Eric Church Wants It Both Ways

April 30, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  79 Comments

So once again Eric Church has accomplished the open mouth, insert foot trick in an attempt to prove to all of us just how much of an “Outlaw” he is. In the latest edition of The Rolling Stone, not the last one with Obama on the cover, or the other one with Obama on the cover, but the newest one with Obama on the cover, Eric Church twists off on Blake Shelton, dropping F-bombs, and saying Blake is “not an artist” for his role on NBC’s American Idol answer “The Voice”:

It’s become American Idol gone mad. Honestly, if Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green fucking turn around in a red chair, you get a deal? That’s crazy. I don’t know what would make an artist do that. You’re not an artist…If I was concerned about my legacy, there’s no fucking way I would ever sit there [and be a reality-show judge]. Once your career becomes something other than the music, then that’s what it is. I’ll never make that mistake. I don’t care if I fucking starve.

Then Eric Church turned his evil eye veiled behind his signature aviators on the current state of the institution of rock n’ roll.

Rock & Roll has been very emo or whatever the fuck. It’s very hipster. We played Lollapalooza and I was stunned at how pussy 90 percent of those bands were. Nobody’s loud. It’s all very fuckin’ Peter, Paul and Mary shit.

On the surface, what Eric Church said about Blake Shelton and “The Voice” is spot on. The problem is that Eric Church, whose very much a product of the same machine Blake Shelton originates from, is the one throwing the punches. Eric Church is on tour right now with the official country music douche Brantley Gilbert for crying out loud. He wants to be considered an “Outlaw”, but he takes every opportunity to be part of the big corporate country music machine by performing at award shows. If Eric Church has such a problem with Blake Shelton, why did he perform his song “Springsteen” at last month’s ACM Awards, that were hosted by, guess who… Blake Shelton.

As Blake’s wife Miranda Lambert pointed out through Twitter, she took Eric out on tour with her in 2010. “Thanks Eric Church for saying I’m not a real artist,” she tweeted. “You’re welcome for the tour in 2010.”

Erich Church wants it both ways. He wants to be considered the “new Outlaw” of country music, but he wants to still use the same pop country machine he criticizes to get success. And when exactly did calling out other performers make you an Outlaw? I sure don’t remember Willie or Waylon doing that in their Outlaw days. I remember Waylon skipping the award shows, not making self-aggrandizing videos to help drum up votes from fans. And if you can’t do anything but play music to be an artist, does that mean Outlaws Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson are disqualified because they acted in movies?

This is the same thing Eric Church has been doing for years. The difference now though is Eric Church is no longer playing a club circuit or even a theater circuit. He’s selling out arenas. He’s a bona fide top tier country music star. I am amazed that his last album Chief released last July is still #4 on the Billboard country charts, and was the greatest gainer last week, helped by his big hit “Springsteen.”

But bad habits die hard, and he’s still acting like he has to insult people to get noticed. So many people have their conspiracy theories of how Taylor Swift came to power in country, floating stories about her dad buying her career, and warehouses full of CD’s purchase to drive SoundScan numbers to get her album in the charts. But in truth her big break came when Eric was on tour with Rascal Flatts. Yeah, again, not very “Outlaw”. After repeatedly ignoring Flatts’ requests to not play as loud and to respect the time slot they had given him, since after all, they were giving Eric Church an opportunity, he got kicked off the tour, opening up a space for the up-and-coming Taylor Swift to benefit from the exposure.

Even if I may agree with some of the things Eric Church says, its hard to believe him. I don’t want him representing the dissent against corporate country music, because he’s part of corporate country music, and he fights dirty.

Lastly, this Rolling Stone article should be taken with a little suspicion. The financially-struggling outlet has a history of taking comments out of context, printing comments that were meant to be off-record, and at times publishing outright fictitious stories to help drive buzz and viral events, just like with what has happened with this story where everywhere you turn, people are talking about it. For example there was the story pitting Kris Kristofferson against Toby Keith that both sides say is completely fictitious, or the article that got Gen. Stanley McChrystal fired. Don’t be surprised if Eric in the coming days comes out and says that his comments were misconstrued in one way or another.


As I anticipated, Eric Church has released a statement through The Boot, saying his comments in The Rolling Stone were “misunderstood.”

“The comment I made to Rolling Stone was part of a larger commentary on these types of reality television shows and the perception they create, not the artists involved with the shows themselves,” Eric clarifies. “The shows make it appear that artists can shortcut their way to success. There are a lot of artists due to their own perseverance that have gone on to be successful after appearing on these shows, but the real obstacles come after the cameras stop rolling. Every artist has to follow up television appearances with dedication towards their craft, but these shows tend to gloss over that part and make it seem like you can be ordained into stardom. I have a problem with those perceived shortcuts, not just in the music industry. Many people have come to think they can just wake up and have things handed to them.

“This piece was never intended to tear down any individual, and I apologize to anybody I offended in trying to shed light on this issue.

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  • not to mention eric church writes the same “guys like me” bs songs as every other pop country has. I think he even has a song called that but I’m not wasting my time to google it.

    • It’s on his second album? i believe. but yes it is indeed called ‘Guys Like Me’

  • I was “discussing’ with the good people at roughstock earlier about this. They were from the viewpoint that Eric Church was wrong in calling out individuals. I, on the other hand, completely agree with Church’s statements. I also don’t see how somebody would make a statement such as this and not name people. In Church’s ‘foot-in-mouth’ routine he said he was simply “trying to shed light on this issue”. Ths issue being reality music tv and it’s impacts on country music. And for him NOT to call out those indivuals who are both “country” musicians AND participants in these circus act tv shows, would be worse than his foot-in-mouth routine in my opinion. I had a hell of a time trying to find Church’s recantment statement, but his Blake bashing was on every media outlet. I think he may have done more good than harm! All you read about is a big time star bashing on these tv shows. Maybe, god willing, it might just keep some of these people from watching/participating in these shows and spend a little more time finding/creating some real music.

    • I agree with Eric Church’s statements as well, and I applaud him for having the balls to name names in this day and age when everyone wants to hide behind ambiguity. But now he’s distancing from those statements, so where does that put us now?

      In regards to the secondary statement he just released, I understand that reality show contest are creating challenges for country music, but as has been pointed out many times, winning American Idol is not easy. I can’t speak for “The Voice” because I have little to no knowledge of it, but Taylor Swift could never win American Idol, and neither could Eric Church or Blake Shelton. Miranda Lambert could, maybe, but if you created a system where ONLY winners of American Idol could get recording deals, the talent pool on Music Row would immediately improve, songwriting abilities and authenticity notwithstanding. That is not a commentary on how great American Idol is, its a commentary on the very average talent you can find occupying Top 40 radio slots and major label record deals. The problem goes way beyond reality TV.

      • I don’t doubt that that would create a very nice pool of vocal talent, but, i’m more partial to a few squeaks and missed notes coming from somebody with the true autenticity that makes country music what it is! I know we both probably agree on that. And from an artist struggling with his own music, it is very disheartening to see people like Scotty McCreery (for example) on radio and doing huge shows and what not, when I don’t find him to be authentic.

        • “but, i’m more partial to a few squeaks and missed notes coming from somebody with the true autenticity that makes country music what it is! “

          Good point. But you look at who’s the biggest star in country music right now and that’s Taylor Swift by a long shot, someone who has a long rich history of singing off key, and someone people love to point out would never survive American Idol. Does America love Taylor Swift because she’s imperfect, or in spite of it?

          • i like her in spite of her shortcomings. a good example is her song “eyes open” yes the production is crap pop/rock but i really liked the lyrics which are obviously about her as much as the movie. i hope she goes back and reworks that song at some point and turns it into a really good song.

          • she isnt country

      • Well said couldn’t have said it better myself

  • Yeah, he and every other person who ever said something idiotic was “misunderstood”. As someone with a journalism degree who works in radio, I’m sick of people using “I was misunderstood” or “I was taken out of context” as an excuse. More often than not, the quote is accurate. It’s not the reporter’s fault you’re a dumbass who doesn’t know when to shut up.

    • I think the recanment statement was more a publicist in the background saying “Go apologize right now!” as he shits his pants!

    • I would tend to agree with you Andrew, and yeah, it’s the easy way out when you’ve said something stupid. But having been a journalist for a dozen years myself, I have been amazed at the journalistic stretches The Rolling Stone regularly makes to sell subscriptions. I have no doubt those words came out of Eric Church’s mouth, but I have no doubt they were taken out of context and re-arranged to make the story more sensational than it needed to be.

  • I don’t know what to be angry at more, Eric Church for making the statements initially (not because they’re false, but because they’re somewhat hypocritical), Eric Church for them bowing to public pressure, back peddling and having no backbone, or The Rolling Stone for yet again creating a shit storm to drive its numbers. If I’m to believe the statement Eric Church released, he was trying to make an important statement about an important issue, and The Rolling Stone cherry picked his comments to make it into a mud slinging TMZ-style shit fest. Shouldn’t a rag with the President on the front have higher standards than that? I feel like I am just a small part in the big Rolling Stone drama machine. That is why I resisted posting anything about this until now, and lo and behold, right after I press “publish” the truth begins to come out.

  • I was on a family trip with my parents. We took a Nashville “tour of the stars” type bus trip and went to the Opry. When the show was over, there was a band playing on a trailer-stage outside. It was Eric Church. He wasn’t bad at all but I couldn’t bring myself to give a fuck about what they were playing. It was an attempt to be the AC/DC of Music Row without the whole badass rock ‘n’ roll thing. What we’re left with is a successful modern cuntry artist.

  • I personally love what he said. I think the only reason he retracted his statement was because he realized he may have offended a few of the artists in Nashville who are making decent music (Chris Young, Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler). But all in all I believe that his statements were speaking to the fact that Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood are only famous because they sold out to sell records. Some would say that Eric Church sold out somewhat, and I can’t necessarily argue with that. But Eric thinks he is doing things the right way which is more than can be said for most of the artists in Nashville who know good music but continue to put out the garbage heard on the radio.

  • Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I’m in 100% agreement with the message of your blog. Modern “country” music is pretty bad these days. Okay. Really bad. But out here in Barstow, CA, we’re trying to turn it around. Check it out:


  • Well that didn’t take Eric long, did it?

    Fuck. Right when I finally can get behind Eric Church about something and he actually acts somewhat like the outlaw he tries so hard to portray, he goes and takes it all back when he pisses a few people off. What a douchenozzle.

  • “douche Brantley Gilbert.” Also, water is moist. The sun is warm.

    At a festival last year, he had security escort him to and from the stage from his hauler. On the way, he walked past guys like Dierks Bentley, Robert Ellis, Cody Canada, Gary Allan, etc. who were just hanging out.

  • there are a number of current country pop folks out there i’ve never listened to before. eric church is one of them. i also stopped reading rolling stone in the late 70′s. does either make me cool? probably not. i just got fed up with stupidity.

    • i stopped reading that rag in the late 80′s and even then it was really for herb ritts maddona photos and the thompson/o’rourke articles.

      p.s.- fuck jan wenner for keeping the monkees out of the hall of fame

  • I read this right before I went to bed last night, and I had a dream that I was at a benefit thing and Eric Church, Brantley Gilbert, and Justin Moore were there and I called them douchebags pulled up a chair and started telling them what real country was. Then while I was arguing with them Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings joined the conversation and started to tell them off too. Overall it was one of the coolest dreams I’ve ever had lol.

  • If you never knew anything of Eric Church other than his music, he would be one of the best artists in main stream country right now. But it’s the off the stage stuff that drives you insane. Why does he have to be such a fucking douche bag all the time? I totally lose any respect I was garnering for him after I read these type of articles.

  • “In the latest edition of The Rolling Stone, not the last one with Obama on the cover, or the other one with Obama on the cover, but the newest one with Obama on the cover” lol,that’s funny right there!

    It’s hard to pick a dog in this fight.I can’t stand Blake,Church,Miranda,The Voice,and as you pointed out,Rolling Stone has been a joke for years.All peas in a pod.

  • Well, I agree with Church’s initial comments. Face it, any street cred Blake Shelton had was lost long ago. Becoming a reality television judge is only the final nail in the coffin.

    And, I think I see what Church meant. Going down the musical reality T.V. route is a dangerous route for an artist to take. If you are successful, you are immediately enthralled to the music machine and your independence is lost. You become Carrie Underwood.

    I understand that some, like Miranda Lambert and Kellie Pickler, have used reality T.V. to catch a break and gain some success. Good for them. I just don’t think that reality T.V. is a good avenue for country artists, especially. If you aspire to be Laura Alaina or Scotty McCreery, apparently, reality T.V. is made for you. If you want to dig deeper and find some country roots, it’s likely not the path for you.

    So, it comes down to, is Eric Church the right one to deliver this message? Why not? If someone like Jason Eady said it, it wouldn’t have been a blip on the media radar. Church has been successful enough to gain a pulpit, why not use it? Is he part of corporate music? Yeah. Does that mean he doesn’t chafe at the restrictions? Probably not. I don’t hold success against him. Most artists, and I think Church is one, want to be heard and have some success. Nothing wrong with that. Let us remember, even the original outlaws didn’t bust fullblown onto the scene overnight. Even Willie was a short-haired, suit wearing, company crooner at one time.

    If Church is ready to fire these shots, where does his career go next? That may be interesting. Or not, depending. All that said, I was disappointed that he stepped back from his original comments. Although, I will give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was likely swarmed by the suits that still own a part of him.

    • He isn’t the right one because his songs are typical pop country shit. He is a little maggot who hides behind aviators and baseball hats. He also lacks any sort of dignity or intelligence, as you can see from Trig’s story.

    • Smartest thing I’ve heard anybody say about this series of events. Why does Eric Church hate reality TV shows? Probably because he spent 15 years playing in bars, cutting his teeth and gaining vital experience needed to put on one hell of a show. Anybody that has been to a Church Concert will tell you that he’s an animal on stage. His songs are straight from the heart and tells stories that anybody can relate to. Why does Eric despise artists that use other outlets to further their career? Because he doesn’t care about anything except the music. sure, he makes music videos because he has to. every artist has to make videos and make appearances on the award shows if you wanna be successful. What’s the lesser of two evils? Making an appearance on an award show, even though you’re an “outlaw”? Or taking a stand and not making an appearance and never getting your music heard? Pick your poison. Eric Church has no problem telling you how he feels. And if you don’t like it? Oh Well. Eric Church is not going to lose sleep over it. He’s going to continue to write amazing songs and continue his career. His heart is in the music and you see it onstage and you hear it on his albums. I remember reading one blogger’s comments a few years ago about how “Carolina” was a horrible album and Church would soon find himself in the bargain bin. Well .. that fool couldn’t have been more wrong. Eric Church is the real deal and will continue to make awesome music. He knows where he comes from and he knows that people don’t always want the commercially sexy artist. REAL country fans want a REAL artist, someone who lays it on the line, pours their soul into what they do, and empties the gas tank every time they go on stage. As a songwriter, musician, entertainer, singer and bandleader, Eric Church cares only about one thing: the music. I agree with you 100% Smalley and Thanks for making your comment.

  • I’m definitely not defending reality tv, I don’t watch it. Well I guess I occasionally watch the first weeks of the shows to watch the really bad people so I can feel better about my lack of abilities. I might not be able to sing but at least I’m not delusional. Anyway if I want to hear good music I drive over to Luckenbach, I don’t turn on my tv. I don’t like most of the performers that I know have been on a show, they aren’t my style but I do like Miranda Lambert. That being said how does today’s reality tv, other than scale, differ from Patsy Cline getting her break on a radio talent competition? I’m just wondering what others opinion of this is?

    • As a general rule, I do not like reality TV or reality TV music stars. However, to completely eliminate a whole segment of artists because of something they did in the past is limiting your musical scope, and potentially diminishing your musical experience. I believe each artist should be judged on their own merit. Are street cred and paying dues important? Of course they are, and they, along with talent show experiences should be taken into consideration when deciding what artists we like or don’t like, but NEVER used to trump the music itself. Any time you put restrictions on who you like based on factors outside of the actual music, you’re robbing yourself.

      Who knew Miranda Lambert had reality talent show experience before this? My guess is not many. So now all of a sudden is someone out there going to decide after years of being a fan they can no longer like her music? That’s dumb.

      • *raises hand sheepishly* I knew about it because when she did that KZLA show with Josh Gracin, Sugarland, Katrina Elam, and Bret Michaels, that’s how they introduced her.

        That said, I actually love her music and will point out that she did not WIN that reality show competition. Just as in the pop field, seems like the runner ups wind up a wee bit more successful.

  • Carrie Underwood has more talent in one pinky than Eric does in his whole body.

  • Why does everyone get on Church’s balls, when he speaks his mind? Then talk shit about his music being horrible or whatever when this website has had articles about supporting Taylor Swift? I know, “TS is real, that is why we support her”, but Church is to. He speaks his mind, this is not some kind of publicity stunt because he has the song “Lotta Boot Left to Fill” on his Carolina record that expresses these viewpoints. Eric Church wants it both ways? I think some people on this website want it both ways. Church also has skipped award shows to, but what who gives a shit? Willie Nelson has acted in some dumbass movies but we aren’t taking away his credibility are we now?

    • I can’t speak for everyone on “this website”, but I can say I very purposely left any commentary out about Eric Church’s music in this article, and in the comments on this article. Also my last two reviews I did of Eric’s music were critical, but in the end positive reviews. None of this has to do with Eric’s music, but at the same time, I can understand how some would look at this situation and be turned off from him, or turned on.

      • That’s true Trigg, you have given him a relatively positive review of his recent music, so I apologize. But, there are some things that can be cleared up. Eric did not know or had met Brantley before his tour, I believe it was his label that set him up on the tour. I have been to his Blood Sweat and Beers tour and I know that they did not collaborate in any way during the show, nor did he ever mention how good his opening act was. I agree Brantley is a d bag.

        Also I do not believe he ever try to label himself personally as an “Outlaw”. If he has and you have proof, I’ll eat my words and shut up. The video he made for the consideration of the ACM award, I believe was just paying homage to the original outlaws, never saying he was one of them. He is just given this label by other publications and critics who believe he is trying to be one. He is saying something you agree with, why fight that? Yes, he is on a major label, but he puts out reasonable music that you agree with. Isn’t that a step forward for what you are trying for on this website? Yes he is arrogant, but maybe that is what is needed for people to speak up on a bigger platform.

        • I admit, whether Eric Church is trying to portray himself as an Outlaw or is allowing or promoting people to do it behind the scenes is a big gray area. Leading to this grayness is that he’s never addressed the situation directly, probably on purpose because no matter what he says he can’t win. I know on the CMA’s last November Brad Paisley introduced him as “country’s latest Outlaw”. I can’t imagine on a show like that where every second is thought out and choreographed that they didn’t at least check with his management or label with how to introduce him. But you’re right, you do not see him slapping the Outlaw tag on himself, or at least obviously. It’s usually others giving him that label.

          Here’s video of the CMA introduction.


        • Would you consider a licensed t-shirt from him which reads “Outlaw Country Ain’t Dead” with his signature skull logo to be proclaiming himself as an outlaw?


          • Man, that’s depressing.

          • Good find. I think this topic deserves its own article. Some stuff has come to light ;)

  • Some of the greatest in country music history have branched out from just music. Waylon with Dukes, Buck with Hee Haw, Dwight with tons of movies, George with Strait Country (ok I only added that because of how awful he was at it). Being on television doesn’t make Shelton a douchebag. Being a douchebag makes him a douchebag.

  • When did Eric Church decide to turn into Kenny Powers? I mean that quote about hipsters being pussies sounded like it could’ve been ripped from an episode of Eastbound & Down. It was funny as hell, but I haven’t heard any music from him that actually backs up his ego.

  • Jason Isbell via Twitter:

    “Eric Church still hasn’t apologized for singing a country song called ‘Homeboy’ “

    • What’s so wrong with homeboy?

      • Church’s original comments might carry more weight if not for the fact Miranda and Chris Young are among the better mainstream artists in the business, both of whom started on Nashville Star.

        • Miranda was on that show and got the attention of nashville, but she was paying her dues long before playing in bars in Texas with her daddy as manager, and she played in some rough places. When she did her first record she told the label it was her way or no way and she was no pop country princess. The bar scene she played made her tough and that showed on her first album. Anyway she has more cred than Church……….correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know bout her hubby though

      • That’s a funny ass quote from Isbell and I give him props for it, but I have to admit I gave “Homeboy” a positive review and love the message of the song. I think it might be Church’s best, and it was the first time I found appreciation for him as an artist.

  • He’s at least kinda right when he said, “Rock & Roll has been very emo or whatever the fuck.”

  • Yep,no way Miranda is a pop-country princess


    Just a flat out POP Princess these days

    Wake up people!

    • I concede somewhat………

  • Eric has no sense of diplomacy. He could have delivered the same message withou t coming across as a real jerk.

  • Eric Church interview in American Songwriter:


    Includes this Q and A:

    Q: People have been calling you an outlaw. Is that an image you’ve tried to create for yourself?

    A: Oh god. No! Not at all. I think we get thrown into that category because of our career path. For a long time, it wasn’t cool to play the kind of music we did. It wasn’t cool to talk about what we talked about. We were pariahs, and when we got fired from the Rascal Flatts tour, we were troublemakers. I think that’s where the outlaw name comes from, but I prefer to think there’s already been an outlaw movement, and I think we can leave it at that. I’m not into branding what we do, because that just sensationalizes things, when it should be about the music.

    • Yeah, and Chris just posted above a link to an Outlaw T-shirt he’s selling.

      • Yep. Too funny. The t-shirt doesn’t actually have his name on it. His idea of plausible deniability?

        • Plausible deniability. I may have to steal that. This is Eric Church being Eric Church. Like the title of this article says, he wants it both ways. He wants to be considered an Outlaw, but doesn’t want the criticism by calling himself an Outlaw like Justin Moore did.

  • I refuse to listen to Eric Church, whether I like the song or not. He tries to bring himself up by bringing other people down and I can’t stomach it. One of the things I like and respect about most country artists is their humility – most (certainly not all) are humble individuals. There is a way to push yourself to the forefront without tearing people down but Church has yet to learn how to do that. I have no time for him, his music, or his aviator glasses and ball cap.

  • Man the only thing that pisses me of is that who ever wrote this put Brantley Gilbert down. That’s bullshit he deserves better credit than that. Tell me how the new and up coming artist like Brantley be a douche??? Fuck that and who ever wrote that! I’ve been a huge fan and friend of Brantley Gilbert and i dont appreciate this bullshit at all!

    • I would be the one that wrote that. Your disapproval is noted.

  • A prep kid growing up rich and now singing about working hard punching a clock and no blue blood trust fund to dip into… is a real slap in the face to the real country folk. Member of high school golf team, and now a certified Bad A#%…maybe people can change. There’s you country song! And that part about blowing out his knee and dreaming of playing college football, he never played football…

    • Johnny didn’t shoot a man in reno, just to watch him die either…..just saying!

      • Cash was a storyteller. Church is trying to sell an image. Big difference.

        • So Church can’t write and sing songs in “1st person”, that didn’t really happen to him? I don’t get it. Besides all musicians are selling an image to some degree.

    • He actually played a little bit of football, til his sophomore year when he did get a knee injury. But yeah, you’re right that the part about having a shot at college ball was greatly exaggerated.

  • I, to, have let Eric’s off-stage antics cloud my view of him and didn’t listen to “Chief” for the longest time — and when I did, I went in ready to hate it. Much to my surprise, I found the album to be quite innovative. I feel it pushed the boundaries of country but, unlike most recycled rock acts out there, didn’t break the boundaries. I kind of compare it to what Ronnie Milsap was doing in the 1980s (but by no means am I equating Eric Church’s talent level to Ronnie Milsap’s — I’m just commenting on being innovative and pushing boundaries). When all was said and done, I found a lot to like on “Chief,” and the stuff I didn’t like I still found a respect for what Eric was trying to accomplish.

    Too bad he’s a jerk.

    • thats pretty much exactly the way i see it. well said.

  • fuck reality tv and fuck eric church

  • Since when has everyone in this country became so soft. Its a capitalistic country. He found his way to the top. Good for Eric. I bet you all like rascal flatts and blake shelton thats why everyone is so upset about this. What Blake Shelton is doing right now is very cute. Let Eric say whatever he wants he still makes money and his true fans will follow him no matter what. everyone that is upset with Church are the kind of people that give there children trophies for participating.

    • “I bet you all like rascal flatts and blake shelton thats why everyone is so upset about this.”

      I’ll take that bet.

  • Mark J couldnt be more right

  • I don’t care if Church calls himself ‘old skool’ or corporate- he’s a pandering douchenozzle in either case. I mean, what kind of ‘country star’ knob-slobs F’ing Bruce Springsteen? Seriously? Church is a publicity whore.

  • Anyone on here hating on Church can’t say anything until they see him live. Nobody enjoys being on stage and performing their music more than him. Eric church lives and dies by his music and fans and thats the way it should be. If he’s not in the studio making a new album for his fans he’s on tour entertaining them. He isn’t wasting his time on any reality tv shows trying to make a bigger name for himself. He’s doing it through his music.

  • I’m so sick and tired of seein yankee city boys with hoop earings in their ears tryin to act country. Leave eric church alone let’s get that street thug jason aldean off the stage and clean country music up.

  • Aldean makes a direct mockery of our way of life up there with rings in his nose chains dangin and his pants on the ground. Then he takes it a step farther with the song dirt road anthem where he actually raps! Rapping on country music radio! This has got to stop! What next? Is he gonna do a duet with pdidy?

  • Why do they keep trying to shove 20 pounds of douche in a 10 pound sack?

  • eric church is the man, anyone who considers EC “pop country” is a fucking moron bahahaha

  • I like country music but have not paid a lot of attention to Eric Church before. I went to a concert recently, more to see Kenny Chesney, but the friends I went with raved about Church and said I would like him better than Chesney. (Didn’t happen that way for me). I happen to like edgy country music sometimes, but the shirt being promoted for him was a huge turnoff for me, and I don’t care whether he thinks it promotes his “outlaw” image or not.

    But I got curious why they would promote a shirt like that and that is why I am here finding out more about this “outlaw” of country music. What I am seeing is that he wants to promote an “outlaw” image but he is fake in that respect because what he really wants is to make money and he does it the same way many others do…by pushing the envelope in any way he can get away with, even if some find his ways offensive and obnoxious. It is not as if that shirt makes an “important artistic statement” that would reflect this important, ever-so-authentic “artist.”

  • Listen up you mother fuckers. Eric church does not put on an “outlaw” image, hes just a fuckin badass. Blake shelton? He could not write his way out of a mad libbs book.
    Everything Eric said about the modern country wimps and the shitty lame rocknroll of today is spot on.

  • he`s an immature, pot-headed child that needs to grow up. i used to belive country was so pure, but now, {and i can not belive I’M saying this} it’s getting more and more like rap.

  • You know what else outlaws don’t do? Sit around on their computers critiquing and debating “what a real outlaw” in country music is. Eric church is considered the country rebel/outlaw right now because he, more than any other current country singer, avoids the beaten path. He writes about things no one else talks about (he writes his own music which is more than a lot of today’s singers can say). He tries new things that may (and sometimes do) fail but he risks it anyway because he wants to.
    Seriously what kind of simp sits around just nothing and critiquing people instead of doing their own thing? What a whiny bitch

  • You read it didn’t you….what kind of person “sits around just nothing”…whatever that means – “critiquing people” – who read the same things you do?

    Sounds like a jerk posing in a victim’s persona.

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