Hillgrass Bluebilly to Finally Release Boomswagglers Album

July 2, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  16 Comments

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Every once in a while you have and artist or band come out that is so pure, so raw, and so good, it is destined to self-destruct from its own internal pressure. Such was the case with the original incarnation of The Boomswagglers, a two-piece band consisting of Spencer Cornett and Lawson Bennett. The name “Boomswagglers” came from their real-life experience of living in a shack, eating out of cans and living off the land, spending days hunting arrowheads like modern day Mark Twain characters.

During this period they both became highly-skilled guitar players and wrote some of the most authentic country songs you will find recorded in the modern era. Hillgrass Bluebilly Records in Austin, TX got a hold of The Boomswagglers long enough to try and record an album, but the project almost seemed doomed from the beginning; they were just too raw, too real. It resulted in a rough, disjointed project that Hillgrass didn’t feel confident enough to put their stamp on, yet as bits and pieces leaked out over the years, The Boomswagglers slowly became underground icons from their raw songs and occasional performances around Austin, TX. After years of the public itching for the project’s release, Hillgrass Bluebilly finally released a Boomswagglers album as a bootleg for a short period.

Something about the authenticity of the whole thing made The Boomswagglers’ bootleg arguably one of the best, most engaging projects released in all of 2011. At some point Hillgrass Bluebilly took the bootleg down, and since then Saving Country Music has been flooded with questions and requests of where to obtain this rare piece of audio gold. The original Boomswagglers album has become an underground classic, and Hillgrass Bluebilly has finally decided to give it a proper physical and digital release, with a brand new version completely remastered from the original studio sessions.

The new Bootleg Beginnings from the Shack Out Back physical copy will be a collector’s edition that will include a handmade emergency fishing kit attached to the CD, with a hook, line, and various lures. The physical release date was July 12th, with the CD Release party happening at Antone’s in Austin, TX, with Hellbound Glory and Cade Callahan performing as well. The digital worldwide release is today, August 21st.

Guitar player/songwriter Spencer Cornett still plays under The Boomswagglers name with other players, while Lawson Bennett is now the proprietor of the Mustache Podcast.

Original “Two Guns Up” Review of The Boomswagglers’ Bootleg Beginnings

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Purchase Bootleg Beginnings from Hillgrass Bluebilly

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Handmade fishing kits for collector’s edition

Image of the inside CD, taken from actual newspaper clipping

Inside Cover

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16 Comments to “Hillgrass Bluebilly to Finally Release Boomswagglers Album”

  • Any word on a price yet? “Run You Down” is one of the best country songs I’ve ever heard. I must have this. This made my day.


    • I think I heard $13.99 for the collector’s CD at some point, but don’t quote me on that. We’ll keep a lookout for a pre-order announcement.


  • “I’m so lowdown,i gotta reach up to touch the bottom…”
    Anybody have any info on who the lovely young lady is doing backup vocals on Trailer Park Special?..i’m not seeing anything in the pictures above.


    • all of that info is included, underneath the clear CD tray! Molly Salvi, to answer your question


      • right on,thanks…i’ve really been looking forward to this.


  • Can’t wait! I was one of the many askin where to get a copy of that bootleg, emailing every fuckin body haha so I’m definately gettin this. The boom swaggers are far from dead the new lineup is badass


  • Wow!! This is great! Hopefully, I can buy two and save one as an unopened collectors item that will surely be worth gazillions of dollars.


  • I can’t wait.

    I understand The Boomswagglers has a new line-up, but I haven’t heard any of their music. Right now, this is The Boomswagglers to me.

    It’s like looking at a photo of the Pillars Of Creation.


    • If you or anyone else is interested, here is a review I did of the second incarnation of The Boomswagglers with videos and a new song:


      I didn’t link to it above because since then the guitar player Steven Bracamontez has left for sure, but I know Spencer has a new guitar player.


    • your in for a treat. i wish i could go back to hearing all these songs again for the first time,lol.


  • this is some really good music and one i’m for sure going to buy. outstanding.


  • I must say that’s a fine looking cd there… and it sounds pretty good too.


  • Pre-Orders are up! http://www.hillgrassbluebillyrecords.com/releases/the-boomswagglers-bootlegs/
    $16.99 with shipping and all that


  • ordering my copy from Keith tomorrow!!!


  • This is maybe my favorite album of the last few years. I got it when hgbb first put it out as a bootleg and I still listen to it from beginning to end pretty regularly. I’ll be buying the CD just because I feel guilty not paying for an album that kicks as much ass as this one. Also I really want that emergency fishing kit:-D


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