Darius Rucker’s Version of “Wagon Wheel” (A Rant)

February 7, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  74 Comments


Warning: Language

As if legions of college town string bands full of anthropology majors mercilessly regurgitation “Wagon Wheel” over and over to try and score hummers from undergrads after the show in their Volvos with the back windows tattooed with political stickers wasn’t enough, now Hootie has lent his back to the collective toil of the Western World to do everything humanly possible to run this song into the proverbial ever-loving ground so hard that it taps the mantle of the earth and causes a catastrophic volcanic and tectonic event that wipes out the entire human fucking race.

Even fat assholes in football jerseys and orange Crocks who make it a force of habit to yell “Free Bird!!” at every single live music event they’ve ever attended are listening to this thing and going, “Really?”

“Wagon Wheel” isn’t the “Free Bird” of our generation, it is our generation’s sonic equivalent of inserting a corkscrew into your earhole and giving it a nice good healthy turn. The song, initially…ahem… “borrowed” from a Bob Dylan demo by Old Crow Medicine Show’s Ketch Secor with a “better to ask forgiveness than permission” approach, officially holds the title of the most ubiquitous song in the history of mankind that nobody’s heard. Darius is on a mission to fix that last part.

Yeah, I liked “Wagon Wheel” just like you did when it was released nearly a decade ago, but the incessant versions and Darius’s specifically is nauseating to the point of inducing violence. Actually Hootie starts it off harmless enough, it’s the chorus where the layers of harmonies and the egregious use of Auto-tune makes him sound like Tron 2000 giving oral sex to R2-D2. Like Obi-Wan would say in his infinite wisdom, “His voice is more machine than man now.”

Oh wait, it’s Lady Antebellum singing harmonies with Darius on this thing? Shit, maybe I’m letting it off too easy. Check it out for yourself…

Oh sorry, that’s Hootie whoring himself for the Burger King Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch. Here it is…

And who is the prick from “Save Country Music” on FACEBOOK that put the above video together? So he stole my name, then he stole this song, that Darius took from Old Crow, that Old Crow took from Dylan, and that all collectively comes together so that this idiot can solicit “likes” on his stupid ding-dong Facebook page? Let me give you a little piece of advice “Save Country Music” on Facebook: “likes” have no cash value, and ripping off folks will bullhorns as big as mine is never a good idea.

Two guns down for Hootie! Two guns down for this version of “Wagon Wheel!” Two guns down for fake Facebook “like” pages! Two guns down for Burger King! And down guns down for the Tendercrisp Back Cheddar Ranch!

…actually, scratch that last one. That sandwich is pretty damn good.

74 Comments to “Darius Rucker’s Version of “Wagon Wheel” (A Rant)”

  • Got to disagree here. I love Darius Rucker’s version of this song better than all the others. Someone finally did it justice.

    • Hey, then don’t let my dumb opinions get in the way of music you enjoy. If you enjoy it, that’s all that matters!

      • I usually agree with you, just not this time.

        • Darius Rucker’s version sucks….majorly. I believe he ruined it.

    • Rucker’s version isn’t even comparable to Old Crow’s! Old Crow’s can at least be identified in a genre. Rucker’s version is meant to appeal to the masses at the lowest common denominator.

    • Really?? Whos payroll are you on? I find it incredibly hard to believe that anyone with any musical taste could enjoy that auditory garbage. This fool and his cookie-cutter style mainstream nonsense is a caterer and servant to the record company executives. His goal is to inflate his wallet, and not to provide fans with enjoyable tunes.

  • This is piddling compared to horse$hit Gaylord/GOO did by making this SOB a member of The Grand Ole Opry…this guy is doing Hootie & Blowsfish as a solo, he is about as country as the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    WTF is going on, all these can’t make it hard rockers (Darius, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock) siddling into country and @$$holes in country hugging and kissing on them like going to get a “happy ending”

    Signed an old fart & jack@$$ who thinks Blake can kiss my @$$ while Miranda has his balls in her purse

    • Hootie debuted his version of “Wagon Wheel” on the Opry.

      You might also enjoy this:


    • It’s funny to see the “you ain’t ” mindset exists in every type of music. “You couldn’t make it in X, so now you are trying to be Y…get out of my yard!” “You’re not punk rock!”

      As someone that grew up listening to his grandfather’s country tunes, played metal in my teens and twenties, and now loves ALL kinds of music (still gravitating towards rock and country), it blows my mind to see these exclusionary mindsets. So should I not listen to, or be a fan of, or play in a country band because I love metal? If I were signed to a metal label…and put out a country album under another name…would I just be “cashing” in? Couldn’t it be that I am doing it because love it?

      The Avett Brothers, who I feel are one of the better country/americana bands doing it today were both in metal bands before The Avett Brothers…are they just cashing in?

      As far as the “Wagon Wheel” cover goes…not my taste, but I can see how a WHOLE lot of people would love it. And guess what…that’s OK.

  • Am I the only one who noticed the Burger King spot is a parody of Big Rock Candy Mountain?

    • Nope. I think this is an old commercial. Shows the powerful effect of the “O Brother” soundtrack. Not powerful enough for Music Row to acknowledge it, though.

    • yeah, I got that too..I thought it was pretty funny when I saw it..

  • Well, hopefully it at least gets tons of airplay and makes Ketch (and Bob Dylan) some royalty dough.

  • I don’t cosider Darrius Country but I do think he is closer than 90% of mainstream Country artist today. I think the Burrger King comercial is making fun of traditional Country & I am offended by it. I think OCMS’s version of Wagon Wheel is better but I think his is ok.

    • The Burger commercial reminded me a lot of Hee Haw. My dad loved that show, and he didn’t even like music…

      Hee Haw was at the Opry once, too, btw.

    • That commercial came out right when I was getting into country music and whenever I mentioned it to friends or acquaintances who were into other musical styles (mostly metal and punk) I was constantly met with comments like: “Oh you mean like that commercial, hahahaha” and random stupid crap about how Hootie was my favorite singer, and bleh bleh bleh. Rather pissed me off at the time, being excited about a genre I hadn’t paid any attention to since I was a child only to have any discussion of it derailed by a stupid commercial.

  • For Rucker, it beats trying to write your own classic, I guess.

    The best version of the song I’ve heard, except, for all the other ones. Too “cleaned up,” too pretty. Dare I say it? Souless.

    This, actually, is my favorite version, because it’s so unaffected. http://youtu.be/LDPfMD2cbXE

  • Like OCMS version much better and I can think of plenty other artists I’d rather hear re-make it. However, I think we need to remember what we are fighting for. If no one else is covering this song (at least no one that we would really support) then we should, on some level, give a little credit to Rucker, a mainstream artist. If it gets played on radio, hey, that is better than Florida/Georgia Line’s horseshit being trotted out.

    It is easy to pick on Rucker, but artists evolve. I think he did what he did with Hootie and enjoyed it. That kind of ran its course. (how many of the undergrounders we praise were punk rockers 5-10-15years ago)
    Obviously the guy loves music and has tried to find a place to land…he did cut some pretty mainstream formula country, but he also is starting to break out of that as he learns music rows formula is a joke. I’m not endorsing the guy, but he isn’t the problem like Blake Shelton or Luke Bryant are. Again, easy to rip him on the surface, but I think this is an artist you need to do some homework on before you lay into him. It certainly isn’t a “radio safe play” to record Wagon Wheel.

    * I do think the “Save Country Music” on the youtube video is a red flag to look into. I would recommend before blowing your top, find out what the deal is with it and maybe it is an ally. Jumping everyone that might have the same idea as you, but you didn’t know about them doesn’t mean they stole it or are not genuine.

    • This is a rant, meaning that it is inherently stupid. I agree Darius isn’t the worst the mainstream has to offer. This song isn’t terrible. Darius Rucker doing this song is what is terrible.

      I remember standing in the Stillwater Tavern in Ashland, OR. 4 years ago watching a band cover “Wagon Wheel” the day after I watched another band play it at another venue the day before and realizing this thing had gotten out of control. I remember having discussions about “Wagon Wheel’s” overuse over 3 years ago. It’s a good song, and the way to respect it is to understand its place and to not overdo it. The simple fact is that most people who would come to a site like this have been hearing the song for years, but average Joe has never heard it. This means it can only get worse. This is also the reason there’s a wide discrepancy between people who hate it (people who’ve been hearing it for years), and people who love it (people who it’s new to them).

      • While I like wagon wheel, I never really felt the need to cover it live. But then I got asked for it over and over so eventually I learned it. It’s one of those songs I play to keep the crowd entertained. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy performing but it wouldn’t be on my setlist if it wasn’t as asked for. I’m just saying, and I’m sure you already know this, that sometimes a band plays a song to keep the crowd entertained. That’s what I’m up there for.

      • It must be a somewhat regional thing. I never heard a local band cover it until after Darrius released it, and when I play it at a jam session or campfire gig I’ve encountered very few who were familiar with it (although that will probably change now that it’s being overplayed on the radio).

        I’m definitely not a fan of this version. It’s too fast, too clean…….too mainstream, maybe. I just hope that it’s quickly forgotten and that it can eventually go back to being know as the signature song of an almost-famous old-timey alt.country string band.

  • The great thing about “Wagon Wheel” and OCMS was the rejection of all the modern inauthentic trappings and a recapturing of the essence of country music. When Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum came along and use goddamned auto-tune on this song, it was one of the most overt acts of musical sacrilege I can imagine.

    • well stated. Certainly OCMS’s version is like some guys sitting in a garage having beers picking away. The song isn’t really meant for a clean polished version. However, it probably wouldn’t do much good for Rucker to cut it raw like OCMS. It wouldn’t get radio play and to start and turn the tide on this awful music, you have to get in the door. Simply writing and cutting a great song isn’t going to do it. How many great songs do we know that radio won’t touch. So an approach like Rucker has here, starts to cut into the “music row formula”.

      I’ve said it many many many times…Waylon and Willie didn’t roll into town and just take over. DAC didn’t either. No one did. It took a long time, it took some playing by the rules, some breaking the rules. I think there is a definite change happening…but you have to be willing to look hard and support things even if they aren’t the way “you” would do it.

    • The vocals sound like they are fiddled with almost sound mechanical. I’ll take the OCMS any day over this mess

  • Wagon Wheel is a great song crafted by one of modern history’s best song writers. I still like the song but I’ve been burnt out on it because I’m forced to play it almost every time I perform. I think the post show BJ’s in nice cars bought with Daddy’s $$$ is spot on. I am sick of seeing these kids walking around all dreaded out and stoned on shit also bought with Daddy’s $$$ thinking their hip to something. I wanna put these fucktards on the road and see how long they last on a road budget. Also, it is a Dylan song. It is not an OCMS song and should be introduced as such.

  • Is there seriously a burger king commerical sang to the tune of “Big Rock Candy Mountain?” What the hell? I wonder who found that song for them, because i’m guessing neither Darius Rucker or whoever made the commerical has ever heard the song.

    I’m not as anti Wagon Wheel as you are. First of all, I think it is a really cleverly written song. The songwriting on this song is amazing compared to anything on the radio. And I wouldn’t really say that they stole it from Bob Dylan.I am not an Old Crow fan at all. Honestly, this is the only song I can tolerate by them. I think it’s ridiculous how obsessive everyone is with this song. I think that Old Crow Medicine Show is like the Taylor Swift of bluegrass. Everyone thinks they’re a bluegrass expert because they know Wagon Wheel, which is pathetic. I definitely think this is at the bottom for bluegrass, but overall for music, it’s not that bad. It’s not a song Ig go out of my way to listen to anymore, because it’s so overrated. But I also don’t want to shoot myself everytime I hear it like some songs.

    I don’t think Darius Rucker did a terrible job on the song, but I think it’s completely retarded that he did. If you’re gonna do a folk song like this you have to do something really amazing to it. All he did was make it more modern sounding, which I find pointless. Like I said, I don’t think he ruined the song. I don’t think he sounds terrible. It just doesn’t matter to me. If anything, he made an interesting song much less interesting. One thing I know for sure though, if I hear one person say “did you hear that new Darius Rucker song, isn’t it awesome” I’m gonna beat their ass.

    • “If you’re gonna do a folk song like this you have to do something really amazing to it. All he did was make it more modern sounding, which I find pointless.”

      This is pretty much the way I felt when that Uncle Kracker dude covered Dobie Gray’s soul classic “Drift Away.” Pointless, at least from an artistic standpoint.

    • I’m not as anti Wagon Wheel as you are.

      I’m not anti “Wagon Wheel.” I like the song. It’s hard not too. I just don’t like Darius and every other band in America covering it. I want to like the song, and they are keeping me and others from doing so.

      Everyone thinks they’re a bluegrass expert because they know Wagon Wheel, which is pathetic.

      I agree, this is the worst. Or people that say they hate country but they love bluegrass. Bluegrass is country.

      • Bluegrass is not country. OCMS is not true bluegrass most true bluegrass fans like myself consider them as “newgrass” a mix of country and bluegrass with rock and blues overtones. Want to hear real bluegrass listen to Ralph Stanley, want to hear real country listen to Hank Williams.

    • OCMS didn’t “steal” the song from Dylan. Bob Dylan made an incomplete demo that had the tune and just said “rock me mama” which he never released. No one except the biggest bob dylan geeks ever heard it, and Bob Dylan never released it or made a dime from it.

      OCMS took that concept and then created a really great song from it that millions have heard and I’m 95% sure that Bob Dylan has made money off of it. I think Trig was kind of joking about the “ask for forgiveness instead of permission” line, at least I hope he was, because under intellectual property law, you don’t have to ask for “forgiveness” there are simply basic standards for how much someone pays in royalties based on how much of a song they take. You never need permission, you simply need to pay the royalties, which by all accounts OCMS did. You can contract around this, but the only reason anyone ever does this is to pay LESS than the standard royalties.

      I don’t know the music business well enough to know if there is a general expectation that even if you can legally cover/adapt songs you still should get the blessing of the originator, but even if there is OCMS was a virtually unknown band in 2004, and I bet if they called up Bob Dylan’s agent, he probably would say “you pay the standard royalties” and it would never even get to Dylan.

      As Trig and pretty much everyone here acknowledges, Wagon Wheel is a great song. There are people who actually like the song becaue there are douchebag frat guys who like the song and don’t like other good music. Who fucking cares?

      I would much rather hang out with douche bag frat guys than 35 year old punk rockers. But when I don’t stop liking Hellbound Glory or Hank III because they attack that type of crowd.

      Al that said, I kind of agree witht he rant, because I still get mildly annoyed with people who say I hate country, but I love wagon wheel and stuff like that. I also get annoyed with people who think they are “underground” because they like this song (Don’ t hear that as much, but I used to hear that a lot 3 or 4 years ago.) I welcome Darius Rucker’s because no one will say that at all.

      Like all but the very greatest songs ever, I occasionally get sick of the song being overplayed, but that’s not OCMS or the song’s fault. In 10 years, it won’t be played much at all, and it will still be a great song.

      • I actually need to retract one point I made. Rucker’s version will not keep people from pretending to be underground b/c they like Wagon Wheel. Instead they will say “I liked Wagon Wheel before Darius Ruckers got all the posers into it”

  • I’m sorry I just can’t bring myself to click on this video and listen to this. I’m sure I will hear it and when I do I will go on a rant the my fiance will have to endure for a few hours. However, I can’t be the one who listens to it on purpose. I do like the song Wagon Wheel. I myself started covering it years ago when it first come out. It seemed to still be sort of underground at the time but then it did become like the Gimme Three Steps of this generation in the sense that it got played to death and every cover band from here to the North Pole was playing it. Just when it started to die off and not get requested now this asshole has just revived it. Darius Rucker isn’t horrible but I just hate the way that 90’s alternative bands have become country. Hell, when Def Leppard played with Taylor Swift I threw in the towel. I’m with Dale Watson, call it something different. Ameripolitan ain’t such a bad idea.

    • “I just hate the way that 90′s alternative bands have become country.”

      Agree. I also hate all the 90’s punk bands that have become underground country.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBkIR1mIkaU

    “play some country music boys”

    But we don’t know any…

  • I got in the car last weekend to go to church. My 9 year old daughter yells put it on the Highway (Sirius/XM). I turn it on and Darius is singing wagon wheel. I realized this immediately and turned it to Outlaw Country. My daughter and wife proceeded to yell at me to turn it back!! They said that was Darius singing Wagon Wheel. I just smiled and said yes it is. Thank you for this Darius

  • Screw Darius Rucker. It’s like, my career is sucking, so why don’t I sell what left of my soul to nashville. The new Old Crow album is damn awesome though. I don’t know if you have talked about it on here yet but it is absolutely killer. Saving Mountain Music. OCMS all day.

  • I am not familiar with “Wagon Wheel” so I can’t judge it, but I can judge Darius Rucker for being the biggest joke in today’s country music. I keep hearing him on the radio and his songs continue to sound like the songs he sang in the 90’s when he was (and still is in this man’s opinion) “Hootie and the Blowfish.” Come on, can’t you all hear that? Triggerman, as for the Burger King commercial I can’t help but think that that is how today’s generation (including Darius) sees country music. It’s like the old school classics is just one big joke to them to be used for commercial purposes. Does this make me want Burger King? Hell no, I would rather have a Route 44 and a double Sonic cheese burger right now and listen to Hank Williams than to ever see that god aweful commercial ever again.

  • P.S. Great rant by the way!

  • I have no real problem with it, if only because some very good songwriters are going to get paid a lot of money rather than that money going to the usual suspects that crank out the sometimes horrible material we hear on Country Radio.

    Plus, I think there will be at least a few people who hear this version, google it and might get into bands like OCMS. It probably wont be a great number of of fans, but if it leads to just a couple more people supporting more “independent” artists, then in the end it’s a good thing in my eyes.

    • Ah yes, the country music gateway drug theory.

      How long until Old Crow is considered the OTHER band that cut “Wagon Wheel,” or has that already happened?

      • Well, yes there is always that risk. I dont know if a large audience will check out bands like OCMS because of this cover, but even if just a handful do isnt that better than the alternative? I feel this way about bands like the Lumineers and Mumford and Sons as well, is a large portion of their audience just people chasing a fad? Sure, but if just a few people use them as a gateway to other folk/Americana bands isnt that worth something as well?

        I use my own personal experience as an example, but I discovered Buddy Miller’s music because I heard a cover of “My Love Will Follow You” on Dierks Bentley’s debut album. I loved the lyrics of that song, saw his name on the songwriting credits and searched out more songs by him.

        Plus, hell it allows some songwriters not on the Music Row/Radio Row favorite list to get a shot at making some of that Music Row/Radio Row money for a moment in time.

      • Good point, the “gateway theory”. This kinda reminds me of a few years back when die-hard Ryan Adams fans were appalled at Tim McGraw’s cover of “When the Stars Go Blue,” and I myself voiced righteous indignation when a friend who mostly only listens to pop country referred to the song as “a Tim McGraw song” after hearing it on “Dancing With the Stars.” A buddy of mine was talking about this recently as to how he got into Townes, which was by seeing his name on the songwriter credits on albums like Willie and Merle’s “Pancho and Lefty”.

        Interesting, and you kinda hit on this, Trig, when you wrote about “Wagon Wheel” being the standard “nobody’s heard”. Not sure if that’s the case. I think it’s that OCMS aren’t a mainstream act, and even though the song has leaked into every corner of the known universe, the originators of it aren’t high profile enough to be on everyone’s lips. I’ve covered the song for years (only do it occasionally now, if need be) and nearly everyone knows the words (even little kids) but so many times, I’ve been asked who it is that “does that song?”. I tell ‘em “Old Crow…” and they always look puzzled.

    • I think that “gateway drug” theory is only valid to any significant extent when the “gateway drug” bears at least some semblance to the “harder stuff.” My favorite example of this is Metallica. People raised holy hell when their self-titled “black album” dropped in 1991, and to a point I could understand why. But some of the songs on that album were similar to what they’d done before, to the point that when I checked out their earlier stuff and liked it — loved it, even — and went on to bands like Pantera, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden.

      For the country equivalent you might consider more traditional mainstream acts like George Strait. Sure, a lot of his stuff is polished, but he still goes back to the old days often, covering forgotten songs from the likes of, among others, George Jones, Mel Street, and Del Reeves. I think the first time I ever heard Webb Pierce’s “There Stands the Glass” was when Strait sang it live. As far as Strait and alt-country go, I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few folks have gone out and bought Bruce Robison stuff because of him doing “Wrapped” and “Desperately.” And he’s written some pretty good stuff of his own in that vein on the last couple of albums

      But I don’t think Darius Rucker’s covering “Wagon Wheel” applies here, considering that it’s by far the most country thing — hell, probably the only remotely country thing — that he’s ever done.

  • Ever consider getting “saving country music” trademarked?

    • Hypothetically it already is to some extent simply by using it, but I don’t want to sue anybody or get too wrapped up in it. I already have folks criticizing me saying that I can’t say that I’m actually saving country music unless I do this or that. As long as it is confined to Facebook, I won’t worry too much about it. Because in the end, nothing that happens on Facebook really matters.

  • This confirms that Darius Rucker would do literally anything for a buck. When this country reincarnation fails, what genre does he move to next? My guess is some sort of Pink/Katy Perry sort of collaboration… Darius Rucker would suck D on camera for a buck.

  • I have to say the first paragraph is one hell of an epic run on sentence. However, it was awesome and very effective.

    That being said, I love your posts. I see plenty of posts that complain about the topics you cover and your opinions, but I find all of your articles to be relevant and interesting.

    Thank you for representing the true lovers of country music. Thank you for investing your time and energy in Saving Country Music.

    • Ha, yes! As much as I am held back by not having an editor, and editor would hold me back.

      Thanks for reading!

  • LOVE THIS RANT. I heard his version the same night I heard some folk kid play his version at a show and had a similar internal rant going….this made my day!

  • I’d never even heard “Wagon Wheel” until not too long ago when the Country Universe blog had their review of Darius Rucker’s cover — right before I checked out his version, I looked up the OCMS original on YouTube and listened to it first.

    I wouldn’t say it’s a great song, but it’s fun and super-catchy — too bad it never really got any mainstream airplay. While I can see why Rucker and Lady A might have been drawn to it, I just think OCMS’s laid-back, rootsy approach is much better suited to the song.

  • ooooooh gawd, i have heard this song many times and since it really has no edge i filed it under “yawn/pop” hootie is like burger king, way over-processed and not good for the health of americans

  • “…actually, scratch that last one. That sandwich is pretty damn good.”

    I laughed my ass off when I read that part. Funny shit. The whole thing was amusing, but that last part was hilarious.

  • If you liked Darius Rucker playing Wagon Wheel, then you’ll love Luke Bryan’s version


    • /facepalm

    • I’m oddly impressed with his connection to his fans. Even though he was harmlessly cussing at her (a bit rude), it was still a little club and he looked pretty messed up. Can’t say that I hate it, but I don’t love it. Lol

  • Sad thing is Darius fans will call this his song and never know where it came from.

  • Just throwing it out there, I don’t understand OCMS’ video for the song.. But they did an absolutely amazing job. Gives me a really nice classic ’60/’70s Southern Folk/Rock feel.

  • Kill it with fire!

  • All I could think while watching both of these videos was THIS is the newest member of the GRAND OLE OPRY! If Mr Acuff didn’t roll over over the last half dozen inductees, he certainly did over this. It’s official, the world is most definitely coming to an end.

  • Oh yeah, I bet if Hank III did a cover you’d just loooooove that!

    JUST KIDDING!!! BLAHAHA! I wanted to beat “them” to the punch. I’m not gonna lie though I do enjoy listening to the song and I felt like you hammerred it as hard as you did mostly because it was Darius Rucker, I was glad to see you admit as much. Always enjoy a good rant though.

  • Gotta disagree here… I don’t mind this version at all. In fact, I’d much prefer to hear fiddle-heavy song on the radio over most of the fake country right now. Of course, I’m probably biased as a Carolinian because Darius is a Carolina guy singing a song about wanting to go to the Carolinas. :P

  • Thank GOD someone else hates this awful fucking sacrilege of a cover song as much as I do. You’re right: Volvo-driving hipster assholes already ruined a perfectly authentic indie/bluegrass anthem long before this BK-fellating Oreo(TM) cocksucker went and raped our happy memories of enjoying the original. Darius Rucker is to Bob Dylan what Boone’s Farm(TM) is to wine: a reminder that evil, gutless corporations have now forced you to forever share a hashtag with minivan drivers and high school shitheads that aren’t supposed to like the things you do in the first place. Rucker’s version of “Wagon Wheel” is the most nauseating consumer product on the market since Lindt(TM) Chocolate “Truffles” went on sale for Valentines. GOD BLESS YOU, Trigger, for calling this awful shit what it is. Your posting of The Burger King(TM) commercial was especially appropriate.

  • Not sure why so many of you thnk Darius is not country. Just because he started with hootie doesn’t mean he can’t branch into country. He is a Carolina boy who has stuck to his roots! He is a guy who started singing at sc frat parties. I love this version of this song.

  • Old Crow’s song was my husband and my wedding somg we danced to on our wedding day. We listened to it so much, it had to be. We still listen to it. Just now I heard Darius’s version, I’m appalled. Unbelievable. Ruined it.

  • I agree Wagon Wheel’s covered too much, but in fairness, I’d like to hear a version without auto tune. Consigning auto tune to hell would be too kind.

  • Just another example of every swinging dick, (and tits) that’s washed up in their previous career, jumping on the so called, “country” bandwagon to try and make a buck. I’m sure the payment on their Hummer is overdue. Fuck Rucker, and Sheryl, and Kid Rock, and all the other assholes who think that their remake of anything is worth hearing. You want respect? Write your own fucking music, or at least beat the proverbial bushes enough to discover a well written song that hasn’t been brought to the public’s attention. Otherwise, keep sucking that corporate cock and selling your soul, Not that you ever had one to start with. Good rant, Trigger Man!

    • I doubt seriously that Darius Rucker had anything to do with choosing this song. Some guy in a suit and tie chose it for him.

    • Hootie is a wanna be. Lionel Richie’s “Stuck on You” is the title of a song written by and originally recorded by Lionel Richie. #1 on the adult chart, #3 overall charts. also peaked at #24 on the country chart and # on the R&B/ Hip Hop chart back in 1984.

  • Also…I gotta say…not that I give a shit about this version of this song, but I really don’t hear any ‘egregious’ use of auto-tune. I have a friend named Adam Dale that gets accused of using it quite often due to his interesting vocal style and VERY accurate harmonies. He gets accused of it so much he has taken to writing “no auto-tune was used in the recording of this album,” inside the albums. But I assure you he doesn’t, and I REALLY don’t hear it used in this song either. I do however hear some really ‘re-fined’ (read, overproduced) harmonies. Just my 2 cents. Honestly, I prefer some “flaws” in my music.

  • Hahaa, after all the cool coverage on albums the last few weeks. This gets the most posts. Funny as hell though, and has to be the shittiest blue grass cover i ever heard. The Wayne Brady of pop country music does it again.

  • Dear Blog Guy,

    Is the first paragraph of this article all one sentence?

    If it is, it’s a darn good one.

    Love, absolutely LOVE your writing!

    However, I could not care less for “Hootie” or his Blowfish. When he went country he should have called it “Nudie Suit and the Reacharounds.”

    Country music as a whole (hole) has gone to hell-in-a-handbasket anyway. Singling this song out is like complaining about acne when you have syphillis.

    I must say though that you make getting there half the fun!


    • This is just one tiny sliver of Saving Country Music. Click the home page and poke around. Thanks for the writing compliments, and thanks for reading!

  • Ok. my biggest bitch about this song besides the fact that every time I hear it my stomach flares up and my teeth ache is that it is so f’n awful BUT every time I turn on a Country Music station it plays. Really. And that main stream country DJ’s are just sayin that this is the best song ever. I have done my research and I truly feel that Old Crow Medicine show nailed it. Bob Dylans original is a bit whiny to my taste. The other thing is that when the Old Crow Medicine Show came out with this song and their album that year if you were not into root music you never even got a chance to hear it. It was never played on Country Radio even if requested. Which we did an awful lot of. So keep the faith thank goodness for satellite radio where outlaws, hillbilly’s, and country music legends keep each other company.

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