Curb to Release Hank3 Outtakes from ’99-’02 Era

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For those fans of Hank Williams III that wished he’d stayed or go back to his early 2000’s neo-traditionalist country style and release more material reminiscent of that era, you may have just received your wish. And for the Hank3 fans that are worried that his post-Curb career will be marred by incessant album releases of rehashed material and leavings swept up on the cutting house floor, your concerns have just been validated.

Saving Country Music has learned from multiple sources that Curb Records is at work on releasing a new Hank3 (or more aptly titled, “Hank III”, his Curb-era handle) album. Though a track list and title are not available at the moment, the material is said to be mostly constructed from outtakes from the recording of Hank3’s first two solo albums, Risin’ Outlaw from 1999, and Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’ from 2002.

Hank3 entered into a 6 album contract with Curb in the late 90’s after a child custody suit and a judge forced him to get a “real job”. Curb was able to stretch Hank3’s album count to 7 by releasing Hillbilly Joker last year, a “hellbilly” album Curb initially rejected, but released after Hank3 had fulfilled his contract at the end of 2010. This new outtakes album will bring the total to 8, hypothetically with additional Hank3 material still left in the Curb coffers, including a Johnny Paycheck cover rejected as part of the Damn Right, Rebel Proud album, and the almost inevitable “Greatest Hits” card Curb has yet to play.

This newest album will again leave Hank3 fans conflicted if they should respect an ongoing Curb Records boycott that has now stretched to fans of Tim McGraw who along with many other artists, has had their issues with Curb, or purchase the new material from one of their favorite artists. Hank3 suggested that fans steal, copy, and bootleg Hillbilly Joker, which had already been in circulation as a bootleg years before Curb released it, but that did not stop the album from charting in the top 10 on Billboard. And unlike Hillbilly Joker, this new outtakes album will likely contain material never heard by the public before.

The Hank3 camp is planning to release a statement about this album once more information is known about it. Stay tuned to Saving Country Music for info on this developing story.

36 Comments to “Curb to Release Hank3 Outtakes from ’99-’02 Era”

  • On a side note, Hank3 should do a cover of this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIHt9RKii7s&feature=related

  • No conflict here.
    I’ll just download it.

    • Ditto. With the artist’s consent to boot I’m sure. I’m sure Hank will spread the message to download it just as he did with Hillbilly Joker.

    • Yup, same here.

  • I hate what curb did to him but I haven’t liked too much he has done since Straight To Hell. His last 2 curb albums were okay at best. Hillbilly Joker & the stuff he reliesed in the summer Had nothing I liked on it. I hate to buy anything from curb but this sounds like something I might buy.

  • Curb will probably title it ” Hank3 Sells Out” in an attempt to destroy his career/reputation.

  • Word has it that Curb also has unreleased Hank Jr. stuff planned for release. Bocephus is no longer on the label and has recorded what a lot of people are saying may be his best album in years.

    • I liked the The Almeria Club Recordings album.

      • Me, too. It was a good album. The problem is that everyone knows it for the stupid Kid Rock song and the hokey 9/11 remake of A Country Boy Can Survive. Throw those two songs out and it is a decent, short album. Easily his best album in the past 10 years. Maybe his best album in the last 20 years.

        I will “get” this Hank III record, Curb or not.

  • the more hank3 songs out there the merrier i get…wooooohoooooooo….i wont buy it tho shelton ;)

  • I’m torn on this, as I would love to pick this up on LP, and Curb has always gone out of their way to make the Hank3 fan that enjoys vinyl picks up his stuff. Yeah, I could download it, but I might as well hear the album the best possible way I can. I would be surprised if Curb did go a Greatest Hits route though, as most fans wouldnt pick that up at all or download it, unless of course they tack on a few unreleased gems on it.

  • Another Fuck You from Mike Curb………What a fucking crook!!!!

    • Awesome!! Thanx for posting! This is the way i want Hank to sound! :D

  • I did not buy Hillbilly Joker so if someone can point me to a safe free download, I’d appreciate it!

  • evidently Curb NEEDS Hank3….Hank3 don’t need Curb! I don’t own curb’s hellbilly joker, i won’t purchase any of the new curb stuff and i will help spread the word on this dirty thieving deed….that’s what it is….thievery! reject the product, hold the artist hostage, release the rejected product after the artist escapes….ugh

  • A conflict indeed …

  • for me it depends on what’s on it and what it sounds like. buy it? nope not a chance. download it? maybe.

  • Conflict indeed. I hate the Corporate Claws as much as anyone but I do prefer his country over his metal stuff. I do agree his Straight to Hell was his best but I liked the first two just as much. Not a promo for Curb, but a lot of us may not have heard about Hank 3 if it wasn’t for his first CD’s. In short, do what you want, it’s your decision. You have to live with it. Be controlled by no one. \m/ Not everyone is going to like your decision.

  • […] Country Music reports that Curb Records is planning to release Hank Williams III outtakes from […]

  • Isn’t it possible for Shelton to release that material never heard himself? Or is that not allowed, it is crazy, it is HIS MUSIC not theirs…

    • i dont know how old you are but this is no new ground. Just ask John Fogerty. You can read the WikiPedia biography on John but you also need to read the short bio bit on Saul Zaentz. Zaentz not only took the rights to CCR’s future money making potential, but advised Fogerty into financial ruin at a time when CCR’s music were some of the most lucrative in the biz. Zaentz and how Fantasy record basically stole an artists very soul became an unwritten blueprint of the music industries greed and avarice. Fogerty’s consequent legal victories ( where Fogerty set a legal precedent that he is the owner of his own personal style) are why we are not seeing Curb sue Hank into oblivion now. Its why there is so many artists starting their own labels. John Forgerty is a True Pioneer, Roots musician, talent and person who stands for what he is passionate about. ( and a hometown hero for us bay area people)

  • Great news. This is when he had a voice and actually played country music. I’m wondering what could be on here. Sweet Little Lies, Taxman perhaps. I’m sure it’ll be good stuff. Sun Comes Up has been floating around for years so that’s not new. As for the Paycheck cover did that not come out? I have a studio cut of him doing Only Hell so it had to have been released at some point.

    • Yeah, I believe that is the Paycheck song, but I don’t think it’s ever “officially” been released.

      • The one I have came out maybe 5 or 6 years ago on a Paycheck tribute album.

        • Well maybe it isn’t the same song, I don’t know. I just know there was a Paycheck cover recorded around the DRRP -RW era that he wanted to get on the album and Curb refused. And there might be more where that came from.

          • I’m the Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised by III was on “Touch My Heart: Tribute to Johnny Paycheck” that came out around 2004.

  • I won’t buy it. I love all of his stuff as I am a metal fan also. In fact it was the bootleg Hillbilly Joker years ago that caught my attention. However, I firmly believe in the artists’ right to decide what gets released and what doesn’t. I try not to burn cd’s unless it’s for an extra copy that I or my husband will use. The artist (whomever it is) has worked hard and deserves the proceeds to whatever they release. Curb can bite my ass.

  • I’ll buy it…..I don’t care if III gets paid or not…..I’ve purchase enough from 3baythe etc. He’s ben supported by my fund for years……..its all good….looking forward to this

    • Word to that!

  • I wonder if they’ll put his cover of Wreck Of The Ol’ 97 on it? Got that off a J.R. tribute album and I wish Hank put out a whole album with the sound he had on that one track. It was incredible.

  • At last!! Been waiting for this since Hank parted with Curb. I’m one of those who would love to see 3 go back to the style he had on the first albums. This will sure be one of this years favourites in my house! :) On future material from 3 i would kill for an album of grandpa-covers. His version of Howling At The Moon on The Marty Stuart show from 2010 is just fantastic!!

  • On a side note here…As a diehard hank3 fan very loyal to him, its very annoying to hear these people saying they WISH he would sound like just a portion of his songs do…if thats how you feel than you arnt a real supporter of hank3..let him do what he does thats the awesome thing about shelton is that he does whatever the hell he feels like and makes amazing music, you just have to open up your mind and not be stuck on risin outlaw or broke lovesick and driftin.

    • i understand where kyle is coming from. that’s fine. hank 3’s punk/metal whatever is ok. or some of it. we’d just wish he’d do more country is all, sans any frills. there’s lots of other stuff i wish for as well. i wish this was still a free country and i wish i could get on an airplane and travel some place without getting groped, prodded like cattle, x-rayed, and other wise annoyed. wishing is just something folks do when life gives them the time.

  • Track List
    1. I m A Long Gone Daddy
    2. Sun Comes Up
    3. The Bottle Let Me Down
    4. Wreck Of The Old 97
    5. Neath A Cold Grey Tomb Of Stone
    6. The Wind Blew Cold
    7. Good Hearted Woman
    8. This Ain t Montgomery – w/ Joey Allcorn
    9. What They Want Me To Be
    10. If The Shoe Fits – Shuffle Mix


    • I allready have most of that shit. I can’t believe they’d steal a track from Joey Allcorns album, just because III sings about two sentences on it. I bet they’ll at some point try to re-release the Those Poor Bastards/Skelton and Eyehategod songs.

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