Hank Williams Jr. Is No Daddy Warbucks



Well your ass will have to wait till September.

This is not going to be a roasting of Hank Williams Jr. I know that lately it seems like he’s whoring himself at every turn on CMT, and that he hangs out with Kid Rock and all that. But he’s an oldtimer, and I grew up being taught to respect the oldtimers.

It seems like when I’m looking at people’s profiles, a lot of people like Hank Sr. & Hank III, but a significantly less number like Hank Jr, or maybe they like ‘some of his stuff.’ I personally do like ‘some of his stuff.’

Some of those old Hank Jr. albums that Curb sells for $5.99 are good for one or two songs a piece. One song off his Habits Old & New album called ‘All in Alabama’ is one of my favorite country songs ever. it is about a time he fell off a mountain in Montana and almost died. Another one I like is ‘A Whole Lot of Hank’ off of Strong Stuff that a lot of people have never heard. But even in the old days, he seemed like the Nashville scene’s answer to Outlaw Country, instead of a true Outlaw Country artist himself.

But the reason I’m writing this is because wanted to dispel the misconception some people have that Hank Williams Jr. is somehow bankrolling Hank III, or that Hank III is not ever worried about the money because he knows when his dad kicks it he’s got a big chunk of cash coming to him. Hank III is all about the music, THAT is why he’s not worried about the money.

I really have no idea if Hank III has any kind of inheritance coming to him, but from everything I’ve read, Hank Jr. has done very very little to help Hank III out financially, from when he was growing up to now. And something tells me that as time goes on, and chance Hank III did have at some inheritance is dwindling. Hank Jr. only saw Shelton once or twice as year as he was growing up, and all indications are that they are not close at all now.

(Shelton hunting with Hank Jr. & Waylon, and the origin of the lyric ‘I remember watching ‘ol Waylon, when he was shooting his shotgun.’)

When Hank III was born, Mike Curb, Grand Master of Curb Records was in the room. Mike Curb and Hank Jr. are very good friends. Hank Jr. was a Curb Records artist from the beginning in 1979, and remains one today. Whatever kind of ‘outlaw’ persona Hank Jr. tried to perpetuate back in the early 80’s, he’s clearly shied away from that now.

As for Hank Jr. & Hank III’s relationship, this was written in the Oregon Music Guide back in 2004:

“It appeared to be momentous occasion when press releases announced that the two Hanks would be performing together for the first time at a Grand Ole Opry show marking the 50th anniversary of Hank Sr.’s death. The only problem was that the youngest Hank never agreed to do it.

Signing on to perform ‘Howlin’ at the Moon,’ Hank 3 declined his father’s invitation to come out on stage to perform ‘I Saw The Light,’ telling his dad, ‘I’m in a band called Superjoint Ritual, right now, and all kinds of weird shit and I don’t feel like I’m seeing the light very much, these days.’

In an act that he claims is typical of his father, Hank Jr. ignored what his son said and asked him to come out during the show. The only problem was that Hank 3 was sitting in a bar with his friends and not even there to take the stage.

Since that night, the two have not spoken.

As soon as he mentions the lack of contact between him and his father, Williams follows it up saying that he still respects his father’s music…or, at least, 1987’s Born to Boogie and its predecessors. It’s one of the few positive acknowledgments he gives of the music coming out of Nashville.”

I’m not trying to stir the pot between Hank Jr. & Hank III. I just don’t like it when I hear people talk about how Hank III doesn’t care about the money because of his daddy, or that his daddy is helping him out in any way, because all indication are that he’s not.

In fact if you want to know who Hank Jr. is helping out, watch this and see who Hank Jr. refers to as his ‘Rebel Son.’

I only know of one Rebel Son and something tells me they would have some choice words for Kid Rock.

If you don’t mind me saying, that song fucking sucks. And Hank III has proven the ‘F’ word DOES have a place in ol’ country.

PS: I know my blogs are getting longer and longer. I can’t help it, I’m a geek about this shit.

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  • […] Now before I get started, let me just say the intention with this blog IS NOT TO START DRAMA OR CONTROVERSY! All I am trying to do is get the CORRECT information out there. Also, this blog is a part 2. If you have not read part 1, I recommend you do so because there is a lot of good stuff there and I’m not going to rehash all the information. To read part one CLICK HERE […]


  • hank jrs new cd sucks ASS im pissed. he has only one Decent song in the whole fucking cd. the old mans gone soft what ever happen to country boy can survive and family tradition?


  • yall leave hank jr. alone and let him sing his song he anit ever had a sucky song. hank 3 is a good singer but too fucked up to be were his dad is today in the music buisness


    • I don’t think III ever wants to be where his daddy is in the music business…he only cares about the first part of that and thats the music and living what he sings. The business part can all go to hell where it belongs.


  • Hank III has a few good songs but he is nothing compared to hank jr or hank sr,
    If his name was hank lll now one would know who he is and he wouldn’t be here without hank jr or hank sr


    • I have the opinion that: there are only 2 Hank Williams’ Hank Sr. & Hank 3rd….
      Jr. has no talent & NO RESPECT!


  • Hank Jr is still pissed because he knows he will never be what his father was. His mother Audrey pushed him into the business for money. It was sort of like a Kris Jenner thing. She marketed him enough he never got his hands dirty unless he was rolling a joint or sniffing for pussy. He does have talent but his attitude and repoire as well as political ignorance ruin it. He also does shows drunk still today. When he married the last wife he admitted to having been bisexual for years. His sexual orientation had been questioned in the late seventies. The rumor now has been proven true. I think he’s full of shit and needs bigger boots because the shit keeps flowing down his pant leg into his boots. He’s rude and his secretary is a bitch from hades. The rest of his possy are just like him, “unlikable”. He got ran out of Cullman, Alabama because of too many drug deals. I know because it’s my hometown. He is just a man that people wish he was but in reality he will never fill his father’s shoes. So as far as I’m concerned he can kiss my ass cause I don’t like him.


    • LOL. Comment of the Year so far? Comment of the Year so far.


  • Hank Jr. is nothing but image. He ain’t real. He ain’t no rowdy southern boy. He doesn’t get drunk and play Hank Sr. all night long like he sings about. Like WE really do. Hell he’s probably in bed by 9. He’s just a rich, big shot conservative, who wants to hoard all his millions away. He’s country music’s biggest spoiled little brat. Always has been. Listen to Hank 3 if you want it REAL!


    • Helluva right!


  • Hank Jr. is a class act. It don’t get no better than Hank Jr. Nobody knows nothing about what goes on in his personal life, so stop playing god.


  • I’ve been a Hank Sr. fan since the late 70’s. I had some Hank Jr. cassettes years ago and he’s good ay what he does. But it’s been a while since he’s done anything I really liked.
    Hank 3? Well it took me a little time to appreciate his work. “The Outlaw Ways” is fantastic and got me listening.
    Hank 3 is a masterful lyricist and SEXY!!!


  • I’ve been to Hank 3’s gigs twice. He plays three different sets. He starts out with all his classic old time country set as he draws a lot of older people. He never cusses and is very polite. Second set his new country. His last set is more rowdy as its basically the younger fans then. He plays full out never takes breaks.
    I’ve suspected for a long time that Hank Jr. doesn’t like his son’s popularity and genuine attitude and talent. Hank3 is more like Waylon in attitude than Shooter is.
    Hank Jr. made his name on some good songs but mostly name dropping the old greats; Waylon John/June Cash his father. He is now way more interested in his model-like daughter Holly than all his 7-8 kids put together. She is a great eye catcher sitting beside him at events in LA. Anything to draw attention to him.
    Hank Jr. talks more in his shows than singing. I hate his political big mouth superiority. Nothing to do with the party. Just the fact he thinks he has such power.


  • I too, like some of Jr.’s tunes, (I admit sheepishly my love for “Texas Women”) but III really reawakened my love for traditional country music. His musicianship really stands out. He’s been criticized for his rock stuff, but I, again think his playing is great, and I enjoy hearing what this young man has to say.


  • some of your comments about jr are very wrong. your not a country music fan if you dont know this your just mad cause hes like me we both think Obama and yea the president Obama sucks balls!!


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