Hellbound Glory and Lone Wolf LIVE!

March 25, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  40 Comments

Just announced, this Sunday night (3-27), Hellbound Glory will be broadcasting their performance at Will’s Pub in Orlando, FL on SCM LIVE! Tune in at 9 PM Eastern, 8 Central for opening act Lone Wolf OMB, who just released his debut album a few weeks ago.

I just had the fortune of seeing Hellbound Glory less than a week ago at South by Southwest. It’s a rarity to get such a great mix of top notch songwriting, with an energetic and fun live show. Leroy Virgil’s soul is like a fount of country music. He’s one of those rare birds where songs just burst out of him so quickly and so fluidly, a concerned observer might worry some or many of them would be lost down the drain. Hank Williams was like that. Many other professional songwriters like Roger Alan Wade are like that.

And usually those types live with their demons right up at the surface, and having spent a good amount of time around Leroy during SXSW, I can say he has that disposition as well. That’s how you know his songs are genuine. There is a fire in his eye, and a perennial sideways grin that hints of the no-good running through his brain. However with a kid to his name now, Leroy seemed to know his limitations and boundaries. He may be up until 5 AM, but it will be drinking beer and swapping licks on the guitar, not snorting coke and taking a ride in a police car.

Leroy told me right now he has two full albums of material to record with Hellbound Glory, and two more albums with a new project he’s put together called “The eXcavators”. He debuted a few new songs during the Rusty Knuckles Showcase at SXSW, and I had my camera ready to capture a couple of them, and one of their older, signature songs. Check out the wordsmithing at the beginning of the first video, and please join us Sunday night for this rare live broadcast.

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40 Comments to “Hellbound Glory and Lone Wolf LIVE!”

  • man, thats gonna be a helluva show. hope some of that new material gets recorded soon.

  • This Is Ironic that you post this now.

    I just got into Hellbound Glory through bittorent last night, and ordered both cds and the lp of “Scumbag Country” from amazon.

    Folks these guys are the real deal, and they kick ass in the process. New fan but been listening all day.

    • When I first got into them about this time last year, I did not care as much for their first CD, I think because the second one was the new one I focused on, and it is so killer. But watching them live, they played a lot of tracks off the first one, Scumbag Country and so now I have revisited it and am REALLY digging it.

      Oh shite, and I JUST remembered, that Ivanna gave me a copy of their VERY first album, one that some of the tracks from Old Highs and New Lows came from. I’ll post pics on the message board. Hold on…

      Ok, just posted:

      • Ya know.. I have to be honest and maybe this isn’t the right place for it but.. I like what I hear when I hear them but I just cant grasp your enthusiasm about this band. Good yes but nothing that makes me needing to listen over and over again.. What am I missing??? I see so many people into them and I keep questioning myself why Im not hearing what everyone else is.. Keep in mind I mean no disrespect im just not at the level so many others are with them..

        • What grabbed me was the lyrics, and the way the band played around them. Hard to tell you what I like and why you should but it just hit me right i guess

          • yeah I hear ya man.. I may just take it as it is what it is.. Whats been grabbing me as of late doesnt necessarily get everyone else .. I seem to be on the opposite spectrum when it comes to quality of bands which is weird because we all dig this style of music..

        • All I could do Misfit is refer you to my previous posts on them, but yeah, it is the songwriting. I’m not saying you’re wrong, taste is arbitrary, but I will say I see a lot of universal appeal for Hellbound Glory as well. Not like with Bob Wayne or Jamey Johnson, where it seems you either love him or hate him. They got some press from people who normally don’t even sniff the underground, and it was because of the songwriting.

          Here was my review of their last album from almost a year ago today:

        • The first time I heard The ballad of Scumbag Country and Hellbound Glory I was hooked. There’s just something about Leroy’s voice that really grabs me.

          Also Misfit, Check out some of the Youtube videos of Leroy Virgil. He is going to be one of the great songwriters of our time and you can tell his heart is in the right place.

      • Trig, am I missing something or does the pic not have anything HellBound glory in it?

        • Monster truck patch. Not first album.

        • Keep scrolling down, lower in the thread.

          • Hey there it is. Sorry short attention span i suppose.

  • My feelings about Hellbound Glory are well known around here. Probably my favorite band. Leroy writes great songs practically in his sleep, and Chico, Nick, and Frank can get it done. I’m really excited about Sunday night!
    Trig, I’m pretty sure the song in that first video you have up there is called “Feudin”. Can’t wait for more albums from these guys, and even though I’ve seen them before they’re the Muddy Roots act I’m most excited about as well!

    • Oh, and LoneWolf also kicks ass for the record!

    • Thanks! Changed.

  • The first video you have posted is my favorite Leroy song. My wife and I went to Reno to see Hellbound play for the 1st time. We ended up getting married before the show and having “Be My Crutch” sung to us for our “First Dance.” One hell of a good time.
    They are all great people. Two thumbs up for Hellbound Glory.

  • Trigger I need you to call my job and tell them I must have Sunday night off. I’m sick of always missing all the cool shit on SCM Live cause I gotta work.

    • Well I do have an honorary Doctorate from the Unitarian Church Online. We’ll hopefully record and archive it for those that are “too sick” to catch it.

      • If you could, that’d be fantastic.

      • Great!

      • PLEASE archive it! I’m working as well, but would really love to hear it. Boys are going places.

  • They have another act preforming if they dont want to be on SCM-Live we will have a musical break by Rev.Nix ipod! See you guy Sunday night Live from Wills Pub Its Saving Country Music Live with Lone Wolf and the kings of Scumbag Country HellBound Glory!!!!

  • I’ve got the two cd’s and the Scumbag vinyl! Sure am looking forward to some more! Wish they would play Ohio!

  • I’m still hungover from hangover from hanging out with them two days ago.

    • See? I’ve lost the ability to form a sentence.

  • Hellbound Glory coming soon to a location near you! Tune in Sunday night!

  • okay checked the dates and they are gonna be in tulks with wayne and bob and i believe i heard >357 is on that tour, i used to live in tulksa and i think its time to get my happy ass out there for that

    • I meant tulsa damn my fat fingers

  • Hellbound Glory will be all over the country this year with a few big festivals and hitting Europe later this fall. They are also hitting the studio in the next few months for a new release to be out just before they leave for Europe along with Leroy’s new project the Excavators. They will be on our Rumble festivals in San Diego with Hank 3 on September 10th and our Raleigh showcase on Oct 15th with massive headliners, we have yet to announce. Gonna be a great year for the fellas and really stoked on all the great accolades they are getting. We are also planning a 7″ coming up potentially with Joe Buck.

    • Awesome, be sure to keep us posted!

    • Well that is some exciting news to be sure! Hellbound Glory takes over the world!

    • what HBG in San Diego you can bet your happy as i’ll be up front and center for that it’s about damn time some good country came our way anf I’ll try to get the word out some

  • So what genre does his new project “The eXcavators” fall under exactly? I really don’t get a vibe any different than Hellbound Glory when listening to “The eXcavators” tunes over at nine bullets. You wanna fill me in, Triggerman?

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