Curb Records to Release Hank III “Ramblin Man” Album

January 23, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  58 Comments

hank-williams-iii-ramblin-man-albumYes, the Curb Records saga for Hank3 continues.

The grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Jr. is having to deal with yet another post-contract release from Curb records, this time called Rambin’ Man, slated for release on April 1st. Insert your April Fool’s jokes here. The album will include 8 tracks of outtakes, unreleased material, and cover songs Hank3 contributed to tribute albums and other projects during his Curb years. Most of the music is stuff Hank3 fans have already heard, repackaged to look like a new album.

Hank3 entered into a 6 album contract with Curb in the late 90′s after a child custody suit and a judge forced him to get a “real job”. Curb was able to stretch Hank3′s album count to 7 by releasing Hillbilly Joker in 2011; a “hellbilly” album Curb initially rejected, but released after Hank3 had fulfilled his contract at the end of 2010. Then Curb released an outtakes album in 2012 called Lone Gone Daddy that brought the total of Curb releases on Hank3’s 6-album contract to 8. Ramblin’ Man would make it 9.

With the news of the release of Long Gone Daddy, Hank3 fans knew Curb still had unreleased material from the 3rd generation star, because a cover of Johnny Paycheck’s “I’m The Only Hell (My Momma Ever Raised)” that was rejected on his Damn Right, Rebel Proud album had yet to surface. Though Curb decided at the time that the cover song was not fit for public consumption, similar to how they rejected Hank3’s Hillbilly Joker album altogether, they see perfectly fit to release the song now on this new record.

Hypothetically, Ramblin’ Man would be the last of Hank3’s material from the Curb era, though the inevitable “Greatest Hits” card has yet to be played by the label.

Some other interesting notes from the track list: “On My Own” was a song from Hank3’s previous Curb record Risin’ Outlaw. “Ramblin’ Man” is a song by Hank Williams that Hank3 once recorded a cover of with The Melvins, as was Merle Haggards “Okie From Muskogee”. “Fearless Boogie” is a ZZ Top song Hank3 once covered on the tribute Sharp Dressed Men. “Marijuana Blues” originally appeared on Rare Breed: The Songs of Peter LaFarge.

Hank3 has previously encouraged fans to burn these albums and share them instead of buy them. He’s also indicated intention to release new material in 2014.

Ramblin’ Man Track List:

  1. Ramblin’ Man
  2. Fearless Boogie
  3. Okie From Muskogee
  4. The Only Hell (My Momma Ever Raised)
  5. On My Own [Full Length Version]
  6. Marijuana Blues
  7. Hang On
  8. Runnin’ & Gunnin’

58 Comments to “Curb Records to Release Hank III “Ramblin Man” Album”

  • Will definitely download illegally.

  • Well as you say Trig, we should do what Shelton told us to do last time curb this to him – and get hold of this album anyway we can. As long as it excludes ‘buying it’ legitimately!! I must add i condone this sort of unlawful obtaining of music – but as he says = ‘F**k curb!’

    • Too “THAT”!, I whole heartedly agree!!! I give salute to Hank3 for that statement ’cause you know damn well even though he promotes the idea…he is still sacrificing profit from the sell. HELL YEAH HANK3!!!

  • I get the B.S. behind all this “new releases” from Hank3 and he doesn’t see a dime of it from what I understand… but he must have left rights to a lot of artwork too. These new releases from Curb since he left appears to have his artwork for album covers.

    Hopefully most Hank3 fans understand the situation here and don’t buy any of this.

    • I believe Curb is contracting with Keith Neltner who used to do much of Hank3’s artwork. Neltner no longer works with Hank3, but he’s continuing to work with Curb.

      • yeah, i was going to mention that’s some sucky-ass art for the album cover. 2 peas in a pod. the last album cover was recycled from some pop country artist, this one is just plain crappy.

        • Sorry to hear that Neltner sold his ass to the devil, I guess that explains the decline in his “talent”.

          • Keith is very talented. And has a family to feed .. Business is business and I don’t blame him for working with curb

  • fuck curb records…

  • Actually, the Johnny Paycheck cover first appeared back in 2004 on “Touch My Heart: Tribute to Johnny Paycheck”

    I’ve had all of these tracks for YEARS. It is sad that they’re even using the tracks from The Melvins that he guested on.

    • It very well may be the same song, or did he record a different one for “Damn Right, Rebel Proud”? I guess we’ll just have to wait and hear. I know that Hank3 was pretty disappointed that the song didn’t make it on DRRP, and that seems a little strange if it was something folks were already able to hear. Also can’t rule out that some of these songsdare alternate versions of stuff, or who knows what. Not trying to soften the blow that this is clearly Curb taking previously-recorded material and repackaging it to mislead consumers, but since we haven’t heard any of it yet, we don’t know for sure.

  • cool album art yeah ive heard all them songs before but maybe one or 2

  • Je boycotte cet album comme Hank le demande et je le télécharge illégalement !
    As Wayne says : Fuck curbs records !

  • Curb will probably sell of these records than Hank can sell guttertown/brother’s of the 4×4.

  • From the artwork, looks like another half-ass “statement” from Keith Neltner will be issued to deter that he also has a hand on the knife that Curb Records is doing their back stabbing with, not just to Hank 3, but also the newbie fans who take the music as “new” without knowing better.

    • Definitely Neltner’s handiwork.

      • Sure as hell looks like the same art to me…or the devil has a twin!

    • yessir…

  • “Greatest Hits Card” :) My favorite new thing is the Luke Bryan “Spring Break Here to Party” card. I remember that irritated a lot of his fans last year who were fooled into buying what they thought was a brand new album with new material (sneaky wow).

    • Yes, and now the hip thing to do is to release “deluxe” editions so that fans have to buy the same songs they already have to get a few new ones.

      • Oh yeah, that practice pisses me off big time!

      • I think the worst example of that I’ve seen recently is the Hunter Hayes album (released in 2011) re-released in 2013 as the “Encore” edition with a few new songs sprinkled in. I remember seeing some very annoyed comments about that one.

        It really just seems odd that main stream country artists are surviving 3 years between album releases now with many more TV appearances (award shows, etc) that are burning out their material faster. The Band Perry went three years after their first album, Hunter Hayes is at the 3 year mark from his first album, Taylor Swift has only had 4 albums during her 8 year career (2006 – 2014).

        The Van Halen standard: Release a new multi-platinum album every year for 5 years in a row and then it’s OK to slow down to 2 years between albums.

        Taylor Swift also had the “Deluxe Edition only available at Target” marketing for Red.

        • I think two years+ is just the new norm. When you release a new album every year it tends to oversaturate the market a bit. Also, if you have a new single from an album that was released a year and a half ago, it boosts sales and also gives a chance for all of the single-worthy songs on the album to breathe. It probably also has something to do with the digital market and declining album sales as well, as it’s more than likely not financially viable for major acts to release new studio-length albums every year.

          Personally, I’m glad that artists don’t throw out new albums every year for the most part anymore. My checkbook couldn’t handle it and it could also lead to lower quality music or a burnout. Also, being an album person myself, having thirty albums with only two songs I know I like on each of them leads me to compilations out of convenience, and I’d much rather have the original album. Take Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings for example: I have At Folsom Prison, The American Recordings series, Honky Tonk Heroes and Are You Ready For The Country. These are all classics and deserve to be in every country fan’s collection. But I don’t necessarily want to buy whole albums just to get “One Piece At A Time”, “Ragged Old Flag”, “Trouble Man” or “Big Mamou.” It doesn’t mean that the albums aren’t good, I just can’t afford it. It hurts because I love collecting the discographies of my favorite performers, but with most classic country artists it’s almost impossible. Most of them released new albums every year for forty years straight, sometimes with more than one new album a year. Of course, shuffling out deluxe editions of older albums with a handful of new songs is a different problem entirely.

          There are certain artists that I wish released albums every year because they’re my favorites, but they are also newer acts. Being a younger country music fan, I can’t exactly go back and gradually acquire Waylon’s catalogue as it comes out. Heck, some of his lesser albums aren’t even in print or haven’t even been released on CD or digital (I love vinyl, but the format isn’t exactly versatile). I feel like if he hadn’t had so many albums, most of them would be more widely available because the popular material wouldn’t be spread so thin (thus more incentive for the labels to keep the albums in print). Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  • Mike Curb is a ruthless guy when it comes to dealing with his former artists. I’d be afraid if I was him, eventually he is going to tick off the wrong person one too many times. You just can’t treat people this way forever and get away with it. A once respected label run into the ground by pure arrogant greed. Hank III most likely will not see a dime. Why would anybody sign with this guy ever again ?

    • Man, they do anything to get money. Real country artists don’t do nothing with Curb, but the fact is that any idiot who’s ready to sell the soul will get a deal with Curb. As idiotic as it is..

  • The ironic/sad thing is: If I want to hear something good from Hank III it’s going to be released by Curb. If I want to hear wild animals mating and more tired cliches sung in a growling voice I would look for something Hank III puts out himself. “Brothers of the 4×4″ was a waste of my money and continues to be a waste of space on my hard drive. as could be said of the prior several.

    • I like ‘Brothers in 4×4′ and other Hank 3’s post – curb albums. What’s wrong with them? ‘Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town is the best so far from his own releases. They’re kinda experimental and harder to listen than earlier albums, but still good. O.K. 3 Bar Ranch Cattle Callin’ was a weird shit (weird not meaning bad), but ‘Brothers in 4×4 has shown that ol’ 3 is still going strong. That’s my opinion.

    • Cut the crap Spoony, send me your Brothers of the 4×4 LP, no problem for me to have it twice.
      Hank is great !

    • Truth of the matter is, most of our favorite big time artists have really only given us two or three good CD’s in the course of their entire careers. How many of us own CDs or records of our favorite artist where there is only one or two songs that we care to listen to. We wait for their greatest hits CD’s with those one or two songs on it, so we can toss those albums. Yet we keep patronizing their music because that two or three fantastic album they gave us at some point in the course of their career made us a fan for life. And even if, by the faint chance that we don’t support their other albums, they have millions and are often not injured by diminish record sales or support. As Huge as Johnny Cash was, how many of us can name ten good songs of his right off the bat. After I Walk the line, and my name is Sue, we have to put on our thinking cap.
      The sad thing about the underground artist is that they do not have the same luxury as someone like Johnny Cash (R.I.P). They have to BRING it each and every show/CD. They have the best, but I also believe the worst fans. For God forbid if they should put out a CD that does not meet with our (underground fans) sophisticated appetite. We hold our whip back as far as our hands could go and we are brutal. This is not to say that I do not recognize the fact that our loyalties in comparison to mainstream fans are unparalleled. However, I also believe that that loyalty is not cheap. Hank 3 has given me four CD that I absolutely love. For an artist, that really is a feet in of itself. Unfortunately for him, he cannot simply sit back and enjoy the royalties from all that hard work. Maybe we should think about that the next time we decide to criticize him or any of our underground artist.

      • I don’t completely disagree with that sentiment, but I don’t personally feel the need to monetarily support him forever if he’s not doing anything for me. I was a pretty serious fan for a number of years, and “Straight to Hell” will always be a modern classic for me. “Damn Right, Rebel Proud” threw me a bit, but I still listen to it. “Rebel Within” has good songs on it but slips further. “Ghost to a Ghost” has three songs on the first disc I like, probably none on the second. “Brothers of the 4×4″ seems to have…zero. The vocals sound terrible, the shtick has gotten old for me (as I’ve gotten old, perhaps). I’ve bought and paid for every “country” album he’s released. I’m not into tattoos and devil horns and drugs. I’m a fan of country music. Thanks to Hank III I found SCM, thanks to SCM I’ve been exposed to a whole lot of music which I buy and love and look forward to buying their next release. Unfortunately, Hank III isn’t generally in that group anymore.

        • Well, yes, I did notice a decline in his voice and like you, I was ready to give up on him as well. And yes, I do agree that it is quite evident on his last CD. However, after watching a couple of his latest show on Youtube, I’ve also noticed an improvement in his voice. In his last interview he mentioned that he was clean and that one of the motivations for that was to take better care of his voice. I’ve heard it said that he was clean before, but I never really believe it. This time, however, I do, – simply because I can spot an addict a mile away and observing him on the interview he really did’t look like one anymore. So all these factors have made me decide not to give up on Hank3. I agree with DAC, we haven’t began to “…see his Hillbilly stride.”

  • I really wish Hank3 could sing. I hate to admit it, but his voice prevents me from getting into his next music.

    Granted, Geddy Lee grew on me, which makes me have a hard time believing 3 can’t, as well.

    • into his music*

    • Hmmm, I’ve heard similar similar things said about Dylan, Kristofferson, and even Willie Nelson, and I admit that none of them would probably get far on those crap TV talent shows that are around at the moment, but they (and Hank 3) all have a raw real-ness about them that strikes a chord with many, including me!

      • Dylan, Kristofferson, and Nelson don’t have tones to their voices that are downright grating on the ears, though. The sound of Hank3’s voice alone is awful. If I could get past that for the quality of music, I would in an instant, but his voice just irritates me. I respect him for his versatility as a musician but I just can’t get past that awful voice.

    • Dude, have you heard “One Horse Town”? His singing used to be awesome.

      • I have, and am a big fan of LB&D, but what the hell happened? Is it the eBay recording equipment he uses now? Some inflection he put into his voice? Poor mixing/mastering? Smoked and screamed too much during an Assjack show and fucked up his vocal chords? I can’t do the new stuff, I really can’t.

      • and it still is …….YYYEEEEHAW!!!!!

  • I thought “On My Own” was from Risin’ Outlaw.

    • You’re right.

      Still looking to fill that full-time editor position that will work for nothing and be available 24 hours a day. Inquire within.

  • ‘Long Gone Daddy’ was good, this may be a good one too, but only a fool would give money to Curb records for songs which ain’t their own property. Better fuck Curb and pirate it.

    • Ummmm…”but only a fool would give money to Curb records for songs which ain’t their own property.”

      It seems that it is Curb property, or they couldn’t release this album.

      I agree, no ture Hank3 fan should buy this, but your statement is wrong. .

      • Of course, Curb officially has these songs as their property, but in fact, when hank has no profits from such releases, what’s the point of paying for a robbery?

        • Hank3 still profits from any song Curb releases. The jewel in 3’s crown is the fact that he refuses to acknowledge it when he tells you to “burn it, steal it and share it”!

          • Yes, you are correct, he does receive some profit. I wonder why he leads us to believe that he does not. In any event, you are correct, that actually does say a lot about the kind of person he is.

  • Wait, are you telling me that “…a cover of Johnny Paycheck’s ‘I’m The Only Hell (My Momma Ever Raised)’ was rejected on his Damn Right, Rebel Proud album had yet to surface. Though Curb decided at the time that the cover song was not fit for public consumption”?
    And so very wrong.
    The cover art is gorgeous, but my fear of AutoTune will keep me far away from this album and deeper into my versions.

  • Obviously Mike Curb is an arrogant, ruthless prick. However, I will always have a bit a soft spot for him. He was responsible for two great anachronistic parts of my favorite movie’s (Kelly’s Heroes) soundtrack:



  • So H3 encourages his fans to download this illegally, just as he has all of his post-Curb releases and this is widely acknowledged and reported. Downloading these tracks is easy enough to do, even for someone who is not super tech savvy. And Curb keeps on releasing “new/old” albums and re-packaged re-hashings and BS? Is Curb making enough money off of these releases to make it worth their while? How is that even possible? Are there enough “casual” fans that just buy whatever shows up in the new CD bin at Hastings or Sam Goody or wherever kids buy records these days?

  • At the risk of making Shelton mad, I will probably buy this on Amazon or at my LRS.

    I like his music a lot, even though I know it is just a repackaging job by Curb.

    • I agree whole heartedly! But unless I hear otherwise..I promise to “copy,burn and share” with every god and good lovin’ country lovin’ listener I know! Woop,woop,woop!!!

  • I found the Paycheck song, if you can post links to where I can find the others I will purchase them that way; rather than through Curb.

    Thank You for anyone that helps me with this.

  • Hank 3 has been making records for nearly 20 years, his first release being Men With Broken Hearts (Three Hanks) in 1996 followed by Risin’ Outlaw in 1999. Hank 3’s musical talent is undeniable. His skills aren’t necessarily vocal on all his pieces. It may be the writing that shines, or the musicianship, or the energy, or any number of characteristics that keep Hank fans curious and loyal. It’s the feeling of knowing that he still has more greatness to showcase as an artist and hoping for the next great song that speaks to them like so many before.

    All of the songs on the new release have been released previously over the last decade on other compilations. However, on the last Curb Hank 3 release they put a new shuffle mix and a renamed version of Trashville so this release may have similar differences from the prior released tracks. Regardless the tracks for the new release are great tunes.

    As for Neltner, the split from Hank 3 as a designer happened after DRRP and has been discussed by Hank 3 in previous interviews at that time. The artwork on the new Curb release and the previous release was probably submitted with the music a decade or ago.

    He’s working on new music so I am anxious to hear what he conjures up this time…

  • Curb have no shame. This will still be the best album released on their lousy label all year.

  • Will there be a WalMart edition?

  • Melvins kick serious ASS !

  • hey spoony, I bet you think Pink Floyd went downhill when Syd Barrett left the band too! hahahahaha

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