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Wayne All you Wayne “The Train” Hancock fans, you have just been delivered a gift on a silver platter. The blog A Truer Sound has just made available for download a compilation of Wayne Hancock music that includes a set recorded LIVE at the KUT Studios in Austin, TX on October 9th, 1994, as well as Wayne’s original 8-song demo called “10-10″ that he did in 1995. This is a motherload of early Wayne Hancock music, all recorded before his first official album Thunderstorms and Neon Signs.

It’s interesting to note that two of the songs in this collection, “Tropical Blues” and “Working at Working” also appear on Wayne’s latest album Viper of Melody. There’s 24 tracks in all, and the sound quality is superb.


The downloaded file also includes high resolution photos of the front and back cover and liner notes. Here’s the cover art for the compilation:

Wayne Hancock 10-10 Demo Live on KUT Album Cover Track List

Wayne Hancock 10-10 Demo Live on KUT Album Cover Track List


  • Wayne Hancock – Vocals
  • Paul Skelton – Lead Guitar
  • Scott Walls – Pedal Steel Guitar
  • T.J. McFarland – Drums
  • Don Baycock – Bass
  • Howard Kalish – Fiddle

Track List KUT Studios:

  • 01 – Any Old Time (Jimmie Rodgers)
  • 02 – Oklahoma Hills (Woody Guthrie)
  • 03 – No Lovin’ Tonight
  • 04 – Working At Working
  • 05 – Walking The Dog (Webb Pierce)
  • 06 – Thunderstorms And Neon Signs
  • 07 – It Don’t Hurt Anymore (Hank Snow)
  • 08 – California Blues
  • 09 – band introduction
  • 10 – Highway 54
  • 11 – Railroad Blues
  • 12 – Anytime (Eddy Arnold)
  • 13 – Poor Boy Blues
  • 14 – Lovesick Blues (Hank Williams)
  • 15 – 87 Southbound
  • 16 – It’s All Over Now

Track List 10-10 Demo:

  • 17. JOHNNY LAW

25 Comments to “FREE Wayne Hancock LIVE & First Demo”

  • Hell, I think Christmas replaced Halloween this year. What an amazing find. Thanks A Truer Sound!

  • many many thanks for the free download

    we promote indie artists through our troop comp cd which we make and send out FREE to troop folks around the world,we tried to get through to you to ask for hony tonk song but no reply

    we do this all for FREE and all we ask is that you


    T RY
    D OOR


    yeah we,re old hippies who still believe

    google oldtoad gil

    once again thankyou

    The Lady and oldtoad gil

  • Many thanks for this, Just saw wayne over here in europe a few months back.

  • Toad,

    Did you try to get a hold of me or Wayne Hancock? If you want to get a hold of me, try MySpace.

  • thanks for the gift my friend.. you can only find the best in REAL country on SCM.com that is fore sure!

  • High Rollin Train is also on the new c.d.

    Thanks for this.

  • Many thanks for the free download, much appreciated.

  • Great, thanks for that!! Can’t beat a bitta Wayne!!

  • Wayne, thanks very much for this! Come back to the DC area!

  • thanks…….most excellent

  • I D/Led the Zip file and extracted the music but I cant get the mp3’s to play.Says they may be corrupted? Any ideas? Should I convert them?

  • Don’t know Scott, seems to be working for most people. Do you use iTunes? iTunes might be converting the files.

  • No i dont use Itunes and I downloaded the file using firefox.I will try it again with IE.

  • Thank you so much for this free download, I already have the 10/10 sessions but thanks for the live recording, Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock is the real deal.

  • t h a n k s !

  • Hi,

    Great Wayne tunes. I have downloaded them on the computer.
    But how to burn them on CD, it says it is not possible, when I press the burn button.
    There is a cover for the cdbox included in the download, so I guess it is meant to put on a CD?

    • Well it worked with itunes (after some study). Nice CD!! Saw Wayne last week in a small barn. Great! Even got the chance to talk to him a bit.

      Many thanks for the download!!!

  • Thanks alot for the download wayne is the shit!! I saw him not to long ago down here in florida just him alone with his guitar. he played for three hours non stop. and at the end of the show me a buddy of mine and wayne was just chillin in the parkin lot hanging out with the MAN HIMSELF wayne hancock.. one of the best nights of my life.. Thanks alot agian for this new music man

  • i might be the only one boss but the link doesn’t show as a link.

    • I’m with you. The link isn’t active. I tried Firefox and Chrome. No dice.

      • Should be fixed now. I don’t know what happened. I swear, right now I couldn’t fall out of bed and hit the ground.

  • http://www.mediafire.com/?uyg4jmytxtn

    Here’s the link for those of us who can’t reach it.

  • Thanks, very cool for making this available to all of us. Caught two shows of his last month and it was great. By far, one of my favorite songwriters and performers.

  • tHANKS!!!

  • I wouldn’t want to throw a monkey wrench into the mix…however, the recording date of the “Live Set” broadcast is subject to verification. There is solid evidence that the original broadcast date of said show occurred on 23 August 1992. It appears that a limited promotional cassette tape of the broadcast was produced by Wayne Hancock’s (then) late manager/drummer T. J. McFarland, and the late Dan Del Santo.
    This tape may have been produced simply has a promotional tool, and circulated in a limited fashion. The tape credits list the above broadcast date, and engineered by Cliff Hargrove. I’m currently researching this information for verification, and pursuing the possibility that an extant original recording of same resides in the UT library, or KUT radio archives for comparison, and other information; through various UT faculty, and library personnel. It’s possible that the original broadcast tape may reveal that what’s currently available here may have been edited, and/or rearranged post production, leaving out station IDs, and PSAs, and maybe interview dialogue. I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

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