Heartworn Highways Documentary Now Available Online

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heartworn-highwaysThe legendary Outlaw country documentary Heartworn Highways, featuring Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, David Allan Coe, Rodney Crowell, Gamble Rogers, Steve Young, The Charlie Daniels Band, and many more, has finally been released completely remastered for digital on-demand viewing and download. Filmed in late 1975 and early 1976, but not released until 1981, Heartworn Highways captures the country music Outlaw movement and some of its most important contributors in the infancy of their careers. Some of the scenes and music have gone on to become some of the most memorable moments of country music lore.

The new remastered, online version of the film was released on December 25th, (2012), but because of the holidays, went virtually unnoticed. Original copies of Heartworn Highways, including copies of the 2005 DVD release regularly sell for $90 and over on eBay and Amazon, speaking to the wild demand for the movie. The DVD included additional scenes not in the original movie. The new remastered version is available on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube (see links below), and other online streaming services. The filmmakers released a statement on Christmas for the re-release.

As part of the small filmmaking team, this release is extremely special, one we’ve been cautiously anticipating a very long time. Despite the initial favorable reviews and enthusiastic response at festivals, our film did not make it at the theatrical box office when it was initially released over 30 years ago. Few people understood it back then. So, it has been deeply gratifying to watch the film, which somehow survived underground, until the DVD was released 10 years ago. There is now a burgeoning community of folks who love the film for its timeless pleasures, honest evocation of that moment in American history and of the lives & music of such extraordinary talent. Thanks to your awareness and support we have been able to digitally save and clean the original release negative so that today we can finally bring it to you fully remastered: here it is, Heartworn Highways, in HD and Stereo, enjoy & share it.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Graham Leader, Producer, and Phillip Schopper, Editor.

On Sunday February 10th at 2 PM EST, the filmmakers will be participating in an online chat on Facebook about the film. A brand new trailer for the film can be seen below, followed by one of the film’s most iconic scenes.

Stay tuned for Saving Country Music’s review of the remastered Heartworn Highways.

Download or On Demand Heartworn Highways on Amazon

Download or On Demand on iTunes

14 Comments to “Heartworn Highways Documentary Now Available Online”

  • Incredible stuff on this dvd. Especially the Extras!


  • these filmmakers should consider doing a kickstarter and get more phyiscal copies of the dvd and soundtrack made. i’d contribute to both in a second. i don’t do one’s and zero’s (buy or pirate).


    • Maybe that’s the point of releasing it digitally, to raise funds. This will be a good question to ask on the live chat this Sunday with the production team.


      • here’s to hoping.


  • I have a copy of the 2005 DVD release and love it. Sounds like there may be stuff on this version not on the 2005 release. Will look foward to checking it out. It truly is a look back thru time at some great artists.


  • I alos have the DVD, but know folks who wished they had it! I got it for normal price in about 2008 or so and have enjoyed it many times over. THe opening with Guy singning LA Freeway is magic. By the way, you left out Steve Earle – he’s only about 19 and skinnier than Justin is now.


  • Nice – Looks like some of the TVZ clips are similar to those found in Be Here to Love Me


  • Larry Jon Wilson recording Hoopie River Bottomland is solid country gold. That guy’s career was ruined by whoever added strings and silly CW McCall-esque high-pitched female backing tracks to most of his songs. I’ve since tried to get my hands on everything that guy wrote, and he was a legend.


  • Wow, the emotion on Uncle Seymour’s face during Towne’s Waitin’ Around to Die is powerful; a testament to TVZ’s masterful songwriting.


  • This is a must see for any one interested in this genre of music. I love seeing a teenage drunken Steve Earle.


  • I was also amazed by the John Hiatt song “One for the One for Me” and how someone that young could right a song that good. Just stunning talent.


  • I love all those bands, especially the CBD.


  • This movie introduced me to Larry Jon Wilson. For that reason alone I would gladly pay more money for it, I own the DVD & soundtrack, I’ll be buying this version before long. The is NOT the greatest documentery ever. It’s The greatest movie ever.


  • must admit i never saw anything except the TVZ clip on youtube and i was blown away by this movie, didnt find the extras on the Itunes download tho…


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