Curb To Release Hank III ‘Hillbilly Joker’ Album

January 16, 2011 - By Trigger  //  News  //  104 Comments

On January 1st, Hank Williams III was officially done with his long, contentious 14 year relationship with Nashville major label Curb Records, but when he left, he left with unfinished business.

Sitting on a shelf somewhere inside the Curb Records complex was an album called This Ain’t Country that Hank III had turned into them for release. The ensuing legal battle over the release of the album is where the cold war between Curb and Hank III became hot. Curb sat on the album, never releasing it, and refusing to allow Hank III to release it independently or on another label. Now Curb has decided to release it many years later, as well as possibly other shelved recordings as a title called Hillbilly Joker. It is due out April 5th, 2011 and can be pre-ordered through Amazon. It appears it will be available on vinyl, as well as CD & MP3.

This Ain’t Country would probably be best described as a blend of Hank III’s country band, and his heavy metal band Assjack. Hank III regularly performs a ‘Hellbilly’ set between the two distinctly different live sets, and the This Ain’t Country material takes from that middle set. This Ain’t Country has been distributed in the underground for years as a bootleg, and some of the songs appeared on Hank III’s heavy metal Assjack release. The name ‘Hillbilly Joker’ comes from This Ain’t Country’s opening track.

The album was recorded in the early 2000′s, and once Curb would not release it, an online petition was started that read in part:

Music is probably the most widespread form of expression throughout the world, crossing many boundaries of race, religion, and gender. When an artist is not allowed to have his or her voice heard because of oppression from those with different views, I consider this a sad and unrighteous act by those who won’t let them speak out.

The purpose of this petition is to bring to light the voices of those people who would like to have a fair chance to listen to the recorded material by Hank Williams III and Assjack known as “This Ain’t Country.” By having Curb Records release this material as an album available to us, the consumer, the true diversity and talent of the performing artists can finally be heard.

I believe that Curb records and fans of Hank Williams III would both benefit from the release if this proposal were accepted, the records would sell and the public would not be denied what we want to hear; it’s the right thing to do financially and morally. Thank you.

Hypothetically this release is the resolution of this petition. I am very curious to find out what Hank III feels about this. He might be happy that it is finally getting released, or he may not appreciate Curb making money off of him now that he has left.


Hank III is saying “Don’t buy it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.”

The cover art and track list has also been added:

Track List:

1. Hillbilly Joker
2. I’m Drunk Again
3. Life Of Sin
4. 10 Feet Down
5. Pistol Packin’
6. Tennesse Driver
7. M.F.J.
8. Now He’s Dead
9. Drink It, Drug It
10. Hellbilly

- – - – - – - – - – - – -

Opening track:

104 Comments to “Curb To Release Hank III ‘Hillbilly Joker’ Album”

  • way to go curb. screw your real artist over.Hank3 is bringing real country back and them fucks in nashville can`t handle it. they are trying to turn real country artists into pop country bullshit

  • I’ll be downloading this one illegally. Fuck Curb.

    • Amen.

      • Fucking doubly agreed.
        Fuck Curb, spread that shit illegally in Hank’s honor.

        • Was going to buy this album till i read this article. What a bunch of BS! Where could i download something like this now. Since Limewire doesnt work anymore?

          • Where are yall downloading it from? send me that shit lol.

  • As much as I’d like to have this album in my collection…guess I’ll hold off til I know if III wants to put another $ in fat cats wallet.

  • Ha! Final answer Curb?

  • On the one hand, I don’t want to give Curb my money for music I already have. On the other hand, vinyl. Decisions…

    • As a point of principle, I have never illegally downloaded a single track of music, though I am not necessarily against it, esp. in a situation like this, where because of label politics or labels allowing things to go out-of-print it is the only way to get the stuff. However I have heard the TAC material, and yes, vinyl does make me salivate a little, way more so than it did for the Assjack release.

      • I’ve changed my position. Like you, I’ve never downloaded a single song illegally and I don’t want to start now. I am, however, going to wait until the day after it’s released and pick it up used on eBay or Amazon. Put money in the hands of the average music fan, not the label.

    • I too already have this album, but having it on vinyl would be nice.

  • Most of Sheltons fans have this already….and if you don`t, I am pretty sure archive has it. Don`t buy it from Curb if III doesn`t get to reap the benefits! Fuck curb!

  • curb is really a showpiece of a money machine… holding one album back and selling one more in the end. wasn’t hanks deal with curb, that he makes 5 albums for them? now they got 6. the best cd’s will follow…

    • That is a very good point. They ended up getting him for one more original album than his contract called for. Sounds to me like grounds for a lawsuit, or maybe a boycott. I’m gonna wait for marching orders from the head hellbilly. I wouldn’t recommend people pre-order this till we know more.

      • Too late for a lawyer now. It should have been taken care of from the get go of his new contract a few years ago. They knew what they had, and it’s gonna sell. What’s going on with this guy now adays? I don’t think you’re gonna get any marching orders :(

    • ” curb is really a showpiece of a money machine…” no kidding, they are a business, businesses make money.

      Sounds like the contract was for 5 albums. Sounds like the contract, Curb owned any and all songs III wrote to produce those 5 albums. Sounds like there were a few songs that didn’t make the 5 album cut, but those songs are still owned by Curb.

      Curb and Hank put out 5 albums, as the contracted called for. Curb also got any songs III wrote during that time. If Curb wants to sell what they own, there is nothing illegal about that. Hank put out 5 albums, Curb is putting out what they own after the fact.
      Shitty situation, but III isn’t the only artist that has been screwed this way.

      Don’t buy the records.

  • Universal South put out “Bad Magick” post-my departure as a way of trying to sweep up whatever money the could from our catalog before washing their hands of us. I suspect this is the same thing. Adam Sheets just wrote me and asked me my opinion of what I felt about my music being downloaded illegally vs. put in the pocket of a label that didn’t support me. Now I’ll say first and foremost that I didn’t have the same kind of battle with my old label that Shelton did with Curb (I’ll say mine was much more of a battle of trying to get them to do ANYTHING to promote the albums, when faced with not knowing how to push our records, they chose to do nothing at all) but I will say that Curb OWNS ALL of the recordings Shelton made. He won’t be able to make a dime off of any of those albums or have any kind of exposure (soundtracks, compilations, etc) without them having to sign off and rape him for them. In that respect, and in the respect of my own recordings with Universal, I encourage the duplication and distribution of the music. Sharing music is sharing music, simply put. The more people that hear Shelton’s music, the better for Shelton’s live shows, the better for Shelton’s career. So whether you copy it or buy it, it’s still helping him, but in the case of downloading it illegally, at least it’s not going into Curb’s hands. They got us with the Vinyl, they’ll make their money there, and if you want one, grab one, but just spread the music, that’s what i say!

    • Universal South was very lax with how well they promoted your albums. They had numerous singles that could have been huge and for some reason they just didn’t push it out there. I always thought they should have pushed it outside of just the limited CMT push and tried to get some FUSE or MTV2 coverage. Johnny Cash’s music spread rabidly through the rock fan base when Walk The Line was released and it would have been a great time for labels to realize that people outside of their demographic were hungry for solid country/rock (XXX) acts.

      Same goes with Black Ribbons it has great crossover appeal and despite what the critics say shows that their is still a lot of creativity in the genre. Ten years from now people will surely look at Black Ribbons as an interesting album at least for the development of the genre that was brought to the people.

      • Black Ribbons has been my favorite of Shooter’s releases. Took some time to grow on me, but it was something new, and different that in end I ended up enjoying very much.

        • I agree, BlueRibbon. I liked it at first and saw it as something interesting, but the more I listened to it it became more than that. In fact, I even listed it as my album of the year.

    • I agree. Spreading the music is key. Support the live show whenever at all possible. That’s where these artists make their money. I makes me glad I’m small time and don’t have to deal with these type of label politics…

  • well III’s past couple albums broke the billboard top 40 so they think they’ll make a little bit more money

  • Wow. I wonder if they will release “Thrown Out Of The Bar” too. Or maybe combine the two albums?

    I hope III says something about this soon.

    • Well, hypothetically Thrown Out of the Bar became Straight to Hell, but I leave open the possibility that there are other songs he turned in to Curb at one point or another that they kept but didn’t release. Like I think there was talk of a Johnny Paycheck cover on the last album, and who knows what else. Anything Hank III wrote while he was under contract is supposedly the property of Curb, released or not.

      • Anything he wrote….so presumably the Johnny Paycheck cover is still Shelton’s?

        • Well, maybe the cover is III’s, but the recording is Curb’s, though they may not release it because I think the issue with that song was they didn’t want to go through the licensing process for it since it was a cover. I can’t remember. I do remember people were surprised they vetoed that, and let “Tore Up & Loud” slide since he pretty much trashes Curb at the end. There may not be a ton of songs sitting there on the shelf, but I’m leaving it open that there is more material that we have never heard.

          • Alright. That makes sense.

      • Shit. Just when I thought this mess was over.

        Who knows what all they got. So, if III released demos of all his stuff that Curb owns, could he get in trouble for that? I would love to hear what he tried to turn in for STH (Thrown Out Of The Bar).

        • I have no knowledge of any material being left off of Straight to Hell. That album was released after a court ruling in III’s favor, the proverbial David vs. Goliath, so they may have not had their chance to tamper with it.

          I also read somewhere III saying that they only pay him for 10 songs per album, so if he puts out more, they keep all the money.

          This is also the reason there has been no new Assjack material for years, and they have been playing covers and medleys at concerts trying to keep it fresh, because if he debuted some music during the live set and Curb heard it, it would be theirs.

          • Thanks for clearing up the live stuff, with the Assjack/Hellbilly set.

            Love the site. Let’s get Shelton’s ass to Cookeville this year.

      • well, anything they paid for him to record is owned by curb. they don’t have any claim to what he wrote, necessarily.

  • I won’t be buying that shit at all. I may possibly download it for free if it has anything new on it, but that is just an ass-raping that I don’t have a dick in. That piece of shit Mike Curb will probably release everything Shelton did now that he’s gone because they know his previous two albums charted well. There will probably be a couple greatest hits packages in the works, Tim McGraw style. That deal was so sick it was actually humorous what they were doing to him. I would make a greatest hits package in the fuckin face of Curb if I could get away with it.

    • Oh yeah, I expect at least one Greatest Hits release, but if they think that this will make a serious amount of money or chart in any way, they are higher than a Georgia pine. I’m sure they have no idea that this material has been out there for years and is already old hat.

      No question this is dirty business from Curb, and a way they squeezed another original album out of him, but if I was III, would I rather they go ahead and release this, simply because it is my art and since I legally can’t re-record the songs this is the only way they will ever be out there? He fought for the release of this album for years. This has got to be bitter sweet in some ways.

  • I know for a fact a song that didn’t get onto STH but was on Straight To Hell, “Honky Tonkin ‘Round (Is Gunna kill You gal)” is sitting on their shelves, who knows how many more. Hopefully Hillbilly Joker contains the unreleased country stuff too.

    definitely gunna download it though, none of my money going to Mike Curb!

    • Hmm, the question is would they throw it on the end of this one? Do they have enough extra material to create a whole other album, or with it be one of these “bonus tracks” things at the end of a Greatest Hits CD?

    • If anybody has this song,I’d love a copy. I have “This Ain’t Country”…I like it,but I don’t love it.

  • shit, to correct myself the song didn’t make STH but was on Thrown Out Of The Bar

  • What the fuck! Curb Records is fucked up. It’s like they’re trying to stab III in the back. They couldn’t have released it when he was with them, they just had to wait until he left. Though the album may give III more exposer I still think that it’s a stab in the back to III. Can’t wait to hear what he says about this.

    • I don’t know how much more exposure this would gain III. It’s material that is almost 10 years old, most fans already have it in one form or another, or have heard it many times at live shows. The Assjack didn’t really move the needle in regards to chart performance, sales, or exposure, I doubt this one will be any better.

      • I think part of it depends on how it’s mixed. The Assjack record wasn’t mixed right and the first copies didn’t sound good. Thats probably the main reason it didn’t chart well. As well as all of the bootlegs Hank III had been distributing of the Assjack material for years. If this record is mixed right it has a slim chance of denting the charts. With Hank III saying don’t buy it, burn it and give it to as many people as you can it has less of a chance of charting. The Hank III bootlegs of this material will also make it harder for Hillbilly Joker to chart. A Side note, wasn’t the song originally called Hellbilly Joker?

  • Studio and live versions of these songs are ALL available on Youtube.

  • Kinda fucked up that they are releasing this after III’s contract is up. He fought them for many yrs trying to get them to release this. It almost seems like a slap in the face from Mike Curb.

  • Shelton’s word to me on Facebook about it

    “Dont Buy it and burn a copy of it and give it to everyone you know.”

    • I think what he means is ” Dont Buy it” but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.

      • One person should buy one copy of the vinyl and burn it to high quality WAV files. I want that warmth.

        • Buy it used on eBay the next day.

    • Good job running that down Repo!

      I wish I had a little more clarification though about his thoughts on this.

      As well as his thoughts on Shooter Jennings’ XXX.

      And while you’re at it, tell him Jashie P of Outlaw Radio would like to interview him about both subjects. Or me. Tell him to get a hold of our asses.

      Apparently Facebook is the only medium to get a hold of him, and ha, there’s none of that for me because there is a limit on how many friends you can have!

      Facebook will be like MySpace in 2 1/2 years. Or less.

      • Ask him to make another FB page too. Ha!

        • facebook, the new myspace, will be losing validity very soon.
          the question is, what’s next?? tumblr??

  • You can easily private message him on Facebook or send a message to Helldo on the III board and i’m sure he can send you in the right direction for a interview.

  • hahaha FUCK CURB RECORDS !!!

  • so when Jr leaves Curb (if he hasn’t already) are they going to pull the same kind of crap w/him or is this a personal poke at Shelton from Mr. Mike?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t do it to JR also . I do think though this is a Personal poke at Shelton from Mike Curb.

  • The last thing anybody wants to do is piss off ONE Hank III fan…imagine what could happen if you piss us off collectively!?
    We are the most dedicated, loyal, and devoted fans a singer could ever want, and we are proud to be Hank III’s Hellbetty’s and Hellbillys!
    We stand beside Hank III and love him as Hank III. We support him, and honor him as a person, a singer, a rebel…and yes…a Williams..
    As an entertainer, he has been kicked to the ground far too many times by Curb.
    It’s time to kick them back..
    I personally love you Shelton and will be there for you as a fan, but will forever be there for you as a friend…

  • I admit I have been waiting to get my hands on the older vinyl so if they print it, I’ll buy it. I’m a sucker for anything III…

    BUT, now that III is no longer with CURB, they will do all the mastering and packaging. He turned in a completely mastered recording with the ASSJACK CD and they remastered it, fucked it up and had to pull it from the shelves, go back to the original and redistribute it. I have one of the first Assjack CURB castoffs and it sucks. The one that Shelton did sounds great. So what are they gonna do to this “new” material? He won’t have the say so he had with the other recordings…

    We’ve also heard talk of a new release from III in the first half of this year. I think CURB is trying to saturate the market and steal sales from the new release, if in fact there is to be one… shitty, real shitty.

  • I thought the same thing.. That’s why they are doing this so soon.

  • Not only are they gonna release this album right up against III’s new album. They will probably do so for quite a long time. The next release is a greatest hits. III’s better git a lawyer before anything else is gonna happen. It looked like things we’re going forward for him. Curb was releasing on time and he got alot of good press. This could have been avoided, and everyone saying fuck Curb and all is just gonna drive sales of this album thru the roof. Dont think it wont. This is probabley an album as good as “Straight to Hell”. He coulda stayed put for one more year, taken every penny Curb had, this would have been released with him able to control it and that would have truly made a difference. He should have hit them where it hurt, right in the old wallet.

    • If they were going to release it when III was on the label they would of released it 10 yrs ago. They were just holding on to it for the day III’s contract was up. This is Mike Curb’s way of slapping III in the face IMO

  • I am weak. I pre-ordered the LP.

    But why is it called Hillbilly Joker and not Hellbilly Joker? Or even better THIS AIN’T COUNTRY?

  • If III really wanted to fuck Curb he could re-record all the tracks that will be on this and sell them himself. Curb owns the recordings but im sure III owns the songs.

    I went to amazon to see if there were a track listing up (theres not), but i did notice the vinyl comes with a cd for around 19 bucks. The last Curb vinyl i bought that included a pack in cd was a big disappointment. Thin Vinyl (i prefer 180g or above), and it really had no more definition or space than the included cd.

    • No, Hank III does not own the songs, Curb does. How screwed up is that?

      • Yeah thats what Social D did for their greatest hits record. For the Sony recordings, they owned the song copyrights but Sony owned the rights to the recordings so they re-recorded those particular tunes and released them that way.

        III does not hold the copyright on those songs? Seems crazy, but unfortunately wouldn’t surprise me the way the got f’d by curb all those years….. Now that The New Beginning is here, this is just curb getting in one last shot at III. F Curb and on to better things!

      • I’m gettin’ in on this conversation pretty late. I had a similar situation with Asylum Records in 1998 which now is Curb. I left the label due to them not doing anything with my singles and kept the album “Like A Train” from coming out. I couldn’t recut any song that I recorded for Asylum for 5yrs. After 5yrs I did another album, “Hard Times” and put out the original demos of the same songs, except I resang them or did various repairs, bringing them up to date. Is that the situation with III’s songs? I guess a better way of putting it is, does he have a time frame that they tie up those songs or is it forever? The one thing Asylum didn’t own was any of my publishing or writer’s royalties. If I ever get my career back on track and have success, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see my original album be released and there would be nothing I could do about it. However, I would get some royalties on the songs I wrote.

        I would imagine in the case of III that he wouldn’t re-record those songs because he’s on to new ideas and probably over thinking about those tracks. I think I would be at this point.

        God this is a fucked up business dealing with a bunch of damn thieves.


  • Thats fucked up. I know alot of the older artist were able to re-record there songs and sell them. I even remember John Anderson doing that with “Swinging”.

  • Like Hank says: download this album. It’s worth it. I did so a while ago, and with Straight To Hell it’s my absolute favorite Hank-stuff.
    And about Curb. 20 years ago the Beat Farmers came to my town Nijmegen in the Netherlands. One of the most entertaining live-acts I have seen in my almost 50 years. Country Dick Montana and his men were great that night, but one of my clearest memories of that night is the self-made banner they had hanging against the backwall. It said: FUCK CURB RECORDS. They had a record-deal with Curb and Curb did absolutly nothing for the album after release. So when I read about III’s problems with Curb, I just wondered how the hell he got to sign this deal in the first place.
    Waiting for his new stuff.

  • Front cover artwork on amazon now. And it does say “Hillbilly Joker”…

      • That’s the art I did for the t-shirt! With the III bars in the forehead and everything. What What?!! Tha’s un-nerving…

        • That is totally messed up! Get ‘em Andra!

        • Aww, that’s sad. I HATE seeing another person’s artwork stolen.
          It’s mega lawsuit time…

      • What the hell is it supposed to be?

        • It’s a Hellbilly Gasmask! To help with the fumes of mendacity…

          • It would seem to me that Mike Curb and his record company take the stance that he who laughs last wins. This is their revenge for Shelton’s disobedience to their hierarchy. Now that in itself makes me laugh. I think anyone who signs with Curb Records is making a mistake, creatively and professionally.

  • I think that if Hank 3′s fans want to do the right thing then they will not reward Curb by purchasing this record. Listen to it on the net or get it elsewhere but my vote is to let this one fall into the discount bin and make Curb lose its shirt. I have a feeling that this will be the way Curb will operate for the near future…try to time some repackaging/greatest hits from Hank 3 whenever he is about to release his new material. Remember this is about bin space and if they can fill the bins with their product in order to squeeze out Hank 3′s non-Curb product, they will. Once the new Hank 3 material is announced, which will be released on his own label, make sure you get out and request THAT RELEASE by name so that the stores stock the right records!

    • I’ve been warning people about the incessant Greatest Hits releases that Curb was likely to release for years. Honestly, I thought it would be more in the Tim McGraw mold, where they did it instead of releasing new material, to keep the contract extended for as long as possible. I’m thinking they knew Hank III would be too hot to handle if they did that, so instead they have this strategy, which is even more sinister.

      But that is the point of this website, and how it started, to help spread the word to Hank III fans so they know how to behave with such things. However I have been a little confused on where to be with this. Yes, people should not purchase it, but should we not be happy that this album found the light of day? Isn’t this what we signed the petition for? Isn’t this a better alternative than Curb never releasing the album, and sitting on these songs for eternity?

      • This could possibly fuck III in a HUGE way. He has been saying for along time now in interviews that his first record post Curb is gonna be 100% what he wants, much better than anything he’s done for Curb, and he’ll finally be able to create again. etc etc. Alot of people who don’t read this site might buy this expecting his first independant album, and the best country he can write. But instead they’re getting a punk album with country vocals. This could make him lose alot of his “casual” fans.

      • Oh the record has been out there for years. It isn’t hard to find on the ol’ internet. What do you get from Curb’s release? Curb art…Hank 3 had nothing to do with it (actually there is an argument that it is a copyright infringement on Hank 3′s gasmask T-shirt), AND an incomplete record. They are holding back a track from my understanding to be offered as an exclusive through one store only (WALMART???) So I think it is clear that the record should sit on the shelves and all the fans should start getting excited about the new record coming out on HANk3 Records!

  • Curb just re-released Three Hanks

    It’s just wrong on so many levels.

  • Trigger, I wasn’t sure where to put this, I assume you will have some blog on the Waylon Tribute Vol. 1- Inside the Music, but I wanted to ask, since there are 2 other volumes coming out (sound like the recordings are done) but have you heard if Hank III was asked to be part of any of those? I would love to hear III do a Waylon cover, and if it were part of this tribute, what a shot in the arm for country music.
    It would put to bed the Shooter/III fued, and it would put III in the mix with some of the other current artists with more exposure.

    I highly doubt III was asked, but we can hope.

    • I have no idea if Hank III would be a part of any of those albums, but i would be surprised if he was.

      I’ll be completely honest: I love Waylon, I like some of the names performing on that album, but i HATE tribute albums. Always have. Doesn’t matter who they are a tribute to, I just never like the songs or the vibe. If you or anyone else likes them, more power to you. I am perfectly willing to admit it is a personal preference thing. I listened to the Waylon tribute and it literally made me sick to my stomach. I probably wont have much to say about them, or any other tribute albums because I don’t want my admittedly skewed opinions getting in the way of what are otherwise heartfelt and well-meaning projects.

  • O, had no idea this is still a Curb record… I just jumped for joy about aha! another III album and didn’t know about the story behind this. Well now I know, I have no other copy of this, so I do want to have it… but knowing it it puts a shadow over my joy…
    I hope it is not just Curb who earns from this, but also Hank III and that he is alright with the release anyway… It doesn’t feel right ordering it and knowing he wouldn’t agree with the release…
    Should I cancel my order, what do you think?

    • Monica, if you need a copy and can’t download it I will mail you one myself, just get with me and send me your address. If you want to get your hands on the vinyl though, I do understand. Anyone heard any updates on this?

      • brooke, i would love to have copy of this,i refuse to buy it….because the man him self says not to give curb a dollar. I noticed you offered to send somebody a copy of this.would you be willing to extend that offer to me.i mostly have listened to his country stuff but i heard hellbilly joker and cant get enough.to anybody that has not seen him live……do what you have to do,just make sure you get to see him if he is within driving distance.it is THe best show i have ever been to.I have seen him twice and will see him every chance i get.So to all the hellbilly’s and hellbetty’s,keep on keepin on!!!!!!!

  • I can send you the MP3′s of the album if you tell me your email.

  • i aint buying it.. hank III done told curb how it was and how its gonna be years ago… makes one wonder if curb ever was good ya know what i mean, or shall i say ever had Good Intentions.. thank god hank III put the boot down on this crap called country these days

    • I have to agree with you. It seems evident that they wanted to monopolize on the Williams legacy, and that’s it. A record company stiffiling their artists ain’t too much for good intentions. THEIR intentions but not Hank III’s or Hank Jr. either.

      It just seems that way. Some could say that a record company is in business of making money but they are forgetting one thing: an artist is in the business for expressing their art.

      Curb Sucks.

  • I had to laugh when I saw the track listing on amazon. Hillbilly Joker, M.F.J. pfft, please. This is not the way to treat an artist, nor the way to do business. I just got Damn Right, Rebel Proud in the mail today and I’m sad to say that’s the last money I’ll ever be giving Curb Records, or whatever incarnation Mike Curb decides to create. You fuck with an artist I like, you fuck with me.

  • Seems this has leaked to bittorrent a few weeks early. Not telling anyone to pirate. Just saying…

  • most of us fans already have this album so FUCK CURB.

  • Hi,

    I live in England & so have had trouble getting Hank III in the past. If someone could send me a copy of this album I would be very grateful. Also, a copy of the Hellbilly song, as I can’t get it over here. Thanks – Chris…

  • Fuck you Curb records you fucked over Hank 3 and all he is doing is trying to save country from being turned into faggot pop country. I will be five finger discounting the cds from best buy and handing them out to my friends like Hank 3 wants us to to he said not to buy the cd, just to get it some other way without paying for it.

  • What about Hank III’s past albums before Rebel Within? Would it be better to download whatever he recorded with Curb that we don’t have?

  • Had it on pre-order through iTunes thinking it was new material after curb. After reading this I promptly canceled it.
    I suppose illegally obtaining this album actually supports the artist this time.
    So…… Time to go hunting.
    Very peculiar timing on curbs part.

  • Tell me your email and I’ll send you the mp3′s of it.

  • [...] Joker is a previously withheld Curb release. No longer under contract to the label, Hank III has reportedly urged Facebook fans to “get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to [...]

  • i will be burning this album for all of my hellbilly friends. i have had several of these tracks for years and one of the live bootlegs i bought from shelton at a show he opened for the reverend about 10 years ago. i’ve already been spreading that one around forever. curb has really screwedthemselves and probably helped III to build a larger and stronger fan base with this move.

  • already had some of these tracks from prev bootlegs but downloaded the album, fuck this company I will support hank iii 100 percent through his merch/tickets to his shows

    TPB has a good torrent, just google the album name + torrent and its the first result

  • FUCK CURB!!! and yes, most 3 fans already have those songs anyway. if youre a 3 fan you should know better than to buy this cd.

  • if anybody can get me a copy of this,please let me know.I would prefer a burnt cd,so i can have a hard copy just to have,but then i can burn it to my computer as a back up,and then get it put on the ipod.Im not sure if you guys can see my email or not,it had me put it down before i could post,so if you can see it just send me an email if not just ask me for my email and i will be glad to tell you so i can give you a mailing address. I would be glad to pay for the cost of the cd and the postage.another reason i would prefer a burnt cd is that im not that good with computers,but i do know how to rip and burn cd’s not really sure how to get mp3 files from an email to my computer.Im sure its not to hard and i could have my girlfriend show me.i will take what i can get.I know this is a long shot but if anybody knows hank3 personally, i have a certified autograph of hank sr. that was professionally framed with a picture of hank sr. that i would love to give hank 3. I payed alot of money for it but would give it to 3 for nothing….but maybe a hand shake and his autograph.I know its a long shot but figured i would just throw it out there. Hell, I would drive to nashville from cincinnati ohio just to give it to him.thanks in advance

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