Hank Williams III: Steve Jobs’ Apple Logo = Sin

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So I guess the founder of Apple Steve Jobs died or something? I don’t know. But it reminded me of a very strange but interesting piece of Hank3 T-shirt art that he debuted sometime in 2009, an all black shirt that simply showed the well-recognized Apple symbol with the bite out of the right side, an equals sign, and then a pentagram. I’m not sure he ever sold them, at least in mass, but he at least gave one to each member of his band, who at various times through 2010 could be seen wearing them on stage. Likely to keep from copyright issues, Hank3′s bite is facing down, not up, and the leaf is pointing left, not right.

When being interviewed by Superskum in Colorado Springs on June 26th, 2010, Hank3 explained the meaning behind the T-Shirt idea.

It’s symbolism. OK Apple. Why wouldn’t Apple have a whole apple as their logo? Alright? Well they have a bite out of the apple. Well that bite out of the apple in symbolism means “sin”. You know, there in the garden of temptation, what did you have? You had the snake, and Adam and Eve took a bite out of the apple. That’s showing the sin. So what I’m saying is there’s a little bit of symbolism there with Apple Computers. It should be a whole apple if it was a positive thing. But since there’s a bite out of the apple, that bite equals “pentagram”, equals sin. That’s the spoof on it.

A lot of skateboarders and surfers think the iPhone is a full on devil tool and stuff like that. So that was just me trying to have some fun with the underground kids.

According to CNN, the Apple symbol was a tribute to early computer pioneer and code cracker Alan Turing who died in 1954. He was a homosexual who tried to “cure” himself with estrogen injections, before taking a bite out of an apple he’d laced with cyanide to get out of facing jail time for “gross indecency”. Apple was also in a nearly 20-year trademark dispute with Apple Corps, the Beatles’ record label, which kept Beatles songs off of iTunes until November 16th, 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Cathy Pippin from Bogarts 06-17-09. Hank3 2nd from right.

Video of Hank3 talking about Apple symbol (at 4:40):

27 Comments to “Hank Williams III: Steve Jobs’ Apple Logo = Sin”

  • That’s some sweet finding, my friend! I remember that shirt popping up from time to time. Cathy’s photo shows some of the badasses we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know along this crazy train… Great interview w/Shelton, by the way – glad that got to happen. Anyway, thought I’d touch base and let you know I’m still a supporter, albeit in a far away land, but still preaching the gospel and checking out everything I can. Oh, GWAR is going to be in Medford on the 10th of November. You gonna be around?

    • Unfortunately I probably won’t be back out West until the late Spring, so you’ll have to fight the evil intergalactic forces with Gwar without me.

      • They are making a Christmas album…can’t wait to hear that one!

  • Microsoft man myself lol. Interesting article though

  • How interesting too that many years ago they said the computer was indictive of the Devil … There’s a book, written in 1972, called Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth written by Hal Lindsey. Some have speculated that in the garden it most likely wasn’t an apple, as that is not the fruit of the region. In Matthew 25:41 Jesus says that Hell is created for the Devil and his angels but that God gives grace that is greater than all sin. You just have to accept it. And there’s no way around believing in the Devil. He is real. Worshipping him is another story. Rest assured, God WILL win the battle of good vs evil.

    • correction: CC Carlson co-wrote this book.

  • SUPERSKUM videos/interviews are 1st class….
    I had to laugh about 3 talking about “telling it like it is” considering Jr.’s recent Fox news interview.

  • Gosh that is interesting.

    I’m not entirely sure I understand III’s interpretation of the Apple logo. So he’s saying that this represents a bit of corporate anarchy and general naughtiness?

    I really love the story of the Apple logo, I didn’t know that. Poor old Alan Turing, I suppose the ‘gross indecency’ charges were in relation to him being gay, because back in ’54 it was awesome to persecute people for the way they are born. The logo is a very cool tribute to him. Many of my friends on facebook have been paying tribute to Steve Jobs which has inspired me to find out more about him. I will also be googling Alan Turing to find out more about him too.

    Thanks for posting this Trigger!

    • I think what he’s trying to say is the computer has been a gateway and paradise for alot of evil. Facebook for example lol

      • Ahhhhh, that makes more sense. I nominate you as the official Hank 3 translator ;)

        • Haha thank you but I dont know if thats a very easy job this is 3 we’re talking bout here.

      • More likely Twitter and Craigslist.

        • Craigslist for sure. I dont know that much about twitter. I dont like facebook for alot of reasons but mainly privacy and the fact we all know it was created by the CIA ;) haha

          • GV … did we all know this?! I didn’t! But it’s not hard to imagine that the entire WWW is monitored in some fashion just for Home Land Security purposes alone.

          • I believe it was top keep an eye on us. See the CIA does pretty much anything they want. Bc alot of CIA operations are above the president himself so who’s gonna stop em. And of course its for homeland security bc the American people are the biggest threats to the government. Tell me why all the sudden the military are training for situations where they would have to take on militias?

  • Believe it or not, people who do lots of drugs see symbolism everywhere…its the curse of having your brain on GOOOOOOOOOOO…….

    If you believe in the dichotomy of heaven and hell, Mr. Jobs is now paying his tab…

    and perhaps some great omninscience is laughin at the confusion of humans.

    • Spiritual life was sacrificed with the betrayal of God. Satan, the master of doubt and lies, wants to continue to deceive whomsoever shall fall into his pit and go against God. It’s a mistake to think you’re special because the Devil sought you out. You’re just a pawn to him. The events of Revelation are proceeding regardless of who believes it or not . . .

      • denise…i feel entirely sorry for your worried soul. hell was invented by man. it makes money.

        heaven is right here. right now. taste it or waste it.

        • Don’t feel sorry for me oldman! My treasures are stored in Heaven. I’m sorry you’ve been lied too and I’m a gonna pray for a healing of your soul.

    • Maybe now he is working alongside the expired children he employed for slave wages in China in the afterlife…

  • Oh yeah, he gave us that shirt at the HOF because we had to spend money to get his autograph. Pretty cool but I too was wondering the meaning. Ironically enough, my daughter was studying Johnny Appleseed last week at school and she came home and told me about her teacher cutting an apple to make it look like a star. I wonder if that teacher made the right kind of star….

    • This also reminds me of all of the Pagan/Christian Holiday comparisons that I have learned a lot about lately. December 25th was celebrated by the Pagans as the birthday of the sun….not the SON. Christmas was celebrated on many different days prior to it’s current December 25th date, most of which weren’t even in December. Easter is celebrated as when Christ rose by Christians but before that it was celebrated by Pagans as the start of spring representing Fertility. It is very interesting to compare the Christin practices with the Pagan’s. It makes me want to dig deeper into the symbolism of the apple to Pagans.

      • All christian holidays are derived from paganism, mostly roman and greek traditions. Except we really don’t have all saints day anymore, thanks to halloween.

        • Colby jack: Pope Boniface IV introduced All Saints’ Day on May 13, 610. This day was to honor all saints that did not have a day of their own and was an attempt to replace the pagan festivals of the dead and coincidentally it coincided with the Roman festival Feralia.

          In the early 800′s Pope Gregory III revised the festival to honor St. Peter’s Church saints and changed the date to November 1st to directly coincide with the Samhain festival. In 834 Pope Gregory IV made the festival of All Saints’ Day official, intending it to be observed by all churches. It also became known as All Hallow’s Day. Despite the church’s best efforts, people still celebrated festivities the evening before, making October 31st All Hallow’s Evening, which later became Halloween and designated the day of October 31st as the official holiday. (It should be noted that in this instance, the word Hallow is equivalent to the word Saint.)

  • @ GV . . .

    If you’re really reading Revelations then you’d know the answer to your questions.

  • in the name of god, or satan, or howdy doody or buffalo bob, can we get off the religious postings and soul-converting and get back to HANK II & his wacky theories?…nothing takes the fun out of stuff like this than some heavy handed preaching of the converted…

  • How come Lucky looks fuckin’ baked as hell???? Haha!!! (Photo)

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