Hank3 To Release Music w/ David Allan Coe, Tour Europe

February 24, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  50 Comments

Yesterday Hank Williams III whose preparing for an East Coast tour in March participated in a live chat on Yowie.com (watch full session at bottom) where he dropped some interesting tidbits about some upcoming plans and projects, including that he’s planning to tour Europe again June 15th through July 15th playing clubs and some festivals, and will be releasing an unspecified collaboration with David Allan Coe in a couple of months. The project came up in connection with the legendary song “The Conversation” between Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings, and if him and Shooter Jennings would ever do a remake.

Well me and David Allan Coe have taken on that, and it will be coming out in about another two months or so. That’s just one of those songs that no matter who did it, it will never be the same, it will never be as cool as it was. It was a really special song for Hank Jr. and Waylon. Who knows what will happen in the future, but what David Allan Coe and me did will be the closest thing to something like that.

When asked how fans should approach Curb Records’ upcoming release of Long Gone Daddy, an album constructed of outtakes from Hank3′s early Curb albums, he told people to treat it like another disputed album, Hillbilly Joker, and bootleg it instead of buy it.

I would say do what you did with Hillbilly Joker. All they’re trying to do is take away from my sales. That’s why they keep putting out these records because they’re trying to take me and my organization down. So of course I don’t respect any of it. There might be a song on there that you like, but there’s a lot of things that you won’t like on there. You’ll see in time how some people have taken sides with Curb Records, people that were nobody and I helped them back in the day, and now they’re getting a little respect and they’re sticking with the corporate world. So I don’t have any respect for it. I would say get it, burn it, pass it out. I know I’ll never be listening to it. That’s what YouTube is for.

He also talked about his appearance on the new kids album Farmer Jason & Buddies Nature Jams put out by Jason Ringenberg of Jason & The Scorchers.

Jason & The Scorchers has been a big inspiration throughout the years. For him to have the guts to ask me to be on a kids record had a lot of respect. I think he respects my work ethic. He just called me up and said, “Man, would you be  into it,” and I said “Sure!” The song was fun, and to be on a track with one of The Ramones, he’s got a lot of interesting people on that. Who knows what will be in the future but that was my first official kids record.

And as for the status of Reinstate Hank:

The sad part about it is they didn’t do it while the Hank Williams exhibit was open at the Country Music Hall of Fame. That’s really the biggest letdown. They should’ve had the ceremony while the Country Music Hall of Fame was showing respects. All we can do is keep ruffling their feathers.

50 Comments to “Hank3 To Release Music w/ David Allan Coe, Tour Europe”

  • It’s interesting that Hank is working with DAC. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence of scheduling or not, but DAC is playing the same bar the night before Hank plays in Jacksonville. I know they have to move on and won’t be there the same night, but it would be nice to see them both on the same stage.

  • Hey man. If buying this album is the only way to get country music from hankIII, then I’m all about it. I will burn it and make copies and pass it out. Just to prove that III really was one of the leaders of the underground movement. I hope this album sells very well and maybe that will let III know that the fans that were with him from the begining still want and respect his country stuff. I’m all for him pursuing metal if that is an outlet for him. I think he needs to keep the two genres separate on his albums. I hope this will be an eye opener for three and I hope he will make country music again instead of only catering to those in black.

    • I agree, I will buy anything that Curb puts out as long as it has Hank3 playing country music. It is hard to convince my friends to listen to underground country music when one of its so called leaders is putting out albums such as Cattle Callin.

      • If your friends can’t seperate stuff like Cattle Callin’ from stuff like Guttertown… You need some new friends!

        • No she doesn’t. Hank3 fans needs to call a spade a spade. Cattle calling was a bad idea that should never have seen the light of day. I read somewhere that he must have been stoned when he came up with that idea and that he should have laughed it off when he sober up. No, but we got a record. I just wish he would forget about this medal crap and focus his attention on country. Rebel Within, fantastic album. I want another one like that, no cattle calling crap.

  • “some people have taken sides with Curb Records, people that were nobody and I helped them back in the day, and now they’re getting a little respect and they’re sticking with the corporate world.”

    Wonder if one those could be Allcorn??

    • Well if Hank3 doesn’t have any say so in Curb releasing his music, I can’t imagine Joey has any say so either. But I don’t know if the statement is about Joey or not.

    • Hope I don’t get slammed for this but Allcorn > III

      • seriously..??? What has Allcorn done to recent date? He puts out 2 albums and has been virtually invisible for at least 3 years and he tops III? I’m not saying III’s work has been outstanding recently but dang..

        • Those 2 albums were pristine. III is more about quantity than quality. III is one of my favorite artists out there, but Allcorn is better in my opinion. I prefer quality to quantity, and frankly Hank 3 last few releases have been more than disappointing.

          • you’re obviously entitled to your opinion but I’m not tracking with the Allcorn love.. Im not saying his albums were bad, but great? nah..

          • Ill like allcorn but he doesnt tour , and has 2 releases.. pretty much all the same guys that are on hank III’s records…

          • When Allcorn decides to actually tour and treat his players with respect maybe I’ll pay the dude some respects..

          • I’m speaking only of the guys music. I don’t really know anything about him. If I judged music by the artists personality, I would hate most of the greatest musicians in history.

          • Pristine???? You gotta be fucking kidding me……IMO his music is garbage and that fat little cowboy wanna be is a cocky little prick that talks shit behind peoples backs.

          • What an insightful reply. Thank you.

        • allcorn’s first record sounded like lovesick broke and drift’n , the 2nd had a straight to hell feel on some tracks but i bet his 3rd will be more like shooter jennings sound.. we will see ..

          • Novelty act at the most

    • I’m wondering the same thing. Would having 3 guest on a track while he was under contractual obligations to Curb give them any rights to the song? Maybe… If “Dixie Coon” wasn’t credited on “Lonesome, Loaded, and Cold” and “Wayward Drifter” would they be on this album as well?

      • What does III have to do with Dixie Coon? ;)

        • dixie coon is 3 .. duh

          • who says?

          • well listen to those 2 songs.. you tell me

          • sounds like Dixie Coon to me.. ;)

          • lol , right on … I wonder if curb has the rights to use the 2 songs Hank 3 did on the melvins album

        • I-I’ve said too much… Mike Curb, if you’re reading this, Dixie Coon is another artist entirely. ENTIRELY I SAYS!

          • hahahaha..i concur

          • I heard that “Skelton” whose been known to perform with Those Poor Bastards is actually Russel Pope, the concert sound engineer from the late 70′s prog rock band Supertramp.

          • you’re correct.. and there is a high demand for Skelton in Brazil… so i hear anyways..

    • From personal knowledge, I’m inclined to say yes.

      • In my opinion, Joey Allcorn seems like just some random jackass with a high voice trying his best to be Hank3. It’s fine if he wants to do old style honky tonk, but alot of the things he does are uncomfortably similar to what 3 does. 1 On Hank3′s “Trashville” he has Billy Gibbons doing a rock style guitar solo, while the song has a sped up angry tempo. Joey’s “In Nashville Tenn.” has rock styled guitar solos over a sped up, angry tempo. 2. “One hors Town” and “Alabama Chain Gang” seem to have the same rythym and a close melody, possibly a coincidence.
        3 Mr Allcorn’s bio states tha he grew up on punk/metal then discover country later on and did a transformation in to a hillbilly singer? 4. Collaborating with Those Poor Bastards on an off kilter song, who saw that coming? 5. 50 Years too late” took all the ideas from “Country Heroes” and used them in his own song. 6. Ther’s youtubes of Allcorn doing misfits covers, in sort of a Jekyl/hide fashion — country followed by horrorpunk, what an idea!

        • I totally agree, man. Allcorn is a fuckin ripoff. I mean, the similarities are scary.
          1. Both play guitar.
          2. Both wear boots.
          3. Both have videos on youtube.
          4. Both of them are male.
          5. Neither of them can breathe underwater.
          6. Both of them have a driver’s license.
          7. They both write songs.
          8. They both play in bars.
          9. They share a few common musical interests.
          Holy shit man, Joey’s a fuckin clone!!!

          Oh wait, I just thought of another one… Hank III and Joey Allcorn are both white. Go figure that shit, man!!

          Hank III is a fuckin original!!! Except, like when he was tryin to imitate Wayne Hancock, but hey that shit don’t make a difference. I mean, so he cut 2 Hancock songs for his first album… payin respects, man. He sounds just like the Fuckin’ Train!! And who’s to say III couldn’t have made it on his own name?? I’d buy a Shelton Williams album. He didn’t need to use his granddaddy’s name man, I don’t care what anybody says. Fuckin III stands on his own.

          • 3-tard… that name is pretty funny.. good thunkin on that son.. :)

          • Jesus christ, thank you! I love 3. He makes some great tunes, but don’t you dare sit there and tell me that his is ‘original’ or more original than Allcorn. Hank 3 takes Hancocks music, rolls it up and puts the ‘Hank” name on it.

          • You’re right man, Wayne Hancock, is constantly putting out songs identicle to “Punch Fight Fuck”. I wish Mr Hancock would quit screaming on his country albums and keep his country seperate from his metal. Wayne has laughing dogs in all of his songs. The first time I heard “Troopers Hollar,” I honestly thought it was Wayne and not Hank3.

            You’re a typical ICP fan.

          • Yea ‘crazed country rebel’ and ‘cunt of a bitch’ were clearly Wayne Hancock knock offs. I’m a big fan of Joey and 3, but you have to admit that 3′s a leader not a follower. Whether you like his music or not, the guy makes his own path and he’s easily the most immitated man in the genre.

          • Actually it was 3 Wayne songs on III’s Risin’ Outlaw album. Not too but into the argument. I agree with Triggerman, if liking III and Allcorn both are wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

          • I don’t understand people pointing to Hank 3s sped up country stuff as being so original, he even admits he stole that style from Hellstomper. The song cunt of a bitch is pretty much the song if I killed her when I met her. Now don’t take this as hate on 3 I love his music, but its not all his creation.

        • Hey, is it possible to like both artists and understand that as humans all artists are infallibly going to bring personal baggage to the table? Because if liking both Hank3 and Joey Allcorn is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

    • I figured he was talking about Neltner for doing the album covers on those (I’m assuming that’s his work)

  • The web chat was a cool idea. I just wished Triggerman did the questions. Besides the tidbits above most of the questions and answered had to do with such topics as when are you coming to my town. Which is important to the person asking the questions, but it makes it a long process to mine the details listed above. His demeanor was great and he scared my a little about going to one of his show with those stories.

    • I think there was a lot of silliness, but I’ll say this: A lot of the time when you have professional journalists doing interviews, they’re not familiar enough with his music to ask the questions the core fans are really wondering about. You get the same questions about being a “Hank Williams” and the Curb stuff, the country and metal mix to the show, etc. etc. There may have been three bad questions for every good one, but in the end most of the things I was wondering about got answered without me asking a single question.

  • “You’ll see in time how some people have taken sides with Curb Records, people that were nobody and I helped them back in the day, and now they’re getting a little respect and they’re sticking with the corporate world. So I don’t have any respect for it.”

    Could be about Joey or maybe it’s about the ‘recycled art’ on the album cover…….there might be a couple turds in the punch bowl.

  • hank lll, more country. please. and since i’m already here, i listened to the live, attention deficit show, on a fan web site a while back. reminded me of blue cheer from back in the day. or some old mothers when frank was in that mood. not a bad thing mind you. blue cheer, humble pie, AC/DC, deep purple, early ozzy, et al, i don’t listen to much anymore. that’s fine. work yourself thru it. maybe there will come a time when you get back to your grand dad’s country. i just hope i’m still alive to hear it. thank you.

  • I was thinking about the art work too when he made that comment….looking forward to all this new stuff!!

  • I got home late from work missed it.. glad to hear about him 3 and DAC ..

  • A somewhat random, but somewhat relevant note. When I was putting together this article, I noticed there is no longer an official website for Reinstate Hank.

  • I am tired of all the Hank 3 hate too. Who cares if rockers go country. Older people in my small town love that I turned country. There tired of their grand kids either listening to hip hop or metro dance music, and love I head to their bars and sing David Allen Coe and Hank senior with them. It seems most young people who listen to country too listen to pop country only and dig that a young person like me rather listen to Townes Van Zandt or the Carter family. People who were depressed that their music turn into madanna clones are happy when I bring them the good news of James Hand and Rachel Brooke. Now since Im an ex rocker I think I understand Hanks change in sound. What rock music, especially metal, represent was the opposite of what was trendy and selling out. Hank 3 is the polor opposite of pop country music. He dont give a crap if he dont sound like the old or new. He is just trying to make some crazy music, that people who like to get drunk off moonshine at the edge of civilization would like to listen too. (Another note:Rockers are use to being outcasts and shunned from society. So we dont care if we are not trendy when we transition to hillbilly music).To be fair to the haters though, I do perfer to listen to a person whose music reaches the depth of the soul which is what turn me to country and blues music in the first place.

  • The Hank 3 live chat was awesome. It was great to actually talk to one of my idols. I wish I would of thought of a better question to ask though. I am the one who asked him about the song “Manatee.” I found out about that song from this site so thanks Trig!

  • Any news on if Hank 3 and David Allan Coe will be releasing this soon?

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