his opinion if I disagree with it. What’s ironic is I think Blake recorded a duet song with John Anderson and George Jones bemoaning the loss of honky tonks and that classic Country sound on his Pure BS album.

    I have never been a big Blake fan, quite honestly his personality for as applauded as it is on TV rather hurts the industry. So much of his personality is wrapped up in the “good ole boy” image he and his management has created for him that I think it holds back Country music to other audiences and genres. Maybe I am wrong.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, the problem isnt Country Music evolving, the problem is the quality of the songs. Too often people like Blake think fans are just upset that so many songs no longer have the fiddle and steel guitar in them and I honestly dont think that’s the case, the issue is the vast majority of songs on the radio are poorly written. They suck. Plain and simple.

    • “I have said it before and I will say it again, the problem isnt Country Music evolving, the problem is the quality of the songs. Too often people like Blake think fans are just upset that so many songs no longer have the fiddle and steel guitar in them and I honestly dont think that’s the case, the issue is the vast majority of songs on the radio are poorly written. They suck. Plain and simple.”

      Well said.

      • I couldn’t agree more. They just seem to be phoning it in on these lyrics.

  • He basically just explained that he’s a sell out. Country isn’t running around the stage like your Ozzy Osborne. But you’re still allowed to have fun. I guess he doesn’t understand that when you’re on a tour with pop-country singers, you need not expect the fans to take a big liking to your more traditional country. I liked Blake’s earlier stuff.. But he just got worse and worse. Like someone said in the comments above, his love for the music isn’t there and it’s all about the money now.

    I don’t see Aaron Watson doing his country-rapping (which was actually a fucking magnificent tongue-in-cheek) to make millions. He’s stayed to what he’s custom to, REAL country music.

    • Aaron Watson even says in concert that “Hey Y’all” (the song where he raps) is the worst song he has ever written. It is so magnificent because it makes its point perfectly: that anyone can string together 5 minutes of country cliches over top of thump thumping rock guitars and even throw in some rap to try and sound cool (and he actually raps WAY better than Aldean or Blake. Then again HE is a very talented music artist…).

  • Apparently I am an old fart at the ripe old age of 20. I have listened to classic country my whole life and probably will continue to do so until I die. I also love contemporary country too, so I have no qualms about the genre progressing. I don’t need every new artist to sound like Hank Williams or George Jones to enjoy their music, I just need it to be good.

  • I’m 58. I play classic country music and western swing. I cannot stand the kind of bellywash Blake Shelton plays. I guess it’s got to be called something so they call it country. It has absolutely no connection with the country music of even 15 years ago, let alone the music of Hank Williams, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Webb, etc. It is empty, narcicisstic, bellicose drivel, and appeals to similarly dim people. My son is 19. He loves honky tonk music, the likes of Ray Price, Johnny Bush, and their current stylistic heirs, Jr. Brown and Dale Watson. He hates the modern so called country. Also, he does not buy records. He downloads everything for free. People my age buy records. Blake Shelton and his cookie cutter faux- country cousins can take a walk .

  • Hillbilly Bonehead.

  • This guy is the jackass. I’m 23 and half my record collection is classic country: Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Hank Lochlin, etc. and most of the other half is independent music of some sort. I say give me nothing but what my grandpa listened to and I’d never complain.

  • The same tired ass, bullshit, strawman argument. People who don’t think what he’s doing is terribly country are reflexively all labeled as old farts who don’t want any change. Well, I guess that’s easier to deal with than the notion that your music just might be soulless.

  • This Jackass was Never country anyway.
    Im not surprised at all that he said this, Im glad he did. It outs him to be
    the flippin Moron that we figured he was. And truth be known, I bet theres plenty
    more in the pop country camp who feel the same as he does.
    But really, it comes down to him(and others) not actually being country, respecting country and its roots, and bringing the traditional sound along. They simply don’t care,,,cuz theyre NOT country.
    He also seems to have no balls and is his wifes bitch.
    Hes pathetic…and now were all certain of it.
    Id punch him in the throat if given the chance.

  • Every art form must evolve to stay alive, otherwise it dies, I actually agree with that. However Blakes statements about this subject reveal him to be a self righteous and pompous ass h*#le. ESPECIALLY considering the pathetic overall quality (or lack thereof) of HIS music. Whatta dickhead!

  • Dig this Blake and all the rest. No one but an idiot would buy music these days. You can find it almost everywhere for free. This is the problem.

  • “If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on.”

    What fucking hubris.

  • On his first album he actually has a song complaining about the state of radio, called “Same Old Song.” Seems that now that he’s making a ton of money following the exact formula that song denounced, he doesn’t care anymore.

  • Are you seriously that stupid or are you just trolling at this point? I am going to chalk this up to you drinking waaay toooo much, yet once again. The only good thing about this, is that it’ll come back to haunt you in the ass when you have to write a good old song, like the old school guys & gals did, once Miranda wises up and dumps your sad ass. Seriously, that’s just an ignorant statement and I wish Johnny Cash was still here to kick your ass while Willie held your arms and smoked a fat one, you disrespectful moron!

    By the way, Adam Levine smokes your ass on The Voice… you are a hack!

  • Blake Shelton is a little snot nosed whippersnapper that wouldn’t make a pimple on a real country singer’s butt! You “kids” ain’t got a clue about music! Last great country singer out is George Strait. Many greats older than him!

  • Wow… I pretty much never post on these pop country articles but I must say that I really, REALLY hate this guy now.

  • Whoa. Sounds like a real arrogant prick, there…

    I may be an “old fart” of 33, but I always thought there should be room for both progression and tradition in Country. Yes, the genre has to evolve, but also has had such a rich history that it would be foolish to ignore it.

  • He must not have paid attention in high school biology, it’s apparent in his misuse of the word “evolve”. Also, his outlook on music is obviously different from mine. I love music that can introduce me to artists way before my time, where their influence is evident. Justin Townes Earle said it best when he said, ” Any songwriter that claims to not know where the bodies are buried probably isn’t a very good songwriter.” Music doesn’t evolve with a “slash and burn” progression. Hell, I’m not even convinced much of what is massed produced and consumed could really be considered music. I’ll stick to the classics and their rightful successors.

  • Blake Shelton can kiss my ass, he is right about one thing you don’t have to go to his shows. Any artist who insults any music fan traditional or otherwise is a dumbass. Keep burning bridges Blake, as for me I guess I’m just an old fart. Which means I will not buy one more note of music of yours or be at any of your shows.

  • Well, it just goes to show what I’ve known all along…Blake Shelton is a talentless jackass. If he knew anything he’d know people who listen to classic country and any good music, for that matter actually still BUY records. These kids steal them! I’m 36 and I still buy my music and support the artists who make it. He never has or never will get a dime of my money for one reason..HIS MUSIC SUCKS along with 99.9% of modern country. I’m 36. That’s a long way from an old fart and country music has lost what made it so long lasting and endearing to so many, it’s heart and reality! As a southerner, I also find it embarrassing. Just because you’re “country” doesn’t have to mean your ignorant, as most of these so called “party” songs of today state. I’ll just close with a recent quote from Vince Gill “For me, [country music] lost its traditional bent pretty severely,” explains the tunesmith. “I would love to hear someone write a song like ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ rather than ‘You’re hot. I’m hot. We’re in a truck.’ It’s just mind-numbing to me.”

  • Blake Shelton can kiss my Classic “Real” Country ass. What an idiot!

  • I will not be buying any of his music, he may live to regret his comments.

  • Um, Blake…
    That dead old fart Conway Twitty called and he wants his song back.
    You might recall having a hit with it. It was called “Goodbye Time”.
    Maybe you should take a cue there and slink away. Buh-bye.

    • Thank you Brian. I am “the” Conway Twitty fan !!! and I am so glad you made that point. I think ole Blake has shit in his corn flakes !!!

  • I guess 17 years makes you an “old fart”… Seriously, though, in the past year I and a lot of my teenage peers have been getting into traditional country and Americana. Ironically, those genuine expressions of the genre attract young people who would normally put down country music based on the stereotype presented by shallow people like Shelton. At the same time, many of the people still holding on to pop country are in my parents’ generation. Shelton and his ilk should fear the coming neo-roots revival, because IT is the future for real music.

    • Hi James. My son is 21 and loves the older stuff. He even posted a music video of 1930’s Opry star DeFord Bailey on his FB page. Young people do love the tradition and pure music. Thanks for supporting what us “old farts” have loved for a lifetime.

    • I appreciate your devotion to roots music, but I don’t see any neo-roots revival among the younger generation. Basically none of the young people I personally know are even aware of any type of country or roots music (with the exception of Taylor Swift, of course).

      • Hank 3 has started a huge movement for revivalist among the youth. It’s really inspiring. I’m 23 and all of my friends are very active in only giving to & supporting like minded artist. A lot of the modern country artist that we listen to are things we found through him i.e. Bob Wayne, Wayne Hancock. The youngsters are savvy & will find good music. Most intelligent people (of all ages) no longer look to commercial radio for the next great thing or even our favorite old things. It’s actually a great time for good quality music because it is so easy to access & then purchase & thankfully we have mediums such as savingcountrymusic.com to help us stay connected with good, authentic, modern country music.

        • Are you from the South? Maybe it’s different there.

          Most of my friends are indie music fans. However, for almost all of them, that means indie rock or sometimes indie hip-hop, not indie roots. But then again, I’m from the West Coast, not exactly a bastion of country music (with the exception of California’s Central Valley, of course).

          • If I may ask Eric, what state do you live in? I was born a raised in California (LA) and Hank 3 and traditional country, while not mainstream, are still pretty popular with younger people. My guess is the crowd you hang out with doesn’t listen to the good oldies. I’ve been living in Washing/Idaho for a few years now and once again, many young people appreciate the old stuff. Clearly the type of people you hang around change your view but really, I must disagree with you here; I think the west still loves good ole country songs.

          • I grew up in the Seattle area and have lived for the last 5 and a half years in the Bay Area. Country music is fairly popular in rural areas of the West Coast. In fact, some of my first encounters with country music came from when I used to travel between Seattle and Portland many years ago, as basically the only music stations available in the rural areas of Southwestern Washington were country stations. Country music may even enjoy some popularity in the blue-collar parts of the Seattle area (as Seattle has two country stations). However, it just is not very popular in the Seattle Eastside suburbs where I grew up, particularly among young people, and it’s definitely not too popular in the Bay Area either (the northern part of the Bay Area probably no longer has any country station, and the South Bay has just one).

          • I’m from Eastern Washington and so is Bob Wayne. Can’t really say there is no underground country when ol Bob is from here.

      • I know tons of people in their teens and twenties that love bands like Mumford and Sons,The Avett Brothers, etc. I don’t care for them all that much, but their music is exposing a lot of people to folksy music.

  • Ya know, I have been an “old fart” since I was ten then because all I ever listened to was traditional country music. Perhaps, Blake, if you and others like you, who care more about the big buck and the rock and roll crap that you are putting out now than actual country values, would record country music, you might see “grandpa” and us “old farts” start to put a little more revenue in your pockets. But it will never happen – country music, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Country Music Hall of Fame has been invaded by rock n roll jackasses who know nothing about the roots of country music, it’s tie to rural people until recently, or the city that it built. The music you and others are recording today did nothing for Nashville whatsoever – true country music not only built a publishing empire here in Nashville (beginning in 1944 with Acuff Rose), but also a recording empire, a world renown radio station (WSM), television stations, the world’s largest broadcasting studio (Grand Ole Opry House), an amusement park (Opryland), a show boat (General Jackson), and a tourist destination for us folks that love that older (and purer) style of country music, that did not have folks half dressed (or less) performing in bum jeans and thongs with hair down to their butts because they were too lazy to get a haircut (true country has too much respect for its fans to have ever allowed that), that did not feature the drums as a lead instrument, and did not contain vulgarity seen so much in so-called country music today. If you want to record rock music, then so be it, but never call what you do country. I never will, and I am 47 now, and everything you said dishonors the folks who made country music the greatest music on earth long before you were ever even thought of, which also made Nashville the former Music City USA, where Webb Pierce outsold your butt forty times over in the 1950s (and everybody else in that decade) and Roy Acuff did more for the Opry and for country music than you can ever hope to do (including being at the Opry and true to his fans). Statements like you have just made let me know that I will stay with my 78s, 45s and 33s from the 1970s and before that feature what I love to hear – and I gaurantee you will never get a sale of music from me as long as I live! Until sdomeone comes along who knows what country music is and knows how to respect and perform it with respect to its true fans, country music has died thanks to sorry people like you.

    • I don’t know you, but Lord, did you ever say it well!!! For me, Country Music started changing and dying out in the mid seventies………..hasn’t been the same since. I’m four years older than you and I’ll bet we grew up listening to the same great voices on the Opry. Well said.

    • I almost cried when I read this – your response is so true and accurate. Thanks, Webb…

    • I am so ashamed of Blake and His comments. His Dad is rolling over in his grave right now( Ricky Van Shelton). Altho I was a female singer, loved Ricky’s music and sang it while in a country band in the 80’s. I agree that the silly teenage version of music these days hasn’t any substance and Blake recording music at his age for the booper crowd is pathetic. He doesn’t seem to realize that his mode of music and He will soon be classified as “ol fart” before He knows it. Will it be popular then when he’s singing about sex in a truck and some young chick looks at his picture on a CD cover..10 years from today. I can hear it now,”ewwwww,Who’d want to have sex with him in anything! ewwww!!!!”.He’s be considered a disgusting old fart!!!!. You’ve gotten a little fat headed Blake and oh will the reality train run over your ass..soon.

      • for the record Ricky Van Shelton is still very much alive. Blake’s dad Richard Shelton died last year, he was a great guy. And as for all of you blasting Blake for saying exactly what he thought at that moment, I’d rather hear someone speaking the truth rather than parroting what the PR people want them to say. I grew up in Ada, OK and the song that Miranda released “Over you” she and Blake wrote together about his older brother Richie who died in 1990 in a car wreck. I’ve seen Blake perform since he was just a young boy. He’s real. He’s is country. Yes, it’s a new breed out there. I love classic country, but I love the new blood too. Get real people you are blowing things out of proportion.

        • In your comment you just mentioned one of the latter-day traditionalists who came along around the same time as the likes of Randy Travis and George Strait. Do admit I would like to hear more of those. There also was Reba McEntire but she later drifted in a more pop direction at well. But in her early days her sound was just as country as they come.

    • In elementary school I was listening to Hank Sr., even though he’d been dead for over a decade. Grew up on Hag, Cash, Faron, Buck, Ray Price, Connie Smith, Loretta, Kitty, Tammy and so many more. Hank Sr. still has the top spot on my playlist. True Country puts a smile on your face and a lump in your throat. Most of today’s ‘country” just makes me puke!

      • What you said is to a large extent true, but country crossover is really nothing new. And many pop stars have had huge success recording country songs, two of the most prolific being Ray Charles and Tom Jones. And then there were the one-time rock ‘n rollers who found their greatest success in the country, such as Conway Twitty and Kenny O’Dell.

  • I think the site is going to be getting a decent amount of traffic. I was the first one to post this link on Blake’s Facebook page and it is really starting to blow up on there with people reposting the link.

    • I really appreciate everyone posting and reposting this article!

  • Obviously, this guy is the jerk I’ve taken him for. His arrogance is nauseating and his statements are offensive! My son is only 21 and only recently discovered DeFord Bailey. DeFord was one of the first stars of the Grand Ole Opry and died before my son started listening to music. He listens to music from Webb Pierce, Porter Wagoner, Marty Robbins, etc. Blake needs to get a life and get a clue! To make the statement that today’s kids don’t listen to their grandpa’s music is really pathetic on his part. When I grew up in the sixties and seventies, I listened to Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Texas Ruby, Hank Snow, Webb Pierce, etc. I’d say they were my Grandpa’s generation, yet I loved them. All Blake has done is give me more reason to NEVER purchase anything of his. Personally, his voice couldn’t hold a candle to the voice of Ray Price.

  • I enjoy a lot of genres of music, not only traditional country.

    But today’s “country” really reminds me more of Burt Bacharach with boots.

    Never cared for Burt, and never cared for Blake.

  • And so it goes on. “Sell the damn artist and dont worry about the song or what went into it”. Good God man. they’re enough talentless ass-monkeys on the radio as is. better remember grandpa and grandma’s music. As the Judds once said “tell us about the good old days”. cause these days suck.

  • He’s not a jerk. He’s a gemini and he lives to contradict himself. What a goof.

  • Lets see King George has stayed CLASSIC/ TRADITIONAL cince day one, and if i recall Mr. Shelton is no where near what Mr. Strait is nor will he ever be. 50 + # 1’s sells out every arena he plays and the greatest Country entertainer ever. Quite possibly the only man that could advertise concert just me my guitar, and a microphone and still sell out. Yes thats King George. Not Prince Shelton.

  • Patrick C is listening to Devil Makes Three (a full album purchase) and couldn’t care less what that puppet Slake Shelton says. thereby demolishing Blakes comment. Why should anyone pay to listen to vapid Blake Shelton songs when they can just turn on the radio and hear them for free.
    Quality , like freedom, is never free people, …..but totally worth it.

  • Piss off Blake Shelton, There are many young people that LOVE classic country!!! Just so you know, you make me sicker than you did in the first place you fake P.O.S.

  • Well, that is disappointing. I am one of Shelton’s “old farts” who always thought he was one of the better, more Country voices in modern Country music. Does he really think Kitty Wells “evolved” into Taylor Swift? Give me a break. I received his Christmas cd from my wife @ Christmas & thoroughly enjoyed it till now. Now I want her money back. I am one of those people who still buys albums and, presumably, contributes to his income. Well, I’ll be spending my money on someone else from now on and he can live on the income from illegal downloads which the younger generation of music fans prefer. Please Blake, issue some kind of apology to us old farts so we can enjoy your music again and start contributing to your income!!

    • “Does he really think Kitty Wells “evolved” into Taylor Swift?”


  • Blake: you are the dumbass, you spoiled, pampered brat!

  • Blake Shelton……they need to change that award to JACKASS of the year……..because it is you who are the jackass!! You’ll see your record sales go down………..down……….down…………

  • Here’s 23 yr. old Buck Ford
    Buck Ford does the George Strait Tributes Shows to support his real country sound,
    seems to be working well !!
    He has quite a few tribute shows set for 2012 along with his own Buck Ford Shows

    And Blake said young people don’t want Traditional Country Music !! Stupid comment !!


  • I have met Blake on several occasions and was dis heartened to hear his thoughts on Traditional Artists and their music.I wonder if he thinks his songs will stand the test of time like hank sr. willie or waylons ? A typical traditional well written lyrical song Will but songs like we are never ever ever getting back together or Some Beach WON’T as they are just fluff filler until the next novelty fluff singer and song comes along!! Long may Straight,Jones,Jackson and Gill live and record as they know the true meaning of a good song and they value the traditional Country music fan that more often than not buy tickets to these GREAT classic traditional artists!! So much more about the all mighty dollar that can be squeezed from young impressionable fans than the music!! It goes in waves and this era of plastic interchangeable artists is slowing in sales and tickets sold and more corner stone artists of the old fart generation are coming back again!!

  • I don’t even have words to sum up how stupid this guy is. I want to fight him. REAL country music built the empire that has allowed him to become a pampered, pompous, shitheel. The blood, sweat, misery, and hard work of those, “old farts”, and “jackasses” were the foundation for that asshole’s livelihood.

    I’d love to spit in Blake Shelton’s face.

  • Me: Hey blake, what do you think of classic country fans?

    blake: I think…

    Me: It doesn’t matter what you think!!!!!

    Couldn’t help it.

  • Sorry but Mr. Shelton is Dead on. If we want to hear oldies we listen to one of the few oldies stations that is still around. In the same vein, Janis Joplin and Benny Goodman, don’t sell more than a few hundred records a year now.

    All music evolves. From country to rock to gospel. Its a fact of life..

    • But we’re not talking about Janis Joplin or Benny Goodman. This is Blake’s catastrophic misconception. There are many classic and traditional country artists putting out relevant music right now and selling hundreds of thousands of records, whose albums are charting better than Blake Shelton’s is right now. Jamey Johnson, Dwight Yoakam, Alan Jackson, George Strait. Kellie Pickler’s traditional country record was named the country Album of the Year by The Rolling Stone. Nobody is saying we have to go back and play the same Hank Williams songs over and over. That is the way Blake and others cast the argument, and it is a complete mischaracterization. Music can evolve and still stay true to its roots.

    • Just because a music evolves doesn’t mean you trash the pioneers or their fans! What kind of idiot destroys the foundation of a building and expects the building to stand?! When I grew up, there was room for the new artists—-Lynn Anderson, Waylon Jennings, Dolly Parton, etc., right along with the “pioneers” like Kitty Wells, Ernest Tubb, Marty Robbins, etc. Radio used to cater to the fans and the record companies followed suit. Now, radio caters to the Nashville play list so the record companies think that’s all the fans want. Got news for all of those who believe we like this cookie cut out crap they call country today……………. i wouldn’t walk across the field to hear them…………..I’d walk a country mile to hear George or Loretta!

    • As for Rock – if anyone out there today that’s doing real Rock n Roll said this very thing about people who listen to Hendrix, Zepplin,etc., they would get a backlash as well. As for him stating that he gets a “say” in where music goes because he won some stupid (and politically ‘fixed’) award, that is absurd. People who buy music determine where Country goes. To generate loyalty, you must exhibit loyalty. And artists who incite passion and creativity will eventually move things in a new direction, it may take time but it is inevitable. And, The fact is, no matter that he’s talked previously about liking the “country legends”- what he said here is obviously how he really feels and how record execs today talk. I’ve heard this statement from businessmen there time and time again. No one who genuinely loves Hag, Waylon and Country legends would be so arrogant in their disdain. Evolving does not mean creating carbon-copied, patronizing, soulless music.

      • my comment above was meant in response to Randy Lee.

    • I don’t have access to Soundscan right now, but I’d wager you are underestimating sales of Joplin and Goodman by many orders of magnitude. Jazz and classic rock fans still buy physical media. In fact, last year all of Joplin’s albums were reisssued on vinyl, and several live albums and archival sets were released for the first time. As for Goodman, the past decade has seen a flood of newly issued material from the vaults, including ongoing issues of Armed Forces Radio recordings, live sessions, outtakes, you name it, as well as continued reissues and remasters of previously available material.

    • Agree 100%

  • Well everyone can get up set or pissed off at his comment ,, But he is right everything goes forward , Look what they said about rock,,,That’s not music ,,Ha! now look.
    If you don’t agree about the old farts and them saying this , Then I guess you have never been to Nashville ,
    I don’t think Blake is a jackass , I think he just speaks the truth and comes out with it . It isn’t what some want to hear .

    • If you don’t agree about the old farts and them saying this , Then I guess you have never been to Nashville

      I am 35 years old, I want to listen to my grandpa’s music, and I live in Texas.

    • “If you don’t agree about the old farts and them saying this , Then I guess you have never been to Nashville ,”

      I don’t agree with Blake Shelton for one second and I LIVE in Nashville, and have for almost 30 years now. What he has said is dispicable, dishonorable, and very disrespectful. Country music cannot be compared to rock music or any other genre – but it so often is by people who know nothing whatsoever about it. The crap they are calling country today is nothing more than rock music with a twang (southern rock) – it no more resembles what we know to be country music than Van Halen or Ozzie Osborne does. Country music is about a whole lot more than the people of today, who were raised on 60s or 70s rock music and hated country music of that era or before, can ever represent it. Corporate country music is nothing but a sham to get into the pockets of country fans – they don;t care what they do to the music or to the artists either as long as they can show numbers and get as much money as they can (what country music was never about). I think you probably need to go back and do a little research and find out what country music is and what it stands for before you go to agreeing with what this idiot has said about it. Quite probably, you yourself don;t even listen to country music (the real thing) so that disqualifies you entirely forom the beginning, and tell me you don;t know what you are talking about. Nashville has changed from a great Music City USA to some foreign country in comparison that is trying to embrace being a sports town or anything but what it has been – Nashville is ashamed of its roots and trying to disown them as quickly as possible, but it will come back to bite them in the butt (and already has).

    • So true. Glad you see the light too! Blake knows what he is talking about. He didnt call any names,everybody needs to chill

  • This guy is looking for publicity. Blake has been put on ALERT, like all the rest of the Corporate Country acts..your sales are in the toilet dude.It’s called “candy country” now or just really bad “rock songs” or a lot of it sounds like a “jingle”. It’s cute and it’s all programmed just like pop music…and that’s why it’s all sounding the same. Thanks Clear Channel, everything sounds the same, everything sounds the same. Generic music, for an increasingly generic country. Robots of America…youth of America…it’s up to you. Yeah…You and your little smart phone….where you can listen to all the great music from the ..40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and right up to 82! Happy streaming the great records and songs for ONLY TEN DOLLARS a month !!!!

    • In my opinion, the 80’s were the best decade for pop music. There weren’t many great albums, but the sheer number of great singles was remarkable. The great songs from that era exemplify musical perfection or at least something close to it.

    • Need to do your homework Chris, his sales are not in the toilet!! , you DA! Your like the rest, shooting from the hip without a clue about something you know nothing about

  • Oh yeah …J Spencer guess what, about six months ago back catalog music started outselling new music. That’s really sad….and Mr. Shelton’s manager has told him to make some noise because the money is drying up.

  • And all these little girls who are flying into Nashville looking for a record deal. Save your time and money, and buy Real Estate. Or make sure you get the best damn lawyer, money can buy. They are “your friends”….Miranda, Swift, Shania wannabees. It is hilarious how all the country records just sound like bad rock blues songs. And the same guy must be ding all the drums and bass on the records. Generic music, for generic people….America, lets toast to the Sysco Food Chain of music. Enjoy

    • I disagree with the idea of blaming women for the generic nature of modern country. On mainstream country radio today, men vastly outnumber women (I read a survey recently that 90% of the airtime on country radio was taken up by male singers). Furthermore, the songs by the female country singers have far more individuality and originality than those by the male singers, who disproportionately cut laundry list songs.

      • I happen to think the choices of theme at the moment are stale, regardless of gender.

        With men it’s predominantly booze and boobs. With women it’s predominantly break-ups and bullets.

        • The songs by the women are predominantly about relationships, but at least they generally convey true emotion and a coherent storytelling theme. Most of the songs by the men lack these essential attributes.

          I agree with you that the “tough woman” songs are as bad as the male laundry list songs, though. Thankfully, those songs are a minority of the overall female discography on country radio.

    • I like your style Chris.

  • Given Blake Shelton has struggled to sell albums to save his life all throughout his twelve-year recording career to date, it is quite revealing he would have the gall to blanket generalize who is buying records and who is not! ;)

    Let’s do the math: “Red River Blue” produced four #1 hits, of which the first two (“Honey Bee”, “God Gave Me You”) went Platinum or higher. Top that off with his vast name recognition via NBC’s “The Voice”, his Twitter escapades and a high-profiled marriage to Miranda Lambert, and finally all the arms he has effectively been able to wrangle in large part due to his power-marriage and his reality-TV stature.

    In spite of all that, “Red River Blue” failed to go Platinum in its active promotional cycle. NO Blake Shelton album has EVER went Platinum to date. Granted “Red River Blue” is at the 900,000 unit threshold according to SoundScan, but when you take all of the above into account……….that’s an abysmal at best, pathetic at worst conversion track record.

    Blake Shelton ought to keep his sour grapes to himself. And his turtle soup.

  • Blake doesn’t have a Hillbilly bone in his body……….he has maybe had a Hillbilly boner a time or two but we would have to confirm this with his wife ……..he’s the Jack Ass…………….

  • Is he forgetting that newer artists, including himself, are forced to rely on name-dropping these “grandpa” artists and their “grandpa” songs because they lack the ability to write a decent song? Then to throw all of them under the bus like that? Had it not been for older country music, most of today’s artists wouldn’t be where they are today. What a prick. By the way, I’ve seen this article around quite a bit, hopefully it gets much needed exposure.

  • man on blake sheldon FB page people are bashing him like crazy and putting up this article. Thanks triggerman for you REAL country activistism.

  • Who cares what he thinks – the bloke’s an arse! Just listen to his first few albums and count the traditional country references.

  • My Buck Owens and Don Rich come back from their graves and beat you with an ugly stick!

  • I’d love to see nothing more than Bob Wayne and Hank III beat his ass to the blaring sounds of Hank Thompson.

    • Lets be careful with the physical threats folks! I understand folks are mad and many times its sarcasm, but let’s remember its people first, them music.

  • I guess I’m a 45 year old fart who likes Cash ,Willie Waylan and the Hag I don’t buy none of the new Artist stuff except Jamey Johnson cause the new stuff sucks its like Pop I think Hank Williams Jr needs to take Blake on a one way hunting trip

  • I used to be a Blake Shelton fan………..not any more, If my Traditional Country Music makes me an “Old Fart” or a “Jackass”, then I guess I’m a Jackass Old Fart, ’cause that’s all I perform and all I record. And my fans wouldn’t have it any other way. Oh, by the way……..I’m a member of the TRADITIONAL COUNTRY HALL OF FAME. What hall of fame are YOU a member of, Blake?

  • He can kiss my GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • well if it wasnt for them old farts and jackass he may not have been in country music. as far as me i like the old country better then the new country so kiss this blake

  • In response to my local station taking Blake Shelton’s music off the air:

    I’m 43 and I absolutely love classic country music, so I guess I am an old fart jackass Georgia gal …. theres a song that comes to mind when I finished reading that article and reading some of the comments left by the Bear’s fans, a song some would consider classic cuz its over 25 yrs old, “Who’s gonna fill their shoes” by George Jones, one of country musics greatest legends… I remember listening to that song, wondering myself who will do it… country music has evolved so much since the days of Kitty, Patsy & Hank… Those that have passed on, no one can replace them or even pretend to be like them… simply put they are Legends from a time when Country Music was on top of the world… they have hits after hits under their belts that will play forever til the end of time … now days kids are listening to music that I would consider “trash”, why? Just not my style of music I reckon’… Classic country and classic rock is what I listen most on my radio.. I sure do miss nights where there was nothing but Classic country music played on the radio, the old Country Gold Saturday Night special… But as time goes by & everything changing around us all, I personally seek out stations that play the classics.. its what I prefer… Now, todays country music, well to put it in one word, sux… to me it sounds as though its too “pop” for my liking.. when I hear Taylor on the radio, I simply change the dial to something else.. I think she can’t decide if shes pop or country.. I care less what she is cuz I dont like her music and thats my right.. and its the listeners right to avoid stations who don’t play a certain someones music, i.e. Blake Shelton… I like some of his music true, but was upset at what he has said… I will get over it, no doubt, why? Cuz he is by FAR not one of the ones who will fill Hanks, George or Waylons shoes… not by a long shot… so Bear, you keep doing what you do, you play todays country & yesterdays country classics.. I’ll still listen, I’ll still be a fan of yours… its your station, you do what you want with it…

  • People are completely taking what Blake said out of context he is referring to Nashville music Row Big Shots not Traditional Country. Believe me if I thought he was in the least I would no longer be a fan because i’m a huge Classic Country fan Waylon Jennings is my all time favorite. But I know Blake Loves traditional Country and would never disrespect any of them. He has had Steve Warner and Mel Tillis at his fan club party’s and I know he loves Conway and Earl Thomas Conley is a favorite of his.
    I guess people are going to believe what they want but I know him and can guarantee you they are wrong if they think he is in any way putting down his hero’s.

    • Interesting spin maneuver, but I can’t in any way construe this as being correct.

    • Donna, while i appreciate your loyalty to someone whose music you love…in all due respect, i must disagree with your statement. no one who truly loves the country legends would ever speak in such a manner. I am speaking as a musician myself. Many of today’s artists play the game and talk the talk of loving Waylon, Cash, etc. but actually care more about demographics than showing reverence for true talent. i repeat, NO ONE who loves real country legends would ever speak with such disdain and arrogance on the subject.

    • “Donna January 24, 2013 at 7:27 am
      People are completely taking what Blake said out of context he is referring to Nashville music Row Big Shots not Traditional Country. Believe me if I thought he was in the least I would no longer be a fan because i’m a huge Classic Country fan Waylon Jennings is my all time favorite. But I know Blake Loves traditional Country and would never disrespect any of them. He has had Steve Warner and Mel Tillis at his fan club party’s and I know he loves Conway and Earl Thomas Conley is a favorite of his.
      I guess people are going to believe what they want but I know him and can guarantee you they are wrong if they think he is in any way putting down his hero’s.”


      THIS, with all due respect Donna and irregardless of your loyalty for the man, is B/S in my opinion.

      I watched the clip and I DISTINCTLY recall that HE said (not anyone else) the following:-

      “If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on. Country music has to evolve in order to survive. Nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!” Well that’s because you don’t buy records anymore, jackass. The kids do, and they don’t want to buy the music you were buying.”

      Now, Ma’am, that is pretty straight forward to a stupid old truck driver like me. Seems to me that he is disparaging of an old fart and jackass like me who spent a considerable amount of money JUST IN THE LAST 6 months ALONE. I probably buy MORE music now than ever because the only stuff I can access on the radio is rubbish that ummmmm your friend and his mates produce.

      In any case, it is obvious to me that Mister Sheldon doesn’t want my money, so I will not burden him with any of it.

    • No, nothing was taken wrong – he said what he said and I’m fed up with being categorized because of my age – heck I probably buy more records/cds or whatever you want to call them these days than most 19 year olds. It is insulting to me to be treated like I don’t matter anymore and that I don’t have likes and dislikes – that I have ceased to exist. Well let me tell you something – I exist and I know more about the legends than he will have time to learn in this life time. He called the fans those names and let me tell you – FB today has looked like the storm sandy – everyone is upset. I can say one thing for sure we’ll just have to see how much us old farts and jackasses account for when we stop.

    • This is for Donna: It looks like Mr. Shelton’s group has read the comments being made about him. There was complaint after complaint & then all of a sudden here come the ones taking up for him. that’s the same game politicians play before an election. I live in So. Illinois & listen to a wonderful station that is all classic on 97.7 in Carbondale, Il. Alll my radios are set on it & no one had better change it! By the way Blake, so long!

  • This is why i have SIRIUS radio…the freedom to choose

    • Yes, the internet and satellite radio are the salvation of Country, Bluegrass, and Cajun music. I love my Ipod and the time I spend listening on Itunes, Rhapsody, and Spotify. I don’t watch these egomaniacs on TV and I certainly don’t waste my money on any of their material.
      Although this ‘old’ jackass just spent way over one hundred dollars, on the latest Country Reunion CDs!!

      • Internet stations are a godsend for people who can’t stand commercial radio, or who tire of the same old formula over and over, be it new country, pop, rock.

        I gave up on listening to the radio years ago. I use Sirius, Internet stations and rely on websites like this, among others, to keep me enlightened to new and interesting stuff you’ll never hear of on major corporate radio.

        Can’t speak to Blake Shelton’s music. Not heard much of it, because he doesn’t come up in rotation on the Internet stations I listen to. The fact he’s a TV reality show personality of some kind (can’t even remember which one right off), is enough to give me pause on wanting to know anything more about him.

        The comments quoted in the story further strengthen my resolve to avoid his product. Just the attitude of calling classic country fans “old farts” and “jackasses” is enough for me to boycott anything to do with him. He clearly isn’t interested in preserving real country music. He’d rather have it evolve into something that he can sell to the masses, yet has no soul or connection to the past.

  • Another thing to think about, I think this points to the bigger cultural issue of keeping country alive & tied to roots. I can’t imagine an artist of any other genre saying something like this & being able to get away with it & sell records.

  • Blake Shelton has a new stage name…Blake Sellout.

  • Blake…love your music, you and your wifes stuff, but you are dead wrong my friend. If your “grandpa’s music” is only what “jackasses and old farts” want to hear, then tell me my friend, why did you cover one of the greatest Conway Twitty songs of all time? “Goodbye Time” was a smash in the early eighties and you recorded in in the new millineum and if I recall, I think I played it over and over and over when you released it. So what gives? Either you don’t want to hear it or you do.

    Had in not been for classic country, you’d be standing beside Justin Beiber and the Backstreet Boys getting you “Entertainer of the Year” award.

    You’re too good a guy to go and run your mouth and downgrade such a classic art form.

    Straighten up, boy…


    classic country lovin’ old fart grandpa

    • Classic country fan, that was well said. These guys win a few awards, it gets to their heads and they forget their roots, they forget where they came from and where Country Music got its start. They think they are better thn Hank Williams and Jim Reeves.They think the new stuff they call country is actually music and as someone pointed out 90% of the time you can’t understand the words due to the background instruments being so loud, if you want to know the words you have google the lyrics. They fail to realize if it weren’t for the Country Greats, they really would be standing there with guys like Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. If you listen closely to the stuff they call music today half of the lyrics contains swear words.

  • I’m one of those old farts that was playing real country music in the honky tonks in Tennessee when Shelton’s mama and daddy hadn’t even thought of getting married, much less raising a kid who would eventually turn out to be an idiot. I can honestly say I’ve never listened to one of Shelton’s songs all the way through, because after a few lines it’s plain he doesn’t have a hell of a lot of talent. He’s another cookie cutter so called “star” that has never paid any dues, got where he is by kissing the ass of the Nashville music machine, and wouldn’t recognize a true country song if it bit him on his nose. What I wonder is why he thinks his opinion means anything? He’s singing poetry, which ain’t the same as songs, and not even doing it all that well. Here’s the thing to judge him and the rest of his generation by. Wait 30 or 40 years and see if any of his songs are still be recorded. Not a chance. But, Hank Williams Sr died in 1953, and his songs are still being played and recorded. People are still singing Lefty, and Merle’s songs are pretty much eternal. Shelton and his buddies, on the other hand, are passing fads, just shallow farts fading away in the real country music wind.

  • I think they should have two different awards shows to accomadate the two different kinds of music they call country music as well as separate stations to play the real country music and the so called country music. Country music is one of a kind not all the production and crap that is out there today there is hardly a song that comes out that even sticks in my mind a month after its had its run. Real country music songs (Words) and instruments stay with you forever. How many out there will walk around and be singing hillbilly bone 20 years from now compared to your cheating heart or others that are timeless songs from timeless artists. The CMA is no better then to fall in with the hype and crap thats being billed as country music. (refer to Alan Jackson and George Straight) Murder on music row or killing real country music. So lets have a different label for all the crap there calling country music. it ain’t country and it ain’t rock so lets call it (CROCK) the croc awards or crock music, or hey tour on that new croc radio station, And I’d love to hear JUST REAL COUNTRY MUSIC AGAIN. So they can say here he is Blake Shelton the croc of shit winner again. How does that smell old boy….

  • What a Tool !!!

  • Kiss my old ass you moron, You wouldn’t know country music if it hit you right between the eyes

  • There’s no way I could read the entire comments section, so excuse me if I touch on something that has already been said.

    This article is pure goodness. I’ve been a harsh critic of your pop country coverage, but this is good fuel for the fire. Bashing fans never goes well, and hopefully people will turn off their pop country stations and look elsewhere for music. This could actually hurt pop country as a whole which is good for all of us who are advocates for better country music. It could actually start a change, but it could also just be an media hype stunt. Either way fuck that guy, and thanks for covering this.

  • It’s egotistical buffoons such as Blake Shelton that give Country music a bad name; it’s ludicrous when these poor saps begin to believe the hype used to promote their songs, because they don’t have the talent for the long haul. He’s not country, not pop, not rock and roll; simply a big, dumb, dressed up puppet and his days are numbered. The bigger they think they are the harder they fall.

    Three years from now he will be forgotten and I’ll still be listening to Merle Haggard, Mac Wiseman, Ray Price and Johnny Bush. By the way I never wasted a penny buying his CD or downloading his songs.

  • Hey Blake Shelton: Kiss my dog’s ass

  • I happen to like Blake Shelton. I also like the Rolling Stones and Maroon 5… but they aren’t Country! None of ‘em! Like the Possum said about “Today’s Country”; “They need to call it something else.” My best description is ‘sugary rock ‘n’ roll with a Southern drawl’. There’s never been anything wrong with real Country music, and we never needed anybody to “fix” it! So just do whatever you do Blake, but don’t you, your NYC/LA record company exec’s or sellout radio stations try to tell me what’s Country, I know better! BTW, from now on I won’t buy any more of your CD’s, I’ll just listen on youtube.com! Better go bandage that foot, son!

    • ‘sugary rock ‘n’ roll with a Southern drawl’.

      Replace “rock’n’roll” with “wuss rock” and I agree with you.

  • Blake said these derogatory things about potential fans, and yet, most all he sings are slow, ballad style old time classic style country music…… he’s like a dumb blonde… only he’s biting the hand that feeds him… maybe he should keep his mouth shut…it would keep him making $$$$$… Learn something Blake, if you ain’t got nuthin’ good to say, don’t say anything at all… especially when it’s toward any potential fan… the kids as you call them, where do you think they get the money from to come to your shows? You’re not an illegal drug that they rob and steal to get money for. So do you think you impress the parents of the kids, by drinking on stage, influencing their children to drink? Maybe you should be shunned from country music…you can be a redneck, but please, don’t be a stupid one!!

  • Wow are people maybe taking this new comment (this show aired in November 2012) a little too far? Is there really no new news to report. Ofcourse Blake respects older music and artist. He was commenting on the evolution of county and older artist and critcs constantly saying “It’s NOT country music”. Lady A, Taylor, Carrie and Blake (too Pop), Jason Aldean, Erich Church, Miranda (are too rock). As usual Blake didn’t make his point properly but that was what he has said in the past. I do find it intersting that it took months for people to report and get ANGRY at Blake.

    • I don’t give a flying pig’s ass when he said this. He is just a arrogant jerk who will never have the fame of the older artists. Let’s see in 10 years who buys his crap the records.

    • I agree in part about the timing, and this is one of the concerns I had before deciding to publish this article. From my understanding, the new version of Blake’s “Backstory” has aired once or twice already, but will be airing in February as well, meaning Blake’s comments are being aired on a program that is currently being broadcast in a steady rotation. In the end I’m not sure if it matters when he said it, just that he did. Clearly with this strong of a reaction, it is something that is relevant. And clearly if I or other had known about it before, would have published the information earlier.

    • Hillary, if Blake respected the music, artists and fans he wouldn’t have said that. I don’t care how “hillbilly dumb” some fans want to try and excuse it as him not being the most articulate, you don’t say what he said if you have half an ounce of respect.

      “He was commenting on the evolution of county and older artist and critcs constantly saying “It’s NOT country music”. Lady A, Taylor, Carrie and Blake (too Pop), Jason Aldean, Erich Church, Miranda (are too rock). ”

      That is a rediculoust comment. Don’t confuse “evolve” with “cashing in”.

      Waylon Jennings was way more “rock” to country at the time than Aldean or Church or Miranda are now. You think those 3 scare anyone the way Waylon’s sound did? Christ, Waylon’s mentor was Buddy Holly. Aldean and Church and Miranda give us B.S. lines that they were influenced by Hank Jr., Loretta…but that is garbage. If they were, they would know they aren’t “evolving” anything.
      Waylon evolved country… the 6 you named are cashing in.

  • If you were half the man as the old timers are and were you wouldn’t make a comment like that. Watch Country Family Reunion and learn what true country music artist are all about. I will make sure I never listen to anything you record Blake.

  • What a pompous arrogant Son of Bitch he is. Fame has gone to his over sized head.

    • Sure wish there was an edit button I also meant to add Blake is nothing more than just another candy ass pretty boy

  • my intuition is loudly telling me that this particular incident is going to have a bigger impact that people think. i don’t know why that may be but my feelings pretty strong. normally i would’ve probably laughed and not involved myself by posting about it about my page & his and just live & let live. maybe i’ll kick myself later, i don’t know. but i do feel it -there’s a strong change coming in the introduction of more authentic material in mainstream. yes- we independents & indie lovers can always search out the music we want, so why should that matter? well, maybe i don’t care much about having more than a roof and some eggs for breakfast, but some folks do want to make a living. and some artists deserve to be heard.

    • and..great article Trigger, thanks for what you do.

  • I hope Miranda Lambert dumps his Oklahoma ass. I here by finally declare Blake Shelton NOT COUNTRY!!!! If he can’t have respect for the classics he can go to hell. Or as Hank Williams Jr. said: “If you don’t like Hank Williams, you can kiss our ass!!!”

  • “If I am “Male Vocalist of the Year” that must mean that I’m one of those people now that gets to decide if it moves forward and if it moves on.”

    Where exactly did he come up with this notion? I’ve never heard any one that won this award say something like that??? Hell, Kenny Chesney broke down cause he has respect for the history and he knows he isn’t bigger than the sum of the parts.

    And “if it moves on” as if Blake decided, I’m done with “country music” (term used loosely) that Nashville and the Opry and TX country would just say “oh fuck, the Male vocalist has shut it down, we are done.”

    Thing is douche bag, all those kids, they’re going to grow up. Much like many of us are/have/did… and your popcorn music isn’t what we are drawn to. The classics, the timeless, the substance is what draws us in. And when my kids come around, you won’t be around, the next trend will fill their iPods.

    And lastly, most of the Male vocalists winner, have won it because they did their style of music. Whether you’re talking Waylon to Garth to Chesney, they did it with their style, drive and passion. You my friend do it because you are told by handlers. That takes no talent, no creativeness, no integirty, no love, no nothing. Souless, greedy, honeybee.

  • This so called Pop Country is nothing but jumping around on stage and no one can carry a tone nothing but screeming ! and thats not country and you can kiss my A##

  • Post from the great RAY PRICE who shared this article on his facebook musician page: ost from RAY PRICE on Blake Shelton…

    It’s a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a larger audience and to make it easier for the younger artists who are coming behind me. Every now and then some young artist will record a rock and roll type song , have a hit first time out with kids only. This is why you see stars come with a few hits only and then just fade away believing they are God’s answer to the world. This guy sounds like in his own mind that his head is so large no hat ever made will fit him. Stupidity Reigns Supreme!!!!!!! Ray Price (CHIEF “OLD FART” & JACKASS”) ” P.S. YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY AS US OLD-TIMERS. CHECK BACK IN 63 YEARS (THE YEAR 2075) AND LET US KNOW HOW YOUR NAME AND YOUR MUSIC WILL BE REMEMBERED. – Ray Price

    • Thanks for running this down Brigitte! I will post this up above.

    • … and in a shocking turn of events, Blake Shelton, with is idiot comments, has become the savior of country music.

      He may have woken up a monster. I’m not talking just Mr. Price, but all those sick of this bullshit music and fraudulant awards.

  • Wonder if this could end up being his ” Dixie Chicks” moment

  • I am so dissapointed. I actually didn’t mind Blake Shelton’s music, but I am disgusted by this remark. I’ve always enjoyed his wife’s music more anyways.

    I’ll be honest I haven’t figured out the use for records personally. I have a bunch of old classic country records that have been passed down but they only collect dust or I have them used as art on the wall. Can someone explain to me the purpose to keep these?

  • I’d say this quote was taken out of context…he’s responding to his records not being Country, but I’d say there’s also different styles of country these days. If you look at who Blake’s favorites are…Hank Williams, Brooks and Dunn, ect. you’ll see he’s not hating on the “honky tonk” or classic style, but just explaining that he thinks it’s okay for it to evolve in different areas…

    • Jenn,

      Anyone can see the quote in context in the video embedded in the story. I also purposely kept the most damaging element of the quote within the context of the further conversation in the story for this express reason. I understand that quotes can be taken out of context and not be fair to their intent. But I did everything that I could to make sure that was not the case with this story.

    • …or he was simply saying that he doesn’t care about respecting the music Hank or Brooks&Dunn (they strayed from country a bit, but still honky tonkers) layed the road for and he will just make music for money…sell it to the kids.

      Who started the trend of rather than say “cashing in” you’re going to call it “evolve”. Good PR to skirt around that.

  • Blake Shelton is a bad joke! If this is the future of country music, this music is toast. This egotistical jerk should just get a job. I can sing better than him. Who does he think he is? I can’t think of ONE Blake Shelton song. The CMA had better deal with this narcissist or they will deal with the fans later.

  • Mr Sheldon says that his tattoo keeps him grounded. I suggest he should look at it a whole lot more than he does in that case!

    Mr Sheldon is quite correct – I have not and WILL not buy any of his CD’s or recordings, and I am a very unimportant person in his world! You see, I am NOT one of his peers and I am NOT one of his fans ….. (and I wouldn’t say this normally) but THIS JACKASS spent a little over $5,000 in the last 6 months via sources like Itunes and CDbaby and the like on BUYING what I consider to be COUNTRY music. In that time I have STOLEN no music (ie illegal downloads) although I will admit that a couple of people (who shall remain nameless) have gifted me some of their music – for which I am both grateful and honoured.

    Mr Sheldon may be surprised to know that I am not alone! In fact there are many, MANY JACKASSES out here that BUY music and DON’T STEAL it …….. but we are more likely to be in MY JACKASS, OLD FART age group than in HIS target age group.

    I also have spent a tidy sum on what I consider to be POP music …. however Mr. Sheldon didn’t fit my preferred choice there … and if he MIGHT have previously, he has guaranteed that I certainly will NOT be purchasing anything of his in the future.

    Mind you, I am just a jackass, so who cares?

    Yeah. I am extremely UNIMPORTANT – I am just a BUYER. We don’t count, huh.

    Oh! I thought a bit further …… I wonder if Mister Sheldon remembers these names …. Hank Williams Snr, John R Cash, Waylon Jennings, Tex Ritter (the list is too long to continue) ……. I bet he does! I wonder if ANYONE will recall a Mister Sheldon in less than 10 years from now! I doubt it.

    Mister Sheldon – old farts who are jackasses know that it takes years and years and years ti build a lasting reputation (not just a couple of awards) and ONE STATEMENT TO TARNISH IT FOREVER. I guess you opted for the latter, huh?

    Lord, I pray that Waylon’s Goin’ Down Rockin’ scoops every pool this year!

  • Hey Ya’ll, I have been sort of waiting for ol Blake to show his Asssss! It looks like ol Blake, is very ungrateful for the sucsess he has received! I have made a living playing music for longer than ol Blake has been alive, I think Blake(the lord of country music)Shelton, needs to humble up a little bit! Country music needs to thank God for George Straight and Allen Jackson, acts that don’t mind keepin it Country! I think Blake would love to have their record sales! Bye the way, Blake’s grand ol Christmas show was sort of Lame, ” Grow a little class, why don’t ya!” Adios, DB.

    • David,
      I like your point, but I see this a lot and wonder, how can someone trumpet they are fans of various artists and music and not have a clue how to spell their name? Maybe you are on a smartphone with not so smart auto-correct. Been there… but,

      George Straight? It is Strait
      Allen Jackson? It is Alan

      I’ve seen this with others too, Sheldon??? Williams, Jamie??? Johnson. but they always seem to get the pop country singer’s name right????

  • His facebook page has been disabled and all the comments posted have either been deleted or hidden

  • Im 41 and can say without a doubt I have never heard a Blake Shelton song , not sure hank would of did it that way but keep up the good work =)

  • Pick up the tempo, Judge Blake. The ’60’s I’M SO DIZZY beat from Tommy Roe ain’t cutting it anymore. Nashville corporate country has been slinging this dead, half-assed rap groove at us so long the stinch makes music city smell like a ghetto in Yemeni. As you travel in comfort across the highways of Country Music America, don’t ever forget those roads were paved by the blood, sweat, and tears of genuinely talented COUNTRY MUSIC STARS… son !

  • […] and work in the music industry, you can either read Ashley’s hilarious recaps of Nashville, or you can read this article about Blake Shelton and just imagine a million douchy meetings where people sit around and say this same thing […]

  • I buy records!! In fact I still buy vinyl. I buy the cd’s or MP3’s of under-appreciated artists carrying the classic country torch like Dale Watson and Jesse Dayton, Wayne Hancock, Rosie Flores and Marti Brom. Then I play them on the radio so others can hear them.

    I just don’t buy HIS records. Because his music is not Country.

    ~ Aly Star

  • Trigger, you may have just accomplished your mission.

    • Ha! We’ll see… Blake’s honesty just made it a lot easier.

  • Who the hell is Blake Shelton,never heard of him.I do know if he’s entertainer of the year he’s not significant.If it’s on the radio,I don’t listen..country music is no longer significant.If you want to hear new Real country listen to Santa Fe’s Anthony Leon and the Chain,that is the future of country.Remember you heard it first here…

  • http://youtu.be/mf_LdPxKkoE I read this article Trigger Man and it inspired me to write this song. Hope you like it!

  • Shelton seems to forget where his makings come from. Had it not been for “Ole Red” originally cut by George Jones but masked as being too country until Fake Shelton released his impersonation of Jones, I seriously doubt we’d be troubled with his presence. And I am an old fartin’ Okie too!

  • […] shit seems to be going down over on Saving Country Music today. I haven’t had a chance to read it ALL yet, so don’t get me to lying…but it […]

  • So the Opry will kick him out now,…right?

    • No they won’t. Look at most of the new Opry members. Not to many do traditional like what the Opry was built on. I used to listen to the Opry but not much anymore.

    • This.

      In sports athletes and teams get stripped of titles and prizes, same thing should happen here.

  • Ray Price quote is priceless!! (no pun intended) I am one of those people that thinks my granddads music was some of the greatest music ever made. True country music artist have always shown respect and gratitude towards the ones that came before them. Just goes to show this guy ain’t making country music just homogenized pop crap.

  • Whew! Apparently there are still one or two people out there that have a biiiiit of passion for traditional country music…

    Almost brings a tear to my eye!

  • Now there’s a career killing mistake. He’s a very average bar singer I always wondered what Miranda Lambert was thinking. This is like when John Lennon said “we are bigger than Jesus.” Everybody burn your Blake Shelton cds. Fuck him.

  • The thing that fascinates me most about this article is that someone , somehow trainded a piece of shit to make public statements . He’s “Exhibit A” of what it means to be a follower . Oh , and go get ‘em , Mr. Price !

  • Now I know why I never bought any of your CD’s …. You’re not COUNTRY……….

  • […] the Saving Country Music article here and join their lively […]

    • Blake, I have always likes your music way back when you first started and still like you. Love you on the Voice. I have one question to ask you were you drunk when you made these statements? Blake you know as well as I do you are going to be a ole fart and a jack ass as you get older .So now sober yourself up and make a public TV statement that you are wrong. The music is not country at all. All they do is see how loud they can scream and noit even in tune withe the music. Sober up and listen to it now. You know what the True classic and Traditional music is all about. It is what has put YOU where you are today. Get on your knees and pray about it. I sure am praying that you will put the whiskey bottle down and indulge your self in the Bible just as much. God Loves you and so do I. God Bless you and Mirandia.

  • Glad I was never a FAN of Blake or his wife!!!!

  • Go use your auto-tune and pretend your a legend in your own mind Shelton.

  • Blake, dude you just lost yet another fan, and the cd’s I do have of your’s are fixing to be traded off at the Hastngs store right across from here and if it weren’t for the old farts as you call them, you’d never had a shot. you un-greatful asshole. You don’t deserve to be called entertainer of the yr. but instead a dumbass just like all the rest of today’s country music jokes

  • What a stupid remark.. he has let his mouth overload his a…the same thing the Dixie Chicks did.where are they now?He could not carry the great country Artist like The Hag, Price, Cash,Jones,Williams,James, Gill, ,and Brooks underwear must less their guitar.

  • what a kook! I’m 43 and can’t stand modern country music. Our last classic country station went under and I’m back to Pandora and my CD collection. Blake can continue his rock n roll fantasy, I’ll stick to the standards.

  • What a bunch of over-sensitive pompous bat-turds ( cant say bastards). And the real truth is that Blake is right! The old timers aren’t the ones “buying” the music. If they are buying they are buying from the $2 cd barrel on the center aisle- you know , the one that is near the front door, the one that they hope all the dregs try to steal from as they walk out the store. Its actually one step away from being tossed into the dumpster.
    And why bring this up now? Do a little research and find out when Blake said this and to what he was responding to-

    • The research was given right in this article: a 14-minute video where everyone can see the context. Again, instead of telling us how it was taken out of context, please re-create this context so we can understand how we should take the quote differently.

  • I’m 28 years old and I guess I’m an old fart. I don’t listen to any pop country because it doesn’t have any soul. The thing about classic country or even more modern country that adheres to its roots while still progressing musically is that it has soul it speaks to you. That is what music is supposed to do, it is suppose to speak to you, it is supposed to have a meaning to both the writer/musician and to the listener. If someone is just making music for the soul purpose of making money it fails to be true music and it just becomes a commodity to be bought and sold not something that can cherished for generations. Real music that speaks to you will be shared not only amongst your peers but to future generations and that is the difference between what guys like Hank,Cash, and Waylon made and the garbage that guys like Blake put out.

  • Back off…..You have taken what he said completely out of context. He dont like the old country and I’m pretty damn sure he’s talking about the tear jerking country from the 40s and 50s you bunch of whiny dumbasses. How many of you if had a choice to go see and pay for music from the 40s,50s and 60s country music. Not many of you, if you did everybody would still be singing and playing it. The people buying tickets and cds are the younger generation that likes whats on the radio and the 80s 90s country outlaw music. They are not asking for the old country, I know!.

    • It is impossible to take it out of context when it was posted with a video of it in full context. What context are we missing that will make the quote mean something completely different than most of these people believe?

    • I would drop as much as it would take to go see people like Ray Price, lefty frizzell, George Jones, Roy Acuff, Haggard, Hank Williams, Cash, Buck Owens, etc. So, yeah if I had the choice I would simply ask how much?

    • You are missing the point. This isn’t about whether or not the older music is or is not still selling, or if that is or is not what younger generations are still listening to.

      It is about Shelton being disrespectful to those who came before him, to the older execs who built the industry which gave him a career, and to the people who invited him into the Opry.

      • I agree with your statement completely. My Grandmother lived and worked in Nashville during the Patsy, Kitty, Tammy, Johnny, Ray Price, etc., etc., etc., years and those artists worked damn hard to pave the way for Blake and this generation of artists. They appeared in high school gymnasiums, fairs, festivals and hard to get to places that artists today would never travel to put on a show. RESPECT is the key word here. I have never been a fan of Blake nor Miranda. I don’t think I have ever seen an interview with either of them where they did not talk about drinking or cursing. I think the awards (some undeserved in my opinion) went to their heads and they think they can say anything now. They come across cheap, annoying and obnoxious. But this statement from Blake is rude and ungrateful for the country industry boosting his career. I am still one of those old farts that purchase albums and I like some of today’s artists and all of the classics.

    • Dude, I would drop some serious coin to go back and see Hank Williams, George Jones, or Johnny Cash in their prime.

    • I’d pay any day to go see country music from the 20’s on I wouldn’t and don’t spend a dime on what NashVile puts out

    • oldhabits
      Do you think country music got it’s start in 40’s 50’s or 60s? It got it’s start in the 20’s with Jimmie Rodgers, the Carter family and other string bands. and Yes I would pay money to go see people sing it

  • The only jacka$$ here is Shelton himself. What a fool. Who does he think he is?? I have some advice for him…GET OVER YOURSELF!! You’ve just lost a lot of fans, including me.

  • Read most of these comments,most of them made sense. been married for 31 years, and both myself and my wife listen to Country. It has evolved long before BS(as his fans call him-how refreshing)so much that I enjoy paying for Siruis radio to hear the real Country music. Thank God for choices..and Willie’s Sirius channel!

  • Fuck BS and the limo he rode in on.

  • He’s on the same level as rascal flatts, love and theft, hunter Hayes, and all the rest of those proclaimed country artist. They show up on stage wearing v-necks and converses. Their bands dress up like they are in a punk rock band. Even Tim McGraw should not be considered country with the song “truck yeah”, How embarrassing. I could go on and on about this pop country sh#%.

    Hank3 Waylon Jennings, George jones, Hank sr, Conway twitty, Merle, Willie, cash Loretta, buck Owens, David Allen Coe , Dwight yoakem.

    Suck it Blake

  • 27 yr old, Classic Country fan. Took me until later in life to end up loving the music because country radio had taken a turn for the worse in the 90’s when i was growing up.It was a Waylon Jennings record about 10 years ago that opened the flood gates into country music. That brought me to this site, which highlights new bands keeping with tradition and still doing something new and interesting…. Also I buy all my music.

  • This guy is a complete dumbass!

  • Blake,Miranda,Taylor and the rest of the pile of autotuned talentless “Stars”
    should collect their big time Nashville producers and “Hit the road Jack”
    If we could put this batch of this years star of the hour in 1964,they would be laughed back out to the corner on Broadway buskin for change$ and delivering pizza.

  • One again an opinion has caused a huge can of worms to be opened, and hate to be the result. I am 46, grew up listening to “Classic Country” that my parents listened to. I played drums in a cover band for10 years staring in the early 80’s. I have been involved in radio for the last 15 years and have seen the changes in country music both in sales and promotion. I lost interest in the pop sounding country 8 years ago when we purchased a small market radio station, and have programed the station with “Texas Country” all singer songwriters from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The format is fresh, real, and expanding into new markets. The country radio from Nashville seems to be confused and lacking direction. Most of the songs come out of a song writers pool and are purchased by artists. The main question is, are song styles determined by sales, or record/radio executives, or are they listener driven by radio station numbers. The politics behind promotion of a particular artist, make or break them. The Dixie Chicks made a political comment that caused stations to pull them from rotation, Blake’s comments may have simular results… This is unreal, more drama and negative reports. Tune in to Texas Radio and see what you think. And feel free to voice your opinion, it’s sad that Blake is being screwed over for his, right or wrong he is caught up in the “media web”

    • I agree Steve, it is unfortunate that all this negativity has come about. It would be my hope that something good could result from all of this, and that should be the approach of all of us moving forward.

      • https://twitter.com/blakeshelton
        Blake has responded, scroll down & read up!
        Your statement that the Blake Shelton Facebook closed down is untrue.
        There is only one WBR Blake Shelton Facebook

      • I just think there’s a lot of people out there, that are missing real country music and real artists, and now THEY FINALLY GOT A REASON TO SAY SOMETHING!!!

    • I agree all the negativity is unfortunate. I think we must try to take this situation and make it into a positive one. I don;t think this has risen to the point of The Dixie Chicks yet, by any means.

      • This could easily turn into a Dixie Chicks type of situation. Remember, the Natalie Maines quote in London was originally circulated by the conservative blog Free Republic, from which it rapidly blew up. The same could happen here. Already, Fox News and the Examiner have picked up on this article.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Steve! I’m 24 and listen to classic country, Texas radio, and red dirt. And yes, I buy physical CDs as well as digital formats, but I don’t steal! You’re right that country radio is lacking direction. Lyrics are shallow and written in haste with dollar signs in their eyes. I read in an article that there are a lot of mainstream artists who are partially “writing” with well known songwriters just to get a piece of the pie.

      • Artists co-writing songs to get a piece of the pie is not a new practice. It’s existed since the beginning the music industry. What has changed is the quality of the writing, and not for the better.

  • without those old farts you wuld not have a job from where i am from you dont bite the hands that feed you …..js

  • I’m 54 years old and I am not an OLD FART, you asshole Blake Shelton…that’s right..your initals say it all…BS…and you are full of BullShit!!

  • Ive only got three words to say about this BILLY JOE SHAVER!!!!!!!

  • Im in my early 40’s and I love classic country alot more than the music that is out there today. Sure I like some of the current singers but classic sounds more country and less pop.

  • I’ve been a Country Music artist for 35 years now.. Let’s see, Blake was one year old when I started honky tonkin’. The industry is suffering with all these newly manufactured artists that rode into town with pretty eyes and a fat wallet backing them. I know how it works. I’ve worked in and out of Nashville since the 80’s. They all have their hands out looking to skin you like a Country Squirrel. They’ll make you a star…. if you have the Cash backing you up. Gone are the days where you actually had to have talent to be successful in the biz. Reality shows like IDOL & THE VOICE are ruining Country music, or at least contributing to it’s decline. Every 15-20 year old snotty nosed kid who thinks they can sing (or have been told they can by family) is running to these auditions and progressing in the show by getting their friends to vote for them and what’s it take…. ???? not talent, just be pretty. Boy or girl, it don’t matter. Blake, like others has let his success go straight to his head. I agree with an earlier post I read that he couldn’t hold Merle’s underwear..The fact is though, he’s making someone a bunch of money! I’m a firm believer that he wouldn’t be having the success he is right now if he weren’t married to Miranda. I remember when Blake came out… He actually sounded Country.. Not anymore though. There’s a place for all types of music. Let there be a market for the Blake’s and the Taylor’s and the Jason Aldeans… Just don’t call it COUNTRY MUSIC…. IT’S NOT!!! Just because Toby Keith records a song with Willie (because Willie’s cool) doesn’t make him all that.. It makes him lucky Willie gave him the time of Day. Much like someone said earlier. (RAY PRICE), Let’s see what kind of mark ol’ BLAKE has left on the American landscape musically when he’s an OLD FART!!! I’m 49 years old. I won’t download a song. I want the record…That’s where the GREAT SONGS are always buried, deep in an album. Remember THE BLUES MAN?? or DINASOUR??? Hank Jr. Classics that were never hits… Just goes to show you what a Record label knows about picking a HIT!!! I’ll continue performing and traveling with my band doing all we know how to do.. Play real COUNTRY MUSIC… with Steel guitar, Telecasters, and fiddles. You’re not likely to hear anything come from our stage that comes remotely close to NEW COUNTRY.. I choose to rebel!!!!! THEY CALL ME AN OUTLAW for that!!!!

  • .. that awkard moment when you offend not just an entire fanbase of a music genre, but multiple generations of fans of said genre…


    Since we’re on this topic.. I think that it’s no coincidence that both Conway and Johnny Cash passed away before the likes of “hillbilly bone” came out, claiming to be “country”… it was God’s mercy. ;) I’m just sayin’.

  • He makes it sound like just because I don’t buy the music, it’s not country. If I had the money, I could buy whatever I want. I just can’t AFFORD to buy George Strait or Loretta Lynn’s entire library of music. I don’t steal it, though. I listen to it on the internet until I can afford it.

    I used to love Blake. I was around 7 when he first hit the scene and was gonna marry him. I even became a BSer (fan club) later on and met him. When “Hillbilly Bone” came out, I lost a lot of interest.

    Ever since he and Miranda (I love most of her music) got married, both of their egos seem to have outweighed their self respect.

    As a 19 year old, I will be seeing my personal favorite, George Strait, from the second row, in April. I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR that ticket.

    Blake, you’re old enough to be my daddy. I’M A KID compared to you. I’M NOT SPENDING $115.50 to see YOU from the second row. Get back to recording and releasing good songs, please. I know you still have talent in there somewhere.

  • I think an independent country group should release an album titled “Old Farts and Jackasses” as an ironic jab at Blake Shelton.

  • What a butthole. I may be an old fart, just a few years older than him, but I got good taste in music. They can call it country all they like, that doesn’t mean it really is. No more than slapping lipstick on a pig makes it a lady. And just for his information I have more “old fart” country music on my iTunes than I do today’s. and none of the new stuff belongs to him!!:)

  • Blake before you start lecturing folks about this and that, maybe you should get some smarts. Bobby Braddock tried to tell you “I wanna talk about me” was hit, you wouldn’t listen he made a lot off it. Your label said cut your hair dump cowboy hat and dump Bobby Braddock…how many hits you had since listened to suits.

    BTW be a M-A-N, you cheated on your wife with Miranda, classy move on your part…guess is part of your self-deluded wisdom…that anyone respects crap like you.

  • He found himself while idolizing Rascal Flatts.

    Nuff said.

  • First time I ever felt compelled to comment on one of these things. Mr. Shelton should keep such opinions to himself, otherwise it is interpreted as being right up there with KK – trying to get some further publicity – which it is obviously doing. Me, yeah, I’m one of those old farts who has been trying to make my mark in TRADITIONAL country music for over 50 years. My idol and mentor was the great Ernest Tubb who was kind enough to take me on one of his LP’s and let me record my first song – and hey, I guess that wasn’t too bad, cause even Ringo Starr dug my recording and spread my name around quite a lot. By the way, Ringo also did a great Classic Country LP, probably before Mr. Shelton was even born. After many recorded projects, my old recording is still working for me after all these years. In fact, I just finished a new CD production as a tribute to Mr. Tubb – and PROUD OF IT. Sometimes, it is better for people like Mr. Shelton to keep their hurtful opinions to themselves. God Bless Ernest Tubb, Ray Price – and eveyone of those great country singers who gave and continue to give their all.

  • Hey, folks. I don’t know about the rest of the country but down here in Dallas the gay community is listening to traditional country. We had my wife’s family Thanksgiving at her gay niece and partners’ new home. After the football games, we were hanging out by the pool and our niece wanted to turn on some music. Much to my surprise, the next voice I heard was that of George Strait, then Willie, then Randy Travis. Not radio, this was a CD they had burned. A few of their gay friends showed up and they all knew the words to every song that played. Don’t know if this is the case anywhere else but they acted like I was way out of touch not knowing about this.

  • I’m sure his handlers are chugging Maalox by the gallon right now.

  • I take this personally and I am very disappointed in Blake. I think he’s about to find out just how disapponted and hurt alot of his fans are…..and he can thank himself when he realizes that!

  • 1. Old fart? Excuse me, but you covered George Jones’ “Old Red” which put him on the map? Boy, that song made you and it’s sad that you have turned your back on the music that originally put your ass where you are at today. Call the Possum, Johnny, Waylon, or Paycheck a jackass or old fart and you will get his ass kicked.

    2. There is a reason why I don’t watch the Voice. I don’t value your opinion and never will after the remarks you made. I have never bought one of your records
    and I don’t ever plan on it.

    3. Thankful that the good Lord gave me enough sense not to play your music on my radio program.

    4. I will never play any of your music in the honky tonk I DJ at.

    5 Asshole!

  • Just plain disrespectful Blake! Let’s see, you’ve been in the country music “scene” about 12 years….so, figure in a nother 12, you won’t matter. After all this crap you spewed, not even that long. May you go bankrupt, and worse, may your ego be shoved……up your disrespectful (enter noun here)

  • That’s right, older folks do not buy a lot of physical CD’s, no one does. They do however buy a few downloads where everyone else buys a ton of downloads. Being an artist singer songwriter myself and having my stuff all over everywhere from Pandora/iTunes/Spotify/Rhapsody/Amazon/Yahoo and everywhere else music is played and sold I can tell you Blake Shelton has a bad attitude. I release everything I write and it’s played on the top 40 net stations but in the same respect I still have all the respect in the world for those folks that started Country Music in Nashville back when it actually took TALENT to get somewhere. Take away the extensive vocal tuning and all the media outlets available today and people like Blake Shelton/Taylor Swift & Kenny Chesney couldn’t buy a job in music period. Unless of course it was sweeping the floors or taking out the trash in a McDonald’s somewhere……….

  • I love traditional country old and new. Blake should go down to Robert’s or Tootsie’s on Broadway in Nashville on a busy night and have a look at all the young faces in the crowd. What people like Mr. Shelton don’t understand is, it’s not about hanging onto the old. It’s about maintaining a certain “integrity” in the music no matter which direction it evolves, and not simply grabbing onto a formula and selling whatever the “kids,” as he calls them, want. It seems from his comments that he’s not into creating music, he’s merely cranking out the flavor of the day and catering to his fans to make large sums of money. Maybe there’s a nugget of an answer to the “sales” problem in his comment that “old farts” aren’t buying music anymore. They might if they had some music to buy. Too bad. He’s got a great voice, and a great sense of humor. I don’t care for his songs, but I like his singing. As Craig Ferguson says, “I look forward to your letters.”

  • Blake Shelton has released a half-apology on Twitter:

    “I apologize to Mr. Price and any other heroes of mine that it may offended.”

  • get over yourself Blake. I agree with Ray Price….is 63 years, will anyone remember your name? Don’t think so.

  • Blake Shelton’s Twitter banter is NOT helping his career right now, to put it mildly. He has apparently forgotten the principle of “When you’re in a hole, quit digging”.

  • I am very disappointed with Blake’s comments. I grew up listening to the great artists Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash and the list goes on and on. I enjoy listening to today’s artists of country music, Rascal Flatts, Brooks and Dunn, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and so on but you can bet I won’t be listening to Blake Shelton any longer! Just going to sit back and watch the Karma go to work.

  • I’m 60 (so I guess Blake would consider me an “old fart”, maybe even a “jackass”), and I like almost all genres of music from the 50’s forward, especially 80’s pop/rock. I’m also a musician and sing high tenor in a classic country/southern gospel band. Every weekend in the very rural area where I live you’ll find 100’s of “old farts” getting out on the dance floor to the classics. I’m talking about 80+ year old people, folks. They buy CD’s when they can find them. And don’t be fooled, they know how to shop online and they do a lot of it. They don’t listen to the radio because they can only hear the classics live. I play with several Country Music Hall of Famers. Some of them were on the Grand Ole Opry back in the 50’s and 60’s. Some were on television. One, 87 years young and still the showman, has his picture on the wall at Tootsie’s.

    Yes, there are some hard-liners out there who will only consider a certain time period as “real country”, but many of us Baby Boomers like a variety of country artists representing different styles. These “new” songs are looked down upon by older country fans because they are too “pop” or just plain incoherent as a genre and as a song. Classic country music has a clean sound, a message that touches people’s lives, and a simple structure. People like that. They like to sing along. Most songs you only have to play an intro and everybody knows the name of the song. Can’t say that about too many new country songs. Most of them are nothing if not forgettable. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of new country, too, I’m just telling you what old people, and a lot of younger people judging by the comments), think and why.

    Blake may not know it but it was “old farts” who came up with the Nashville Formula. He probably wouldn’t recognize a stack if he saw one either. I would prefer to add in some newer songs at our shows for more variety, but I love the people I sing for —- some are in nursing homes —- and it’s wonderful to see their faces when they hear their favorite songs from their own youth. Blake, be careful how you hate on old people because you’re going to be one some day. Will you be able to keep up? One thing for sure is that your generic songs won’t be considered “classic” in any decade, not even this one.

  • Thank God for Hank Williams and George Jones and Merle Haggard and Bluegrass. I don’t even listen to modern “country” music anymore.

  • He’s a tool. nothing more than a mediocre singer propped up by production and a great marketing machine.

    Since he seems to stand by his words so staunchly, I’d like to invite him to come on down to Lower Broadway. Come down to Laylas and start spoutin off. Ask your buddy John Rich how that worked out for him.

  • Robert Allen Moore
    2 hours ago
    I want to put my two cents worth in on the Blake Shelton comments. I think Blake as well as a lot of the newer so-called country music stars are caught up in the commercial end of the industry, money and fame, and such and fail to see what made the country music that all of us old farts and jackasses fall in love with it. The feeling and messages that touch the lives of people in a way that, only the heartfelt songs of traditional country music can do without all of the screaming of guitars and headbanging beat of dance music can do, although it does have its place its just not the same place as our kind of music has in our hearts. When a star like Mr. Shelton makes a comment such as he did he is misguided because of the ego trip that a lot of these so call country music stars have. Yes the younger people like the heavy guitars and screaming fast beat that’s so often played on today’s country radio but its is just that hot pop music and in my opinion has no heart! With that said I have to say although I’m not a fan of this music it does not mean that they are not good at their craft because they wouldn’t have the limited success that they do. But you have to look at the careers of the great ones like Ray Price, George Jones, and all of the other great ones to realize that its us old farts and jackasses that make country music what it is!

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • Blake Shelton ‏@blakeshelton

    “@claycun: Send Ray some sandals with note.” Alongwith the $100 I’ve spent on his music. Even went to his concert 2 years ago in Durant Ok.


    Ha! ;)

  • Give Blake a break he is fresh from sucking ass in Hollywood. He will be back when he realizes what stands the test of time. Traditional Country will be around, Blake, probably not.

  • Y’all are right, I don’t buy “records” anymore! I buy CD’s !! I’m an old fart if that’s what you want to call me, but I’m not a jackass like Shelton is. I like all country music, except Blake Shelton! He will be an old fart in not so long from now too. Hope I’m still here to laugh in his face! Hoping Johnny Paycheck, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and a few more go beat the crap out of him!! Little Jimmy is old and he keeps country music strong! Blake Shelton will never be remembered like Johnny Cash, Porter Wagner, Ray Price and all the others of Old Country!!! Your a disgrace to your fellow artists Blake Shelton!!

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • Hey, Blake! Those kids who buy your music will forget you as soon as the next big thing comes along. You’re nothing special.

  • So Blake now says:

    .. I meant every word I said. Country music is my life and it’s future AND past is important to me. I’ll put my Lo(v)e and respect and knowledge About it up against anybody out there… ANYBODY…

    Oh, please. Put it back in your pants, Blake.

    • Pants? More like $400 designer jeans! ;)

  • Also I invite Mr. Shelton to join us for a conversation if he wants to at http://www.clayscountry.com where I DJ a morning show weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm est Ours is a very small but fast growing internet country music station that caters to all old farts and Jackasses (just a point of humor) not meant as a insult! I have the utmost respect for anyone who becomes successful at their craft. I like to hear all sides of the conversation! But I will stand my ground when it comes to how today’s so called country music is labeled! See ya’ll on the radio!Robert Allen Moore!

  • […] Read more on the controversy, and the reaction from Ray Price. Yikes! […]

  • blake shelton is a fame whore celebutard. that’s all.

  • Guess what!! I am one of the people who like Classic country. I do NOT listen to you and probably won’t ever. Pay your dues and know your history. Ray Price is right on the money about what you said. I am not an old fart as I am a female with a Master’s Degree. Believe me not everyone agrees with you. Let’s hear it for Willie, Ray, Merle, etc. That is what I listen to. As far as I am concerned you do not sign country music!

  • Not sure if you keep record of number of comments on articles you post,this has to be in the top 10..

    • There’s a couple that have capped 300. This will probably set the record though.

  • This “semi-old fart” is dropping a bundle flying to FLA to see Willie and Merle together in concert. They are among the Gods of country music. A status Blake will never live to acheive.

  • Boy how quickly we forget our roots when we get a few bucks in our pocket. I will no longer partake in anything associated with this jerk wad. He’s in insult to all those who paved the way so his sorry ass could make a living. When the money boys in Nashville decide he’s not making them big bucks anymore he’ll be on the outside looking, like so many others before him. Then he’ll be looking for some old farts out there with money.

  • GREED is the reason for all the mainstream music bullcrap we’ve seen in the last two decades. Nashville has been hijacked by greedy record labels and executives who care nothing about country music before the Garth era and have brainwashed today’s young fans with corporate cookie-cutter fluff designed to make money. MONEY matters more than MUSIC today and that is why is stinks worse than a fresh turd in a toilet bowl. Blake and his fellow record company puppets could care less about the history or legacy of country music, so long as they are getting rich with the crap they sing that has nothing to do with the honesty and integrity of REAL country music. MODERN COUNTRY NEVER….REAL COUNTRY FOREVER!!

  • Just saw this come across Facebook from the great Dale Watson:

    “Gotta say in defence of Ray Price,

    Ray price is the best voice in country music period !!!! And some supremely Mediocrre voice like this fuck Blake Shelton should whince!” He id the Lance Armstrong of country music !! HYPE, Mr. Miranda Lambert!”


    • Love it! Thanks for the heads up!

  • Blake Shelton, never listened to any of your music, and now glad I haven’t. I really don’t know if you are any good or not, because in all honesty, the only country I like is the old classic stuff which you piss on. Let me tell you something, boy, you couldn’t carry any of the great one’s guitar picks. As far as “new country,” it’s wimpy and blueprinted to all sound the same. you’re a fucking punk, you and all the rest of your Nashville hacks. I take a dump that’s bigger than you.

  • Fuck you, BS your initials are fitting.

  • Ray Stevens – “I just heard Blake Shelton’s remarks about ‘old farts and jacka–es’ and all I want to know is how he found out the title to my next single because it’s been a closely guarded secret here at the ‘Home,’” he said with trademark humor. “It will be available on vinyl or 8-Track at your nearest Tower Records store.”

  • From Larry Gillis of Gillis Brothers
    Hello folks this is Larry Gillis. I aint a man to ever brag. But i have been in the music business for 32 years. So i think that ive got a little say so myself. Now im more than country i was born and raised in the swamps of South Georgia. Now im 50 years old and i dont know if im considered an old fart or not. But what i do know is that my children grandchildren and i love George Jones Merle Haggard Ray Price Hank Sr. And Hank Jr. And Jerry Clower. And i have talked to my children and grandchildren and we all agree that country music has evolved to the point it needs to. And we dont reckon that we want to listen to no some beech nor his non country mouth. Now im on my way to arizona to play a show for my fans and me and my children are sittin on the bus riding 75 MPH listening to George Jones Merle Haggard and Elvis Presley laughin our butts off at this evoluted some beech just put a boot in his own rear. Signed Dr. Swampgrass Gillis. Our sympathies Blake Shelton!!!

    • Thanks for sharing Luther!

  • Good for you Ray Price!!!! Now as for you Blake….you say that it’s the younger kids buying…yeah I’ll have to agree to some degree…but you are out of your frigging mind when you call yourself “Country”!! You might call yourself that, but you sure as hell aren’t anywhere near being Country! This Ole Fart will not listen to or buy anything of yours ever. I’ll go back to those younger ones buying…they are also the ones that
    are helping to ruin country music as we Ole Farts know it. They wouldn’t know “real” talent if you hit them up beside the head with it. Listen to the lyrics of Taylor Swifts song about “never never ever..or whatever crap it’s called, and tell me how much sense they make? You and others that do NOT do Country are just a bunch of jerks out to make a fast buck by putting out the bullshit that the youth wanna hear..whether it’s any good or not. I’ll take Ray Price..Gene Watson..Alan Jackson..George Jones..George Strait anyday over you or any others like you! I hope that radio stations are bombarded with people raising hell about your songs even being played now! From one Ole Fart to a Young Dumbass!

  • The thing is that most people who buy the pop country stuff aren’t even country fans. I’m 15 and people at my school will go on ITunes and buy Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, etc. and think they are hardcore country fans but would be bitching if they had to listen to any Old Hank, Merle or Loretta Lynn. I love classic country music as well as some of today’s country. But since country is becoming the new “in” thing the demands for the pop country stuff is super high. Country music has never been as popular as it is today. It may be “evolving” but into meaningless blah repetitive cookie cutter stuff with a rare gem once in awhile. Look at George Strait’s new song. It is countrier than most things on the radio but it still has pop elements to it. It sounds way different than his old stuff because the “times are different now.” I was in the car listening to the radio and that awful “Truck Yeah” song came on, I changed it to another one and “Don’t Take the Girl” was playing. Are older singers really being untrue to themselves for money and radio play? Is it their fault or the music industry’s? I know Tim isn’t the best example but it made me wonder what happened. I’m sure they’d love to release a real country song, but the record companies and all those other people probably tell them they can’t. Wasn’t Kellie Pickler’s new album (which I love) deemed “too country” by her record label? They took a shot on it and it didn’t do very well. They won’t make that mistake again. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Blake here, it’s not his fault. No he didn’t say it in the best way possible. I know there are many young classic country fans, myself included, who really do want to hear stuff like “our Grandpa’s music” on the radio. But it is the younger pop country obsessed, real country hating people who wouldn’t want to hear real country on the radio. They are the ones that have an impact on country music today, not the classic country fan. Blake’s not to blame here, if you’re looking to point a finger at someone it’s society and the big business men in Nashville, not the artists, I don’t think they have very much say anymore unfortunately. Is it fair to the artist who wants depth and meaning in their songs that they have to release a cookie cutter country song? No, but if you want to make it in the industry, it’s what you have to do. The music industry is about money, not music, it sucks!

    • Kay – it’s awesome to hear from someone who’s in high school and still likes real country music, thank you :) You’re right about the suits being part of the blame… but Blake Shelton chose to disparage Old Fart music rather than celebrate it, and that winds up driving the wedge in deeper between old & new country, for now at least.

  • Shelton’s comments just show that he’s a businessman, not a country musician. Any music style needs to evolve in order to not become a parody of itself. Country music, like the blues, became popular because it was the voice of the working people, and country music will have a future if it continues to serve this role and evolve as working people evolve. It won’t stay relevant if it’s run by businessmen who can’t relate to anything that hasn’t sold a million copies in the past year or who use their time in the spotlight to slam the people who built the very business that they’re taking advantage of.

  • I was talking to my Mother earlier and told her about this and her take I it was: “Blake shelton isn’t evolving Country music, he’s just infusing pop in to it.”

  • If the twitter TOY came on here he would have to bring his backers(that is his little teenage girls).A friend and I were having a disgusting about this Mr HOLLYWOOD-NASHVILLE the other day. She said he will take a fall one day..A big fall and we will hear very little from him. Please let this be it! He has remarked one told him he can say and get by with anything. Narvel Blackstock will with out doubt handle this or this smartass would be down and never be able to get up. I do wonder if he will be looking over his shoulder after all this.? I guess Miranda knew this was coming yesturday when she was telling his teen girls to never settle for anything but the amazing. Her husband was the greatest. He is the shortest 6’5 I’ve ever looked at. I would be very happy to have our station take his music and throw it in the river, altho he never writes his music so it would hurt him very little. He likes his tv attention. THANKS MR. RAY PRICE

  • if this hasn’t been posted yet, The BS (Blake Shelton) response


    “It wasn’t long before Blake responded via Twitter, saying:

    “Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement “Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music.” And probably some other things from that same interview on GAC Backstory. I hate that I upset him. The truth is my statement was and STILL is about how we as the new generation of country artists have to keep re-inventing country music to keep it popular. Just EXACTLY the way Mr. Price did along hid [sic] journey as a main stream country artist. Pushing the boundaries with his records. “For The Goodtimes” is a perfect example with the introduction of a bigger orchestrated sound in country music. It was new and awesome!!! I absolutely have no doubt I could have worded it better(as always ha!) and I apologize to Mr. Price and any other heroes of mine that it may offended. I meant every word I said. Country music is my life and it’s [sic] future AND past is important to me. I’ll put my [love] and respect and knowledge about it up against anybody out there. ANYBODY”

    • Got it up top, thanks Dirk!

  • “He is the Lance Armstrong of country music !! HYPE, Mr. Miranda Lambert!”

    OUCH! That will leave a mark!

  • Well the Jackass is on his way to growing into an Old Fart! The Young old country singer/songwriters are publishing thier own as Nashville just wants Mega one hit wonders anymore.The Brass in Nashville only cares about the BUCK! How many trips did Blake make across the US in a beat up ole truck playing for gas money to get to the next town? His comments are not far off as Nashville is about the buck and he is part of it!

  • LOL! We have all said things out of context! Gee whiz, Congratulations Blake & Miranda.. and yes Blake that’s is a aweful tattoo! :D

  • Larry C Johnson Larry C Johnson OH BOY, let me tell you something Mr Blake, and our (so call) young country singers today. our old classic country singers had there own style, When Ray Price sings, you don’t have to ask, who is that singing, when Jones sings, we know it is Jones, when the Hag sings, you know it is the Hag, Now I said all that to say this, I have not heard a real country voice in country music in over 20 years, and as for what they call this crap today, I give you my word, it is not country music, when I hear one of the new songs in country music today, I can not understand what they are saying, and the songs have know meaning, and most of the guys that are singing act like a girl( Hmmm) as for the girls, know one listens to them sing, they just look at what they don’t have on, and it was not talent that got them to the stage, it was there rich dad’s and grand dad’s money that put them there, and Nashville sold country music out. I know what I am talking about, because back in the 90’s Nashville told me, (no money, no honey) and that I was just to country for what they were doing today. So Blake, you need to thank God you had the money to get as far as you have got, because it was not your talent, And I won’t charge you at dime for (this info) (singer song writer Larry C Johnson, that is KOUNTRY to the bone, and proud of it……

  • Well Mr. Shelton, my grandpa was Conway Twitty and pretty sure I and a ton of people still enjoy listening to his “old country” music.

  • What a JERK…and a PUNK…and an IDIOT!

  • the auto-tune generation is awful. Ray Price has the biggest, smoothest voice in the entire music industry. At 87 he shows more class and has more talent than, .. well… anyone EVER! God bless the self proclaimed “chief old fart”.

    If you have heard of Blake Shelton but not Ray Price, Johnny Horton, Faron Young, et al, then you don’t have a clue what country music is!

  • Personally, I LOVE old style country and if I go to a store to buy a CD, it will be classic country. I admit that I listen to the new stuff and like some of it, but I won’t buy it because it gets ‘old’ (boring) too fast and then the CD would sit and collect dust. I like the classic stuff so much more that I still have all my LP’s, cassettes and yes even 8-tracks. The new stuff has too much of the screaming guitars and banging drums whereas I like the sounds of steel guitars and fiddles in there with the smooth guitar sounds. And I like songs that you can hear the words and can sing along to. I’m one of those ‘old farts & jackasses’ and proud to admit it.

  • When he brays for such a large audience, it’s pretty easy to see who’s the REAL jackass here.

  • If “old farts” are the only ones listening to traditional country, then who were all those kids at Muddy Roots digging on Dale Watson at Muddy Roots?

  • Little prissy Mr. Blake is incorrect. If REAL country is offered, folks will buy it. There’s no real alternative for a c&w fan these days, just the vanilla pasty corporate kids that pass for country. I’m pressing a vinyl 12″ lp this year, real c&w and rockabilly and yep, it won’t sell much, but hell, it’s my way to poke the establishment in the eye.

  • I think we are all listening to C.D.s today, not ‘records’ as Shelton calls them. Most of my Country Music friends and customers in the U.K. prefer traditional ‘Country’ and particularly Texas artists and musicians.

  • Hey Shelton, you’re a fu***** asshole. Take your new country and shove it up your redneck ass. You and the rest of you no-talent, modern pseudo-country singers need to start showing some respect for those who laid the groundwork for your success, as ill-deserved as it may be,

  • Blake was right… Music does need to evolve, including country. Problem is, Blake got the definitions of “evolve” and “sell-out” confused. There are tons of modern country artists who have evolved AND stayed traditional. Jamey Johnson. Kellie Pickler. The Turnpike Troubadours. Alan Jackson. Chris Young. George Strait. Zac Brown. Even Eric Church (its not twangy, but it ain’t bad either). Furthermore, some of my favorite music of 2012 was by “old farts”. Don Williams, Dwight Yoakam, and Marty Stuart had three of the best albums of the year, commercially and critically. I’m 25. I live for Waylon and Haggard. I really want to like Blake. I always have. I try to keep one foot in tradition and one in commercial because its all the country umbrella, but man pop country is getting harder and harder to defend. Remember when Garth was our biggest issue??? Now I want him back! I hoped The Voice would have been a great platform for Blake to get guys like Twitty and Jones some attention on mainstream, even if it was just suggesting their songs to his contestants. Nope. Blake has sold out, and its a damn shame. I like you Blake. Fix this. Quit being a puppet and stand up for real country! Sacrifice some record sales (since we “don’t buy records”) and gain some backbone. That’s how you can earn our trust back.

  • I may be jumping on my soap box here, but I am still enraged by this whole Blake Shelton business.
    I certainly respect the right to express your own opinions. However, when it becomes derogatory toward others, then I have a problem. Blake Shelton’s comments are both hurtful and thoughtless not only to the legends of Country Music, but to their fans as well.
    I have never seen another genre of music that shuns its roots to the extent of this. Rock legends such as the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan are heralded as heroes and have the utmost respect of the new generation. The same holds true for Jazz, Blues and R & B music. Why, in turn, do the modern (so called) Country artists continue to arrogantly dismiss the works of their Predecessors ?
    Any artist in Country Music today that has even a shred of traditional music in their sound are influenced in some way by the “old farts”. Do these people think they came up with that sound all on their own ? Do the honestly feel that they deserve credit for that ?
    As for people not buying the old Country Music, I beg to differ. Living in Michigan, I see our economy only kept alive by “old money”. These are people that made their living when one could still be made and save for their golden years, not spending it all on video games and i-pods ! These people still love to hear good music and will go see concerts by the artists from their generation who are still touring. On that note, I have personally witnessed a Ray Price concert at a casino here sell out within an hour of the tickets going on sale. I have seen Merle Haggard perform several times in the last couple years and every show was sold out. In addition, there have been a lot of younger fans coming to these concerts. In my band, we play Honky Tonk Country Music and will pack a house with young and old people. This past weekend, we did a show and had a group of about 10 people, all in their 20’s that came up and requested old Country songs.
    Why is this you may ask? Well I believe that it is partly due to the fact that most “Country” radio only plays the new stuff and plays it over and over again. You get tired of it real fast. The originality is gone and the music has been relegated to a passing fad. An artist today will not and does not maintain the staying power like the legends of yesterday. It’s all about how much money can be made quickly based on an image and marketing. Then when that runs its course, they move on to another. The music itself is catchy and noisy. It has no meaning and depth like the old songs. You will never hear some young couple 30 years from now saying “Listen to this Blake Shelton tune, it was our song” But you will still hear the old songs that mean something to people, much like they do today. You continue to see younger people “discovering” the old Country Music on the web through Youtube and I-Tunes just to name a couple. People will find the music they want to listen to every time. Real Country is not going anywhere folks! I think Blake Shelton needs to be reminded of that before he decides to cover another “old fart” Conway Twitty song and get a number one with it. He surely did not get the hit because he is Blake Shelton. He got it because of the song!! It was good when Twitty recorded it and it’s still good. Staying power from a song that has meaning. What a concept.
    See? You can learn from your elders. Better think twice before you bite the hand that feeds you.


  • I hate that he thinks we need to reinvent country music. you don’t reinvent the wheel do you? every artist deserves a chance to do country music their way but not at the cost of genre. Ray Price did it his way, Waylon did it his way, and damnit I’ll do it mine but not by forgetting what got us there. “the heart of country music still beats in luke the drifter, you can tell it when he sang I saw the light.” we all either sing like Hank or Lefty. all of us real singers. or at least we try to but this new breed seems to be looking for a Micheal Jackson influence. nothing really wrong with that unless you are trying to be a country singer. glad to see so many chiming in on this subject. just proves to me that us old farts and jackasses will not be counted out. long live country music and screw that some beach.

  • Fuck Blake Shelton….This 55 yo loves country music…real country music…I don’t want to hear some twit rapping…i don’t want t hear how country you b think you are…I don’t want to hear a teenager sing about what they think love is…I don’t want to hear anything written for 8th grade educated divorced housewives. You want to rock? Sing something coming out of Austin these days. I’m not against outlaws….I’m against milk toast vanilla pop country written for kids. Make a real country song…..in a few years, they will get it and they will like it….

  • I am a soon to be 60 year “old fart” that never listened to Grandpa’s music. I chose my own music based on what I liked on the radio. Started going to the Grand Ole Opry when I was about 10, I remember making our way into The Ryman and hearing the steel guitar kicking off a song and though I couldn’t see the stage yet I knew who was gonna sing. Now when I turn on the radio, which is seldom, they all sound the same. I have always said I was country before country was cool. Country music has evolved greatly over the years but now has no where to evolve to. Maybe Blake Shelton and his generation or group of entertainers(those that can actually sing) should get them some headphones and some of Grandpa’s music and spend a couple of years evolving back to some real country music. I did sort of kind of like some of Shelton’s music as far as this old fart is concerned he has peed in his own Wheaties. This is my opinion and so far I’m still entitled to it.

  • Times change, people change, and the damn music changes, even country music. All of you need to look back at the history of country music!! Hank Jr changed it, Waylon changed it,Haggard changed it,Randy Travis changed it,Garth Brooks changed it and the list and history goes on. You all act like Blake has taken something away from you. He may have,what some may consider disrespect, some of us old farts and the country music from back when a bunch of us want even thought of. All of you are a bunch of jealous asses that have to get up and go to work tomorrow just like I do. This country is going to hell and yall are worried about what Blake Shelton said. Check the popularity polls, he is on top of the charts right now because of all this bull shit yall keep stirring.ROTFFLMAO at you!

  • If it had not been for Ray Price, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash an a host of other classic country artists, there would have never been a Blake Shelton in the first place. B.S. (“Blake Shelton”) thinks he’s made it all by himself, but he hasn’t. He’s standing on the shoulders of every classic country artist that came before him, and Mr. B.S. isn’t fit to pull on their bootstraps!

  • I just figured it out, most of you on here are a bunch of wanna be country music singers that dont know shit about the business or Nashville. How many on here that has posted or agreed to someones post have a recording contract with a major record label,road crews,a band,busses,nice elegant homes..NONE of YOU!! Blake does!!
    I remember an interview with Ricky Skaggs, a bluegrass musician, he was asked why he moved to country music, he said he was starving to death playing bluegrass,no market or money for it. Blake told the truth and now everybody is pissed.

    • I’m glad you figured it out OldHabits.

    • “How many on here that has posted or agreed to someones post have a recording contract with a major record label,road crews,a band,busses,nice elegant homes..NONE of YOU!! Blake does!!”

      You obviously don’t know everyone that posts on here, but I’ll pretend with you on the “none of you” comment.

      However, aren’t you ignoring all the artists weighing in on this that have a hell of a lot more cred than this sellout. Ray Price for one. Dale Watson. Whitey Morgan. etc… They all have a lot more cred and value than any bus or “elegant” home can give you.

    • I guess Ricky Skaggs got fed up with NashVile cause he went back to bluegrass where is a major star

  • Blake Sheldon, what in the world are you thinking? Didnt your mother teach you to think before you speak? You were my favorite but your remarks have shown a new light on you and your way of NOT thinking and now you are at the bottom of the list.
    This makes me sick and shows how little respect you have for me as a 55 year old jackass or fart whichever. Cuz honey I was country when country wasnt cool. Now you’re the one that isn’t cool.
    Pauline Harris not ashamed or belittling anyone!!!

  • It’s unfortunate that the fame has gone to Blake’s head. Has he forgot where he came from and who paved the way? It might be time for an intervention here, this sounds typical of alcohol induced verbal jabber. Boozers are losers Mr. Shelton and you stand to lose a lot with those kind of statements. By the way, he was a disappointment on his cruise also, just putting that out there.


  • He has lost his ever loving mind-I’m done with him and his dumbass music thats not counrty. He Blake Shelton use to sing country music but of course he has changed and moved forward. I wonder what the COUNTRY HALL OF FAME will think about his comments. He’s a jackass and I will never buy shit he does again. He was disrespectful to the GREATS !!!!

  • His apology certainly was not heartfelt! More people need to speak up! Todays country music has no heart at all, no magic! Long live traditional country and its veteran artists!

  • […] those injudicious comments, he heard from country legend Ray Price (via the story on the website SavingCountryMusic: “It’s a shame that I have spend 63 years in this business trying to introduce music to a […]

  • I find it amusing that Blake thinks he’s an expert on what type of music sells, given that his album sales are underwhelming especially for the popularity and exposure he has.

  • Thank god Oldhabits came along to set us all straight on this…phew!!!
    Your a Dip!! You got(or just want) BS on speed dial.
    Yes, Ricky said that,,,cuz it was true. But what he made for country music was
    a thousand times better than what BS comes up with.
    And now Bluegrass is picking up and guess what, its pretty much all Ricky is
    doing these days.
    BS didnt tell the truth, he just confirmed to us all that hes a Moron.
    Anyway, gotta get back to working on becoming a wanna be country music singer.

  • The bottom line is the music business is a BUSINESS, and they’ve all had the numbers for decades. The numbers on album sales, merchandise, concert tickets, and radio ratings of stations that still air the old stuff.

    I’ve been in country radio nearly 20 years and the truth is that the lovers of classic country cast the first stone by making disparaging comments about the likes of Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, and Blake Shelton as not being authentic country artists. So, now, when someone like Blake stands up and says “enough, society as a whole doesn’t want the old fart music”… well… he’s right. And the numbers are there to support him.

    This is a classic case of shooting the messenger.

    • I respectfully disagree. I think there’s plenty of classic and traditional country with commercial viability right now, despite receiving little or no support from the industry and radio. Projects like “O Brother Where Art Thou” and Johnny Cash’s American Recording prove older artists and classic country can have huge commercial appeal if only given the chance. Right now there’s no radio support for this music, and that’s why it doesn’t sell as well. What would happen if you evened the playing field? If you gave traditional country artists just as much airtime as pop country? Or just gave classic country something, anything? 20% of it?

      And just because Blake believe the music needs to “evolve” which is a whole other discussion, doesn’t mean he needs to degrade those fans as “old farts” and “jackasses.”

  • Blake Shelton has revealed something very interesting…his is actually human.
    Only a human being could make such a comment without actually thinking it through. And before anyone makes a retort to that, if I was a betting woman I would bet the house that all of us at one time or another said something about someone or something in public and then later, went ‘Damn it! I really should not have said that!’ I know I have, and was confronted about it by THAT person!

    And while we all may not agree; He is entitled to his opinion, and his right to express it. It is his constitutional right. Was it an unfortunate thing to say, there is no denying that it was indeed most Unfortunate. Should he have said it on a TV program, probably not the smartest idea he’s ever had, but I have seen dumber mistakes by more powerful people. Is he the first person to make disparaging comments about something or someone, in a word…No. Will he be doing damage control…most likely. We won’t see it, but it will be happening behind the scenes, this is after all a rather large gaff towards the older traditional artists. He will no doubt find backlash from those other artists who respect the older traditional artists (And yes, they are old…those birthdays ain’t making them younger.)

    This situation also reveals what we as humans also tend to do a little too much, place people on pedestals. I am pretty sure if we delve back in the annuals of Country Music, we will find that those traditional singers we all love, have said and done some really questionable things in their careers as well, not to mention the members of their back-up bands.

    This has the potential to go one of two ways; shake up the industry or evolve (or devolve depending on your view point) into a REALLY BIG PISSING CONTEST.
    I have my money on Pissing Contest.

    Right now I see a lot of venom and hate; for ONE guy who made a really bad call with a really, really bad comment.

    I also see, a lot of people deciding what should be classed as country and what shouldn’t. I do believe that the same arguments went around during Chet Atkins and the Nashville Sound Era. I think they called it Countrypolitan?

    It took Roy Acuff listening to the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band before he went in to record for Will The Circle Be Unbroken in 1971 to decide that they were country – up until then he had them classed as not country.

    Now I am glad that SMC and Trigger have the chutzpa to post even the items that cause the fervor this has. It gets people talking, and sharing ideas.

    BTW – The comment above about Boozers are Losers; you are aware that quite a few of the classic artists had either alcohol or drug problems right?

  • I have a big Problem with Blake’s statements because I am a 29 year old Classic Country to the core kind of Woman. I am the only in my family that listens to, sings and plays Classic Country and if it weren’t for Classic Country then Mr.Shelton wouldn’t have a job in the Music Industry now would he. I don’t think he would quite make it as a rapper or a rock star with his Classic sound. How dare he put down the very music that influenced him to be an artist. If you think that no one wants to hear that Classic Sound then I think you might want to take a second look at the Charts I believe you will find that Clinton Gregory is steadily moving up pretty fast because he is bringing the true roots and sound and truth back to Country Music as it should be. Shame on you Blake Shelton!

  • Blake, I watched you with great anticipation as you sang on “Country’s Family Reunion” DVD, and listened to how you painted May Axton’s house when you first arrived in Nashville. You stated how honored you were just to be there in that circle, let me tell you, that circle took you a long way. You my boy have screwed up “Big Time”. There are still enough of us “Old Farts” who truly love Traditional Country Music. I am totally stunned at what I’ve read here today and I’ll tell you, you will not go down in history like the great Traditional Country Music Singers, you have blown it big time. Hard as you might find it to believe, there are still many young people who love Real country music, lets see your standing in 5 – 10 years, will you be a has been, you surely won’t be a Ray Price, Johnny Cash, Johnny Paycheck, Gene Watson, VINCE GILL. As far as I’m concerned now, you don’t even exist. Shame on you for biting the hand that feeds you. You will live to regret it that is for sure. We “Old Farts” will be listening to our traditional country music as long as there is a breath in us and I know my grandchildren will too, as there is a place in their hearts that makes them want to hear what their parents loved, there’s a comfort zone there, and they love it. This is a sad day for me, as I had high hopes for you, just because you are popular now, don’t think it won’t be gone in a flash, you surely didn’t do your career one bit of good with your big mouth.

  • When I was growing up in Nashville, one of the best concerts I ever attended was at the Ryman. It was a taping of the Johnny Cash show and featured Johnny (obviously), Carl Perkins, the Stoneman Family, and Derek and the Dominoes. Clapton, Cash and Perkins jammed at the end. I was a teenager, and I felt like I was experiencing the history of American music. There was the Gaelic-rooted, Appalachian sound of the Stonemans, Johnny’s pure country, Carl’s rock ‘n roll history and the blues-based sound of Eric’s music. At the end of the night we were all standing on the Ryman pews–long-haired punks like me, old rednecks, everyone. I’d let a surgeon remove my left testicle to have another experience like that. And every one of those musicians (none of which were on reality shows) would have showed respect for the “grandpas” music from which their sound was built.

    I wonder if today’s teenager will ever feel like that at a Rascall Flatts or Blake Shelton or whatever concert?

  • Blake, you’re great at what you do, you sell a lot of records. You’re a good judge on reality TV show BUT keep in mind, YOU DON’T PLAY COUNTRY MUSIC. Stick to pop music and I’ll stick with Hank Sr., George Jones and Ray Price. BTW I’m a 34 year old man, so I might not be in the right demographic as a potential consumer of what you put out. Now it’s time to listen to some of my “grandpa’s music” on my iPod. Have a great weekend.

  • First off I like Blake..I think his music or at least some of it is good but if Blake thinks Traditional Country is so “old school” and is “grandpa” music why’d he re-record Conway’s version of Goodbye Time and further more if the “new” country is as good as Blake points out..what is the message being given to our Younger Generation with today’s music other than it’s ok to cheat and it’s ok to defy the law. Take a look at the message being given to the younger generation in Blake’s song Ol’ Red..what is the msg other than it’s ok to defy the law.
    I think ppl like Blake need to realize where Country Music started..what is the root of Country Music and the fact that had it not been for guys like Ray Price, Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline HE won’t be here to be recording today.Maybe he ought to think 2x before condemning and not let a few awards get to his head.He may be good but he’s pale in comparison to Classics like Ray Price and Conway Twitty and The Possum.

  • I’ve seen where some writers have said that Blake Shelton is “right” about how country music needs to evolve. Well, I think that’s like saying Newt Gingrich was right when he gave a speech on family values during presidential primary season. You have to be credible on the issue you’re talking about.

  • “Evolve” doesn’t equal “cashing in”. All the past artists that some are using as an excuse for what Blake said…Waylon, Willie, Garth…did evlove the music, but they did it because they heard a sound in their head or a vision of what they wanted to get out. They didn’t care if it fit what was popular. They didn’t care if the kids bought it. They didn’t care if they failed. They just cared about doing it their way.

    All I hear Blake and his supports saying is “we need to stay popular so we can make as much money as possible.”
    Sure, Blake plays token cover songs at his shows. Might have Mel Tillis backstage, but that is all fluff. He is all about money.
    Jesus, the guy is 36-37 yrs. old and he just put out a song called “Sure Be Cool If You Did”. I’ve never heard the song, but let me guess, he likes a girl and wants her “heart”, does she want his? Sure be cool if you did.

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • I find Blake’s comments to be an exact quote of the nature of country music or shall I say mainstream country. The part that is ironic, like many have posted, is his love for name dropping. To me, he is no different the douchebag Brantley Gilbert and all the other artists that name drop at the drop of a hat. Which brings up my next point about it’s become all about the money for him. Gone is his country sound, cowboy hat and any roots he ever had. The only reason he won the Male vocalist is purely him being on the Voice. How else do you explain never really having a hit until you are on a reality karaoke show. If country music must evolve, it needs to still have roots. A tree can not become a tree without starting with the roots. If you cut out the roots, you cut down the tree. I am a high school teacher and a prime example of how frustrating it is with country music is when a kid asks me what kind of music I listen to. I have to specifically say Texas/Red Dirt/Old School/Traditional country. If I just say country, all they say is “you mean like Taylor Swift, Rascall Flatts and Luke Bryan”. I say, “no, like George Strait, Alan Jackson, Don Williams, Hank Williams, Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard” You would think I was talking in a foreign language to them. I told them I would play a few of their songs for them and they all complained. They said, “that sounds nothing like what is on the radio. You need to listen to Hunter Hayes, he is good”.

    Aaron Watson wrote a parody song called “Hey Y’all”. It suits the mainstream country perfectly and the sad thing is, if it was released to radio, would probably be a hit. And people wouldn’t realize it was making fun of all the songs that are hits these days. It’s not even the loss of the fiddle or steel guitar, its the song writing. Just atrocious.

    Blake can say whatever he wants, its his right with freedom of speech. What he will soon realize is that calling people jackasses and trashing the good name of so many better artists before him, will take a major hit on him. And his half ass apology is exactly that, half ass. He can say whatever he wants to make the situation better but at this point the damage is done. Enjoy the money and awards by default. I will take any traditional country “jackass” “grandpa music” any day over the trash on the radio. Which is why never leave home without my ipod.

  • love Dales comment about Mr. Miranda Lambert… haha. I respectfully disagree with him concerning Ray Price being the best “voice” in country music. That title easily goes to George Jones. Jones with his soul, emotion and vocal range easily top Price.. Also would vote Lefty, Vern Gosdin, the Hag, and Keith Whitley ahead of Ray Price, vocal lick for vocal lick.

    • Truth, there isn’t much room on this blog to get off topic, and I agree that the other names you mentioned are great voices.

      Of the names, I’ve only heard Mr. Price live. It was a couple years ago at Billy Bob’s. At 90+yrs. old, he sounded incredible. As if he was 30yrs. old in the best recording studio money could buy. But he was 90 in Billy Bob’s. Smooth as can be and just a different level.
      There were a ton of great artists there as well. It was Willie’s July 4th picnic. So I’m talking Willie, DAC, Ray Wylie, Ray Benson as older artists. Mr. Price you could tell was just on another level, and those artists gave him the respect too. Seeing Willie in awe of someone is cool.

      So, Dale Watson has a very good argument. Just wanted to share Ray live if you’ve never experienced it. It is rare these days.

  • […] all started when Ray posted a Facebook link to a story at SavingCountryMusic.com pulling quotes from Blake’s GAC Backstory special on the evolution of country music.  Blake […]

  • He was actually talking about the industry people in Nashville not country music fans but hey, don’t let that get in the way of a good story!

    • Nobody believes that, and there’s no way to legitimately construe that as his opinion. This is spin.

      • It’s not spin, he said “I don’t care how many of these old farts around Nashville going, “My God, that ain’t country!”

        • That’s ridiculous. The industry people are the ones promoting and pumping this pop country shit out. There’s not a suit on music row saying “that’s not country!” They’re saying “Let’s shoot out to Belle Meade Country Club for 9 holes and lunch.”

    • BEH,

      Industry people in Nashville created Blake. It is not them that are saying he isn’t country enough. They couldn’t be happier that he is not country like the “old farts” and “jackasses” he referred to wished he was. He was talking directly to fans that go up to him and say “you’re not country, you’re pop”.

      I can promise you 100%, that there has never been a Nashville record exec. that told Blake “hey, that Honeybee song or “Sure Be Cool If You Did”, not our thing. We need a sound more like Waylon.”
      if that happened, the Earth would break in half.

  • I don’t think Shelton comes within a million miles of being anything like Hank Williams when it comes to writing or singing. Shelton should be showing some respect but he must be just another kid who did not get those old time lessons of honor, discipline, respect, and religion as we learned through such great Southern leaders as General Robert E Lee.

    • what in the hell does this have to do with Blake Shelton or the article we were talking about?

  • The bottom line is the music business is a BUSINESS, and they’ve all had the numbers for decades. The numbers on album sales, merchandise, concert tickets, and radio ratings of stations that still air the old stuff.

    Here’s the irony when you talk about numbers: Blake Shelton isn’t even in the top 5 when you talk about the best selling current country (pop/country, whatever) albums. With all that hype and promo he gets from NBC and The Voice, he couldn’t even sell a million copies of Red River Blue. His album sales are less than half of what Luke Bryan is selling and I am no fan of Luke Bryan. Jason Aldean has already outsold Blake Shelton with an album released only a few months ago. Carrie Underwood’s current album has already outsold Blake’s album despite being out less than half as long. Eric Church’s album outsold Blake’s too. The way Little Big Town’s selling now with their album released in September they’re going to put up better numbers than Blake.

    Downloads, you say? Blake’s getting outsold there too by all of the acts I mentioned.

    Concerts? According to Pollstar’s 2012 report Blake lagged far behind Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, Eric Church, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, and his wife Miranda Lambert in grosses and tickets sold. This year, he’s going to get his hat handed to him by an old fart called George Strait when it comes to concert ticket sales.

    Where are these amazing numbers that endorse Blake Shelton as the guy who should in his own words get to decide if country music gets to move forward and if it gets to move on?

    It’s not just the numbers that don’t back Blake, it’s his music. The point’s been made that it’s not just the evolution into pop/country or rock/country or whatever, it’s that so many of the songs are just plain bad. I don’t know if there’s anybody getting more radio support with flat out crap than Blake Shelton right now. He’s no innovator. He’s a copycat act in search of an identity. This isn’t Miranda Lambert we’re talking about, who takes some chances with some of her album cuts. This isn’t Brad Paisley we’re talking about, whose current single is messy but is at least trying to do something interesting and has an interesting message. This isn’t Carrie Underwood we’re talking about who may have a lot of pop in her music but who’s released 2 singles in a row that with edgy, dark storylines you really only find in country music. This isn’t Eric Church we’re talking about who actually did put out an album that represents country music evolving in an interesting way, and who’s actually earned mass and even some industry support for that album.

    As a country music fan who’s younger than Blake but supports true diversity in the genre I’ve learned a lot of my favorites are going to say something obnoxious or disagreeable every now and then. The difference here is a) how unearned Blake’s comments are and b) the fact that he unnecessarily insulted the people who prefer a different style of country than what you hear on radio today.

    • Good stuff there Elizabeth

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • I think it’s time for Blake to take another look at that crappy tattoo.

    I really am tired of all these people who think just because they sing with a southern accent, that makes it country. Every genre is based on a particular set of structures, with a particular range of themes and a relatively specific instrumentation. The further you move away from that, the further you get from any given genre. A 12 bar blues is a 12 bar blues, it doesn’t matter if it’s Josh White or Jimmy Page.

    I don’t listen to Blake Shelton. I don’t expect that bothers him a whole lot. There are people who like what he does. That’s fine. Just know what it is. It’s pop music. Don’t be ashamed of it. Why feel the need to appropriate something different?

  • Hey Trig thought I’d post this in thread too.

    The story got a mention on the Nashville Tennessean’s blog! :D

    • Thanks! I saw that and your messages. Getting pulled in 1,000 different directions at the moment…

      • I wasn’t sure the messages went though that’s why I sent them twice. I didn’t get the conformation page just the comment page. It’s cool the blog is getting so much traffic may the new posters will hang around and learn about the artists that are promoted here

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • Blake Shelton will never, I mean never, be a Dale Watson, Ray Price, Don Williams, Sammy Kershaw, Tracy Lawrence, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, etc…Lets get rid of the steel guitar and bring in some 80’s sounding electric guitars…that’s Nashville now, Rock Music not Country.. Every single song sounds the same and almost every song is fast…I’ll take the old farts and jackasses anyday…I think we all know who the real jackass is…

  • I love Country, REAL COUNTRY, I do like some of the new stuff, but not alot of it. I have been tyrying to git noticed for years, but they say you DONT get a contract after 40. But I keep trying. Country music is about tradition. Songs with meaning, not its so wonderful and everything is fine. Theres no way everything can be fine ALL THE TIME. But thats what all the country today mostley says. AND now it takes a pretty face to make it, not a voice? Ive heard a very popular female country singer that sings off key live, but sounds perfect from a studio, HUH? That makes no sense, so if your pretty you can be a star? Thats bull. This is country,

  • WOH! There are alot of people making a Big Deal over BS Please. I am 58 years old and have listen to Country music since I have been in diapers. Blake Shelton is everything about Country Music. I listen to Hank Sr. Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe and even Led Zeppelin so my taste of music is widespread. The oldies like Dion, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon, The Platters and the new stuff out there, Dierks Bentley, Band Perry and you people are being misled and very misunderstood. And by the way I have in my collection lots of Ray Price on Record and Video and a huge fan of his Country Music as well. One of my Country Music Heroes as well as Carl Smith, Loretta Lynn and My Favorite Porter Wagoner and let me add to that list Mr. Blake Shelton. So get over what you doing and thinking and move on Country Music always changes and you have to adjust to it. If it all sounded like The Honky Tonk Years it would get boring, that is why you had that 60’s Nashville sound, Pop Country, Outlaw Country and Southern Rock Country so see what I am trying to say, the point has been made. I’m a old fart and foggy I guess but I also like Blake Shelton and his Country Music Style. By the way saw Miranda and Dierks last night and it was Fantastic in Baltimore Maryland. Go Ravens……

    • It’s not about music changing. It’s about what he said and how he said it. BS is right and what his comments were

    • Just because you’re knowledgeable about country music, profess you’re love for country music, or even make country music, doesn’t give you the right or the excuse to say disparaging things about the people that built the genre.

  • […] The phrase Bluebird for a new generation was invoked more than once at the Nations (aka Sylvan Park s) new restaurant-venue, where sister and brother owners Elise and William Tyler are an important connection from Nashville old and new in a time when that seems as vital as ever3. […]

  • Some of the country stars are tweeting their support for BS, including Martina McBride and ChrisYoung. I also saw a radio DJ tweet in support. His current single got a lot of spins today. So, even though I want all this to blow upon his face for a badly needed lesson, I don’t think he will get a severe backlash in the long run. Business as usual. The cynical side of me is predicting that he will once again win the vocalist and entertainer awards this year, and he will go up there, accept his awards, and give an emotional speech of how he endured and overcome this controversy. Sad times in country music.

    • Sounds like the pop country industry might be circling the wagons to protect one of their more visible assets.

  • True to his word Dale Watson has a song out Ya gotta love him


  • We’ll I be dawg!! Anybody seen the charts today? BS is laughing all the way to the bank. I did not see Ray Price or Dale Watson on there!! No disrespect to either one of them, I love both of their music along with the other older artist.DEFINE COUNTRY MUSIC!! I want to ask, How can you say they paved the way for Blake and other artist today?? Who paved the way for them? Who decides who is placed in the country music hall of fame or who gets to play at the Grand Ole Opry or the Ryman? Blake has played at both places, damn, those places are country music venues,the churches of country music, how did Blake and others yawl are bashing get to play there. SUPPLY and DEMAND people!!! Hell, Elvis Presley was considered a country artist!! My personal music library is full of country legends,but not all of them.My taste in country music is not the same as yours just like yours is not the same as others. Blake shouldnt have said what he did, but he did tell the truth whether you like it or not. I think the old fart and jackass choice of words was just the way he talks, he didnt mean it personally.And for Ray and Dale to respond the way they did, I have lost all respect for them.So there, I’m not of fan of them anymore. If he had called names of certain artist, I would not be on here defending him, but he didnt and Dale and Ray thought it was there civic duty to respond,bullshit on them. I never heard Blake even mention their name.Truth be known he probably dont care.

    • I’m sure Dale Watson is losing sleep over not being on the charts. ROFLMAO

      • That all you got???? Go to bed

  • This is what the country music industry makes us listen to. We have no radio choice on who they put on country music stations. It’s all a brand in order to sell products. But there are awesome bands out there that people who love country (3 chords and the truth) need to here but never will.

    People who reject this pop music that they market as country need to support the “Whitey Morgans” and “JP Harris” that are out there.

    There shows are awesome and you don’t have to sit miles away from them at the show. There is plenty of chances to have a beer and a chat with them between sets.

    But none of it will ever change because they can’t sell Coca-Cola.

  • Blake Shelton is current country music and that is how its going to be Honey Bee.
    A misunderstanding on the way things were said. He is still a great entertainer and nobody should even try to take that away. Can you perform like him ? No, I didn’t think so…..so move on please. Everybody wants to be a critic. I would love to see Country music get back that Twang but you have to be patient things always change in the industry. And Blake Shelton is a Hillbilly and true to Country music.

    • I don’t have any problem with Blake Shelton’s music. In fact, I like “Honey Bee” and “Drink on It” (the latter even has a classic country sound). However, he needs to realize that words have consequences.

    • What was the misunderstanding? I think his words spoke volumes. I have no idea if he is a great performer I’ve never seen him and have no plans to do so. His music never impressed me or is something I would listen to.

    • I think I could put on a show like Blake. Dead serious too.
      Did I go to Nashville and follow a dream like him? Guess not, but I think I could do what he does.

  • I was raised on country music. I am 40 and I listened to country when it wasn’t cool in my younger years. I buy music at the store and online (legally) I prefer traditional country music. If you want to sing pop, then please change genres. If it had not been for the “Old Fart” and “Jack@$$es” you would not be in the business today. My question is were you born this much of an arrogant @$$ or do you work at it. I read one of the posts to be respectful to Blake in any comment, but I was raised respect is earned not given. He has not earned my respect nor does he deserve it after his comment. I use to buy your music, but I won’t spend another dime on it now. To blatantly disrespect the artists that came before you is not ok. After this comment I doubt you will be in the business long. The true country artists will always be in the business. I have finally stopped listening to our local channel because what they play is NOT country music it is Pop. The younger fans you refer to to buy the music, they steal it. All of us “Old Farts” are the ones with money to buy music. I lost a all respect for you today.

  • Its attitudes like this that are completely ruining the music industry. Being a musician should always be about the music. Not about changing your style so you sell records. Pompus ass.

  • Well you go Blake.. right off of stage left.. don’t let the screen door hit you. I, like a total idiot, paid for my daughter to download some of your music… which I have since erased. So I guess I threw good money to bad. She’s since replaced those tunes of yours with Conway Twitty and Charlie Pride.. She’s just a young fart though, only 14. So I guess it nips your whole point in the butt when even teens in the world like the same music as some of us old farts and jackasses. I thank you for your comment. It has saved me the price of the 4 tickets I was going to purchase for your concert. Just like some of the old country puts out there.. you might have a lot of book learnin’.. but when it comes to common sense, you ain’t got a lick of it. And PS.. this old mama is the type that knows birds of a feather flock together (much like old farts and jackasses) so you can rest assured I won’t waste any more money on your wife or fellow singing supporters. Your might think your heart is in the right place, but your mouth emanates straight from the same place your head is stuck. (I’m only 9 years older than you, Blake.. does that mean you’re a jackass too?)

    • No need to criticize Blake’s wife for something that Blake said. Spouses have different opinions all the time.

      • True on the differing opinions….just not a fan of the new pop country or the singers. Besides.. I’m pretty certain if I bought from her.. it would benefit him in some way.. so it’s still a no go in my book.

        • There are now people on this site proudly going under the handle “Old Farting Jackass.”

          That is all.

          • Can the t-shirt be far behind?


  • Has Hank 3 weighted in yet? Be interesting to hear what he has to say.

  • Wow, old farts huh. Really thought you were one of the people in Country music, as they call it today, that didn’t have their head up their rear end. Was a big fan but you are starting to sound just like people that say their country and really aren’t. Like Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, I could go on and on. Carrie Underwood could have chosen any genre of music she wanted with her voice and she stuck with country. Kelly Clarkson could have made it in country, she chose differently. Age doesn’t make a country act, music does. Country ain’t country anymore. Ask the 40, 50 year olds and the old farts. Bravo to Ray Price, Merle Haggard, Ronny Dunn, Vince Gill, Willie, Bocephus, that is country music.

    • How is Carrie Underwood any more country than Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, or Keith Urban?

  • Let’s not forget this is the class act who thought it was funny to pretend to adjust himself and zip up his fly in front of a world-wide television audience from the stage of a major awards show.

    John Lennon once said, “The problem with the Beatles was that we started to believe our own hype.”

    The country music genre is fairly well defined, actually. Nashville didn’t evolve it, they highjacked the name and put a different genre to it.

    Blake doesn’t get that. (Or much of anything else, it seems)

  • I was angry at first glance but let’s be honest…If you’re on here then clearly the mainstream isn’t satisfying your tastes..I’m 38 grew up in East Texas reside in Austin and grew up around my grandparents dinner table. The sound of the local country radio station out of Beaumont playing throughout the house. I love music in most of its forms..Unfortunately the bulk of mainstream music has acquiesced to fickle children as far as direction goes..That’s why the Internet is important and vinyl records as well..Blake Shelton has everyone telling him how amazing he is..I’m assuming the ass kissing in his circle has risen to the word genius being thrown around..Those of us who are actually dealing with reality know this to be his little fantasy world and if Waylon Jennings were here he plant a boot in his ass..I was going somewhere with this post..There seems to be a simple solution to this. There is a Classic Rock radio format where we hear Stairway to Heaven or Don’t Stop Believing for the trillionth time. Why can’t there be a Classic Country station that will give me my Conway Twitty or Tanya Tucker fix?

  • Blake’s tweet:

    “Turns out I have a lot of friends in this industry that refuse to jump on any band wagon and turn their back on me. And a handful that have no problem doing it…Publicity can make people do and say anything I guess… Oh well. Good news for me is… I don’t forget and won’t forget.”

    So he is saying Ray Price, Ray Stevens, and Dale Watson are reacting to this for publicity? Lol at his ego.

    • “Publicity can make people do and say anything I guess…”

      Tell us all about it, Blake.

    • Good Jove! This guy is pissing me off more and more by the split-second! >=(

      Blake Shelton is seriously making Eric Church look like His Holiness, the Dalai Lama! -__-

  • Drunk again.

  • I read on the Opry Facebook page that Jean Shepard said something about Blake on the show. Anyone here heard this? Thanks!

    • I haven’t but that’s very interesting.

      Fayfare’s blog, which is a good unofficial Opry blog called for Blake to be fired from the Opry after the quote came out, and also pointed out that Blake did not play the Opry at all in 2012. It used to be that if you did not fulfill your Opry obligations, you lost membership. But since many of the members now are these ultra celebrities, they let those rules slip. Blake may see it as a good PR move, or a good play to give an apology.

      Make no mistake about it, if Blake plays the Opry, it will be because of this incident.


      • Found this on twitter:

        Jean Shepard: “We’ve got a young man in country music who has made some pretty dumb statements lately. What did he say? That traditional country music is for old farts and jack-you-know-whats? Well, I guess that makes me an old fart. I love country music. I won’t tell you what his name is….but his initials is BS….and he’s full of it!”

        • Thanks for the info!

  • Theres only only one Shelton I care about, and we all know his thoughts on the subject already.

  • I thought song of your was good, but I can’t support a bitch like you! God bless George Jones and them! You can go to hell, Shelton!
    /Samuel Björkering (23years old)

  • Apparently Blake Shelton IS as stupid as he looks.

  • Adressed to Blake Shelton (though he’ll probably never read it)

    Blake, you’ve got a problem. It’s allright though man, like all problems, it can be fixed in time.

    The problem is… Blake, you forgot where you came from.

    You used to hang out with fellow good ol’ boys like Elliott Sadler, keep your hair long, wear your cowboy hat, and sing a little real country music here and there.

    “Ol’ Red”, “Some Beach”, and a few others were real good country tunes.

    -They told a story (which has always been a hallmark of true country).

    -They were catchy (not necessary, and more a hallmark of pop, but being catchy doesn’t make a song bad, doesn’t keep it from being country, and it can make it more fun),

    -Used real and mostly traditional instruments, (granted, you took some liberties with “Some Beach” giving its instrumentals a tropical theme, but it fits the song, and when Johhny Cash, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and others have done the same with music that none of us would consider less than country, it’s okay; it’s good to push out into new territory a bit, and it’s probably my favorite song by you).

    -I could relate to them (number one theme in country, relating to the common, hard-working individual), and you did a damned good job singing them.

    I was hooked. Here, finally, in the midst of all that TimMcGrawKennyChesneyandeveryonethatkindofsoundslikethemsingsongsliketheirsanddresseslikethem crap, was some modern, real country.

    Then you became successful, went pop, cut your hair, quit wearing your hat, and somehow, as big a boy as you are, you’re looking even more effeminate these days than Bryan White (who was probably the pioneer of this modern wave of pop country on the male side, I credit Shania on the female side). Heck, you even teamed up with Trace Adkins to put out a “laundry list” song to try to prove how country you still are after the fact. He could use the same wake-up call as you, I used to be a huge fan of his as well.

    C’mon Blake. Settle down son. Get back to your roots, apologize for what ya done wrong, and let’s all move on. I’d love to hear you put out some real country music again. Granted, you done stepped in it worse than Pat Green did when he went all pop and flash, but like him, I think if you take a good look in the mirror and remember what you used to see, you just might make it back to being a real country artist again.

    Sincerely yours,

    A 28-year-old Jackass/Old Fart who can’t get enough of his papaw and mema’s old records, still buys CDs more often than he downloads, and treasures his working JC Penney record player from the 1970s because it means that he can still play those old 33s and 45s and any new ones he comes across.

    PS: I’m still a fan of your old stuff, and your wife still puts out pretty good music for the most part, but if you don’t get out of that pop-music gutter you’re in, I’m sure I won’t be the only fan you’ll never get back after this. I’m a pretty forgiving soul, I’ve already forgiven you for calling me a Jackass and/or Old Fart, but forgiveness doesn’t buy your next album, it being good, will, however, sell me one.

    • Good stuff Matt.

  • http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2013/01/25/blake-shelton-country-apology/1865277/

    USA Today has picked this story up (via the Nashville’s Tennessean).

    Not surprisingly, Paulson makes a nice attempt at downplaying the source of much of the furor in the former half of the feature, and then dedicates the entire latter half of the editorial quoting his non-apologies and the words of his established mainstream country sympathizers.


  • I listen to classic country way more than I do this stuff they call
    country now. How can you beat a good old Loretta Lynn song or a Patsy Cline classic 40’s through the 70’s is my kinda Counrty!

  • […] read the comments via Saving Country Music, and he wasted no time in responding, posting the […]

  • Remember the old farts who said “no drums on the Grand Ole Opre Stage” ???
    There will always be old farts. I’m one of them and I have many listeners who call in and request the classic songs Blake and his lip-sincing ilk are disrespecting.

  • Someone said the story was on one of the Nashville news casts but. I didn’t see it

  • I like Blake, as well as many of the older country singers. However, Blake’s comment was rude and offensive. I think Blake may have dug his own grave as far as him ever being the “entertainer of the year” again. If you don’t have anything nice to say about people, then you should not say anything at all, especially on national television.

  • Why not update w/ supports of Blake? Hall of Famer Bobby Braddock. The Oak Ridge Boys agreed w/ what blake was saying about music needing to evolve-NOT just the out of context quote that everyone was using to stir up the OLD vs. NEW country battle.

    • @Leigh

      Nothing was taken out of context. I think this shows Blake’s true colors.

    • I did add an update with info on Martina McBride and Chris Young coming to Blake Shelton’s defense. I will look into the other names and may do a further update if I feel it is necessary. But in fairness to everyone, including Blake Shelton, I am trying not to string this story out forever unless there are new major developments.

    • I just updated the story with Bobby Braddock’s comments. I think by saying Blake was “going for the outrageous and trying to get a rise out of people” justifies the reaction to his comments.

  • Bobby Braddock hit the nail on the head as far as I see Blake Shelton.He says its Blake being Blake, going for the outrageous…trying to get a rise out of people: …ATTENTION, Go back and look at how he does at awards shows. If cameras goes over the crowd you can see Blake looking from his left or right,as if he is wanting to see who is looking at himself. Watch him on THE VOICE, with him its all about being funny so he gets the limelight. He is the tallest 6’5″ Attention Seeker that I’ve ever seen in music or tv. I’ve read on one site that he was cleary saddened with his opology. He hit the twitter and was thrilled his fans were 100% behind him. Soon his girls was begging to have his babies, one went as far as to tell him he could slap her grandma in the face and she would still love him….Yes he is Blake being Blake and he has worked it just right….As Reba has remarked…Blake is smart, here he has hit another Home Run….Lots of Attention, thats what he is after. Everyone look who will be on stage hosting the ACM’S this coming April…BLAKE SHELTON, what better place to get people to see himself than on stage….Yes, he has hit a Home Run here, but my guess some that are up holding him are thinking of Themselves. I’ve seen a few that I have no doubt was.

    • I wonder how the Dixie Chicks feel about your theory.

  • I saw what Martina tweeted to Blake and he thanked Sis, but shortly there after some one told her what they would do with her cd’s. As far as Chris we know where he is coming from. He is with Mirandas management and she has given Chis probably as much help as anyone out there. Ask…don’t take my word. My opinion.

  • just a quick question are you gonna do your top mainstream songs of 2012?

    • Uhh, a little busy at the moment, and at this rate by the time my schedule opens up it may be too late for a Best Of 2012 post. I’ll try…

  • Blake Shelton couldn’t carry Johnny Cash, George Jones Conway Twitty, Roy Clark, or Charlie Prides jockstraps. Compared to their music his is terrible. There is nothing like the “Real” country of yesteryear. I will never listen to him again.

  • The way this issue will go to the next level is if a very big time name in country music comes out and publicly criticizes Blake’s comments. No offense to Ray Price or Dale Watson, but I’m talking a Hank Jr., Merle Haggard, George Jones, Alan Jackson, or maybe even one of these “new Outlaws” who espouse their love for traditional, classic country so much.


    Or, Blake could offer a real apology, and bury the subject.

    • Trig not sure if any of them have the balls to make a statement.

      • I think Merle Haggard would have the balls, if that’s what he wanted to do. For example, he spoke out against the Dixie Chicks backlash.

    • “maybe even one of these “new Outlaws” who espouse their love for traditional, classic country so much.”

      That’s kinda what I am expecting to happen, maybe … I mean Eric Church already went off on Shelton not too long ago, and now with this going on … NOW he decides to keep his mouth shut??

      • Great point. He attacked Blake unprovoked last time. Though nowadays Eric is paling around with Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, so I have no idea what to think. Officially Eric Chruch is the reigning CMA Album of the Year winner, so if anyone has the current political capitol to put Blake Shelton in his place, it would be him.

    • I don’t expect the big mainstream artists to speak against Blake Shelton any time soon.

  • There is a new song out by Brandon Fulson and the realbillys called Old Fart and jackasses


    • good song, hits the nail on the head, i’m sure blake’s heard it by now.

  • The question I would have for BS is…where exactly does “Classic Country” end, and whatever it is that he likes begin? Is it in the 50s, when we had the Hanks (Williams, Thompson, Locklin and Snow), Webb Pierce and many others, or the 60s, when we had Patsy and Loretta and a bunch more, or maybe the 70s when George Jones, Charley Pride, and Randy Travis led a whole new generation into country music. Perhaps it was the 80s, with Garth and Vince, not to mention George Strait? To me, they are ALL classic. Today we have McGraw and Paisley and Toby Keith….all terrific talents. BS thinks he understands country music and history, but with his obvious tunnel vision, he is fooling himself…but not the rest of us..!!

  • I listen to todays country less and less often and there is no currant country to buy…i’m tired of listening to little kid voices singing about grown up issues…and no i’m not an old lady / old fart……there is not much entertainment for adults in country anymore…its all kids singing for kids….there is nothing for us to buy….believe me we would if there was something to buy.

  • Blake talks like Blake GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!! Geeze does the man have to walk on eggshells? I talk the same lingo. I still love you Blake <3 -They are not young and just calling them Old Farts is nothing and some are JACKASSES and worse words than that.

  • A repeat of the Dixie Chicks when what’s her name shot off her mouth one too many times….Dixie Chicks? I hardly hear their music on major stations anymore! BTW, in my opinion, anyone who stands behind B.S.’s remarks should get the same as he does. He has also taken a big risk for his wife’s music as well.

    San Antonio, TX 78266

  • I was proud to see Little Jimmy Dickens commented on The Boot about the Big Headed Toy Boy!

    • I looked for Little Jimmy’s comments and couldn’t find them

      • There is a comment that looks like it is from a relative of Little Jimmy, with the comment “signed” Jimmy Dickens. I really have no way to confirm if it is legitimate or not.

  • What they call Country Music today is really disquised Rock ‘N Roll, really, really bad Rock ‘N Roll. If you listen to this music very much, it all starts to sound the same. There has been a long going battle for years about what is and isn’t country music. People who write, sing and play REAL country music can’t get looked at.
    I have a friend who writes her own music, has a killer voice and a good band and is playing small clubs for peanuts. She has more talent in her little finger than Blake Shelton has in his entire body. A pretty face is what Nashville wants these days, not true talent. They can make anyone sound good through sound boards and digital mastering, so you don’t have to be able to sing, just look pretty and put on a show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BoycottBlakeShelton?ref=ts&fref=ts

    It seems to be getting more and more likes check it out.

  • Well, here’s another good-bye from an Old Fart. I wish you luck moving forward with the pop-drivel that pollutes the air waives these days. Best Wishes to Y’All & I Hope Miranda Gives You a Case of the Clap Real Soon!

  • aww–You gotta know where you’ve been to appreciate where you’re going. You’d be surprised at the younger ones that have turned onto Classic Rockabilly….and then start researching classic country & classic rock….Real music fans do their homework and can converse on several levels.
    I just think–there must be more alcohol & better drugs out west– than we got in the mountains….and FART—ya know–a jackass does not offend me–but really–would you say FART in front of your Grandma? Well, not at our house…ou you might say it–ONE TIME!

  • pop cuntry really sucks!!! should be tuning in to the real “new” country instead of this main stream crap. hank 3, wayne the train, slim chance and the can’t hardly play boys, scott biram, to name a few respect the legends and keep the underground outlaw music alive

  • BS and all the other jackasses to come along DO NOT represent the true sound of Country Music. Listen to: Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Leona Williams, Connie Smith, Merle, Conway, Loretta, etc., you get the picture. It just proves my anger with these clowns saying they’re country. They only use the country label to get noticed. Their crap is just that…..you don’t see blues, rock, pop, jazz, changing to the extreme like they do with country. YES, music changes and in some cases for the good….but these jerks today, both male and female, are want to be poor rock performers and can’t even cut that. Look at the Dixie Chicks, opened their mouth and they’re history. We not really true country anyway, so no big loss. I support everything that’s coming out of Texas today….if you want to here True Country go to YouTube and listen…and, yes, God Bless Texas; both for guns and music.

  • Blake who?

    A hint for all the youngsters-a rock song with some fiddle in it isn’t country music. Just sayin’…

  • […] wonder is this is the kind of “Old Fart” music that Blake Shelton was referring […]

  • Blake … While we are all entitled to our own opinions, your comments were off base and without merit. It was surprising to hear this from someone who professes to respect his fans. It is these very “old farts” you mentioned that have made country music what it is today. If not for them, you may very well not be where you are. Show me ANY modern country music artists today that is a true vocalist like Faron Young, Ray Price, or Patsy Cline, George Jones, and others. There are none. Show me a new artist that has the “staying power” of decades as does Ray Price or Loretta Lynn. Most of today’s artists are just rock-n-rollers wearing cowboy hats. The reason you newcomers feel you must keep “changing” the direction of country music is because it is not quality enough to sustain itself as is and maintain the devoted fanbase the “old farts” did from the beginning until now. Country Music fans are the most devoted fans in the world. A smart man would not bite the hand that feeds him. Respectfully.

  • I find it so interesting and slightly annoying when these new artists hit and have some success and maybe some crossover success and they act like they’re reinventing the wheel. How exactly is Blake ‘evolving’ country music? I don’t see any innovation there. Artists like Ronnie Milsap blazed a trail for people like Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton when it comes to crossing country music over to pop audiences. And Milsap did so, (in the midst of getting a ton of flack from people Blake would would refer to as ‘old farts’) without ever disrespecting or insulting country music or country music fans. He always gave the country fans nothing but love while actually ‘evolving’ country music with his own brand of country soul. Blake might want to sit down and learn a little from people who have actually done what he is talking about.

  • This is a documentary about Fan Fair. An homage to the dedication of Country Music fans.

  • Well, Price lost the staring contest.

    He has publicly accepted Shelton’s apology on Facebook, thereby extinguishing any potential staying power of this story and leading us back to “business as usual” with Shelton’s current single (“Sure Be Cool If You Did”) already outside of the Top Ten in four short weeks on the country airplay chart.

    • No offense to Ray Price, but I think this issue is much larger than Blake Shelton vs. Ray Price. Dale Watson and Jean Shepard haven’t issued apologies, and my guess is they won’t. And I think Ray still got some licks in even in his apology, noting that Blake only apologized to artists and not fans. I’m a little surprised we didn’t hear from more artists. Like some have noted, where is Eric Church? He already called out Blake for much less. And where is Shooter Jennings? He called out John Mayer for cutting his hair, but is giving Blake a pass. With stories like this, you have to know when enough is enough. Unless a big name comes out and says something, then it’s probably time to clean up loose ends and move on.

      • I got a kick out Jean Shepard’s comment — she was always one of my mother’s absolute favorites. :D

      • As right as you are, Shelton simply doesn’t give a rip what his listeners, or music fans in general, think. He DID care, however, what Price thought……..and the only reason this has gotten press coverage in the first place is not because of the countless comments from traditional country fans and listeners across the social media landscape (including many on the Grand Ole Opry page), but because of the Shelton-Price showdown.

        Now that the showdown has defused, the print media is going to treat this as a non-issue altogether and the status quo will maintain its death grip.

        It’s no surprise to me why Eric Church hasn’t spoken out. As outspoken as he is known to be, his entire “outlaw” posturing screams calculation and he’s probably fixated on his downtime and getting “Like Jesus Does” up the singles chart. It isn’t like he chooses to pick scuffles left and right. Even when he spoke about reality television (namely “The Voice”), he was speaking from a more personal space about artistic development and longevity than just picking a fight.

        I think this story has been milked for all its worth. The Grand Ole Opry hasn’t already announced Shelton’s dismissal, and so it’s clear to see they’re simply not going to. They’ve simply sold out a little too much of their former glory to Ryman & Associates.

  • Lets not confuse good music with bad sound recording quality. Most music sounds better today because of the quality of the sound spectrum. I can guarantee that a time will come when all these old songs will be re-recorded in a modern sound spectrum and they will sound incredible. Long live great songs…

  • never heard of him,,,,

  • […] wonder is this is the kind of “Old Fart” music that Blake Shelton was referring […]

  • I only go back to the 60’s in country, like some of the REALLY OLD FART stuff. Remember Ray Stevens, The STREAK?? Buck Owens & Roy Clark on Hee Haw?? More recently Cledus T Judd?? Or “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” BIG and RICH (whom I DEARLY LOVE TOO)!! And Toby’s Red Solo Cup!!

    Blakes Old Red and Austin, Some Beach and SO MANY MORE!!! The Dixie Chicks were an EMBARASSAMENT and FAKE! Blake is an HONEST and TRUE RED NECK!!

    COUNTRY is a WAY of LIFE and MORE IMPORTANT an ATTITUDE (Bad Ass REDNECK)!! And BLAKE has IT!! Leave him alone!! Yes country has a “swooning love song” ROMANTIC side, BUT it ALSO has a ROCK-n-ROLL side and now a POP side!!

    LOOK at WHAT and WHO brought COUNTRY BACK to POPULAR (from almost DEAD) in the 80’s!! SAWYER BROWN started and brought in a NEW WAVE of Country fans!! The Tractors and so many more!!

    PS To all you “old-farts” (assholes and not)… I can BUY ALL the OLD RECORDS at YARD SALES for 10 cents each (boxes for $5)…and upload it into my computer!!

    So WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for COUNTRY LATELY?? Like Blake, Toby, Carrie, Miranda, Kelly Clarkson and Pickler and all the NEW YOUNG stars!

  • Blake Shelton is going to be one of those OLD FARTS one day…….probably sooner than he expects.
    Country Music does NOT sound like country music today……and these artists like Blake DO NOT LAST because of it……they sound like pop music or rock……..
    Why do they keep trying to change Country Music???? Remember, it’s the Senior Citizens that have most of the money…..teenagers tastes changes in a flash…..look what happened to LeeAnn Rimes….too much too soon, now nothing.
    NONE of the new artists can touch Eddy Arnold, Jim Reeves, Charlie Pride, George Jones, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Conway Twitty, Ray Price, Vince Gill……
    Blake will never have the longevity all the greats had……..he’s just the next big thing, FOR NOW. Hope you enjoyed your short stay in what you are calling country music.

  • I agree with Blake.. Don’t know why him giving his opinion is horrible and unexceptable but all you people bashing the artists of today is ok.. Not so good when the shoe is on the other foot is it.?

    Besides lets be honest people like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are far better than those old washed up old farts.. They are living legends..

    • @ o.o

      Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert are living legends? not even close just two more singers of corporate country and corporate marketing.

      • “just two more singers of corporate country and corporate marketing.”

        That’s a FACT. Living pseudo-celebrities…..maybe.

  • I think, like with everything else as of late, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. We have become a bunch of people who get ‘offended’ at everyone and everything and then squak about it as loudly and publicly as possible. The people who gave that comment so much power are the very same people who were so ‘offended’ by it. And then there are the ever present followers who always jump in like a banana with the bunch to add fuel to the flame. Did it take an ounce of their success away? I mean did Ray Stevens magically and suddenly become less famous, less successfull, less important, because Blake Shelton made a comment voicing his ‘opinion’ on a genre of music? I mean one minute we are squaking about our rights to freedom of speech, and I’ll be damned, the next we are boycotting people for using that right. Sheesh, c’mom people nut up, get your feelings off your sleeves, prioritize just a little, and look at the BIG picture where you will hopefully see that this petty crap doesn’t even reach the top ten issues of importance today. Peace, Lisa out!

    • Really kind of hard for me to boycott Blake Shelton. How do you boycott someone you never supported in the first place.

    • Love comments like this….I’ll take a shot.

      “I think, like with everything else as of late, this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. We have become a bunch of people who get ‘offended’ at everyone and everything and then squak about it as loudly and publicly as possible.”
      – I don’t know that many were offended as much as shocked at the arrogance and lack of respect Blake showed.

      “The people who gave that comment so much power are the very same people who were so ‘offended’ by it. And then there are the ever present followers who always jump in like a banana with the bunch to add fuel to the flame.”
      – I don’t know that there are “followers” anywhere, but people that have the right to respond…i.e. fans and other artists.

      “Did it take an ounce of their success away? I mean did Ray Stevens magically and suddenly become less famous, less successfull, less important, because Blake Shelton made a comment voicing his ‘opinion’ on a genre of music?”
      – No, his comments don’t have the power to effect legendary careers, but (again) the lack of respect and arrogance should be something that concerns people.

      “I mean one minute we are squaking about our rights to freedom of speech, and I’ll be damned, the next we are boycotting people for using that right.”
      – Who was talking about freedom of speech? Or who said Blake shouldn’t have the right to say what he said?

      “Sheesh, c’mom people nut up, get your feelings off your sleeves, prioritize just a little, and look at the BIG picture where you will hopefully see that this petty crap doesn’t even reach the top ten issues of importance today.”
      – Agree music (or sports or the upcoming SuperBowl) aren’t on the level of world hunger and oppression, but people do have their passions and hobbies they take seriously. Or for actual artists, this is their lively hood and their life…so to them this might be a top ten issue.
      I always hate this argument…”well in the big picture”, I guess we should all just quit our jobs and life cause “in the big picture” what can we really effect.
      I would ask you, why did you even comment? In the big picture, why do you even care enough to comment?

      This comment was a matter of respect, pride and being humble, which Blake didn’t show much of.

    • No one is “offended”, as you use it, just because they reply with an opinion to his opinion.
      And certainly no one is trying to censor his freedom of speech (btw, I think you misuse that concept. The government only can censor freedom of speech, not private entities. The flip side is that no private entity is obliged to give anyone a platform for their speech).

      Personally, I’d love for all the “entertainers” who presently purport to represent country music, to shout their real feelings, in luding their disdain for and contempt of, real country musicians and fans, loud and long. Maybe it would wake some people up as to the hypocrisy of these people using country as a path to fame and fortune while having no heart or soul for the music, while not even understanding what the country genre, with all its rich heritage, entails. It would show that they themselves recognised that they didn’t have what it took to succeed in their first and true love, pop or rock, so they took the “easy” path of country (and doesn’t that in itself say something, when you consider what the greats of the past in country came from, to call the genre as presently constituted, “easier”-easier in distinguishing themselves to youth in a crowded rap and pop field). It would show that they lacked the primary distinguishing characteristic of country music since its inception, from Jimmy Rodgers and the Original Carter Family-authenticity. Maybe then real country fans would be able to be more wary of every new “face” which comes along using country as a springboard for what they really want to do. Pop especially was made for superficiality, that’s it’s defining characteristic, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, for pop. It is what it is, But it’s the kiss of death for country, whose primary characteristic is and always has been, authenticity.

  • Well, ol’ Blake has a point! And not just the one on the top of his head.

    Country has evolved! It’s turned into pop music now, most of what I hear on the radio sounds like the Backstreet Country Boys or some Justin Bieber song about a pickup truck. I like a little rock in my country, and it’s got to have some soul, but it seems to me like it’s 90% bubblegum pop sung by pretty boys…..What I like ain’t grandpa’s music…it’s my daddy’s music and the music I was raised on, and it beats the livin’ $#!! out of the Disneyfied overproduced elevator muzak they call country today. (with one or two notable exceptions, I ain’t sayin’ there’s nothing good anymore, but….)

    Just one man’s opinion….feel free to disagree, this is still America. Sort of.

  • @ o.o…….Living Legends???? LMAO,,,,,that’s a good one.
    You and NWCBOY should get together.
    Obviously you both are in love with mainstream FM country….such shit.
    I’m glad to hear people out themselves with their love for Non Traditional Old school
    Country…makes it easier for us Country fans to ignore them lol
    ” Country is a Way of life? An attitude? And being a Redneck is your eyes is a good thing?? You make us all laugh if nothing else with comments like that.
    Sawyer Brown?????? Plllllllleeease girl!!! You can add those guys to the list of who
    Helped to make country the bullshit that is on the radio today.
    I saw Sawyer Brown at a festival (unfortunately) and that midget singer was sooo bloody arrogant… He would even stop a song to tell the crowd that they deserved more applause for certain songs because they were such big hits!! A total asshole!
    What made it worse,their set ran long and shortened Mark Chesnutt’s set…one of the few decent guys to come out of the late 80’s & 90’s.
    Enjoy your pop country…we won’t be.

  • Hey Trig, Blake and his wife Miranda went to Ray Price’s show in Oklahoma, and met with him backstage. There’s a picture and article on the Country Weekly site:


    • Thanks for the update CJ!

  • What’s the difference between a jackass and Blake Shelton?

    One is presently married to Miranda.

  • […] Blake Shelton got in hot water with his colorful comments about country music’s evolution and it not being “grandpa’s music” anymore. Artists were picking sides as comments flew between parties on what country is and was. More […]

  • Old farts, jackasses and Blake Shelton…..What’s the difference? Well old farts and jackasses know better then to spew shit from their mouths.

  • I do not mind the new singers trying to make a name for themselves. Just don’t do it under the guise of country music. If you still like classic country as it was meant to be, come to Texas & listen to Jody Nix, Jake Hooker, Justin Trevino, Curtis Potter, Bobby Flores or Amber Digby. I am proud to be in the class of old farts & jackasses.

  • It seems like Blake is one of many recording what big labels and radio dictate. “Evolve” doesn’t have to mean go all out pop and pop/rock and lose most or all of the country music. Country radio playing pure pop and not playing pure country songs or enough female songs is a total turn off. There’s no balance. Even if kids buy more music, it’s a mistake to lose so much country. You don’t see pop artists saying pop music has to evolve to survive then putting twang in their songs or making pure country albums. If loving country music makes me a jackass then I’m a proud one.

  • […] been some debate over the state of country lately thanks to the kerfuffle caused when Blake Shelton, the Country Music Association’s reigning Entertainer of the Year, […]

  • I know I’m a nobody in the country world but I think that comment was crap. I’m all about music up and coming but my favorite is Johnny Cash and I’m 29. And guess whose page I follow…Johnny Cash..not his. I also follow Ray Charles and was one of my favorites concerts I’ve ever seen at 17. Right before he got sick. He’s just upset he can’t keep up with Zac Brown Band and the great music that George Strait just put out. Glad McGraw’s back toO!!!!

  • Blake Shelton is to country music like Peyton Manning is to basketball. What an arrogant little prick. He just insulted all the country legends and after he realizes what hes done, gives it the old “thats not what I meant”. Guess what Blake? Too late, you’ve showed your true colors. I wonder how many fans you lost over that one.

  • Blake Shelton has no respect for country music or it’s history. He say’s “evolve” Evolve into a new genre? I don’t see anyone saying bluegrass needs to evolve or pop needs to evolve or how about the Blues or Jazz..nope evolve means country music is not a genre. I wish Blake Shelton would take his big head & big mouth and evolve right out of country music..for good. Take that witch he calls a wife with him.

  • One more thing. Shelton didn’t mind doing Austin, Old Red, The Baby, to come up the ladder, but when he got there, he started creating his version of country, wanted to throw some rock out there. All well and good, now he’s too good for the same songs that got him where he is. He’s in his mid 30’s, getting up there in age, his fan base his getting oder too..leaving the honkey tonks & starting families, outgrowing Blake Shelton & Gun Powder n Lead too. So ol’ BS will soon discover the people you step on on your way up the ladder you’re going to see on the way down.
    Heard Natalie Maines is releasing a “rock” album..maybe that’s where BS & his wife need to be..rock..no “evolving”, it being a respected genre and all, unlike Country Music it seems.

  • How ’bout Blake & Keith Urban & Travis Tritt form a trio.

    Then we can all not pay to see all the still talent hungry folks @ one tiime.

    Save a lot of time & effort.

    Who ever questioned their S.O. “Who R U when I’m not looking”? W.T.F.?


    And what the hell is I’m your Mississippi, Your my Conway Twitty about? Haven’t heard such bad bubblegum music since Paul Revere & the Raiders!

  • O, B.T.W.,

    Hope to hell this doesn’t hurt Bobby Braddock’s reputation/legacy, after such a great writing career, for believing in this no talent asshole!

    Guess everyone’s entitled to 1 mistake (but not 3 or 4 Blake).

  • I haven’t read the numerous comments here but felt compelled!!! I was weaned on “old fart” country, and that means Hawkshaw, Patsy, Loretta, Tubb, Snow, and of course Price(like the “”Crazy Arms Ray over the “For the Good times Ray< but, Whatever, it is called Evolution(change). I listen to Hank Sr(just last week) and then Hank III(very different), BUT is it? I don't have a problem with GROWTH and CHANGE, Just DON'T lose the HEART!!!. That's what I find missing in today's country. With Rascall Flatts POP SHIT(every song has to be a note fest, GODDAMIT, JUST SING THE SONG, Let Whitney REST IN PEACE, and Just sing the Melody!!!, Sorry I Digress!!!. Then You have some Nubies that aren't played on radio(Old 97's, Wayne Hancock, The Robinson's and all the other True Hearted Country Musicians out there. Look CASH made some of his BEST MUSI at the end with the AWESOME RICK RUBIN!!!, won Grammy's and was NOT played on Radio. I Avoid Radio in general these days (sirius excluded) gice me some CCR(Cross Canadian Ragweed!!!!!MISS U GUYS, Play it Cody C!!! Till My Next Rant Thanks for Readin"

  • Must be calling his wife an old fart and a jackass since she is a huge Haggard fan. He’s gonna be a busy boy with a laundry list full of chores. He can add that to his laundry list of washed up song lyrics.

  • As a working musician who plays “old fart” and “jackass” music in/around Chicago, it seems to me there is genuine and steady interest in hearing what Dale Watson describes as “real country songs.”

    Ironically, just yesterday, I heard Blake Shelton’s “It’d be Cool if You Did” on the radio. The first line’s “keep it real, like chill, like only have a drink or two” made me wonder who really talks like that, other than the “Valley Girl”? I then asked if the song would reference a truck. Sure enough, the answer came with the “moonlit Chevy bench seat” mention. What about a connection to country? There it is..”do a little country song, hanging on.”

    So goes the “evolved” formula of today’s country music. Predictable. Superficial. Soulless. Forgettable. And Highly Profitable for a few.

    Not surprisingly, this describes much of what currently ails this great country of ours (pun intended).

  • I WILL boycott Blakes TV Show and hope others will too. A one hit wonder trying to pretend he knows Country Music. The junk they are playing on the radio is NOT country, it’s POP. We need more artists like Jamey Johnson and Dwight to fill the shoes of our “Old Farts”, who will always have more talent than Blake will ever have. I think he needs to do a duet with someone like Madonna. Please Blake, stop calling yourself country, and see if you can make a living in another genre.

    • He did a duet with Christina Aguilera.

  • It’s about respect. Blake Shelton would not be having his 15 minute of fame if the way had not been paved by the Godfathers and Godmothers of Country music. They paid their dues the hard way, and Mr. Shelton didn’t have to work at it like they did, BECAUSE they did it the hard way.

    You do NOT disparage someone who made it possible for you to get what you have! The old farts know this, and the young jackazzes like Blake Shelton do not.

    I buy records. I listen to stations that play classic country. I call the stations that play the bubble-gum pop that passes for country these days, and I tell them I want to hear “REAL” country! I also tell them, and I tell their advertisers, that I am less inclined to do business with them because of the junk they put on the air. One of the stations I’ve called has now begun having a classic country hour every day. It’s not much, but it’s a start. Hit them in their wallets, that’s how you make a change.

  • I’ve heard Blake and I know Dale. The deal is, Dale is right. I’ve written for Dale. I know the man. He’s the real deal.

    Blake isn’t about anything evolving. He’s about recycling r & b cliches into “country” music, and there is an element of unintended race theft in there. And seriously, why does every singer have to go histrionic in order to place on his show? Nuance is not often regarded, sometimes but not a lot. It’s all about blowing the top off of the melody with as many filagree notes as humanly possible. It’s about chest thumping, not emotion. Blake, sometimes a whisper speaks louder than a scream.

    Blake’s vision is NOT country. It isn’t narrative. It has no soul, except plastic soul. Blake’s country is retread and retreat, not any evolution. Dale takes the medium to a higher level through justifiable stages through is brilliant wordplay and strong sense of narrative design.

    I’ll toss my hat, which I don’t have but I guess I’d buy, with Dale Watson over Blake Shelton any old day of the country week.

  • Blake, you ought to grow your hillbilly mullet back to remind you not to get above your raising.

    • Mybe Blake and his contemporary country music cronies should stop dropping the names of all the old farts and jackasses in their songs if they are so irrevelant in todays “evolving” country music!

  • Mybe Blake and his contemporary country music cronies should stop dropping the names of all the old farts and jackasses in their songs if they are so irrevelant in todays “evolving” country music!

  • Guess what Blake, my son is 11 and he listens to Merle , Willie, Johnny, Eddie, but cant name one of your songs. I am just 4yrs older than Blake, I suppose that makes me an old fart.

  • Sorry but country music sucks the whole genre is made up of ignorant rednecks singing about beer, dogs, and their wife leaving them.

  • Everybody knows that new country is a fucking joke. Anyone who knows anything about real music knows that new country is totally worthless. Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings etc are some of the greatest songwriters and American musical artists in history. I have played in bands for 20 years everything from jazz to punk, and every musician I know loves classic country and thinks new or pop country sucks. Blake Shelton and the rest of those new country Nashville douche bags are probably the least respected musicians in the world.

  • I used to like Blake, but since he considers people over 40 old farts and jackasses,I don’t like him anymore. I thank he has a sucky attitude and he is also very rude. where the young people of today be if it weren’t for the one he old farts and jackasses? He has let his success go to his head. Is that what ge calls his parents?

  • Any classical music lover will be hurt by Blake Shelton’s comments. He should not use words in that way. Although one can do and say anything to be the talk of the town.

    • Call me nuts but this poster seems to have briefly skimmed the word “classic” in the title, made a comment about how Blake Shelton (also in the page title) said some bad things about it, and wrote a generic comment about it with a link associated with his post under his name that leads to a coupon scam.

  • I’m only 34 and I like classic Country, but I the “Classic Country” I grew up is there early 1990s Country i.e. Garth Brooks, Suzy Bogguss, Brooks and Dunn, Confederate Railroad, Reba, Vince Gill- that to me is “Classic Country”. As a teenager I discovered I liked older Country too- such as Patsy Cline, Ray Price, and The Carter Family, and others. But mainly because of nostalgia reasons. To me, Pop Country in the early 1990s was the perfect match of true Country music with a modern sound. It was new and fresh, but it was still Country. It had beauty and asthetics. Today’s Country is nothing like that. Its very bland and very annoying in many ways. When people say they hate Country music -its the stuff on the radio they are talking about. I play real Country music for people, and they have changed their minds about the genre.

  • The classic country I grew up with was more in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In fact I was listening to the likes of George Jones and Loretta Lynn at a time when many if not most of my contemporaries were into folks like Led Zeppelin. I do think it’s a shame that there is a dearth of the more classic sound on so-called country radio today. Folks such as Jason Aldean and Julianne Hough wouldn’t have been considered country artists a generation ago, even though there always has been some melding of country and pop songs going back to the likes of Patsy Cline and Slim Whitman. But in the past couple of decades mainstream country radio wouldn’t play the likes of George Jones because he was considered “too country”. Too country for country radio? Now isn’t that a bit like telling a baseball player he can’t play because he is too good a hitter?

  • Blake Shelton, your highness, I would like to remind you that John Denver was also once CMA Male Vocalist of the Year. So much for an award making you “The leader of country music.”

    Don’t get too full of yourself hoss.
    The same fans that took you to the top, can take you right back down to the root cellar.

  • Blake missed the point entirely. There’s a huge difference between “evolving” and “devolving”. Modern Country is a devolution and it keeps on spiraling down, and is being fueled by the fact that some are trying to make it sound like “hip hop”. NEWS FLASH — folks! That’s the best way to kill it.

    Some folks in high places better think that one through. CM can evolve all right, but along classical lines. That’s the only way it can survive.

  • Most of this thread sounds like a visit to the local vinyl record store here, or as I call it “old fart day care.” No matter when you go in there, you’ll find an assortment of sixty-somethings bullshitting that none of today’s music (pop, country, or any other) is worth a crap, but the past was all pure gold and boyoboyoboy, didn’t we fuckin’ rock back then. That, muscle cars, and Tea Party politics are the only topics allowed; and if you don’t like it, then get the fuck out of our store and go get a haircut, boy!

    They live in the past and walk around wearing horse blinkers. Sure, there’s lousy music now; there was lousy music 50 years ago too. Fabian and Patty Duke, anybody? (It may actually be a duty for each generation to proclaim the next’s music is shit. That’s what they said about Sinatra and Glenn Miller in great-grampa’s day too, and guess what happened?)

    Appreciate the past, sure, but enjoy the best of the present too, and look forward to the future. Listen with open ears and stay young at any age. P.S. I’m 58 meself.

    • “They live in the past and walk around wearing horse blinkers. Sure, there’s lousy music now; there was lousy music 50 years ago too. Fabian and Patty Duke, anybody? (It may actually be a duty for each generation to proclaim the next’s music is shit. That’s what they said about Sinatra and Glenn Miller in great-grampa’s day too, and guess what happened?) ”

      You nailed it ‘thatkid’ . There was a ton of B-A-D music around in the 50′ s and 60’s . There’s always been a ton of bad music around…yes even lots of BAD country music . The difference today , I believe , is that it wasn’t HARMFUL bad music . It didn’t celebrate alcohol song after song … it didn’t stereotype and even degrade women …it didn’t display fake accents …it didn’t repeat its tired , shallow themes endlessly for 5-6 years running AND it was REAL music …not machine -generated drums , keyboards , and auto-tuned vocals . Last but not least , where country music is concerned , it celebrated the talents and creativity of some GREAT players of traditional country instruments including fiddle , dobro , banjo , steel guitar , harmonica ,mandolin and others.Most of those instruments are all but gone on most mainstream pop-country ‘songs’ .

  • Great article. I’m a punk/indie/hip-hop guy who listens to everything under the sun, including old country. I don’t much care for most modern country music except the Dixie Chicks who are still incredibly great (as people and as songwriters/singers).

    All weekend I’ve been listening to Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams… my two favorite country artists. I was in the mood after seeing Coal Miner’s Daughter for the second time in my life (the first time was like, in 1985 or something). I forgot how damn good Loretta Lynn’s older music is, and I just got in the mood.

    So I did a google search for “old country music more genuine and real” and found this article.

    Again, great read.

    I wish more people in general would be open to old country. Sure, the vocal twang is an acquired taste, but… there are three reasons I think classic country is incredibly important:

    1. It’s completely real, and was made by people who needed to write songs, to express their feelings about being poor and going the route of so many before them: working their butts off, only to live a life, tired and poor, and eventually die much younger than they’re supposed to. These songwriters needed to write to get catharsis… and all of the songs clearly show their passion and emotion, and humility.

    2. It was about the SONGS, back then… not people with perfect DNA… gifted, gorgeous women and gifted, gorgeous men… it wasn’t about that, AT ALL. It was about good or great voices, great lyrics, and the SONGS themselves. That’s why any of Loretta Lynn’s hits still resonate today, in September 2013. That’s why Hank’s hits still resonate, over 60 years after his death. That’s why “Ring Of Fire” is so damn good…. it’s pure and it’s completely truthful. And ANYONE who’s ever been in love can relate to the subject matter. I may not be able to relate to Loretta Lynn singing “Coal Miner’s Daughter” but god DAMN, is that a good song! And furthermore, I can’t personally relate to “Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’ (With Lovin’ On Your Mind”, but….. as a person who does not drink at all (and never has my whole life), I can relate to the woman’s point of view, as horny alcoholics are probably some of the most annoying creates on planet earth. These songs just RESONATE, man…. in ways so much music does not.

    3. The South, in general…. may have its quirks and by and large, I think a lot of people think southerners and “country” folk are stupid people, but I would completely disagree. Some of the best people I have ever known in my life are from the south. My current roommate and friend is a good dude. He is an indie-rocker/intellectual (like myself), but talking to him about music, life, the south (a place I have only briefly visited, and this was only Athens, GA— the rest of my knowledge of the south comes from reading and watching movies and documentaries)…. but yeah, there’s a realness that you can’t quite get from a lot of other places in the United States. I currently live outside of Philadelphia and I have found this area to be largely phony, shallow, and boring. I would move to Tennessee or Kentucky in a heartbeat if I didn’t have a stable, good job up here. But I can’t relate to ANYONE here, ultimately… I’m not cut out for the pretentious b.s. that comes with the middle-class or upper middle-class. I prefer my friends and music to be REAL, and that’s something that I have to give to the south, in general. Working-class people are some of the best people in this country (as long as they’re not douchebags or mean in general). Again… there’s just a realness that isn’t present in a lot of other parts of the United States.

    So yeah…. I’m so glad classic country exists… and I wish more people out there would listen to it. They’d become a lot more humble, educated, and kind if they listened to Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams, the absolutely perfect Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, etc… on a regular basis.

    On a side note, lately I’ve been dabbling with writing some old-timey country songs (I’m a singer/songwriter), and learning a lot of these classics just for fun… and, while I don’t have a southern accent (I’m from New Jersey), I still love this stuff, and writing it… because I’m a genuine person, and I want everything I write to reflect this. That’s something you get from all that old country stuff, and that’s something you DON’T get, with most new country.

    Thanks for hearing me out,
    Chris Caulder

    • Good Lord, you expect someone to read all of that? There’s over 500 comments before you and you write a book?

  • typos in my comment above: I meant “annoying creatures” not “annoying creates”… haha

  • Blake Shelton is a piece of shit. He sucks ass big time. He and all the other so called country artists today suck big time. Miranda Lambert sucks too.

    Kathy Mattea > Miranda Lambert

  • Blake is a hypocrite. He has no respect for older people. I am not watching his show any more. Blake chose 67 year old Cher to work as his mentor this year on The Voice. Cher is a fool if she does not know what Blake said about people her age.

  • […] this year, Blake made a bold comment about how “nobody wants to listen to their grandpa’s music. And I don’t care how many of […]

  • I would LOVE to PUNCH This JERKWAD PUNK!.(BIG mouth Blake) right in his LARGE PUNK Mouth!. and IF I ever get around him I WILL!!!!!! So if you read this Mr Big mouth You got a shot in the chops IF I ever get within punching distance!,And I mean it! stinking Irreverent PUNK!. He needs to take care of his Fat assed Wife.
    Making Lewd comments about my heroes makes me see REDDDDDDDDDDDD.
    I don’t know WHO told him he could sing He CAN’T!.

  • Well, Blake, I have no idea what you sing or how your voice sounds. I’m a rock and roll fan. I grew up, having to listen to classic country and I do like it, even though you won’t find my radio’s set for country stations. I do love Alan Jackson, Conway Twitty, Tammy Wynett and I few others. Looks like you inserted your foot in your mouth. Maybe you need a mouth monitor. But hey, this has happened to us all. Lesson you should learn: DON’T EVER SAY ANYTHING THAT STUPID AGAIN. You were just having a Dixie Chic moment. At least you were in the USA and not in a foreign country. Carry on dude. Pray you aren’t finished as a performer.

  • Actually, I don’t know who sent down the decree saying that “country music MUST evolve”. If it evolves organically, naturally, while building upon country’s foundations, that’s one thing. That’s not what’s happening. This is an artificial, forced “evolution”, kind of like growth hormones force-fed to cattle or something, all for the sake of capturing, fleetingly, that nebulous youth market. Guess what, at some point, they grow up (one hopes). Then what? If the next generation, raised with rap as the backdrop of their lives, doesn’t like anything about what makes country, country, will the music be artificially “evolved” into the extinction of country music?

    This used to be music from the heart, about real people and their lives. The issues may be somewhat different now, but the people are the same.

    I was watching a documentary about the history of country music, a British-production. All through the documentary, the country music figures in it had a similar refrain, every generation of them, from the Original Carter Family right up to the outlaws and beyond, and that was this-every one of them mentioned authenticity, reality, genuineness. Until they interviewed Shania Twain. Now I’m not putting all this on her shoulders, but she was the one they interviewed, and this was her word-it was “fantasy”. She said something to the effect that she loved creating a fantasy. It sounded, to my ears, that she never understood the thing which always distinguished country music (as it does blues music), which makes it different, and that thing is authenticity. Not a caricature of it, as with the truck and beer songs, but the connection to real people mainly of the working, and these days, the shrinking middle class.

    All the country greats who went before had this in common, They might tweak the sound, they might push the envelope, but it was always real, and stayed within certain paradigms, or else country music would not be country, it would be blues or rock or folk.

    The documentary pointed out that bluegrass has managed to hold onto its roots precisely because the people within it know they won’t be becoming millionaire celebrities (Alison Krauss being an anomoly), and anyone who goes into it knows that. They will make a living to one extent or another, but they have to have a love for the music and maintaining the music, or they chose the wrong metier.

    • Hey Melanie,

      I just ran across this thread today, as I missed it when it first appeared. Thank
      you for expressing so succinctly and eloquently what is the heart of the matter.
      It is simply impossible for me to find a connection to almost all of the artificial content and entertainers who are being cranked out by the Music Row greedheads these days.

      Mr. Shelton is especially egregious to me because he fancies himself a spokesman
      for this crap. He needs to sober up, find some humility, and start all over again with
      a serious approach to the great tradition of American “Country” music. Then we
      might find out if he has a talent for it.

      Ben Jones

  • I started as a Country Radio dj in 1967 at am 630 KYAK Anchorage at 20 years of age. Had the pleasure of meeting dozens of the legends while working at WKMF Flint, KVEG Las Vegas, and WCXI Detroit. Blake Shelton’s had some fine tunes, notably the Baby, Who are You when i’m not looking, and Ol Red. He’s a talented charismatic singer. But just like the Dixie Chicks he found out free speech can be costly. You don’t “label” everyone who likes Classic Country ANYTHING. I run a mobile dj service where i play everything from family Pumpkin Farms to wedding receptions, huge civic events, Car Shows and the like. And you wouldn’t BELIEVE the 15, 20, and 25 year old guys and gals who come up and say “thanks for playing the Waylon and Patsy and Jones….radio won’t play ‘em”. Many of today’s newer artists respect the heritatge of Classic Country and many don’t. Blake’s been candid about his battle with the bottle and it was gracious of Ray Price to forgive him and of Blake to apologize. As for Keith Urban, Taylor Swift and the like–fine artists and people but no more country than a Manhatten Taxicab. Classic country will live forever because the singer’s VOICE was mixed ABOVE the background music, the artists were unique in that you could tell a Jean Shepard Jimmy Dickens Waylon George Jones or Ray Price song from the first 3 notes….and the songs told a STORY. Much of new country is as Merle Haggard said a few years ago “overproduced and underfelt, assembled not played, and overdubbed NOISE.” I cried for an hour the day Waylon, George Jones and Ray Price died. The feeling they put in music appeals to EVERYONE, thank God for that. Sincerely, Dan McPhail, Classic Country Radio and live mobile dj from Burton Michigan

  • SCM also asks that people be respectful to Blake in their comments.”

    Wow Trigger you’re asking a lot. I will try.

    Blake doesn’t know anything about country music and its roots. Should we really be offended when he refers to traditionalist as an old geyser? To me it is just evidence of how far removed he is from what country music is all about. It is true that the young support the music industry in pop and perhaps other music culture. However, country music is the one industry where your fans do not abandon you as they age. I stop buying pop music in the 90’s, but I still buy my country music up until this day. Country music has always been the industry where there has never been much of a generation gap. My country music collection is and has always been the same as my moms. Not so with my pop collection. The reason why Pop tend to lose its audience as people age is because pop lyrics are often immature, stupid and/or trivial, lacking depth. The huge age distinction that you see in pop culture has never really existed in the genre of country music. You go to Waylan (when he was alive of course) and Willie concert, you see the young and old. And if you look at traditional country singers still today, like Hank 3, Jamey Johnson and Sturgil Simpson, you will notice that the age range is all over the map. That is what country is all about.

  • What has happened to common sense….You should be able to like any type of music, I love old country and my granddaughters like One Direction and Lady Gaga I do have major problem with name calling because you don’t agree with someone….BLAKE(GET A LIFE).

  • “Blake Shelton has landed in hot water before for making inflammatory comments, especially on his infamous Twitter account. In May of 2011 Blake got in trouble for seemingly advocating violence against gays by re-writing the words to a Shania Twain song. The singer later apologized.”

    Fuck him for apologizing. We’re Southrons, with deep Christian morality, which means we should never pander to homosexuals. If they don’t like our laws, and our way of life, then all them queers can move up North!

    By the way, I don’t even listen to the radio unless it’s NPR’s bluegrass segments on the weekends. Country music is rarely if ever played on the radio nowadays. It commercially died in the mid-00’s, but you can still find new country music on youtube. God bless Zac Brown for at least trying to keep the music alive, but he’s just one man. Country music has been sold up river to the Yankees; the Labels don’t care about us anymore.

  • Sure…I’ll weigh in on this one. I’m 53 and enjoy all of it. Bluegrass, classic country, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond as well as today’s new country. The songs today excite me just as much as the songs from yesterday. Music changes and so do we. Sounds to me like Blake got caught up in the moment and forgot who laid the road that got him here. There is something to be learned and loved from every generations music. Embrace change AND honor the past. We are allowed to do both!

  • Country music has not evolved into anything except rock music. Rap took over rock music so rock stars turned to country. Now some country songs have rap in them also. I guess when people get tired of rap then rap will be the new country.

  • I can easily remember some of the WORST country songs ever made, because even the worst of them had some kind of redeeming quality. But, I couldnt tell you ANY of Blake Sheltons song titles, because he isn’t a country artist. He doesnt have any talent and he doesnt have any redeeming qualities. My Father, played Country Western musice for 50 years and had a great following. I remember asking him once, “why do the pop artists sell so many records, when their music stinks”?
    My Dad said, “Well son, 98 % of the world has taste for S#@T! ” And he is right!
    Just because you sell a billion records, doesn’t mean you have real talent, it just means most of the world has no clue what good music is.

    Country Western music, is what made AMERICA great, and Blake Shelton had no part in it!

    • Man …there is some INCREDIBLY good new country music around …some stunningly creative writing , performances and WONDERFULLY talented musicians . It’s just not on mainstream radio . There’s also some timeless country music around …the stuff that still connects generation after generation . In a lifetime , none of us could ever hear all of the amazing stuff that’s been recorded . But again …its NOT the stuff on today’s radio . Like all other forms of pop entertainment from network TV to 95% of the movies released, it is watered -down lowest common denominator fare designed to make us buy leaf blowers , home alarm systems , laundry detergent and whatever- the- hell- else products we could never survive without . When we accept THIS fact , we understand why its called ” Commercial Radio ” . The song is a 3 minute jingle meant to hold our attention between advertising spots . Its not meant to enlighten , educate , convert , inform , support , encourage or , otherwise , impress anyone . Its ONLY purpose is to engage ( hypnotize ) us long enough that we’ll hear the next thing they want to sell us . And that’s it . Pretty simple right ? So why , knowing that and LIVING it most of our lives , do we still complain at all ? C’mon …we all have access to the REAL stuff from a dozen different sources …most of them ad-free . No one has a gun at our heads forcing us to listen to Jason Aldean or Blake or Little Big Town’s latest tripe . If you enjoy being pandered to as part of the lowest common denominator …..be my guest . If you don’t then tap into to all of the other options .

      • I dont even listen to music via the radio. Ill use Pandora or some other vehicle to listen to the old REAL country. Ill admit that there are some very good artists out there, continuing the heritage of country western music, they just dont get any air time on the lame stream stations. I still buy music, but only the good stuff. I couldnt even tell you who was on the country music awards for the last 10 years, because most of the people on there arent interesting, arent talented, arent enjoyable to listen to. Ill be arrogant and say that I am a listener of only fine country western music. The rest of the crap they play for the masses, is trash

  • You know one day Taylor Swift will learn how to stay on key and Sheldon will learn how to be graceful. He is a product of our totally disrespectful society today and that is our fault people. We made them and let them thrive by giving them everything and making them think they are entitled all the way.

    In the 60s when the OLD FARTS were popular Sheldon would have been a lounge singer at best. The industry is exactly as Merle Haggard said. “In the old days the recording labels heard someone who was great and they worked to make them a star. It really didn’t matter what they looked like but today they find someone good looking and it don’t matter if he or she can sing they market the hell out of them even if they can’t sing and have no personality”.

    Right on Merle and you should know better than anyone you had to work for everything you got in your day not like the punks calling themselves stars today.

  • What a drunk, stupid statement from someone we will not think of, when they’re gone. Free radio has very few country artists. I would Never put “artist” in a description of people like Ga Fla Line (yuck) or Aldean. Enough people that slammed their faces into tackleboxes! George Straight and Alan Jackson , keep it real and thank you XM for offering real country music!

  • I never listen to so-called Country anymore. You can’t mix true Country music with alternative, pop, nor rap. If you try to, you are showing your true colors. To me Blake Shelton is nothing. Today so-called Country is just big business with no talent. It’s all about appearance. Have you noticed how the true stars like Haggard, Jones and many more were always humble and appreciative of their fans? Go to a real Country Concert and see Gene Watson or Moe Bandy. Blake Shelton would not have enough talent to bring them a glass of water!

  • I know it’s been a year since this posted – but maybe ol’ BS should remember that Ricky Skaggs, Shania Twain, and the Dixie Chicks all won EOY too.

    Maybe you should take that hillbilly bone and shove it up your a**.

  • Never wrote a comment on a message board. You guys should get over yourselves. I listen to ALL music–all years. Maybe those of us who will entertain listening to newer artists get sick and tired of listening to “the old farts” say we are idiots for not understanding that all new C&W music is trash and we are ignorant. And obviously many of you “jackasses” called him a no-talent artist–even before those comments. I’m old enough to know what they said about Willie’s and Waylon’s music (when progressive country became popular). It was a LOT worse.

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