Hank Williams Birthday Contest !

September 15, 2009 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  12 Comments

Hank WilliamsThe birthday of the King of Country Music is coming up on Thursday (Sept. 17th), and to commemorate it I am running a contest. The winner will get a spanking new copy of the three disc set Hank Williams: The Unreleased Recordings. No kidding! The winner will also get a bumper sticker from Big G’s Texas Roadshow!

All you have to do to enter the contest is leave a RELEVANT comment on one of this week’s articles on By week I mean 5-14 to 5-19, and by relevant I mean you can’t just spam out comments, it has to say something about or reference the article you’re commenting on. BUT you can enter as many times as you want. The winner will be picked randomly by me, the benevolent dictator of the Hank Williams birthday contest.

Yes, I’ve been begging for more comments on the website, and now I’m outright bribing you. Like I’ve said before, the best part about my articles is what happens in the comment section, at least on MySpace. And I would love to see that same dynamic situation on the website as well.

Also, the It Burns When I Pee podcast has a “Hank Williams Birthday Special” episode posted HERE. I’m actually waiting till Thursday to listen. Don’t want to spoil the party by unwrapping all the presents too early.

IBWIP Hank Williams

A HUGE thanks goes out to Ty for ponying up the Hank set!

And stay tuned for my own Hank Williams birthday offering!

12 Comments to “Hank Williams Birthday Contest !”

  • The articles you do about REAL country artist are a great way of spreading the news about the music and more importantly, the actual music.This contest is awesome because it actually gives away something that someone would actually want! By the way, have you heard any news on Hank III’s upcoming country CD like when it might be released?


  • Sucking up to the judge never hurts!

    Nothing yet about the Hank III country CD. We might hear something about it this late Winter, with maybe a Spring release date? Of course, if CURB doesn’t decided to stall for a year or so.


  • what the hell does RELEVANT mean anywho !!!


  • I’ll post my relevant comment here then :)
    All I’ll do is reprint what I’ve blogged about Hank on my myspace page in honour of what would have been his birthday.

    Here it is.

    The world is hurtling through time like a train whose breaks have blown. Careening into the unknown with rarely a backward glance.
    There seems to be little opportunity for reflection and the lust to grab the next shiny bauble to keep the masses amused goes on unabated.
    We seem to be losing as much as we gain though.
    I wonder what Hank Williams would have thought about it all. It would have been his birthday today and if he’d lived he would have reached the grand old age of eighty six.
    Can you imagine the changes he would have seen? The positives and the negatives?
    With advancements in medicine he could have been pain free for a good chunk of his life. Free from the pain he could have set many of his demons aside to. He would have seen his son grow and the birth of his daughter. He would have been around for his grandkids arrival.
    That’s all rose tinted conjecture, but you can do that in the absence of reality, and I’d rather think that Hank would have had an easier and happier life if he hadn’t passed so early.
    It would be churlish to deny his memory anything less as he gave us so much of himself.
    Even now, all these years later, his voice can anchor us into a time gone past and provide us with some respite from the modern world.
    For me listening to Hank isn’t wallowing in the past. Well not my past anyway as he shucked his mortal coil long before I was born.
    Instead listening to him serves to allow me time to relax. To step away from the rat race and contemplate life without distractions.
    His voice is a conduit to another time for me. A time that certainly wasn’t easier but does seem simpler.
    For that if nothing more he will be missed.
    RIP Hank.


  • Happy birthday Hank. Pick this guy.


  • Great IBWIP birthday special!


  • Great idea. Will look for the 3-disc set.


  • […] (For details on the Hank Williams birthday contest, click here.) […]


  • Hank

    If dear old Hank were alive today
    what the hell would he have to say?

    Of course we’ll just never know
    but don’t his music tell us so?

    He was just an imperfect man
    with powers that be an elitist clan.

    They said he drank a might too much
    and wasn’t good enough for their bunch.

    What disabled man won’t self-medicate
    when there’s so much pain to alleviate?

    The pain you’ll hear in his songs
    he had to live it all the day long.

    They appointed themselves as moral judge
    and on his name placed a smudge.

    Yet they still cash in on his name
    to increase their own fortune and fame.

    Bottom line, their disapproval don’t rate,
    because his fans have set them straight.

    The fans have spoken and are judging them
    who once decided to condemn.

    With the Grand Old Opry, or without
    Hank Williams Sr without a doubt
    was crowned THE legend by his fans
    in spite of the Opry’s grand old plans.

    Send a message loud and clear
    for all the country music world to hear
    It’s time to own up to their terrible blunder
    when they turned their backs on country’s boy wonder.

    I believe we can live with the scar
    so long as you honor our brightest star.
    Give Hank now the honor he rightly deserved
    and forever make sure it is properly observed.

    Copyright 2008 Dee Ayala


  • What I do on Hank’s Birthday:

    1. I think about Hank Williams; if he still would be with us it would be his birthday… but he is with us, in his music, so it will be always his birthday, everyday there must be one person in the world that hears his songs for the first time and is his fan from the first time hearing what he did.
    2. I listen to his music and burn a candle for him.
    3. I try to do at least one thing for the Reinstate Hank Petition.
    4. Look out for news about him or related in some way to Hank Williams, and the blogs you write about Hank, love your blogs Triggerman.
    5. And, when September 17 is over in Europe, In the USA Hank’s Birthday still goes on for about 8 hrs.


  • Its september 17th again and he is still moanin’ the blues through my shitty record player. Thats where he sounds the best anyway in my opinion. So take a shot and take a toke cause ol’ Hank Williams ain’t no fuckin’ joke!!

    Happy birthday to a REAL legend of country music who will NEVER die!!


  • my dad raised me listening to Luke the Drifter his music will never die, long live Hank.


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