George Jones Announces 60-Date “Farewell Tour” in 2013

August 14, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  19 Comments

After 50 years of service to country music, the 80-year-old George Jones has just announced that in 2013, he will be going on his final tour. “The Grand Tour” as it is being billed will include 60 dates. At this time, no dates or cities have been announced. “The Grand Tour” was also an album and song Jones released in 1974.

“It is tough to stop doing what I love, but the time has come,” Jones said in a press release, citing a desire to spend more time with his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Earlier this year George Jones battled a respiratory infection that lasted for weeks. He spent a week in the hospital in early April 2012, and as he was recovering at his home in Franklin, TN, doctors mandated he take additional time off and canceling numerous shows. Jones’s recovery was slow, but he finally resumed touring this year. He’s also been involved in a battle with his daughter Georgette Jones, and has had difficulty selling his Franklin, TN estate.

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As much of a fan of George Jones as I am and it pains me to see him announce a farewell tour, it also seems appropriate considering his health struggles and personal issues. The man has given so much to country music and touring is such a burden on a performer’s family life and health that it would only make sense that George Jones take some time for himself here in his golden years. I feel confident George Jones will not disappear after the 2013 tour, but will be around longer as a country music elder statesman by pacing himself and finding the appropriate role for music in his life as he grows older.

Initial Tour Dates:

Nov. 16: Peoria, Ill.
Nov. 17: Hiawassee, Ga.
Nov. 23: Winnie, Texas
Nov. 24: Bossier City, La.

Dec. 1: Elizabeth, Ind.
Dec. 15: Jackson, Tenn.

Feb. 2: Tunica, Miss.
Feb. 7: Lakeland, Fla.
Feb. 22: Greenville, Texas
Feb. 23: Forrest City, Ark.

March 15: Joliet, Ill.
March 16: Muncie, Ind.
March 22: Chattanooga, Tenn.

April 5: Fairfax, Va.
April 6: Knoxville, Tenn.
April 19: Atlanta
April 20: Salem, Va.
April 27: Huntsville, Ala.

May 17: Charlottesville, Va.
May 18: Spartanburg, S.C.
June 1: North Tonawanda, N.Y.
June 2: Lancaster, Pa.

Nov. 9: Grant, Okla.
Nov. 22: Nashville

19 Comments to “George Jones Announces 60-Date “Farewell Tour” in 2013”

  • I saw George perform in July. He was not doing well. His great voice was somewhere between a whisper and a croak. It was very sad to see. I wish him the best.


    • I would rather remember George as George as opposed to a man struggling at the edge of his abilities.


      • So true Triggerman. I saw George two years ago and he was fading. He lost many of the high and low notes. My Dad loved it because his earring is fading too, he’s the same age as George so it was nice that he could see him up close and love it, but, yes, I hope this last tour is a good one for him.


  • Hope it comes close I would love to see him one last time.


  • Sad to hear he has hung his hat up finally , but understandable due to his age. I guess I need to finally get tickets to go see him.


  • One of the most important figures of country music history. I think his retirement is deserved and this man will long be remembered.


  • I’m thankful I got see him perform when his voice when in it’s full glory. A good George Jones gig truly was something to see and more importantly hear. Go see folks like George and Merle and Loretta and Willie and Ray Price while you can you’ll be glad you did.


  • I’ll go see him if the tour comes anywhere close to home, but the reason will be to be in the presence of a legend rather than to hear him sing. I’ve seen George at his peak, and seen him as lately, and can’t think of a larger chasm between the quality of two performances from the same artist.


  • “When someone asks me who is my favorite country singer, I say “Do you mean besides George Jones?”” – Johnny Cash

    “If we all sounded like we wanted to, we’d all sound like George Jones” – Waylon Jennings

    “I was afraid he was gonna die, I thought I was gonna live forever. You know, we both had problems with drugs.” – Waylon Jennings on George Jones

    “He’s the greatest voice in country music, he’ll always be my favorite singer”- Tammy Wynette

    “George Jones will always be the king of real country music to me”- Alan Jackson

    “George makes me self conscious, he sings too good”- Merle Haggard

    “I don’t think a better country singer ever lived than George Jones” – Little Jimmy Dickens

    “When George opens his mouth, it says “I am country music””- Ricky Skaggs

    “I think when it truly comes to singing heartfelt, out of the heart and soul of country music, George Jones is our man. He truly is the ultimate country singer” – Marty Stuart


  • I am so glad that I got to see the great George Jones 2 times, and met
    him in person. I will always be the Number 1 fan that he has. Thanks for
    all the music and enjoy your break. You have work hard an long for this


  • I’m glad George is finally retiring for good. I’ve heard him for many years and he’s been one of my favorite singers, however, I feel sad for him now when he tries to sing. Sad we all have to get old and can’t stay in our prime. I wish you the best of good health and happiness in your retirement. God bless !!!!!


  • i had the pleasure of seeing etta james live 4 years ago. i wish i had seen her in her prime. she hit some notes but it was kind of sad too. so, i’m not sure if i want to see george doing that live as well. i wish i’d seen him back when. he’s one of the all time greats. get some rest george and enjoy the family.


  • If you ever get a chance, read his autobiography “I Lived To Tell It All”. New York Time’s bestseller, George has lived hard and has a crazy story to tell.


  • Its simply amazing that George Jones is still alive. He’s been burning the candle at both ends for decades.


  • I saw him a couple years ago. It wasn’t pretty.

    He’s a legend though.


  • I have had the pleasure of being on stage with Goerge Jones many times,its the closes thing to the Holy Ghost I ever felt!!!


  • Go people! If you’ve never seen the possum live go to one of these tour stops or you will regret it! Pick a date and start planning now!


  • My husband and I have loved G.J. music since he recorded “Big Harlan Taylor” sixty years ago. No other country music singer as good as he is. I hope to see him on his final tour.


  • When it comes to country music, Theres George jones and then theres the rest of them.


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