UPDATED – David Allan Coe Hospitalized After Auto Accident

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Legendary country Outlaw singer and songwriter David Allan Coe is recovering at the Ocala Regional Medical Center after being broadsided by a semi-truck early Tuesday morning in his 2011 black Chevrolet suburban. Coe’s son, guitar player Tyler Mahan Coe has released a statement to Saving Country Music about the incident.

My father is heavily sedated right now. I understand he has bruises and cuts all over his body but hasn’t shown any signs of serious injuries, which is miraculous if you’ve seen the photos of his vehicle. It’s going to take some time for him to recuperate. Nobody can say how quickly he will heal. Whenever he is able, as I’m sure he will be, we will resume touring. Until then, our family and management would appreciate the privacy to handle affairs demanding immediate attention. When we know more, everyone will know.

I wish [the other people involved in the crash] a swift recovery.

david-allan-coeCoe’s wife is with him in the hospital and also says the entertainer is “doing OK.”

The wreck happened at the intersection of Silver Springs Boulevard and Pine Ave. in Ocala, FL. According to police, David Allan Coe ran a red light, and then was hit on the passenger side by a Peterbilt semi driven by 59-year-old Robert Johnson, who also was carrying a passenger, 49-year-old Lisa Meade. They were from California, hauling crates of radishes and corn to St. Louis. Johnson was initially listed in serious condition, but was transferred to Ocala Regional and upgraded to “stable.” Passenger Lisa Meade was treated and discharged.

According to witnesses, Coe was traveling eastbound on Silver Springs when he ran a red light at the Pine intersection where the semi truck was traveling north. The truck hit the side of Coe’s Suburban, pushing it all the way into a nearby court annex parking lot. The impact sent the semi on its side and it ended up wrapped around a cement pole, spilling its contents. Coe was wearing his seat belt and had to be extricated from the vehicle by Ocala Fire Rescue.

See Photo Gallery of the Accident

Coe’s tour manager Bruce Smith says his next two concerts in St. Louis and Louisville, KY have been canceled due to the accident.

UPDATE 3-21-13 4:30 PM CDT - David Allan Coe remains in the hospital. According to his son Tyler Mahan Coe, he suffered cracked ribs and a bruised kidneys in the accident from the seat belt, but was able to sit up on the edge of the bed yesterday and is improving.

Police have also offered more information on the accident, saying that neither speed nor alcohol were involved, and that there was nothing impairing Coe’s vision when he entered the intersection. Coe has said he can’t remember anything just prior to the accident.

As Coe continues to recover, and additional concert at Billy Bob’s Texas in Ft. Worth has been canceled from his schedule this Friday the 29th.

UPDATE 3-24-13 1:15 PM CDT – David Allan Coe’s wife Kimberly shared the photo below yesterday, with the note, “David Allan Coe suffered broke ribs from the seat belt, bruised kidneys and head trauma nothing life threatening, he got up and walked around a little yesterday hes coming back a little at a time.”


UPDATE: 3-27-13 7:00 PM CDT – David Allan Coe was discharged from the hospital on March 23rd shortly after the above photo was taken, though he is still recovering from his injuries, and additional appearance dates have been canceled. According to Coe’s wife, Kimberly Hastings Coe:

“David being David, said to me before leaving the hospital; ‘Well, now I have an opportunity to write another great song. A lot of fans tell me that my songs have given them strength to get through difficult times. This accident has given me another subject in my life to write about that will hopefully help others.’ Again, I want to thank you all for the many thoughts and prayers for David. It means the world to us.”

“There were angels with David during the accident keeping him safe and while he was in the hospital making him well again. If anyone has seen the photos from the accident, you can understand what I mean. The staff at the Ocala Regional Hospital & Trauma Unit in the E.R. are the most phenomenal, dedicated and compassionate angels on earth. I was with him by his side from the time I arrived at the hospital until we left. They continuously took care of David around the clock. Words will never express our gratitude and thankfulness to them and for them.”


They have also set up a place where fans can send get well cards if they wish.

David Allan & Kimberly Coe
P.O. Box 1357
Ormond Beach, FL 32175

More information on David Allan Coe’s condition will be posted here when it becomes available.

22 Comments to “UPDATED – David Allan Coe Hospitalized After Auto Accident”

  • Scott Biram done did it.


  • all my best to DAC and the other injured parties. A reminder that not many years hence we will live in a world without our crounty legends. Make it a priority to see your hero’s live while you can folks.


    • Good point, wish them all the best as well – as to everybody else, make sure there’s not an oncoming SEMI TRUCK before running a red light. I recommend coming to a complete stop prior to running it.

      Not trying to make light of the situation at all, but I was looking at the pictures and one of the guys names cleaning up the wreckage / towing the big rig is “Cooter Wisdom.” That is awesome. And I had to mention it.

      “Cooter Wisdom, front, and other Daves Towing workers pull cases of corn from the semi trailer after it crashed “


  • SPEEDY RECOVERY….prayers sent my brother


  • Caught several of his shows in the past five years or so. He’s getting older, but his spirit is strong as ever. I know he’ll recover quick and ill see him play again.


  • god damn…glad he’s ok.


  • I’m glad everyone is okay. Does anyone else find it odd that DAC was hit by Robert Johnson.


    • At a crossroads no less. Not trying to make light of it though, speedy recover to ol DAC and Mr. Johnson.


  • Seen him 3 times, with each being a dramatically different show. The first was his own greatest hits, the 2nd time he played mainly newer stuff that he’d written, and the third he played mainly covers of Waylon, Cash, Hank Jr.

    The only songs he played all 3 times were The Ride, Please Come to Boston, and You Never Even Called Me By My Name.

    Good point to whoever said to make sure you see these guys when you can. You never know when you might not have the chance to anymore.


  • good to hear the greatest outlaw is doing fine


  • Damn this happened an hours drive from where I live. Well hopefully he’s ok.


  • Cars are really freakin dangerous. Be careful.

    Get well soon.


  • I second the recommendation to see guys like Coe, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, etc., while you still can. I had tickets to see both Waylon and Jerry Reed near the very ends of their lives, and I somehow found better things to do those nights. Now I can’t remember what those better things were, but I’m still kicking myself…


    • I live in Pittsburgh, George Jones came through here in 2010. A buddy of mine was supposed to come in to town to see him, but a few days prior found out he wasn’t able, mainly time and money purposes.

      Knowing no one else that would appreciate it I opted not to go,… until about 4 hours until showtime, then said fuck it, it’s George Jones and went on my own. Great decision, got the t-shirt and now I have scoreboard on my buddy.

      Seeing them by yourself if need be, spending a little more money than you’re able to spend at that moment, it’s all worth it in the long run


      • I live in Pittsburgh, too. Pittsburgh is pretty much Coe’s home turf. He’s from Akron and he plays in Western PA more than he plays anywhere else…


        • Ohh yeah Coe’s got 2 shows scheduled here in the next 6 months, a show at Altar bar next month which will probably be canceled, then another one in October or November at the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse.

          Maybe it’s because we have so many venues, these guys are constantly coming through or near here. Jamey Johnson comes through regularly (he’s playing here next month actually, though its not listed on his website yet), Merle’s playing about an hour away in September, then George Jones will be here in June. And there’s probably a ton more TBA.


    • I saw Merle Haggard and the Strangers about ten years ago at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. It was somewhat of a short show (about 1:15), but a very solid one. Also, Merle was quite engaging with the audience. Haven’t been back to see him since, as it was a good but not necessarily great show and Merle tickets ain’t cheap. Still, being able to see him in such an intimate venue was really special.

      In 1992, Johnny Cash was playing solo at the old Birchmere, which was a bit more cozier in size than the present venue. I thought about going, as he was a legend after all. However, at the time I was more into bluegrass/old timey/newgrass country music and not yet into “classic country” so much. I liked his Sun singles, but still thought of him as my parents’ music (they didn’t listen to any bluegrass). So I didn’t go. A few years later, I picked up his first two American Recording albums and shortly therafter was driven to pick up the Essential Johnny Cash, which was a three CD anthology of his Sun and Columbia years. Loved it all. Now, when I go to the Birchmere, I see the poster for the 1992 show just to the right of the bar right outside the “music hall” room. It mocks me.


  • In another bit of irony, I saw on another site that the truck was hauling radishes. Shortly after his prison stint, Coe briefly fronted the band “Eli Radish.”


  • Glad that everyone is okay. Certainly a lucky break for him to survive such a nasty looking wreck.


  • I wish him a fast recovery.

    Franck, from France.


  • Be well, Mr. Coe. Thank you. And may the folks who were in the truck be well, too.


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