EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Flores “Working Girl’s Guitar” Full Album Stream

October 9, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  5 Comments

There’s just something in the way boys and girls are wired differently that makes female lead guitar players a rarity. But when you find one, man, what a musical treat.

Rosie Flores is rockabilly royalty. You can draw a direct line from Rose Maddox, to Wanda Jackson, to Rosie Flores, and she takes her role as the “Rockabilly Filly” seriously, helping to revitalize the careers of both Wanda and the “Female Elvis” Janis Martin when she invited them onto her smash 1995 release Rockabilly Filly.

A Member of the Austin Music Hall of Fame, she was dubbed the “female Dwight Yoakam” when she emerged out of the new traditionalist scene in Southern California. But enough comparisons with the boys, Rosie is a world beater all her own, recently making headlines by raising money and posthumously releasing Janis Martin’s The Blanco Sessions, as well as creating and performing a multimedia presentation for Janis at the Rock n’ Roll Hall Of Fame.

And as if Rosie wasn’t busy enough, here she is releasing her 11th full length album Working Girl’s Guitar through Bloodshot Records on October 16th. This raucous and rebellious collection of songs features Rosie for the first time handling all the solo guitar licks herself and writing some new original tunes along the way. Touching on rockabilly, surf, blues, and country, Rosie slays all comers and proves why she remains one of the most entertaining, energetic, and influential female guitar players around today.

Pre-Order Working Girl’s Guitar from Bloodshot

Rosie Flores, Working Girl’s Guitar by BSHQ

5 Comments to “EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Flores “Working Girl’s Guitar” Full Album Stream”

  • I love Rosie Flores, and I want the whole world to know about it. She was responsible for one of my favorite music experiences of all time when I saw her up close and personal with Chris Scruggs (BR549, many others) at Bloodshot Records Yard Dog showcase as part of SXSW 2010. The audio is a little grainy, but…


  • Though this site I was able to donate some money to her when her arm was broken and I’ll never forget that she was cool enough to send a postcard back to me with a personal message thanking me and inviting me to hang out next time she’s in town. Seems like a genuinely good person.


  • Love Miss Rosie. Cool that you’re streaming the new album. Also thanks for the videos.

    I reviewed the Janis Martin album, and Rosie’s for my newspaper recently. That column is here: http://steveterrell.blogspot.com/2012/09/terrells-tune-up-love-for-rockabilly.html


  • Thanks for the hook up Trigg. The wife has the day off and she’s bouncing around the house to this. Next I’m gonna shoot a message to my bro that runs a little record store in Santa Cruz (remember those things?) and make sure he’s got a copy for me next time I come off the mountain and go to “Civilization”.


  • Rosie is great and her new album is powerful, what a great roots music mix! She really rocks and her lead guitar playing is hot. The new issue of Blue Suede News comes out in mid December and features and extensive story and interview with Rosie Flores. Available for pre-order now and download soon.


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