George Jones’ First Album Reissued on Vinyl (Giveaway)

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george-jones-country-song-hits-reissueIt has been just over six months since we lost one of country music’s most singular and influential voices in George Jones, and though nothing will ever fill the void left in the heart of country music by the George Jones passing, our memories of his music just got a little easier to recall and share.

Reserve Records, an imprint of Secret Stash Records, has just reissued one of the most timeless and treasured pieces of country music history on vinyl: George Jones’ very first LP from Starday Records. The album has never been reissued in its entirety until now, making original copies of the album one of the most collectible records in history. 14 songs capturing George Jones in his most pure form come to life on this treasured new release that is also accompanied by a 45 of “Thumper Jones,” which was George Jones’ early rockabilly alter ego.

Starday Records was located in Beaumont, TX, and its name was taken from the two last names of its primary proprietors, Jack Starnes and Pappy Daily. Pappy was George’s first producer and mentor, and they originally cut records in Jack Sterns’ living room. George Jones had his first big hit with “Why Baby Why” in 1955, and wanting to capitalize off the interest, Starday issued George’s first LP in early 1957, which incidentally was Starday’s first record that wasn’t a single. “Thumper Jones” came about when Jones tried the rockabilly route in response to the popularity of Elvis Presley in 1956. Jones subsequently went on to become one of the biggest names in the history of country music, but it all started with Starday.

In conjunction with this vinyl reissue, and the historic tribute “Playing Possum, The Final No Show” set to transpire on Nov. 22nd at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena with 70+ performers, Saving Country music is giving away a set of the George Jones first album reissue and “Thumper Jones” single. All you have to do to enter is to leave your favorite George Jones song in a comment below. “But I can’t pick just ONE George Jones song!” That’s okay, list all your favorites! Just make sure to leave your real email address when prompted by the comment forum so we can contact you if you’re the winner. The winner will be announced on Nov. 22nd when the George Jones Tribute transpires.

And if you can’t wait to partake in all of this classic country goodness, you can order yourself up a copy right now!

Purchase & Preview Tracks from the George Jones Reissue.

147 Comments to “George Jones’ First Album Reissued on Vinyl (Giveaway)”

  • “He Stopped Loving Her Today”
    “The Grand Tour”

  • “Choices” will always be my favorite,

  • Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes!!

  • Color of the Blues
    Is one of my all time favorites
    But honestly he never did a song I didn’t like
    So I love them all <3

  • “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”
    “The King is Gone (So Are You)”
    “When the Curtain Falls”

  • The King is Gone, Choices, Why Baby Why, Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes, The Race is On, and way too many to list.

    I was proud to get to see the Possum from the second row a few months before he passed away. George, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart as one of the best musicians in history.

  • I AM, Wine Colored Roses, The Door, Cold Hard Truth. Good Year For The Roses, The King Is Gone

  • One? Then it would be “White Lightnin'”

  • The King is gone

  • She Thinks I Still Care

  • White Lighting
    Window Up Above

  • 1.) I Must Have Done Something Bad
    2.) The Door
    3.) He Stopped Loving Her Today
    4.) The Grand Tour
    5.) White Lightning
    6.) Still Got Some Hurting Left to Do
    7.) Least of All
    8.) She Thinks I Still Care
    9.) She Loved A Lot in Her Time
    10.) A Good Year For the Roses

  • I had a bunch of Stardays 45’s back in Sweden, including some George Jones. I had to leave them behind because they were to much to carry on my way over. Little did I know they we’re treasures, I though they were remakes because the yellow label looked to new.

    No use crying over spilt milk but I sure wish I had all my country vinyl with me here, starting over my new life in my home music territory….

  • White Lightnin’.

  • Gulp “White Lightnin'”

  • She’s My Rock

  • It’s impossible to list my favorite George Jones song! However, according to iTunes, the following 5 are the my most played:
    1. Just One More (haunting at 3 am)
    2. Don’t Stop the Music
    3. She Thinks I Still Care
    4. He Stopped Loving Her Today
    5. White Lightning

  • Lots of tough “Choices”, but gotta go with White Lightning, The Race is On, and If Drinkin Don’t Kill Me( Her Memory Will.)

  • The Race is On!….WHo Shot Sam….Why Baby Why…Arg!

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today, Choices, One Woman Man

  • Walk Through This World With Me

  • Walk Through This World With Me

    I Just Don’t Give A Damn

    The Window Up Above

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today

  • Choices

  • She Thinks I Still Care
    Don’t Leave Without Taking Your Silver
    If Drinking Don’t Kill Me

  • he stopped loving her today

  • She Thinks I Still Care – timeless
    Funny How Time Slips Away
    I Can Live Forever
    Yesterday’s Wine (technically Blackberry Smoke f. George Jones, but these two together make a great combo!)

  • Favorite George Jones song

    1. The Rock
    2. Same Ole Me
    3. The Grand Tour
    4. The window up above

  • I would have to say my favorite George Jones song is A Drunk Can’t be a Man.

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today, The Grand Tour, Choices

  • The Grand Tour

  • “Root Beer,” cuz my grandaddy, who had no interest in music, used to sing it in the old Cheyenne. He thought that song was funnier’n hell.

  • “The Race Is On”

  • Half As Much and If Her Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me.

  • She Thinks I Still Care
    The Grand Tour
    The One I Loved Back Then (Corvette Song)

  • Can’t pick just one
    1. he stopped loving her today
    2. the selfishness in a man
    3. when the grass grows over me
    4. things have gone to pieces
    5. still doin’ time

  • his 70s and 80s material is absolutely timeless, but “choices” from later in his career is my personal favorite

  • who’s gonna fill their shoes?

    she thinks I still care

  • He stopped loving her today
    She thinks I still care
    Golden rings

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today

  • 1) Tennessee Whiskey
    2) Wine Colored Roses
    3) A Picture of Me Without You

  • The Corvette Song!

  • “Just One More”

    “If Drinking Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)”

    “The Grand Tour”

  • I’m Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down.

  • He had so many beautiful, emotional songs but the one that I listen to over and over is The King Is Gone. It is not a gut wrenching as some of the others but it is clever and catchy and a perfect little snapshot of a time and place.

  • “Choices” is my favorite!

  • ooh,thats right…i forgot this was happening. Secret Stash is the shit too.

    Tennesse Whiskey (my slow dance jam)
    The Grand Tour
    Why Baby Why
    White Lightning

  • She Thinks I Still Care

  • I just don’t give a damn
    Will you visit me on sunday
    Burn another honky tonk down
    A good year for the roses
    Right won’t touch a hand
    Sometimes you just can’t win
    Still doin’ time
    I’d rather die young
    The grand tour

    • Excellent! Almost sounds like a set of lyrics in itself!!

  • ‘A Good Year For The Roses,’ ‘A Good Old Fashioned Cry,’ and ‘When The Grass Grows Over Me.’ Most Jones songs tear my heart out when I listen to them, but these three especially.

  • Once you’ve had the best, Her name is…, If the drinkin don ‘t kill me.
    Just to name a few!

  • Honky Tonk Song, White Lightnin’, and cliche, but He Stopped Loving Her Today

  • So many great songs ….. But I’ll go for “The King Is Gone”, if only for his fantastic delivery of the lines: “I pulled the head off Elvis, Filled Fred up to his pelvis, Yabba Dabba Doo, the King is gone, And so are you”

  • Songs I like in no partik’lar order would be: Honkytonk Song, Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes, Eskimo Pie, White Lightnin’, The Bottle In My Hand (duet with David Allen Coe), Why Baby Why, Ragged But Right (cover of Riley Puckett song), He Stopped Loving Her Today.

    That’s jes a few of the many great songs I love my George Jones. May his mem’ry linger on, an never let ‘im be fergotten

  • He stopped loving her today
    Who’s gonna fill their shoes
    White lightning
    The grand tour
    The race is on
    The battle
    The king is gone

  • Window up above

  • White Lightning
    The Race is on

  • So tough but….. He Stopped Loving Her Today

  • Mr. Fool

    “no one can ever call me Mr. Fool no more”

    I found it on a Jones best-of called Hard Core Honky Tonk Vol I

  • Achin’, Breakin’ Heart

    Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes

  • She Thinks I Still Care

  • “Why baby why”, and “A good year for the roses”!!

  • Finally Friday
    I Just Don’t Give a Damn
    I’ve Aged Twenty Years in Two

    and all the usual favorites :)

  • George’s Starday period is actually my favorite era of George Jones. The singing and playing on these tracks is just so damn funky…I’ve listened to them hundreds of times over the years.

    My choices from the Starday era:

    You’re in My Heart (B-side of George’s first single: I’ve been singing this myself for decades)

    Seasons of My Heart (Starday version only!)

    Color of the Blues (the lyrics are absolute poetry)

    Just One More (the nadir of booze-fueled despair)

  • My favorite is probably “When the Last Curtain Falls”… although “He Stopped Loving Her Today” is right up there, too. Hard to choose!

  • my top 10:

    He Stopped Loving Her Today
    Still Doin Time
    Bartenders Blues
    Good Year For the Roses
    I just dont give a damn
    I’m not ready yet
    You’re still on my mind
    A Girl I Used to know
    the grand tour

    Others: whose gonna fill their shoes?, Just one more, Golden Ring, If Drinking dont kill me, When the grass grows over me, Aged 20 years in 5, walk through this world with me and I’ll share my world with you.

    In my opinion, his voice was at it’s peak from early 60’s to early to mid 70’s. His sound was also less overproduced during this period. Despite this, my favorite songs tend to be between 74 and 84. The soul and emotion in his voice during that period is chilling.

  • The Grande Tour
    Bartender’s blues
    Wrongs what I do best
    He stopped loving her today
    Walls can fall

    Way too many to list

  • Walk through this world with me.

    My wife and I danced our first dance together at our wedding two years ago to that song., We will be at the concert on the 22nd. We bought tickets as soon as they went on sale and were very sad once we heard Jones passed and wouldnt make it to this show.

  • “Choices”
    “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

    Definitely miss George!

  • Tender Years!

  • Good Year for the Roses
    Tender Years
    Window Up Above
    The King is Gone (And So Are You)
    She Thinks I Still Care

  • Still doin time
    Wine colored roses

  • Ol George Stopped Drinkin Today
    White Lightning
    If Drinkin Dont Kill Me
    Wino The Clown
    I Gotta Get Drunk
    Brothers of a Bottle

  • The King is Gone (And So Are You)
    What a classic!!

    and my fav George and Tammy is Golden Ring.

  • You’re Still On My Mind… soooo gooood

  • The Race Is On, and She Thinks I Still Care

  • Not sure if this counts because Willie may have written this one, but I love “Gotta Get Drunk” with George Jones and Willie Nelson.

    And, of course, “Why, Baby, Why” is a classic!

  • She Thinks I Still Care

  • - Radio Lover
    – Bed of Roses
    – This Wanting You

    And of course, all of the above!

  • many but….. The Window Up Above

  • Out of Control…

    “Does he search for contentment that he might hope to find
    From a honky tonk woman or the bottles of wine
    He shakes and he trembles even though he’s not old
    Like a leaf in a whirlwind he’s out of control”

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today is my favorite. Love his music.

    katja9_10 at hotmail dot com

  • Walk Through This World With Me

  • On The Back Row
    The Grand Tour
    She Once Live Here
    A Good Year for the Roses
    Tell Me My Lying Eyes are Wrong
    Mr. Fool
    The King is Gone
    The Door

    anything with Melba Montgomery

    I could be here all day …

  • “Choices” and “You and Me and Time” with Georgette.

  • I have many favorite George Jones songs, but my top four would have to be.
    1.) He Stopped Loving Her Today
    2.) Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes
    3.) What My Woman Can’t Do
    4.) Choices

  • Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes
    He Stopped Loving Her Today
    Still Doin’ Time

  • Soon they’ll carry him away . . .

  • Window Up Above

  • 1. Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes
    2. He Stopped Loving Her Today
    3. If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will)
    4. A Good Year For The Roses
    5. The Right Left Hand

  • “The Race is On”
    “White Lightning”

  • Who’s gonna fill their shoes
    The Grand Tour
    He Stopped Loving her Today

  • In the Shadow of a Lie.

  • Seems like most are only naming his radio hits

    If only you would love me again
    Somebody wants me out of the way
    Window up above
    The Grand Tour
    Millions in Milwuakee
    Hurtin left to do
    Ghost of another man
    Things have gone to pieces
    Bone dry
    Still Doin’ Time
    Tender years
    Goodbye joke
    If i could put them all together
    The door
    Big fool of the year
    King of the mountain
    She thinks i still care
    Once you had the best
    Something to drink about
    Ragged but i’m right
    Mama take me home
    The old man no one loves
    Over something good
    There’s the door
    She hung the moon
    Just when i needed you
    I’ve got to see you again
    Who’s gonna fill their shoes
    A picture of me without you
    Tramp on the street
    Iv’e aged 20 years in 5
    Tell me my lying eyes are wrong
    100 Proof memories

    i’m leaving out tons more but that’s to be expected

  • Choices
    He stopped loving her today
    Golden ring

  • “The Show’s Almost Over”

  • Golden Ring
    She thinks I still care
    Grand Tour

  • “Why Baby Why”

    Probably the most singalongable chorus I’ve ever heard, and he wastes no time hitting you with it. Brilliant.

  • ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ is, of course, flawless. But another favorite of mine would be ‘Lonesome Life’.

  • Late Jones but still one of the best,

    “A Thousand Times a Day” from the early nineties

    I could listen to it a million times and it still wouldn’t be enough

  • As so many have said, its hard to pick just one. My favorite changes with my mood. White Lightning, He stopped loving her today, the race is on, wine colored roses.

    But, If I could only listen to one Possum song again it would have to be Window Up Above.

  • Too many to choose but ‘He Stopped Loving Her Today’ always chokes me up.

  • *One* favorite? Not an option. I’ll go off the board and list one of my favorites “Worst of Luck”.

  • The Race is On

  • “A drunk can’t be a man”
    “You’re still on my mind”
    “Nothing ever hurt me (half as bad as losing you)”

  • And “I’ve seen better days” with Tammy Wynette.

  • Great Judgement Morning from his Amazing Grace album.

  • Definitely impossible to pick a true favorite, as there are so many songs of his that hit me right where they oughtta at any given time, depending on my frame of mind. But “Things Have Gone To Pieces” is way up there on the list for sure. That was right around the time that he had really started to find his voice and develop his signature vocal style. And the way he delivers the “There ain’t nothing in my pocket ‘cept two nickels and a dime” line is one of the single most perfect moments of singing in all of country music.

  • “The race is on” because it was the first song I learned to sing as a toddler, at least that’s what they tell me :)

  • The King is Gone, White Lightning, The Race is On, He Stopped Loving Her Today and The Grand Tour. :)

  • He stopped loving her today
    White lightnin’

  • The Race Is On, She once lived here, Don’t let the stars get in your eyes, The Door, The Grand Tour, The King is Gone

  • So many great songs..

    “What’s Your Mama’s Name” is one of my all time favorites…

    Others big favorites include:

    When the Last Curtain Falls
    The Devil is Gathering Firewood
    Burn Another Honky Tonk Down
    Walls Can Fall
    She Thinks I Still Care
    The Door
    It’ll Be Me
    I Just Don’t Give A Damn
    Walls Can Fall
    Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes
    Please Don’t Sell Me Anymore Whiskey Tonight
    Hell Stays Open All Night Long

  • She thinks I still care!

  • When the Grass Grows Over Me

  • Have to say he stop loving her today beats all. But I also love the grand tour, she thinks i still care, tennessee whiskey, and alot more.

  • As far as the Possum’s originals go, “Window Up Above” is tops, in my book, but I’m also VERY partial to his cover of James Taylor’s “Bartender’s Blues,” which he pretty much made his own.

  • We’re not the jet set.

  • My favorite George Jones tune has always been White Lightning. Although I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair was a great one too.

  • He Stopped Loving Her Today, White Lightening, who’s gonna fill their shoes, wild Irish rose, and everything else he’s ever written or recorded

  • I’ve always loved “High-Tech Redneck”. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

    It’s fun, light-hearted, and this list needs some levity.

  • Honky Tonk Song
    He stopped loving her today
    Murder on Music Row

  • She Loved a Lot in Her Time.

  • In no real order…
    Her Name Is…
    White Lightning
    Root Beer
    Yesterday’s Wine
    The King Is Gone
    Still Doing Time
    The Sme Old Me
    Sinners and Saints
    …among others!

  • Things have gone to pieces,I just don’t give a damn,The visit,I’m over you,Still doing time,Wine colored roses,If drinking don’t kill me,You outta be here with me,Our Bed of roses,Writing on the wall,

  • All of his hits.

  • She Thinks I Still Care
    White Lightning
    Tennessee Whiskey

  • he stopped loving her today

  • She Thinks I Still Care, The Door

  • Tall Tall Trees
    Window Up Above

  • The first few off the top of my head …

    You’re Looking At A Happy Man
    He Stopped Loving Her Today
    The Race Is on
    The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight

  • I know it’s technically not one that GJ wrote, but damn he sure makes it his own when he sings “Bartender’s Blues”.

  • Too Wild, Too Long or Six Foot Deep, Six Foot Down

  • Who’s gonna fill their shoes
    Tennessee Whiskey
    White Lightning
    The one I loved back then(corvette song)
    The Grand Tour
    Merle Haggard and George Jones version of “Yesterdays Wine”
    David Allen Coe and George Jones Duet “This bottle in my hand”
    Sinners and Saints
    He stopped loving her today
    Wrong’s what I do best
    The king is Gone
    I just don’t give a damn
    Finally Friday
    High Tech Redneck

    That’s off the top of my head!

  • Choices is my favorite and so excited my wife and I will be at the Final No Show Tribute in Nashville :) It’s gonna be great and George would be so proud.

  • Obvious Favorites:

    White Lightning (very first song I ever heard <3
    Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
    Bartender's Blues
    If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me
    She Thinks I Still Care
    The Race Is On
    Tender Years
    Tennessee Whiskey
    Window Up Above
    We're Gonna Hold On
    Why Baby Why
    Two Story House
    Take Me
    The Door
    Golden Ring
    A Picture of Me (Without You)
    Walk Thru This World With Me
    The Grand Tour
    When The Grass Grows Over Me
    We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds
    I Always Get Lucky With You
    The Jet Set
    He Stopped Loving Her Today

    Not So Obvious Favorites:

    Things Have Gone To Pieces
    Who Shot Sam
    Color of the Blues
    Still Doin' Time
    Ol George Stopped Drinkin' Today
    When The Last Curtain Falls
    I Just Don't Give A Damn
    Honky Tonk Song
    Cup of Loneliness
    Her Name Is
    Homecoming In Heaven
    It Don't Get Any Better Than This
    Finally Friday
    Ol Red
    I'll Take You To My World

  • Gotta go with “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

  • The King is Gone

  • “Choices” means more to me at 45 than it did 14 years ago.

  • “He Stopped Loving Her Today”

  • 1. I Don’t Need Your Rockin Chair
    2. He Stopped Loving Her Today
    3. The Grand Tour

  • “beneath still waters”
    “tender years”
    “a picture of me without you”

  • Root Beer!

  • wham bam who shot sam

  • The Corvette Song

  • Lots of great hurtin’ songs as well as terrible maudlin and novelty songs over the years from George. Always worth a listen, though. A true Artist in his time.

    My favorites are:

    World’s Worst Loser
    Least of All
    Seasons of My Heart
    Beneath Still Waters (I even wrote a 2nd verse because it was too short)
    Window Up Above
    You’re Still on My Mind
    Writing on the Wall
    That’s A Day in the Life of a Fool

    These are all I can think of right now.


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