Hank3’s “Brothers of the 4X4″ to be Released October 1st

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Hank Williams III will release his new country album Brothers of the 4X4 on October 1st, 2013. The release will be a double album of 16 total tracks, and will be accompanied by a punk album release called A Fiendish Threat. Album artwork and track lists:

Brothers of the 4X4

hank3-brothers-of-the-4x4-CD 1-
1) Nearly Gone
2) Hurtin’ For Certin
3) Brothers of the 4×4
4) Farthest Away
5) Held Up
6) Outdoor Plan
7) Deep Scars
8)Lookey Yonder Commin
9) Ain’t Broken Down
10) Overdrive
11) Loners 4 Life
12) Dreadfull Drive

-CD 2-
1) Getting Dim
2) Possum in a Tree
3) Broken Boogie
4) Toothpickin

hank3-a-fiendish-threatA Fiendish Threat

1) Can I Rip U
2) Different From the Rest
3) There’s Another Road
4) Broke Jaw
5) Watchin U Suffer
6) Brekin Free
7) Face Down
8) New Identity
9) Feel the Sting
10) Fight My Way
11) Full On
12) Your Floor
13) A Fiendish Threat

From the press release:

The king of hellbilly, Mr. HANK3 himself, is pleased to announce a triple-threat of new releases, hitting stores October 1, 2013. HANK3 will release a brand new DOUBLE country album, entitled Brothers of the 4×4, and a single punk album, entitled A Fiendish Threat, with his new project “3”.  Brothers of the 4×4 will also be available as a single LP vinyl version, and A Fiendish Threat will be available as a double LP vinyl version.Recording in his own home and releasing music on his own label, the Megaforce distributed HANK3 Records, allowed Williams complete creative control during the four month period it took to make both records.Besides living the songs subject matter first, HANK3 sang and played both guitar and drums on the records. As if pulling triple duty wasn’t enough, he engineered, produced, mixed and mastered all the tunes as well.  Not bad for someone who in his own words is dyslexic and has ADD,  ccording to HANK3 “my mind is all over the place”. But even a man talented and driven enough to do (count ‘em) seven jobs at once has his limits, so HANK3 has once again assembled a top-notch ensemble of pickers and pluckers for Brothers Of The 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat.The required stand-up bass holds the low end down at the deft hands of Zach Shedd, with David McElfresh and Billy Contreras whipping razor sharp bows across the fiddle. Daniel Mason handles banjo, with a special guest appearance on “Possum In A Tree” by former National Old-Time Banjo Champion Leroy Troy working his banjo in the old school clawhammer style, while Andy Gibson wrings the sweetest of notes out his stand up steel guitar. Finally, long-time collaborator and fellow multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Johnny Hiland rips his chicken pickin’ guitar to feathers and shreds.

HANK3‘s latest country record is just that- country, and the realness of it shines throughout the record like moonlight hitting a mason jar of corn liquor- it ain’t always the smoothest, and it doesn’t come wrapped in a fancy package, but it’s 100% pure whoop-ass in a bottle that gets the job done quicker and better and reminds you of where you originally came from once you figure out what just hit you. On “Outdoor Plan” he sings of fishing and hunting as a way of life, and it’s a fact that more than one deer and turkey has met its maker at the end of HANK3’s gun’s barrel. The title track, “Brothers of the 4×4″ celebrates the wide open full throttle love of off roadin’ and rootin’ in a four wheel drive- the cover of the record shows Williams mud bogging in a custom 4×4, and it’s not some redneck rental- that’s his ride. And because life ain’t always happy, when the heartbreak and hard times cracks through the sonic celebration on songs like “Loners 4 Life” and “Ain’t Broken Down”, it’s because HANK3 is well acquainted with the darker side of life, and not as some tourist. The album is a rich and gritty sounding mixture of sadness, pride, hope- in other words, it’s a great country record.

As mentioned above, HANK3 will head out on a headline tour of select major markets on August 24th. The tour will kick off in Austin, TX at The Austin Bat Fest, and will tour several cities, coming to a close on September 8th in Atlanta, GA at The Masquerade.

HANK3 Tour Dates:

  • 8/24 Austin, TX @ The Austin Bat Fest
  • 8/25 Ft. Worth, TX @ Rail Club
  • 8/26 Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
  • 8/27 Lawrence (KC), MO @ Granada
  • 8/29 Sauget, IL @ Pops
  • 8/30 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Pierre’s
  • 8/31 Flint, MI @ Machine Shop
  • 9/1 Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
  • 9/2 Pittsburgh, PA @ Alter
  • 9/4 Lancaster, PA @ The Chameleon
  • 9/5 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
  • 9/6 Richmond, VA @ National
  • 9/7 Charlotte, NC @ Amos Southend
  • 9/8 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

25 Comments to “Hank3’s “Brothers of the 4X4″ to be Released October 1st”

  • Well now. . . much respect for an artist to remain true blue. :-)




  • I hope I can get the new albums when I see im ihn atlanta


  • My last month and a half has been shitty, hopefully this can turn it all around for me.


  • Best news I heard all day! I can’t wait to see III at the Machine Shop!


    • You and me both!


  • No “Parental Advisory” stickers? What’s the catch?


    • He doesn’t put them on anymore. I think Curb only did it to protect their squeaky clean image. That sticker is rarely used anymore on most records that aren’t rap anyways.


  • I really love Hank III and his music helped me through some hard times. Lovesick, Broke & Driftin’ is probably my favorite album of all time. I have a tattoo of artwork from Straight to Hell. That said, I’m not buying this album without a preview. I’ve been real disappointed with the last few country albums and the repetitive themes and sound. If this is more of the same, I’m prepared to sit this one out. I hope I’m wrong!


    • Agreed. I’ll always give his offerings a fair listen and hope for the best..but I find that the latest releases don’t get much rotation in my collection and I reach for the older ones. It seems like the more control he has of these albums (playing, recording, producing, etc.), the less strength they have. Sometimes artistic input/contribution from others will better a band and sound, rather than left to your own ‘vision’. I’m also not so pleased to hear he’s playing drums. That “reggaeton” beat he’s been abusing is getting old. That being said..I still, and always will, love me some Hank III. \m/


  • I am a HUGE iii fan, however with that said I hope the “damn good time” tag line doesn’t make this album like it has numerous other times (sometimes even in the same album).

    I plan on catching this tour at least 2 x’s


    • I did that last year – Toledo then Grand Rapids. I’m still recouping. Just going to do one show this year and enjoy it. Getting old.




  • Sweet! Day before my wife’s birthday, wish he was out west at that time but I’m sure he’ll be soon enough. Sounds like he’s calling this an outright country album… A claim he didn’t make last time around. Looking forward to it very much! Ghost To A Ghost is the best song he has ever put to tape but a straight up country record might “flow” a little better.


  • I know it’s Hank III, and he’s infamous for his cut-throat attitude and his hate for pop-country… But I’m kind of worried that this could be an album full of modern countryisms about playing in wet dirt, drinking whiskey and light beer, and just bad cliches of the “country life.” Hope that I’ll have nothing to worry about when I give it a listen.


  • “The title track, “Brothers of the 4×4″ celebrates the wide open full throttle love of off roadin’ and rootin’ in a four wheel drive”

    Because if there’s one thing we really need more of, it’s truck songs.


  • Well, shit.

    Will definitely give it a fair listen because its Hank III (and I hope it turns out to be his best country album since STH), but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about this one disappointing.


  • Thats not a whole lot of tour dates.

    I’m sure he’s got a full scale trek in the works..(I hope)


  • I want to hope that this is going to be good. A couple of things in that press release made me flinch a little bit. I hope I don’t have to get really drunk to like it.


  • There is nothing wrong with singing about trucks/four wheeling/hunting/and general country living, as long as it comes from the heart. The problem with the laundry list songs, is that they’re simply throwing words together that they think sound country without any personal connection to what they’re singing. They’re putting references in these songs, simply to make their pop or rap song “more country.” I think alot of the people that comment on here are city people who can’t relate to that way of life, and cringe whenever they hear any rural reference. The reason these people like country music is because they like how it “sounds”.


    • I don’t cringe at rural references and I’m by far a “city person”. It’s just whenever you have a long list of country songs that involve nothing but these things that have become “country” as we know it, it starts to draw a stereotypical picture. Trucks and such have always been apart of country music, but I’ve never heard Waylon Jennings sing about driving around in a four wheel drive. Hell, never heard Hank, Jr. sing about it either, and it’s not like those big ass lifted trucks didn’t exist back then, because if anybody paid attention to “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” (the video), they were very much there.

      And I’m not insinuating that Hank III is trying to jump on some sort of bandwagon, because he IS from that sort of lifestyle, but it’s just kind of odd that he’s releasing a lot of these types of songs now, where as he didn’t use to. But it’s Hank III, and as I stated, he’s known for his cut-throat attitude, so really he doesn’t give a shit if anybody likes the music or not.. At least I would suspect, and that’s where I kind of get glad, because maybe he’s just singing it just to sing it and not make it big. Who knows? I’m just hoping that we’re not seeing the beast within that wants to follow the others who’ve shown success with those sort of topics.

      And if none of that made sense, I apologize, because I absolute suck at writing out long comments and trying to stay relevant. lol


      • I have absolutely no idea how the music on these albums will sound, and I’m not about to judge a book by its cover.

        But I will say this:

        I can say with great confidence that Hank3 has absolutely no idea that a big trend in popular country music right now is to talk about trucks and 4X4’s. He has absolutely no idea about the whole rise of hick hop and how they have been using “muddin'” as a way to perpetuate that to rural consumers. Hank3 right now may as well as live on Mars, and has detached himself so completely from the rest of the music world, I doubt he has any idea who Jason Aldean or Brantley Gilbert are beyond maybe recognizing the names. This isn’t an insult, this is just the way it is. And so whether this music is good or not, and I personally will wait until I hear it to give my opinion, I can say with confidence that this is Hank3’s expression coming from him, and not some play to piggy back on some popular trend that he has no idea exists.


        • And that’s relieving to hear, Trig.


  • Hank JR did sing about trucks….”a shotgun, a rifle and 4 wheel drive and a country boy can survive”… There may or may not be more references, but that sprang to mind…


  • Possum in a Tree -> possibly a tribute to George Jones?


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