DJ Bobby Bones Gets Into Feud with Kacey Musgraves

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kacey-musgraves-bobby-bones-2A few weeks ago Saving Country Music posted a feature on Clear Channel country DJ Bobby Bones—the young, hip cash cow for Clear Channel’s Nashville-based WSIX radio station that is syndicated to 50+ radio markets across the country, making him the de facto face of country music radio’s rapid consolidation at the hand of large media companies. Bones was also the man to replace long-time, legendary WSIX DJ Gerry House, making Bones the symbol to many as the changing of the guard from old to new behind the country radio microphone.

Bobby Bones has been a polarizing figure from the beginning, but just ratcheted up a notch by getting in a public battle with Kacey Musgraves over the last few days through Twitter. Musgraves conducted an interview with Bobby Bones on November 5th, the day before the 2013 CMA Awards, like many of the artists that performed or that were up for awards or in attendance did. According to Bones, the interviews were conducted in a rapid-fire succession, and sometimes he didn’t even know who the artists were he was interviewing.

When it was Kacey Musgraves’ turn, apparently she entered the interview area not through the normal entrance. The interview lasted roughly 1 1/2 minutes, and never aired in full on The Bobby Bones Show. However Bobby did take about 20 seconds of the interview, and used it as part of a segment he called, “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” The segment basically lampoons Kacey as being rude, uninterested, and awkward.

On Monday (1-13) Bobby Bones tweeted, “Will @KaceyMusgraves ever respond to my tweets. Enter your answer now; A: yes, B: no,” with Kacey Musgraves responding, “If you’d play our original interview in full and tell people how you unfairly re-edited it I might think about talking to you.” Bobby Bones then responded, “I did play the thing in full. I just played OVER AND OVER when you were rude.”

Listening to the entire “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” segment from The Bobby Bones Show and then watching the video of the interview, it is clear that Bobby Bones did not play the interview in its entirety. (see below)

Bobby Bones then seemed to offer an olive branch to Kacey, saying, “Im a fan. Ive had 2 miserable experiences with you. we both are known shit heads. we should be friends instead,” but then followed it up with the combative, “dont honor me with ‘think about talking to you’. like Im a peasant. you aren’t any better of a human than anyone else.”

Subsequently Kacey Musgraves has responded with:

I normally wouldn’t take part in this kinda stuff but since it’s gotten outta hand: The original interview that audio was taken from, unfairly edited, and played on air can be found through the link on this page (see below. Watch it for yourself. For the record: I am a songwriter and a musician. That’s what I’ve been passionate about my entire life and it’s really sad that the focus got taken away from that. Above all- I’m human. Not a robot. Especially at 8 AM. I don’t stroke egos and that doesn’t make me a “shit head.” When you hear the music that means so much to me to make, that’s all that should matter.

—=Video of Original Interview=—

Audio of “Is Kacey Musgraves Annoyed?” Segment:

UPDATE (1-14-14 7:00 PM CST): Bobby Bones has posted a note to Kacey:

I shouldn’t have called us both “shit heads”. I should have called me a “shit head” and you “slightly stubborn” haha. I really am a fan, and have said so numerous times on my show. For the record, there was no editing involved in any segment. For comedy purposes, we played back parts of the interview over and over. Parts that we thought were extremely funny, and even parts that were self deprecating.

That’s what I’m paid to do, entertain. Much like you. Sometimes you hit Sometimes you miss Sometimes, you do both at the same time. Which seems to be the case here. We’re both similar people. both working with a mentality and culture that we love so much and also agree could use a little social change.. And that way I admire your voice. Not just your physical one, but your intellectual one.

I will remain a fan, and maybe one day we can talk it out like real homies, and not Twitter warriors fighting with our keys. However, I am a much better fighter on my keyboard. Or we can write songs about each other. I bet mine is funnier! would love to see you soon. Id Sting and Lex Lugar can come together as one. Im sure one day you and I can too. I also bet 100 dolloars you will win best new artist at the Grammys. Don’t let me down.

Rev Bobby Jones Jr. Esquire III

118 Comments to “DJ Bobby Bones Gets Into Feud with Kacey Musgraves”

  • That’s bad news. A position with that much power should not be filled with such petty DJ.

  • DJ Bobby Bones annoys the piss out of me. I can only listen to him about 10 seconds before changing the channel. This story makes me only dislike him more. I’d love it if the guy got over himself.

    To me, the best radio is still on 650 AM and listening to Eddie Stubbs at night.

    • From what I can tell, Eddie Stubbs is sort of the opposite of Bobby Bones in his approach to country music. Mr. Stubbs is basically an ametuer country music historian with near-encyoclypedic knowledge of and respect for the genre’s history,

      Bobby Bones was a top 40 DJ who simply switched formats, presumably at Clear Chanel’s bidding.

      That dosen’t necessarily mean he’s bad at what he does, but for traditional country fans, Stubbs is the man.

  • Does she even sing country?

    • That would only be an acceptable comment if you were talking about Taylor Swift or Cassadee Pope .

      Kacey Musgraves sings country better that most of what’s out there in main stream country right now. And, even though I have a couple of issues wither I’m very glad to see she didn’t roll over for this arrogant worthless DJ.

      • Who cares about dopehead Kacey and you think she is COUNNTRY then you must love her other dopehead friend Miranda Lambert/Ashley Monroe

  • guy must have an enormous ego to feel she was rude to him in this interview. maybe she did or said something in the first interview that had him approach this one ready to take offense at anything she said or did.

    • They have had run ins before and each time she has been incredibly rude. There are also other interviews with other djs that she is rude to as well.

      • You and I clearly have a different definition of “rude”. Kacey is no Taylor Swift, and thank goodness for that. Just because she’s laid back and doesn’t need to be the center of attention all the time doesn’t mean she’s rude.

      • I enjoy listening to the Bobby Bones show. Like he said it grew on me. never heard the interview with Kacey Musgraves.l Ithink Bobby is trying to get along with her She is just Being to stubborn. I like him but know one is for everyone. Yes Ialso miss Boxer from WMZQ.

  • The guy just sounds like a hack. Just something pre-packaged that can be dropped into any market owned by Clear Channel. Like one of those radio or tv hosts that your mom would listen to and think is “sooo edgy”

  • my thoughts:

    1.) She didn’t seem annoyed in the video at all.

    2.) She said “hello” wrong? She said it the way I say it all the time.

    3.) Since when is a person required to respond to some radio announcer?

    4.) Since when is not wanting to talk to a certain person thinking you are better than them, or thinking they are a “peasant”?

    5.) I really don’t like that guys voice at all.

    6.) I’m really glad I don’t listen to him.

    7.) I’m really glad I can listen to music other places besides radio.

    8.) I really, really do not like this guy.

    • Thank you! You saved me some time because you said EXACTLY what I was thinking!

    • 9) What kind of adult man involved with country music sits around whining about going to therapy sessions on the radio? Country music use to be at least partially related to family values and being and adult man that was strong, hardworking, self-reliant and respectful (manors). This guy is the anti-Christ of what country should be about.

      • “…. a man that was strong, hardworking, self-reliant and respectful (manors). This guy is the anti-Christ of what country should be about.”

        This guy is an idiot – there is no denying that. However, the the fact that he goes to therapy and can talk about his weaknesses does not make him weak. country men’s inability or unwillingness to talk about their problems might explain why many of them turn to the bottle. It is clear however that this guy is embellishing the truth or better said, after watching the factual interview, LYING. He is attempting to make himself look important at Kacey’s expense. Not cool!! Now, — that makes him weak.

  • Never heard Bobby Bones utter a word before this since he is not broadcast in my market and for that I’m thankful. Yeah.

    • He’s coming Michael. Trust me, he’s coming.

      • He is coming everywhere! You would think that the country music artists wouldn’t want to support a man that is responsible for so many local DJ’s loosing their jobs.

  • She seemed perfectly pleasant.
    He is a tool!
    I now listen to the Soft Rock station in the morning because he makes me so angry.
    Yes, I would rather risk Nickelback (who knew they were soft rock?) than listen to him.
    Perhaps he’s not used to interviewing people who haven’t been media trained beyond recognition and actually have talent?

  • I watched the video and saw nothing out of the ordinary. This guy seems to be trying to manufacture controversy. That snippet of his show sounds like your typical morning zoo gossippy crap.

    • Maybe he was trying to piggyback on that “big controversy” when the camera focused on her during Miranda Lambert’s award acceptance speech. This dude sure seems like a weasel.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking too.

        Find the popular, yet somewhat controversial new artist and look for silly things to talk about. Oooo, she didn’t smile at the right time! How awful! Oh no, she said “hello” in the wrong way, that’s terrible! She didn’t sound “thankful” enough, run her out of town!!

  • Okay, I don’t mind Bobby Bones. I don’t think he belongs on country radio and I think that Clear Channel is what is wrong with the music business. But I’ve always thought he was an entertaining guy. Not saying I can even listen to him that much because I can’t stand a single song they play. But I don’t mind him. And I always like when DJs aren’t afraid to give their real opinions on artists, instead of just saying they love everyone they play. But really?

    How was she rude to him at all? She sounds like she always does. She has a very calm demeanor. She is fairly new to all this stuff. Yeah, she’s getting pretty huge, but it’s all been thrown at her. Give her a break and get over yourself. Go make fun of someone who deserves it like Luke Bryan

  • Bobby Bones: What a complete ass. Fortunately he doesn’t broadcast in my region.

  • I have never heard of the guy.

    • You will. This guy is poised to be the Dick Clark of country music.

      • Dick Clark was a nice man. This guy is a twit! So far it looks like you may be the only one who likes him. There are other djs that can do better!

        • Huh?

          Did I say or imply anywhere that I “liked” DJ Bobby Bones? I think Bobby Bones would concur himself that I am not a pom pom waver for him, though I do try to cover him with due objectivity as to lend credibility to any opinions I may give about him or anyone else.

          I am not going to cast Bobby Bones off as a nothing and a nobody, because as I asserted in my feature on him a few weeks ago (http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/bobby-bones-the-face-of-country-radio-consolidation), I believe he is poised to potentially become the biggest DJ in the history of country music. Laugh him off all you want, but he will laugh last. And it would be my suggestion to anyone who does not like this guy to not underestimate him, but work to understand him and the corporate structure and laws in place that have allowed him to become as significant and influential as he is. Because in the end, that would be the key to defeating him.

      • The Dick Clark of country music? More like the dick of country music…

  • Would it be too cynical of me to think this is Music Row trying to take Musgraves down? I mean, Bones is a corporate hack, and I realize kacey is having mainstream success, but prehaps clear channel doesn’t want to play her anymore? I don’t know, maybe I’m being paranoid about this but it sure seems like it could be a possiblity.

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that thought of this. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    • I’ll say this. When you have labels like Big Machine Records making big contracts with Clear Channel, I would not be surprised if certain artists get preferential treatment in certain ways, especially on big, nationally-syndicated shows like The Bobby Bones Show. Would this have happened with Taylor Swift? Probably not, because then Taylor would have likely never come on the show again, and then Bobby possibly would have been shunned by the whole Big Machine roster.

      But is this some big behind-the-scene effort by Clear Channel to hurt Kacey Musgraves? I have trouble buying into that. But Kacey may have been seen as not a big enough star yet to worry about any backlash or repercussions. And in the end if this was some play, it will likely backfire. In my experience, the public is going to side more with the artist in cases like this.

      • That’s a good point. Like I was saying, I thought I was being a little too paranoid.

      • According to Bobby Bones, he was most offended by Kacey Musgraves’s demeanor just before the interview. Also, looking at the interview, she did sound somewhat irritated. I highly doubt that Taylor would behave that way in public unless provoked by the interviewer’s rudeness.

        • Dude, I don’t know what interview you were watching, but Kacey came off laid back and even shy, I’d say, NOT irritated. Why do we expect celebrities to be better than us? She acted like a normal person in my book.

        • “According to Bobby Bones, he was most offended by Kacey Musgraves’s demeanor just before the interview. ”

          Well, he has already showed himself to be blatantly dishonest in the way he represented the interview on his radio program. So I wouldn’t put it past him to wildly exaggerate whatever happened to serve the purpose of the show segment. This man seemed to be on a mission.

      • DJs want attention and publicity, and Kacey is an easy target. She does not have a huge fan base yet. She does not fit neatly into the mainstream of today’s “country”. And with her left of center image she can easily be portrayed as “bitchy”, especially to country audiences, even if she’s not. And for all its worth, I think her music is better than average compared to what Nashville is putting out today. And I think she absolutely has the right to follow her own arrow. But I have my doubts about whether her arrow points in the same direction as mine. I have the hunch that if I knew her better she might have some attitudes that might be off putting. But who am I to say.

      • To be fair Kacey is on UMG Nashville and her label mates include Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Darius Rucker and Lady Antebellum. And UMG also has artists that sell like Eminem and Katy Perry. And with Kacey is up for a Grammy.

        I hear you on this morning zoo like silliness, but it isn’t as if Kacey doesn’t have a big record label behind her, a who could make one call to Clear Chanel to stop this. Kacey looks like the bigger person in this to me so it’s not all bad.

        • Has UMG Nashville cut huge, exclusive deals with Clear Channel like Big Machine has? I get your point and it’s a good one, and I don’t want to aid any conspiracy theories here. But I just don’t see this happening with many other artists. There is an unspoken “it’s just Kacey Musgraves” aura to this whole thing, and that’s alarming. I think Bobby Bones perceives himself as bigger than Kacey, which he might be, and so he could get away with this. He also probably didn’t calculate that Kacey would bow up instead of stand down.

    • Good thinking since the sexist men running country radio take down all women except for the 3 they play a lot and they rarely let a woman in the top 20 more than once. But they usually do it without a show acting like this.

      Maybe replacing Gerry House with a pop host is part of Clear Channel’s movement to change country radio to pop.

  • I didn’t think there was anything rude about her interview at all when shown in full, but wow, they portrayed her badly….And he’s really in a position to hurt her career, too.

    When did country radio become making fun of new artists to millions of potential listeners?

    • That’s the thing. In pop and rock, these wacky morning radio shows and their inappropriate bits are par for the course, and in some ways there’s nothing wrong with that. But this is country music. It’s supposed to be the respite from all of that on the radio dial. Once again Clear Channel is interjecting their version of culture into an inappropriate marketplace, and eroding spirit of what it is, and where it started.

      And let’s not lose sight that this is a man of some power, being broadcast to over 50 radio stations across the country, deriding a young female artist. What happened to the class of country music, and the respect for women? This is why it is an issue that Bobby Bones came from the pop format, because he doesn’t seem to have the same respect for the customs of country music.

      You want to make fun of someone? Pick on a Kardashian. What did Kacey Musgraves ever do to anyone?

      • Trigger, I largely agree. I don’t see the point of what Bobby is saying, but I think it’s just business. In the popular culture a commentator or a DJ has to pick on someone from time to time in order to be entertaining. The ideal target is someone who is successful enough that listeners know who she is, but not too popular. I don’t think Bobby would try to pick on Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood, because they have more fans than he does. But Kacey is a new artist, and she hasn’t been marketed as America’s sweetheart, so Bobby has the upper hand here.

        • Pick on Luke Bryan & his glitter shirts.

          • He won’t pick on Luke Bryan, because he has too many fans. Much of Bobby’s audience probably adores Luke and thinks he’s sexy.

        • I’m not one to criticize people for razzing on celebrities, but reading Kacey’s criticisms of Bobby Bones, it seems her main beef was not that he was picking on her, but that she was gracious enough to conduct an interview with him, and then he only used the same 20 seconds over and over to lampoon her.

          Kacey said she just wanted him to play the entire interview. Saying something was taken “out of context” is such a common defense these days. That’s why if you want to criticize someone, ALWAYS present it in context. You can then pull out the specific thing you want to highlight, but paint the full picture so people can judge for themselves. I always try to do this, and this is what Bobby Bones should have done.

          He made it worse by then instigating the recent fight by picking on Kacey for not Tweeting him back….like that is somehow an offense. I have 3,800 followers on Twitter, and sometimes can’t respond to everyone. Kacey is a celebrity with 130,000+ followers. She has no obligation to respond to a DJ she felt was rude to her.

          • Trigger, I’d be interested in your thoughts on the chart performance of Kacey’s recent single “Follow Your Arrow”. I always thought she would run into resistance from country radio. Do you think she has peaked commercially, at least in mainstream country? Do you see a path for her to bigger success that does not go through country radio?

          • Her label clearly has an undying commitment to Kacey, so in the end they may be taking the long-term outlook on her. Or they may be truly committed to trying to offer an substantive alternative in popular country music regardless of commercial success, and good on them for that. But I’ve been pretty disappointed in most of the single selections so far. It seems like her label is trying to create pot controversy and portray her as edgy instead of vetting the best material. I never thought “Follow Your Arrow” would do well. Aside from “Merry Go ‘Round,” “Silver Lining” is the best song on the album, and they’re fools if they don’t release it as a single.

          • At least the single selections from “Same Trailer Different Park” aren’t as disappointing as those from Taylor Swift’s “Red”. None of the more country-leaning songs from “Red”, other than “Begin Again”, have been released to radio.

          • Trigger, “Follow Your Arrow” is not a bad song. She makes a good point about individuality that Music Row should pay more attention to. Some of the lyrics are quite clever and funny. I think her big mistake with this song is politicizing the lyrics by associating individualism with controversial left wing causes such as homosexuality and marijuana use. While those social issues are not a big deal to me personally, she paints herself into a corner with this song. Sure, “following your arrow” could mean having a same sex partner or smoking a joint, but it could equally apply to a mountain man living in a remote cabin in Montana or an evangelical Christian home schooling her kids. Arrows can point in all directions, not just left.

            I think Kacey presents a marketing problem for country radio. From the broadcast radio perspective, it’s all about business. The business of radio is advertising. The most important thing for a radio artist to do is NOT to turn listeners OFF. The 300,000 fans who bought Kacey’s last album are less important to radio executives than the 10% or so of listeners who might change the station because they don’t like Kacey’s cultural and political message. Did Kacey forget how quickly the Dixie Chicks fell off the country airplay charts once they became controversial?

          • I think her big mistake with this song is politicizing the lyrics by associating individualism with controversial left wing causes such as homosexuality and marijuana use.

            So would it be better if the individualism had been associated with alleged “right wing” causes like gun ownership and home schooling? Funny, this is the first I’ve ever heard any kind of concern over this song’s lyrics espousing left-wing causes.

            “Well, I don’t want much o’ nothin’ at all, but I will take another toke…”

            Now that I think about it, this is exactly what’s wrong with the “left vs. right” paradigm — some individual choices are more legitimate than others depending on your point of view. If those choices aren’t hurting anyone that really should be all that matters.Unless, of course, you’re all about telling others what they should and shouldn’t be doing, in which case you’re part of the problem.

        • Adrian,

          I am not saying that “Follow Your Arrow” is “bad.” I was asked to comment on its chart performance and I did. I didn’t think it was a good single, but that is more a commentary on the state of country radio and the tastes of mainstream fans than the song itself. I really thought “Silver Lining” would have been the perfect followup to “Merry Go ‘Round,” but maybe that’s why I run a website and not a record label.

  • I heard Bobby a while back and he made it no secret that he felt Kacey was very fake and not a very friendly person. He acted as if others have told him the same thing. I’m not gonna comment, because I have no idea what Kacey or Bobby are like in person. Just because someone might make good music does not mean they are not a complete ass. She did look unhappy when Miranda won, but my sister thinks she is just someone who doesn’t have a lot of personality if she sings good songs ill listen to them, but I’m not gonna act like I know her and how she is. I would say if Bobby has a good show I would listen to that, but I hardly ever find his show entertaining. Too much talking and updating us on the latest gossip.

    Trigger is right, if you don’t know Bobby Bones, you will very soon. He is a rocket headed straight up at a furious pace.

    • The criticism that Kacey Musgraves comes across as somewhat cold and is not media savvy is out there and very well might be warranted. I think I have said myself that Kacey can come across a little flat and detached at times, but these are criticisms that are meant simply as observances and constructive feedback. It’s something else to take to National airwaves and use out-of-context clips to lampoon someone. At the least he could have played the interview in its entirety first to create context, and reading Kacey’s feedback, that was her biggest beef.

      All that said, a lot of people find Kacey’s realness and unwilling to play the cheery media game endearing. In the end, it is the charge of any artist to relate to fans and convey their authenticity, and in this instance, Kacey might prove that being authentic is more important that being cheery.

      • Other than neglecting to smile like a Stepford wife in one camera shot, Ms. Musgraves hasn’t done anything publicly thus far that’s remotely deserving of scorn.

        I think Bobby Bones’ comments were irresponsible. It seems like he interjected his personal opinon or interpretation of Kacey’s personality into a completely benign interview segment.

  • I would respect Bobby more if he stuck to his guns on this issue. He has obviously been told by the suits to make nice with Kacey, probably because she is such a favorite to win Grammy’s. he thinks she is rude and very fake, so it bothers me more that he is giving in here, backing down from what his true feelings are.

  • Crap. I thought I was the one and was tapped to replace Gerry House? At least, I was for the first 2 years after he retired. Guess I better take that off my resume. :-p

    • *who

    • When I wrote my first feature on Bobby Bones a few weeks ago (http://www.savingcountrymusic.com/bobby-bones-the-face-of-country-radio-consolidation) , Bobby replied to me on Twitter saying that there were some “inaccuracies” in my story. I apologized, and told him to please tell me what they were so I could change them. First and foremost as a journalist, I want to get it right. He replied back that there were simply inaccuracies, but still did not give any specifics, and so I fact checked the story again, and couldn’t find any specific instances of wrong information, just things that maybe could be interpreted differently.

      However, one of the things I thought Bobby was alluding to was how he did not replace Gerry House. Of course, he didn’t convey that information, so this was simply an assumption. I got the information that he replaced Gerry from a feature on Bobby Bones from the CBS Morning Show that said this was the case. You can watch the feature in the story linked above. Obviously there was a gap between Gerry’s retirement and Bobby Bones moving to Nashville, but I don’t think that excludes someone from saying that in the end, Bobby replaced Gerry, because in the grand scheme of things, this is eventually what happened.

      If there is another way that changeover should be portrayed, then I have no problem updating that information in both of my Bobby Bones stories. But I need that information, and from a reliable source to do so. Also, that information should also be conveyed to CBS News, and the change made on their end as well, because that is where the information initially came from.

      Sorry for any confusion.

  • Wow, now I’m not even a reliable source? Even the most novice reporter should be able to research this information. I’ll slither back into oblivion.

    • Mr. Greenwood,

      I did not say or imply that you were not a reliable source. I simply said I need one to change the information I already have.

      This is was Jan Crawford of CBS News said in her feature on Bobby Bones:

      “When his company moved him from a Top 40 station in Austin to replace legendary country DJ Gerry House, there were skeptics.”

      You can see it in the video below at the 1:27 mark.

      If this information is not correct, then I want to correct it. However, I do not have any other specific information to correct it with. This is the 4th time now I am asking someone directly to supply me with it, and yet I continue to get ambiguous responses. My guess is Bobby probably told you to come here and tell me how my information was incorrect, yet you have done absolutely nothing to help supply me with the correct information. Sure, I can assume that you were the one that took the job from Gerry, and then Bobby took it from you. But again, I’m not sure that makes the statement that Bobby eventually replaced Gerry incorrect.

      When Bobby Bones first said to me that some of my information was incorrect, I called WSIX. Granted, this was around the holidays, but I couldn’t find anyone willing to talk to me about the subject. Unfortunately, I do not live in Nashville, and don’t have intimate knowledge of the DJ chain of custody at WSIX myself. If you want the information changed, then for the love of all things holy, tell me what you want me to change it to.

      Please and thank you.

      • Then shouldn’t you assert the statement to CBS News? If it’s true no one directly supplied you with the information and you took it secondhand, it seems irresponsible not to do so.

        • As I stated above, just because someone took the DJ spot between Gerry House and Bobby Bones doesn’t still ultimately mean that in short, Bobby Bones replaced Gerry House. I’m sure that’s what CBS would say, and that’s why they scripted it as they did. CBS News has hundreds of fact checkers working for them. I’m a 1 man operation. Still, if someone, anyone would tell me what to replace my verbiage with, I’d be more than happy to do so.

  • I appreciate the conversation, but Clemson Brad got it right. There’s nobody better than SAM’s Eddie Stubbs. The guy is a treasure.

  • did bobby boned come out of the closet yet? he talks like a valley girl with a lisp and is very catty. kacey was cordial enough dont know what this diva was expecting

  • Wait, something broadcast on television wasn’t entirely true?! This is shocking information. I’ll forever be the Conan O’Brien of WSIX. No worries. I’ll live with it.

    For what it’s worth…I actually do enjoy and support Bobby.

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  • Wow, this Bobby Bones character sounds like a real asshole. If he does indeed end up with the title of “biggest deejay in the history of country music,” frankly, that’s going to say a lot more about what the country music establishment has become than it’s going to say about him, and none of it is good in the slightest.

  • Well if Bobby Bones is reading this article too: You suck and I sincerely hope you get fired. Go get some more therapy therapy sessions you pansy.

  • He sounds like such a toolbag.

  • The more I hear about Bobby Bones the more nauseated I get. I live in Arkansas and there is a DJ here named Bob Robbins who has been in radio for over 30, maybe 40, years. Our local country station KISSIN 95.7 hasn’t been worth listening to for the past few years since they play the same shit as every other station. The only thing that was worth listening to on 95.7 was the Bob Robbins show every morning that has been around since I was a kid. So imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I tuned in to hear Bob Robbins only to discover that is was Bobby Bones playing FGL. I did quickly discover that Bob Robbins moved to Arkansas’ classic country station. I assumed that maybe Bob had enough of the rap/country shit he was having to play and moved to other station, but now I’m beginning to believe that he had no choice. It’s sickening to think of how many people who have been at radio for years have probably lost their jobs because of this dipshit. This man should not become the Dick Clark of Country Music. I do not know a lot about Ralph Emery but I have never heard of him being rude to performers in Country Music. I know that his former wife Skeeter Davis had some not so nice things to say about him but, I do not believe that so many country stars like Johnny Cash, Faron Young, Marty Robbins, Dolly Parton and others would have paid tribute to him years ago if he had acted like as ass to people in the industry. I hope to God that we do not see Bobby Bones gain the same amount of attention and influence that Ralph Emery had because Bobby Bones does not strike me as someone that will conduct himself with respect towards anyone if he sees an opportunity to get attention by engaging in slanderous gossip.

    • Yeah, it surprises me that Trigger seems so uninterested in Bob Robbins. Not that he was a national celebrity, but sticking with the same country radio station for over 30 years must be some sort of record. I recall it being stated as such in one of the articles about his departure (and no, Bones isn’t an acceptable replacement in my book, either).

      • I am in no way “uninterested” in Bob Robbins, or any of these DJ’s who have either lost their job or been misplaced by the nationalization of American radio. Every single one of their stories are tragedies and I wish I could tell every one of them. But the simple fact is there are so many, and I have so little knowledge about local radio, especially in places that I have never lived, I am not qualified enough to speak on them specifically. So I take up the plight of all of them with articles like this, my Bobby Bones feature from a few weeks ago, and my numerous features on radio consolidation that I run virtually any time there is news on the subject.

        Radio consolidation is a core issue of Saving Country Music, and I am committed to covering it as best I can.

  • What am I missing because I don’t hear Kacey being annoyed? Maybe she was a little tired or something. You can’t expect humans to be perfect every day.

    “We’re both similar people. both working with a mentality and culture that we love so much and also agree could use a little social change.”

    I’m not sure what that means but country radio really needs to change and play a lot more country music, better songs and solo females, who happen to release many of the best country songs! I’m sick of radio sort of using women for all these interviews and listener shows to promote radio and barely or not playing their songs! Yes I know it also promotes the artists a little but not nearly as much as playing their songs does. Hey Bobby think about how frustrating that must be to these very talented, hard working women! Kellie Pickler has been at it for 8 years now and radio is totally robbing her 2 latest critically-acclaimed albums! You say you’re paid to entertain so do that by playing more great country music! “When you hear the music… that’s all that should matter.” I know you aren’t a programmer so I hope you ask them to play women more.

  • As a sidebar to all this, can anyone explain to me why rows between celebrity types always seems to be referred to as “Feuds”? If I have a disagreement with my wife or someone at work, I call it a row or a disagreement. “Feuds”?? Silly arses!!

    • “Rows” doesn’t exist in American English. No one over here would know what that means over here. “Argument” is probably the closest thing to what’s really going on. “Feud” really means an argument that lasts a long time – like something that doesn’t end. But, it sounds country I guess? Although if Kasey blows this clown off and never goes on his show (etc), it would seriously count as a Feud.

      I really hope she doesn’t cave and bow to this Clear Channel fake country puppet head.

    • This may sound really stupid to you, but to pull the curtain back a little bit, since most people refer to these things as “feuds”, and “feud” is a shorter word than “disagreement”, it just happens to be the idea word to use for both search engine optimization, and so my title will fit on one line and not awkwardly wrap around to a second line. Such compelling things are the things I must struggle with every day. I actually started out with “disagreement.”

  • I think my biggest complaint about The Bobby Bones show is there are too many people involved. It seems like his show has like 4 regulars and they are talking nonsense half the time, because there are so many people talking. If he was by himself or only had one other person contributing sometime, the show might be better. I’m not even gonna discuss what music is played, because we already know what is gonna be played on the big boy networks.

  • I like Bobby Bones and listen to him almost every morning but I don’t see where Kasey sounded annoyed at all. She seemed very pleasant and not at all rude…

  • Typical mainstream radio schtick !
    it is like listening to any number of radio guys mostly in pop music radio doing bits on the morning show of your choice finally migrating to “country” radio. Bound to happen with the direction that the industry is heading. It is ashamed it involves Kacey. To walk down the “grassy knoll” for a few steps, However crappy it may be Kacey is a easy targetbecause she is not in that “untouchable” group like say a Taylor Swift is.Plus with her spitfire personality he figured she would give back as good as she got and she did. It is ashamed Kacey is in a postion to feel the need to play ball with the mainstream machine.

    • From a commercial perspective, Kacey is vulnerable. Her album “Same Trailer Different Park” has only sold about 300,000 copies after almost 10 months. I don’t think her current single “Follow Your Arrow” has been flying up the charts either.

      DJs notice these things. The critics like Kacey. But most of mainstream country’s fan base either is indifferent to her, or does not like to hear what she has to say. A radio DJ’s success is measured in terms of the size of his audience. From a DJ’s perspective, the size of an artist’s fan base is much more important than what the critics think of her music.

      Kacey hasn’t had a big breakthrough album yet, even though the critics want her to. I’d guess that Kacey’s chances of ever becoming a household name or having a platinum album are less than 50%. Her best shot would be to try to attract lots of Taylor Swift fans as they reach their late teens and start to experience different things in their personal lives. But if her next album isn’t a bigger commercial success than “Same Trailer Different Park” I think her window of opportunity as a mainstream artist could close.

      • I agree. I think if Kacey was seen as a bigger star, this wouldn’t have happened.

        One underlying problem here I think is that Bobby Bones really sees himself as an equal to the stars he covers. Ultimately yes, we’re all humans and nobody is better than anyone else. But traditionally, it is the job of artists to entertain and create, and DJ’s and media types to inform. I understand these lines can get blurred, but Bobby basically took his journalistic material—an interview with Kacey—and then used it for entertainment. Since I run a site where I wear many hats, I struggle with this myself. BUt I always try to mark clear lines between what is news, criticism, journalism, and entertainment. That’s what Bobby Bones failed to do here.

        • “I’m not better than anyone else, but just as good”.

          Out of curiosity I took a look at this clowns Twitter feed and I think you have a point about his ego. He gets a lot of little hot girl tweets about how much they love him. Considering his (older) age, his twitter feed looks like something that belongs to a self absorbed teenager.

          So, he took uncalled for pot shots at Kacey Musgraves (a young female artist), then making a big deal about her not responding to his tweets (a clear sign of an over-inflated ego – I mean the gal of a scumbag DJ expecting country stars must respond to his tweets). Then he puts up a picture of that annoyed look she had at the CMT awards to shame her. I’ve said it before, we have no idea what was going on. She may have been over-whelmed or any number of things could have happened that we don’t know about that night.

          I think you’re right about this guy after looking around at information about him and his social media interactions. This is really sad. If only any of the current big names would stand up to this guy, but at that level of the game their all trained boot lickers.

          It is amazingly sad that this guy has the current influence he does on main stream country. But, terrestrial radio is dying and if anyone so maybe clear channel will replace him with a robot or something in a couple of years.

  • What in the hell is this guy talking about?

    Sting and Lex Luger have been friends for years.

    Also stop rejecting my calls Kacey..

  • She doesn’t sound annoyed to me. Maybe I just annoy everybody and it has skewed my perceptions on what a real conversation is like. Annoyed or not, I feel it was in bad taste for them to lampoon her like this.

  • I listened to it several times and never thought Kacey sounded annoyed. She talked like a normal person. It would be one thing if she did give a really bratty interview and they used it to make her look bad, it’s another thing if they take a decent interview and try to paint her as being really annoyed and rude.

    We’ll never know if she was rude to Bobby in real life and I won’t bother to defend her as a person, since I’ve never met her, but I find it strange that Bones actively set out to make her look bad even though she sounded fine in the interview. Why would a DJ have a reason to try to slander an artist? His job is just to play music and make funny small talk. If he just played the interview and never commented on it nobody would think she was annoyed.

    They ended up sounding like mean high school kids making fun of somebody that probably doesn’t deserve it. Sure, maybe in the two times he met her she wasn’t that wonderful but why bring it up on the air if nobody even asked about her?

    It’s especially odd because in country these days, everybody plays nice. It was a huge deal when Zac Brown said he didn’t like one Luke Bryan song, even though Brown was complimentary of Bryan as a whole. Not since the Toby vs. Natalie Maines thing have people in country actively gone against each other with personal attacks. This wouldn’t be weird in other genres but it is in country.

    I hope this isn’t Clear Channel trying to get rid of Musgraves but maybe they think it would be easier to manage country without her around. I hope that’s not what this is.

    • The way Kacey came across as annoyed was by having her words pulled out of context and then couched by Bobby as such. That is why Kacey’s contention wasn’t “don’t make fun of me,” it was “play the entire interview.” I think this is the important point of this story, and why it can be a seen as Bobby crossing a line.

  • This Bones show takes pleasure in embarrassing people to a degree that is disturbing. On one of the days I was unfortunate enough to be listening, apparently one of the show’s hosts had a girlfriend who was worried that he was losing interested in her, and left him an emotional voicemail in which she sang a frantic rendition of the song “Do I.” Bones played it on the air over and over while ridiculing the co-host and his girlfriend.

  • Fuck anybody who acts like that.

    Be a pro and get the interview. That’s what they pay the big bucks for. Don’t whine about how someone may have acted before it started. Don’t be a douchebag.

  • Who cares? The real story should be is this girl is going to be saving country music by going on tour with Katy fucking Perry. Yeah heyyy she’s the real deal more need to be like her!!

    • Well, seeing how the Katy Perry news came out today, and this news happened yesterday, I’m not sure it’s fair to couch it like that.

      I personally don’t know what to make of that tour pairing yet, I want to sleep on it. But if people have a big problem with it, I can’t say I blame them. I don’t know if it is bad, or just plain strange, but I think there’s something more underlying going on here that has way more to do then tour pairings…

      • I can’t say I’m surprised by the tour announcement. Didn’t Katy Perry record “I Kissed a Girl”? It seems that the two of them could be a good fit. And Kacey needs a “Plan B” if she is unable to win the support of country radio. Perhaps she could have a second wind as the acoustic folk version of Katy Perry, releasing songs to pop or mainstream alternative radio stations.

        And while I don’t agree with most of the decisions of the country radio establishment, I can understand that it might not be in the best interest of radio stations to support Kacey. I wouldn’t be surprised if DJs and program directors received complaints from listeners about Kacey’s message. I’d speculate that country radio might have more to lose than to gain from playing Kacey Musgraves. It probably isn’t worth putting up with controversy for an artist whose album only sold 300,000 copies, if you’re in the business of growing your station’s audience and selling ads.

        • Sure just one of her songs (Follow Your Arrow) is a risky single choice but radio plays male songs that mention weed “smoke a little smoke,” “that real good feel good stuff,” etc. What about that and the endless drinking, party, and treating women like objects song messages? Have you seen all the complaints country radio gets about the weak, bad, pure pop, rap and bro songs they play, yet in many cases they still play them and some to #1? I’ve seen far more complaints about those than any Kacey song. If they don’t play Follow Your Arrow will the real reason be because of complaints or because they don’t play most women? Country radio has stopped playing women after they sold over 1 million copies and it’s hard to sell more than 300,000 when radio underplays you and overplays pop and men with 100 weaker truck and bro songs. 300,000 is great for the airplay she’s had.

          • Chris, I hear what you are saying. I greatly dislike “bro country” as well. I change the station when I hear country rap. Either it is bringing in more mainstream listeners than it is driving away, or eventually country radio will have to cut back on their airplay. I don’t have enough data to predict where that is headed.

            I don’t think Kacey is being singled out just because of her gender. I do think country radio is uncomfortable with playing controversial women, especially when they make political statements. The female acts that get heavy airplay, e.g. Taylor, Carrie, Lady Antebellum, etc are bland and uncontroversial. On the other hand, the Dixie Chicks’ “Home” sold about 20 times as many copies as “Same Trailer Different Park”, yet that did not protect them from a huge drop in country airplay after they became politically controversial. Kacey’s frequent harping on hot button liberal social issues is politicizing her image and putting her into a pigeon hole, unfortunately.

      • I once read in an interview that Kacey wanted to reach audiences who don’t normally listen to country. In other words she wanted to expand. But unlike other artists, she also wanted to stay true to her sound. Her goal is beyond Nashville or the confines of the country music wall.

        So me personally I like the idea of her touring with Katy Perry for as long as she would still be true to her sound. If her Katy Perry opening performance resembles her Farm Aid 2013 set, then i think it’s fine.

    • Without good airplay it’s hard to get on the big country tours and she doesn’t have enough to headline her own. This is another problem caused by country radio not playing most women. This tour will expose some pop fans to country so that’s good for country right? The opposite of and much better than a country artist going pop and claiming they bring new fans to country.

  • Bobby Jones found Kacey to be faked because she don’t act like other pop stars. Kacey displays her feelings. If she’s annoyed, she’s annoyed. Bobby was used to interviewing fake pop stars with fake enthusiasm with scripted answers.

    I find Kacey to be an honest pop-country star. Yes she seems detached sometimes, maybe she’s shy or she just don’t like the spotlight (was portrayed in Nashville through Scarlett’s character about a songwriter who just wanted to sing music and not care much of the stardom side of it). I dunno what’s her reason. But based on that Bobby Jones clip I say he’s like a bully.

    • I don’t think the Scarlett comparison is accurate here. If anything, the two are opposites in terms of personality. Scarlett is very socially anxious and puts great effort into appearing nice and deferential. On the other hand, Kacey, as you implied, is blunt and emotionally expressive. She does not display any social anxiety.

    • The reality as I see it is quite simple. Country radio doesn’t need Kacey Musgraves. She is a controversial artist with a small fan base that they would rather not have to deal with. But she needs them in order to have a successful career in mainstream country.

      Talking about smoking pot in three consecutive radio singles was not a smart move. I have no moral objection to people smoking pot. But when we hear about it in one single after another it gets to be repetitive and gimmicky. Marijuana really isn’t all that revolutionary. She wasn’t the first to discover it.

      I’d guess that much of the country radio establishment feels the same way about her, along with a big portion of the country radio audience. I’m sure DJs talk to each other and get feedback from listeners, and they don’t work in a vacuum. If the people in charge of country radio valued Kacey’s contributions to the genre I don’t think these kinds of things would be happening. I couldn’t see any reason for any DJ to pick a fight with Kacey, unless they intentionally wanted to pick on her.

      • When country radio perceives that they do not “need” an artist, they simply shut that artist out. That is what has happened with Ashley Monroe and Brandy Clark, for example.

      • “Either it is bringing in more mainstream listeners than it is driving away,”

        Radio shouldn’t assume it’s just bro country or pop bringing in listeners. We have some population growth, country artists doing big things on TV, etc. driving growth. Also I don’t see value in growth that leads to destroying country music, making it no longer country whatsoever or 1 to 10% country and 90 to 99% some other genres.

        Wasn’t Before He Cheats somewhat controversial? When radio played it I remember Carrie saying she doesn’t condone violence or damaging property. Then she explained that Last Name is a “don’t do that” song. Miranda’s Gunpowder and Lead is about killing someone. Taylor has Picture To Burn and Big Machine decided to edit “gay” out of it for radio. Plus there’s a long history of country women with statement or controversial songs.

        1952: “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”

        In 1952, Paul Cohen, an executive at Decca Records, approached Wells to record “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels”.[4] Wells was disenchanted with her career prospects and was considering retirement, but agreed to the session (at Owen Bradley’s studio on May 3, 1952) because of the $125 union scale recording payment. “I wasn’t expecting to make a hit,” said Wells later. “I just thought it was another song.”[3] “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” was an answer song to Hank Thompson’s “The Wild Side of Life”, and its lyrical treatment of seductive, wayward women. Wells’ single retorted, “It’s a shame that all the blame is on us women.”[8][9]

        The record’s message was controversial at the time, and was banned by many radio stations.[10] NBC, in particular, was troubled by the lyric, “It brings back memories of when I was a trustful wife”. Wells’ slight alteration of “trustful” to “trusting” lifted the network ban on the song.[6] It was also temporarily banned from the Grand Ole Opry. Nevertheless, audiences couldn’t get enough of it.[11] The single took off during the summer of 1952, and sold more than 800,000 copies in its initial release. It became the first single by a female singer to peak at No. 1 in the eight-year history of the country music chart, where it remained for six weeks.


        Country radio has pigeonholed most women into their don’t play category.

        Blowin’ Smoke doesn’t talk about smoking pot, it’s cigarettes and about a waitress and other women who want to change their life for the better but all of their aspirations are only “blowin’ smoke.”

        Country radio loves repetitiveness and gimmicks, hell they specialize in it. Maybe Kacey isn’t repetitive or gimmicky enough for them.

        Sometimes radio people lie and make up excuses for not playing women. If a station says Follow You Arrow won’t fly with our conservative listeners but they don’t play it on air to test it, how do they know for sure? If they are getting mass complaints I’ll believe it when I see them. Also a radio edit could be made to remove “joint” if needed. Wasn’t it the only word an awards show bleeped out?

        • I don’t think there is much demand for Kacey or her music in the country genre. If Kacey were to pack her bags tomorrow and never release another song to country radio I doubt most listeners would notice or care.

          • The same can be said of many men radio plays and I’ll be shocked if at least 16 above Kacey on the chart right now sell 300,000 albums or anything close to that. The only artists with more demand are some radio plays more to create that demand no matter how good or bad the songs. I need to hear more great songs, variety and women on radio to keep me tuned in. Can’t stand to listen to the constant playing of all the bros copying each other, pure pop and disrespect towards women.

  • TXMusicguy, I immediately thought the same thing. She needs different PR people, to pull her out of this tailspin quickly.

    Perception is reality. We know that’s not true in this case, but they’re using her as a dartboard. She has to change it up and get away from the wrong people.

  • until country music listeners will grow up and be open minded, they will always complain when a liberal hit the airwaves. it almost sound like country listeners can’t think. i’m talking about mainstream country of course. i read this site long enough to know not all country listeners are stepfords.

    • I am a liberal myself, but I think you are being a tad unfair to country fans. Let’s flip the script:

      How do you think that metal or hip-hop fans would react to a conservative in their genre?

  • Why did he reiterate the “hello” so much? What does he expect? Fireworks and sing-songy greetings? I have a female coworker who says “hello” to me every morning in the same fashion.. it sounds more cheerful than my greeting that early!

  • Bobby, high school radio needs you back. Not just you, but also those barnacles on your radio team. Nice hipster thing you got going on, keep talking down to folks and you’ll go far.

  • Piss on these sissies. Why not just listen to xm radio? Dallas Wayne, miss Lizzy,
    Even Mojo Nixon, can’t beat them or the music they play y’all.

  • Did any of you by chance hear the whole story? You know about how she just barged in and didn’t wait her turn and just started throwing her bag around and pushed her way through and yanked up the mic and started going like she was running the show. Guess not… And did any of you watch any of his other interviews with any of the other nominees? Yeah, didn’t think ya did that either, based on these responses, because if you had, you would notice his rapport with them and how their interviews flowed and the CONVERSATION that took place between two people that did not take place with this Muskrat bitch. He had fun with his other interviews and everyone else liked him and he didn’t have any other issues.

    Personally, I did think that she was BEYOND rude with her hand on her hips and her dismissive attitude. If I said “hello” like that to someone that I worked with (and she was “working” that is part of her job being in that industry) I wouldn’t have a job for very long. She was acting as if she didn’t want to be there and like she was put out and like she had something so much more important to do. And you know her response, being that she “isn’t a robot at 8am and she doesn’t stroke egos”- no one asked her to do either of those things so WTF is she talking about? Diverting attention off of her bitchiness much. If I told my boss that, she would say, take your non-robot ass to the door. Excuses, Excuses. Some of us see right through her. Funny how she is known by others in the industry as having a bad attitude as well.

    Oh and btw for those of you who did not know that this interview took place BEFORE the awards ceremony when she was about to cry her eyes out when Miranda won the award and she sneered at her (Muskrat’s lovely excuse was “sometimes I just look like that”- what a bitch?). So please stop saying that Bobby Bones is or was trying to keep that feud going or piggyback onto that because she had been rude to him before (this was the second time). He was not fanning those flames. Personally, she needs an attitude adjustment and a new publicist/handler to help her figure out how to portray herself in public.

  • DJ’s in general are annoying. The only ones I listed to will say the same thing (Drake and Zeke). I’d be annoyed too and the focus on the way Kacey says, “hello” is irrelevant and makes this whole thing pointless. Thanks to this website for posting the full interview but “Bobby Bones” doesn’t deserve a full page on any website, and definitely not this one. I am entertained by artists – talented artists. Not some d-bag that things they’re hot stuff, couldn’t excel at anything else in life so they talk to themselves for a living.

    Suck it, DJ whoever-you-are. Rock on Kacey.

  • Please bombard Clear Channel Radio stations with calls to remove this glorious ass clown, Bobby Bones. They are destroying any and all resemblances to true country music. The powers-that-be want to FORCE the listener to change their appetites and preferences to this watered-down “young” country that stands for nothing and sounds like watered down 80’s pop.


    Country fans by definition, are the ones who HOLD ONTO TRADITION. They are the ones who FIGHT AGAINST the watering down of their lifestyles, jobs, morals, governments, music, etc — especially against those outsiders who view their country lifestyles/traditions/jobs/morals with RIDICULE and CONTEMPT.

    That’s exactly who Bobby Bones is. This guy is joke and his show is the worst excuse for radio this listener has ever heard.

    • Bro-country is so different both musically and lyrically from traditional country that they might as well be separate genres. I do not see how any significant number of traditional country listeners will just change their appetites to adjust to bro-country. The more likely strategy here is to bring over pop fans.

      Also, let’s not degrade 80’s pop by comparing it to this trash. Most pop songs in the 80s contained real music, as well as lyrics that did not insult the listener’s intelligence.

  • What is really pathetic is this A-Hole is still stocking her and trying to turn his followers against her. He is a relentless bully and I hope that people will stand up for Kacey against this bully.

  • Bobby Bones is STILL harassing Kacey about this on twitter. Talk about not being able to let it go.

    To me it’s coming across as defamation now, because his constant bad-mouthing of Kacey is now resulting in his listeners sending her “hate-tweets” (for lack of a better word). It’s really scary to think of how much power this guy has over the mainstream careers of country artists. He has a lot of influence over what country radio listeners think of country artists.

  • Kacey Musgraves is a boring artist to me. She had an off day where she didn’t put on a gracious face country artists do typically and it’s haunting her. I didn’t like Bobby Bones at first and still miss Big D & Bubba, but I also know that he’s friends with a lot of country singers… so either they are sucking up or Kacey had it handed back to her finally. I think country music would be just fine without her.

  • I interned at the Bobby Bones Show when he was still in Top 40. There was an occasion where an artist came in to the studio to play a song and, in the following segment, Bobby and Co. started making negative remarks about them while the artist was chatting with us while we had the radio on. It was awkward to say the least. There were artists that would come in to town choose not to do an interview at our station because of their past negative history with him.

    Someone above mentioned that he’ll make fun of co-hosts on-air and I’ve been there when I’ve seen that co-host get very upset over the way Bobby treats him. Lunchbox is a grown man — and is one of the most intelligent, funny, and genuinely nice human beings I’ve ever met — and Bobby’s had him doing this shallow, petty, asshole thing for over a decade now. It sucks because Lunchbox is really clever and has a lot to offer the show, and he gets pigeonholed into calling women fat and stupid all day (when in actuality, its really BOBBY who won’t give a woman a second look unless they match his profile of what a hot girl should be.)

    One of the things Bobby said when he moved to country was that he was looking forward to how “receptive and nice” country artists were to DJs, but if he keeps acting like this I’m sure he’ll have the same issues he had in Top 40.

  • I don’t get it all. Watching the full interview…what? She answers the questions and she smiles and she’s fairly humble and shares credit with her collaborators. Maybe she wasn’t gushing or schmoozing but…who cares? Maybe she thought he was about as Country as Tiny Tim or Richard Simmons, and that bored her. But she conducted herself well I thought. F**k mainstream Country radio anyway. I haven’t listened to any radio for music since 1972. I like Kacey a lot (she’s one of the few I’ve liked in many moons.

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