Brantley Gilbert’s “Country Must Be Country Wide”

November 29, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  159 Comments

So. The official country music douche Brantley Gilbert has himself a #1 song in the form of “Country Must Be Country Wide.” Our enemy has a new face friends and neighbors, and that face has a penciled-on beard and hoop earrings.

This day was inevitable. As one of the co-writers of Jason Aldean’s country rap super hit “Dirt Road Anthem,” a song that has sold more copies than any other in 2011, it was just a matter of time before Music Row tried to re-create that magic with Brantley himself. After all, he’s just so pretty. Gilbert, his rising fame, and this song’s success are due in large part to the blurring of genre lines between popular music. His medium is the mono-genre, which is illustrated many ways in “Country Must Be Country Wide.”

It starts off with an electronic drum beat, and when he says the opening line of “Go ahead and crank this one up,” it’s hard to tell if he aping a country accent, or an urban accent. The only thing for sure is that the accent is a put on. Check it out:

Oh wait, wrong video. :( Honest mistake.

Boiled down, what you have here is a song stamped out of the typical laundry list country song formula with a few unique wrinkles. The most-obvious criticism is that Brantley sings about how “in every state there’s a station playing Cash, Hank, Willie & Waylon” when the idea finding these folks on country radio is quite laughable, hence the existence of sites like this one. So as a vehicle for Outlaw name-dropping like many country checklist songs do, this line fails, and fails hard. But try pulling that line off with “Flatts, Swift, Perry & Antebellum”–artists country radio actually does play. Yeah, not very catchy.

Most confusing is the message of this song. In one breath he’s talking about Copenhagen, boots, Wranglers, 4-wheel drives, giving shit to some poor guy for having Ohio license plates, all these country qualifiers. But then he seems to infer in his video, and by saying “Country Must Be Country Wide” that anybody can be country, including a black dude flipping burgers, and a beaten down mail boy in a cubicle farm. So which is it? I guess I’m not supposed to listen to the words, but just pay attention to how hot Brantely Gilbert is, and hope for his peen to come peeking out of one of the factory rips in his designer jeans while the catchy chorus gets flooded with overdriven rock guitar.

And what is that crazy symbol that keeps on showing up in the video, the hole with the two squibbles coming off of it? Well I printed it off and took it too the University of Texas anthropology lab here in Austin, and the professor of Near Eastern Studies told me it was a Sanskrit rune symbolizing a toad vagina. Huh, seems like a strange thing to include in a video, but whatever.

But don’t underestimate Brantley Gilbert folks. When I saw him this summer on The Country Throwdown Tour, he was an emerging songwriter with a decent following looking for a break. Well now he’s got it, and as a songwriter, we can expect him to be around for years to come. Performers who write their own songs, like Gilbert and Taylor Swift, are insulated from much of the current music contraction, because songwriting revenues are one of the few elements of music that have proven to be steady. Taste aside, Brantley has shown he has an ear for what works as the worlds of country and hip-hop collide.

And what’s that you say? That Brantley Gilbert symbol is his initials?

Eh, I prefer toad vagina.

Two guns down by the way.

159 Comments to “Brantley Gilbert’s “Country Must Be Country Wide””

  • “…hope for his peen to come peeking out of one of the factory rips in his designer jeans…”


    • Yeah had to reread it cuz wasnt sure at first. then then i fell out. SCM gold indeed!!
      this dude is a peen.
      we were talkin at about music on the local rock station. It is vacillating between some emo-ish-feeling-sorry-for-myself crap or band with a ok sound except for the fact that they are trying to “sound hard”.
      And so the country stations are the same, trying to sound country when it is really pop, rockish or (worst yet for country) hip-popish. I call shenanigans dammit.

    • Is is the biggest Hippocrates I have ever seen. What truly is country? Cash is different from Hank, Loretta is different from Reba. Country is constantly changing. To me it’s country if it speaks to the soul. All of Brantleys songs are things he experienced in his life. Then about the accent, he is a Georgia boy how else do u think he would talk. Give him a break and quit hating on him. He has talent and can sing and write. Not many artest can, heck George Strait doesn’t. Comparing country artest is comparing apples to oranges. It would b boring if everyone sounded the same. As far as I’m concerned Brantley is one of the most talented men in country.

      • Alisha, you have no brain. Leave this site and listen to dirt road anthem and we own the night. Thanks.

        • Let her think what she wants to think!!! I think YOU should get off this page!!! And frankly, I agree with her! Go Brantley!!!!

          • Why I don’t like Brantley Gilbert …well that’s simple. Song writing…I wrote better shit about actuall shit while taking a shit this dude is a joke sings one tone and tries to sound like he’s been chewing rocks all his life what a dork

      • Country is a way of life. You either are or you aren’t. The music is a reflection and expression of that way of life. Now when you got a guy wearing hoop earings that should say everything. Country music pays a lot and that’s the problem. You get these guys that never worked in a field a day in their life trying to stand for us real country ppl and all they are is frauds. Only in it for the money well the country way of life isn’t about popularity or money its about being real and unfortunatly we are dying off. Its all a mockery now. A mockery of who we are and that is why we are angry. We have nothing left of our culture our music was all we had and now they’re taking it away too.

      • Hell yeah!

  • I just want someone to point me to the radio station that actually plays Cash, Willie, and Waylon. Not sure where Brantley Gilbert lives but I know it ain’t in fuckin’ Pennsylvania.

    • Ain’t in Maryland either

    • Don’t those names checks just piss you off? He uses those names to show us all how “stone cold country” he is, yet he has to know that none of them are getting played on the radio stations he’s hoping to get airplay on, and I’m sure he’s not losing any sleep over it. The fucker.

      • Also if you think about the artists themselves and what they stood/stand for. Like Willie….anti gov’t and such…anarchy is sweet. also look at all the hand symbols in the video… :D

    • It’s in Nebraska. I work there.

    • What I can guarantee you is any station playing Cash, Hank, Willie & Waylon, ain’t playing this song.

      • True dat. We are lucky enough to have a classic country station here in Albuquerque, though they mostly play early pop-country from the 80s and 90s, they do work in some Johnny Cash and George Jones now and then. I HOPE they won’t play this (although the other 3 “country” stations here will, I’m sure)

        • I was curious about the symbol so I Google it and found this site as well as others.
          For one the symbol is simply his initials. Now other than that SCM or whoever wrote this article as well as half the people who commented need to re-listen to the song, there is no pop or hip-hop in it at all anywhere, it is country words, with country/rock music. As for “ever state there’s a station playing Cash Hank Willey and Waylon” its metaphorical. In some ways “Country Must Be Country Wide” has the same meaning as Blake Shelton’s “Hillbilly Bone”, basically everyone has a “county” side to them.

          Also, someone had mentioned Taylor Swift being country, this is not fully true even if you have heard her song “22” you would know.

          Doombuggy, you can try saying you are country after saying “true dat” you dumb ass.

          Finally, if the ones running this site and posting the article are not country either, if they were this site would not exist.

      • i know this is merely one example, but the radio station here will play cash, gilbert, and Jason Boland in the same set. KCountry 102.3. they have online streaming available. Obviously they play the “Flatts, Swift, Perry & Antebellum” as well but that’s expected. This sounds like a plug now that i’m re-reading this but i do not work for a radio station!

      • The name drop thing pisses me off as well, but it goes for alot of acts promoted by this site….Ive made this statement before on here. I feel like youre a bit off, acting like hes some kind of Trashville creation. He has been singing songs from his latest album for like 3 years in concert. He made most of these songs long before he ever signed to a major label. He has also looked and dressed the same way since I first saw him when he was like 21. Also, I saw a video of him writing Dirt Road Anthem with Colt Ford many years ago. All he did was come up with a chorus for a song that Colt Ford wanted to do when they both were just indie artists. They were just friends who played music in the same area. Its not like it was some master plan of Nashville. I hate Colt Ford not because he does country rap but because hes a crappy rapper, but to say Gilbert is a “douche” because you think he is some kind of creation I feel is a little off base…..sorry for the long comment.

        • Roy,

          I think you are inferring some things about my stance on Brantley that are untrue. Sure, I picked a little fun at him, but I also gave him respect for being a songwriter. I do not think he’s some manufactured Nashville Idol, a pretty face they just pulled off the street. I think he’s a songwriter first, who made his way through the ranks and because of his success with “Dirt Road Anthem,” was given a bigger chance by country radio, and now has a #1 song. Trust me, I am not underestimating or reducing him, quite the opposite.

          As for name dropping, there is always context. And in the context of the song, however you feel about name dropping, it just doesn’t even makes sense. Yes, some of the artists I ‘cover” her have some name dropping in their songs, but I think you will find many of those songs were written in the past. You will not find it much any more, because they have moved on from that trend that has become tired, while Music Row artists are still in the throwes of it. You could even say artists like Hank3 started the name dropping trend, that is where it came from, and in the context of some of his songs from the early to mid 00’s it was appropriate and germane.

          • As far as the whole name dropping on songs thing goes, you brought up Hank III. I always felt he did it to be looked at in the light of the guys from the Outlaw era. Runnin and Gunnin and Country Heros are my prime examples. Who he says hes friends with or what he listens to doesnt make me think hes a outlaw. I feel like that is the purpose of these songs. His musical style alone makes him some what of a rebel. He’ll try to distance himself from is father in one breath then make sure we know he listens to Jones,Coe, and Haggard in another. I think some of his music is brilliant at the same time I find the mentioned songs to be just as corny and serve the same purpose as a guy like Justin Moore doing it. To make sure people look at him as some sort of new torch bearer of the outlaw movement. I look at a guy like Jamey Johnson who did a double cd of songs with no name drops and few rebel rousing songs. Just some well written country songs. He makes very few attemps to show the listener how tough he is or what he listens to.

        • I think indie artists should remain indie artists and stop selling themselves out for fame and greed. The music industry chews people up and spits them out alive. People now think being country is all about being a sap and alcoholic and I think that there has been a huge inclination toward the negative in regards to people that are ‘country’ It has caused such crazy crazy dogmas. It utterly disgusts me and so country people buy into it and think that is the way to be. GREAT for programming.

      • Very true. I would never play this song.

      • Ummm…We play Waylon, Willie, Cash, (Sr.-not so much), Aldean, Gilbert, Sugarsnot, Hubbard, Shaver, Earle, Boland, Ragweed, Casey Donahew, Damn Quails…

        We’re like country music ADD.

    • We got one up here. Of course, I assume Brantley Gilbert’s not shooting to be on, nor likely familiar with our local AM station run by senior citizens.

    • Not is southern california for sure … still looking for that station.

    • Mine does! Oh, wait….that’s my cd player….

  • I heard this song driving back from Thanksgiving and it made me I wish I knew of any country station that played Cash, Hank, Willie, OR Waylon. Instead they play pop southern rock songs like this calamity.

    The one thing that really drives me nuts is that he doesn’t really take a stance in the lyrics as to his feelings about country going nationwide. Is he mocking rural people that aren’t from the south? Other country singers that aren’t from the south? Is the song pushing inclusivity? If so, I liked it better when it was called “Gone Country” by Alan Jackson. The genius part is that because he doesn’t take a stand it can be either of those things depending on the audience. In politics they call this pandering.

    • No………….. He’s saying that you could be born in NYC and still love country music, dress ‘country’ (for lack of a better word) and embrace the country way of life!

  • i kind of liked the early Bee Gees but i guess you weren’t talking about them and the initials thing. i’ve never heard of this creep. thanks for the heads up. though i imagine he’ll be first up on the next CMA’s. not that i’d ever watch it.

  • It is too obvious what is going on here. Brantley Gilbert is outing the secret society of country music luvin’ Toad Vaginas. They dress up in ‘city clothes’ and take ‘city jobs’ as a cover. Oh, and they have a black friend who is the Professor Griff of the Toad Vaginas.
    Don’t believe this hype.

    • lol

    • hahahahahaha

    • Did you really just name drop Professor Griff? Nice. Beautiful.

  • We had a local AM station that played Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon. It’s a sports station now. Clear Channel must be country wide. It’s not that you can’t find a good, raw, rough sounding country blues sound on the radio, it’s just used in a commercial for a steakhouse or something.

  • I love it when these pop country dudes throw a couple of brothers into their videos. Keepin’ it real.

    • There is something to that. I try not to pay attention to skin color, but clearly that is what Brantley Gilbert wants us to do in this video. The way it is produced is like “Hey lookey here, it’s a black guy!” It’s racist if you ask me, and an obvious sign he’s trying to bridge demographics with his music.

      • I guess they’re supposed to represent his “black friend.” Just seems so forced, though. I remember something similar in Eric Church’s How ‘Bout You video. I have a hard time seeing many black folks going for this kind of overly self referential, chest thumping pop country. More believable would be the less in-your-case pop country like Rascal Flatts and Faith Hill. Or more soulful country that might be sought out by a true music lover. I remember reading an interview of B.B. King where he identified You Are Always On My Mind by Willie. Solomon Burke once described himself as a “stone George Jones fan.” And Freddie King was a Porter Wagoner fan.

        • Oops. Forgot to put in “as his favorite song” as You Are Always On My Mind.

      • Just shut up.

  • Words cannot describe how disgusted I feel after playing the second video in this article. This is like Celine Dion paying homage to Black Sabbath.

    Thankfully Hank III is playing a show tonight in my town so I can douche my ears of this horrific blasphemy.

    • You lucky bastard

  • I guarantee the director instructed the audience to throw up all those devil horns. The entertainment industry is riddled with the occult. Some symbolism and rituals are hidden, some blatant. For examples see youtube LCD Soundsystem “pow pow” and google David Crosby (crosby, stills and nash) talking about witchcraft and master recordings being prayed over. Weird stuff. And another example in the country genre would be hank 3. He does not hide it. He is close associates to the LaVey family. To each his own.

    • And so what if Hank3 is a close associate of the LaVey family? I’m not getting your point.

      • I was simply using h3 as an example. I assume you know the LeVey family history so there is no need to go further. I did not say anything negative. Just matter of factly that he is into the occult and satanism. I am a recovering catholic, the church that is responsible for hundreds of years of torture, death and oppression. Hell, i tend to believe in the Annunaki angle! So, as i said to each his own. I like h3 and slayer for that matter. Point is, entertainment is filled with the occult. That was what i was going for.

        • Alright, I’ll give you that entertainment is filled with the Occult stuff. I love my Slayer. Hell, I love my black and death metal too. I know Hank is friends with some of the LaVey’s, but that doesn’t make me dislike him at all. You neither apparently, so lets just enjoy the music!

          • \m/ man, my first death metal tape was Death “spiritual healing”

        • I can relate to the recovering Catholic remark…

        • People like you are the reason that warning labels should be taken off of things! I don’t get this! I get bringing religion into things because I do it often, but to say that someone is a bad person or that something is bad because of the ‘devil horns’ is just DUMB. They aren’t just some dumb ‘devil horns’ they are people expressing how they like the music, whether or not they were told to do so because its a MUSIC VIDEO and they are directed events, not just free for alls. People who are saying that this song is unreal, or anything else dissing it is probably just jealous of some crap. I live as far north as anyone, where country music is hard to find and bashed constantly. We STILL have country stations that play these songs and these people, but they are just mixed in with recent people! If it is really THAT BIG A DEAL to all of you people to get this ‘real’ country music and you can’t get it where your at, then move, delete this dumb website made of hate, and SHUT UP!

    • I’ve grown a little tired of the devil horns, though not for any religious reasons, more that it has just become cliche, and overtaken by douchers like Gilbert. His partner in crime Colt Ford never gets his picture taken without flashing the devil horns, which is ironic because when I wrote a negative blog about him, he came here preaching about God this and God that.

      But I don’t think the perpetrators of the devil horns are doing because of the occult imagery. That may be what is behind it, but at this point, that meaning has been bled out by parody. And the whole satan in music was mostly marketing anyway.

      Hank3 has said many times he’s not a satan worshipper, it is just about the imagery.

      • I whole heartedly agree with your take. It is cliched, and imagery. I remember doing it at a Pantera concert and not realizing it. Most people dont think anything “evil” when doing it. It was not my intention to open a big can of worms here. Slayer, Venom, Ozzy and artists the like have made a good living off this imagery. I have long said the real evil are the elite that keep people suffering and starving by witholding info and technology, not a kid with an upside down cross on his shirt.
        What i was trying to illustrate is the fuckers in the board rooms of Curb, Geffen, Universal, yadada are often connected to upper level “secret societies” like the skull and bones, freemasons or council for national policy, just to name a few. Occult imagery is everywhere if you know what to look for.
        And for h3, if that is what he said to you i will believe it. I have also said he looked to satanism as a result of oppressive christian upbringing. Who the hell knows or cares!
        Sorry for the rant.

        • I have also READ. Sorry

          • Its an irish thing, it means shooing evil away, ask Dio.

        • I’ve talked to Hank about him being a Satanist as well and he denied it when I asked him. He just said that imagery is his way of rebelling. He doesn’t actually believe it.

          • yeah, back on “the legend of d. ray white”, from straight to hell, the lines

            “When she’s done livin’ in this world,
            You know, the Lord’s gonna take her by her hand.”

            tip off that he isn’t really a satanist or whatever. even if he just wrote the line because that’s what she believes and he doesn’t really believe in god or heaven or what not … if he were a satanist i can’t see him doing that. i’ve listened to enough satanic music in my time to know that they just do NOT include lines about god (unless it’s about killing him or something :P) in their lyrics.

  • that douche video mix-up was hilarious.

  • Hear hear. “BG” has overtaken Jason Bluejeans as Farce the Music’s #1 enemy. Glad to see he’s in your crosshairs now too! Not only does he suck, his average fan seems to have the IQ of a wallet chain:

  • Cue the unintentionally self-humiliating, but aggresively vocal BG fans who endlessly search the internet for things like “Brantley Gilbert tattoo” in 3…2…1……

    • I can’t wait.

      I’ve got my big boy pants on, and am ready for them to tell me Brantley could kick my ass, I would never say these things to his face, and that I have no dick.

      I expect them to have the loyalty of Carrie Underwood fans, with the intelligence of Aaron Lewis fans. In other words, rabidly stupid.

      Like food poisoning, it usually takes a good 24-36 hours to really get going.

      • You’re just an immature virgin. Be a real man and eat some pussy!

      • I would have expected them by now. Maybe they realized their arguments wouldn’t hold water around here…or anywhere

  • The question remains, though: Why do people keep buying this crap? I would say it’s because most of them just don’t know any better, but with the internet and XM/Sirius radio, that’s really not a valid reason, anymore. Oh, and I’m from Ohio, so you can suck a cock, there, Brantley.

  • re: PA and Ohio

    Pennsylvania has a college station that plays country on Saturdays.
    WQSU in Selinsgrove, along the Susquehanna River. Middle of the commonwealth. Lots of stuff that Cash and Hank et al listened to. Carter family regularly. I jump for joy when they play the Osbourne Bros. Probably have a web stream.

    And Johnny Paycheck is from Ohio (“giving shit to some poor guy for having Ohio license plates”) and he’s not afraid to fire a pistol at some guy’s head.

    And he’s not afraid to cry:
    “Fools Hall of Fame”

    • Of all the states he could pick on, why Ohio? Like you point out, Johnny Paycheck is from there, David Allan Coe can be considered to be from there. Appalachia runs through it’s southeast corner. Sure, being from the South or Texas or Bakersfield, CA will always give you a little more street cred in country music, and it probably should because that is where the music originated, but enough of picking on folks from other places for not being country. I don’t care what state you’re in, if you drive out of the city, you will find country, and country people.

      • Isnt Dwight Yoakum from ohio? He could have picked on my Minnesota and the best I could come back with is The Cows(best noise rock band ever), polka and Joe Mauers sideburns.

        • Yep, though Dwight was born in KY and spent summers there, he grew up in Columbus. Buddy Miller is also from Ohio, as are some younger folks like Lydia Loveless.

          More generally, there has been a strong bluegrass scene in southern Ohio since the 70’s, as there was a lot of migration from Appalachia to work in the factories in Columbus, Dayton and Toledo, often traveling on Route 23. (Hence Dwight’s “Readin’, Ritin and Route 23.”) And don’t forget we border West Virginia and Kentucky.

          If folks live in or are driving through SW Ohio, there is, in fact, a local radio station that plays bluegrass and classic country, though none of the outlaws most fans here prefer. I don’t think I ever heard them play Hank III for instance, and even Merle and Waylon are rare. They tend to be on the conservative side and have a lot of older, church going listeners. They do regular agricultural reports. Real deal, but a time warp.

          The guy who started the station does a lot of promotion for local bluegrass acts. They stream.

      • I live in the southeastern Appalachian part of Ohio, and the people we have here are just as “country” as they are anywhere else. It reminds you more of Kentucky or West Virginia, actually. The northern half of Ohio reminds you more of a New England-type state, but there are plenty of farms and country people up there, too. I’m tired of hearing from dickwads in ballcaps and cutoff shirts about what “country” really is, anyway.

      • I grew up 25 miles northwest of NYC and while my hometown wasn’t particularly country, there were a couple of small towns 10 or 15 miles due west from me that had a Mayberry feel to them. I had a girlfriend that lived in one of them. It had a town drunk just like Mayberry, although he was not quite as entertaining as Otis. Then there were the more unsavory characters like the town pervert and the town (ahem) whore. If you wanted to dial a number in town, you just had to dial four numbers. I worked in a supermarket in my late teens and early twenties and there was a old man named Jim who worked there as a security guard. I thought for sure he was from the South. Nope, just a lifelong resident of Sloatsburg, NY. He just sounded so country. In retrospect, it wasn’t that much like a Southern accent, but there was no Noo Yawk in it at all.

    • I’m late to the party here, but I’ve also been confused by the insinuation in the song that he was so damn surprised to see a “country” guy with Ohio plates.

      But what really gets me is the Chris LeDoux reference. Sure he was born in Mississippi and spent part of his childhood in Texas because his dad was in the service; but his roots are in Michigan and he spent most of his life in Wyoming.

      So if he thinks that looking like Chris LeDoux makes a person country, wouldn’t that make the western plains states the heart of country and completely blow the lid off of his premise that being country is essentially a southern thing?

  • This song is a collossal fuckup!!!

    • That was awesome!

  • Trig, in researching my volumes of ancient lore, I have deciphered the strange symbol that features in Gilbert’s video. It is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the “All Devouring Chocolate Starfish.” You’ll note the bottomless hole that devours the souls of all who approach as well as the two large wrinkles that denote it’s ability to expand. It is this sacred pucker that all who “sell out” must kneel before and lick. Apparently Music Row adopted this symbol in around 1989-1990 and have kept under wraps for years, only allowing initiates a taste. It would appear that now, in these final days, the symbol is being displayed in public to let the masses of Pop Country followers know that as they lap this shit music up they too have been licking this giant arsehole and lining its pockets.

    Dr bumhead. PHD.

    • Well done, Dr. Bumhead. well done indeed.

  • This is basically another version of “Hillbilly Bone”.

  • He’s even got Josh Thompsonin the video! watch when he takes off the guitar and throws it up to the guy on the 2nd floor.

    • Comment from farce the music (the whole comment section was just as ridiculous as this excerpt) but this one really had me dyin laughing:

      Anonymous said…

      you guys ragging on bg are fucking morons. he really is one of the best country singers alive right now. he incorporates old but true country into his style and just lets the beat drop. quit ragging on him. i met him in california and he really is a cool mother fucker.

      August 14, 2011 8:25 PM

      • just let that beat drop……………..

      • Found these lyrics to a song called Speakerphone by Kylie Minogue:

        Drop your socks and grab your mini boom box
        Do the pop lock body rock
        Let the beat drop
        Till your shell shocked
        Baby what, tell me what you got
        Rock hard like a sinner block

        Now, if that ain’t country, I’ll kiss your ass!

  • I may be wrong, but since toad eggs are externally fertilized, I don’t think toads have vaginas. Of course, biological technicalities do not stop him from being one. That is all.

    • Killjoy!

      • Consider what a killjoy it must be for the toads. No fun at all.

  • This is just a song for the 16-25yr. old male crowd. As is Gilbert’s image itself. Affliction shirt, black ball cap, etc… “look at me, I’m a bad ass, but haven’t done anything really.”

    If Gilbert is a true, repectful country music fan and writer, hopefully he can break out of this, but I think the success of Dirt Road and then him putting out Countrywide, he is a lost cause.

    I think stories like Gilbert, Thompson, Chruch, Justin Moore, etc… only add to the legitmacy of guys like Jamey Johnson. Johnson penned some not so great songs in the pop-country era that OTHER douches picked up, but he also stayed true to himself and respected the music in the end as we see the type of artist he is and is becoming.

    All this is, is dime store songwriting. Pick one word and ryhme around it. No story, no depth.
    The thing guys like Gilbert, Aldean and Chruch fail to realize is you don’t stay a 21 yr. old hardass range forever. When you are a conjured up/produced stereotype, you will out grow it and just look like a dork in his late 30’s. That is where they are all headed.

    • Kinda like Hank Jr. nowadays? Sometimes I just wish he would go away. He made some great classic country way back when but now he is just more concerned with making sure everyone knows he’s the biggest redneck in the world.

      • Yea, I can’t defend much of Hank Jr.’s songs/antics the last several years, but the thing with him, he already has skins on the wall. Serious skins. So although he does douche-bag-it up, he’s the real deal, just a dork now.

        • and this is embarassing.

          When I started reading I was hoping/praying Bocephus was back and decided this pop country is horseshit. He should have kicked Aldean off stage.

          But, he was afraid to butcher the duet??? WTF.

          • I saw that article too and I was like “Holy Crap!” Tell em Hank! Than I read the article and was like, “Damn you, Hank”

          • My guess is he saw what was going down, and wanted no part of it, but is being political about it. It’s funny, when it comes to politics, he’ll spout out, but when it comes to the music biz, he minds his p’s and q’s.

    • Quick to judge arent you? You say that Johnson penned some not so good stuff, then went on to stay true later on and is making up for it. Maybe Gilbert will do the same thing. No one knows what lies ahead for Gilbert at all, so dont try to say he will turn out to be some out of touch hip guy trying to stay cool to 21 year olds.

      • Ahhh Ender…yea, I’ll judge, and I’ll put my money on Gilbert being a douche bag in 10years.

        Difference being Johnson’s contribution like Bondonkadonk were clearly penned with tongue-n-cheek at the time. Have you heard any of the stuff Johnson was writing that he recorded himself around the bondonkadonk time? Probably not cause it wasn’t par for the course/radio.

        Brantley on the other hand is trying to be serious and the best him comes up with is Dirt Road and Country Wide???

        Sure change can happen, but I don’t trust a dude in an affliction shirt.

        • Alright, let’s please not get into a back and forth about Jamey Johnson. I will say Ender, like I said at the end of the article, I think that Brantley has now solidified himself as a big up and coming star, and I think as a songwriter (good or not), I expect him to be around for years to come.

          • i respect what you said Trig. I have called bullshit on you before, but think that this was an article that you wrote well and were not just assuming things that you dont know. I wasnt trying to argue about Jamey one way or the other, just using what he said as an example. I just dont see how one can say one person is ok and one isnt when they were at the same stage in their career. For all we know Gilbert did this to get his foot in the door and get some money so he can then do what he really chooses to do when a label will trust him more. I just dont think that someone should be slagged off as a douche bag for life when we havent gotten that far into their career.

            Again I wasnt saying you said that Trig, It was in response to Ice. I also think it is important to look at the fact that maybe these artists are doing to just get their foot in the door. It is alot easier to get record deals on a big label or indy label when you are known money maker. I havent heard full albums from Brantley or any other Countryrap but I imagine the whole album isnt like this. If so, all the songs would be all over the radio.

          • I am not trying to take this beyond the blog either. Ender brought up a good point with Johnson to my post. So we are having a discussion.

            I think anyone can see the difference in how Johnson has gone about getting a foot in the door compared to guys like Gilbert, Chruch, Aldean, etc…I don’t think we should forget the quality of songs beyond Bodonkadonk that got Johnson noticed since it wasn’t Bodonkadonk that got him noticed to begin with.
            The rest of these artists haven’t come close to putting a song out as good as “Give It Away”, “In Color”, “Jennings and Jones”- which yes, is a name drop, but done in a much more creative/clever way than simply saying “Cash, Willie and Waylon” because it ryhmes with “radio station”.

  • I’m yet to understand why people on this site hate Eric Church so much. Sure he may not have the most traditional sound to his music, but neither does a lot of the bands promoted by SCM. Also, on the review of Jason Boland’s Rancho Alto there were comments made that the album may be forgettable because it didn’t push any musical boundaries. Eric Church seems to be doing that, which I would assume most listeners on this site would like. It may not be perfect but it is much better than 99% of music coming out of Nashville right now. His true talent comes in his songwriting ability anyways. One could not truly understand how good his songs are by listening to 30 or 90 second clips on iTunes. I will admit that I wasn’t crazy about Chief when I first heard it, but it grows on you mainly due to his stellar songwriting.
    I don’t mind talking bad about Brantley Gilbert because all his songs are just him bragging about how country he is and the typical laundry list country songs, but it certainly isn’t fair to compare him and Jason Aldean to Eric Church. I just get tired of reading about how bad Church is when most who comment on this site have never purchased one of his CDs or have only heard his radio releases. After all, Merle recorded a song with Eric so he can’t be all bad.

    • Wesley,

      I’m not sure where you’re drawing the negativity at Eric Church from here. I’m not going to go through all 80 comments, his name may have come up once or twice, but I certainly did not mention his name as a comparison to Brantley Gilbert. I would say that Eric is many shades better than Brantley, and that Brantley is many shades better than Aldean. I gave Eric Church’s “Chief” a positive review here, though I had my fair share of criticisms. Without question, I also faced a lot of backlash for it, but I wouldn’t be so quick to paint SCM with a negative Eric Church brush. Certainly there are some haters, but that’s going to be the case with anyone that has had some success, fair or not. I would say that the readership and I are 50/50 on him at the worst. I also think the more guys like Brantley and Aldean get traction, the better it makes Eric Church look.

    • I did mention that his video for “How ‘Bout You” is one of those pop country videos with a token black in it. In this case, there seems to be one black man in this very country bar and he takes a turn singing to the camera. As the British might say, “not bloody likely.” However, it’s a much, much better song than Gilbert’s guitar-riff-cliche-heavy, rock with a put-on twang, laundry list, horseshit song.

    • Wesley, for me, not that you care about my opinion, but Church tries to hard. He might have the songwriting skills, but he is awful and way to self conscious about his image.

      The shades on all the time now. The same ball cap everywhere. I know I should look beyond that but is really hard to do when it is so clearly a produced image for his flavor of the month… “I’m a bad ass now”.

      And “Drink In My Hand” is a dime store song. He took the word “hand” and rhymed around it. Poorly I might add.
      That to me is either lazy or lack of talent. I know it is a simple song, but at least even Toby’s “Red Solo Cup” had some clever lines to it.

  • I tried to watch the video but my iPhone musta known it was crap as it only loaded half the song which is fine by me.

  • Video and song are bad but not even close to being as bad as the Luke Bryan performance at the CMAs

  • Yeah, because us folks north of the Mason Dixon NEVER go huntin and fishin or drink beer. This guy blows.

  • Also, don’t the chord rhythms in this song sound an awful lot like every crap-tastic Nickelbak tune…in fact, doesn’t this sound more like Nickelback than Hank?

    • I was saying that to a friend of mine. BG just sounds like Nickelback with a put on southern accent. He said that was ok because Nickelback was awesome. Our friendship is on very thin ice now.

  • This little fella is more nsync than Justin Timberlake!

  • As usual, I have no idea who these people are ’till I read a SCM article. I appreciate you beating the drum of real country music, and I understand that a part of that is and must be revealing the flipside for what it is. I applaud you for it … but I also kinda hate you for it. Because now I know who Brantley Gilbert is.

    And holy hell, that was one of the most god awful things I’ve ever seen/heard. Apparently Gilbert’s definition of country is a multi-cultural Illuminati who worship him and only him. They convene via text message in abandoned prisons and sing along reluctantly to what they know to be terrible genre-bending horsehit, yet they are powerless to resist. They have all been branded with the mark of the toad vagina and baptized in leftover douche water.

  • Another cookie-cutter song. “Here…sing about a,b, and c and we can call it ‘country’.”. The only station around here that played “real” country, and where my husband hosted a HUGELY successful bluegrass show every week, is now an easy listening station with djs that are piped in from big cities…no local on-air talent whatsoever (thank you, Clear Channel). I haven’t heard one station around here play Cash, Willie, Waylon, Hank, or anyone worth a hoot since they changed formats. He is so far out of touch with reality that it’s ridiculous! This douche is name dropping to try to get respect. It’s an abomination to what country music should be. Way to use a token black dude in the video, by the way. Bra-VO! And as for the symbol that keeps poppin’ up…I prefer to think it stands for “Big ‘Gina”…as in “Big VAgina”. Awful! Just AWFUL!!

  • Worst review ever. Suck a dick.

  • So why aren’t Gilbert’s fans ripping into scm? We’ve all shopped at Wal Mart and eaten at McDonald’s. If someone insulted those fine establishments, would any of us give a shit? Would we stand up and defend them? Doubt it. Whatever. I doubt that there was a single person on the set of that video that wasn’t either paid or lured there by their own ego.

    For the last couple years I’ve been playing 1 block from the Memphis area’s biggest concert venue, the FedEx Forum, in the hours just before the shows start. On any given night I can at least get someone interested in what I’m doing and sell a CD etc. On typical concert nights I get NO love. People don’t even notice that I’m there. They just get drunk before the BIG SHOW! This tells me that concert goers (mass consumers) are not necessarily music lovers. It’s the CONCERT and not the performer that draws them in.

    I wonder if Brantley Gilbert even has a “fanbase” as we understand it. He has corporate backing which probably means he has surveys and statistics that say his ‘laundry list’ will sell. In this video, I think someone in Nashville slipped up and showed their hand. Beyond the overplayed “Outlaw” bullshit, they seem to be suggesting that there’s a nation-wide MARKET for some kind of country underground. That could be very good for all of us xxxsavingdeepmuddyhillgrass types.

    • Maybe people should look a little closer at B.G and his career…..he had a more than million plays on his myspace…back when it was popular..before he “made it”….look at the dates his songs were put on youtube…thats a simple way to see how long someone has been the post on his youtube songs…and see how long he has had a growing fanbase…he started off in Athens GA…and the surounding area….he didn’t “move to Nashville” to get seen…you don’t know what he does for his bandmembers and the folks working with him…financially or otherwise…hell you folks don’t know him at all. Look, I love the traditional country music as much as the next guy, but I also recognize talent when I hear it. I also recognize jealousy…..just sayin……and yeah…B.G. did grow up listening to all those great artists…they are actually played on some great radio stations in the Athens, GA area..

  • […] After all, he’s just so pretty.  […]

  • I guess I just hate the implication that the South is so much more country than everyone else. I know that Jason Aldean is from Macon, which has around 90,000 people, and while Brantley’s actually from a small town, does the fact that I’m from a town of 1800 in western Iowa somehow make me less country than him? And in reference to your pecking order of Church, Aldean, and Gilbert, Trig, I think you’ll agree that you still have to put Justin Moore at the bottom of any list. He is the ultimate “country” douche, as evidenced by songs like “I could Kick Your Ass.” One last point, which is unrelated to the other two. I started listening to Hellbound Glory after finding this site, and I’ve noticed that they do namedrop from time to time, but you’re right that in context it isn’t always so bad. It just seems like pop country artists like Aldean, Moore, and Gilbert drop names for the sake of pretending that they actually listened to those guys when in reality they were busy reading the Tim McGraw manual on how to get famous. End of rant, great article.

  • Your statement that the accent is a put on…is …well hell….is crap. Brantley Gilbert is from Jefferson, Georgia. It’s a few miles down the road…and yeah…everybody sounds like that around here…..soooo..are you making fun of the way I talk? I’m just askin…

    • I don’t mince words or pull punches around here. If I wanted to make fun of the way Brantley Gilbert talks, I would’ve done so, but that would have been pretty weird, seeing how I run a site with country in the title, and am from Texas and have an accent myself. The point I was making about his accent is that I could tell if it was urban or country, and I stand behind that comment. It’s my opinion.

  • Uhhh I want to rip his man earings outta his hear and kick him in the shins. It irratates me like crazy when “country” singers dress like preps. Ya and the name mentioning sort of annoys me to, I like outlaw country to remain unmainstream, or maybe if more people knew of classic country they would stop listening to the commercial modern crap.

  • Hey…for those of you that think he is “label made”..because Aldean recorded his songs and some record label wants to make money off of him…First of all he is an independent..on an Indie label….take a listen….and take a look at the date posted…he has been paying his “dues”…..


      last post…if you are gonna bash an artist..listen to more tha one song….just sayin…

    • Kevin,

      I know that some commenters have been making the accusation that Brantley hasn’t paid dues or is manufactured or whatever, but I think I was clear in this article to point out he is a songwriter who has been working up through the ranks, and in that regard I respect him and don’t underestimate his talent.

      You can post a lot of videos of him from the past, and I’m not going to sit here and tell you they’re all good, or all bad. I never said that Brantley Gilbert can’t sing. But regardless of what Brantley used to be in those videos, I’m concerned with what he is now. Just like many before him, Brantley probably came to Nashville with a big dream, and wanted to do his music his way, and then the Music Row machine got hold of him. If anything, that’s what the videos you keep posting illustrate to me. He started off singing Vern Gosdin with a pretty good amount of soul, and now he’s singing “Country Must Be Country Wide” with none. It’s night and day man. You may be right, Brantley might be brimming with talent. Well then he needs to show it by being himself, not being what Music Row wants him to be. The I an others might give him a chance.

      • Fair enough…..

        • Wasn’t aiming my comments at always write a good article…and some of the comenters are always gonna be on both sides….but you’re right..time will tell…I gues I am opinionated..cause I watched him go from playing acoustic gigs in dives for tips to where he is headed now…I saw him go to Nashville on the song he wrote GRITS…and decide he didn’t like “Nashville Row”..and move back home….to spend a few more years playing clubs…..he still lives here in Georgia…his first label was an indie…as is his label now…he wont go to a coorporate label….what he is what he is writing..probaby his age…and playing gigs in a huge music town like Athens, GA (REM, Drive by truckers, B-52’s)…its a college town…and the combination of his love of country, rock and everything in between gives him his music style…from what I hear…he wants to be big enough that the stations will play him…even when he releases something like “Modern Day Prodigal Son”….and takes commercial success nowadays to be able to do that and get your music out there…

  • This guy is an idiot. He’s written some good songs but I’ve heard he’s a real asshole to his fans and doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.

    You nailed it Triggerman, this guy contradicts himself. One minute he’s saying that the guy from Ohio is “country” for wearing Wranglers and boots then the next he’s saying it doesn’t matter what you look like, its about “how you’re raised”.

    Hopefully this guy’s career goes down in flames soon.

  • Just read my comment and it seems a little harsh. I think he’s a talented song writer when he puts some work in to it (“Them Boys”, for example) but i think he’s let the little bit of noteriety he’s attained go to his head which to me is thouroughly disappointing.

  • Triggerman…or whatever your fricken name is….get your facts straight about Brantley b4 you go running your piehole…songwriting is of the escence of the writer and the meaning is from his point of view not yours you idiot…the black guy in the video is just another guy in the video, not racist at all….hence there are black guys who work for Brantley…and if you did your research to which you havent you would know this…If you took the time to sit and talk with Brantley you would understand how much of a good guy he really is…yes he is a friend of mine and I am taking up for him, because you seem to be a one track minded person…country music has evolved into a multi concept business and Nashville sees money in it….as far as Brantley goes, he has been playing these songs for years b4 he hit the #1 status on Billboard….

    • They work for him? Willingly?

  • fuck all of you. brantley gilbert rocks out! i met him after his concert at the brickyard he’s a bad ass. y’all are probably just mad he’s takin up your taylor swift time u bunch of pussy’s!

    • Yes, I would rather listen to Taylor Swift’s weeping vag than Brantley’s bullshit bravado about how country he is.

  • i like that song i listen to that song and kicked it in the sticks

  • Brantley Gilbert is the SHIT! Yall are just jealous you are NO where, where he is today! FUCK ALL YALL!

    • ha ha ha

  • Brantley Gilbert is the perfect example of new country and thru and thru a georgia boy. Thats the seperation of country music today is the new and the old and some people are just to stuck in there ways to give new country a chance and its not that country pop shit this is going back to rebel country. So an open mind is something that makes a good musican. I myself am from georgia and can say i think hes a great musican.

  • Still dont get how a b and a g can look like a toads vagina, you must be snortin something dude.

  • To be honest, I never really liked this guy’s music. To start off, he seems to me like a Harley Davidson’s motorbike rider, who somehow tries to merge Metallica with Jason Aldean. Many might find him similar to Aldean, but Jason is way more country than this guy. Besides, he has a kind of bad voice, Chris Young can sing way better any day of the week.

    • Ok so answer me this, if Jason Aldean is ‘more country’ than why does he help write so few of the songs he recoreds? He’s recorded several that Brantley wrote so how about we educate ourselves.

  • I think that Brantley Gilbert is a very talented artist. He has his fair share of serious songs, but thats not all that country is about. He sings songs that people can have fun to, not so that people can criticize every aspect of his music. i would be willing to bet one months pay that you do now, or have at one point in time liked a song that was, in someone else’s opinion close to your thought of this one. Im pretty sure his goal in life was not to please you personally.

  • Brantley gilbert is the closest thing to real country on the radio these days,He’s as real as it gets man country isn’t a sound it’s a state of mind,this guy is leading a new generation of country thankfully away from shit like hunter hayes,chris young,keith urban,lady antebellum cookie cutter shit.Go gel your hair and listen to some rascal flatts man and leave country to the country folks,the people that like his music don’t give a shit about what radio stations play hank or wille or if it fits in your analysis of his song structure we like it cause its real.

    • Your upside down and backwards visor must be cutting off the circulation to your brain. I don’t see a guy in pre-ripped designer jeans with a bunch of chains on them being cooler or more manly than the guy who puts gel in his hair, or making better music. You did hit the nail on the head with the part about people who like this song don’t care which station plays Hank or Willie. Isn’t that ironic?

  • And as one of brantley’s dumb fans i ask name one country artist that doesn’t name drop or have cliche bullshit on their records,as far as that goes country music as a whole has been riding on old hanks name for half a century or more.These day’s country is like pizza way to much cheese. Mr purified country why don’t ya write your own songs and leave mine alone-wille nelson

    • Even though I think that Gilbert is one of country musics leading douchebags, I sort of agree. Hank 3, a God among men around these parts, name drops in damn near every song. Not just his father or grandfather either. That being said, BG produces some of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in my life. He’s a wannabe ‘redneck’ that is loved by other wannabes because he talks about kickin it in the sticks. He doesn’t have an original bone in his body. On the hypocritical side of things, you are right. One, in H3, is praised for his name dropping, while others are condemned for it.

      But really, though. How the fuck is ‘In every state, there’s a station that plays hank, willie, and waylon’ even appealing to anyone? That’s just idiotic words without substance.

      • A wannabe redneck loved by other wannabes,Brad paisley is a wannabe redneck,chris young is a wanna be redneck,tim mcgraw is a wannabe redneck,I work outside for a living and have a redneck and i’m a big fan I’ve been a fan since modern day prodigal son and i will agree that this album has been run through the nashville machine but that’s the nature of the beast these days

        • As for the chorus of the song it appeals to the people it was intended for that’s why he was nominated for best new artist and flew up the charts,he didn’t write it for blog nerds and haters if you can’t figure it out that’s just too bad isn’t it more good music for the rest of us

  • willie, forgive my spelling i must have had to much shine this evening.And as far as this virtual rag is concerned i only stumbled on this page while looking for interviews i’ll forget this even exists as soon as i shut my computer as most have already no doubt,so tip your pinky finger have a sip of tea and pick on the real culprits of country music destruction

  • I just read this and was shocked that Brantley has that effect on someone enough to make such comments. It’s amazing what jealousy rendors. And quite entertaining. He is a very talented man and works very hard. And as far as pointing out the lyric about the Ohio plates in the song. Well, think about that one dumbass. That’s why he is saying country “must” be country wide. LOL Sure he has plugs in his ears and designer jeans on his ass, but he earned that. What does it matter what he wears? What bc your country you can’t have designer jeans or earrings in your ear? Is there some country dress code I am not aware of? Let him be. He is talented and yes, VERY beautiful. Jealousy is root of all evil. To even take the time to judge and make preconceived misconceptions about a man you don’t know to pass time by is pretty pathetic. God Bless You!!

    • “To even take the time to judge and make preconceived misconceptions about a man you don’t know to pass time by is pretty pathetic. ”

      Irony alert!

  • Well I love Brantley Gilbert…. So y’all who don’t can go to hell

  • Well.Honestly.I think the one who posted this is a douche. I would love for you to say this to his face,or any of his fans. If you have such a problem with him don’t listen to his music. And as for his image, what’s so wrong with it exactly? The fact that he isn’t just country, he is also southern rock.And he can’t look like a badass? Lol. All of you people who say these things about him are complete fucking morons. I hope all of you drown in clorox.

  • Seriously? If you go looking for a reason to hate you’re gonna find it, just saying. I love Brantley and have since the first time I heard his music. But if you think he’s so ‘evil’ maybe you should tell him yourself…pfft.

  • I real man doesn’t sign on the internet to talk about what he doesn’t like about another man. You think if John Wayne was still living he’d post an article ranting about what he doesn’t like about someone else? Nuff said. Anyway, you couldn’t be more wrong about Brantley Gilbert. Hell, with shit on the radio today like Rascal Flatts, the two queer emo lookin brothers in The Band Perry, Scotty McCreery (whom I personally know b/c I dated his sister) who is about as fake as they come and grew up in a nice neighborhood with a yankee father and a mother who is about as country as the empire state building, and all the other feminine ass country artist out there and people like darius rucker, lionel ritchie, and the lead singer of the rock group Stained trying to pretend to be country….what the hell are you doing ranting about Brantley!? He grew up in Georgia and is as country as your whining ass and if you don’t believe it search for “Brantley Gilbert Dirt Road Anthem at Home” on YouTube where he’s at home around friends and family and tell me he isn’t fuckin country. As for the “gay beard and hoop earrings” you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel there members of Lynyrd Skynyrd and plenty other southern music artists have earrings and they arent hoop earrings they’re guaged out meaning its not the little pussy needle hole earring its about 10 times bigger around than an earring your sister would wear. I agree, he isn’t as “country sounding” as hank willy or waylon neither does he play that style of music. Why? BECAUSE HE’S NOT GROWING UP IN THE 1950’s HE’S GROWING UP IN 2012 AND PLAYING MUSIC THAT REFLECTS TODAYS STYLE AND WHAT HE SEES AROUND HIM….JUST AS HANK WILLIE AND WAYLON DID WHEN THEY PLAYED! Pull your head outta your ass and stop actin like an ignorant drama queen of a female….cowboy up and quit bitchin. Unfortunately I had to bitch a little to put your ass in place. But it was for the greater good of man kind.

    • You have an interesting argument, but you undermined it with this line:

      “Scotty McCreery (whom I personally know b/c I dated his sister) who is about as fake as they come and grew up in a nice neighborhood with a yankee father and a mother who is about as country as the empire state building”

      So in your opinion, if somebody has parents who are “Yankees” or are not country fans, then he/she cannot be country himself? Judging people by their family background instead of by their own individual merits goes against the American ideal.

    • personally, i and many others don’t prefer to listen to a person sing about how “country” they are and how many dudes they can beat up. that’s all brantley typically sings about. nuff said

    • Also, The Band Perry has much more of a country sound than this song has. Listen to “Postcard from Paris”, for example. It makes this song sound completely rock in comparison.

  • Anyone hear the Charlie Daniels “Take Back The USA”? Sounds a lot like this Gilbert shit. WTF is Daniels and Teddy Gentry doing?

  • i really tried to get into this guy, listened to his album. He was toted as the guy writing the songs for everyone else and he finally got around to make one for himself. I wanted to listen to someone that actually writes his own songs. This crapola song you talk about is the heaviest song on the album, the rest is sulky pop about knowing a girl better than someone else, or a high school sweetheart. The actual sound has more in common with jangle poppers gin blossoms and r.e.m. Also a big fact omitted is that he is dating the fake country crooner jana kramer, from detroit, michigan. Now that is a fake accent you should look into.

    • Hes better than Jason Aldean. Jason Took a couple of Brantley`s songs. and one of them was with out his permission.

  • Its clear that all of you talking about BG are nothing but a bunch of douche bags yourself and wouldnt know a true country artist if they hit your butt in the face! You all are a bunch of lilly white pansy asses and BG is way more real then you all will ever be…..

  • Brantley Gilbert is not fake country. He grew up in the small town of Jeffersom GA and worked on a farm while he lived there it was called Pott’s Farm. He actually wrote Dirt Road Anthem and My Kinda Party and Best of Me. ALL OF WHICH JASON ALDEAN CUT. Brantley had been involved with the wrong crowds growing up, against his mothers wishes… and got into drinking. He even quit college and he was involved in a DUI nearly-fatal accident where his truck hit a oak tree, flipped several times, and hit a road sign which impaled the truck cab. He lived through that and realized that God mustve had a plan for him. And that if he was gonna make something of himself that he should do it now. He has worked incredibly hard. At only 28 years old, and to write such touching, emotional, and beautiful lyrics you HAVE to be talented. Not only does he write great music but the way he sings his arts to his fans is incredible to see. Wwhile also putting on a fun show and giving a PERFORMANCE. He connects with his fans. IS NOT AFRAID OF WHAT ANYONE THINKS AND AINT SCARED TO TELL HIS OWN POINT OF VIEW ON THINGS. He writes his feelings, experiences, and passions. He will whoop some ass if need be. Promise you that. He isnt all talk like yall say he is. Before you say things about this artist and spit on their work, and say things that aint true, look at his work, his life, his background, his personality. He hasnt gotten this famous for being fake. Or not being able to sing. He is talented. Fave the truth. And yes, country music is not what it used to be, its changing just like times have to change, people have to change. Country music would be so boring if it had never chamged and if it doesnt continue to change. Yes, this man wears guages with guages inside of them in both ears. Who the hell cares. Obviously hes not gay he was engaged to Jana Kramer and has had numerous girlfriends back home. Before yall trash talk BG. Realizr tjat his music compared to Luke Bryan, Aldean, Shelton, even ageorge Straits new works are still southern. With a hint of rock. Whats so bad about that? Just because its new does not make it bad.

  • Agreed that Jana Kramer has a fake accent. she talks perfectly normal and northern. But when bg talks he still had that GA accent. Its real. He talks to his parents woth that accent, his friends, whole family, and everyone. Its just him.

  • ummm let me star bi sayin dat first of all if this is a site where yall just constanly tlk about what country singers yall dont like, honestly you need a life and if you think your comments are going to hurt them in any way, they dont care they getn paid either way. so do all yourselves a favor and live your life stop hatin on others, and as artist they should hav a right to put whatevr they want ina song. station roun here play hank, cash, willie and all the great country artist, he’s simply singing about the people who inspired him growin up. man im trhu tlkn to yall, gotta go live mi life, duce.

    • spell much ?

  • Shame on some of ya’ll. You presume to speak on behalf of country music and consider yourselves country boys, but speak with a twisted and vulgar tongue. Your’re disgracing your mama and daddy. I’d like to reach through this computer and take a belt to your backside and straighten you out. Time to come to Jesus.

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