Hank III Colored Vinyl For Record Store Day

March 15, 2011 - By Trigger  //  News  //  55 Comments

The small promotional idea that has now become an international event every Spring called Record Store Day is picking up steam for it’s 2011 edition. Observed on April 16th this year, far from just a good excuse to locate and patronize your local record store, it has also become a good excuse for many bands around the world to promote themselves with limited edition vinyl pressings, and “split” projects with different bands to help introduce different artists to different fans.

Country has been the very last of the major genres to embrace the revitalization of vinyl, with one exception: Hank Williams III, who has been releasing his records on vinyl for years, and has his full catalog available in the format. In conjunction with Record Store Day this year, 700 limited-edition colored vinyl copies of his albums Risin’ Outlaw, Lovesick Broke & Driftin’, Straight to Hell, Damn Right Rebel Proud, & Rebel Within will be made available.

In theory they will only be available through local record stores, but I have said this before about Hank III vinyl and then turned out to be wrong. Some stores will probably stock them on shelves, some you might be able to pre-order the editions through.

However, just like the controversial Hank III release Hillbilly Joker, these albums are not being done with the blessing of Hank III, but are being released by Curb Records to continue making money off an artist that is no longer on their label, and by selling music many fans already have. This puts Hank III in a moralistic jam. If they buy these sought after albums, they are supporting their local record store, but at the same time they are supporting Curb Records, and going against the wishes for the man whose name is on the front.

“Don’t but it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.”

…is how Hank III has asked his fans to handle Hillbilly Joker

Other country projects on vinyl as part of Record Store Day:

Justin Townes Earle – Move Over Mama 7″

Steve Earle – I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive 7″

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals – Class Mythology EP 2 x 7″

William Elliot Whitmore – POS 7″

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Other Recent Vinyl Projects:

Bob Wayne / Exodus Split EP

Black Eyed Vermillion / Goddamn Gallows “Swappin’ Spit” Vinyl

55 Comments to “Hank III Colored Vinyl For Record Store Day”

  • That WEW vinyl is mine!!!!!

    • Goin’ for the Whitmore vinyl myself since I have all of his other releases and generally dig the artwork. Hoping that Luke Tweedy who was responsible for the art on the Southern Records releases is helming this one as well… I also need more III vinyl as I only have Rebel Within and Assjack (which warped in my car on a hot day summer before last). Probably should get myself a record player first though! I still haven’t heard Whitmore’s split with Murder By Death because I don’t have a player. I am an idiot.

      • I don’t have a record player anymore and since all my vinyls got thrown out (long story) I was thinking of matting and framing a couple to hang on the wall. At least til I get another turntable too!

        • Denise, you can actually buy high gloss black lacquered frames that are specifically made for LP’s. They cost about $15 I think, and they look great. I saw some in a record store but maybe somewhere like Ikea or Walmart would sell them too? I saw them when I was visiting the states and was coveting some to bring home. But alas, way too heavy and big and clunky to transport so far :(

          • Thank you Carla. I’ve never framed and matted an album thus far so the tips are very welcome!

        • Actually that is the reason my collection continues to grow. My wife and I are decorating our house with our favorite albums from our favorite bands/artists. I am making the frames myself and we will be interchanging the LPs as our collection grows. Still gotta get a player though cuz it’s just a better sound. Seems like lately a lot of releases have been combining the cd format with the vinyl which has made it much more affordable for us, since my collection has started from square one in the last few years.

          • Oh cool Scott! What a great idea. Is it quite cost effective to make the frames yourself with the cost of getting glass cut to size etc? I love pop art and my place is decorated extensively with it. I love framing up gig posters too. Bloodshot just kindly emailed me a high res jpeg of the 2010 SXSW Bloodshot showcase poster. I am hoping to print it out A3 size and get Justin Townes Earle to autograph it when he’s in Auckland (where I live) next week when he’s here.

            Denise: these frames don’t come with mattes, they are just frames that are made to the exact size of an LP. They look very cool though and are interchangeable. If you can’t find any let me know and I’ll search online and find a link for you so you can see what they look like.

          • Not necessarily cost effective but we just use the hard plastic that comes with giant poster frames and cut it down ourselves… Not as nice as glass, but nice none-the-less and the frames are cooler, imo. Love concert posters as well… My sister just sent me a William Elliott Whitmore poster from his New Year’s Eve show @ the Blue Moose Tap House that we will definitely be getting professionally framed and matted. Unfortunately we have a shortage of wall space! :)

          • I know right? Much like William Randolph Hurst collected ceilings I need to start collecting walls!

  • I’ve had problems in the past getting the limited releases on Record Store Day. My local shop will get some of the stuff in and not others, the distribution of these items seems to be haphazard. I’ve ran across some artists and labels offering a few of the items on their own for people without access to a store, that’s been about the best way I’ve found to get the stuff. I know with my local store they aren’t sure about what or how much of anything they’re going to get.

    • That will probably not happen with these because Hank III doesn’t endorse it, and Curb are idiots. I don’t think Curb sells directly anyway. I imagine a lot of these will end up in a few hands, and on eBay for twice the sticker price or more.

  • I’ll probably go check it out, doubt I buy any. Got most of Hank III’s vinyl over the years. Really need that new Left Lane Cruiser though.

  • I like how you wrote colored in different colors :) I gonna say it, if you can get your hands on one of these great albums, especially STH on colored vinyl, go for it! I wish I had one!!!

  • I have to admit, I am having a hard time not buying Hellbilly Joker. I don’t want to support Curb, but noones torrenting it yet and my itunes is crying it’s name.

  • I’m sure you can order from Shake It Records in Cincinnati Ohio. I’ll have to dig for anything closer to me. Really want a disc or two !!!

  • Repo Depot is another great one. They have all their inventory listed online and do mail order:!/note.php?note_id=162234893824575

    Speaking of Hank….On February 22nd here was the pic and comment from Repo Depot:
    “Lord have mercy! I do believe we just scored HANK WILLIAMS’ entire discography on 78 RPM! And I do mean ENTIRE! Here’s just a few…”!/photo.php?fbid=185816468124326&set=a.144187872287186.16355.144173678955272&theater

    • Thanks for the heads up Denise and Cathy. Ordering from a local record stor but online might be the best or only alternative for many people, whether it’s Hank III’s albums or anyone elses.

  • Guys, please dont be fooled by the gimmick of colered vinyl. If you want it buy it do, but just dont believe it will be worth anything.

    I am a huge fan of vinyl, I buy alot of it, and I prefer to listen to music from it. From someone who shops ebay for records, First prints are always worth more than reprints, thats what these are. Even though limited, they will not be worth anything for resale. Example – I bought Metallica live at grimeys black vinyl (regular) for listening. Had the chance to buy a limeted (1500 copies) clear edition from warner records. Did so thinking I could flip it and get the cost of my regular copy back in profit (free record). No such luck, since Black came before clear, no collector wants it, and since black is still for sell, No chance of selling the clear, even for what I paid for it.

    Buy at youre own risk.

    • Interesting. Kind of like “Whiskey before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before whiskey, could be risky.” If you put the colored vinyl out first, in makes it the first edition AND the sought-after collector’s edition. Put it out after, meh.

      I will say, and this is a side of music I really don’t have much knowledge, but there are some pretty serious Hank III merch collectors. His vinyl bootlegs from the past go for ridiculous amounts.

      • I don’t ever remember seeing LB&D on vinyl before…

        • It came out a couple years back along with “Risin’ Outlaw” and “Straight to Hell”. Being short on funds I only bought STH, but I wish I would have picked them all up. Love the warmth of a needle on vinyl!

    • First editions of all the Lost Highway releases this year are coming out on clear vinyl.

      • There was a time I might care about this. Now I’m not sure if I do. Lost Highway has lost some of its luster for me.

        • Yea, I feel very much the same way. They put out some good releases at one point but have dwindled in quality the last few years as they have tried to get into broader genres.

          They are big on putting out pre-order bundles nowadays which is nice and all but also kind of screws the remaining local record stores.

          I do like the new Black Joe Lewis though.

          • I need to get that. I would say Black Joe is the last one on that label I’m still really in to. Just saw Hayes Carll live for the first time at SXSW today, and hung out with him for a bit. He’s a cool guy, I think he’s got some good fun music, but the live set didn’t appreciably change my opinion of him.

    • Agree with you Nathan.

      These are like baseball cards. Limited edition this and that, but the one that stands the test of time for holding value is the “rookie card” or first run of albums.

  • I can’t…(well, yeah I do)… beleive Curb is trying to milk the cash cow that they themselves let outta the barn. I hope their hind sight turns into a lotta hind teet on this one!!!

    • I don’t know if Curb ever looked at Hank III as a cash cow when you compare him to Tim McGraw, Leann Rimes, and other folks on their roster, he was probably more of a PR nightmare. What I will give Curb credit for is being wickedly shrewd in figuring out ways to maximize their returns on music they already have, and many of Hank III fans already have. If the word was getting out properly, I think a nice-sized dent could be put in the sales of Hillbilly Joker, but the word isn’t getting out. Thousands will buy it thinking it’s Hank III’s latest album. But as for these vinyls, many fans will know Hank III doesn’t want them to buy them, and they will anyway. Curb will sell all these colored records in a manner of weeks, as they use what’s left of the loyalty in Hank III’s fan base against him.

      • It aint much loyalty than is it?

        Time to not put the money where your mouth is for Hank III fans.

      • I guess I didn’t look at it in that light Triggerman. I love Risin’ Outlaw and Lovesick Broke and Drifting and the three Hanks but it is a shame that Curb has the upperhand in some respect.

        Curb really treats Leanne, Tim and co. real good don’t they? What a joke that company is.

      • The only way things like this change is when the fans speak up. Just as in sports where people bitch about player salaries and ticket prices, but the stadium is full of fans wearing the jersey of their favorite player. Why would it change?

        So here is a chance for the true Hank III fans to stand as one, fight as one, and communicate to others as one and not buy this shit.

        Here is your front to fight. Take it to Curb by not buying any. Or the next thing you will see is Curb putting out a greatest vinyl bootleg hits in pastels packeged in a crayon box for the Hank III colletor.

        Hank III is free, why go back to his prior owner and ask him to take your money?

        • The one good thing I can see coming from the Curb thing is it may introduce more people to the wonderfulness of Hank III. His music and his shows are quite amazing!

  • A big way for fans to tell Curb to stop selling Hank III is to not buy any from them. We all know that. The problem with the record store thing is that the record stores actually buy them up front from Curb. If the record stores see Hank III as a non-seller (they dont know Curb v III), it is possible they wont care about stocking upcoming III cds or records. Sure you could still get them online but not everyone shops online.
    I wont be buying any of the colored vinyls, but I am torn on the Hellbilly Joker release. In one way I want to tell curb to F off, no more of my money. In another I want to buy the vinyl and make a 24/96 rip of the vinyl and a FLAC rip of the cd and give it away so no one else has to buy it. I think either way sends the message. Not sure which way to go yet.

    • One thing that has complicated the “what to do” about all these Curb releases is that Hank III doesn’t want to speak out against Curb any more because he feels that is giving them free publicity, and he very well may be right. But if nobody is goiving marching orders, it is hard to know what to do.

      Whether on purpose or on accident, Curb’s releases are going to effect Hank III in the future. Right now there are displays in Hasting’s music stores promoting “Hillbilly Joker” and I have heard from probably six or seven people saying, “Hey, did you see Hank III has a new album coming out!?!?”

      I can only do so much to spread the word, esp. when the wishes of III seem to completely ignore Curb and act like they don’t exist.

      • I don’t know what you expect or want in a lot of these topics and again, I queston the leadership by anyone here???

        Trigger, you wrote: “One thing that has complicated the “what to do” about all these Curb releases is that Hank III doesn’t want to speak out against Curb any more because he feels that is giving them free publicity, and he very well may be right. But if nobody is goiving marching orders, it is hard to know what to do.”

        In the article, you wrote a quote from Hank III:
        “Don’t but it, but get it some other way and burn the hell out of it and give it to everyone.”
        …is how Hank III has asked his fans to handle Hillbilly Joker

        So am I missing something? Aren’t those marching orders? I guess we will see how strongly the Hank III army feels about him and his music, or just blowing him off to get music from Curb for their own collection.

        This is your fight, this is your front to fight it. Do people really want to fight it or are they to selfish and just want the flashy colored record?

        By the way, he isn’t a cash cow. As Trigger pointed out, they have plenty of cash cows in pop country singers. They see the iron is hot with III fans, as he isn’t putting anything out, and his fans want something. So Curb is testing you. Who do you stand with? The artist or the label.

        You got your orders from the artist. Who is going to make the stand? Rather than say “I’m not sure what to do, Hank hasn’t told me.” That is B.S.

  • “Any publicity is good(?) publicity”, Maybe there is some truth to that in the sense that it keeps III’s name out there and it also perks the interest of some that haven’t heard of Hank III…but DAMN, I sure hate putting another dollar in Curbs account! I remember III saying “Don’t buy it” when they released the collectors tin…I only assume he’s sayin the same to these releases. ALSO: I don’t think Curb realized it was a cash cow that got outta the barn til it was too late to bring him back. Fuck Curb, I aint buying it!

  • Question for the group. I have taken a savaging on here at times (which is fine, it is good discussion) for standing up for some artists when mis-information or half-truths are blogged about them. The passion that comes out from some is fierce and pretty neat to see. But then something like this comes out, that is clearly a black and white issue, and about your guy, III.

    Curb is selling Hank III material without III’s approval and he said, “don’t buy it”, yet some (that claim to be huge III fans) are confused and torn on what to do? Where is that passion to fight for your guy when someone is not being honest and accurate about him?

    Bashing pop country, bashing big labels, bashing Nashville artists is easy to do, but this is where the rubber meats the road, and I see indecision and confusion.

    • I think what you see is a difference in opinion man, which you’re bound to get in any group of any size. Speaking for myself, I’m not buying them. But I’m also not waiting for marching orders. I love music. I play music. And I’ve found a community of friends surrounding this site that love the same music as me, and celebrate that in a very similar way. I’ll support the artists I like and ignore the ones I don’t.

    • You take a savaging on here because you are antagonistic, condescending, and aggressive. As with most conflicts, it’s not your message, it’s the way you go about delivering it. Your most benign comments are, at best, passive aggressive. I’m not going to wade into the waters with you, but if you are trying to stir shit up, you are doing a remarkable job. The saddest part is that you, at times, have interesting points, but they are buried by your tone. You could be an interesting and engaging member of this community, but you choose otherwise. These will be my only and last words on the subject.

      As to the topic at hand, Hank III said not to buy the Hellbilly Joker album. Frankly, who doesn’t have that already anyway? The vinyls are something entirely different that are being produced to help support brick and mortar records stores. How could an issue be any more grey than that? At the end of the day, this isn’t dogma, buy the record if you want it.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself Big A.

      • Big A, I see your point about my postings and tones, but please don’t put it all on me. 99% of the time it is someone saying something just as antagonistic or at the least, a making comments that shouldn’t just go by the way side. And when someone says something about III on this site that isn’t accurate, there aren’t exactly pretty response to correct that person from the III fans, is there?

        My comments above are antagonistic in this blog. I admit that. Not all, but the few that I have got into it with on this site about things, defend Hank III fiercely and come off as very arrogant when talking about anything to do with Hank III and take shots at anyone that might pose a threat or be doing what Hank III was supposed to be doing.

        I guess I am just at a loss when the whole Hank III fight was against Curb and now some aren’t sure what to do with this new Curb stuff coming out when Hank III don’t want you to buy. Gotta pick your fight and front. You hear to save a record store by buying material from the anti-christ Curb? Or are you hear to change the music industry and support a guy like III, which in the long run/big picture is going to mean a lot more than that local music store. Not everyone can win, and people that buy this merchandise being touted by Curb, guess who wins… Curb.

        I guess I was a bit taken back at the tone in the article too. It is almost promoting the Curb record ides vs. passing on and promoting the orders from Hank, “don’t buy it”.

        • IceCold, you and I agree on ALOT of things that each other say, but I disagree with you on the whole saving a record store take. My take before wasnt about saving a record store. My take was if the record stores dont see anything from an artist moving, and they are stuck with the merchandise, Why in the hell would they ever stock anything from that artist in the future (regardless of label name on the back)?
          Also III did say “burn the hell out of it”. That would mean someone would have to buy it and share it so that others can ” burn the hell out of it”.
          I have the old mp3s, the same as everyone else does, but since the Joker album is being promoted as a new album by Curb, many will buy it. Fewer will buy it if it is easy to get higher quality mp3s, Flac or hi-res for free.
          The issue for me isnt do I give curb money anytime they rehash something from the past. The issue is how can I, or do I even want to, be one of many that through technology fights curb. Same issue would come up with any former label of a band or artist I like. Universal South did the same to Shooter Jennings by releasing Bad Magic without his consent or knowledge after he left. That is the only shooter album I dont own, but that was easy because it was a greatest hits cd with two new songs, that every Shooter fan already had. If US had or does release something else and promote it as something new, I would be torn as to buy or not.
          The general consent that I read in the comments here are from people torn with buying something by an artist they like (because it is in some way different from the version they have), or not because of the circumstances behind the product.
          There is alot to consider. everyone will decide on their own.

          • Nathan, that is a good point on the record shop, they probably aren’t looking at the label when they determine why something didn’t sell.

            I guess, as I stated in another reply above, I just took this article, title, wording and some replies as very stand off -ish and not taking a clear stance, almost a promotion, on what is clearly Curb releasing III stuff he doesn’t approve of.

            this site takes such a hard line on other things, and this is right in the wheel house. I would have expected a title and article with more a “Curb tries to fuckover III again, lets all fuckover Curb.”

            With bigger better things to come from III now post Curb, this should be an easy topic to rip Curb to shreds and to no even consider buying it for anyone that follows III on any level. It isn’t like Curb is doing a mass major radio blitz now on Hank III. They are just dumping some last things from him. Not many new fans are going to learn of III through this.

        • I agree with you. Are you surprised? I tried telling you before it was the way you said things, not the message. I already have Hellbilly Joker. It was actually the first thing I had ever heard from III. A friend of mine burned it off the computer, brought it to my house and uploaded it on to mine. It is now on my MP3. Sure, I would love to have a better quality copy, too many burnings and it gets fuzzy, but not if my money goes to Curb. As for the vinyl, I only listen to my cd’s in the car and don’t have a stereo system. I listen to my playlists from my cd’s and MP3 off my computer in my house. Besides, unless it was green I wouldn’t want it. Green is my favorite color and it is St Patty’s Day! :-)

          • No. Not surprised at all. I’m most of the time easy to get along with, and try to think before speaking. The shouting match we got into on sunday wasnt productive and I hate that trig had to close a thread, but we ( at the very least IceCold and myself) made him have to do it, for the better of the group. The conversation is better now that he had to be ref. I enjoy the conversation and the debate, but on better days than sunday, id rather keep it civil. All apologies to the group.

    • It’s Curbs last appeal to the fans of Hank III. His fans are going to continue to support him by going to shows, buying his new releases and new merchandise. I see the point of not buying anything from Curb. They already have gotten enough.

      It’s the future the fans should be looking to. Do you really think that Shelton cannot take his talent, in both metal and country, and blow Curb out of the water?
      And do it on his terms, not Curb’s who never had any of their artist’s best interests at heart.
      I sincerely and respectfully think we ain’t seen nothing yet.

      I’ve decided not to buy it and look forward, not back. And the fans have been very vocal about Curb Records and their greed and bullshit. Shelton has enough class to pick his battles and still do what he loves: Make music.

      • yes Denise “looking forward” I believe there’s something in the works :)

        I am not purchasing the Curb product either….I’ll spend my $$ on 3Bay and wait for the next release and tour.

        • we still support local record shops…..

          • Dam Straight :)

  • It’s a quandry for fans to be in. I don’t have Hillbilly Joker and would really like a copy of it. If I lived in the states I “might” do something like buy a copy of it legitimately, possibly burn copies for anyone that wanted them whilst asking Shelton for his bank account/paypal number and suggesting to said recipients of the burnt CD to deposit some cash (whatever they can afford) into said account. But of course I’m too far away geographically to do this and what I just suggested above is illegal anyway ;)

    • Carla, I am not sure I am convinced of a quandry or tought spot III fans would be in? Hank III has said don’t buy it from/through Curb, get it another way. So the only quandry is if you want to not listen to the wishes of your artist you support and be selfish just to get a song or two that his main enemy is going to benefit from.

      I am really surprised by this.

  • angrychairs, that’s all I’ll say

    • Not every day man, just sometimes we disagree. Most of the time we are friendly.

  • @Denise you are correct! I got mine at Shake It in cincy on Saturday. To everyone else, colored vinyl is just a bonus. It’s fun to look at. However I dont hang my records on the wall, I for one play them. And for fucks sake I havent heard such nasty debates over record labels since the Dead Kennedys got booted from Alternative Tentacles and got their albums re-released on Cherry Red. At least I supported my favorite local record store instead of downloading or burning copies. How do you download vinyl? (you cant, I know)

  • @Andra STH marbled vinyl is gorgeous!

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