CMT Whores Itself with New “Party Down South” Show

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“This summer I’m looking for a big truck, big muscles, and big dick.” – Lauren from Party Down South

“Tinkerbell, put your big girl thongs on and I’m fixing to get hard and run your city.” – Ryan Daddy from Party Down South

“If it’s idiotic and stupid, I want to do it.” – Walt from Party Down South

“Stupid shit is kind of one of my forte’s” – Murray from Party Down South

The “Country Music Television” you once knew is no more. Not that CMT has been worthy of your attention for a good long while, but when their new season launched earlier this year, a total of 7 new reality shows were added to its broadcast roster, further shoving any actual “country” music programming aside for supposedly “unscripted” shows. Country Music Television also very quietly officially changed their named to simply “CMT,” meaning it is no longer an acronym for “Country Music Television,” it is just simply a string of letters. You know, truth in advertising.

Just like the other Viacom-owned music television properties whose roots trace back to serving music communities before Viacom’s takeover—channels like MTV, BET, VH1, and TNN (now Spike)—CMT is now working towards a reality show model, hoping to have 4 complete nights of original programming by 2016. “We’re trying to create content that is bolder, louder and more repeatable,” Executive Vice President of CMT Jayson Dinsmore told The Hollywood Reporter. No, that wasn’t “reputable,” that was “repeatable,” meaning they want programming they can show over and over, and over.

BeJxAOgCcAA_2uUThe flagship of CMT’s new lineup is a reality show called Party Down South from producer SallyAnn Salsano—the same producer of the popular MTV reality show Jersey Shore. The idea is to create a Jersey Shore of the South, but just like Jersey Shore, the show does not depict realities of life, it cobbles together castoff, amateur acting talent from across a wide geographic region, places them in one house, gives them alcohol and activities, and embellishes the drama with canned scenes and scripted scenarios.

It’s not necessarily the concept of the show itself that is the problem. If it was couched as young adults acting stupid and was slotted on a television network that catered to such programming like Spike instead of one that up until now has been one of the few family friendly channels left on the cable dial, then it would be just another cable television curiosity. But it doesn’t take a minute into the introduction to the show when one of the cast members can be heard saying, “We’re about to show everyone what being from the South is about.”

party-down-south-gun-3And similar to much of the music you can find these days on mainstream corporate radio, and fighting for the last dying gasps on what used to be CMT’s music video format, the cast of Party Down South can’t shut the hell up about how Southern they are, imbibing very heavily into Southern stereotypes with an unnatural, almost sadistic focus and rapidity.

Simply put, Party Down South is the biggest slander of Southern culture that has ever been perpetuated through popular media, and the bean-counting executives at CMT should be positively ashamed of themselves in how this show depicts young women of the South a sluts, specifically referring to them as both “whores” and “bitches” in unbleeped content, and how the men are depicted as incredibly, incredibly stupid. There are also curious amount of damaging depictions of irresponsible gun ownership throughout the show, with a “God and guns” idea being one of the show’s focuses. These negative stereotypes and connotations not only constitute the content of the show, they are the crux of their marketing for it, right beside their assurances that what viewers are getting is the “real South.”

party-down-south-guns-002Party Down South is CMT poisoning its own culture and people. Would the suits that OK’d this show sign off on seeing their own daughters being depicted in the type of light this show casts, being called “bitches” and “whores” and having their faces plastered all over the marketing of this dreck?

There should be protests in the streets in front of CMT’s corporate headquarters over this, but since over the last few years the country music fan has been slowly kneaded into a complicit bystander as their culture is stolen right from under them, and then reconstituted to the curious masses in the form of gratuitous and caricaturist depictions that they not only don’t put up a fight, they pull up a chair and watch because corporate media has robbed them of any other choice for their entertainment.

And mark my words, if this show is in any way successful, you will see Party Down South personalities handing out awards at big country music award shows, signing record deals, and becoming general personalities within the country music industry.

CMT has turned its back on its roots as an outlet for music and family entertainment, and the blood of the dying culture of country music and the South stains their hands.

97 Comments to “CMT Whores Itself with New “Party Down South” Show”

  • Yuck. I need a bucket.

    • Everyone takes this shit to serious. Why doesn’t everyone focus on the economy and the thousands of jobs that were lost over the past winter. I’ve watched this show and think it’s funny there’s no point to try and categorize these shows saying the are representing the south wrong . I live in the south I’m not offended and I’m educated it’s a show. If you don’t like it change the channel and shut up.

  • I gotta be honest…I watched the first episode, and I really enjoyed it. It’s absolutely mindless trash and I agree a lot with what you say above, but after a long hard day at work, it was great entertainment to end the day. These people on it are ridiculous and absolutely don’t show what the South is all about, but man, put this in the so bad it’s good category for me, because I really found the first episode entertaining, and I will keep on watching. Maybe I am just too easily amused…

  • Man, I hope this s**t fails.

  • What in the hell…..

    CMT, why? A lot of explanations needed.

    • CMT: Money, cheap to produce, and you retards will watch it. Any questions?

  • I give Clemson Brad a high-five on this one. How come almost the entire cast is from Louisiana? Are they cast-offs from Swamp Something-or-other?

    • For the same reason that the entire cast of Jersey Shore was from Jersey. FYI, the casting execs actually traveled The South looking for a potential cast for the concept in several areas. Yes, they were in Nashville. Just be glad they opted for the cajuns so WE don’t look like dumb fools.

      • not even 50% of jersey shore was actually from the state of NJ


  • It’s hard to believe at one time this was Country Music Television, now the Country is gone even the terrible new music acts are being replaced with mindless scripted bullshit.

    • I can see it all now.

      Upon falling into commercial oblivion with his third single, to-be washed-up newbie Tyler Farr will pilot a new series titled after his breakout hit that, much like his scripted YouTube video on the day of his album’s release, is centered solely around how he deals with anger issues and stress from fame by blowing old cars up in fields with explosives and ammunition.

      And Florida-Georgia Line will eventually release a show titled after one of their early album tracks: “Redneck Education”. -__- -__- -__-

  • I have worked in Country radio for almost 30 years so, needless to say, I’ve seen a lot of changes. One cardinal rule that I still follow has always been: “If you have to explain it to your kids it’s inappropriate for the air.” CMT used to be for everyone’s consumption
    but this is certainly NOT appropriate for kids. It’s idiotic and degrading to people from the south and totally tasteless. Please just STOP!

    • This isn’t directed at you but I’ll post it under your comments. This show looks like a perfect match for the “bro country” radio plays, songs that like some pop and most? rap treats women like objects, sending the wrong message to easily influenced teens and everyone. What do you think about this?


      I don’t think it’s appropriate for kids or adults and it’s no longer family-friendly like country radio used to be.

  • Dear Lord!

    • I’m sorry Rambler but we’re no longer allowed to mention the Lord, Jesus or read from the Bible (unless you want public outrage, GLADD and Jessie Jackson coming after you).

      • Hey Phil? You don’t think it’s acceptable on T.V. today today to mention the Lords name?? Where’ve you been?

        It’s perfectly fine with the producers as long as you use it in vain or as a swear word, & O.K. to talk about the Bible if you’re ridiculing it : (

        I’m not from the South, but always considered it to be a place with many wholesome, God fearing folks, however the people on the Party Down South broadcasts are an absolute disgrace calling themselves “Christians” & thanking Jesus etc while rubbing their butt on some guys crotch etc. If that’s the way the younger generation of “Christians” are it’s no wonder we’ve got a muslim running the White house. With all this garbage going on how could we NOT expect the Lords wrath upon America?

      • that’s not always true, although it usually is.
        last week, when president obama came to mcgavock high school in nashville, the assembly was begun with a prayer, broadcast live.

        at least there are some who will thumb their nose at trash such as the anti civil liberties union. the sad thing is that they are too few

  • Country used to be wholesome entertainment.

    This is the flipside of the upcoming book Once-A-Day Country Faith: 56 Reflections from Today’s Leading Country Music Stars from Zondervan that features christian reflections and Bible verse quotes from Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley, and Florida-Georgia Lines.

    • Florida-Georgia Line? Seriously?

      • Oh……….y’know………….


        “No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent ailments.”

        1 Timothy 5:23


        Tyler Hubbard: Finally! That’s my kind of old-time religion!
        Brian Kelley: It’z Just How We Pray!



      • I can also see them finding much to like about this specific line:


        “Go, eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart, for God has already approved what you do.”


        Tyler Hubbard: Hellz Yeah! I can drink to that all night!
        Brian Kelley: And why settle with wine when we’ve got moonshine!
        Tyler Hubbard: Awwwww maaaannnnnnn, you’re right, bro! We still got some of that shine we bought at Bi-Mart two hours ago!



        • Now that right there just cracked me up!! Bahahahaha!

          • ……………….oh dear, can’t resist! One more! ;)


            “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit…”

            Ephesians 5:18


            Brian Kelley: “This verse really spoke to us……….in that, one afternoon after our manager suggested we read ‘Understanding the Bible for Dummies’, we were too lazy to read even this. So, we just kinda skimmed through the book and randomly chose a page. At first, when he read this line, we were kinda thinking: ‘Maaaaannnnn, those religious old farts were lame-os! They’re not the boss of us!'”

            Tyler Hubbard: “Yeah, tell me about it! But then, I said: ‘Aw naw, Brian! Look: they said drunk with WINE……………..they don’t say any thang ’bout Jack, Bacardi and Bud Light though, and flashed a wink at him. Then Brian said: ‘Aw yeah! Right on, Tyler!’………we high-fived and headbutted each other, popped a top off of a two liter bottle of Bacardi, and said ‘Hallelujah!” over a few rounds in our blue solo cups!”

            Brian Kelley: God is awesome!

            Tyler Hubbard: God knows how to party! ;)


            -__- -__- -__-

            Brian Kelley: Aw yeah! Right on, Tyler!

        • hahah that cranked me up!

          Got me really curious what would be Florida-Georgia Lines entry on that book.

    • Hey The Bible is all over this series. Of course just like Southerners and gun owners, it portrays the caricaturist depiction of Bible readers though. In the first episode, the girl kissing her gun above says, “God gave me this body, so I’m going to strut it for him.” And the picture of her kissing her gun comes from a scene where she says she sleeps right beside her gun and her Bible.

      • I gathered that would be the predictable case! ;)

        The part that upsets me most of all here is that Murrells Inlet and its outskirts are surely replete with residents with deep convictions and roots that stretch well deep into the fertile soils there, in which not all, but many, are those of pure faith.

        The kind of faithful who are likely to hold verses such as 1 Peter 3:8, Proverbs 19:17, and Colossians 3:12 in highest regard………….by genuinely going out of their way to take their shirts off their backs to those in need and epitomize the ideal of offering a loan to the lord by inviting the meek, the blind, the lowly and destitute to the table.

        Unfortunately, the most heartening and inspiring facets of faith are too often eclipsed by wedge issue debacles and grandstanding. Exposure such as this will only undeservedly stamp this community as another one of your run-of-the-mill, lunkheaded, inbred redneck coteries with an utter lack of self-awareness and dignity. =(

      • some christians find this blasphemous i think.

  • Having seen plenty of ‘southern culture’ in biker/dive bars and seen the shenanigans that go on among bar regulars and staff…this show seems pretty damned accurate. Glad I can watch it from the safety of my TV now. Less diseases this way.

    • Because biker/dive bars are perfectly representative of Southern culture, right?

  • oh my.
    I cannot say that I am totally surprised however. When I heard a parent of one of my kid’s college friends say, “I need to get home to watch Sex and the City, I kind of knew our culture was headed to hell. I don’t have TV anymore and I have to say that I feel like a weight has been lifted, at least in my own home. My heart breaks for the death of decency and for parents trying to raise kids these days. When an underwear company has gigantic photos of air brushed sexed out women on their store windows and you see little girls all carrying those pink bags and parents seem to have forgotten how to be parents, the TV industry is just taking advantage of the audience that is ripe for the pickin!

    • I was never a true fan of the program, but even I can easily discern the difference between something like this and “Sex and the City”……….in that the latter was often intelligently written, had interesting character profiles and well-directed.

      “Sex and the City” actually had something to say. It evinced social commentary on how previous generations placed a premium on keeping the number of men women rendezvoused with and/or dated to a minimum. And much of this was predicated on the idea that a woman’s “virtue” and reputation were one of her most valuable commodities. It was thought that a woman’s husband should be “her person” – the only one in the world she should submit herself to and so, acknowledging this, men always had the upper hand in selecting partners while women were stifled to upholding their virtue for a husband.

      “Sex and the City” challenged that outdated perception, and did so with wit and smarts. But here’s the thing: the four characters weren’t sleeping around with dozens of men for the sake of sleeping around with dozens of men. They were going out of their way on an experiential level to find the guy that suited them best. So they rejected societal expectations and did the vetting their own way. And through each experience, they emphatically spelled out what each of them desired and did not desire.

      Regardless of your opinion of the sex-positive movement and the discussion of “slut-shaming”, “Sex and the City” from a creative and cultural standpoint had plenty to say and touched on numerous issues that fit within the lives of women today who find themselves at odds with cultural and sexual mores.


      “Party Down South”, in contrast, has no saving grace or redeeming qualities whatsoever.

      And I’m certainly not going to join in on the “slut-shaming” dogpile aspect of this discussion. Regardless, this program is anything but sex-positive and further romanticizes douche escapism and crass commercialism.

      • Well, just because I mentioned Sex and the City as part of the downward slide on the slippery slope of trash on TV doesn’t mean I can’t discern the difference between it and Party Down South. You presume much.

        I think you are man from your name, but I assure you, that I am a woman and S and the C didn’t “help” many woman with their positive sexual identities or stop all men from acting barbaric. Women are the arbiters of pretty much every social and sexual moral trend and if they don’t hold themselves up as decent valuable human beings, men aren’t going to either, regardless of a “sex-positive” (whatever the hell that means) TV show.

        • The general point I was making is that there is a reason “Sex and the City” not only caught on and was a resounding ratings success, but also has had staying power since going off the air. It may not have “saved” anyone, per se…………but there’s no question the program played an instrumental part in encouraging us to take long hard look at social constructs with regards to relationships, sex and dating……..and re-evaluate them to some extent.

          With respect, I’m not exactly sure where you’re coming from with the assertion that women “are the arbiters of pretty much every social and sexual moral trend.” There is plentiful research (based on forensics and other available means of research that can document historical remains predating writing) pointing back to our history as a species during the hunting and gathering days of social and sexual egalitarianism regardless of gender. This would remain thus for roughly a whopping 90 percent of our estimated history, up until the advent of agriculture: where it is evident women enjoyed as much leadership and liberty than the men, even while men would do most of the hunting. From then on, economic structures were conceived which were dominated by men and, in effect, subjugated women………..reinforced later by territorial morality.

          I acknowledge I’ve digressed here already as is. I believe the reason I felt the need to address this to begin with is because, regardless of my opinion of any given performer or television program, I’m tired of all this incessant slut-shaming and/or equating of deviating from established mores to whoredom. That’s no less counterintuitive than whatever is in the head of SallyAnn Salsano with regard to “Party Down South”.

          • I come from my background in social services and working in the trenches for many years and watching the habits and behaviors of dysfunctional and so-called functional people. I also studied sociology and lots of other historical statistics on development of mankind and women-kind, but I am telling you that if a woman advertises herself as a “open for business” and with no particular set of values, too many men are more than willing to sample the “FREE” merchandise, especially if there are no strings attached. This is not healthy for our culture or for families or for children. So, again, if a woman does not have self respect or value herself as a human being, then she doesn’t encourage any other kind of respect either, from men or women. We’re not in the Stone Age anymore and women posses a lot of power. I spent many years trying to teach women how not to be victims. For someone who wasn’t really a fan of the show, you sure know a lot about it. I base my opinions on real life experiences and observations of people, not on any TV show. Ever.

          • I too am appalled by this show being from the South. Women or all Southerners for that matter should speak up for themsleves. Comments like Karen’s are why female rape victims are afraid to come forward.It’s time to stop blaming women’ open for business’ and start blaming ones who committ these cirmes. This double standard creates men who have kids with multiple women, but they never get called outfor ‘advertising’. .

  • I pointed this out on Twitter and Facebook, but the four images above, two of which are CMT ads for “Party Down South” and two that are screen shots from the first segment of the first episode, were screened by Facebook’s bots and deemed inappropriate to post as preview pictures that usually post whenever you post a link. I think that says a lot about the content of this show.

    • Matt Zuckerberg allows the proliferation of videos depicting decapitation across Facebook, yet censors out all appearances of artistic body paint and the female nipple even if related to breastfeeding.

      Yep, that says a lot about the content of our culture as well! -__-

  • I haven’t seen this show, so I guess I will with hold judgement a bit. but I have a feeling this is just going to be another reason that it’s going to be embarrassing to say I like country music.

  • Man, I knew this article was coming…

    I had heard rumours for a while that a “southern Jersey Shore” was in devolpment, but It took a while to materialize, and I guess I was hoping the idea was cancelled or abandoned along the way. I forgot about it.

    Then a week or two ago I was watching a football game and the first promo for ‘Party Down South’ came on: “New, from the creators of Jersey Shore…”

    And I let out some sort of weird feral screech of fear and loathing.

    As you wrote above, this and the entire slate of new CMT reality shows completes the network’s downward slide from a legitimate country music-themed entertainment channel to simply Viacom South, serving up stereotypically southern-fried versions of their lowest common denominator bullcrap.

    I try to remind myself these ‘reality’ shows are just silly entertainment, and yet in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder whether this sort of programming truly is corrosive to our culture. I have no doubt that if this show lasts at all, at least some gullible people will buy into its false reality, and some will actively imitate it.

    • In considering whether it will be a popular culture success, I will say that the evangelical Christian audience that makes up a sizable chunk of Duck Dynasty supporters probably won’t like the hedonstic lifestyle depicted on this show.

      I also know that a lot of people automatically disdain anything redneck/country/southern, so maybe that will turn people away.

      Finally, I hope they fill up the show’s soundtrack with some rockin’ Luke Bryan and FGL hits.

      If the promos are any indication, ‘Party Down South’ and bro-country deserve each other!

  • Not the least bit surprised to see this. Our society is continually being Dumbed down with each passing day. Glorifying little whores & dumb asses, bad movies, songs, a culture fixated on cell phones, dependent upon technology… Couldn’t find their ass without google. Embarrassing …and this is our future leaders & such? lol
    We’re in big trouble.

  • Until you said that about the letters being strung together and truth in advertising, I never noticed that when you say those letters out loud, it sounds like “see empty”.

  • Holy mackerel. :p I doubt this would even make good fodder for ‘The Soup’, especially since there are already way too many other, better sources of unintentional comedy gold (from ‘The Bachelor’ to ‘Finding Bigfoot’ to home-shopping) for that show to cover.


    “Just like the other Viacom-owned music television properties whose roots trace back to serving music communities before Viacom’s takeover—channels like MTV, BET, VH1, and TNN (now Spike)—CMT is now working towards a reality show model…”

    TV Tropes has an excellent term for this: Network Decay


    • This is the same thing that happens with a lot of American brand names. They create loyalty with the public by putting out quality products, and then at some point decide to cash out the brand by doing whatever they think will make them the most money.

  • Didn’t the last reality show that was exactly like this end when one of the idiot cast members blew his head off?

    Yeah, Google is my friend. It was called “Buckwild” and on MTV:

    I’m not going to bother looking it up but I’m pretty sure CMT is owned by the same people that own MTV. It’s funny a man can quote the Bible in an interview and get unloaded on by the press but a show like this can go on the air and no one will say a negative word about it. The world is upside down. Stalin’s dream of using Hollywood to pervert our morality until our country failed is coming true (Hollywood – the same people that made propaganda films for Hitler and sympathized with him until public opinion turned on them).

    I should have been born maybe 50 years before I was. I’d honestly prefer to live in the past.

  • This really is just the natural next step in how things have been going with the portrayal of country music and southern life in general. It’s why I think the whole FGL, Luke Bryan thing is far, far more culturally destructive then country rap or country pop.

    It’s also what happens when you have elitist northerners (or self loathing southerners) producing what they think all southern culture is. I’m sure they cast at least one racist as well so they can check that stereotype off the list.

    The same could be said for ‘Jersey Shore’ also in reverse.

    • When it comes down to it, I don’t like seeing any region caricatured and ridiculed the way these trashy shows do.

      I empathized with intelligent, reasonable people from New Jersey when the ‘Jersey Shore’ show was reverberating throughout pop culture, because the South has so often been the object an ridicule in entertainment. Of course, I knew the South would ultimatley be exploited by the “reality” phenomenon as well. Then along came ‘Honey Boo Boo,’ ‘Redneck Island,’ ‘Buckwild,’ and others.

      I pity the saps who emotionally invest themselves in these fake reality shows, but what truly bothers me are the intelligent “ironic” viewers who ought to know better.

      Maybe cable TV itself is dying as people migrate towards streaming entertainment, and this lowbrow stuff is what’s leftover to entertain the stragglers.

  • Absolutely despicable. I didn’t think the anti-Southern, continue-the-negative-stereotype shows could possibly get any worse after Honey boo boo, Buck wild, Moonshiners, my big redneck wedding and whatever that redneck vacation show was but this has hit a new low. As a Southerner I find this garbage extremely offensive because it’s a “monkey in a cage” type deal where people who are not from the South and / or have never been to the South see it and point & laugh, so to speak, about the dimwitted alcoholic Southern folks who can barely function in normal society. My official CMT boycott starts now.

  • I haven’t had television in almost a year and it has been an excellent decision so far. Everything on TV is garbage to say the very least.

  • From Ben Jones “Cooter”

    “Judging from the promotions, it is a slimy, semi-obscene fake show from the people who put out ‘Jersey Shore’. It is about a bunch of trashy, foul-mouthed morons. It is another massive insult to the South, created by New Yorkers and ‘green-lighted’ by people in Los Angeles. I don’t think this programming decision came out of Nashville. The geniuses who created and marketed this travesty have very different sensibilities and priorities from the people in the heartland who are simply looking for something decent to watch. Of course CMT has a right to show this stink. But they also have a responsibility not to force this kind of decadence on the impressionable children who are watching “The Dukes of Hazzard.”
    “Over the years we have all witnessed the continuing lowering of television standards and its degrading effect on American culture. It appears that CMT, which built its audience from country music lovers in America’s heartland, has now been infected by this rush to the bottom of the cultural sewer. That is a shame, but attempting to foist it upon pre-teen children is more than a shame. It’s a disgrace.”
    “We are asking that CMT and its advertisers refrain from promoting “Party Down South” during airings of ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. Since 1979 America’s parents have trusted us with their children. CMT has thoughtlessly violated that trust. Enough is enough.” Ben Jones aka “Cooter”

  • Wow. And I thought we had it bad with the constant shite reality TV shows in Australia. This is probably the worst thing I have ever heard in my life.

  • Trust me, this behavior has been around for at least two years where I live in small town Texas. PDS is another symptom, not the origin of the hair metal redneck disease.

  • Hey, at least RFD tv is still on my dish.

  • Didn’t MTV try something like this but it took place in West Virginia?

    • Ya, took some idiot mudder dying and a a female cast member getting busted for drugs to end the show.

      • Thanks for that link. Good summation as well as hitting on the broader theme of exploitation of certain American cultures. I can’t speak for the south, because I’m not a Southerner; I also haven’t seen the show, but I can assume from the quotes posted, especially that first one I would be irate.

        I don’t know if it takes place in a rural setting or near a larger city, but I do know having lived in both settings, there is a hell of a lot more diversity in the rural areas. Where I grew up we had evangelicals, red necks, African-American farmers that farmed their land since their ancestors escaped on the Underground Railroad, survivalists, old hippies, environmentalists, methheads, and Mormons and we all got a long because you never know who you’re gonna need to call for help. Unfortunantly, that won’t make good TV. It’s ratings gold to portray us as dumb drunk gun shooting sex starved Neanderthals so the folks in New York can be amused and feel supior.

  • Ugh this just looks terrible. I have never watched any of them. I don’t ever plan to. I hate the show Honey BoBo. I just fell so bad for the child. I don’t understand how they could do that to their kid. I wish this stuff would disappear.

  • This show is trash, but why should we care what programs CMT shows? I will go back to the refrain: if you don’t like the show, then don’t watch it.

    • …except for the negative stereotype the show promotes to people who don’t watch the show, or even CMT. There’s a reason this article started with a CMT ad that they’ve been posting outside of their network.

  • All I can say is God Bless Great American Country. Granted they are starting to show more of the lifestyle side of things, but at least they do it in a quality wholesome way and still at the end of the day focus on the Music. If anything its a Modern Day TNN in my mind.

    At the same time I can’t really blame CMT ( at least at first) for trying new things and to see how far you could really push country music tv ( I guess the same can be said for the music), but what they are doing now is just way too far and doesn’t even fit the network.

  • Every day we get another step closer to OW MY BALLS….

    • …brought to you by Carl’s Jr. ;)

      • “You are an unfit mother. Your children will be placed in the care of Carl’s Jr.”

  • Looks like CMT wants to corner each facet of country music. They have the bro-country music and dumb shows on their TV channel and then they have CMT Edge.

    • This is semi off topic, but your Bro Country comment made me think of it… I’ve been using Spotify on my phone lately when I’m driving (and am aware of how shitty it is for the artists btw) – I typically look up whatever I want to listen to & hit play…today I accidentally hit Browse which leads you to a Genre screen (Rock / Country / Hip-Hop / Etc) so I go to the country page….

      Please check it out for yourselves – there were some decent looking playlists (Roots Revival & Alt-Country etc) but the VAST MAJORITY of followers / listeners were following “Dirt Road Country,” “Tailgate Country” “Tailgate Summer Contry” and so on / so forth….there were like 100 people listening to some of the americana / alt-country type ones, while there are 10’s of thousands of people listening to these bullshit ones…Saving Country Music is definitely an uphill battle all the way!

      Come to think of it, I’m honestly surprised there wasn’t a specific Bro Country section!

    • The problem with a show like this is that it is so bad, it is effusive. Though I commend CMT for setting up CMT Edge and trying to showcase some independent music, they have put no real energy into the outlet. I like and respect a lot of the writers that they use, but CMT Edge has no flavor. They just serve up articles cold, and don’t engage the reader. It’s like they’re doing it because they feel they have to, instead of wanting to.

      “Party Down South” makes me never want to go to CMT Edge ever again, or link to their articles in the news feed. Anything that could possibly help CMT even in the slightest way is in turn helping Party Down South. That realization makes me sick.

  • Regain your sanity….throw the TV in the garbage.

  • I agree I quit watching CMT a long time ago. However, as someone that is from the south, I think that this strereotype is pervasive and something that we can’t move away from (unfortunately). However, besides the university campuses, people in the south DON’T always act like that.

  • Thank god at least orange county choppers and the dukes of hazzard are the only that saved CMT.

    Party down south is so, so bad, it makes you wanna scream.

    Watch Duck Dynasty or lizard lick towing instead of this wreck.

  • Umm, I’m from Louisiana, central to be exact now living further down south, and I can assure y’all that the best of us don’t act like that. True “southerners” don’t party and get drunk twenty – four seven, yeah there are some parts that do but not all. And this is coming from a 21 year old female student working my butt off to graduate college. I actually went to school with that girl Lauren I do believe and I’m ashamed to say we went to the same high school. This is a slap in the face for true southerners and Louisianians if they did pull most of the cast from my home state. Tsk tsk CMT, tsk tsk.

    • Thank you for clearing that up because after listening to country radio for an hour I was certain everyone drinks and parties 24/7/365. ;)

  • This premiered yesterday and it was on the tv in the background while I was working at a buddy’s apartment and bit by bit I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, like it was an awful parody but then I looked up and it was so indescribably demeaning and childish, mid 20s infants preening for the camera and gloating over their own irresponsibility. 7 or 8 adults and not one recognizable job skill. the editing was of course done to highlight their stupidity, the producers certainly led them by the nose to retarded situations and if there was any justice all of CMT board members would be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment. inexcusable use of alcohol and guns. terrible. I kept on frowning and saying “Man, these people are terrible role models. They must’ve been raised in cages. They should’ve been left in the woods when they were babies.” over and over for an eternity. It’s not my place to turn off someone else’s television but I was horrified by this new low in programming. I live near coon ass country Shreveport, New Orleans, Mississippi, Texas…and the producers hand picked the worst white bread trash to put on display. I kept praying they would throw a coal black gangster thug from Atlanta into one of the rooms so America could really see how these idiots react to reality. They’ll probably do that in episode 2.

    • It’s a bit funny to read that everyone is complaining about something the show represents or influences…and everyone’s defending argument does the same thing they’re arguing about!!

      I had to just stop reading comments because every comment just went in a circle, you place your argument on the south being nothing like this, I hear you out, get it. Not every southerner acts like this…(never thought they did, and clearly a lot of others never had that inkling either..)and than you back it up with throwing in what you think of northerners, producing or creating shows, also all these comments of how the south views the north.

      We’re on the internet so I guess I cant expect much better of an argument, I myself don’t find myself hating nor loving the show. I watched it before, never bothered me, actually forgot it even existed (which all these wild commercials that are apparently a problem too, must be everywhere for someone to forgot it not even know the show was ever made) I did wonder at times what or why they said what they did. Never thought the actions were much different from a lot of older teens and 20 year old partying and college life was like…if getting drunk, trying to have fun based on the fact you’re getting paid, and maybe eventually making a lot more than you ever would breaking your back for a paycheck that with some people can barely get by with appeals to a personality loud and confident enough to be able to handle their mistakes, hook ups and arguments forever being exposed to America, why not. It is America. But of course we all have our views on what’s funny, dumb, and apparently from the comments idiotic…also the cast is too, and of course don’t forget the viewers. All while I can see where certain people can say certain things, others not so much…

      Personally something that offended me or I didn’t enjoy watching and felt the need to avoid that much, I wouldn’t post comments, knowing my comment and the handful of angry mothers and bored bloggers, and misrepresented southerners were about to make a difference knowing how many people do enjoy it. So I guess my thought would be since they have the right to air it, and the right to want to get more viewers in which I’m assuming is the goal here…I’d live…not even slightly hurt in anyway as is anyone else from the show, I’d take my right to not watch it as you all also have and pick whatever does catch your eye…maybe we should delete every channel except the history..the weather and if I’m missing anything you feel is as whole okay for your intelligence level, and where you live etc let me know. I guess the history channels gonna have to make a few changes as well since they have reality shows that make not be about people and partying an drama…it does have shows that aren’t 100% certain topics that often express the views of what another believes, may have seen, or dare I say religion is often discussed along with Jesus himself? Well I bet that’s too much so let’s see who to talk to about that.

      I also see that some of you would like to throw in some diversity, such as a “black male thug ass gangsta” from Atlanta to shake these “retards” that is the cast..I’m glad to see that it okay to stereotype individual people but not an area of the country! as long as the South has a good name…forget everyone else right? If you guys are going to be offended and than offended another race, or place someone in such stereotypes maybe you should grow tougher skin? Now this goes for even the people who say the show is just offensive in general not just the rep of the south. While you attempt to do that, which I’m sure something else will hurt that little heart of yours next week with a new show, let’s grow up. People using those words a few of you choose to throw around so carelessly actually do offend people, and for them it’s does ACTUALLY HURT and it’s something that people should be truly bitching about to change, not a show that you think sucks.

      You don’t like it fine, someone says something directly to you about where you live and you wanna defend that place by informing them correctly? Go ahead. You think this show is sucks and you aren’t gonna watch, go for it. It’s not like it’s tryin to win a damn award. It’s a fucking show. What does it matter if they chose to embarrass themselves? Someone said just go out in the world To see people be dumb, it’s everywhere…well clearly people want to see it, and they wanna see that while sitting on their ass in their home on tv. Everyone tries to make a dollar off anything they fucking can, and if a group of television execs wanna get rich off something that takes little effort to and money to produce they will with or without thinking of one single person who’s comment here or anywhere. Live with it, we have to live with a lot worse than drunks on tv and it seems we’re doing alright.

  • I think I have a pretty open mind, and I’m not some hoity-toity who puts on superior airs declaring that I never watch television. I watch it if something worthwhile is on. But I find the so-called reality TV incredibly boring. Aside from that why are these shows even needed? If watching morons trips your trigger they’re not hard to find. Our society does not suffer from a shortage of village idiots.

    And how in the devil did these shows come to be called “reality”? I can think of many better words; “contrived” comes to mind. Or “amateurish”. Make your own list; it’s the only amusement possible in this case.

  • I’m from SC & I can assure you I act nothing like the people on that show. This show, along with Jersey Shore, Myrtle Manor, and Honey Boo Boo is everything that is wrong with television . Kids are out of control today, have no manners, morals, or modesty. And shows like this only add to the problem. It scares me to think that these same people will one day have children of their own. God help them.

  • We have sunk this low?

  • Damn y’all take a chill pill! I am pretty damned sure that most people are intelligent enough to know that this is all bullcrap and they all don’t really act like this. It’s called television. And what is tv for? To inform and entertain. Just like I heard in a commercial ” it’s on the internet so it has to be true.” Don’t know where the heck I’m going with this but anyways. I think the show is kinda entertaining. Not hilarious maybe. I see it as this is the way this certain group of people are like. Or the way the producers and directors tell them to be like. Do I think all southern people act this way? Hell no! Do all people from New Jersey act that way or hang out at the shore or have that stupid accent? NO! They’re getting paid to act like jackasses. I grew up in Jersey and don’t act that way or have an accent. I live in Oregon now and always heard it was all tree hugging hippies. Like I said before, I’m pretty damned sure most people are intelligent enough not to believe everything they see on tv. If ya don’t like it, don’t watch it or don’t let your kids watch it. BTW Walt and Murray on the show are my favs. They are both so damned HOT! Y’all come back now ya hear. : v )

    • One of the main concerns is with the commercials. Sure, everyone has a right to watch or not watch a television show. But when you’ve chosen to NOT watch this show, but are still subjected to its idiocy through the marketing for it, that’s a problem. I don’t have CMT. Hell, I don’t even have cable. And I was subjected to the ads above.

      • Well I would think it’s just as easy to avoid watching the commerical just as easy as the show, and it’s commercials are only gonna be on the general stations that have the same shows as target the same people.

        As for people saying their kids see it and that’s a bad influence, most every cable company and dish company has settings to block it, and if the commerical seems to be that unavoidable and 20 seconds can influence your child’s mind you may want to start spending more time off the tv and internet and spend time with your kid, all parents do ever is set rules and restrictions and make the kid follow and when a rule is broken be an asshole. Not all of you guys do so don’t attack! But these parents you fill their time with so many other stupid things trying to drill school and becoming something and shelter their kids so much often (not all) have a the kid rebel, become a follower to try to fit in, instead of physically showing and acting upon and teaching your kid confidence and responsibility. Showing them being true to themselves and never doing what ur friends do or celebs just cause u think it’s fun or cool all they hear is don’t do that. Wtf is that gonna help. Teach your kid a leader is what’s cool, not mimicking actions u find questionable or if u know nothing about what u see ur fiends doing don’t jump to it. Middle school is now the age of the sexcapades and partying it’s jaw dropping, but music and commercials and tv isn’t why. Regardless if they look up to a celeb. These parents act like they don’t get it and blame everyone but themselves when thy see what the hell they buy for their kids to wear and just want to make them happy or fit or even don’t realize how god damn skanky shit actually is, and then u wonder why she’s sneaking out getting drunk and prego by 16.and just as raunchy shit happens at school FYI. And when u think sheltering them to where they can’t experience thing is when they look to these shows and copy shit because they have no room to experience shit on their own..people I think just need to ind a fine line with their kids let them express themselves all while you’re around to be the example of a good leader, with their own mind, so rebeling and following isn’t even something they think about, but yet not letting your kids dress in ripped up jeans with holes in the ass and skirts made for their dolls. I know this post veered off quite a bit and who the hell am I to tell u to parent right? I know, I know. All I can say is tv and friggin commercials etc never had this crazy mind possessing thing on any of my family or friends, and no not born in the ice age where this shit wasn’t around I’m in my mid twenties…raised by a single mother that made me feel I cod say anything ask anything, without being looked at in disgust or her having to moderate my tv..

        So let’s stop with the whole this is poisoning my child shit…let’s stop the whole this isn’t the true view on the south. All agree to disagree! Raise a strong minded individual, change the damn channel, live ur life in the south the way u think is right and I promise u this everything is gonna be okay!!!! The shows clearly a hit, watching other people make asses outta themselves is funny. Let’s try to not pretend it’s not, it’s here to stay. So good luck to the south! Good luck to your kids an urself! Stop bitching about the damn tv, let alone the commercials (I think that’s seriously a new low, ppl try to find any loophole in an argument to be right) and move the hell on!!!

  • I like this show Iand yeah they party and make a fool of them selves but that’s what fun is down south and people from north wouldn’t know that because they don’t have pastures, fields or backyards to have that kind of fun so if you don’t like it keep your comment to yourself and don’t watch the show or read about it on a website…

  • Really Tess?
    You’re not helping the south out with your comments
    And atrocious spelling grammar! It done makes y’all …. Well… Seem like you’re
    from the south. Just funnin wit ya darlin

  • Everyone switch to the Logo network. LOL

  • We need to bring back the Queen of Country
    And give her a live show . That will put the COUNTRY back in
    CMT! Or revive HEHAW with new peoples? Hey Granpa
    what’s fer supper?

  • This is so funny. The ‘cast’ was only making $500 per episode and have hired managers and demanded more money now.


    • Yup — there was a joke about that on ‘The Soup’ the other night. (The punchline had to do with the “cast” getting replaced by various animals and/or inanimate objects.) :D

    • Thanks for the heads up.

  • Jess for your information, North isn’t all city . Where I live it’s all woods and I’m willing to bet you I live on more land than you. I also bet you we’re more country than some of you folks down there. We do everything up here that you do down there only more in the winter. Stop stereotyping the North!

    • I’m glad that you posted this woodsy. I would everyone to see this post she hits the nail on the head, and validates my post from earlier, well part of it atleast. And yes the Norh is deff not all city, acutally there’s quite a lot of people/places that are extremely similar to the south, weather/seasons being the only differnece really, perhaps the accent as well. Also the North has an extravagant amount of hunting and fishing and things the south love to do. And, partying in any place, even in other countries have the same goal, and wild nights…that I’m sorry to say to that girl was a pretty off thing to say or think…but if u didnt think it was, know you know! No big!

      Anyway, clearly someone that was from the south made a stereotypical comment about the north, to where inform her that what she’s thinks she knows isnt 100% and that’s, that. You didn’t flip the hell out making her judgement about the north not seem like she’s the damn devil believing things she’s heard or see of the north. And than you inform her that we too have lots of land, beautiful land, fields, farms etc just the same. That’s all the people that think this show is a misrepresention of the south have to do, but like I said..people love to argue about such pathetic things. We’re all in the same country, yes things can be very diverse in regions, or just towns. But the south and north, aren’t Europe and Mexico.There’s differnece that make every place there own, and maybe some one so use to one or the other would feel outta place in certain areas in the south or even in the north, but you could always go somewhere in the ara that would remind you of home. I keep finding myself rambling on this damn thing but this topic is annoying, it’s 2014 people, the south and north have nothing to prove anymore lol.

      My whole point to my reply was few comments from people from the south stereotyped the north and while arguing the fact of being stereotyped. We have differences and simliarities point blank. But if you don’t want people to stereotype the south which is clearly a big part of your heart, don’t defend it but doing what’s making this drama and pointless bitching about a show you’re not forced to watch by doing what you’re trying so hard to prove false and not fair.

      Sorry to woodsy for the annoyingly long reply. But I’m glad you’ve noticed someone comparing the two and said something! : )

  • Where are theblackguys.

  • I agree with Jessica that the majority on this post need to lighten up. I was born and raised in the South and don’t believe that this fabricated, shock value show represents me any more than the rich, southern gentleman and dubutanes of Augusta National. By my standards, you are Southern if you were born and raised in the South. You don’t have to like Hunting, BBQ, Skoal, moonshine or have missing teeth to be Southern and most Southerners do not. Is the show shameful? Yes! Is it gross? Yes! Is it meant to be entertaining and profitable feelings of watchers be damned? Yes! Take it for what it is worth and control your kids from watching it. I think it is mindless trash and I love it!

  • Ya’ll just need to find something to bitch about!! This show is no different then any other show on t.v. now days other then it’s not about being rich and spending money like there’s no tomorrow and at the same time being the rude self sender ass holes most of them show their self to be at least this one is funny and living the way most Americans live instead of the other bull that’s on t.v now days!!! Love this show and I laugh my butt off every time I watch it.

  • I personally am disgusted at the party down south commercials. I have a 15 year old and 12 year old that have difficulty dealing with an alcoholic parent. I wish CMT was more family friendly. Until then, we will have to block you.

  • I read a few comments and opionons that express how people take things to serious. I completely agree with this. Dont get me wrong, i can 100% feel sympathetic towards the southerns if they have directly been in a situation where a non southern has judged them based on the show, say something rude about the south while implying the information they think they know about the south, also was perceived from the cmt show itself. I bet it would be annoying being grouped and labeled as unintelligent, beer loving, gun toting hillbillys. But I also believe that these days which I already know plenty of people agree with this, and still will; that anything and everything on the internet or television gets taken and blown up NO MATTER the situation. Someone always needs to bitch..it can get ridiculous, & unnecessary (example: another shows daughter moves to ohio from California,& and while the mom was seein where her daughter and grandson was moving she couldn’t understand how one would choose ohio over California because it’s not as nice or fun. The mother got a good junk of backlash for this, even though she was stating her opionons on what’s nice, what’s fun, what states better.Just like I’m sure most of you will say I can botch about trivial things cause I have the right to voice my opionon or defend whoever or whatever. It wasn’t as if she was defaming ohio and no one qi travel there agin and listen to this lady in the first place, & now their state is ruined. Lol clearly not.) just like in this case I feel people are taking something to heart and blowing it up to have something to complain about. I know any southern is damn proud of being from the south and you should be I that’s where you were born and raised, and all your memories lay. This show isn’t taking that away from you. Regardless of how these people on party down south are depicted it’s not gonna be the end of the south, nothing’s gonna change, so many people sti will travel and boost the south a economy, brining money that precious hometown of yours..and I’d say if anything love it or hate it, a lot more people will want to visit because of this show! Even if you’re one of those people who aren’t fond of tourists, you should be happy..this is putting the south right in peoples faces whom never thought twice it could be fun or beautiful. But all anyone can think of is the negative of course. Because only in America is it that people want to be upset about something, or fight for something. Instead of be happy and living the life so man other people Die for. You may think what does that have to do with anything I’m sure, cause that’s how it works posting comments, a nit picker behind the screen is gonna pick apart and try to take this and flip it for an argument. No doubt…if you don’t see the point that is so clearly obvious than I’m sorry, but instead of bitching about how the south was and is being represented by cmt and the cast, do something to show that’s not what is about! I love the south! My future home one day I hope to the high heavens is Nashville. I think the south is a nie change from how I live and how people here are ( which let me say to these upset southerns…don’t pretend when you come north or west or anything that is out of your southern elememt you haven’t or don’t judge us on how we do things or how we act..I myself I’ve heard it actually quite a lot from anyone from the south. I’m not just talking about how you think something’s strange the north does that the south doesn’t, or what one has and doesn’t, I’m straight up saying exactly what you guys are having a cornary over! But I also know that not all of you are that way either. And it doesn’t bother me one bit what a southern has to say aboutb northerners. I’ve heard things along the lines from a southern group of men and women how the north is lazy! We don’t hunt or fish, or are religious enough or appreciative of things, we stuck up and at the end of the day only care about a paycheck because we’ve forgotten the roots of what Americans did from the beginning. Mama at home, Sunday super, wife stays at the nest with the five kids, etc.) if anything I find it to be quite amazing knowing that we don’t even have to our country to find diversity and different ways of living. We are able to see how different people were born an raised and see all walks of life just going outta state! It’s really great! This has became too long, I clearly could talk and talk but I’ll try and wrap it up here. Point is CMT made the show cause clearly thy need viewers. It turned out I be a hit, which if you can’t understand that means most people like it to keep tuning in and the show going than I sure as hell don’t know what to say…don’t watch it?!? If you have things you wish for CMT to change or makeore notice of terrific southern traditions, etc. talk to them. Don’t bitch at the cast…even if they get told here and there what they want to see from the cast or do, for the most part it’s real, & those people may not act as you would like them to while being on a show which “reps” the south they still are people, with feelings just like you…with individual personalities that were attention get if enough to get hired for the show. Jut because they were born and raised from the south and like to do stupid and shit or show how THEY do it in the south doesn’t mean they need so much backlash for having the balls to show their stupid drunken nights. Not once have I ever heard anyone on the show or that reps it, that this is a clean cut depiction of everyone in the south. If people you come across happen to aasoicate the south with anything you that was misrepresented of what something typically is, let them know instead of be upset! It’s not as if they won’t listen. And if whoever does watch the show and completely thinks this is the truly what every southern or place is like obviously it’s the brightest to even be bothered by what they think or say. Anyone with any common sense understands it’s a reality show, and most if not all takers topic of the show and make it 50x more dragged out, dramatic,dumb attention getting topic they can. So before bashing them, no matter how dumb they come off as, or make the south look. Let it go….it’s just for fun.

    I know I said I’d wrap this up forever ago but I wanted to add that from this show I actually took a lot of great things from the south. Yes most of the time it was dumb an dramatic (you know for viewers!) but I saw how well man ores everyone can be, how friendships and family’s have such caring and strong bond, that they can’t even go a day without calling them or thinking of them nonstop. One of my favorite things I’d have to say is the fact, southerns don’t see anyone as strangers, just as new friends they get to know and have a ball with. I think it’s great to be tht way and not shy whatsoever…it takes confidence and the friendliest people tht have amazing personalities and charisma is be able to walk up to a huge group no matter who it is, young or old, race or gender to walk into that group like you’ve known them for ages! I absolutely love that, coming from me who has a hard time making small talk with a friend I haven’t see. In years, or wanting to meet new people and expand my lifestyle. Lastly the great fun I see a lot of southerns, and the same ones from this show and station as a whole that the south can make outta having little to nothing and have such a memorable time. I enjoy seeing it, and taking something from it. To be more welcoming and fearless as all you southerns are is something I feel a lot of people from any state, region or country can soak in and learn. I’m sorry this was so long. But I had a lot to point out, hopefully some of any agree, an possibly realize maybe starting such a frenzy over a small thing is a waste of time tht u can be enjoying or showing to someone what you guys really represent, or just your friends and family do since not every family from the south or not does or has the same beliefs or morals than another.

    Don’t get too pissy people! Just trying to make you see it from an outside point. Defend the south, have your voice and be proud of where your from, but also think about the things you say and do qhe trying to defend such things…without even being ware you could have proven a readers point on the craziness you claim they think every southerner is..the south is amazing as well as every state in the USA! Let’s not hate on states in America, cause really we all in the end are as a whole and stick and fight together as brother and sister. Let’s try and play nice! Ya never know….maybe CMT will take to the kindness instead of anger and listen what the south would like to see more of on the show! ; ) cause their cash cow isn’t going to go anywhere for awhe just from some compliments. They created it for a reason and everyone’s giving them exactly what they want…talk! Word of mouth is the way to spread the popularity of it good or bad people will wanna see what’s the fuss!

  • Sorry for the all the mess ups, hopefully you still can make out what I meant to say. I posted from my phone.

    Also sorry for the short story lol. And to whomever gets pissed off I apologize somewhat too, I know I’m gonna get atleast a few of you, nothing was posted in the intention to be hurtful or affend anyone!

    Thanks for taking the time and patience to read!

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