Hank3 Debuts New Songs in Nashville

July 9, 2011 - By Trigger  //  News  //  77 Comments

Fans of Hank Williams III who’ve been waiting patiently for new music post his contentious, 14-year relationship with Curb Records are now able to get a glimpse of the new material via a series of show’s he’s been playing in Nashville. The youngest Hank, now going by “Hank3″ as opposed to the Curb-era “Hank III” played a surprise show at Layla’s Bluegrass Inn on Lower Broadway in Nashville on Wednesday night (7-6-11), and then Friday night played a show at The Exit/In.

Video from the show can be seen below, and as more becomes available from this show and his show next Friday night at the Exit/In, it will be posted here. Word is Hank3 debuted around 10 new songs. He also featured his new heavy metal project Attention Deficit Domination, or ADD. Huge thanks goes out to Cathy’s Reinstate Hank Bandwagon and the others for getting the footage for those of us who could not be there.

Hank3 has a whopping 4 albums coming out September 6th.

Dying Day:

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77 Comments to “Hank3 Debuts New Songs in Nashville”

  • Nice. Those make me look forward to Sept. 6th a little more than I originally was.

  • There is also a very bad quality video of ADD here…seriously, sounds like the guy blew out his mic recording the thing or something.


  • Hank3 is music god

    • I hate to burst your bubble Kyle but there’s only one true God. These new songs of Shelton’s are very good! My hounddog was singin’ along to the Cajun track and I was foot tappin’.

      Great blog Triggerman.

      • Which god is the true one? Odin, Allah, JHVH, The Christian God, Krishna, Buddah, Amun-Ra or Zeus?

        This is a discussion of country music. Let’s not bring gods into it, shall we?

        • Music is my religion…. and Hank3 is a musical god in my book. ;)

          • Mine too! Don’t need no other one!

          • if you all want a music god I would say that would go to Ben Preastage…if you do not know him look him up…you will only understand then!!!!!

        • Let’s talk about God deadneck. I’m referring to the same God Johnny Cash sings about. And his beautiful wife June. I’m referring to the true God who made heaven and earth. Yeah. The earth you’re standin’ on and breathin’ in and listenin’ to . . . The God who many country singers sing about. I don’t know a thing about those other things you list, but I know a thing or two about God. Let’s talk about Luke the Drifter. And the Devil. Let’s talk about it because we got people singin’ and writin’ songs about those very two subjects. And let’s not forget that true country music is gospel based, blues infused music made by God lovin’ people. Don’t believe me, then prove me wrong!

          You can’t.

          • This website needs a “Like” button.

          • “Like”

        • Ok everyone, let’s let this thread die here, and try to respect everyone for their religious/non-religious beliefs. Saving Country Music readers are like a beautiful patchwork quilt, colored and contrasted with our wonderful diversity. ;)

          • All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full: unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.


          • I couldn’t agree more, Trig. Let’s keep our hands to ourselves, just like in Kindergarten and stay on topic.

          • *like*

          • like

  • Damn I can’t wait. Thank you Trig! (and Hank3!)

  • Wooooohoooooo! Thanks for this! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Man, I’m so psyched now for September and the new albums. Does the name change mean that he is also losing the three bars as a symbol? That would be sad. Always thought of getting a tattoo of them. Really like the two tracks so far and countin the days!

    • Me too Malte. I think we missed the boat on that. My guess is everything with the bars is going to symbolize the Curb years. If we got the tat during then it would have been fine, but now it’s a new era.

      • Lol, if you’re worried about a tattoo being out of fashion, you should just give up trying.

  • AND another Layla’s date has been added to http://www.hank3.com/tour.htm for Wednesday, July 13th and we all know about Exit/In on Friday the 15th with ADD :)

  • I am ready to breathe in this new Hank3, can’t wait for the releases. Shit, I might even pre-order for the 1st time in my life…

  • You know what? I don’t think that unknown above is Guttertown. I thought the same thing when I heard the lyric in the song but THIS has got to be Guttertown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxG0t4BAkRE

    • Thanks Gil, I think I’ve got it all straight up above now!

  • They don’t sound that great, hope the album is better than this

  • Is he even singing in English? LOL. All kidding aside though, this stuff is awesome! Kinda reminds me of his grandaddy a little bit. I’m a huge metalhead but I always wished Hank would do a pure country album like Lovesick again. This stuff sounds unbelievably good. I can’t wait!

    • One other thing, Hank’s voice sounds really bad. I wonder how much country he’s got left in him?

      • I would caution trying to take too many conclusions away from consumer grade videos taken from the side of the stage. This is not a knock against Cathy’s videos, she did a great job and we should all be grateful she took the time to do this, but it’s not like these are studio-grade recordings.

        On Hank3’s voice, one of the first things I’ve been taking away from these videos is that he’s been singing in a higher register. I don’t think Hank3 gets enough credit for having one of the widest vocal ranges out there, meaning he can sing really high, and really low with proficiency. Yes, he’s lost his yodel and such over the years, but I do think the sweet spot of his voice might be a tick higher than what we’re used to hearing from him, and in this new material it appears he might be developing that. It may come across as harsh, but again, that could be the audio quality. or just that it sounds different than what we’re used to.

        • My biggest criticism of III’s last two albums was how he’d not utilised his upper register, and I found them both a little flat and lack-lustre. So to hear him using it again I am STOKED! To me that is where the gold lies and I’m hoping this new stuff might be reminiscent of Lovesick, Broke and Drifting. Kudos to the lovely Cathy for her recording of these too, thanks doll!

  • His voice is like a knife scrapin a plate. I ain’t eatin his new dish- it’s over-rated slop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a ole country lover but I think Hank3 is gettin play kuz of his Granddaddy/Daddy’s name. Alot of great music has backed him, while he churns out a 14 year old punk rockers lyrics….where the words “devil, crazy, wild, pills and booze” repeat themselves in new rhymes. Take me back to Lovesick, Broke and Driftin, when he had a yodel and some soul. Alotta gals love him, kuz he’s a tattooed Hank, but I see right through it. I know these are fightin words, but come on!

    • You aren’t worth fighting with.

      • neither is his music! the way i see it, ya got a scale of Nashville trash on each end. The over-produced crap on one end, and Hank3/wanna be hank3’s on the other. In the middle is where the Gold is, the greats of old and new.

        • You say his music isn’t worth fighting over, but yet you continue to down Hank3, don’t like it you don’t have to listen to it.

    • Burn!

    • ahahahaha NOT EVERYBODY LIKES US !!!

      • Ahahahahaha, GAWDDAMN RIGHT!!!

  • Not often does anything that is really hyped live up to the expectations… These videos have me thinkin’ Hank3 will. Big thanks to those who filmed this.

  • i am relatively excited about these releases. Nice solid sound.

  • Cajun Song (name uncertain)……..this one is “Musha”

    • Thanks Cathy for the update and videos. Great job!

    • Thanks for these vids Cathy, and the others on youtube. Looked like a great time.

  • it’s “Gutterstomp”

  • thanks Trigger….it was an honor to be there and be allowed to record.

  • NIce! The one about his dog, while he’s playing banjo sounds really good. Thanks cathy for the footage

  • I’m really trying to keep my expectations down for the new albums, but these sound really good.

  • It looks like he re-created himself. I’d rather see this happen, than have him remain in a rut. It once again proves he is a true artist. The problem with the last two country records was that he was imitating Straight To Hell, instead of giving birth to them the natural way. Like the saying goes, an imitation is never as good as the original.

  • Here’s another one! Fadin Moon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSlZ4U-hark

    • Again, singing in that higher register.

      • It may be the quality of the videos but I don’t think the high register does his voice justice.

        • That’s what pulls you in . . .

    • that’s the one Tom Waits is on….

      • That is a fantastic song.

  • Man. I gotta say these new songs sound fucking sick. I can’t wait to hear this album

  • So anybody know who the new guy is that is playing fiddle??

    • not new, thats davey mac…

      • Grew out his face hair! Daniel looks different too!

        • Just didn’t look like him !!!

    • Thanks!

    • Woah. Not my cup o tea at all. And to be honest, I don’t even know what’s going on in those tracks. BUT, thumbs up to 3 for doing whatever the hell he wants, now that he can. Thanks for the link Wayne. I’m gonna go back and listen again to see if I can make anything of it. I actually started laughing listening the first time through.

    • The Black Cow song is a decent jam, I don’t know what is going on in Branded though, his vocals are terrible. Actually the more I get into it, Black Cow is freaking awesome. Definite props to 3 for doing what he wants on this one.

      • Yeah dude, I could get behind Black Cow but not Branded. Branded seemed like a song played over an auctioneer, while Black Cow seemed like the auctioneer was part of the song. Regardless, I give him credit for taking a risk. I’m also wondering if the final mixes will sound like this, because it seems effective mixing will be a crucial part of the final product.

    • I hated this stuff at first! But, I’ve got to tell you, after repeated listens this stuff is actually awesome! I think it’s impossible for Hank to make a bad album.

  • I like the sounds. He left the f-ing Halloween show at the door (or on the other albums).

    Excited to hear the album cuts. If this is representative of the whole country album, we might see some critical acclaim, because this is genuine stuff.

  • Great new stuff; new releases are all his finally; time for the rubber to meet the road.


  • […] Triggerman over at Saving Country Music keeps you posted about Hank Williams III’s—now known as Hank3—new tunes. He also makes a pilgrimage to Townes Van Zandt’s […]

  • 3 is paying tribute to Cajun music, and doing an damn good job of it.

    Cajun music and culture are under attack, and faces marginalization and extinction.

    if you don’t get that, “go fuck you.”

  • I like ‘Runnin’ my Dog in a TN holler’.

  • track list now up on hank3.com

  • Oh wow! just listened to Ghost to a Ghost.

    * super like *

  • * Track List (Ghost to a Ghost – Disc 1) *
    Gutter Town / Day By Day / Ridin The Wave / Dont Ya Wanna / Ray Lawrence Jr. / The Devils Movin In / Time To Die / Troopers Hollar / Outlaw Convention / Cunt of a bitch / Ghost to a Ghost

    * Track List (Gutter Town – Disc 2) *
    Goin to Gutter Town / Gutter Stomp / The Dirt Road / Musha’s / The Dream of Before / Dyin Day / I Promised / Chord of the Organ / Move Them Songs / The Low Line / I’ll Be Gone / Troopers Chaos / Chaos Queen / Thunderpain / Fadin Moon / The Round / I’ll Save My Tears / It’s Goin Down / With the Ship

    * Track List *(III Bar Ranch)
    Tim Dowler – Black Cow / Joe Goggins – Now There’s A Bull / Dan Clark – 37 Heffers /
    Tim Dowler – Mad Cow / Mitch Jordan – Branded / Tim Dowler – Square Bailor /
    Jason Miller – Cuttin Hay / Mitch Jordan – Y Bar Ranch / Countin Cows / Mad Cow /
    Dominic Herrera – Lot 53 / Hugh Howell – Cow Sold / Hugh Howell & Eddie Cope – Cow Mortal / Gwynn Howell – Bull Balls / Hugh Howell – Heavy Cattle / Y Bar Ranch / Black Cow / Eddie Cope – Longhorn / Square Bailor / Moo You / Tim Dowler -Angus of Death / Jason Miller – Cattle Callin Lonesome Blues / Branded

    * Track List * (ADD)
    In The Camouflage / I Feel Sacrificed / Bend / Make A Fall / Livin Beyond Doom /
    Demons Mark / Aman / Get Str8 /Goats “N” Heathans

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