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COMPLETE Hank III Tour Dates & More !!!

January 8, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Free Hank III, News, Podcasting/Radio  //  2 Comments

Big G of the Texas Roadshow has a new article with Hank III in the newest Hill Country Happenings. You can read it by clicking here and navigating to page 8. The interview was taken from an over hour long interview Big G did with Hank III in early December, that you can listen to HERE.

COMPLETE Hank III Tour Dates:

Feb 15 2009 9:00 House of Blues New Orleans, Louisiana

Feb 17 2009 9:00P Meridian Houston, Texas

Feb 18 2009 8:00P Emo’s Austin, Texas

Feb 20 2009 8:00P Longhorn Ft. Worth, Texas

Feb 21 2009 8:00P Jake’s Lubbock, Texas

Feb 22 2009 8:00P Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, New Mexico

Feb 23 2009 8:00P The Marque Tempe, Arizona

Feb 24 2009 8:00P 4th & B San Diego, California

Feb 26 2009 8:00P House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada

Feb 27 2009 8:00P Roxy Lost Angeles, California

Feb 28 2009 8:00P Grand Ballroom San Francisco, California

Mar 1 2009 8:00P The Catalyst Santa Cruz, California

Mar 3 2009 8:00P Roseland Theater Portland, Oregon

Mar 4 2009 8:00P Showbox Seattle, Washington

Mar 6 2009 8:00P The Knitting Factory Spokane, Washington

Mar 7 2009 8:00P The Wilma theater Missoula, Montana

Mar 8 2009 8:00P The Knitting Factory Boise, Idaho

Mar 10 2009 8:00P Gothic Theater Englewood, Colorado

Mar 11 2009 8:00P Beaumont Kansas City, Missouri

Mar 12 2009 8:00P Pop’s Sauget, Illinois

“I just did 25 shows from coast to coast
Whether wired or tired, I tried to give it my most
And there ain’t no feeling like when a bar gets rowdy and loud
And you can look back and say Luke the Drifter would be proud.

Well getting tight and staying out all night is tough
But no matter how much I drink and dance
I just don’t seem to get enough
And I still got a few more bucks so let’s go another round.
And hold our heads up high cause Luke the Drifter would be proud

Well this worn out guitar and these silly songs
Have gotten nothing me but broke.
I got a worn out gut, a bad attitude
And I’m at the end of my goddamn rope
And I’ve run this old life right in to the ground
But I can look back and say Luke the Drifter would be proud.”


Shooter Jennings VS. Shelton Hank III Part 2

First off, this blog is a follow up to the Shooter Jennings VS. Shelton Hank Williams III blog, so if you didn’t catch that one you might want to read it first.

I always try to be as accurate as possible in my blogs when it comes to facts. I give my opinions more often than not, but I try to not let them bleed into the facts. It is also never my intentions to try to ‘start shit’ or stir controversy, but just like with the Shooter vs. Shelton Hank III blog, it was my intention to put all the accurate information out there to dispel rumors and set the record straight.

Well when making sure I was right about the progression Neil Young’s song “Are You Ready For The Country” that ended up morphing into Shooter’s “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country,” I found a fact that I left out of the last blog, and it is a very important one.

Enter Carlene Carter. Daughter of June Carter Cash. Granddaughter of the mother of country music, Maybelle Carter. Stepdaughter of the one and only Johnny Cash.

Carlene Carter was a wild child to say the least. And when she grew up, she became a wild woman. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll is probably the best way to describe it. You might even could say she was the first Hellbetty. Growing up in a house with Johnny Cash, you know she would have some demons to fight, and with Carter blood, you know she would be involved in music.

She never strayed too far from country, but she also liked rock n’ roll. After putting out a couple of albums, she fell into the post punk music scene in the UK, and married 80′s music star Nick Lowe , who gave us the snoozer Top 40 hit “Cruel to be Kind.” But Carlene danced to the beat of her own drum. She openly criticized Nashville as being closed-minded, too traditional, and a machine, and that is why she ended up in London, where she felt less restricted and found more similarly-minded people to collaborate with. She also had a foul mouth, and loved to pepper her music and performances with elements of sex. Sounds like my kind of girl.

Check this out, and listen to that undeniable, Carter accent:

Maybe the boys have the balls and she’s got the bat, but you got to have balls the size of church bells to put a flippin’ trombone in your band.

You make think that video is cheesy, but understand it is the early 80′s. We’re all playing Pac-Man and wearing parachute pants, and Carlene’s dropping F-bombs on stage.

At times Carlene Carter’s lifestyle got too much for her, and she would return to her roots, or tow the Nashville line as best she could. She left Nick Lowe back in the land of tea and scrumpets, and for a period she joined the famous Carter Family ensemble. She felt it was her birth right and obligation. There she is second on the left with the autoharp:

The big “hit” she had was “I Fell in Love” in 1990. At the time Nashville considered this “Raunchy.”

Yeah, I wasn’t particularly impressed either.

Carlene Carter never lasted long towing the line though. She would hang out with rockers more than honky-tonkers, people like Elvis Costello and the bass player for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Howie Epstein, who produced all of Carlene’s early 90′s records.

Hanging out with Epstein and eventually getting engaged to him is where Carlene fell into heroin addiction, and running from warrants in New Mexico and facing judges and probation in California. A few of you might remember Howie Epstein died of heroin overdose in 2003. Before and after the death, Carlene was in and out of hiding from the media, her family, and the law. She finally emerged last year, and put out an album, Stronger that a lot of people whose opinions I respect say this is her best album ever.

You may be wondering why I’m telling you all of this stuff about Carlene Carter, and what the hell it has to do with Hank III and Shooter Jennings. Well because in 1979 at a show at the “Bottom Line” in New York, while wearing a very skimpy skirt and shaking her stuff for a pretty edgy crowd, Carlene Carter introduced her song “Swamp Meat Rag” with the quote: “If this doesn’t put the cunt back in country, I don’t know what will.”

This quote became Playboy Magazine’s Quote of the Year for 1979, and was memorialized in this Playboy cartoon:

At the time she had no idea June Carter and Johnny Cash were in the audience, and apparently they were horrified.

So does this mean that Hank III ripped of Carlene Carter? HELL NO. Without question, when Hank III came up with the lyrics for “Dick in Dixie” there is no doubt in my mind that that it was purely generated in his own mind, and he deserves 100% credit for that. Carlene didn’t say anything about putting the “Dick in Dixie” and seeing the anger that Hank III has for Shooter over the matter, there is no doubt in my mind Hank III’s thought behind those lyrics was ORIGINAL.

So does this mean that that Shooter Jennings did not rip off Hank III? Well, maybe, but not necessarily. I have seen some notations in places where Shooter is given credit for coming up with the title for his album Put the O Back in Country to the Carlene Carter quote, but he has never defended himself on this point in any interview I’ve read about it, and furthermore, he could’ve just used the quote to try to cover his tracks. Though certainly Carlene could’ve been the generation of that album title instead of Hank III. We will probably never know for sure.

As I said in the last blog, I am not a Shooter fan, though I am not opposed to anything he does short of ripping people off, which he very well may do. And I think my Hank III loyalties are pretty well documented. If you think my intention is to somehow bad mouth Hank III, you can quite honestly FUCK OFF! I will go to my fucking grave defending Hank III, faults and all, because I believe in the man. I also believe in telling the truth and being as factual as I can in my blogs, and if I left this information out, I wouldn’t be telling the whole story, which would’ve been unfair to everyone.

And as for all the personal stories that came up about Shooter in the comments of the previous blog, about half the stories were bad, and the other half were good. And I believe them all. I think Shooter can be a nice guy and an asshole, like we all can, and again, I think we should let history judge them.

But I challenge ANYONE to find a story out there where they met Shelton face to face, and he was an asshole to them without provocation. And that, along with the many other magnanimous things Hank III does like refusing to use his name to sell out, showing tremendous respect to the traditions of country music, and fighting against those who would steal our culture for financial gain, is why when it comes to Shooter vs. Shelton, in my opinion, the case is closed.


Random News Roundup Vol. 7 (Bob Wayne, Reinstate Hank)

January 3, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Causes, Free Hank III, News, Podcasting/Radio, Random Notes  //  3 Comments

Bob Wayne Now Available Online !!!

Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies who got kudos in my last blog for their album Driven By Demons being one of the top albums of the year are now available online! You can find his music on iTunes, or CD Baby , or on

This first two albums, Blood to Dust and 13 Truckin’ Songs are available now, and Driven By Demons will be coming online shortly. I got all three and recommend them all.

So pony up and GET SOME!!!

Reinstate Hank Videos !!!

First of there’s a really cool Reinstate Hank video that came from the event in Cincinnati Judd Films wrote about in this blog.

I was tipped off about this from Reinstate Hank lieutenant Restless in Amsterdam. Check it out:

Man, can you imagine renting a room and being told the piano that comes with it is the one Hank Williams practiced on before recording “Lovesick Blues”? Shitfire.

Also Outlaw Magazine is asking anyone and everyone to submit videos voicing their opinion about Hank Williams not being a member of the Opry that will be uploaded to their website. To read more about it CLICK HERE, and thanks again to Cathy for spearheading the Reinstate Hank affairs through Outlaw Magazine.


Tim Pop Live has some new shows up, including another all country show, so you should go check that out.

–Hank III released a few new concert dates in Cali, including 2/27 at the Roxy in LA, and the Grand Ballroom in San Francisco on 2/28. Of course you can always check out the tour section of for all tour dates.

Also a quick correction. In my Shooter VS. Shelton blog, I accidentally wrote that Shooter’s “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country” song was a duet with Neil Young. I had duet on the brain I guess because I was talking earlier in the blog about how there was no chance we’d see a duet between Shooter and III. I think what I meant to say at the time was that Neil Young co-wrote the song. But that is false too. “Put the O” was adapted from Neil Young’s “Are you Ready for the Country,” a song Neil wrote on Harvest in 1972 and covered by Waylon in 1976 on an album of that same name. I have to thank Don for pointing that out, and hopefully I can keep my brain farts to a minimum in the future.

I also dug up some very very interesting information involving the whole ‘cunt’ and ‘O’ in country controversy that is so involved I have even finished the research yet, but I will get it into a blog soon so stay tuned.

Horns Up Hellbillies !!!


Shooter Jennings VS. Shelton Hank Williams III

This one is by request, from quite a few people over the last months of doing this that have emailed me asking, “So what is up with Shooter and III?” Some people have asked me if I think Shooter Jennings and Hank III would or should or will tour or collaborate in some way.

Well after scouring the internet looking for light on the subject and talking to a few people who knew more about this than I do, I can confidently say that Hank III’s next album will likely not have a duet with Shooter, and no, a III/Shooter version of the popular Waylon/Hank Jr. song The Conversation is not in the works.

In a nutshell, the tension between Hank III and Shooter boils down to Hank III being mad that Shooter ostensibly stole Hank III’s persona, or at least part of it. After Shooter’s rock band Stargunn broke up in 2003, Shooter decided to ditch the eyeliner, feather boa, and “go country,” making himself into a sort of Hank III 2.0.

(Shooter Jennings in Starrgun)

The easiest example of this is the title track to Shooter’s first album, Put the O Back in Country, which was adapted from Neil Young’s “Are you Ready for the Country” and covered by Waylon in ’76. Young also incidentally owns and plays Hank Williams Sr.’s original guitar. This was a little to close to comfort to the title and lyrics of Hank III’s song “Dick in Dixie.”

Some have tried to defend Shooter by saying that ‘Put the O” came out in 2005, and Hank III’s Straight to Hell didn’t come out until 2006. Well we have Curb Records to thank for delaying that release, but Hank III has been performing ‘Dick in Dixie’ live regularly since 2001, and some recall hearing that song as early as 1999.

Hank III on Shooter, from an interview from

“KNAC.COM: I have no idea how you are going to respond to this, but Waylon Jennings son, Shooter, is making a go at country, but he appears to be using a lot of your themes and calling in a lot of big names trying to get recognition–something you don’t do. Have you paid any attention to that? Do you see any similarities with him having a famous father in the industry?

HANK III: No, no–hell no. Shooter is a kid who was born into money and always had money around him. He lived with his dad and mom and moved to L.A., and his rock band didn’t happen, and then Waylon died. It seems like he was like, “oh well, Starlight didn’t go over too well–I’ll try the country thing because I’ve got the connections and people to do it.” Me, I had a kid and a judge.

KNAC.COM: No money.

HANK III: No, I was raised by my mom, man. It was a totally different angle. Yeah, as for Shooter, he’s here to “put the ‘O’ in country.”

KNAC.COM: I was sort of curious about that because you kinda had that before.

Oh yeah, I’ve already called him on that. “If you wanna go down that road and rip us off, mutherfucker, I’ll see you in ten years and five thousand shows down the road. We’ll see where the fuck you’re at. You know, I called him out and just flat out said, “fuck you if you’re gonna rip us off like that on your first release.”

Here is what Shooter has to say about the matter, from CMT:

CMT: “I would love to know what is going on with you and Hank III.

Shooter: You know what, I don’t even comment on these things, really. I don’t even know him. I met him once, I think, for a second. And somehow all this stuff started about how he hates me. I don’t know. It’s, like, stupid. Me, I just play music, and I like his music, and I don’t understand what that’s all about. But if they decide they don’t like me, I guess that’s their problem.”

In my opinion, Shooters comments spell out what the real problem is. If Shooter had known Hank III, approached him with the “Put the O” idea before he released it, maybe there would be no problem. Musicians ‘steal’ or ‘borrow’ ideas for songs or little bits of songs or riffs or whatever from each other all the time, that is just the way it works. But with something so clear cut, at the least I think Shooter should have approached Hank III with the idea.

I know that there are a lot of Shooter fans out there that are also Hank III fans, and a lot of Shooter fans that read this blog on a regular basis. I personally don’t consider myself a Shooter ‘fan,’ but I don’t find anything objectionable about the music or the man. I don’t own any of his CD’s, but I’ve heard a lot of his music. His first two were certainly better than his last offering, The Wolf. His music is just not my particular style, and I hear a lot of standard and sometimes reused formulas in his songs. For example:

Good song, but very very similar to:

A lot of the phrasing is darn near spot on, which I might overlook if Hank III wasn’t accusing the same man of ripping him off. It is also hard to overlook that Shooter is buds with Toby Keith.

But having said all of that, I think there are some Hank III fans that unfairly rip Shooter’s music simply because they are Hank III loyalists. I would certainly rather hear Shooter than most of the shit they play on pop country radio, and I’m not going to try to hold back anybody who wants to call out the country music establishment, which in the end was the whole point of the “Put the O Back in Country” thing. And as for ripping Shooter because he comes from money? Hey, Waylon had a ton of kids, and without question he doted over Shooter way more than any of his others, but nobody can control the circumstances they are born into, and in my opinion, this should never be held against anybody.

I’ve heard some people use the feud between Hank III & Shooter, Hank III & Kid Rock, Hank III & Curb Records, to say that III must be some kind of asshole, willing to burn bridges and take names over any small problem. Who knows, maybe he is. But put yourself in his shoes. Knowing the whole story, I can’t blame Hank III for being mad at Shooter.

And as for Shooter, I say let him do his thing, and history will judge him good or bad.


The Influence of Hank Williams III on Modern Music

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On not just a few occasions since I started Free Hank III, I’ve found myself attempting to justify to someone why I think Hank Williams III is such an influential and important musician in country music, and why he and his music is worth fighting for.

Sometimes it is in person, sometimes in the comments of a blog or through email. Sometimes the people are not fans of Hank III, or they aren’t any more because he’s “gone metal,” and some are big fans but just don’t believe that he is that important in the grand scheme of things, now or when you take a few steps back and look at the history of country music as a whole.

But I always insist and state my case for Hank III, not just as a fan of the man, but as a fan of country music and a tireless geek of country music history.

I’m not sure that Hank III is TRYING to influence the fate country music, I think he is just doing his thing, doing what he wants to do and speaking from his heart, just like all influential artists have through time.

Upon occasions signs of Hank III’s impact spring up unexpectedly, and remind me just how important the man and his music have been. For example it sprang up in the comments section of THIS BLOG I wrote a couple of weeks back, that had nothing to do with Hank III. A faithful reader of mine Burch said:

“After about 20 years and thousands upon thousands of dollars spent, I’d finally accumulated a fair collection of heavy metal music. Then I heard Hank III and figured “Hell, listening to one or two country guys isn’t going to kill me.” Two years after hearing him and now having discovered all of these other guys like Dale (Watson) and the ever-growing list of real country acts out there that absolutely kill the mainstream segment of the genre, it’s clear that I’m never going to have a spare dime for as long as I live.”

Hank III turned Burch and thousands of others on to country music. III showed them that REAL country music was not the stuff they were playing on pop radio, and was a gateway to REAL country musicians of the present and the past.

Then Restless in Amsterdam showed that it could go the other way around; from country to metal:

From Restless:

“That’s funny, it went for me the other way around . . . I listened to country music and rockabilly a lot, like Waylon, Hank, David Allan Coe, Merle Haggard, Stray Cats, Buddy Holly, etc. etc. . . I discovered metal like Down, Arson Anthem, Panthera and last year I went to see the Misfits because I learned about that here via Hank III. . .

Then about a week or so ago, by a complete stupid accident I stumbled upon THIS BLOG by a 60-year-old man named John, who had been turned on to Hank III’s Straight to Hell by a friend.

It reminded me of the first time I heard Risin’ Outlaw. Not only was I an instant fan, but something about the music wanted me to tell anyone and everyone about it. I was like “Holy Shit, this is the music I’ve been waiting my whole life for. It’s not radio country, ITS REAL COUNTRY!”

And Hank III has been a proverbial conduit for good music (country, metal, punk) for thousands and thousands of people. He treats his clothing, guitar, and even his flesh like a billboard of good music to check out, like road map for all of us to follow to this underground music world where the music is true in its feeling and in its roots.

Hank Williams III has sacrificed the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS he could’ve made riding off his name, becoming a pop country product, for staying true to the music. And even if you’re not a Hank III fan, or are lukewarm on his music, the man is worth recognizing just for that.


The Obligatory Christmas Blog

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My plan for the Holidays was to be back home in Texas, but after foul weather and flight cancellations, it looks like I’ll be celebrating the birth of baby Jeebus in the not-so-festive Free Hank III hideout, and hoping the sweet and sour pork in the steam plate at the China Panda is fresh.

Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra

Ra Ra



BUT! It does mean that I will get to see Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies in a few days!


2/15 – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues

2/17 – Houston, TX – Meridian

2/18 – Austin, TX – Emo’s

2/20 – Ft. Worth, TX – Longhorn Saloon

2/21 – Lubbock, TX – Jakes

2/22 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater

2/23 – Tempe, AZ – The Marque

2/24 – San Diego, CA – 4th & B

2/26 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues

You can always check for dates once they are official under the tour section of . And just a note, the venue in Austin was changed to Emo’s from what you might have seen on previous date postings.

The opening band for all the dates is Those Poor Bastards.

And last and certainly least, DON’T WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO:

Told ya.

Merry Xmas Helbillies!


Hank III OFFICIAL Tour Info (GET SOME !!!)

December 22, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Free Hank III, News  //  4 Comments

OK people, remember when I wrote in THIS BLOG to not believe any tour info until it is posted on or the Official MySpace site? And remember when I told you not to trust gossip websites like, who posted TWICE that Hank III would be touring with Down?

Well I hope you listened to me, because I just got official word that HANK III AND DOWN WILL NOT BE TOURING TOGETHER!

Instead Hank III will be headlining his own tour (yippee!) with goth country group Those Poor Bastards opening at least some of the dates. The only date that has been confirmed at this point is 2-15-09 at the House of Blues in New Orleans, but other dates should come available soon. But again, no date is official until you see it on an official Hank III website.

And as always I will try to keep you as up to date as possible and post all official Hank III news here, so subscribing to this blog is a good way to stay up to date.

I thought that touring with Down would’ve garnered Hank III some new fans, but as a greedy, already established fan, I want all the Hank III I can get, and a 25 minute country set and 25 minute Assjack set they would’ve played opening for Down would’ve not helped cure my Hank jones out at all.

So I am a happy little Hellbilly. Merry Xmas to me.

What do you think ??? Sound off.


Tour Info !!

December 18, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Free Hank III, News  //  3 Comments

Alright people, so I’ve been getting emails and reading lots of innernet chatter about an upcoming Hank III tour. It is clear that a tour is coming up, but I warn:

No tours or dates are official until they are posted on or the official myspace.

You might even see tickets for sale through venues or the evil empire of Ticketmaster. But I warn you, last Spring there were a bunch of people who bought tickets for a tour of the West that never happened, and they still haven’t got their money back.

And remember how III was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel? Yeah, never happened.

III’s peeps have gone out of their way to say that NOTHING is official until it is listed on the website, so that is who I’d trust, not some gossip website or esp. not Ticketmaster.

Having said all of that it does appear something is in the works. is reporting that Hank III will be touring with Phil Anselmo’s Down , as well as metal bands Weedeater and Evil Army, in February and March.

No word on where they might tour, but my wild-eyed guess is that it will be in the south and east, and maybe the midwest. Then III will regroup and head out West.

III had also said in a previous interview that there would be about 25 dates, and that he would be playing 25 minutes of country, and 25 minutes of Assjack. So the metalheads will probably be happy and the countrified people will probably be pissed, yeah yeah. But this will be great exposure for III in an audience he can win over, and he’ll get out there doing his own thing soon enough.

As soon as any dates go OFFICIAL, then I will post them here. I expect something to hit here shortly.


Man, just in the past few weeks there has been some great announcements of big namers touring together. Wayne “The Train” Hancock is going to be touring with Bob Wayne & the Outlaw Carnies Kentucky, NY, and Illinois this Spring, and then Wayne and Joe Buck are going to play a few shows together up in the Pacific Northwest in July. Joe Buck will also be touring Europa for the first time starting in February. And last but not least Rachel Brooke is talking about getting out there on the road as well, so keep your eyes on her for upcoming dates, if you hadn’t been keeping your eyes on her already.

Let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard to take your eyes off!!! (hehe)

And of course, you can check all of these artist’s MySpace sites for all dates. A lot of good stuff is happening, and we all need to get out there and support these great underground artists!


FUCK CANCER !! (remembering fiddleboy)

December 14, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Free Hank III, Outlaw History  //  2 Comments

Xmas is nigh upon us people, and for that certain special hellibilly or hellbetty I have a few suggestions if you’re short on ideas. First you can always check out 3bay for the latest in III gear and Reinstate Hank merch. There is also issue #1 of Metal Farm Magazine, JD Wilkes’ & Blake Judd’s Seven Signs DVD (btw, they redid their site and you should check it out), and kick ass posters from Keith at Neltner Creative.

Buying merch from any band is usually a better way to financially support the music you love, more than buying the music itself, so it is always a good idea. And as always, if you ever are going to buy anything from, if you use the portal at then the website gets a little kickback to help pay expenses. You can click at the banner at the top of the page to see my music suggestions, or use the Amazon portal to buy anything Amazon sells.

If you’re alive, then likely at some point your life has been effected by cancer. My dad died when I was 5 years old of lung cancer, and my madre is a breast cancer survivor.

In the last few weeks the ‘C’ word seems to keep creeping into my life. One of my most loyal readers, a great champion of Free Hank III and Reinstate Hank, and a man with a big heart was recently diagnosed. Last week I was asked if I could play drums for a band performing at a breast cancer benefit. How could I say no? Then yesterday when I was browsing through the internet, I came across this tribute site to the GREAT Michael “Fiddleboy” McCanless, the former fiddler for Hank III and others, and a champion of the skullet (a mullet but with a shaved front head.)

(Fiddleboy w/ Hank III)

While a member of the Damn Band, Fiddleboy was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Inspired by the “FUCK CURB” campaign Hank III ran against his label Curb Records to get his album Straight to Hell released, a “FUCK CANCER” campaign ensued, complete with T-Shirts and a benefit concert in Austin, TX, with the proceeds going to Fiddleboy.

In our blogs and podcasts, we piss and moan about pop country and the Opry and all that, but then something can happen in our personal lives to put the real struggles of life in perspective. It could be a diagnosis, a death, divorce, losing your job. Or it can be a good thing, like a birth, or a recovery.

But through all of it, and at the risk of sounding like a Hallmark greeting card, music is the soundtrack of our lives, and you remember those songs or that album you were listening to when you went through that period of you life. And that is what is so great about country music. Country music is therapy, as Hank III always says. It is there to get you through the hard times, and nothing is better for that.

Most things in life that make you feel good in some way kill you slowly, or are considered a ‘sin’ in some way, by someone. Music is the big exception.

And that is why REAL country music is worth fighting for, because there is nothing better to help moan those blues away, to help you forget your troubles, or to help you remember that your troubles aren’t only your troubles alone, because we all experience them, and we all share them in this big hellbilly family.


Hank III with Big G/ TimPop 2.0 / & IBWIP Delivers !

Free Hank III supporter and all around good guy Big ‘G’ of the Texas Roadshow has landed a big fish, as none other than Hank Williams III will be LIVE tonight on Revolution FM, which you can listen to online by clicking that link. The interview will air at midnight CST, and I don’t want to hear any whining that it’s after your bedtime. You ain’t gonna turn into a pumpkin at the strike of midnight, just pitch a tent under the covers, give NyQuil to your mommy, whatever you got to do just make it happen.

But if you can’t listen tonight, then I’m sure at some point it will be posted on Big ‘G’s podcast where you can also find other cool interviews.

Speaking of hiding under the covers, our beloved Tim Pop is all growns up, and has hit the podcast big time. He has been picked up by which is one of the biggest podcast outfits out there. His first show was live on Wednesday 9 PM EST. His shows will continue to be archived at as well, so if you can’t catch them live, you can always listen or download them later.

And not to drill it into your brain but if you have not checked out It Burns When I Pee Episode 21, you got to get that shit done.

Pound for pound, IBWIP is the best REAL country monthly podcast, and the best-sounding, most professional podcast PERIOD. Great format, great hosts, great commentary, great interviews, and most importantly REAL country music.

Episode 21 was a special one because it included live interviews from the Metal Farm Magazine release party with Keith Neltner and Blake Judd who are the heart and soul of the movement to Reinstate Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry.

The thing that I like about IBWIP is that it is a funny podcast and you can tell they have lots of fun putting it together, but when Blake Clayton gets down to interviewing someone, he really takes it seriously. Not that he doesn’t have fun, but he asks good and smart questions and you really come away understanding whoever he interviews better.

For example with Blake Judd and Keith Neltner, after listening to the interviews I really felt like these are good, honest, hard working dudes with good heads on their shoulders and with their hearts in the right place, and it makes me feel great that they are the creative team behind Reinstate Hank. Sometimes this stuff can be hard to translate through MySpace pages or websites.

Blake Clayton and Norma Jean from IBWIP drove all the way from Peoria, IL to Cincinnati to be at the Metal Farm release and do the interviews. That is dedication my friends. Nobody is paying them to do this stuff, they do it because they want to.

And that honesty and true enthusiasm about the music is why REAL country music will never die. Why us, the grass roots, will never go away and never succumb to the moneychangers who have taken over our country music institutions. WE ARE COUNTRY MUSIC. Those people on the pop country stations, they’re impostors. We know it, and they know it. And someday, everyone will know it and pop country’s house of cards will fall.

Believe it.


Hank III’s Voice & Fuel TV Videos

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Okay, so not to play the obsessed fan and post 2 blogs in a row about new Hank III videos, but a couple GREAT ones just surfaced from his appearance on Fuel TV’s Daily Habit on November 10th.

Check it out:

Props to Hank III’s bass player Zach Shedd and Free Hank III lieutenant Allison for helping to sniff these bad boys out.

Allison also recorded this one from a recent show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in Trashville:

Like I say, I normally wouldn’t obsess over new videos like this, but the Fuel TV stuff is amazing quality and should really be great as promotion tools for Shelton. I also had a couple of keen observations from these videos:

1. The great Shawn McWilliams is playing the same Gretsch Catalina Club pearl finish drum set I play. Okay, maybe this shit is only interesting to me, but whatever.

2. Hank III’s voice sounds great!

In my dumb opinion, his voice sounds better than it has in a long while. I think it sounds better than it does on some of the cuts of Damn Right, Rebel Proud.

For all of those wondering what he’s been doing the last year since he’s not been touring, one of the major things he’s been doing is rehabbing the voice, and it seems like it has been working for him. You have to understand, this is Shelton’s curse. He was told when he was younger he would never be able to do what he’s doing because the way his pipes are rigged. He’s done some amazing things with these limitations, and hopefully he learns to live with his limitations better moving forward.

Anyway, makes me glad to see him out there playing again, and that everything sounds good.


New Hank III Video / Tonya Watts /Crazy Bitch Night

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The Crazy Bitch Night girls at a recent Hank III show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn in Trashville:

Hank III singing and Tonya Watts pole dancing. Doesn’t get any better than this.

If you’re into REAL country music, and hot women, WITH TALENT !!! Then you should swing by and check that out. Lots of great music and videos there. It is a collaboration between the GREAT Tonya Watts , and two girls I need to spend more time checking out, Gretta Gaines and Stacie Collins.

I’m pretty sure I am in love with all of these women. They better not let me on the Crazy Bitch Night bus, or there will be a mess to clean up fo sho.

(Tonya Watts signing the Reinstate Hank Petition)

(Tonya hanging out with Blake of Judd Films)

Also Tonya Watts will be playing with Hank III this Wed. the 26th at Layla’s.

Also real quick, in my Thank You blog I wrote a while back, I forgot to mention the few people who used the link on to buy stuff. I think I’ve only raised $1.03 or something so far, but that people (if only a few) would do that to help me pay for the hosting of and is a huge compliment to me. Unfortunately I do not have a way to find out who you are, but I thank you nonetheless.

And if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, there is a link on where you can go and buy anything from, and then a few cents of you purchase goes back to the website, and it doesn’t cost you anything more than it would normally. I’d rather do it this way then try to sell you shit you don’t want, and everything earned goes back into the websites.

Thanks again to all my readers!


A BIG Thank You to ALL! (+ other stuff)

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First Off:

I was going to write a proper roasting of this year’s CMA’s, but the Hank III Coalition did such a proper job, there’s not much more that can be said.

IBWIP has a new podcast up, with interviews with Blake Judd and Keith Neltner from the Metal Farm release party in Cinci! Gotta go listen to it!

Hank III continues to be at the top of the Billboard Country Charts despite virtually NO mainstream radio play. To be in the top 25 three weeks running with little promotion and no radio support is one hell of an accomplishment my friends.


I feel like it is time to take a moment and really spell out what you, my readers, mean to the Free Hank III / Saving Country Music movement, and these blogs specifically.

I feel like I don’t say thank you enough, and I’m always scared of starting to thank individual people because there are so many people who contribute so many different things to this that I’m afraid I will leave someone out.

I get comments on the blogs and emails from people saying what a wonderful blogger I am, and I appreciate these comments, but you have to understand that these blogs have just as much to do with YOU as they do with me. I’m just the conduit, so to speak. YOU write these blogs just as much as I do. I write about OUR interests, OUR struggle, and the energy you give me, from comments, kudos, or even simply just reading is ESSENTIAL to putting these blogs together. I could NEVER justify the time and energy I put into them if I did not have some of the best readers in the WORLD.

Even when people disagree with me. Even the people who read these blogs because they think it is like watching a train wreck, you all contribute to making these blogs happen. For everyone that reads this blog and comments, there are 6-10 people that don’t comment, but I know you’re there, and the energy you bring to the thing is no less diminished by your silence.

If you see a good blog written here, you should pat YOURSELF on the back. Like I’ve said from the beginning Free Hank III is not me, some dude sitting behind a keyboard, it is ALL OF US.

And the appreciation and love I have for all of you cannot be put into words. To be put in the position to be able to speak for all of you is an honor I will cherish for the rest of my life, even if this is the last blog I ever write.

Nashville might look at us as a bunch of hayseed, hick, redneck, white trash, smelly, drugged up psychos, and Nashville might be right. But all of you low-lifes are like brothers and sisters to me, and whether we win all of our battles or not, the brotherhood we have forged here can never be destroyed.

So in the truest sense of the word.



Random News Roundup Vol. 5

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Hank III News:

–There’s a great new interview with Hank III, probably one of the best I’ve ever read on

–There a contest to win an Epiphone guitar and other Hank III gear you can read about on the Hank III MySpace blog.

–Please if anybody recorded the Hank III stuff on Fuel TV, let’s try to get that up on YouTube. Not only for us sisters of the poor who don’t get Fuel TV, but this is also a great way to help promote Shelton.

File 13 Clothing . . .

Has just re-lauched there super cool anti-pop country merch line. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Cool shit!


In my LAST BLOG a lot of people, even though I said this in the blog itself, thought I was listing my FAVORITE albums of all time. No, I do not like Garth Brooks, and truth be known, I’m not even a big fan of Willie Nelson’s Stardust or even Red Headed Stranger. If you ask me Shotgun Willie is Willie’s best album.

But what I was talking about was the most INFLUENTIAL albums, albums that changed the direction of country music from a style or business standpoint, good or bad. And for those that STILL don’t think that Hank III’s Straight to Hell belongs there, go read the comments for that blog (on MySpace). When you have two different people telling me in my little blog they never listened to country music until they heard Hank III, that is influential.

Some people complain that some of my blogs are a little too heady. Maybe they’re right, but I’m not stopping. I’m going to assume that all of you are smart fellers, not fart smellers, but you’ve got to stay with me. If you think I’m a fan of Garth Brooks, you’ve missed the whole point.

I’ve been saying for a while that a new, improved is on the way. Well, there has been many and major setbacks, and without getting into all the drama, I’m still working on stuff. But I have made some changes to the current site, and will continue to update the old site until the new site is done. I’ve added a page devoted completely to the Reinstate Hank campaign, and one to podcasting.

I’ve also set up an account through you might have noticed. If you want to help support what I’m doing here, instead of asking for donations or trying to sell you shit you don’t want or need, this is a way to do that. If you are ever going to buy something from, instead of going directly to their website, just go to , use the Amazon search window in the right column, and a few cents from everything you buy goes back to the website. Everything is still Amazon, so it’s no different from buying directly from them, and it doesn’t cost you any more than normal.

And I promise any and all of the meager cash generated this way will go to official Free Hank III, Reinstate Hank, and Saving Country Music activities, mainly paying or web hosting, construction, etc. of and

I appreciate all of you who read and participate in these blogs, and I will not sleep until Country Music is returned back to THE PEOPLE!

The Outlaw Will Rise Again !


The Country Music Revolution Has Begun.

November 3, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Causes, Down with Pop Country, Free Hank III  //  2 Comments

The revolution to take back Country Music has begun my friends.

I am boldly declaring that on this day, the 3rd of November in the year 2008, the first salvo has been shot, and the money changers and Californicators of the Nashville power-elite oligarchy have no other choice but to take notice.

Pop country is officially under siege.

The main reason is THIS:

Hank III is also No. 18 in the Billboard Total Top Current Albums.

I mentioned all of this in a previous blog but I wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone appreciates the significance of this. Maybe you don’t care about these numbers, and that’s fine, I understand. But understand who does care:

Nashville Executives: The people who put on $100 slacks every morning and work in Ivory towers built on the sacred ground of Music Row; on the rubble of dozens of Honky Tonks where the sound and soul of country music was created by people like Hank Williams, Earnest Tubb, Roy Acuff, Hank Snow, etc etc.

Pop Country Acts: Their albums weren’t supposed to be bumped by some foul mouthed, black balled, ugly smelly asshole like Hank III. DRRP beat out albums from people like Sugarland, Taylor Swift, Darius Rucker, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Kellie Pickler, Toby Keith, and this is just the top 20. Nashville has spend millions making these people household names, while a lot of people still don’t even know that Hank III exists.

The Grand Ole Opry: What is the first track on Damn Right, Rebel Proud that all these people are going to hear when they go to discover this album from a virtually unknown artist? That’s right my friends.

Understand, this was not supposed to happen. I know that the album might disappear from the charts shortly, and I know that labels like Curb time the release of albums to get them the best exposure. But I also know that Hank III has received virtually NO mainstream radio play, and to pull off the number 2 position is a coup of the highest order, a coup I struggle to find how to adequately convey its significance of in words.

No matter what happens from this point on, it is a guarantee that the rich suits that run Nashville have taken notice, if only simply because of the money involved. There are pop country artists that country music executives are doing everything they can to get to No. 2 in the charts. They shove their music down our throats on pop country stations, they send air brushed head shots to media outlets, they modulate their voice until it sounds perfect, they have million dollar add campaigns.

And yet here is little ol’ Hank III making a record in a room in his house with all his wasteoid friends, and kicking their asses in their precious charts that they spend millions of dollars to manipulate.

Just like when the album Wanted! The Outlaws became the first country album to sell a million copies, this was not supposed to happen.

Yes Nashville, we are here. We are the REAL country music fans, and we are pissed, and our numbers are growing. And soon our voices of displeasure will reach you all the way at the top of those Ivory towers until we tear them down, and take back our culture that was stolen from us.

There is still a lot to do, but take a minute my friends and appreciate this moment, understand its significance, and revel in its beauty.


THE BITCH of Damn Right, Rebel Proud & Topping the Charts !

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Hank III’s Damn Right, Rebel Proud:

No. 2 Nielson Top Current Country Albums

No. 18 Nielson Total Top Current Albums

20,000 Albums sold JUST THIS WEEK !

Man, what can I say? This thing may be groundbreaking. I’ve always said that if Hank III even had a little promotion behind him he would see dramatically more success. That is why I mentioned promotion in the Mission Statement. Now, the hope is Country DJ’s see this and start giving his stuff some play, and with numbers like this, if they still don’t, then without question the fix is in.

Maybe Curb Records has something to do with all of the reviews and interviews and exposure Hank III has enjoyed on this album launch, but at some point Shelton changed his management people, and without question the job these people are doing is making all the difference. And I also am inclined to give all of us, the grass roots, some credit for this too.

One Hank III Hellbilly is better in loyalty and action than ten generic pop country fans. So when you take that into consideration and look at these numbers, they become even more staggering.

Yes, Straight to Hell might be a better or more significant album, but Damn Right, Rebel Proud might be the one that puts Shelton on the map, and makes him a legitimate player in the realm of country music. And I’m not just talking shit.

The Bitch of DRRP (more interviews):

There’s a couple more Hank III interviews that have surfaced. There’s one from LA Weekly you can read by CLICKING HERE .

But the one I want to focus on, and one of the BEST interviews I’ve ever read with him is from Jambase.

There’s a ton of great info in it, but it explained something I know a lot of you are wondering about: THE BITCH.

If you look in the liner notes of DRRP, you will see that it says the record was produced by “A BITCH.” What this is in reference to is a person who was involved in the recording process. I have been unable to determine at this point if this was someone Shelton hired, or someone that Curb Records hired or insisted on being part of the process, but Hank III speaks in detail about this in the interview.


“I think Straight to Hell [2006] was a better record than this one. It was a lot smoother; a lot better tricks are going on. Here, the creativity was not going on, I didn’t have the right guys working with me on this one. That’s kind of the summation of how I’m feeling about it.”

So, what do you mean about “the right guys”?

“Not the musicians. It’s the people in the behind the scenes process of it that were not quite there. For a prime example, you don’t fucking start coming off drugs when you’re going to start working with me; that’s nothing but problems. You’re setting yourself up for a disaster. Other personal issues that are fucking with them, they bring that with them into our session and it just turns into a pissing match,” says Williams. “Like I’m going to ask you to make an effect [he demonstrates] and you’re going to take 45-minutes to make that effect. Riiiight. It’s called Pro Tools, you’re supposed to be a wizard at it, not fucking retarded and slow and just pissing me off. If you’re not going to work with me, just cancel the day. Don’t make me sit here for five fucking hours to get two fucking delays out of you. That’s a little bit of the insight into the behind the scenes tediousness of being in a room with a guy who’s not on the same page with you day after day, trying to have a pissing match with you. I mean, that’s pretty much what happened on the whole record. Not the players, but the other folks who have to make it go down. It can get to you. Sometimes it’s fun and laid back and sometimes it’s a grind and just a bummer, because you’re trying to get creative, not have your creativity blocked. That’s a bit of a buzzkill when that happens.”

Just as a note, I wrote about Pro Tools in THIS BLOG , and as I said in the comments (on MySpace) , Pro Tools is not the problem, it is the people who use it to make people with no talent sound good.

Again in this article Hank III voices his disappointment in this album, and he seems to blame a lot of his issues on “THE BITCH.” If “The BITCH” was somebody that Shelton hired and it didn’t work out, then whatever. But if it was someone Curb Records insisted be part of the recording process, well then that is a whole other thing entirely, and I do not think it is a stretch to say that the recording process for DRRP was accidentally or maybe purposely torpedoed by Curb.

As I’ve said before, I think the songs themselves on DRRP are great, and overall I think it is a good album. But if I have any issues with it, they are in the ‘production,’ meaning the actual recording, and maybe some of the arranging and overdubbing used in the songs. It is hard to fault Hank III for these issues since now we know about “THE BITCH.”

He also talks more candidly about Curb than he has in a while:

” Damn Right is yet another skirmish. The parental advisory sticker and release on Curb subsidiary label Sidewalk are, according to Williams, “Curb’s way of not standing behind me. It’s like how the last record was on Bruc Records, this one is on Sidewalk. That’s just their way of not supporting me or not being proud of what I do. That’s just their way of not saying, ‘Yes, we are Curb Records and we stand behind this guy and are not ashamed to work with him.’”


30,000 Reinstate Hank Signatures (+ Hank III on TV)

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Hank Williams III is going to be on Fuel TV’s Daily Habit on November 7th at ‘Prime Time’ (sry, that’s all I got) and twice on November 10th. So consider your ass told. I’m guessing it will also be archived on their site, and maybe one of you video people can roll tape on it.

Reinstate Hank Hits 30,000 Signatures !!!

You see that? That’s none other than the abominable David Allan Coe signing the petition to Reinstate Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry, administrated by Mr. Bandana . In fact Mr. Bandana has also delivered the signature of Dale Watson and hundreds of spectators at recent Coe, Watson, and Marshal Tucker Band concerts.

The Reinstate Hank petition has now crested the 30,000 signature mark (30,624 at last glance) and signatures have been flooding in from all over the WORLD thanks to our International Woman of Mystery Restless in Amsterdam .

And look what Wayne and Cathy hauled in:

No, I’m not talking the leather emboldened cleavage, though that is mighty nice. I’m talking about that Tonya Watts John Hancock on the Reinstate petition.

And of course, none of this wold be possible if it wasn’t for Johnny Wright Jr. putting together the printable Reinstate Hank petition sheets that ANYBODY (that means you) can print out and take to concerts, festivals, etc. and fill up with the signatures of people tired of The Grand Ole Opry exploiting Hank Sr’s likeness at every turn.

So a lot has been done, but there is still a lot to do. Not everyone can sign up a celebrity, but everyone can sign, so if you haven’t then . . .


Hank III Interviews/ Reviews/ New Pics

October 25, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Causes, Free Hank III, News, Podcasting/Radio  //  1 Comment

There’s a bunch of new reviews of Hank III’s Damn Right, Rebel Proud out there, too many to list, but there’s a great one at Twangnation you should check out.

There’s also a great interview with III at and Shelton gets political on your ass HERE .

And last but not least there’s some cool new III photos HERE.

I want to give a huge thanks to Jahsh from Outlaw Radio for his EXCELLENT interview with Hank III last week. Lots of great info was squeezed out of Shelton, and for those of you that missed it, here are the big points:


According to III, there will be no tour before the end of the year. The main hold up seems to be the lack of or practice needed with a fiddle player. So shit, if you know someone who can play mad country fiddle and can tour, make some phone calls.


Shelton talked about the first REAL Assjack release which hopefully will be happening soon. Apparently Curb Records has some sort of say so in whether they want to release it first or be partially involved, and if they decline, then he can find another label. I don’t understand the finer points of this, but hopefully we’ll have some news about this soon.

As for the country stuff he said he’s going to start recording the new album next month. Hopefully it will come out within a calendar year or less of DRRP’s release so Curb can get in the rear view mirror as soon as possible.


I was real happy to hear Shelton mention something about doing a multi-day multi-artist event on the internet that would involve numerous artists performing and showing their support for the Reinstate Hank movement. This whole time I’ve thought getting some big names involved is the best way to make this movement a Public Relations issue for the Opry, which I believe is the best way to get this done.

He also talked about understanding how the song ‘The Grand Ole Opry’ may have not helped the movement and may even have hurt it, which for me is important, and shows me that Shelton understands the dynamics of the situation and how best to deal with them.


I think there’s still some we don’t know about the new band lineup, but there’s likely going to be 2 drummers, including Shawn McWilliams for the country set. There also MIGHT be that 18-year-old banjo player we saw at the Bluegrass Inn gigs if he can tour.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, even with Hank III’s comments on Joe Buck from the interview, I don’t think anybody is in a position to say that Joe Buck will not be part of the lineup when the Damn Band breaks camp. And even if Joe Buck is not there, I’m going to see this as a positive, because this means Joe Buck has made the leap to his own thing.

Joe Buck brought a stage presence and star power to the live show that can be matched by nobody. But having said that, in my opinion, from a technical standpoint, Zach Shedd is a much better bass player. Not to say Joe Buck is bad, but Zach is better. Watch this and tell me I’m wrong:

thats allright mama

I’m sorry man, but the dude can slap like nobody’s business, and I can’t wait to see him let loose in recording or at a live show.

PS: I haven’t heard anything about a Hank III television appearance, but as soon as I do I’ll let eveyone know. Also, his interview on Indie 103.1 LA was canceled because the DJ was sick. I’ll let you know if it gets rescheduled.

PSS: I mentioned a while back I wanted to do an interview with Zach Shedd, and you might be wondering why I have never interviewed Hank III. We’ll because of the legal bullshit with Hank III’s contract, it is important that we at Free Hank III keep once removed from direct association with Hank III or his peeps, so that’s just the way it is.


Take Heed Nashville, We Are On The March

“I want to walk down the street someday and see young people coming here, writing good songs, proud to be here again. When I first came here, a lot of people were proud to be here. It was a good feeling. It gave you pride. You didn’t give a shit whether the rest of the world liked you or not. And we were the underdogs and the niggers of the music business. Our music was the least respected of popular music, but we had our pride among ourselves. It was like a family suddenly going sour, and I want to have that same pride again. The public can sense–an individual can sense–when something is real and when it isn’t. The people know.

“When we started, people thought we were going to destroy Nashville. Who wants to destroy Nashville? It’s a long way from my mind. But if a guy can’t offer a good, decent alternative, he should shut the fuck up. But if he’s got a good, decent alternative, all he’s got to do is keep doing it, and pretty soon the whole fucking industry will be doing it, because there are too few people in this town that know what the fuck to do. Because they don’t love it; they’re doing it for the fucking salary.”

Who is this quote from?

Hank III ?

Waylon Jennings ?

Tompall Glaser ?

Jason Ringenberg from Jason and the Scorchers ?

Does it even really matter ?

We’re sitting here on the eve of the release of Hank III’s new album Damn Right, Rebel Proud. In fact some people who pre-ordered it already have it, and some have found stores that released it early. This is a pretty big victory, but this is just a small battle in the war.

Right now our culture and music is for sale to the highest bidder. The music of the South and the West, and the poor and the country dwellers has been robbed to entertain urban hipsters and teenage suburbanites. I’m so happy and proud that all of us have been able to make an impact however small, but I can’t help but feel like there is so much more to do.

And I also can’t help feeling like the tide is turning. Nashville has tested the limits of how much ‘pop’ the country music genre can handle, and now they’ve crossed the line. But you see rock n’ rollers and metal heads getting into REAL country. You see punk kids getting into bluegrass. You see teenagers listening to Hank Williams instead of their local Clear Channel Top 40 Country station.

Country music, or at least the genre that used to be defined by that term, has been hijacked by pop. And because of this, the voice of the country, the voice of the people has found and will continue to find new places to be heard.

Folk is the new Rock ‘n Roll.

Country is the new Heavy Metal.

Bluegrass is the new Punk.

Don’t believe me? Just wait. You will see.

Tompall Glaser is whose responsible for that quote above. He made it in the 70′s. But can’t you see Hank III saying that same thing today?

And it’s true; just like Tompall said we don’t want to ‘destroy’ Nashville, just like we don’t want to destroy the Grand Ole Opry for not Reinstating Hank Williams. We love the Opry more than the people who are doing everything they can to run it into the ground.

We want to kick the money whores out, and take back our music and the institutions that we love.

Yes, we will revel in the sweet victory of Damn Right, Rebel Proud for the moment. But not for too long, because there’s so much work to do.

Nashville, take heed. We are on the march.


I Twist Off on SPIN (A Damn Right, Rebel Proud review)

October 17, 2008 - By Trigger  //  Free Hank III, News, Reviews  //  No Comments

There’s a couple cool Hank III sites to check out if you haven’t already:

You can listen to all of Hank III’s new album (including some annoying clicks) at Damn Right, Rebel Proud Amazon Listening Party.

There’s also some new III pics HERE.

SPIN Damn Right, Rebel Proud Review.

If you want to see this filth for yourself, CLICK HERE. But this is the “review”:

“Four albums in, Bocephus’ boy continues to pretend that the Williams family tradition can make up for his inability to carry a tune. Damn Right Rebel Proud, typically, raises less convincing hell than plenty of current mainstream Nashville product. Muffled train chugs and minor-key gloom make him tolerable in psychobilly mode, and his class-consciousness means well. But from stiff-assed slam dances to meandering hangover slog to interminable GG Allin homage, Hank III’s shtick is no more captivating than your average nasty drunk’s.”

First off, I know that SPIN has a reputation for writing bad reviews and starting controversy to draw attention to itself. SPIN was immortalized in ‘Guns & Roses’ Get In The Ring for just such behavior. But this shit is over the top, and smacks of a hidden agenda. So let’s get the knife out and dissect this festering roadkill of a ‘review’ (and I use that term lightly):

“Four albums in, Bocephus’ boy continues to pretend that the Williams family tradition can make up for his inability to carry a tune.”

There are things that you can be critical about when it comes to Hank III’s music, but saying that he can’t carry a tune is not one of them, and you can ask any singer that. This is a canned criticism that you make when you want to criticize country music but are too much of a fucknut to know how to do it properly, creatively, or constructively. It also smacks of a hidden agenda.

“Damn Right Rebel Proud, typically, raises less convincing hell than plenty of current mainstream Nashville product.”

Who in the hell does SPIN have writing their reviews? A trained money that they asked to write this review on the floor of his cage with his own feces??? This moron doesn’t even know how to use the English language! And are you really going to try to convince me that Hank III raises less hell then ‘plenty’ of mainstream Nashville? ARE YOU REALLY MAKING THAT CLAIM ?!? Do you not understand that STH was the FIRST major Nashville album to carry an Explicit Lyric tag, and has been the only one to carry that tag since? This is just outright uninformed bullshit.

“Muffled train chugs and minor-key gloom make him tolerable in psychobilly mode, and his class-consciousness means well.”

A transparent attempt from this asshole to act like he’s impartial. I could see through this with a cardboard pair of X-ray glasses I got in a cereal box 20 years ago.

“But from stiff-assed slam dances to meandering hangover slog to interminable GG Allin homage, Hank III’s shtick is no more captivating than your average nasty drunk’s.”

Well, this ape finally proves that he can write a sentence, but instead of offering any truthful, thought-out, or constructive criticism, he descends into spiteful name calling to be cute and tries to include references to all the songs on the album in a muddled way to hide the fact that he barely listened to it.

Who in the hell are these fucking people who write these reviews?

Oh, and that SPIN website accepts comments, so if you have the time, go over there and tell them what you think.

I’m going to come right out and say it. No wait, I’m not. I’ll have Hank III say it:

“ANd il tell ya the way it is Damn Right and Rebel Proud aint Shit Compared to Straight To Hell!”

That’s a quote from III’s personal MySpace page. And I agree with it. But Gad Dammit, I fought for this album with more sweat and effort than most of you can probably imagine. All of our efforts at Free Hank III may have not made much difference in the end, but III never had any question that the fight and the music was worth it, and that his fans and friends had his back all the way.

This SPIN review may not be the first criticism of DRRP you’ve seen, and it might not be the last. And I hope that all of you appreciate that I have been honest about my feelings about that album since I first started hearing stuff from it. And honestly, no, it is no Straight to Hell but its got some damn good songs on it and it is from one of my favorite artists, and as soon as I get my double LP copy in my own two hands next Tuesday I’ll be happy as hell, and rebel proud.

Del Maguey
Old Soul Radio Show
Hillgrass Bluebilly
Best Of Lists