Brantley Gilbert’s “Bottoms Up” (A Rant)

December 23, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  189 Comments

brantley-gilbert-bottoms-up-2Warning: language

In this the season of giving, can we all at least come together as one, regardless of sex, race, orientation, creed, religious, political or social status, or cultural background, and swallow our collective differences, hold hands in the common bond of humanity in a rising chorus of hosannas, and all universally decree that Brantley Gilbert is the biggest douche ass to ever suck air on planet Earth?

Such a gift from heaven it has been to not have Brantley terrorizing us with new music for a good long while. But apparently Brantley was just resting up, refining his putrid exploration into the very innermost reaches of human vanity and self-ingratiation to then unleash upon his trashy fans with the sweet residue of methamphetamine glistening on the edges of their inflamed nostrils, the purest form of raging narcissism ever witnessed in Western Civilization in the construct of his new diarrhetic single “Bottoms Up,” and it’s accompanying video.

Some may want to tell Brantley Gilbert to go fuck himself for putting out such an awful song, but in Brantley Gilbert’s self-centered world, truly fucking himself would be the fulfillment of his wildest dreams. The video for “Bottoms Up” starts with a bunch of submissive prohibition-era flapper girls doing all the heavy lifting—loading up crates of bootleg alcohol into Brantley’s motor carriage, while Brantley orders them around, flexing his back muscles and showing off his water pistols for the camera. Yes, what a gentleman. Then what ensues is the most self-absorbed 5 minutes one can witness this side of masturbating to oneself in a mirror.

Like many of it’s sonic peers originating from mainstream country music males right now, “Bottoms Up” offers absolutely no redeeming nutritional value to its listeners whatsoever. It simply beats its audience over the head with a servile sense of rabid shallowness and wanton materialistic consumerism conveyed with Nickelback stylings underlayed by a buried banjo track. Joey Moi eat your heart out. About the only thing “Bottoms Up” is good for is supplying the soundtrack to a 16-year-old’s first drinking escapade subsequently followed by throwing up in a Taco Bell parking lot.

brantley-glibert-bottoms-up-1At one point in the video, three women are surrounding Brantley, rubbing their hands all over him. But these girls aren’t copping a feel, their feverishly searching for Brantley’s beleaguered genitals that have taken the form of two acorns flanking a Vienna sausage that then fled up into his abdomen like a rodent scampering into its hole—the result of a tireless regimen of prolonged steroid abuse; hence the nonstop, headlong pursuit of this song and video to compensate and dramatically oversell Brantley’s manly prowess and masculine superiority.

One interesting part about this song and video is the premise is all based around alcohol and drinking. Brantley is cast as a bootleger and party Barron, but in real life he swore off the sauce over 2 years ago, or supposedly did. Hey, I commend Brantley’s sobriety if it’s still ongoing and applaud his discipline, but it really doesn’t lend to the sincerity of whatever muddled, mumble-speaking and Ebonics-inflected message Brantley is trying to convey in this “Bottoms Up” monstrosity. Brantley may have a brass knuckles handle for his microphone to show just how much of a hard knocker he is, but his preferred beverage is more akin to 2% milk than 90-proof moonshine.

The video ends with Brantley pulling up to his hideout, and despite him being such a badass that he could impregnate three women at the same time simply by starring at them from across the room, he fails to notice the sheriff’s car parked 15 yards away from his illegal still shack. I don’t want to come across as too sensitive or gratuitous by saying the video for “Bottoms Up” ends with a cop killing scene similar to something Ice-T would dream up circa 1990, but man, that is certainly what it looks like. Sure, this is all make-believe, but the murdering of Brantley Gilbert’s dignity in “Bottoms Up” is very, very real.

You didn’t bottom up Brantley, you bottomed out.

Two guns way down.

189 Comments to “Brantley Gilbert’s “Bottoms Up” (A Rant)”

  • This is pathetic. It’s like every “country artist” is striving to put a bigger pile of shit than the last one. You suck, “BG”.

    • You guys are so pathetic. Really?!? What a bunch of thumb thug shit talkers. Jealous much?!?!

    • you guys are pathetic. The song has a meaning behind it and it is really sad.

    • First of all, this article is such bs . Brantley is trying to do what all other country singers do which is change up the songs you don’t want all the songs sounding the same. Second he is like most out there did something stupid but he is fixing his problem. He is a wonderful singer and doesn’t potray to be someone he’s not. He writes about his life its nice to know why he started music it changed his life tso give him a break a holes.

      • Ever heard of acting? This is a “Bonnie and Clyde” type video/song. One of a few he didn’t write but “bottom out” all the way to the bank!! As for the teen that took that drink, his choice! Not mistake, not influence. If anything parents are to blame for not ensuring the backbone to say no to such choice. I’m a mom of 2, daughter 24 and son 21. We love BG and you have to listen to all of his songs, interviews etc to see what he really is. You see a bigger picture when you know which songs he actually wrote during his struggles and life along the way. And for someone to start out a “rant” of we should all get along, WOW WHAT A HYPOCRIT. You aren’t going to make a ton of fans by using such language and bashing someone. That is definitely not trying to get along. Guess you never watch movies or any television, such should scare you if you see so much reality and place blame on such as influence. I guess you are one if those that also sees that video games causes murders. Just can’t fix stupid. My “rant” is over. To the one I replied too on your post, I apologize because this isn’t to you. I could not find the comment box and only “reply”.

  • Trigger, I’m disappointed.

    Brantley through you a soft ball with the line “Never thought a country song would make you move like that ” and you just left it.

    Too easy?

    Seriously, this is worst thank my kind of night of 1994. I think you need to revise the worst of 2013 list.

    • Every time Brantley Gilbert opens it mouth, it all sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me. He’s too cool to put any effort in enunciating anything.

    • Wow. Really? I bet you guys are just like the guys on sportscenter. Pissed off that you were never good enough to make it. How about you do something about Brantley if you got a problem with him instead of just sitting there talking about him

      • These guys are just a bunch of Cinemasin wannabes. They need to shut up and realize that HALF OF TODAYS COUNRTY MUSIC is like this. Thank you, micheal, for not be a dick

  • I love it when you take it easy on them, Trigger!

    • aaaah yeahhh…gotta love a good ol’ Triggerman “RANT”!

  • Tried watching the video…had to skip through a lot of it since I was just trying to get an idea of it. Killing a cop, a mohawk’d drummer, tattoos that look like an Affliction shirt…looks like your typical brantley gilbert concert.
    And the women doing all the heavy lifting, well, some people will do anything for a line of Oxycontin.

  • Putrid

  • This is why I love FGL. They are d-bags, they know it, they play it up and are riding the wave. This fuck stick actually thinks he is something special.

    LMAO. I honestly can’t believe I just saw what I saw in that video. Is this guy 15yrs. old?

    The guy has a brass knuckles necklace!!!! I think that cost 1000 tickets at Dave & Busters.
    A hat with cryptic script on the back “Big Dawg” Did you pick that up in 1998?

    LMAO!!! I keep watching the video!!! This is top shelf stuff. You can’t make up a d-bag like this.

  • Just when we think the mainstream “country” boys have given us their worst song ever with 1994 or My Kinda Night, they spit this song out. It’s like a nightmare booze impaired limbo competition where Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, and Brantlet Gilbert circle around each other saying, “How low can you go?” Who is next? I guarantee someone will come out with something even worse than this, as hard as that is too imagine.

    • “how low can you go?”

      Sooner or later, someone’s going to have to reach rock bottom; the scary/sad thing is, you may be right that this BG travesty isn’t even it. I shudder to think of what next year holds in store…

      • “you may be right that this BG travesty isn’t even it.”

        I saw that even was covering the Grady Smith criticism on their home page. Hopefully the tide is turning for the better.

        • Oh, me too. :)

          Speaking of Grady Smith, while I think ‘Entertainment Weekly’s music coverage has been in serious decline since about 2008 or so (I’ve been reading EW since 1994) — far fewer and shorter reviews, seeming to lean more heavily on hype than on calling attention to stuff that might not be on most people’s radar, plus I miss folks like Chris Willman, Alannah Nash and Tom Sinclair (and even David Browne) — Grady’s recent country coverage has been a real breath of fresh air.

  • This entire video was so cringe-worthy. From the shitty pushing of his “BG” nickname to some bitty slippin a pair of “Beats by Dre” over his ears. The ending was the icing on the cake though.

  • I will confess, I like a few songs by Brantley Gilbert. However, what little bit of respect I had for him as an artist went down the toilet with this sad excuse for a song. This is so typical of the formula passing as mainstream “country” today. How many more songs do we need with lyrics about tailgates, daisy dukes and kegs? He really thinks he is some kind of hard core outlaw doesn’t he? I guess my big question is this: is he just trying to fool the fans or has he actually fooled himself at this point?

    • Randy if you think this is a sad excuse for a song, why don’t you writeyour own freakin song, go to a song publisher, abdn see if they cut your song. His third company must’ve thought it was good cause it’s a number one hit. BG NATION RULES CAUSE TONIGHT IT’S BOTTOMS UP UP UP GET EM UP GET EM UP GET EM UP

  • Cry for attention- Call me “BG” everyone!!!! Call me “BG”.
    The girls say it twice in the first few seconds and then the greatest self-promotion, the key chain in the ignition is….BG!!!!

    When he steps out of the car at :50sec. mark, I haven’t seen a more obvious situation where a guy needs a punch in the face.

  • Thanks for the doing the heavy lifting of watching and describing, Trig. That allows me to go the rest of my life without having to watch this video or listen to this song. Bottoms up to you!

  • Anyone else wish Raylan Givens was the Sheriff in this town?

  • Wow, tell us what you really think :P. Am I the only one that thinks you posted the “Worst of 2013″ list just a tad too early?

    • Oh, and rather coincidentally, Nickelback also has a song called “Bottom’s Up” apparently. Go figure.

      • oh come on, nickelback is way better than this.

  • This is horrific. Its not country. Its not even good rock/pop/hiphop. the sheriff should have shot him down at the end just for polluting the airwaves with this mess he is calling music.

    Seriously, when did the les paul take the place of a Tele in country music and why did master songwriters like Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams or Johnny Cash get replaced with crud like this.

    It saddens me… tremendously.

  • Coming from a hardcore Bratntley Gilbert fan I hated this song. It’s not him,too pop filed compared to what he usually does,could have picked a better single (Read Me My Rights),not as excited for his next album as I was,but we’ll see

    • After a production like this, if I was a fan of his, I would never admit it. EVER.

      • haha to me one song ain’t a deal breaker i just won’t listen to it.

  • It’s hard to understand how a guy who can write and record a wonderful tribute to a deceased friend in “Saving Amy” or a tribute to his mother like “Indiana’s Angel,” or even excellent moments of self reflection like “Modern Day Prodigal Son” or “The Best of Me” or even the title track from his last album “Halfway to Heaven,” can come out and write and record such obvious drivel like “Bottoms Up” or even “Kick it in the Sticks.” So disappointing.

    • I don’t think it is a problem of writing the song as much as it is the fact Brantley thinks he is so tough and cool.

      One of my favorite artists wrote Honkytonk Bodonkadonk, but he certainly didn’t take it seriously and do a video thinking he was some hardass.

      Doesn’t give an excuse to the songs that are bad, but certainly makes a difference when you write a song tongue and cheek vs. a song and video that you think you’re God’s gift.

      How anyone can like this guy is beyond me, but I have a feeling his fans (male fans) dress just like him.

      • Actually, I love his first two albums, but there’s no denying that Halfway to Heaven had some laughers (the aforementioned “Kick it in the Sticks” and “Take it Outside), and now this. This one is just awful. At least the other two were somewhat tongue in cheek and are at least fun bar songs. I don’t really think he thinks he’s God’s gift or anything. I think it’s small guy syndrome. This song is just awful. He’s an extremely gifted songwriter and I just hate seeing him waste that talent on garbage like this.

        I, too, am a huge fan of Jamey Johnson. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk and one other Trace Adkins tune (I can’t remember which) are songs I actually don’t mind because they aren’t serious. Some artists can write like that. Some can’t.

  • This post is poetry. Since when did country music turn into a douche off?

    • Awesome comment but I’d take it more seriously if there wasn’t a shirtless selfie next to it. :)

      • Hahahaha. Good point. Fxd.

  • Repulsive, Brantley makes me sick.

  • The women in this video are sizzling! Deep down, I am kind of envious of Brantley Gilbert…

  • I normally just read the rants and watch about 30 seconds of the accompanying videos, but I’m home or the holidays and have a lot of time on my hands. Someone commented on the brass knuckle necklace. What about the brass knuckle microphone? What a joke!

    • By the way, I’d like to see this d-bag pull out the brass on Jackson Taylor. Yea, this is another artist ripping off a long time true outlaw’s logo.

      Seriously, a brace knuckles pendant…good God. Someone kick this guys ass.

  • Nickelback’s “Bottoms Up” is much better… and somehow more country in lyrical content even though it’ll never see country radio.

  • Everything this guy does sounds like Bon Jovi. Could he at least make original sounding bad music?

  • Wow………………I thought multitudes of “BG Nation” fanboys/fangurls were going to blow the bugle and stampede here en masse to pummel you with disparaging remarks and trebuchet you into submission with “UR JUZZZ A JEALUZZZ YANKY WHO PRUBBLY JAKS OFF 2 OBUMMERCARE! BG NATION RULZZZZZ!” rejoinders!

    Yet, here we are……………with even a measurable number of self-professed Brantley Gilbert fans admitting at the very least feeling underwhelmed about this release. You know you’re heading for trouble when you can’t even keep all of “BG Nation” in line! Are calls for seceding from BG Nation in the wing? ;)

    • A lot of BG nation developed long before he started releasing drivel like “Bottoms Up.” I think it’s safe to say that most of his old fans are just as disappointed in this song as anyone.

  • I think not only most modern rock and roll, but also modern “country” and Adult Top 40 music, would fail the “Bon Jovi Test” as coined by YouTube music reviewer Luke Giordano! ;)

  • I had the sound off and let the video play and I was struck by how utterly anti-country this turd is. None of the trappings or traditions of country music are present in this video. Obviously this is not because of the “story” being told in the video but a reflection of the fact that this dork just is not country. If I did not know what it was, I would have guessed that it was a Blink 182 reject trying to act like Vin Diesel but trying project a low-grade gangsta rap life-style. But hey, country must evolve, right?

    • Speaking of Blink 182….At least Travis Barker used to be the drummer for The Aquabats!!!

  • Trigger I love you man but you should really stop holding back. :)

    The sad thing is this trash is #4 on the iTunes Country charts right now.

  • I couldn’t listen to much of this. But with that being said, his first album was awesome, then the next one was pretty good too, but this, is not my cup of tea. Shame because on his first album he had some wonderfully written songs.

  • The best part of this while rant was when you compared him to jacking off to yourself in the mirror lol

  • Coming from a big Brantley fan.

    This rant/review is spot on. Great work.

    For anyone wondering how I could ever have been a Brantley fan. The guy who released “Bottoms Up” released the below song when he was only 17.

    • I listened to it. You’re right. It is a good song and I am surprised. And now, ironically, here he is with his double devil horns pose and shooting a cop in his video.


    Funny video on country music in 2013

  • The guy only has like two good songs… so we shouldn’t be shocked.

  • Bro! Bro? Seriously! Bro! Seriously, bro! Bro! Bro! Seeeeriously! Bro!

    That’s Brantley Gilbert.

    (for those who do not get it, it’s what these Eastern European villains in Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye” comic book say all the time, thought it was fitting for him and his video)


  • Jesus, I tried listening to this song and I thought, “Where is Varg Vikernes when you need him!!!???!!!”

  • It’s as if Brantley Gilbert is trying to be Marlon Brando. Horrible song.

  • 2013= The year of douche bag country.

  • If you mute the sound on the video it’s like you’re watching a shitty Social Distortion cover band video.

    • I always like Social Distortion’s cover of Ring of Fire. Never like Dwight Yoakam’s cover of it but did really love his cover of Home of the Blues.

      What were we talking about? :)

      • Agreed, Social D did a fine Ring of Fire!

      • Dwight Yoakam’s “Home of the Blues” was awesome.

        My favorites from that album were the title song and “I Sang Dixie.” :D

    • AMEN. This kid is trying to be Mike Ness just with ZERO credibility. This video is a straight fucking knockoff of “Machine Gun Blues”.

  • What really bothers me about this song is: I’m totally okay with a feel-good, pump-your-fist chorus…but the verses aren’t telling a STORY. At all. It’s as if the whole song was written by dumping out a cup of buzz-word dice. It’s not saying anything or taking you on any kind of journey. That, to me, is what is supposed to be the core of a country song.

  • I bought one of BG’s CDs a few years ago, gave it 1 spin and let it rest.

    The songs were non-melodic and the lyrics were vapid.

    I wish the guy well with his sobriety, but I don’t care for his music.

    In reality, he probably has more fans than many of the authentic country music artists I follow and try to support.

  • It’s always good to have at least one black guy in your video, especially one that scares off the cops!

  • If these negative comments were from the demographic he was targeting, then it would be a pretty good indication this nonsense would fail. Unfortunately the disemboweling of country music continues with this song and others by bryan, aldean, and florida georgia. It will sell, and we’ll hear less “country” on country music stations. There are legitimate artists still willing to put real country music out there if we are willing to purchase it and attending their shows.

  • I like that you tagged “Nickelback,” cuz the whole time I was suffering through this, I kept thinking this is what a Nickelback country album would sound like.

    The only positive thing about this video is when the sheriff interrupts that god awful guitar solo.

  • They are never going to stop are they?

  • There is some major what the fuckery going on in this video. I’m glad he’s sober. That means there’s more for the poor fools like me who actually have to listen to this shit on repeat for the next 6 months. I’m not sure if the video or the song is worse, but combined it’s a steaming pile of dog crap.

    The really sad thing is that there are so many artists who truly care about the genre and want to make real music, yet they can’t because of this fuckface. It’s not country, it’s not good, I’m not even sure if I can consider this music. I’m pretty sure that music shouldn’t make your ears bleed.

  • I get it, its all about a good time. All these “bro” songs are about good times. But good grief, I don’t know about anyone else on this site, but life isn’t all about beer, tailgates, the girl in the passenger seat etc. Its just as much about the bad times (and no, Brantley, Luke, Jason etc. a bad time isn’t about losing out on a chance to cop a cheap feel on that girl in the passenger seat).

    Hell, I’m only 31 years old. I didn’t grow up with Jones or Haggard. I grew up with Garth, Clint Black, and the like. I guess what I’m trying to say is that life isn’t a party all the time. After awhile you just sound like a caricature (sorry for the spelling) of whatever it is you’re trying to represent.

    • Shamon,
      I hear you man.

      The biggest problem, beyond the target audience of bro-country, is that these guys don’t experience anything to write about.

      They write songs like we go to work. Day in and day out they sit trying to write a song to top the charts vs. writing about actual real life experience to share with listeners. Hell, Dallas Davidson one of the premiere writers in Nashville admitted he writes what he knows, and then went on to say how he and his buddies sit by the river on tailgates all the time.

      A few people have pointed out Brantley’s “good” songs, and I would argue they were written when he was experiencing things. Not when he was trying to top a chart and a magazine cover.

      From Jones and Haggard to Garth and Clint Black, they all sand songs about their (or the song writers) experience. Sure some were elementary songs for radio, but many were of life experiences.

      Brantley, Aldean, Bryan…blah blah blah…none of them are doing anything worth writing about except literally drinking some Aquafina and the occasional busch light while riding on a million dollar bus. They sign autographs for 17 yr. old groupies….these guys don’t do shit that is really worth singing about (unless you are 17 and drinking beer in the back of your truck is as loose as life can be)

  • “How low can you go?”

    The human wormpile. That’s all that’s left.

  • Uhhh, My name is Varg Vikernes, and I play in Burzum.

    The guy I killed intended to kill country music.

    So I killed him before he….managed to kill country music.

    He tried, but he failed…miserably!

    Obviously he’s dead!!!

  • I am a fan of Gilbert and I agree that this particular offering is not his best. The lyrics are weak and very typical. However, if you look at the body of his work, he has written some classic songs in my opinion. Saving Amy is one that holds water against any country song out there. I understand that most of the posters here and the one who penned this article wants traditional country back. I understand that, but music evolves in all genres. Country has been slow to adapt to this natural evolution, but it is happening fast and furious now with artists like Brantley, Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean. Most of these artist’s hits are more of the drivel oriented songs for radio play, but actually each of them have some very good songs that really tell a story like traditional country is known to produce. They just do not get picked for radio play. Really these new artists are bringing back a new brand of Southern Rock and should not be lumped into Country music. Country radio is just adapting to include this genre in their rotation. So for those of you that are so concerned and upset with this style, just settle down and think of these artists as Southern Rock artists and not Country artists.

  • Tonight its bottoms up, up, up, get’em up!

  • I honestly thought he was a bad ass, and he’s pretty much the only reason why I listened to country in the first place, after seeing him at the National FFA convention 2 years ago. He has a couple songs that stand out, but after this song, I think he really needs to rethink his shit again.

  • why don’t you all go cry about something else, being it all sounds like your a bunch of no life fucks that’s sit around all day and are flat out jealous. I bet Brantley him self could knock %99 of your teeth down your throat.

    • First off, you spelled 99% wrong.
      Second, so he punched a guy going at his girl, or some random chick from the party? Sure he might drive a Honda Civic and wear American Eagle (nice brand), but at least he has enough guts to give a shit about his music (Kick it in the Sticks video).

      Plus most people who think he’s bad ass have never listen to metal, or rock, period. Even Chad Kroeger or Scott Stapp can take him down shitless (no promises).

  • I don’t even know what to say…except, I am pretty sure that after my comment is read, it will not stay posted very long…

    I stumbled upon this website by accident, but was incredibly embarrassed that someone that claims to be trying to save country music – did this by bashing this “entertainment” video by Brantley Gilbert. How couldn’t you possibly think that anyone with any heart for people of any genre could have any respect for this person…these people that are speaking with such profanity to attempt to tell how horrible they think Brantley’s video is. Talk about losing respect…who could possibly give any credibility to this person/these people. Brantley is in the entertainment industry…his video is entertainment. Do I agree that the message in the video is less than what I would want my children to aspire to be, but guess what, I speak to my children directly about this video and others as to what is appropriate in real life and what is not real life. If I don’t think something is appropriate for my children, I don’t let them watch it. But as adults, I would think that all of you with the potty mouths speaking about Brantley cant possible put yourself any higher or think yourselves any more respectable than you say he is…or isn’t. I would think that you would approach this with something better than “trash” if you want to truly make a difference or even make a respectable point. I believe that you should evaluate yourself before you lash out at others…you have done nothing toward making a point except to prove that there are different types of trash. I am so sorry that I stumbled upon this site, but hope that you will realize how much you should focus on cleaning up yourself before telling the world how someone else(BG or any one else) how horrible they are.

    • But this one part is entertainment. AND I DID LAUGH OUTLOUD . TRIGGER CAN I USE THIS …he video ends with Brantley pulling up to his hideout, and despite him being such a badass that he could impregnate three women at the same…….I
      One more thing
      I have some pictures of my Mom and Dad “pretending to b Bonnie and Clyde” and they are adorable
      Its not like these guys were laughing about Hitler and acting out ….

  • I heard this playing and thought the TV was on VH1.
    Cal Smith is country. This asshole is not country.

  • I find this quite amusing that such feeble minded people come to one place to bash country music I specific BG! Are all your lives that so narcissistic, lonely, angry, and filled with so much hate that you had to commune together to bitch? Have you all forgotten what musi?… A form of expression… And there are millions of different styles of music… You don’t have to like them all!!! Like tongues… Everyone has a different taste for things… Or tattoos, another form of expression… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… Not for you or any to ‘judge’.
    You people are part of the human problem… All the energy and anger that it took you too come here and bitch… You could have been kissing your loved ones or spending time with your kids or working… Instead you came here… Absolutely pathetic…
    Last but not least… America is against you, have you seen the charts for him as a whole and that song ? Apparently not…

  • I agree with Ammo! I’m actually a lead singer in a band and I love BG! It’s a new take on country! It’s the 21st century, time for something new! Music is something you feel and this is what ppl want to hear now a days! If you don’t like it…..don’t watch it and bash him! I’m sure he makes more than anyone else on here! So he has tats, and sings about rowdy, rugged things! Rather hear that than “my achey breaky heart” or however it’s spelled! I even say I’m not just a huge fan of this song but ohwell! I think Justin Bieber should be hung up side down and beat to death but many will disagree so I don’t say anything! BG has talent to change country into something deeper and “grungyer”! But this is just my opinion!

  • I LOVE Brantley Gilbert he has an amazing voice love the video bottoms up love the song i love his CD’s I SUPPORT BRANTLEY GILBERT!!!!!!!!

  • You people are ridiculous Brantley gilbert is not singing about killing anyone bottoms up is just a good timing song and read me my rights is a song in my opnion what a real man would do ….. BG NATION !!!! I love and support him

  • You people are unbelieveably pathetic!! Just because you dont like Bottoms Up doesnt mean you can hate on Brantley Gilbert. He is one of the realest country singers. He writes all his songs and doesnt write anything he or someone close to him hasnt experienced. He has said he doesnt have fans, he has friends. I think he is just about the best country singer out there right now singing real songs. Honestly if you have enough time on your hands to write such a long hateful review, you should seriously look for a job or a hobby. BG NATION!!!

  • Hey
    All videos are sexy.
    I bet u it takes a lot of guts to shake it for us.
    And admit it, you weren’t complaining when shania put on those hot pants and boots.
    Its called, showmanship and appealing to demand of the fan.
    The people talking the most shit, here also happen to know every single detail and can name more song lyrics than I can. And I don’t hate.
    I listen to country rock allll of the time and aspire to play my drums to each song .
    Its silly
    But they are laughing all the way to the bank.
    B nice
    I’m curious to the avetage age in this blog
    I am 45 and if I had to listen to old country I wouldn’t be saving every time for a double kick petal ..or anything really .

    • Seriously, where the hell are you from? I ask this because it seems you have absolutely no grasp on the English language.

  • How about instead of criticizing one of country’s remaining outlaws. You accept the fact that he has something to be proud about. He came from a small town Georgia boy to a big shot in Nashville wit this song. I don’t like very many songs but Vratley never let’s the fans down and that is who truly matters. Not some no life losers who think that because a song isn’t played the way it’s expected it’s automatically bad. If ou think you’re so good why don’t you write a country song. That’s what I thought

  • Hip Hop Country…. enough said !

  • Why do you have to be such a hater? How about you put yourself in Brantley’s shoes. You write a song that you are sure is good, you release it 5 months prior to your new album coming out, and you hope it entices fans enough to purchase a FULL new album by you. Wouldn’t you try to release something catchy? You are basically ranting on like BG isn’t happy about what he produced….he is one of the very few, I stress VERY few, country artists that still write their own music. You go write 3 albums worth of songs over a 6 year period and tell me you don’t have a questionable song. You childish bastard. Go rant about something else like 12 year olds taking up too much of your Twitter Feed. Leave us BG Nation fans alone. Brantley may have changed, indeed, but he didn’t sell out and didn’t conform to your standards. We still like him

  • I guarantee you that you won’t approve either of my Comments. I know you use WordPress. I can hack you if you don’t approve them. Maybe you should cry on your mother’s tit some more

    • Hold your horses dude. It’s 2:15 in the morning and I just approved your comment. Sorry that it took 3 minutes. Go ahead and try and hack my shit, you won’t be alone. Believe it or not I believe in keeping a fair and open comments section.

      • Yea I left quiet a few lol. But dude, why the hell you gotta be such an asshole about somebody that’s doing so well for themselves? If BG had changed so much and become an Alternative Country singer, I could understand, but he didn’t

      • You’re all about Saving Country Music, so why not, “Let’s Save Brantley Gilbert”, if he had changed, instead you just decided to push him off?

  • Honestly sounds to me like you’re jealous. You’re a nearly 350lb alcoholic that believe the songs you write are hit songs, and when somebody actually comes out with a hit song, you have to hate on it in every way possible. Talking about his muscles, his girls… You jealous bastard lol. It’s pathetic brother. Get off your fat ass and go to the gym so you can spy on the girls there in the creepy way that you like to. Hell, masturbate another time. I’m sure you’ve only done it 4 times today. 5 won’t hurt lol. Delete this Post chunky. Or I’ll delete it for you. Maybe it’s Google Search Results you’re looking for. Bravo, but still. There’s better ways to do it fatso

    • I feel really bad for you and I hope you get a hug.

  • I do not understand why so many of you are butthurt about this. You sound like a bunch of fuckin nancies crying to each other, if you dont like the song, dont listen to it, its as simple as that no need to make up some bullshit and say “omg hes ripping off other artists, or hes a douche.” shut the fuck up, put you vaginas away and change the channel, sorriest excuse for men ive ever seen. thanks for the laugh though, as pathetic as your comments are i enjoyed reading how much of a wuss you guys are.

    • Who’s worse: the wuss? Or the wuss crying about other wusses being wusses?

  • yall can all kiss my rebel dick, brantley is the shit…..hell he has to be to have yall causing such a stink…..aint none of yall from the south, or else youd understand what he is singin about…..we are the all american drinkin cussing fightin fishin huntin muddin front porch sittin truck drivin smokin dippin pride of the south and if yall dont get it….feel free to turn your radio dial to somethin other than country… nation baby!!!

    • Yeah…. no that song is crap. Brantley Gilberts better than that.

    • Trust me, t bailey. No real southerner would listen to crap like this. They would rather be listening to Merle, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, or the like. Most real southerners I know view this guy as an embarassment. But I see what you did there!!

      • mike, everybody has there own opinions and i understand not everyone likes the same thangs as me…but i like brantley gilbert and do listen to the old stuff….and am a true southerner, i just think its aweful pathetic to raise such a fuss over nothin

        • Raise a fuss over nothing? The culture and music we love is being bastardized and taken over by teenyboppers and suburban soccer moms, along with corporate interests who wouldn’t know the difference between Conway Twitty and Walter Mitty. And you say it it nothing? Furthermore, a person that could actually make real country music, as Brantley Gilbert has the ability to do, making contrived pop crap like this is nothing? Methinks differently

      • Gag
        why don’t u listen to people still Living
        shame on u
        that’s someone’s little boy

        He can read this, u know
        IT”s now number one song.
        THATS #1, Bud!
        And still this shows up first on good search
        ( so does my comment)
        you need to apologize to everyone in his family and pray for mercy on judgment day

        Clearly Trigger called this one way off
        Conway …Merle….phgff!!!!!

        • Mr. Toes:

          What you have just posted is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent diatribe did you say anything that was even close to what could be considered a rational thought. And everyone on this message board is now dumber for having read it.

          I award you no points. And may God have mercy on your soul!!!

    • Tbailey thankyou you couldn’t have said it any better!!!!! If you’re not from the south, you don’t have a clue what country music is all about, let alone Brantley Gilbert. It’s plain to see the jealousy in all of these haters’ comments, its freakin hilarious, if you ask me. I will defend Brantley 100% simply because his pure talent is so obvious and genuine, not to mention his good looks lol….He never lets his fans down, his concerts are nothing less than bad ass all the way, and every song he writes and performs is awesome, in every way imaginable. Keep on rockin BRANTLEY GILBERT we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • First of all sweetheart, I am from the South born and raised. To add to that, unlike you probably I have lived in various spots in this nation since leaving home. You must be pretty damned vapid to assume you know what country is just because you’re from the South. How stupid are you? Then again judging from your goofy little name on here, you’re probably just some troll who found this site on google. So that being said if you don’t care for the opinions here show your sorry ass to the door.

  • While there are a few Brantley gilbert songs that I don’t mind, this one makes me want to regurgitate my dinner. He comes off as being a chauvinist prick and the lyrics are so unoriginal. I’m so sick of these types of songs, I’m surprised he didn’t use the term “good stuff” like every other artist in Nashville who sings about nothing but partying and getting loaded. I’m slowly but surely losing all interest and respect for BG.

  • As a police officer I am disgusted at the end of the video when it was implied that he shot the police officer. Wrong message (and I do not care what decade this video was suppose to be set in) this was no different to me than the thug rap “artists” there is. It will be hard pressed before I send a dime on Gilbert.

    • If I may respectfully say that I like to think that the end result in video is sin/death itself being conquered! Not to imply that The Law is Vile. I come to this conclusion after reviewing that in about middle of video, Brantley is embraced by Holy Trinity as depicted by Three Women. Our Savior is depicted as African American gentleman that denies Fellow from down Under access to Brantley at that given point in time. Later on, end of vid (actually) Fellow from down Under appears as that same Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing that currently entices myself with my own personal Vice! Note* you will notice that Brantley throws up crossed rifles/Terminal Lance (U.S.M.C.) in the form of crossing his arms and making double demon horns, yet is still in loving care of Almighty. How do I come to this conclusion? I am the WORST sinner to have ever walked this earth..,yet am still loved dearly by “Our” Lord! If I in any way, have offended you..,I humbly apologize, Sir or Mam!


  • So you all think Brantley gilbert is crap but have any of you heard a single one of his other songs. I mean seriously, he was acting its a video people not his life, this is how the director and him thought the video should go doesn’t mean that’s him to the t. Have any of you heard you promised or you don’t know her like I do or my kind of crazy or the best of me or even more then miles. You talk shit but do you realize that this is the only sexist song, or racist in any way, that he has ever wrote or made into a video. Come on people his first hit song and video country must be country wide was about how anyone could be country and basically don’t judge a book by its cover yet here you all are saying he is horrible because of one stupid song that tons of people actually love. You guys are no better then what he pretends to be in this video. I love Brantley gilbert he is an amazing song writer and singer and I hope he never takes this load of crap to heart cause you people can’t deal with a simple video. I have seen tons of movies and videos where cops die in real life its tragic and I have respect for cops but these are actors they get up and go on, I’m sorry if you can’t understand that he doesn’t actually go around hurting cops or even disrespecting them. You don’t know him so saying all this shit about how he is a douche bag or whatever is just hurting your credibility in my eyes. BG is amazing and ya’ll should really do some research on someone before you go and talk shit.

  • look like hes having fun super fun jam haters music has to fit genre that lame

  • BG nation for life!!!!!

  • Brantley Gilberts songs are about what everyone that likes country should listen to especially if you like country. There is a few positive and negative things about this kind of music. The positive thing is that you want to listen to his songs forever and negative things that people don’t like his songs because they think it is to boring.
    People like his music because he always comes out with a new album that are cool and are actually good songs to listen to. At least once every week on of his songs are the most recommended on the radio station or in the top 5 songs.
    He has shown maturity as both a vocalist and songwriter’ Bottoms Up’ seems like a fun track for him to play at his live shows that will surely get the crowd excited.” Matt Bjorke of Rough stock rated it 3.5 out of 5, saying, “If you like the sound of the stuff from Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Thomas Rhett, you’ll certainly enjoy ‘Bottoms Up.’ If you wanted the more ‘edgy’ rocking’ side to Brantley, this one certainly isn’t going to be your kind of song.

  • WOW! I can imagine the extremely small penis of the person who wrote this. Hate Much? Brantley Gilbert is HOT in this video. It’s amazing. The artistry is stunning, but that’s only considering the video and based on the other country videos being put out making the top 10 SOMEHOW, it’s better than stunning.
    It’s like a new era in music. Brantley is bringing together so many different genres in this song, in his videos and in his overall persona. I am shocked that the idiot that wrote this can’t see the new path being carved out for other artists by Brantley.
    So sad to let your obvious intimidation of his sexual excellence blind you from the true art in this. Shame on you. You may deserver your opinion but you don’t deserve a site to put it on because your an idiot.

    • Oh and I am a photographer familiar with the industry. Seeing work like this is what inspires people in my industry and makes us green with envy because we didn’t do it. This is excellent work all the way from concept, lighting, wardrobe and down to the details. This is a very poor write up by someone influenced by jealousy.

      • Oh and PS… I had no clue who Brantley Gilbert was until I searched this video because the sound and collaboration was so different from other artists. So, I’m not just one of whoever the “BG NATION” is. I recognized the art so I followed it. Grow a dick and stop being a dick haters.

    • “Sexual excellence”?

      This is the comment equivalent to masturbation.

      • This chick necroposted a 4 month old article and then claimed she wasn’t a raging fan girl? Oh, but I guess her opinion matters because she’s a photographer! For reals!

  • I’d still bang him! All night long! I’d put my bottom up for him… Just sayin!

  • I never write shit on these wed sites but its simple here the song kicks ass if u don’t like it hit a button don’t listen to it damn its simple while y’all are bitching about his song he’s laughing all the way to the bank . If its the drinking part u hate what about tear in my beer people love that song right oldie butgoodie as for killing a cop it shows the flash who seen the cop hit???????? My point nobody as for the women he’s bossing around lol its a video its taking place back n the day and here is the best part….Its FAKE…ok have a good day y’all well done BG keep up the good work

  • Y’all r all douches Brantley gilbert is the best and he has been through a lot to get where he is today maybe none of y’all have heard of his wreck where he almost DIED which made him go full force into his career also have y’all listened to his songs they go deep so y’all need to quit dissin on people and get a life # douches

    • And if anybody knows douches, it’s a Brantley Gilbert fan, amirite?

    • Jesus Christ on a cracker! It’s called freaking PUNCTUATION!!! If you are going to write an insulting response, the LEAST you can do it put a freaking PERIOD at the end of the sentences! How old are you? Six? Seven?

  • I stumbled across this website on accident and was immediately reminded why I dislike so many people in this world. You people are absolutely pathetic. I could not imagine being as pathetic and miserable as all of your bitter, angry people must be. You’re wasting your time bitching and moaning about a song and video you hate online and yet he’s the loser? Yeah I’m pretty sure its the way around. Music changes. You don’t have to like it but get over it. The music you like is still out there so listen to that and let other people listen to what they enjoy. Oh and while you’re at it to us all a favor and get over yourselves.

    • Brantley…we know that’s you! Get off the computer!

      • Oh good, I was really hoping I’d get a moronic reply on this website. Its nice to see that you apparently have no argument against what I said so instead you just proceed to make a comment as meaningless as this.

        • Get over ourselves? It’s a blatant sell out song that pales in comparison to anything Brantley has ever written and released. It’s a cash-in song that has no substance and relies on current trends and lyrical tropes (drinking, constant use of the word “girl,” singing about listening to a supposedly ‘country’ song, etc).

          While you might like it and feel entitled to liking it, we are just as entitled to calling it out, because it sucks.

          You can’t even tell m what’s good about this song. Go ahead. Try it. Explain to me, in full detail, what makes “Bottoms Up” a good song.

          Don’t spend too much time thinking about how to do something that can’t be done. In the meantime, either stick around this website and get educated about the history of what country music actually is, or take a flying leap.

          • Yes, get over yourselves. My problem isn’t with your opinion or the expression your opinion in the slightest. Its the entire attitude most of the people on this website have. Most people can express their opinions without being assholes about it but that seems to be lacking on here. I say I hate songs all the time but I don’t need to call the artist names to express my opinion yet that seems to be the biggest thing about this place.

            Who said I think its a good song to begin with? In terms of substance it isn’t. And you’re right, substance wise it pales in comparison to many of his other songs, especially songs like Saving Amy. But I don’t think its intended to be a masterpiece either. I think its supposed to just be a fun party song and it seems for many people it meets those standards perfectly. Once again my problem isn’t with the opinion that its awful or a “sell-out” song or anything like that its simply with the way its presented. The very first paragraph ends with the author calling Gilbert a “douche ass” as if this is about another high school student the author is angry with. Its one thing to call someone names when you are speaking directly to them but its another thing to do it in a post they’ll likely never see.

            And I don’t need to use a website full of a bunch of angry, bitter people to learn the history of country music. I was raised on it and am well aware of its history. Nice try with your assumptions though.

            So I’m still sticking by my original stance. Get over yourselves because I doubt this website will ever make any difference with the tone it has. People who have the attitude the author of this post has aren’t doing anything to further their cause or get people to take their opinions seriously. Well at leas they won’t with the people I’ve met in my life. I might agree with every sentiment on this website but the tone and calling artists names in a way that is the equivalent to doing it behind their backs is incredibly pathetic. Besides why anyone want to waste valuable time doing so much bitching over one song? Express you don’t like it, don’t buy it, and don’t listen to it and move on. Wouldn’t trying to introduce people to the music this site seems to be trying to promote go further for “saving country music” than calling artist names?

        • We hate on it and make fun of it because we listen to BETTER music, and that’s not an opinion. Substance trumps lack of substance, in every way imaginable.

          Part of this website’s purpose is denouncing the garbage that the general population perceives as country, as this particular moment in time, because it isn’t country. And it’s fun! Not to mention Trigger makes it incredibly funny, which, speaking of funny, the fact that you took every word to heart in this article is rather hilarious. It’s meant to be gratuitous. It’s meant to make people laugh. And I’m not trying to harp on you, incessantly. Think about it. We’re bitter because the majority of the nation thinks this is country music when it isn’t. When each of us discusses music in our day to day lives, we have to explain to people what country music actually is because they think it’s Brantley Gilbert. They think it’s Florida Georgia Line. They think it’s Luke Bryan.

          It’s not. Don’t you get that?

          There’s nothing country about “Bottoms Up,” and it’s a terrible party song to begin with. You want to hear a big Nashville artist who can write and record a decent party song, look no further than Dierks Bentley. At least he tries to make his party songs into something other than trend-hopping drivel.

          If Brantley wanted to sell out, he should have expected this reaction from people who actually care about his music.

          If you were raised on country music, don’t songs like “Lookin’ For That Girl” and “Drink to that All Night” at least make you want to say these things that we express? Come on. Let it out.

          • Oops. My last comment was supposed to be in reply to you but I guess it didn’t take when I clicked the reply.

        • Don’t worry about it. I only replied to this same comment twice (and again now) because the reply thread runs out. I knew the first was a reply.

  • I honestly think the only douche bag is you!!!!!!!!!!!! Jealousy sucks doesn’t it…..

  • I got the impression from the 5 second glimpses I got from Hot 100 videos.

  • I got the impression from the 5 second glimpses I got from Hot 100 videos that this was possibly a “tease that I’m gay” video on the part of Brantley Gilbert. Alas, despite playing with anagrams of his name to get “Gay Liberte Brentl,” seeing more than a few seconds of the video reveals that his disinterest is a “too cool for women” attitude rather than a “I’m not straight” attitude. It would be hilarious if it was subtextually a song about gay culture’s obsession with “bottoms,” but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Another tragic instance of pervasive straightness in musical pop culture.

  • And yet some people do like mindless music because its fun and they don’t want something thought provoking and that is their right. They are free to like whatever music they want to. Just because you listen to better music doesn’t mean you have to act like a superior asshole about it.

    What is funny is not universal. What one person finds funny someone else may not. Not one person I know would find this garbage of a site funny. In fact where I’m from the first time someone says “douche-ass” they will be told to get the hell out of the room for saying something that sounds so unbelievably stupid. I didn’t “take it to heart” I’m tired of finding people on the internet who think everyone is going to agree with their “humor” because clearly they’re right about everything. And I’m sick of feeling like I’m back in high school just because people have different taste in music. What is played on the radio today is what is modern country which is completely different than classic country. Just like modern rock is different from classic rock. Music changes and evolves and not everyone is going to like it. Get over it. If you don’t like something do not listen to it and do not buy it. If you don’t like it don’t support it. Be an adult about it instead of sitting behind a computer screen and whining about it like a teenager. You want to change people’s minds or change what classifies as country today? Do something other sit behind a computer screen and piss, bitch, and moan about it!

    You’re bitter because of music you don’t like. That is pathetic. That is what is infuriating about this website! It is pathetic you people spend so much time being bitter about something you don’t like. Most people say they don’t like something, turn the radio channel when it comes on, and refuse to buy it because they’re adults and they’ve moved past talking crap on the internet about something as trivial as music!

    No! God knows I hate “Drink to that All Night” more than any other song on radio across any genre and “Lookin’ for that Girl” is right behind it. I have an entire list of songs that are played all the time on the country radio station around that I absolutely hate. Jason Aldean’s 1994 drove me nuts and Trace Adkin’s song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” was the first song in my life that I can ever remember truly hating when it came out. But I don’t need to spend so much time trashing it to make me feel better either. I won’t buy it, I won’t listen to it. If someone else wants to it is absolutely no concern of mine whatsoever. I don’t have to listen to it and that is sufficient for me. I’ll say I hate it or it drives me insane and move on! That is why I don’t listen to the radio. I put in a CD or plug in my iPod to listen to music just so I don’t have to hear something I don’t like.

    My entire point is why isn’t one or two sentences, maybe a paragraph, enough to express how much you dislike something? Why does the artist have to be called names and/or made fun of for the sake of “humor” to get your point across? You don’t think that an entire write up about one song is a little excessive for expressing your opinion? Come on. There has to be one little part of you that has to think its excessive!

    • Modern country hasn’t gone through a natural evolution. Modern rock might have, but modern country is just a handful of artists reaching for commercial success by capitalizing on what will entice the lowest common denominator.

      It hasn’t evolved. It’s a handful of artists taking advantage of the gullible and weak-minded by saying, “these idiots actually like this shit. Let’s record more of it!”

      There’s a difference. Evolution is the way electric guitar made its way into country music. Evolution is the first distorted guitar solo in a country song (Stranger in My House by Ronnie Millsap, if I remember right). Evolution is adding real things that can benefit songs.

      EDM, Auto-Tune, clumsy hip hop rapping–these things are aiding songs. They’re gimmicks. They don’t sound natural at all.

      FTR, we say it isn’t country because there’s nothing “country” about this music, and therefore “Modern Country” is not an accurate term.

      • Dammit. I meant to say these things aren’t aiding songs***

    • The point, at least to me, is not to tell people what they can and cannot listen to. I won’t ever get into an argument based on whether the music itself is “good” or not because taste in music is going to vary with each person. My argument and what I think this website is about (whether in good taste or not) is that this music that is being labeled “country music” is NOT, in fact, country music. If I were to hear any of these pop-country songs on the radio, without the knowledge that it is “supposed to be” a “country song,” I would automatically assume that they are pop songs. The essence of country music has been lost. None of this “bro country”, as it is called, speaks to the culture of country music. It has nothing to do with people liking the music. People like what they like, but it has everything to do with saving a beloved genre of music that is lost. There are a lot of artists out there who are very much writing and singing country music (Jason Eady and Sturgill Simpson are two of my favorites), but those artists aren’t well known, if at all. Folks who are writing REAL country music, with REAL substance, and REAL heart and soul are never going to be recognized as long as Nashville is pumping out clone copies of lyrics/performers and telling people that is what country is. It’s a shame because this dying genre of music is one of the only genres of music that would tell the stories and share the words that could reach the core of the listener. That’s what country music was about and should still be about. It’s not the artists…I’m sure they have songs that others enjoy. It’s about taking back a genre of music that was STOLEN so that some robots in Nashville could make an extra buck or two.

  • I suppose I’m glad I stumbled across this post, though never imagined it’d be such a celebrity roast. Mad much and disappointment over Bottom’s Up?
    Heck, to me it’s a shot of Jim Beam in my water cup, and takes me back to my days as a Devil Pup. Serving one’s country to serving up those who get froggy and wanna jump.
    Now a days, I’d rather help save a man’s soul, than to dish out a helping of kick ass in 1 part Italiano/3 parts Espanol. Meaning I’d cordially invite you into my pew.
    If willing, we’d pray together and together be saved, as seen in vid where Brantley is embraced by Trinity to see him through, in spite of falling off the paved. Hope no one was offended that 3 chicks happened to fulfill this role.
    So you see, I’d much rather throw back my rod and reel and make fishers of men, than to see one of y’all leave the poker table broke cause you went all in. Sometimes gotta have a Miller Lite and Feel The Heat.
    Two got the gloves, two got the towels, and two wear the robes like scarlet letter, and One manifests in the form of a Selfie cause He loves us and will make it all better. Magnifique when you finally add up sum into it’s entirety!
    Meanwhile, got this thorn in my side called Bisexuality, and in no regard do I try to justify other than to explain why I was born Gemini a.k.a. duality. Wise man once said “Spirituality supports reality, We gotta fight with the right mentality”.
    I suppose I’ll leave y’all with that, for if it didn’t matter, than by now you would have scattered, but even if you had you could never be broken and tattered. You see, El Shaddai has Blessings in abundance..,last being Grace! :)

    • I love how people go to the religion card to show how much they love their love their pop country flavor of the month! Oh, and your attempt at a country music song was even more pathetic than this drivel put forth by Brantley.

      And do not ever….EVER…besmirch and dishonor the memory of Guru from Gang Starr, one of the greatest MCs in history, by including it in a piece of tripe like your posts!!!

  • Okay seriously who ever wrote this blog is clearly a jealous, pathetic bitch. Brantley Gilbert is fucking sexy as hell and has a gorgeous voice to match. Maybe if you got an attitude adjustment you might get girls like he does, however that’s highly unlikely. Do your research before you go bashing someone that you cleart know NOTHING about. Brantley went number one with this song and wrote 2 songs that Jason Aldean went number one with. BG Nation is also recognized as one of the larger and most devoted fantasies out there, so there’s thousands of people that disagree with you, including myself. BG Nation encouraged him to go to Nashville when he was almost immediately signed, and now is signed with Big Machine Records, one of the largest Music Production company’s out there. And he just released his 3rd album and it’s current the second most downloaded CD iTunes. So clearly he has talent, I’m sure way more than you. So instead of hiding behind a computer screen bashing someone you don’t even know and were too lazy too research how about you get your head out of your ass and go to something production, try to actually do something good for society. Cuz I promise you sweetie, bashing on him is not gonna make you look any better. It just makes to look like an ignorant fool. ✌️

  • Ya’ll aint nothing but a bunch of city loving faggots! I would bet money that not one of tou pussies would say half of this shit to his face. Country boys have this thing called respect and dignit. if you have something to say, go say it to face! Dont hide behind a computer screen. Love how you added the meth joke. That was cute

    • I’d say it to his face. His music is fine for the people that like it, my issue is that it’s not country. Waylon is probably rolling in his grave, laughing at a song that is all about getting wasted, with a music video of women (excuse me, girls) fondling him. There is nothing country about this song. Nothing. I would waste money on a ticket to his show, in a heartbeat, if that meant I could go backstage and tell him what a disgrace to country music he is. Now, if he wants to label himself pop or something, I wouldn’t have an issue. As far as country goes, though, he is nowhere near and will never be on the same level as the REAL country artists.

      Jones, Jennings, Nelson, Cash, Kristofferson…hell, even LeDoux, Strait, Randy Travis, Kershaw…Those are real country artists.

  • this about the most annoying shit I ever wasted my time reading. if you don’t like something, don’t listen to it. Hes where he is and all of you are behind a computer screen. You know nothing about Brantley to ever pass judgements because I promise he has been through more shit than any of you. He’s not being someone he’s not. Everyone is aloud to dress how they like, doesn’t meant they are fake. I honestly think half of you shit talkers are indeed fake yourselve.s

  • Wow… This is a stupid rant…

  • And the last two posters are probably from the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN who are on their Apple their mom and dad brought them. That, and they probably just got in to country last year and listen to Brantley Gilbert to look tough for their teammates on kickline!!! Freaking posers!

  • All you can go fuck yourself! Brantley Gilbert is very talented and sincere! He sings about real issues that have happened in his life. A lot of people can relate to his music, I know I do! Seems to me the whoever wrote this article is very jealous of Brantley’s success!

    • getting sh*tfaced are “real issues”??

  • This ‘lyric’ is the perfect example of everything that IS NOT country -One dimensional ,devoid of substance ,cliche after cliche , ‘street’ slang and ‘lingo’ that will date it within a year or two ( if anyone cares enough to ever want to hear it again after a listen or two ) rhyming a word with itself FIVE TIMES INA ROW ( bottoms UP ,fill ya cup UP ,Girl l what’s UP , bottoms UP , get em UP ) . The only other word to rhyme with UP after using it FIVE times is -what else ?…TRUCK !…… F**** .YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME ! I ‘ve never been able to bring myself to watch the video .Lazy writing , generic subject matter …Man is just TOO SHORT and filled with too much GREAT writing and music to let stuff like this fill our space . I’ve been at this a long time and I know how other artists and serious writers laugh at this kind of crap ( not publicly of course ) and an audience that would take it anywhere near seriously .No offense …just sayin ‘.

  • Y’all really have a problem with BG? Welcome to the new age of country…Lee Brice, Thomas Rhett, Jason Aldean. It’s called country rock for those that are alittle behind. Just as I am hit the #1 album on the country charts so apparently there are millions of people out there that appreciate where he came from and the real life stories he shares in his songs. Try listening to the lyrics and story he tells instead of judging what his drummer looks like… Who is the real d-bag??

  • His record sales are through the roof! Bgnation is getting bigger by the minute! You wanna talk about ignorant fucks… take a look in the mirror! Ive met bg he is an awesome artist and person! So kiss his ass and all of bg nation’s for your incorrect comments toward him you are the WORTHLESS FUCKS!!!!!!!

    • Just because his record sales are through the roof, that does not make him a real country artist. Just because “Nashville” calls it country it must be true? He may be popular, i’ll give him that. He may write his own music, that’s respectable, but to say that this is real country music? You might as well slap Hank Williams right in his face…If that’s too far back for you…you might as well slap Keith Whitley in the face…and if that’s STILL too far back for you…there’s no hope.

  • You know all this shit yall say is stupid yall are just mad you ant got the the skills to be like him and your ass must not be country you must be one of them stupid Yankees that don’t know what they are talking about its a southern thing you wouldn’t understand.

    • I will bet any amount of money that Mr. Pride is actually from a rich suburb of Boston, MA, and just started listening to Brantley Gilbert so he can think he is tough. Trust me, you would not last ten seconds in a room of real southerners popping your gums like that.

  • Y u got a problem with BG dude seriously y don’t u get a life maybe not one of his best songs but before you bash on Brantley gilbert y don’t u look at his history and all the good stuff hes done and how bout his really awesome song “my faith in you” do u know how many ppl prob opened a bible becuz of that song if ur so great what have u done for the world but bash ppl honey and hate to be the one to tell u but it is only gods place to judge! Instead of doing something that’s not ur place y don’t u focus on making the word better.

  • That was a long, long, LOOOOONG five minutes.

  • Lol whoever wrote this is obviously super jeaouls of Brantley and all of his success. He’s probably the best “new” country artist out there. Don’t be mad that he’s living his dream and making money while the person who wrote this is some fat sorry ass guy living in his parents basement.

    • Actually, he lives in MY mom’s basement, but I see what you did there!!

  • That is so opinionated its not even funny it was a video and the time zone they were shooting for that’s how it was , that does not mean he makes the women for all the “heavy lifting” maybe you should get over yourself go get a job move out of your parents basement pull your head out of your ass and understand the brantly Gilbert is a huge hit

  • Seriously, many of you are taking “BG” way too seriously. It’s musical entertainment, akin to Hollywood movies (sex, violence, drugs, killing, etc.) Southern Rock is here to stay, and some people just can’t accept BG’s bad-boy rocker style in the country biz. Tigger, err… Trigger, you are no better a person after writing your “D-Bag” opinions about Brantley. You are a hater promoting the bashing of other’s “SUCCESS”, that’s right, Brantley’s success. Like it or not, MILLIONS LOVE him. So one man/woman’s opinion of him ain’t gonna stop people from loving him. Live and let live man, if you don’t like it — walk away, just walk away…. I would suggest that you spend your time more constructively. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we all know what they say about that, lol! Peace out….

  • LOL, my comment is awaiting “Moderation” — I guess we can’t freely express our opinion in reply to Triggers rant.

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” hmmm.

  • Thanks Trigger! We ALL have our opinions, and I wanted mine to be included.

  • Everyone here is just looking for fucking attenchon everyone leavening hate full comments can go fuck themselves because their wrong and are looking fie attechon
    Ok now go fuck yourself

  • Wow. I just saw this video by accident because I was watching something on CMT last night and woke up to this fuking idiot trying to sing or rap about the same old new country bullshit about drinking and playing circle jerk or what ever the fuck this ignorant pissant considers partying like a gangsta in the 1920′s “with the tailgates down.” How sophisticated one’s mind has to be to think of those two big words……. up and cup to rhyme and make it the chorus to the song!
    As a fan of real Outlaw COUNTRY….Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Merle, etc….I can’t believe how downhill country has gotten. It’s sad that it appeals to such a large mass of people. I imagine the people that like this crap are as bright as those idiots on CMT’s “Party Down South.”. Yeehaw lets throw up, drink our piss, go out every night and never even come close to getting laid.
    Willy…..look out this idiot Brantley might be able to produce such masterpieces like “Red Headed Stranger.’ Where each song actually tells a story about a poetic theme that is conveyed over a series of songs to represent a story.
    I was so blown away at the sheer stupidity of this video that I came straight to my computer and did not changed the channel yet… now I’m hearing the next brilliant video/song that I believe must be entitled; “I’m getting drunk on a plane.” I have lost respect for the way country music has evolved. This really shows how ignorant the people making these artists money are these days? So go get your county gansta and beer pong on. I will keep my eyes out for the Avett Brothers or someone else that steps up with actual lyrics. Hell, even a sixteen year old Taylor Swift had more depth in her songwriting abilities then the crap that you hear these days.

  • Wow. I just saw this video by accident because I was watching something on CMT last night and woke up to this fuking idiot trying to sing or rap about the same old new country bullshit about drinking and playing circle jerk or what ever the fuck this ignorant pissant considers partying like a gangsta in the 1920′s “with the tailgates down.” How sophisticated one’s mind has to be to think of those two big words……. up and cup to rhyme and make it the chorus to the song!
    As a fan of real Outlaw COUNTRY….Willie, Waylon, Johnny, Merle, etc….I can’t believe how downhill country has gotten. It’s sad that it appeals to such a large mass of people.
    Willy…..look out this idiot Brantley might be able to produce such masterpieces like “Red Headed Stranger.’ Where each song actually tells a story about a poetic theme that is conveyed over a series of songs to represent a story.
    I was so blown away at the sheer stupidity of this video that I came straight to my computer and did not changed the channel yet… now I’m hearing the next brilliant video/song that I believe must be entitled; “I’m getting drunk on a plane.” I have lost respect for the way country music has evolved. This really shows how ignorant the people making these artists money are these days? So go get your county gansta on people. I will keep my eyes out for the Avett Brothers or someone else that steps up with actual lyrics. Hell, even a sixteen year old Taylor Swift had more depth in her songwriting abilities then the crap that you hear these days.

  • okay..I don’t know this guy..only reason he got my attention was when I heard him on the Awards…what caught my attention was guitar riff I heard on Michael Jackson’s Give In To Me…Slash played it and they got it from Metalica or another band..can’t think of the band..rap punk…during the 80′s…Out of all of them I enjoyed Give In To Me the best…Artists are always stealing from the best or sharing..take your pick…I didn’t like the Video Bottoms UP put with the song…I like Country…I’m not hard core…either I like it or I don’t…Don’t like Bottoms Up except for Guitar Riff..Otherwise..I also wanted to know what his crossed arms and fingers meant….what is he signaling…?


    Oh dear! Here we go again! -__-

    The thing is, I don’t even consider “Bottoms Up” a crossover-friendly song. Granted “Bottoms Up” is heavy-handed on urban slang so lyrically it might have had an eye set on Rhythmic listeners from the onset………….but vocally I doubt Gilbert is going to connect to that kind of broader crowd and there has been a shortage of Urban-specific releases on Mainstream Top 40 as is (they usually are stonewalled in terms of chart performance between the high twenties and #35 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart)

    I just don’t see this succeeding any more than the remix for “Drink To That All Night” did. The best bet for a viable crossover hit from a country entertainer that hasn’t already happened would be Luke Bryan with a “Play It Again” remix.

    • Or “country” entertainer, I should say! =P

  • I love BG. Proud to be part of the BGNation. Have already seen him in concert twice and am going again in September. Met him this past June as well. He was so nice and down to Earth. His songs all have a meaning behind them & I can relate to them. Jealously is a sickness & I think ya’ll have it! Keep it up BG!

  • Jesus H. Christ. You’re all frothing at the mouth because you have an opinion about a SONG?

  • Seriously? Wow. So you don’t like BG. And? You have to write a grade A douche baggy “rant” about it? He is one of the FEW musicians who actually care enough about what they do to write their own music. I’d rather listen to someone singing a song that is their own, about their own life, than half of the garbage spewed across radio stations nation wide these days. As for him singing about drinking even though he’s sober, he’s been there, he’s done it and he’s a genuine enough person not to degrade other people because they live differently than he does. What it really comes down to is this…you don’t like it? Don’t listen. Be a man about it. Don’t whine like a petulent child to anyone on the internet who’ll listen. Other wise, go build a snowman and f*ing LET IT GO.

  • Brantley Gilbert is an artist and a damn good one. The person who wrote this article is just displaying their jealousy toward him. To the ones who agree with this trash talk, doesn’t take much for you followers to kneel down and lick the devils nut sack does it. And by the way BG can order me around any day, that would be “the fulfillment of my wildest dreams”. #BGNation Bitches \m/
    Don’t fight it your love for Brantley is💯
    Just let it happen you will feel so much better

  • You people make me sick. You’re all a bunch of pathetic punks, Brantley Gilbert sings about what he believes in and about what he enjoys. You all should get over yourselves because, you weren’t able to achieve what you wanted in life, let him do him and you do you. Stop being so critical.

  • Lmao, whole lotta shit talkers on here who just need their ass beat,what matters is what the fans think, not what worthless cant hack it critics think, for being so terrible, his bank account sure as hell is bigger than everyone on this page combined so drink an ice cold glass of shut the fuck up and grow some talent yourselves

  • This song, just like the rest of today’s Bro-Country, Pop bullshit, is awful. This song has NO substance whatsoever. Any fool can write a song about partying, drinking, or being a self-appointed badass. Just find some words to rhyme with drunk and you’ll have yourself a “hit.” THIS song and ALL of the other mainstream “country” songs are a slap in the face to REAL country music and a slap in the face to real country music fans. I’m all for freedom of artistry and doing what you want, but the fact that this is labeled “country music” baffles me to my core.

    The real country music artists (Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, Charley Pride, George Jones, Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson, Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver, Johnny Cash, and many, MANY others) wrote/performed songs of substance that stood for the country music culture. Those were people who poured their souls out into their songs and you could feel it. This new bro-country, in no way, represents true country music. It is disgraceful, distasteful, and quite frankly, just plain awful.

    Like George Jones said “This old world is full of singers, but just a few are chosen to tear your heart out when they sing…Who’s gonna fill their shoes?” I can damn sure tell you that NONE of these no-talent, money grubbing, fake “country” superstars will be the ones to do it….But I digress.

  • What happened to Brantley. Since this song came out he has slipped even further. Go on YouTube and look up brantley gilbert at home and watch some old videos of him way back in the day. I seriously doubt he is aware of some of them, especially “lifesamovie”. You would not recognize him from the man he pretends to be today. If this is what happens whe he’s sober, it’s time to pick that bottle back up.

  • ….. Google Outlaw MC….. THEN talk. Think about the refrences he makes in other songs. Listen to lick it in the sticks. Hes an Outlaw MC supporter…. But fuck doing research right? The first assumption of his meanings must be the correct one right?

  • Everybody who keeps on judging Mr Brantley Gilbert can fuck themselfs cause Brantley is an outstanding artist yall may not like this song but like brantley said in his interviews every song has it story every album is a chapter of his life

  • You guys are just all jealous of Brantley Gilbert, Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and all of the other country singers. Just because all of you think there changing country music they can’t keep on singing the same thing over and over again. Country music might be changing but it doesn’t mean you have to judge the singers who are making really great music and are trying to make country music get changed a little bit. Not everything needs to be the same sometimes we need to change things up a little bit. So there is not really a point of judging the country singers. THANK YOU!!!

  • All I can say is yall are idiots. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch/listen to it. It’s that simple.

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