Country Fans Tired of “Replacement” Stars, Worried About Integrity

September 25, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  21 Comments

On Monday night, the anger of many country music fans boiled over when they finally woke up to the realization that their favorite country stars had been swapped out for scab “replacement” stars by the country music industry, with many of the replacements being castaways from pop.

Fans took to social media to vent their anger, posting “meme’s” and citing specific artists and songs they are hearing on the radio right now, including The Ford Truck Man Toby Keith’s song “Red Solo Cup”.

“It’s a song about a ****ing plastic cup!” wrote John from Ohio on his Facebook page. “Why are my ear holes being subjected to this bullsh**!?!? And another song is called “Corn Star” ?!?! REALLY?! I wouldn’t let me parakeet sh** on this mess!”

Arthur from Florida wrote via Twitter.“Ahhhh! I swear, if I hear another ding dong song about trucks, I’m gonna start drowning adorable little baby animals!”

Others showed concern about country music as an institution, like Mary from Texas.

“With country rap, bad pop acts, and nearly every song about pickups trucks or ice cold beer, I am seriously worried about the integrity of the genre moving forward. I love you country music, but if it stays like this for much longer, I’m no longer going to listen.”

The reason for the replacement country stars is a contract dispute between real country music artists and Music Row–Nashville’s concentration of major labels. Apparently Music Row wants the real artists to sign on to restrictive stipulations that would limit their creative freedom, restrict their earnings from their music, and make them virtual slaves to label demands. Meanwhile the replacement stars are more than happy to just have an opportunity in the music business, many because their talents are not good enough to make it in music traditionally, or to cut it in other genres.

Professor of music sociology at Vanderbilt University Gertrude Frankenfurter explains why the outrage is occurring now:

Take the situation surrounding the NFL’s striking officials. People woke up to the fact that poorly-trained, unskilled officials would not work out almost immediately. But with country music, the use of replacement stars was implemented slowly over time, so people wouldn’t get wise that they were slowly being fed a lesser product. But maybe the country music industry crossed a line with its current batch of stars and songs, and people are finally realizing what has happened.

Professor Frankenfurter says country music is unique in how it seems to reward mediocrity.

As we see with the NFL right now, hiring lesser-talented individuals might help you make more money for a while, but eventually the lack of talent will begin to erode the integrity of the industry. That’s what’s happening in country music. Or let’s say the NFL hired officials based on their physical attractiveness as opposed to their talents. There seems to be very few industries that reward mediocrity, but country music appears to be one of them. The best and brightest are left in the shadows while the lesser-talented flourish.

“Kenny Cheseny sucks!” wrote Bubba from Iowa last night on Facebook. “He should take his butt buddy Tim McGraw on a vacation to Kandahar and hopefully get blowed up!”

Replacement country star, The Ford Truck Man Toby Keith released this video response to the replacement country star controversy.

21 Comments to “Country Fans Tired of “Replacement” Stars, Worried About Integrity”

  • Toby Keith is such a douche.

    Although I do like a couple of his songs from the 90’s when he had a mullet.


  • Good article, not really necessary though. Seems that most people already know this and make the choice not to listen to radio or watch CMA’s. Everyone knows it’s the same 10 artists + the new 5 going to be on there. Maybe throw in Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow or Willie to make it seem a little more legit, but really, with the exception of Willie, that seems like a far stretch (and even Willie walks a fine line between selling out and not). Here’s how I see it. This stuff is going to erode itself, and the real country fans will never jump ship on the music they love. They’re going to have to dig harder (and thanks to sites like yours, and others that cover this like Ninebullets, Moonrunners, Farce The Music, Outlaw Country-especially Shooter’s show, all that) they can get a chance to find new stuff. I think the current indie roots movement is going to move to the foreground at some point, as it’s own step in country. I just know what comes with that, the erosion of that as well, so let’s hope it for the best. Thanks for the care though man.


  • Almost close enough to the truth to be believed.


  • I wish we could could go to every household in the country, sit them down in their living rooms and explain to them how they’re being fooled by all of this ‘country’ music. And if they don’t get it, bitch slap them with some HBG, or turnpike, or if absolutely necessary, Scott h biram and bob wayne!


  • Ha, that meme.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the new Taylor Swift song that’s being sent to country radio, Triggerman.


  • They have totally ruined the genre. I dont even think it’s fixable at this point. You can’t even say you listen to country music anymore without explaining “not the shit they play on the radio, though.” If they want to make this shit music and market this trash to idiots that’s fine, it’s a free country, but I wish they would at least quit calling it country music. I guarantee you that if you honestly asked, the majority of these new “artists” would even admit that what they produce isnt really country music. You cant tell me that Rascal Flatts, Cunter Hayes, that fucking Gilbert clown, Taylor Swift or whoever else truly, genuinely believes that they are playing country music. I had to get that rant out after having to be exposed to some of that garbage at a party last weekend.


    • Nope, sure ain’t fixable. Rant on!


  • I heard a song where they talk about waiting to see if the pregnancy test is positive or not? How effin stupid is that? Waiting on two pink lines they say. How embarrassing would it be to have written that? It’s country music’s version of 16 & pregnant

    To make it worse, it came on after “whose gonna fill their shoes”. Sickening


  • How true I love your writing you put into words what I’ve been trying to say for a long time.


  • i pretty much have to listen to shitty country radio cause my gf loves it.

    she hates easton corbin’s new album he must be country enough.


    • I liked Easton’s new album.


      • yeah,it’s a good album.

        but it is sad when there’s only like 3 good mainstream acts.


  • I understand that their are a lot of songs out their that are ruining the integrity of country music, like Truck Yeah, Kick it in the Sticks, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Corn Star, etc, etc. But I think that we can’t bash every single one who is out in the music industry today. I have always like the material Brad Paisley has released. Some guys like Josh Turner and Easton Corbin still make good songs. And while I do agree that some really talented artists like Chris Young aren’t getting enough attention, and other mediocre guys like Brantley Gilbert are getting everything, I don’t think that painting everything as black and white is going to help us. Their is a lot of in between these days, and it’s possible that only a selected few (Scott Borchetta) are making the current situation we are in.


    • I disagree, bash them all. Just because you play guitar and want to be a country star, SHOULDN’T mean you have to have “that sound” and I mean that Nashville polished twang drunk dad oklahoma beer drinking working overtime sunday chicken eating name dropping truck driving sound. These songs deserved to be bashed.

      Side note: do you think Tim McGraw really listens to Lil Wayne?


      • Honestly Tim McGraw doesn’t listen to Lil Wayne.

        What I am saying is that some artists in Nashville are original and aren’t driven by the list type songs, or at least not as much as most. Why should we attack artists that are doing things that are trying to drive a more traditional sound to country music?


        • I challenge you to name 5 Josh turner doesn’t count…brad paisley either


          • I’m not saying these guys aren’t good musicians. I’m saying their songs/style is polished Nashville fluff.

            And I like several Nashville bands that arent cheesy, and are original. But they aren’t getting radio play or cma awards


  • Trigger Man I would like to hear what you think of Brantley Gilbert…


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