Blake Shelton’s Country Rap “Boys ‘Round Here” (A Rant)

March 27, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  193 Comments

blake-shelton-001Just when we thought the American public was finally getting wise to the fact that country rap is a Cancer of Western Civilization, needing to be cut out and radiated like the grapefruit-sized, puss-filled tumor it is, here it comes roaring back like a raging case of bleeding hemorrhoids.

Blake Shelton’s “Boys ‘Round Here” is songwriting by algorithm and analytics, fashioning together words and sounds known to have the widest impact on mainstream radio’s weak-of-mind demo. The “boys” in the title of “Boys ‘Round Here” is fitting, because this song is rank immaturity. It’s the audio equivalent of sneaking out of your mom’s house to smoke pot behind a Pizza Hut.

This song starts off by violating your ear holes with the most horrid, chicken scratching “Red! Red! Red! Red!” sounds that Blake must have directly sampled from the soundtrack Satan himself uses to torture the souls stuck in eternal damnation. Instead of being rhythmic and catchy, the machine-gunning “Red! Red! Red!” bursts come at your face like a flying cocktail of nail and glass shrapnel from an improvised car bomb–like the nerve grating ticks of a touretts sufferer compounded by the onset of the mother of all Grand Mal seizures. Come on Blake, spit it out! Or for God’s sake someone shove a wallet in his mouth before he chokes on his own tongue.

You think I’m being harsh? Just listen…

Told ya….

Then the soul-less electronic 1’s and 0’s of a hip-hop beat kick in as the aggressively-cliche lyrics begin to flow from Blake’s brazenly overly-effected put-on Southern drawl. “The boys ’round here. Drinking ice cold beer. Talkin’ ’bout girls, talkin’ ’bout trucks. Runnin’ them red dirt roads out kickin’ up dust.” Are you shitting me with these lyrics? This stuff was cliche back when Charlie Sheen was having his public meltdown. Is this song the “leadership” from our Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year? Because I’d rather shit a knife than listen to this.

Oh, and it gets worse. “Backwoods legit, don’t take no shit. Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit!” For those of you that don’t speak country rap, that roughly translates to, “Please Nashville, let me remain relevant despite virtually ignoring music for a career in reality TV!”

As much creativity went into making this song as does the making of a geriatrics’s bombed out adult diaper in the aftermath of a post-constipation bowel explosion. Oh, and the Pistol Annies are on this thing too? Well great. Screw me for hoping they had the heart to help return mainstream country to some semblance of substance, and here they are acting like the Staple Sisters for country music’s version of Satan.

And I seriously was a gnat’s eyelash away from praising Blake for finally fulfilling his Grand Ole Opry obligations a few weekends back and playing some free shows for his fans last week, including apparently some sets of classic country. But with this song we see that he was probably just attempting to preemptively curb criticism.

When Blake Shelton made his “old farts and jackasses” comments now some two months ago, I went out of my way to distinguish him artistically from the lowest rung of Music Row’s male talent like Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, and Florida-Georgia. But after this song and his last single “Sure Be Cool If You Did,” Blake has dramatically lowered his standards to the level of a sub-par, genre-bending, trend-chasing, country-rapping, tasteless and directionless douche that’s no different than the other names on the tip of our tongues when asked who in Nashville is the absolute worst. It truly is a shame, because unlike Florida-Georgia Line or Brantley Gilbert, Blake Shelton is truly better than this.

Two guns way down!

193 Comments to “Blake Shelton’s Country Rap “Boys ‘Round Here” (A Rant)”

  • This is quite possibly one of the worst songs i’ve heard. And just to think it will probably go to #1 :( I thought after “old farts and jackasses” comments he would have redeemed himself by releasing a pure country album… His duet with Ashley Monroe ‘You Ain’t Dolly (And You Ain’t Porter)’ is the kind of country Blake should be releasing instead of this meaningless drivel.
    I have bought one Blake to date (‘Barn & Grill’) he has the potential to release good music but his recent albums have been sell out trash.
    I’ve had a quick listen on ‘Based On a True Story’ and there is not really one good song on it, however on the deluxe edition, a song called ‘Frame of Mine’ sounded pretty good, but again did not make it on to the initial album tracklist…

    • 1st you are clearly against Blake & anything he anythings sings. He is not a hip hop rapper like Emiem, Snoop Dog, or Puff Daddy, so not Rap but COUNTRY TALK as the Good Ole Country Boys Do, But you would have to know what Country Music is first and why this album is already rated #1 already. You have a hard on for Blake, you will never be him, look like him, have a beautiful wife like him, so you need to SAVE YOURSELF, because COUNTRY MUSIC IS FINE

    • What in the world is going on in Nashwood? The pop country scene if you can call it a scene, more like something else ugly. The good state of Tennessee has so many talented people ready to die for the style of music we call country and they actually make country music but get no way to be recognized as they should. The “establishment” presents a bastardized form of audio disturbance to the world. This is a show of ZERO talent and lack of writing skill and an insult to musicians everywhere.
      so you can use an auto tuner and a sampler and all manner of effects. Try playing some music without all that and lets see what happens. Any techno wizard can make an idiot sound good these days. Try doing music in its raw form. It takes work. When does Rap qualify to be called country. It is a variation of the recitations with a different rhythm to a point but this Rap being called country is not what I would call country. Sell out to kiss up is more like it. It aint country that’s for sure.
      The opry went to hell when Roy Acuff, Bill Monroe and Ernest Tubb passed away.

      • I remember once I was at a Merle Haggard concert. Eddy Stubbs the dj got to introduce him he made a comment about “Country Radio” he said “There is more to country radio than what your being forced fed” How true is that? :D

      • Grow or perish.


  • I remember a conversion I had with the mother of the bluegrass band Cherryholmes. and she said something I really agree with “When you mix country with rap you get crap” nuff said.

    • What the hell is everyone complaining about? Your OPINION of when you mix country with rap you get crap. No one seems to be running Jason Aldeen in the mud for doing the same. Blakes little musical ditty is a lot of fun. Jason’s was a decision for a track on his new album. Blakes is funny and it’s true. It hits home for a lot of people. A funny look at reality of country life. I am sure the critics of this have never ran around back roads, dobbin’ in the mud, swinging off a rope into the river with country music entertaining all the folks that live this life style. The simple country life. A little BBQ, a little bon fire and beer, all the youngun’s playin, dogs runnin in the yard, a few guitars around to pick. Family and friends just being simple folks having a good time. We don’t have to be entertained by spending loads of money and the “Boys round here” are all true blue country folk. I am proud to be the wife of one of them. I think Blake and Miranda would have a blast and fit right in at one of our back woods get togethers. Take it easy people, I think Blake had fun with this one and our five year old sings it word for word, yep, another generation of “boys round here.”

      • Yes Nashville, pat yourself on the back, let all of the Auto-Tuned stars sing out in unison as Stratocasters bray out a cacophony of stadium rock riffs in unified celebration–you have officially discovered the shittiest country music song to ever touch the human ear drum.

      • There is a review of Jason Aldeen’s “1994 on this blog as well.

        • Yes, A review of Jason Aldeens attempt at country/rap may be on this site. I guess the difference to me is that Blake is not singing about “knocking your loud mouth out”. I feel like Blake just had fun with this one. He does make a reference about being legit and taking no shit. This is true. Most folks around here don’t bother anyone and don’t want to be bothered, it’s true they “take no shit”. Most of the “boys round here” are hard working blue collar folks who aren’t afraid to dig ditches or muck stalls to feed the family. Blakes old fart and jackasses comment should not be taken as a bashing of the generations or insulting. It’s his choice of words that sting, what he is saying is true. Generations of today don’t want to listen to Grandpa’s music. Just like many don’t want to keep thier hats on straight or pants pulled up over thier asses. Life changes, music changes, the entire world experiences changes. I can think of much worse to complain about other than this song. We have the pleasure of a five year old who enjoys a wide variety of music. He sings everything from Back Street Boys to Hank Williams Sr., George Strait, Toby Keith and even enjoys mommas Patsy Kline. He is not a music critic. He’s a little blue jean and boot wearin’ country kid that knows what he likes and goes for it. I hope he always has that clear mind set and doesn’t get wrapped up in the mess of folks that can’t accpet change.Negativity breeds negativity. No matter who likes this Blake Shelton release and who does not, it’s out there. Complaining and being critical won’t make it go away or change the way Blake writes, sings or views the country music industry. He is the one in the middle of it and should know better than any of us what appeals to the industry and makes money. He like many others put out some not so appealing music, no matter how much the consumer throws a fit they are all still laughing all the way to the bank.

          • @Sandy no one is trying to make this song go away. We are stating our opinions on it.

          • I didnt know country music fans wore their hats sideways, sidefrontwards, or wore pants below their boxers? I thought that was rap music fans?

            This is why I stick to rock and alternative. Its safer and doesnt interfere. Country and rap mix and rap and pop mix. Frightening sorry.

      • You and I might be alone, Sandy, but I too enjoy this song. Just a fun one. And I AM an old fart. :)

      • Umm, Sandy:

        I hate to break this to you, but Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert live out in a mansion in L.A. now. I do not not think they want to be bothered with a backwoods get-together anymore. Sorry to bust your bubble on how immersed in reality that you think show business is. But I had to step in and give you a reality check.

    • No it is when you take rap and mix it with hip hop then you get rip rap hip hop crap is what she what telling you. When you mix Good Ole Boys Talking and Singing You Get An #1 Hit as once again Blake Shelton does. Save Country Music before you save country music you should really know ALL the FACTS about COUNTRY MUSIC and not just put “WHAT” you think is. You have not a clue, you are not an expert, do you hold a degree, a masters, I could school you a few lessons, but you don’t want the truth, you like your fiction…….Country is Country…….We don’t alll like the twanginggggggggg and all the crooninggggggggggggggggg and music with no beat and one note songs. We love the the COUNTRY of today that paints a picture, speaks to our souls and our hearts, it makes us think and believe hope and have fun, sorry all the old music wanted me to do is to shut it off. If people like that old style crap, that fine they can listen to it but stop all your ragging on Blake because he has made something with his life other then sit around and complain like the rest of the idiots hear. Go Blake…..Sing Loud, Sing Proud, You have earned the right.

      • Learn the fact about country music? without googling it what was the most important event in country music history? Can you name the founding artists?

  • I heard this disaster on the radio yesterday. I immediately thanked God for artists like Sturgill Simpson.

    I think what I despise most about this genre and the lazy, laundry list method of composing songs is the negative effect it has on young folks, especially. All my nephews and cousins aged 15-22 think “being country” is just dipping and drinking beer. And driving jacked up trucks. It’s a damn shame.

    • Those 15 to 22-year-old boys is who this song is directly aimed at; kids who have a shallow view that all being an adult means is spitting, drinking, and driving. Just like Blake said in his “old farts and jackasses” comments, kids are the ones buying albums. He’s basically targeting kids by luring them in with adult vices and the consumer culture. It’s pretty sick and undermining if you stop and think about it.

      • Kids don’t have to buy albums anymore. They just download.

    • It kind of goes to show that white suburbia will buy into just about anything.

    • Who is Shurgell Simpsor/ Guy -Gal – Never heard of them Must not be a Country Artist if no one has heard of them.

  • It’s not that it’s country rap, it’s that it’s fucking awful at both. If there was any flow to his mic work, if there was decent country instrumentals, if the lyrics didn’t suck balls, and it might not be bad. But that basically amounts “so other than that how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

    Some day, a legit MC will do a track with real country band and, hopefully, change some minds, but until then… Agreed. This song blows.

    • I agree. I’ve said many times, there probably is, or can or will be someone who mixes country and rap successfully. I’m not much of a rap connoisseur, so I’m not sure if I would know good country rap when I heard it. Some folks like to point to Gangstagrass as a good example. To me it sounds more like a dance mashup that a true collaboration, those that doesn’t necessarily mean it is bad. But the point is we can’t just discount rap or country rap just because it is not our thing, or we risk coming across as closed-minded, or racist.

      Having said that, I would guarantee there are rap fans and artists out there right now observing all this country rap and having the same abhorrent reactions we are. Rap or country or whatever, this is just simply universally awful.

      • “But the point is we can’t just discount rap or country rap just because it is not our thing, or we risk coming across as closed-minded, or racist. ”

        I will certainly have no problem doing it. The Mayans liked to eat the children of the tribes that they conquered. Hindu women practiced Sati, where they would throw themselves on the funeral pyres of their husbands. In Nigeria and Cameroon, if a young man wants to take a wife, the other tribe members beat him senseless for hours on end. If he lives, he is allowed to marry. If he shows any emotion, he is not allowed to marry. Many die. If you get a chance, read about what the Chewa like to do to the recently-deceased… Just because some other group of primitives have a cultural norm or tradition, that does not mean that civilized people have to accept it or see it as equal. This used to be taken for granted by our granparents, etc.

        Ghetto culture is a primitive, low-grade, inferior, and corrupting influence that no amount of propoganda will force me to accept.

        • To be sure, there’s a lot of rap music with awful content… but the same could be said for other genres. Equating the whole musical form with the pathologies of “ghetto culture” is like calling country the music of “hick culture.”

        • RD, . You forgot to mention the European history of human sacrifice, namely the Vikings (who did their very own form of Sati) after raping, each in turn of course, the dead chieftain’s favourite concubine, the highest ranking officers would then rape her in turn again before stabbing her and sacrificing her for her master in the afterlife… The Druids did stuff like this too… It was common practice all over the world and first forbidden by the Mosaic Law, just sayin’…

          • First of all, there is a lot of dispute as to whether the Vikings ever had anything similar to Sati (it is based on the account of one Middle Eastern traveller and it may be apocryphal) Either way, Human Sacrifice was barred by the main sources of Western Civilization–the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Christians. So the fact that some Vikings may have done this 1000 years ago, does not make it as integral to Western Culture as Sati was to Hindus, who continued it until the British ended it at the point of a gun.

            Secondly,when did RD say “All European Cultures are wonderful and all non-white cultures are bad?” Nowhere. He simply said that he is willing to say that some primitive cultures have practices that he wants no part of.

            If someone was going to say “we need to start embracing the Volga Vikings funeral pyre practices, I’m sure he would object.

      • Trigger, there is a side project I thought I would share with you from new york I came across recently. I wouldn’t call it country rap. But its descent hip hop heavily influenced by bluegrass and country samples.
        Its far better than this vomit drenched carcass they call a song.

        • Thanks Wren, I’ve been turned on to them before. I would also tell folks to check out Adam Matta. He’s a beat boxer whose collaborated with quite a few roots bands like The Wiyos and the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

        • I had the displeasure of reviewing Gangstagrass for my college radio station. As Trigger mentioned before, it really just didn’t flow well in my eyes. It sounded like someone was rapping and they haphazardly looked through a stack of bluegrass tracks and put one in for good measure. It was chaos and it was quite horrible. Perhaps executed together properly, it *might* not be horrible, but I don’t think that rap or hip hop will ever go well with country music. It’s like ketchup and ice cream. I hear that some people do like this combination but as we all know this isn’t really very popular.

          This BS song, on the other hand, does flow well. The music goes with the melody, but unfortunately it sucks. If there were no words, this wouldn’t be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. You gotta give it to Blake, though, no one else can bring the bar down like he does.

    • I may be way offf…but when i listen to filthy still (shackled to the throne, another bottle) some of the vocal deliveries remind me a lot of rap/hip hop. I don’t think that is the intent at all, but there’s a certain flow that i think a lot of rappers would be envious of.

  • Rap will never be music and it will never be ok for decent folks to listen to it. As the entertainment industry plots the final destruction of traditional American culture, it has to find a way to corrupt remaining outliers who haven’t yet bought into ghetto culture. The best way to do this is to take something decent and mix it with poison.

    • “The best way to do this is to take something decent and mix it with poison.”

      BAM! That’s it right there.

    • RD, in what way is rap not music. You may not enjoy listening to it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t music. For instance, I’m not a fan of Scandinavian Black Metal, but it’s still music.

      • Rap is more like a low, illiterate form of poetry. In the 1950’s and 60’s beatnik poets would often recite their poetry over a loud background of jazz music or haunting soundtrack for theatrical effect. No one at the time considered it to be music.

    • I dont listen to rap but to completely discount it for everyone else is a little over the top. I think it is a lot like country music where the shit on the radio is terrible (albeit popular) and formulated but there are a ton of very talented people making country or rap albums that are really good. I dont have any names to point out as examples but there are definately some talented rappers (MCs?) that make cool stuff, its just not my thing. I dont expect everyone to like exactly what I like.

      • I would recommend P.O.S, The Roots, Mos Def, Macklemore, Outkast. There’a plenty of fantastic rap being made, but hearing it on the radio is a very rare occurence. The same can be said of country.

    • I have a feeling I’m feeding trolls here, but to equate rap to “ghetto culture” (whatever that means) is a fallacy. Did the Beastie Boys celebrate “ghetto culture” on the first rap album to go to #1? Did Rage Against the Machine celebrate “ghetto culture” in the best rap metal fusion known to man? Hell, did MC Hammer celebrate “ghetto culture” we he danced in parachute pants? It can be dance music, party music, protest music… to define it so narrowly just shows an ignorance to the medium.

      Everyone has a different definition of “country music,” but I’ll tell you that in my most inclusive definition “Aquemini” is very close to the top of the list of my favorite country albums.

      • I post here regularly. Why would you think I was a troll?

        If you can’t recognize what ghetto culture is, and the serious harm its done, then you’re willfully ignorant. Rap is the mouthpiece of a ghetto culture that promotes the most base, primitive, destructive behaviors. Responsible leaders, both black and white, have noted the link between rap and ghetto culture for decades. My comments are hardly ground-breaking. Read Thomas Sowell, or Walter E. Williams. They are both black men who want blacks to aspire to something better than rap and ghetto culture, and who recognize the deleterious effects that these things have had on lower-class whites.

        • I think you’re a troll in this instance because, in spite of three examples to the contrary, you claim – like a true racialist – that “rap is the mouthpiece of a ghetto culture.” It is utterly irrelevant that you have famous “black friends” that agree with you.

          I’ll ask again, in any way, shape, or form can you connect Rage Against the Machine to this ghetto culture you speak of? If not, I’ll happily maintain my willful ignorance.

          • Last I checked a “troll” is someone who goes on a forum to post off topic posts just to piss people off. RD posts here all the time. He did not start this comment, he was simply responding to other people saying we must respect rap culture to avoid the appearance of being racist, and explaining why he disagrees in a perfectly logical manner.

            You happen to disagree with him, but when you start calling someone names it means you don’t have an argument.

            To answer your question, Rage Against the Machine did not promote ghetto culture. They promoted a blend of Third World Marxism with generic American leftist causes (Free Mumia, Black Panthers, etc.)

            There is a strain in Rap Music separate from Gangsta Rap from groups like Public Enemy, to Common, to Immortal Technique etc. who seem to speak out against black ghetto culture, but only because they need to focus their attention on how everyone else is a racist who they need to fight.

            Their entitled to their point of view, but I don’t want it mixed with country music.

          • *Last I checked a “troll” is someone who goes on a forum to post off topic posts just to piss people off. RD posts here all the time. He did not start this comment*

            Like for example by STARTING a comment thread with “Rap will never be music and it will never be ok for decent folks to listen to it.” If that is not trolling, we’ll have to agree to disagree, because it trolled the shit out of me. Any comment with that mixture of judgement, certitude, and hyperbole is designed for a reaction, so let’s not pretend like that wasn’t the intent.

            Now I respect you, Mike, because you actually seem willing to have a conversation about the music. Clearly we both agree that this Blake Shelton song is a monstrosity. Clearly we both agree that at least some rap music does not promote ghetto culture. At least that’s a start.

            I brought it up later in the comments, but I wonder your thoughts on “Country Girl” by the Carolina Chocolate Drops.


            As far as I can tell, sonically, it is a blend of rap and country music. It has nothing to do with “ghetto culture,” leftism, marxism, racism or really any -ism for that matter. As far as I can tell, it is a celebration of Southern culture independent of race and, perhaps, also about sustainable agriculture. You may not like the song, but I don’t see how you can dismiss it outright simply on the basis of having rap elements – which it undeniably has.

          • Re: trolling.

            I think we all don’t want to get in a long political debate, so I’ll let you have the last word.

            Re: Carolina Chocolate Drops, Country Girl.

            I had not heard the song before, but here are my initial impressions

            1) I think the singer has a great voice, and the instrumentation is good, but I’m not sure they go together well. I have heard other Carolina chocolate drops songs and they were more rootsy, while this is more country-bluegrass. This, is admittedly, a product of not being used to having an obviously black voice singing behind bluegrass. I’m sure if I heard the song some more or other songs like it, I would get used to it.
            2) I did not see much hip hop influence in her singing. The only hip hop stuff I heard was the human beat box, which was subtle enough that it didn’t bother me, but I don’t think it added anything to the song.
            3) I thought the lyrics were kind of contrived and sounded like a typical laundry list song. I’m not against laundry list songs, sometimes they can be quite good. Compared to Colt Ford’s Ride Through to the country, this was a masterpiece, but I think if a white singer (or for that matter Cowboy Troy) had the same lyrics, people would think it was a laundry list song.

            All in all, it was not a bad song, but I don’t think it convinces me that Hip Hop and Country could be successfully merged.

          • In all sincerity, thank you for having an open mind. That’s all I’m shooting for.

            For the record, I don’t think it is a great song either (probably not even top 5 on that album) for some of the reasons you outlined. However, I do think it has the SEEDS of something good. If this was an example of how to start blending country and rap – rather than say any Colt Ford song, as you point out – the musical world would be a much better place.

            Although I understand the laundry list criticism (Trigger said the same), I think the theme is that their experience of Southern culture is actually surprisingly similar to the white experience. The laundry lists are similar, if you will. People might at first assume the song is a complaint about growing up black in the south, rather it is a celebration.

            *accidentally posted this same comment in the wrong place below.


          These guys are definitely promoting base, primitive, destructive behavior.

          • “Can’t we all just get along?” – Rodney King


      • In all sincerity, thank you for having an open mind. That’s all I’m shooting for.

        For the record, I don’t think it is a great song either (probably not even top 5 on that album) for some of the reasons you outlined. However, I do think it has the SEEDS of something good. If this was an example of how to start blending country and rap – rather than say any Colt Ford song, as you point out – the musical world would be a much better place.

    • I’m replying to this comment:

      Mike March 28, 2013 at 6:55 am
      “First of all, there is a lot of dispute as to whether the Vikings ever had anything similar to Sati (it is based on the account of one Middle Eastern traveller and it may be apocryphal) Either way, Human Sacrifice was barred by the main sources of Western Civilization–the Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Christians. ……”

      For some reason I couldn’t reply to Mike directly… but this reply is to him and RD…
      As far as the “apocryphal” nature of the account, it’s taken as fact in NORWAY. Vikings had extensive dealings with the Islamic Kingdoms and were hired as royal bodyguard forces by many. This account is taught as HISTORY in Norway. They are proud of it and don’t dispute it’s accuracy whatsoever.
      Anyhoo, in not mentioning human sacrifice practised by Europeans, Druids as well as Vikings, you are giving the false impression that people of colour, ie. indigenous south Americans, Asian and Africans are the only ones who indulge in such behaviour. Which is misleading as well as false. Why would that be??? Human sacrifice is practised covertly by Satanists of all colours to this day…
      I agree, RD didnt say; “All European Cultures are wonderful and all non-white cultures are bad?” But the implication is crystal clear when you leave out the examples of European human sacrifice, whilst describing non-european in such terms as primitive and then comparing them to ghetto (=black, poverty-stricken, disenfranchised) culture.
      Conversely, and for the record, I broadly agree, gangster, hip-hop, rap culture is designed to destroy people, with its overwhelmingly negative, violent, avaricious, wicked themes. It harms everyone. Its first targets were the black youth community and now it’s the white youth as well, (eminem?) It’s not fit for people, and in my mind all people start off decent. If you put people in a garbage pail, they tend to not come out so good… I am curious as to a clarification to your meaning of “decent” as it clearly does not include people who live in ghettos (poor black people)… Cheers…

      • I admit that I did not do any research about the Human Sacrifice before positing it, and it was based on various recollections from College and the History channel. You’re post impelled me to spend a couple minutes on wikipedia (and that’s all the time I’ll spend for an internet argument) and it seems that there is historical dispute as to the validity of Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s account of the Viking Sacrifice, there are a few other sources of some Viking human sacrifice, but that there were some other sources of it occurring

        So I will admit that I was partially incorrect in my original statement.

        However, as for the general point that it was racist to mention non-whites committing human sacrifice, while not acknowledging whites did it.

        First, as I said, these pagan rituals were frowned upon by what most people consider to be western civilization (i.e. Greco-Roman and Christendom.) Moreover the pagans were called “barbarians” “savages” and other mean words that you consider to be racist for that very reason.

        Human Sacrifice was certainly not as integral into any western culture to the extent it was to Hindu or Mayan culture, which is what RD brought up.

        Secondly, imagine someone said “Genocide is bad, look at Stalin and Hitler.” I don’t imagine you screaming “you racist, why didn’t you talk about Mao, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin.”

        • Mike, don’t be obtuse… The undertone in rd’s comments which you continuously defend is crystal clear, and oh-so-familiar. Please don’t insult my intelligence by pretending otherwise. I wasn’t born yesterday…
          Still waiting for a definition of “decent folks”, as you seem to be his mouthpiece/defender, perhaps you can share?

          Re: “Secondly, imagine someone said “Genocide is bad, look at Stalin and Hitler.” I don’t imagine you screaming “you racist, why didn’t you talk about Mao, Pol Pot, and Idi Amin.”
          Actually, if it was a non-white person using the examples of Hitler and Stalin to illustrate the genocidal tendencies of white people, you are dead wrong, I would most certainly bring up the examples of Mao, Pol Pot and Amin to counter their foolish argument that evil is based on skin colour. Just as I did to RD. Because it’s wrong and stupid and I’m not a racist and I tend to challenge racist comments when i see them, (for all the good it does). However, you are right I wouldn’t be screaming about it…. It’s not necessary, by the time people are posting covert racist statements on internet forums, they’re usually quite convinced they are justified into thinking they are, by the nature of their skin tone, better than other human beings with a different skin tone… lol…. Funny old world…
          PS Blske Shelton sucked way before he did this POS…

  • The red red red redneck part is actually supposed to be Dallas Davidson who wrote the song.

    • Even worse then.

      • Now how did I know this was a Peach Pickers’ POS?

  • I just wonder if the essences of each genre (white rural vs black urban) are so far apart as to make any mixing of the two sound contrived to a enthusiastic fan of either genre. I supposed bigger problems have been solved in this world, though. Not holding my breath.

    • You know, when I hear stupid hick hop like this, it’s easy to come to that conclusion. Then again, when I hear “Country Girl” by the CCDs, I realize there is hope yet.

      • I think I see where you’re coming from in that their music is sometimes hip hop informed, like Country Girl and maybe Hit ‘Em Up Style. I’ve yet to hear them explicitly rap, but I suppose that could happen and yes, maybe they could make it work. Will be taking the family to see them next week. My seven year old calls them her favorite group and those two songs I mentioned are her clear favorites.

  • no offense, i don’t really like this song but i know some people who honestly do and what i learned as a music fan as years went by is that not everything is for everyone.

    So I let my friend listen to Blake while I listen to The Lone Bellow. He don’t like The Lone Bellow but he can tolerate it because I listen and tolerate his taste. And now he’s starting to like The Lone Bellow. And yeah that friend is my flatmate. We share same apartment and share the rent.

  • ..and I agree with Jamie, Barn and Grill is probably the only Blake album with 85% good songs in it.

  • Out of all the shitty, shitty, awful, god damn abominations of country, THIS is by far the most horrendous, vomit inducing pile of horseshit I have ever fucking heard in my life.

    He’s not even TRYING to write something decent AT ALL.

    Fuck this guy.


  • Leave Pistol Annies out of this please. Heck maybe some people might actually look up their music and it will get on the radio! I think it is a little quick of ya to turn on them-I guess you haven’t heard the new CD. You will be singing a different tune soon buddy.

    • A change in morals, and/or an artist taking part in a piece of work that they don’t necessarily agree with the principles of, in order to sell more albums is the equivalent of selling out. I like Ashley Monroe, but the bottom line is by taking part in producing a piece of trash like this it really lessens respect for (at least two of) those girls.

    • I haven’t “turned” on The Pistol Annies. When their new album comes out, I will listen to it on its own merit. But if we wanted to leave The Pistol Annies out of the discussion, they should have been left off of this recording. Bad career move in my opinion. It’s not if they didn’t know this song was going to be polarizing.

  • Surely this is a joke.. He goes from the song with Ashley Monroe to this???

  • This isn’t even rap… this is songwriting by committee, appealing to the demographic in the most insulting of ways… It offers nothing, says nothing of value and means nothing. At most it glorifies drink-driving and chewing tobacco only one of which the artist probably does…It lacks the sense of fun or even any cleverness in the lyrics…And this man was voted artist of the year??? Astonishing…

  • Holy crap, this was so bad it caused physical pain when I listened to it. That’s the second time a song has done that to me just this year.

    • It’s going to be a long year, for sure. It seems like these assclowns just keep topping one another. Between this, Florida-Georgia Line Cruise/Shine, Luke Bryan’s speakers going boomboom, 1994, Red Solo Cup, or Truckyeah I can’t decide what’s worse. My vote is for 1994, I don’t think it can be beaten.

      • “1994” is still at the top of my worst song ever list. This is near the top though.

        • I haven’t heard 1994 and don’t think I want to.

        • “1994” was the other song I was thinking of. There have been other songs so far this year that I have disliked immensely, but these two are the ones that literally caused physical pain to me for some reason. “1994” is still worse to me as well, but this one sure gives it a run for it’s money. I think “1994” is gonna remain the champion of horrific nightmare 2013 songs, or at least I hope so, I can’t imagine what an even worse song could be like.

        • My vote for worse song has to be “She Cranks My Tractor” pure tripe.

      • This song is awful, but compared to “1994” it sounds like “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

  • His album (not sure it evens meets the criteria to be called an album lol) plug keeps coming up on Pandora / Spotify (I guess because I listen to “Country” music on both) and I swear I think it’s a joke every time it sounds like a bad ripoff of earl dibbles jr

    It seems like they could do a little better in the directed/targeted advertising…..

  • Pure garbage..but we think it’s bad now. I’m sure this is just the beginning since it seems this type of bad country music with bad rap music seems to be getting some traction in Nashville which is very scary. You are starting to hear many more in Nashville mentioning including rap in their music. Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Thompson Square, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, on and on.

    Chew tobacco..chew tobacco…chew tobacco…spit… that is considered good lyrics now.

    • I really thought last year was going to be the rise of country rap from the success of “Dirt Road Anthem.” I thought Music Row’s turnaround time was 6-9 months. It’s looking more like its 12-18 months, and we are now getting the brunt of the country rap impact.

      • I’ll be honest when the introduction of the mixing of country and rap came about around the end of Cowboy Troy and the beginning of Colt Ford, I was somewhat intrigued by what might come out of it. I thought I would stop being close-minded and give it a chance for the evolving of music. I actually didn’t mind the collaborations Colt did with other artists in his first album, but then came Chicken and Biscuits and to me that was the start of the really bad mixing of horrible country songs with horrible rap songs. I thought we were over the rap too last year since it didn’t appear Colt was getting much airplay, Cowboy Troy was only a blip on the radar, Brantley was shelved and his songs were given to Aldean. I guess I was wrong. I hate to admit it but I actually went to a concert for a band called “Old Southern Moonshine Revival” who I found on Myspace years ago who I enjoy, but the headliner was Colt Ford. Me and friends stayed for only 2 songs and realized it really was “c-rap”. Even my friends who like mainstream country music thought it was horrible. Colt’s bandmates were like old 80’s rockstars who thought they still had it, but ended up looking like a really bad 80’s cover band that you see in any bar. Colt couldn’t sing or rap so the band was playing extremely loud over his vocals. Let’s just hope this is just a fad and disappears in a year or 2. Sooner the better!

        • Maybe it’s just me but It appears that these country rap artists appeal more to those living in trailer parks and suburbs on the outside of major cities rather than “real” country folks who grew up on farms and little rural towns. I’ll be honest I see these people all the time. You can go to a country bar here and see “ghetto” 20 yr. olds mixing with real country 20yr olds all the time. Most of them have trucks mind you they are lowered or have rims or they are the type that are gearheads with demo cars.

          Might be bad of me to be stereotypical but that’s just my observation.

          • Country rap preys on suburban and rural poor young white males who’ve been disenfranchised from their native culture because it’s been lampooned by Hollywood and other elements of popular culture. So they glam on whatever they see as cool and dominant as displayed in popular culture, which happens to be the hip-hop culture.

  • Maybe Ashley Monroe made a deal with Blake that she would sing this song with him if he actually sang a country song for once with her “You Ain’t Dolly”

  • Only you could talk me into listening to anything this shitbag sings, Triggerman. Still, I couldn’t make it past the first set of “Reds”. I’d rather shit a Chinese throwing star.

  • Blake should take notice to these guys on The Voice

  • “Backwoods legit, don’t take no shit. Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit!” and then: “Oh, heck!”

    LMAO!!! :p

    How on earth does Blake think anyone is gonna take this seriously?!

    • Blake’s new album is #1 on the charts I believe the people have spoken. And the boys around here….unless you are just a hater & stuck in the past it is the most requested song, people love, ha ha on you bigots. Your opinion is of no value and when it comes to Country Music it is all Country Music, putting down Todays Country Music is putting down the artists, sorry they can’t sing like we like it but they had their time and place in history and I can respect that even if I don’t like the music. I am better than you because I won’t reduce myself to bashing them to the twanging and crooning by name calling and naming who did what to who. But we all know how many were so full of drugs & acholic addiction so don’t pretend they are better. It is time for Today’s Country & at 52 I know what I like. If you are really adults then it time to start acting like one.

  • I’ll have to take your word for it, Trig — this one is joining “Truck Yeah” and “1994” in my “too scared to play” file. o_O

    You do have a way with words, though (“[country-rap] comes roaring back like a raging case of bleeding hemorrhoids,” “the audio equivalent of sneaking out of your mom’s house to smoke pot behind a Pizza Hut,” “[a]s much creativity went into making this song as does the making of a geriatrics’s bombed out adult diaper in the aftermath of a post-constipation bowel explosion,” etc.)… :D

  • Let me ask ya’ll a question. Do you like country legend Jerry Reed? His “rap” sounds an awful like Jerry Reed.

  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it gets even worse. Combine this song with “Blame it on Waylon” and you get this.

    • wait! What?! Woah!!! that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen…

    • Wait…are we not supposed to like “Blame It On Waylon”?

      (Damn it. I need a scorecard or something.)

  • Well, he does at least mention Bocephus in the song…LOL

  • Poor Bocephus always being drug into this bullshit genre. :/ Poor guy.

  • Trainwreck said it best. People are often quick to dismiss me when I tell them I am a huge country music fan and for the only reason is because they have only heard what is played on the radio. Radio airwaves have been taken over and forced to play music for the lowest common denominator. The same goes for rap music and if you look deeper you will find there is a ton of music of that genre that has a real message. I think it is safe to say that the blues have been a great influence on country music….well guess what rap music comes very much from the blues. When music classes were taken out of most inner city schools the kids were forced to make music with a different methods hence the turntable and digging through the crates of their parents music…which is were sampling came from. I heard in a documentary that sums it up best “Rap music didn’t invent anything, but it RE-invented everything.” Don’t forget rap music did not start out as Gangster music that was sub genre created later down the line. If you are looking for artist that make meaningful music just ask I would be more than happy to show you. Don’t be so dismissive cause you may find something you really like.

    • PS: This Blake Shelton song is total shit.

  • Dear God! I made it to 40sec before I quit.
    I’m glad the highly self- esteemed EOY has come out with such thought-provoking and meaningful music to evolve country music.

    On another note, I came across Trigger’s name on another website

    For the record, I think Trigger had every right to post that article. It’s his freaking website and why shouldn’t he be able to respond to threats made publicly? I just found in interesting that another website would be interested.

    • Trigger’s my boy. I was just trolling him and Shooter a little.

      Great review of this, by the way. They just keep digging deeper into the bullshit, don’t they?

      • Haha the website is “Farce the Music” so I knew it was just for kicks. I only posted the link so Trigger could enjoy his internet fame.

        • I go to Farce The Music every day and it is nothing but an honor to be “Farced.” I don’t think it’s my first time.

          • Dipshit Shelton just called out Trailer on twitter. Pretty funny stuff. Get on him too, Trigger.

          • Get on Blake’s ass, that is. Not FTM.

  • I’ve actually found myself enjoying a couple Moonshine Bandits’ songs. Does that make me a bad person?

    • Yes

      • Randy – thanks for the clarification. A couple thoughts to consider: I also enjoy Hellbound Glory, Drive by Truckers, Turnpike Troubadours, Red Dirt, etc, etc. My point being, we all have our guilty musical pleasures and shouldn’t have to apologize for them………keep on rockin’!

        • Me, I actually like some Bon Jovi songs, but that could be my positive New Jersey bias.

      • #FACT

  • It’s funny he says that, “the boys around here don’t listen to the Beatles”, because the Beatles are more country than B.S. will ever be,

  • I’ve nothing against rap particularly: some people like it – good for them. But I don’t want to hear it mixed in with my country music. Thankfully I haven’t wanted to hear anything Mr Miranda Lambert has recorded for a few years so with any luck I’ll be able to avoid this BS in the future!

    Now, where’s my Amber Digby Cd ….. ??

  • Country Music Band needs members:

    Skills must include the following….
    1. Be able to sing Rap (Yes sing Rap !)
    2. earrings chains, and eyeliner a must
    3. be able to dance like hip hoppers
    4. be willing to give up your roots
    5. Must not and I repeat..Do not sing with a southern accent
    6. Don’t ever ask why these things are required because we do not know, as we just do as we are told.

    Reply to: [email protected]

  • I’m surprised Blake got to say ‘shit’ in the chorus of a ‘country’ song. Miranda got to say it on “Baggage Claim”, but that was only once and at the end of a song.

    As for the song itself, it is dumb. I didn’t find the ‘red red red’ thing so much mind-grating as I did laughably stupid (The ‘chew tobacco’ line is a lot more stupid in that regard), just like the song as a whole.

    • And as for the Pistol Annies, I bet that they appeared on this because either this was the ‘favor’ for Blake appearing on Ashley Monroe’s song, or Blake appeared on that song because the Annies were going to have to be in this pile of s***.

  • who’s blake sheldon?

  • this might be worse than aldean’s 1994… and i didnt think anything could get any worse than that. this is why i listen to TX COUNTRY/RED DIRT MUSIC!!!!

  • If you hate this song, you may be an old fart and jackass. I’m proud to be counted as such myself.

    You know how when you watch Letterman and the band is introduced and you know you’re in for a bad time when you see a bunch of guys standing behind turntables or maybe a moog/synthesizer… Pretty soon, when people go to a Blake Shelton concert (and others of his ilk) and the lights come up, those same guys will be there, plus one lone banjo player standing around, just so they can call it “country”.

    • Guilty. Good thing for Blake I don’t buy records anyway. ;)

  • Since I don’t listen to country radio somebody tell me if the word shit is bleeped out on the air and isn’t this the first time the word is used in a “country song”

    • It is substituted for “lip” but I do believe it is some sort of milestone for a mainstream country artist, especially one that’s the reigning CMA Entertainer of the Year.

  • Holy shit couldn’t even get past the Red Red Red Red Redneck bullshit. Seriously, Redneck is something Blake gets when he is under the sun too long. He is so full of the bile that is country rape, he is full of crap.

  • Thanks Trig. Mainstream country sure has gone to pot. This isn’t a good milestone. I wonder of more artist like him will do the same. Artist like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldeen etc?

  • I got as far as that ridiculous “that’s right” before I knew whether to laugh or cry. Poor poor Nashville.

  • Speaking of “that’s right”, how about a little Swamp Rap from Mr. Tony Joe White?

  • LOVE THIS SONG ! If you HATE this song soo much why listen to it….idiots ! Get a life and go work out …or meditate ..being so negative must feel as ugly as it sounds !

    • We listen to it because it is labeled country. Which is why everyone of us come to this website, to hear real country music. When we can’t hear or see it on the radio or TV,we wonder why?

    • This is a review site not a praise Blake Shelton site. The moderator calls them like he hears them and I couldn’t agree more with him on this one.

  • People tend to be scared of thing they don’t understand. So sad…. But I would love to thank all you whiny babies for complaining about this song. I wouldn’t have been introduced to it so quickly without you. If you don’t like it walk away. Why ponder on it? I don’t think Blake minds though, because you are only increasing its popularity. Its just like the churches that boycotted eminem and marilyn manson. It made both of them instantly famous. It hit the news and spread like wild fire. Both of them even thanked the churches that for promoting there music and making them more successful. Keep up the good work!

    • Just because a song is “popular” doesn’t mean it’s good.

      • Exactly, just look at all the Bieber songs, it’s popular, but is it good?

        • Bieber is a really snooze fest. His music is about as boring as it can get, but then I’m 53 years old. Maybe if I was in his marketing demographic I feel different

    • It’s a good thing we’re so blissfully ignorant and thus don’t know how pitiful we really are.

      Seriously, though. Scared of things we don’t understand? I’d say that’s a pretty presumptuous statement.

  • The thing that I hate the most is that when he says Chew tobacco-it sounds like he is saying Chewbacca. I wish Chewbacca would come to life and pull the sockets out of Blake. Laugh it up fuzzball!!!

  • To be honest, I have no problem to say that I don’t like rap. While their are a few songs I have no issue with, most of them simply don’t appeal. The important thing is that we have to realize is that we shouldn’t mix ethnicity with music and judge them as one and the same.

  • I made it to the “chew tobacco…spit” line and almost fell out of my chair in sheer disgust and horror. I’ve always said Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” is the worst song ever written but no…this is far, far worse. I really don’t even have words for it.

  • I’m 38 years old, grew up in both rural and suburban Alabama and Mississippi and this song is an embarrassment. Shelton continues to get worse with each song he releases. The teenage and early ’20s demographic that Music Row targets will eat this garbage up, however. They’ll show up to Shelton concerts and festivals this summer wearing their bikinis and designer cowboy boots and act like complete bozos. Some things will simply never change.

  • Miranda said the main thing she learned all these years is to to stay true to herself and don’t try to be someone else. Blake needs to follow her advice and remember he’s a country artist. He said he recorded Sure Be Cool If You Did because he heard Carrie and others pop beats and loops and wants some of that. That’s being a follower. Country music is good enough for me. I don’t mind a little experimenting but Blake’s not a good rapper and is he chasing Taylor Swift with all those reds? If I want to listen to country rap I’ll listen to those who can actually do it and sound natural like Colt Ford and Ziggy Pockets. I guess Blake is chasing the all-genre The Voice audience.

  • you know blake may not be george strait the king of country, but he was made a star for a people are the ASS HOLES who dont know what the hell youre talking about. Thats a good song.i understand every one has an opinion but that doesnt mean you have to talk shit about every thing you hate so keep on talking shit i just cant wait for the day when blake and the pistol annies come over there and BEAT YOUR ASSES. good luck douche bags

    • Well aren’t you just one big steaming pile of class.

      • well arent you just another asshole like all of the damn people on here

        • You quite obviously don’t know anything about the history of country music. You probably think it started in 1999 with Shania Twain.

    • Your comment was spot on. He was made a star. He certainly doesn’t have the talent to be one on his own.

      This song and its writers and performers are formulaic garbage. Unfortunately, people like garbage now.

      • how late were you up trying to write that comeback?

    • I gonna guess your still in high school and don’t like opinions that different than yours.

      • you dont even know me so just to fill you in im a forensic anthropologist on my 9 th year of college so im alot older than you think..and the only reason your responding to my comment is because YOU dont like any one disagreeing with your opinion because in your world its all about your little blog or whatever this shit is..and the only reason i went to this shit is because i wanted to listen to the song but i saw what you wrote and it pissed me off and so why cant i write my opinion?free country isnt it? you obviously have no idea what the first amendment is..ITS FREEDOM OF SPEECH

        • My apologizes to you everybody has a right to state their opinions both pro and con on this song. I still stand my mine I think it is crap and would think that no matter who was singing it. You have your right to like it. I prefer more gritty lyrics and songs.

        • Freedom of Speech and the first amendment apply to the restriction of speech by the government. As best I can tell, this blog is not part of the government. You’re starting to sound like a troll.

          But as dysfunctional as our government is right now, even they know that this song, and the many many just like them are terrible.

  • Whats wrong with the writer and readers of this blog expressing their opinion of this song?

    • well if you can express your opinion then why cant we?

      • Nobody said you couldn’t post your opinions that is what this blog is for. It is a review site and not all songs are going to get a positive review.

  • I was disappointed with Blake after “Sure Be Cool if you did,” and I was prepared to write him off completely once I heard this little turd of a rap song.

    However I just watched a video with Blake dressed up as a chicken with Jimmy Fallon and Nick Offerman, doing an all-clucking version of “Ho, Hey.” As far as I’m concerned his debt has been paid in full.

    I am so serious right now. But I’ve always been a sucker for chicken versions of songs

    • Me, I’m a sucker for any joke with the planet Uranus in it.

  • This past weekend had back to back Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, and re-aired Blake Shelton’s Backstory with “all new interviews” even had a lead-in with his now infamous comment about no one wanting to listen to their grampa’s music… but never mentioned it once during the whole program and certainly didn’t say anything about old farts and jackasses. No use beating a dead horse…

  • This has to be the dumbest of all sites I have seen yet (it posted a link) where it didn’t belong so I thought I will read and I have never laughed so much in my laugh. How old are you, any of you out of HS at least, you sound like you have no clue about Music in any genre at all and you are beating an old horse. And the last laugh will be on you, because you all look like a bunch of fools pretending to know music, any kind music at all, let alone anything about an artist. Hope you have enough TP to wipe the shit up that you are coming up with. Talk about Drama Queens, you are leading the pack. Drama….D.R.A.M.A…Equals (D)umb (R)etards (A)sking for (M)ore (A)ttention and sadly it’s not age discriminating either.. So if you are HS or bored little turds this fits you. Hope you get a life. Going to enjoy some real Country Music…Blake Shelton, Luke, Brad, Miranda, Carrie, Jason…….and my list goes on little people with little minds or no minds

    • For the record am 52. I despise what Nashvile (my spelling for Nashville) calls music. I do enjoy country music to name a few of the artists I listen to Wayne Hancock, Amber Digby,Kevin Fowler, Arty Hill, JB Beverly and
      Dale Watson (who has a song for Blake called old fart a song for Blake. you have every right to like this music and state your opinion as I do on how much I hate it. I haven’t listen to mainstream radio in over 20 years. I dislike mainstream music of any genre.

    • Blake, is that you?

  • Honestly your just some low life computer geek who sits behind a screen name because you sure at hell would shit yourself if you ran into one of these artist in person. And the fact you brought these other artist into your rant about not liking a song that they had nothing to do with is what really pisses me off. So stop being an ass and shut the hell up!!!

    • Actually if I met Blake Shelton personally I would shake his hand. There’s no reason to take differences in opinion about music personal.

  • Y’know, it’s amazing how people come in here and automatically attack Trig and the rest of us for dislike pop country. You know what brought me to this site? Hearing “Outlaw You” and wondering if it was a shot at Eric Church. Hell, I still listen to Church, and a select few mainstream artists, but there’s so much better shit out there. If you disagree, that’s sin. Taste is subjective. I’m sure when I was 19 I would’ve loved this song, mostly for reinforcing the stupid stuff I used to (and still) do.

    • Crap! Fine, not sin! Damn Knob Creek’s got my finger’s all messed up ;-)

  • I would bet most of us here have forgotten more about country music then you will ever learn. Let me as you this who was one of country’s first stars?

  • @trigger heres a good mix…

  • Just an awful song. Just hit all the keywords on the Cookie Cutter Country Song Check List. Apparently beer cant just be cold it has to be ICE COLD, like every other song Ive heard from these guys the last 5 years

  • realy? ok how about this: travis tritt john anderson clint black john wayne chris deloux garth brooks george strait joe diffie and a bunch more so i know alot more than you think…asshole mind your own buisness

    • Anybody can name a string of country singers It doesn’t mean you know the history of country music. Which is what I mean in my comment about forgetting more about country than you will learn.
      John Wayne? or did you mean Jimmy Wayne. chris deloux or did you mean Ledoux


  • The author of this article really doesn’t know country music. I’m not a fan of Colt Ford because of the rapping, but I love this song. Its fun and its country as all hell. Stfu! blake shelton is one of the best artists in this genre.. i think you need to start working for a different blog because evidently you dont know country music at all. its funny how i have never heard of you before, but you seem to think of yourself as better than these successful artists. if they were so horrible then i dont think they would be so famous. OH GOD and the beatles are not country. you know why they say most critics are critical assholes… heres why!!! you can put other people’s hard work on a shit list, yet i don’t see you doing any better. Then picking at Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annies and the jackass comment… wow… it doesn’t sound at all like you are a very miserable person. not to mention a sad excuse for a writer. this entire article was a rant. good job JACKASS

    • Have you looked around the blog or only this part? Trig is doing a great job in his quest to save country music this article was called a rant not a review
      so I don’t see why people are upset with it Thanks to this blog I’ve found artist that sing and play country.

      • I don’t know Meghan, Willie Nelson referred to the Beatles as a, “pretty fair little country group” on his Live Country Music Concert album. And they covered Buck Owens, which is certainly more country than anything B.S. has ever done.

  • What a terrible song. It’s so disappointing, because Blake had some great songs early in his career and he’s got a good voice. Plus, he actually lives a country lifestyle at least part of the time unlike some artists. It’s a shame with all that he decides to create something like this. His music had been getting progressively worse, but I didn’t think it’d stoop this low.

  • I think this is a hilarious song! You all may be being a bit judgmental because this is country music and even though it maybe doesn’t describe Nashville there are places that fit this song to a “T”! It describes 85% of my hometown! So instead of judging it so harshly, grow a since of humor and enjoy it, it is quite catchy! I The beauty of country music is that you can sing it anyway you want to and us “country people” will except it!

    • I bet your people turned the library into a honky tonk bar. How are the STD rates in your wonderful little area?

  • These comments remind me of every old man that couldn’t evolve and said back in the day it was better….

    When gospel came out

    Back in the day hymns were better

    When country came out

    Back in the day blue grass was better

    When rock came out

    Back in the day anything in the world was better

    All of these old dinosaurs that couldn’t evolve with the times grined and moaned as a new genre came about. All of them looking like hating fools. You strike me as somoene that hates success.

    Boys round here is a ton of fun and its not meant to be serious. It is meant to be what it is, a summer time country party anthem.

    Be happy country has welcomed the infusion of rap , it has brought in a new audience that will keep the format alive.

    I listen to everything from Elvis to Eminen. Johnny Cash to Brantley Gilbert. Pull your heads out of your asses and welcome the change. The name of the site is saving country music. If everyone still sounded like Loretta Lynne and Cash the genre would be dead by now.

    • You and others are coming here with pre-formulated opinions about the stance of this website that are just not true.

      ” If everyone still sounded like Loretta Lynne and Cash the genre would be dead by now. “

      I agree, but that doesn’t mean that NOBODY can sound like them, OR that I or anyone else does not want country to evolve. Songs like “Boys ‘Round Here” are not evolution, they’re devolution. This site tries all the time to push artists that are trying to evolve country, but do it in a way that doesn’t insult the intelligence of the listener, or the roots of the music. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. NOBODY, at least no I is saying we should only listen to Loretta Lynn or Johnny Cash.

      If you truly want to learn about artists evolving country music, read this article:

    • Country Music can’t grow when you rip the roots out of the ground.

  • Evolution can come in many forms. In this instance it comes in pulling fans into the genre who otherwise wouldn’t exist. I think sometimes people who believe themselves to be professionals in this industry take themselves too seriously. Every song doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes we just need something fun and silly, something catchy that will get people moving their feet.

    This style of country is exactly that. To each their own but I personally love it. It gets me in the mood to have a good time, and at the end of the day that is what I want music to do.

    Try not to take this stuff so seriously. Grab yourself a beer, have a BBQ and invite some buddies over. Turn something like this on and people will instantly be in a better mood.

    I think it is an evolution just not in the way that you are looking for. Then again I also like hip hop as well as rap music. My tastes are very diverse and that allows me to enjoy the most complex sets as well as the least IE 1994.

    • I agree evolution can come in many forms. I’m not against music evolving, and I’m not even against mixing country and rap if it was done right. It’s this canned argument that if you’re against this song or Blake Shelton, etc., then you must be against music evolution that is taken as a given by many fans that is incorrect.

      If you like this song, that’s all that matters. That is the first rule of art appreciation. You can’t argue taste. I am simply giving my opinion, and in this instance, trying to be entertaining while doing so. But in the end nobody should let anyone else’s opinion influence theirs unless they want it to.

  • Country was around before bluegrass came along. Which has for the most part stayed true to it’s roots. Bluegrass got it’s start in the 1940’s What makes bluegrass different than country is the fact it is mostly played with the use of acoustic and stringed musical instruments.

    • I realize some of my timelines may have been off but the point was with every change in music the purists over react and say that the music is being ruined. I tend to not take it that seriously. There is plenty of room for all formats of music. I don’t think this style is killing country at all. The people who love traditional country music always will. It is simply pulling in fans that may not listen to country at all. Then those fans may try listening to the more traditional country based on that exposure.

  • It’s songs like this that keep me away from mainstream radio. which I haven’t listen to in years. You think people who listen to songs like this well like songs like “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, I Can’t Help If I’m Still In Love With You” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” or “T For Texas” etc?

  • Websites like yours keep me in business. Thanks for all the hate. Bless your heart.

  • Those who can sing do it, and country music is getting your children back involved….Those who cant write about it….if your going to pick up a pen then maybe try to write some music that you think your small populous of followers might want to listen to so you can be a part of country music instead of this bitter dribble you have written here….

  • If you thing this is the worst song ever, apparently you have been lying under a rock. Yes it is different and not the normal country but I will tell you right now this song is actually pretty good and the music video is funny. But as far as it being the worst song ever, I don’t know where the person that said that has been. There is MUCH MUCH worse than this.

  • This song is gayer than dying of a heart attack, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and Chris Barnes combined. Forget just a song, I could make an entire split 7″ on how gay this song is!!!!

  • When exactly does everyone agree that country music was good? Is Johnny Cash not good country? Because he got kicked off the Opry. Is Lynn Anderson not good country because she had 10 hits on the Billboard pop charts (including a cover of “Under the Boardwalk”, an old Doo Wop song). Heck even Jimmie Rodgers had 5 top 20 hits on the R&B chart in the 1950’s.

    If the desire is to go back to the style of Roy Acuff, it’s just not going to happen. In fact, Roy Acuff and Fred Rose would might be proud to see country music where it is today. When they started their publishing group, “country” or “Folk” or “hillbilly” artists and writers were being exploited and ripped-off. In the ’90s they weren’t getting paid for samples in pop and rap music.(Kon Kan, Beg Your Pardon…2 Live Crew, Pretty Woman). Acuff-Rose fought that so current artists can choose any style of music they want to record and be successful.

    Is this the best song ever written? Probably not. But the guy who wrote it also had a hand in “Gimmie That Girl”, “Runin’ Out of Moonlight”, “Just a Kiss”, “I Don’t Want this Night to End”, “Rain is a Good Thing”, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away”, and dozens of other hits.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  • It’s not really Country rap, Cowboy Troy was more country rapping. But it’s fun to see Country go country pop, country rock. Maybe even Country rap? I’m more of a country pop person. I love Martina McBride, Shania, Sara Evans, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus. This is the first time I heard this song by Blake. I think it’s funny and a catchy song. Even rap infused pop lines into their lyrics. Country has grown to the main stream and attracted listeners like myself because of the pop, rock, rap, etc. mixed in. Yee Haw!!!

  • I left Jason when he decided to rap, now I will leave Blake. Enough said.

  • Awesome line ~ “they are acting like the Staple Sisters for country music’s version of Satan”

  • 2 of THE worst “country” songs ever came out in the same year all within the first 6 months of 2013. I can not listen to the radio anymore bc they play the same horrible songs over and over.

  • If you think these guys are bad, have you heard the rap music/country group “jb and the Moonshine Band?” They are full-blown rap, pretending to be country. There lyrics have the requisite swear words, like mother*******. They claim to be #1 in Texas. If that’s true, what the heck is going on down there? Now they are being played by some of the biggest country radio stations. Disgusting.

  • This song is absolute shit, but not really because it was written by committee. Look at all the great songwriting tandems. Holland/Dozier/Holland, Fritts/Hinton, Hayes/Porter. All wrote great songs for artists who made hits out of them. All a musician needs is to do is take a song and make it his own. Shelton fails at doing that miserably, among many other things.

  • Yee Haa! Lets wade in the fray and see what happens! First, Blakes tune has interested me in country music for the first time in 15 years. I Used to work the “Morning Drive” for a country station in 1999 and have since moved to a profession that actually pays the bills..I was music director and it was my final say about what songs went on the playlist. If I was still music director, I would play the SHI* out of this song. If I need to give reason, well let’s get it on…..

    #1. It’s got a good groove. Cant deny acoustic guitars sliding from A to D.
    explanation: sounds good, makes you ass move. You wouldn’t understand that if you thought

    “You ain’t Dolly
    And you ain’t Porter
    She’s a little bit fuller
    And you’re a whole lot shorter
    Let’s dance all night
    And fill the jukebox full of quarters
    Cause you ain’t Dolly
    No, and you ain’t Porter” in the chorus are good lyrics.

    It’s even worse on the 2nd verse:

    “You’ll probably see me country singing on The Voice someday
    Yeah and I’m the guy they wrote about in 50 Shades of Grey
    Why don’t you come on back to my place and you can have your way
    Well baby that sounds tempting, but I just can’t stay
    Oh we won first prize cowboy, let’s just split the dough
    Honey I will always love you, but we’ll never know.

    What does that verse say? It implies- maybe they were in a Karaoke contest,
    They won 1st prize, she says you can “have your way”. Damn, that’s shallow.
    #2 Blakes a song about having a good time.

    If you want to relate it to “RAP” then you don’t know Shi* about RAP.

    I hate RAP as much or maybe more than the next guy.Rap is talkin’ and mostly talkin shi* about bitch** and Hoe* – I hate RAP and want to smack the Fuc* out of anyone who buys RAP, acknowledges RAP as an artform, contributes to RAP’s progress or even likes RAP vaguely. Taking the “It’s RAP and I don’t like it Is a chicken-shi* way of trying to explain why you don’t like something.

    I think the song is progressive. It’s creative and has a nice groove. You mention that the song has a “hip hop” beat. Well, did you ever think that anything but a 2/4 or 4/4 beat may be applied to country songs? Are you familiar with 2/4 or 4/4 time signatures? I thought not.

    The lyrics even go out of their way to distance themselves from “RAP”

    “Ain’t a damn one know how to do the dougie
    (You don’t do the dougie?) No, not in Kentucky”

    But if you’re under your rock, throwing rocks at anything you think is “RAP”, “Not Country” and “AnythingElseYouDontUnderstand” at least pick on a song that deserves it. Not Blakes party anthem.

    By the way, Im almost 55 years old, I HATE RAP and HIP HOP and all that other kind of bullshi* “music”. “Boys Round Here” is good fun country music. You need to face the facts that – if it isn’t the same old predictable 2/4 or 4/4 with drums, bass, guitar, steel guitar with the same old progressions and song structures then it isn’t “Country” – is an old worn out view of the music of today.

    • “I hate RAP and want to smack the Fuc* out of anyone who buys RAP, acknowledges RAP as an artform, contributes to RAP’s progress or even likes RAP vaguely.”

      Hmmm. This sounds suspiciously like an old worn out view of the music of today.

  • You can take that country rap, or whatever you call that crap, and stick it where the sun don’t shine – Brad Anderson

  • This type of criticism is unavoidable, unfortunately for those of us who create. Aristotle once said “to avoid criticism….say nothing do nothing be nothing.”
    It is easy to jump on this band wagon, I’m sure. What’s not easy is to make a clear and concise reasoning for doing so.
    If you don’t like something…say you don’t like it. That’s completely acceptable. When you try to explain it’s so called shortcomings by using terminology incorrectly, you essentially put an invisible sign around your neck that reads :
    This song is no more a rap song than “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” or “When You’re Hot You’re Hot” but I don’t hear anyone calling for the head of Charlie Daniels or the late Jerry Reed.
    Over and over I hear people complaining about the current state of country radio. The complaints are usually hurled by so called journalists who are bitter that they don’t get paid to write songs (or even articles in most cases) and songwriters who are pissed because they aren’t having any success in their chosen field. You’re not mad that the radio is playing “Bro Country” and “Country Rap” songs….you’re mad that the radio is playing Dallas Davidson’s instead of yours. Let’s at least be grown-up enough to admit that.
    And speaking of “grown-up”…am I the only one who sees the humor in the fact that this article accuses the writers of this song of immaturity, and then turns around and uses phrases like “puss filled tumor” and “rather shit a knife?”
    And let’s don’t just insult Blake and the writers….no….let’s take a hack into Pistol Annies too. Oh, and while we’re at it, Brantley Gilbert and FGL…. (Who, by the way, have absolutely nothing to do with this song.)
    And the cherry on top is referring to country radio listeners as “weak minded.”
    I’m not sure who exactly you are ranting to, but the spectrum of who you’re ranting ABOUT practically covers everyone who would accidentally stumble across this article as I did.
    In my opinion This song is cleverly written (Dallas Davidson, Rhett Akins, Craig Wiseman) and produced and performed wonderfully. Most of all…it’s fun as Hell to listen to.
    When you refer to the “weak minded” country radio listener…you are referring to me. Not that it really bothers me, I’ve certainly been called worse.
    I am 34 years old. I grew up on a farm. I listen to country, rap, rock and pop. I relate to this song. Fuck Blake Shelton for figuring that out.
    By the way…”The Voice” isn’t a reality show.
    I wish Blake, as well as everyone else this article cut into, continued success. I also wish for you to find something more creative and constructive to do with your time.
    Normally I wouldn’t have taken the five minutes to read this article, much less the additional five to respond to it. However, I was sitting on the toilet anyway. Apropos don’t you think?

  • What do you mean,”Brantley Gilbert?” (Though I agree with nearly everything else you opine.) Brantley Gilbert is REALLY GOOD,just needs better song-writers.(Such as Yours Truly?)

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