I Told You Taylor Swift Can’t Sing

February 1, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  93 Comments

Ok, you can stop emailing me. No, I did not watch the Grammy’s last night. I’d rather watch my genitals being made into a smoothee in a blender than to offer up my olfactory to that Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck bullshit; a bunch of talent-less millionaires dressed up like muppets, prancing around to fluff each other’s egos. The Grammy’s stopped being about the music many years ago, and the latest charades only prove it.

So for those of you that don’t know, apparently Taylor butchered numerous performances last night on pop music’s premier infomercial. I told you she couldn’t sing. I don’t care if she writes her own dumb songs about 17-year-old boys with a sock down their pants and the keys to daddy’s car. And you want to talk about her as a role model? How about finding role models who actually excel, or hell, even accomplish with an average competency what they set out to do. My neighbor’s dog can sing better than that. The only thing that sets Taylor Swift apart is that her eyes are set too far apart, and that looks pretty on glossy magazine covers.

People across the board are now tearing down Taylor because she can’t sing, but this is the same public that made her the biggest artist in country this year, and now in ALL of music with her “Album of the Year” Grammy win. This is the vicious pop cycle, and sorry, but FUCK YOU, I won’t participate.

This is how it works: the mass public overly glorifies an otherwise average talent to make themselves feel “inspired,” and then when the fall starts for their starlet, it is meteoric, and fueled by the jealous, narcissistic hunger of the pop public, tearing that person down with all their spite, sinking their nails into their flesh and feeding like animals off their destruction to fill their vacuous egos. It is a sick, pathetic, and all too predictable cycle that I will not participate in.

Taylor Swift is more machine than man now, and as that machine begins to crumble around her, she will face much more daunting challenges than beating out Carrie Underwood or Beyonce for some meaningless trophy, or trying to stay on pitch during a live performance. The money won’t help pad the fall, it will fuel it.

I was criticized for being mean and awful to Taylor for stating the obvious about her talent previously. I was told “she’s just a girl,” and that she “inspires young girls all across the country.” Well the pop cycle has started, and soon the words “Taylor Swift” will be a punch line to jokes, uttered by those same “fans,” while Taylor the person is onset with personal demons, hiring people to blow cocaine up her ass because her nose is blown out.

You see, I saw this whole time that inside Taylor Swift the franchise was just another human. An average human maybe, but a human nonetheless, who should be dealt with the same dignity every human should. The public will forget that, but I will remain steadfast. As much as I fear for the plight of country music, and the spirit of the American culture in general, I fear for the soul of Taylor Swift. Because they are all in peril.

–Triggerman out.

From This Taylor Swift Shit – Country Music Is Dead Nov. 13th 2009:

“Forget the arguments if Taylor Swift is country or not. Forget all the talk about her songwriting being immature. Forget that her management deals in unscrupulous ticketing practices. I watched the CMA’s cover to cover, and it began with a Taylor Swift performance where she just outright did not sing in tune. She won Female Vocalist of the Year, and she can’t even sing.”

“And part of me feels bad for Taylor Swift. I have been careful not to ever criticize her as a person. It is not her fault that this false crown has been hoisted upon her by the spoon fed American consumer, she just has to deal with the repercussions. She said that winning Entertainer of the Year was all that she ever wanted. Well when you achieve that at nineteen, there is a good possibility the rest of life is filled with letdown, and holes can open up in your life; holes that you can fall into, or that need to be fed.”





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  • You were right… no arguement here. She can’t sing and no one seems to care. Sad….


  • She can’t sing for sure, but I disagree that people don’t seem to care. Some still might not, but that performance last night was undeniable. Even 15-year-old girls with glitter eyeshadow could hear how off pitch she was.

  • You are the man, Triggerman. I posted a much smaller version in the forums. But, I 200% agree with you. The bullshit of so-called country and the public these days is astounding, to say the least. I don’t think you were ever too hard on Taylor, or Kenny Chesney, or Keith Urban, or any of them. They are tone deaf to the max and extremely gullible to believe that they have ANY talent. The awards need to STOP!!!! They ARE NOT deserved!!!!
    But, you’re right. Eventually Taylor is in for a HUGE fall.

  • no arguments here on her ability. I will say it is not always about how well someone sings. Johnny Cash couldn’t sing but his voice was distinctive enough to create his own genre. Taylor not so much.

  • Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson don’t have what might be considered by some as beautiful voices, but they always sang on pitch.

  • Finally? the truth comes out. I was the only one during the CMA that thought Carrie Underwood got robbed for Best Female Vocalist.. Taylor is sweet but singing is not her thing. I dont know how she was able to get away with it for so long. I noticed that she can’t sing the first time I heard her perform live. I think its an insult to all great country music singers such as Carrie, Dolly, Faith and etc.If she keeps winning awards for singing as a country music artist in any category..Talented song writer…I agree..Singer? No way in hell

  • Triggerman, I don’t know who you are, but I think I love you. People have been telling me I’ve had an “irrational” hatred of Taylor Swift for years. It’s not only completely rational, but proven time and time again–the girl is talentless, save maybe a knack for rhyme, and looks like a giraffe. She is completely undeserving of every award she’s won. I’m pretty sure she sold her soul to the devil. It’s really the only explanation.

    • the seventies were real as stated above nothing is real these days in music auto-tune etc.now i have to disagree with some of you disagreer’s taylor swift does have some talent and no no no its not singing???, it’s the looks department.!!! yay did ya figure it out yet? amerikan coarparations sell anything and looks is 1 of them

      • what i meant was taylor swift can’t sing for shit, auto tune etc like rappers and grungers use, but she’s georgeous, pretty etc, and the amerikan record companies no this.!! and shove it down your gen xr’s throats janis joplin was the ugliest woman in the world >>> BUT COULD SING, SHE WASAN’T A MACHINE WELL YOU GEN X JERKOFFS WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND

  • Hey “Really?”

    I’ve been on the record since the CMA’s saying that Carrie got robbed as well, and I’m not even a Carrie Underwood fan, though without question she has a powerful voice and is a highly talented vocalist, emphasis on “vocalist.”Carrie getting snubbed for the Female Vocalist CMA was an even a bigger travesty than Taylor winning the CMA for Entertainer of the Year, because they gave the “Best Female VOCALIST” award to someone who’s proven numerous times she flat out can’t sing.

    The list of Taylor Swift dissenters is growing. We may have been first, but we won’t be the last.

  • Thanks for reading Erin. The only thing irrational is the fervor for Taylor Swift. But that might be changing.

  • She should’ve been more concerned about her singing and less concerned about putting a pond in her damn apartment.

    Yeah her fans will turn on her. Pop music fans will listen to what they’re told to listen to, what is in and fun at the moment. When the late night talk shows and tabloid whatever shows are shooting Swift down they will to. It’s one of the biggest differences between being a pop fan and a true music fan – they’ll be waiting for Leno to tell them if it’s ok to like someone while we’ll be hunting in the flea markets for vinyl records from 30 and 40 years ago. They listen because the music’s simple and it’s the “in” thing, and poor Taylor’s probably found the “out” door.

  • Glad someone got the full gist of what I was trying to say Burch.

  • Burch, I think that her fans are still in denial.. Have you guys seen the comments they posted on you tube? They’re still making excuses for her.. “oh, she could’nt hear…She was nervous…She usually sings better than that…” Its pathetic. Even some of the media are still somewhat afraid of saying anything bad about her..When Brittany sang bad at the Grammys it was all over the news..But Taylor gets off the hook.

  • A sad situation,thank God for satellite radio and internet access to real country performances/tours that one can attend. If you want to check out a favorite country singer or group it as a easy as going to their Myspace or this website to find out where they will be etc.
    The sad part is the image that now represents country to the masses is a teeny bopper chick.

  • Really? –

    Yeah some of ‘em are. I remember a bunch of back and forth on some mainstream blogs after she won Entertainer of the Year, some of them truly do think she’s the greatest thing to happen to country (and to music in general) since the guitar. It might take awhile yet but her exit is on the horizon.

  • Taylor cannot sing. I watch most of her live performances and they are really bad. I do not understand and totally disapointed how she can win female vocalists from the recent CMA, AMA and now the Grammy’s. There are better singers… Carrie, Martina, Reba, Faith, Dolly…NOT Talyor.
    I hope ACM do not follow what CMA, AMA and Grammy foot steps by awarding Taylor again who cannot sing and perform so poorly in her live performances.
    Vocalist award is for those who can sing.

  • exactly why I joined this site, glad someone is attempting to save country music and allowing a vehicle to vent frustrations as well as learn more about true country performers.

  • That was a great read! I laugh and cried almost back to back:p Yes, she is in a lot of trouble, yes she cant sing, yes the public will devour her now:( The only thing I can disagree with you on is the fact she does not like Coke, she just likes the smell of it :p

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  • Look this Bitch is the new Miley Vanelle-HA HA WHAT A DITSY DUMB ASS skank-I felt bad for Stevie Nicks for having to performe with her-Karoke is at the local bar Taylor.

  • I think it’s really sad when people that have no talent at all and they are doing all the bashing on Taylor Swift. Yes she maybe off pitch but there are times she sings well. Taylor is not consistent. But she’s human and when people just constantly do all the bashing it’s insane. Taylor is a role model being the girl she is by no making a name for herself like Britney and other singers. Willie Nelson can not sing as well as johnny Cash but they got famous and people respected them. Now all of a sudden the bashing on Taylor Swift. The comments were nasty comments making fun of Taylor appearances that a heartless person if you ask me. Britney spears never sings live but hey at least Taylor puts that effort on singing her songs live. TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

    • Yes I totally agree with you!

  • I appreciate you standing up for an artist you believe in Swiftfanforever. But just a correction, neither Cash nor Willie sang off key. They may have not had the most naturally beautiful voices, but that has nothing to do with pitch. Perfect pitch used to be a prerequisite for a career in the music business. Willie Nelson has a whole chapter in his autobiography about learning the importance of perfect pitch when he was young.

  • Hello

    Just a little note to tell you that I really liked what you wrote.

  • Her inability to act is also apparent, having seen valentine day, I can attest to that fact. Back to singing… Taylor cannot sing period. She’s proven it. What’s sad is people like “E!” are saying that aesthetics mean more than vocal talent in today’s pop world. Oh and lastly, she doesn’t write all of her own songs. She co-writes just like 99.9% of the artists out there. So let’s me real for a moment. It’s also become apparent that Grammy’s lose value and meaning for everyone with and without them because of this kind of crap. You should earn them for talent, not being pretty. What’s up with her teeth btw? Oh, like her, voice, they’re fake.

  • taylor swift rocks!! i love her so much =.=

  • OH MY GOD how can you all say she can’t sing?!!!! She is a really good singer – what are you people, deaf? And she IS a great role model, she encourages people and most of her songs are inspired by real life experiences. You should actually LISTEN to one of her songs (or more, if possible) and unblock your ears because there is either serious wax problems or you should all go see a doctor or something. AND DON’T TELL ME IGNORANCE IS BLISS, BECAUSE IT SOOOOO ISNT!!!!

    • Jess,

      She cannot sing at all. Her singing is like listening to a two year old sing, but that’s actually cute. A person who is raking in awards like she does should have an incredible grasp of musical talent. She has none. And, yes, I am a former professional vocalist, so I think my critique has a little weight to it.

  • Taylor Swift is awful. Absolutely terrible. And I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t want her being a role model for my kids, it’s apparent that she goes through guys like they’re a pack of gum. She’s always singing about another guy. Good lord how many guys can you go through by the time you’re 19? And they’re all dumping you? Something must be wrong with you

    This girl can not sing, I feel horrible for her. The only time she sings well is when she sings with a tuner, and it’s obvious she sings with one. All of her songs sound the same, it’s the same four chords in another key with a capo. The same rhythm with a few extra drum hits here and there. The girl is talentless. It’s sad to see someone like this own the music industry. Carrie Underwood IS talented, most definitely, but the industry has warped her voice, overplayed her music, and forced her to sing music that it just…So cheesy.

    This is a rant, but coming from someone who studies music, plays, writes, and records, it’s tough to see someone not know anything about what it takes to really write a song. i.e. Taylor Swift. Sweet girl, sour voice.

    And if you’re inspired by hearing about someone who is constantly getting dumped, you must be in the same boat.

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  • oh, she can sing, just with equipment behind her. shes really good, but she isn’t live.

  • Congratulation to the ACM to NOT giving any acknowledgement to an over-rated-over-the-top-non-country-teeny-bopper who only appeals to immature 8 year olds. Finally, somebody stood up to this travesty.

  • Sad that her “music” career has become this debate about whether or not she can sing. It seems logical if someone cannot reproduce a tune after hearing it, i.e., making up her own tune for the National anthem and Silent Night. She cannot EVER sing on pitch in a live performance and her voice is not pleasant to listen to. It is all about the videos, wardrobe and being that princess that every preteen and teen girl strives to be. Sad that she is just a product of mass marketing. I hope she has a backup plan.

  • You’re the best. I had just written a piece called “10 reasons why Taylor Swift Sucks” on my blog and was wondering if anyone in the world felt the same way. You hit it right on the head when you said that her fans use lame material to defend her, such as “you’re mean” or “she’s just a young girl.” None of these are excuses for being famous and sucking badly at your profession.

    • Absolutely. I read your piece and it was amazing. Honest and funny. When I say I don’t like Taylor Swift, people look at me like I’m the Antichrist and accuse me of being mean, and by saying she’s so pretty. Um no. Firstly, it ISN’T asking too much to expect a multi-platinum artist and Grammy winner to hit the right notes. She butchers every song she sings live, whether it’s a classic or one of her own. Also, she has such a bad relationship with pitch, she can’t even tell when she’s off, which is 99 % of the time. And I don’t think Taylor is pretty. She has a whole team of stylists to curl her hair perfectly, her natural hair is a sack of hay. And she wears so much make up! I don’t want someone who wears that much make up and looks so artificial as a role model to my girls. Furthermore, I don’t understand why someone who is so completely incompetent at being in a relationship is seen in such a positive light. I am going to criticize her because she’s flying high on zero talent. And for all those girls that say they love Taylor and we’re mean, we’re not mean. We’re honest. And honestly, she has not talent. Her songs are co-written, they’re all in G because she has no range, she can sing maybe an octave. As my best friends have stated, “She sings live like the two of us drunk Karaoking at a pub”. She’s going to be 21 but she acts like an overgrown fourteen year old. Her most diehard fans are almost half her age, which shows her lack of maturity. Her inability to keep her private life private is disgusting. I hate how she makes money out of her dirty laundry. What a revolting message to send to young girls. And then she compares herself to Shania Twain, which for me is the ultimate disgrace. Shania Twain is mega talented and a very elegant, ladylike figure. Taylor Swift and all her fakeness, lack of talent, and ugly hair swinging is not anywhere close. I hope she wakes up, gets out of the industry and stops embarrassing herself. She has made a lot of money but when her fans grow up and the next generation of tweens realize how old she is, Taylor will be out of prospects. Thank God.

      • Maya, Right on girl! Please see my other posts. You said it ALL and said it perfectly. One more thing; her father now owns Big Machine, her record label and I am quite sure that he is LOVING all the money and pays big money for her music to be sold, Starbucks, case in point. I actually have a friend who wrote a biography about her through a publishing company that assigns books that are sold to libraries and schools, and I have to keep my thoughts to myself. My daughter in law loves Taylor’s music and she is a lovely smart professional gal so I have to believe that she has a tin ear, have never heard her sing :) I get such gut wrenching feelings just the thought of TS being called a great singer when my own daughter has a voice that stuns and leaves people in tears and on the edge of their seats. That said, my daughter is a singer, musician and is successful and will be way beyond when TS is sadly lost in the dust of millions of pretweens who have moved on to the next big thing.

        • Thank you Kay for the support! It broke my heart when you wrote about your daughter, because that is EXACTLY the point I’m trying to make. Real music is an innate talent, not a commercialized image sold on magazines by bully record companies. Taylor’s daddy got her in the industry, but dear god, she only sings (if you can call it singing) a few types of songs. I wish your daughter all the best, because I’m sure the industry is hard. Taylor got a lucky break. Everyone who adores her says she had a bad night at the Grammys, but that’s simply not true. I’ve heard her live televised on several occasions. If you are bad every time you perform, you’re not having a bad night, you’re bad period. She is a cooked up image, no talent, artificial beauty, lack of judgment concerning her personal life, and a ridiculous compulsion to always and always play the part of the victim. Mothers who like her like her because she sells the purity image. Yeah, well she also sells the image that women have to be completely dependent on men to get anywhere and that if a girl can’t live a fairytale in the 21st century, a man must be blamed. She horrifies me.

      • Uhhh, then don’t listen to her music. It’s just that simple. It seems like you’re spending way too much of your life typing paragraphs about someone you hate, than actually enjoying your life and listening to music you like. Just saying.

        • Wow. Talk about presumption. I’m sure the psychoanalysis is appreciated.

  • i saw it last night and i had to turn up my tv to her and she ca’t sing @sara my name is sara to so now what everybody going do now stop likeing her i bet now noone is going buy her new album im not what aabout yall?

  • Oh, Triggerman, how do I love thee? When we have truly, truly gifted and lovely young women like Ruby Jane, Phoebe Hunt and Emily Gimble, I question the existence of justice in this world when the Taylor Swifts are considered talents and the next big thing. While I’m sure she’s a lovely person — a talented singer/songwriter/musician? Yeah, not so much.

    My super power would be to have the ability to unhear bad music. What would yours be?

  • Triggerman you are so right on!
    musiclover45, my superpower would be to be able to lift the likes of Ruby Jane, Phoebe Hunt and Emily Gimble to heights that the so called ‘music world’ lifts the talentless stars of today(I’ll leave the names off you know of whom I speak.

  • GOD I love this blog!

    Triggerman put it so eloquently. Another thing worth mentioning that I feel like a lot of people are missing is this:

    Taylor has been in the “music scene” since 2005. So that means she’s had FIVE years to improve her singing chops. But has she? Nope. Not at all. If she got up on a stage today it would sound just as crappy as her very first live performance… breathy, pitchy, whiny… all over the place.

    So this can only mean one of two things:
    A.) She’s so arrogant that she truly believes she doesn’t need additional vocal training
    B.) She’s too stupid to know she’s ALWAYS off key because her entourage keeps feeding her ego

    Either of those scenarios is unacceptable, because when you’ve won FOUR GRAMMYS, it becomes important, neigh, ESSENTIAL that you exhibit a high level of mastery of the craft of music.

    Unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that Taylor Swift could try out for American Idol TODAY, and not make it to the second round… yet this chick has FOUR Grammys?! Seriously?!

    Point of all this is as follows:
    No one’s perfect. But when you claim to be a musician, you MUST constantly study, work hard, and immerse yourself in your craft. ANY musician worth their salt knows this, and does so. But by giving Taylor four grammys, we’ve told her that she doesn’t need to work hard. She doesn’t need vocal training. According to us, she’s reached the pinnacle of the music industry. She couldn’t get any better! Right?! We’ve absolved her of all responsibility.

    It’s all a sick sick joke.

  • Man you have a real way with words and expressing what you think.
    I fully agree with the trigger.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, so Taylor Swift can’t sing. Why all the angst and astonishment? I mean, assloads of Grammy-winning and/or mega-big country artists can’t sing. Garth Brooks comes to mind as one of the most horrifically pitchy ear-splitters I can think of. George Strait is also pretty astoundingly bad live. And, hello, Rascal Fatts. Ay Caramba!!

    I can’t help but think that some of this apoplexy over Swift is a result of her being so young, so successful, and, yes, female.

  • So Taylor Swift is not the best live singer out there, but at least she actually sings live rather than lipsynging. Her 2nd album, FEARLESS had some songs in which her voice was just terrible, I admit. But that doesn’t beat out the fact that she has great song writting talent. But, her new album “Speak Now” shows how much her voice has improved and matured. I believe her voice is going to keep getting better and better with time because she does have the potential. Besides, she is very true to her fans. Her concerts are full of young girls who admire her and know every single word to every song! She is also a great role model; she doesn’t dress slutty and she is a very sweet nice person who represents all young girls out there who want to chase their dreams. At the concert, she would say inspiring words and advise to the young girls in the audience, and her words were so honest and heartwarming. And that alone makes her a superstar. Go Taylor!

    • I think you misunderstood the whole point. We are criticizing Taylor as an artist. She cannot deliver live. She can’t sing and she doesn’t know it. She misses her notes on her OWN songs that SHE HERSELF writes. The songs are simple enough and she still screws them up. I don’t think having a sweet personality/image is an adequate excuse to suck at your job. Also how the hell can you say she’s a good role model? She drags out her private life and makes money off of it, embarrassing all those poor boys who dumped her. And if she’s getting dumped left and right, maybe there’s something wrong with her. Taylor always plays the victim. That’s what all her songs are about. When Beyonce was her age, she was blowing the fish out of the water with Independent Woman. How dare you call Taylor a role model. She’s pathetic.

      • If Triggerman was criticizing her just as an ARTIST, why would he say that “her eyes are set too far apart” or that soon she’ll be “hiring people to blow cocaine up her ass because her nose is blown out”?
        Jesus. It’s sick how often people mistake constructive critcism with just…tearing someone down because you don’t like their face. What type of example is that supposed to set?

  • She’s like a turd in a punch bowl, and people love their daily drink. Maybe listen to what country could be….

    Try a dose of Turnpike Troubadors, or No Justice. Good Country-sho nuf!

  • Fendergrl says:

    “Her concerts are full of young girls who admire her and know every single word to every song! She is also a great role model; she doesn’t dress slutty and she is a very sweet nice person who represents all young girls out there who want to chase their dreams.”

    I’m sorry, but could you please explain to me how ANY of that stuff is grounds to award someone who can’t sing the “Best Female Vocalist” grammy?

    @ The T

    That was a pretty ignorant post. Okay, so George Strait, who has been on the scene for over 25 years… a country music legend… has ONE grammy. Garth Brooks? TWO grammys. And while those dudes may be a BIT pitchy live, they do know how to sing. Taylor obviously can’t sing, yet she has FOUR grammys…. more than George Strait and Garth Brooks combined.

    Now, does anyone here really think that situation is justifiable? Does anyone truly believe that Taylor Swift has contributed more to the music industry in FIVE years than Garth AND George combined? I hope you said no.

    And while I definitely don’t think the ultra-corporatized grammy awards are the best way to measure an artists achievements, it does make you scratch your head, and wonder just what the hell happened to the music industry.

    Do me a favor “The T “… Instead of just calling everyone sexist, why don’t you actually present actual data to support your assertions. It’s not hard.

  • Doesn’t matter if she can sing or not…..She is young & pretty and (the most important) A Role Model! C’mon, we know that it’s the tweens and young’ins that are the biggest consumers (even if they are using mom & dad’s money to purchase) Parents are all to happy that their children listen & love Taylor….well, that’s until she falls from grace: no matter what that might be. Justin Beiber is mediocre as well.
    Anyone see a pattern here?
    If you’re of “single digit age” there’s hope for you too on Youtube!

  • Excellent article,I thought something was wrong with me when I heard her sing.This child is horrible. I have heard better in churches with a choir of only five people.Why would they ( marketers ) do this to a person ? This girl is clueless,or full of nerves, so sad. Why does she think that she can sing.What is worst,are the fans who have bought into the hype . You and Kanye West are to be commended
    for having the COURAGE to not bow to this BRAINWASHING.


  • Joy, Matt, Trigger, I think the saddest thing is how low the bar has been set in the music business. Taylor isn’t even close to being a singer, let alone a country singer. (She’s not alone there either).

    Young kids think it is okay for a celebrated “singer” to make mistakes on stage, sing off pitch all the time and only sound good with technological assistance. They think cheating is okay too.

    I wonder how my favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning, would do if he only faked those throws and couldn’t really think on his feet? They don’t give football awards to guys who can’t play the game.

    There still is real music out there in the concert halls and stages all over the world. Real musicians who can sing and play beautiful music but too many think that television music, i.e., American Idol is the summit. No one wants honest pure music anymore without the disgusting overdone videos.

    As you might guess, my daughter is a professional singer/musician. She makes her living singing and if she could not audition on pitch, she would never work again. NEVER. She can sing any genre and always sings her shows live, on stage, tours, ships etc. She has been told that her voice is stunning and she should be famous so listening to a no-talent girl embarrass herself over and over and hear people defend her, disgusts me.

    Get out and listen to some local musical theatre or symphony orchestras people, if you want to hear good music. Thanks for the rant. :)

  • Kay says:

    “As you might guess, my daughter is a professional singer/musician. She makes her living singing and if she could not audition on pitch, she would never work again. NEVER. She can sing any genre and always sings her shows live, on stage, tours, ships etc. She has been told that her voice is stunning and she should be famous so listening to a no-talent girl embarrass herself over and over and hear people defend her, disgusts me.”

    I hear ya! I’m a musician (drummer/vocalist/pianist) myself, and have been at it since childhood, and I can tell you right now: Taylor Swift would have been fired from any band I’ve ever played with.

    You know, I really feel sorry for the girl. She really has no idea she sucks. :(
    But as long as we shower her with awards and let our kids buy her records, I guess we’re letting her believe otherwise. So it’s really our fault I guess.

    People need to realize that being a “role model” or “so cute” etc. doesn’t equate to musical ability. So what if she’s a good example?! The best musicians are usually HORRIBLE examples!!! LOL

  • Matt,
    I feel sorry for her also. She is going to crash and burn one of these days and it will be sad.

    No one here has mentioned the fact that her Dad own Big Machine, her record label. I know this as fact because someone who works for them told me and he also agreed that “she cannot sing, but is very generous with her money and is a great song writer.” ………..

    I have noticed that they have bombarded the stores everywhere with her life size cutout. Parents of those little girls cannot escape from it. I remember when my very talented daughter thought that New Kids on the Block were the best thing and we bought their music, but they actually could sing and dance.

    Oh well, it is nice to find a place where I am not looked at like I have three heads when I mention that she can’t sing. I am not a big fan of the new pop country music, but if a person can carry a tune, I will give them a chance.

    • Kay,

      That is why I built this website.

      I have a review of Taylor Swift’s new album coming soon.

      • Thanks Triggerman,
        I remember when the great Wynonna made an honest criticism of Taylor and she got trashed all over the place so she apologized. The building up of icons for little kiddies to worship is scary business. It is all about the money. My kid has a terrific connection in Nashville but has decided not to go that route because of what is expected of young women to be “successful” in the biz in Nashvegas these days. I have way too much pent up sh*t about the music biz. Thanks for your website. I apologize for not reading all of it before, but I have now. Looking forward to the review………..

    • Where do people get this information from? Scott Swift has never owned Big Machine Records – Scott Borchetta, on the other hand does. Big Machine was in the works before Mr Borchetta met Taylor. Maybe people confuse the two, however, I can tell you now that Scott S. is Taylor’s father, and Scott B. is Taylor’s record label executive. I know this because I have met Scott Borchetta in person and spoken to him.

  • […] some vocal performances on the Grammys, I wrote what possibly could be my best blog ever called I Told You Taylor Swift Can’t Sing. Most people read the title and skimmed through the words, but the theme of that article when right […]

  • She’s just a kid. She’s showing improvement now, and soon enough you’ll be left without a leg to stand on.

  • “She’s just a kid. She’s showing improvement now,”
    That has to be one of the funniest or saddest things ever written about the state of music in our culture today. That a twenty year old who has received most of the highest honors in vocal music is just a kid and is improving! ! That someone who is tone deaf and cannot sing on pitch live without technical help is called the best there is? How LOW can the bar go? Kids think cheating is okay already and this is just another example of how parents and adults are encouraging kids to not work hard and have real achievements in life. That they should look up to someone who is so below average because then they don’t feel so bad themselves?? There are literally millions of young “kids” who can play instruments and really sing and you want to defend a pretty little thang because she writes little whiny songs that little spoiled girls can relate to and looks so pretty? We are defending the MUSIC industry here. COUNTRY MUSIC. Let her model or write lyrics or advertise perfume or bad dating habits on a reality show but most of us who really know music just want to stop giving her vocal awards. If she needs to improve then she should not be set up as an example of what ACHIEVEMENT IN VOCAL MUSIC is.

    I get so frustrated and need to vent about this girl. I have a writer friend who is tone deaf herself who has written two blue banner biographies about TS. Also, my darling sweet daughter in law likes TS because she is a trendy girl who tends to think the top 40 anything is good! Third, my daughter is a professional singer who sings live every day for a living. She put hundreds of people in tears just a week ago when singing O Holy Night. Please, Janelle, I am sure you are a nice person, but stop trying to make me crazy. Thanks for the vent Triggerman! Lol!!!

    • You just made my day.

      • Why Janelle, because I made sense to you or you are holding on to the idea that Miss Swift is a great singer? I hope I made sense. All the best.

        • TWO DAYS IN A ROW! Woo!

  • […] eyes and a sparkly dress? The reason? Because what was the talk about at this time last year? Her bombing her performance with Stevie Nicks. She is country’s biggest and brightest star, and we have to treat her like the crazy aunt […]

  • Just happened to come across your blog and found your link to comments I posted about Taylor on Photo.net. I was just wondering if you’re a P.net member that I might know…or if you just Googled and found the thread. By the way…definitely a laugh out loud moment reading what ya had to say! . – John

    • John,

      I’m pretty sure I just googled and found the stories I thought were the best to link to. I’m not too familiar with photo.net. I wrote this over a year ago, so I can’t remember exactly why I chose your story.

  • I agree Tyler Swift can’t sing, age has nothing to do with it.

  • The reason she is so popular is that she is so bland. Swift makes any drunk teenage girl sound they can sing, as fictional as that is.

    It’s a very sad society that can elevate hacker “singers” to such status when there are thousands of talented vocalists – TRTUE vocalists – whose voices SHOULD be played on the radio.

    She’s a great performer but one with a bland, flat voice with no color, no texture, no style.

    And immense picth problems..

  • You know olfactory refers to your sense of smell, right?

  • My problem isn’t that you openly criticized her–which is fine, it’s your opinion–but that you also just outright accused her of being ugly. Her eyes are too far apart? Really? That sounds childish.
    I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about Taylor Swift fans (because some are viciously attacking you in the comments here) so I want you to know that this article you wrote is well within your right.
    But you’re a bit of an idiot if you’d rather have little girls worship Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears. There aren’t many good role models available to my little sister, and I’d rather her listen to Taylor Swift’s song “The Best Day” than “Can’t be Tamed” in all honesty.

  • I can tell nothing about your opinion, coz it’s your right. but publishing your very own opinion that offend swifties is forbidden in virtual world. Of course you’ve known that


  • I would just like to say you’re a bully and a reason that the world is doomed. Honestly, no one deserves these horrible things said about them. Get off your pedestal and thinking your music and the things you listen to are better than anyone else. Quite frankly, I’m a country fan and am slightly a Taylor Swift fan, because she does have some good songs. Some are pop and whatever, but there is some quality to it. So please, grow up and shut your big fucking mouth. I know this comment is two years too late but seriously I cannot just stumble upon this and not comment. Just because your music is “underground” doesn’t make it any better. Get a reality check, please. Famous people have feelings too.

  • i never hated a person this much without meeting them…So you say she sings horrible *laughs* stop being so “mean” to her you just criticize her because you are just pathetic worthless jealous little ….. critic . stop criticize people when you cant even do better than them at what you criticize about .

  • uh… she CANT sing? are u guys deaf or sumthing. and would YOU be able to have a perfect voice in front of a mic tht…. well mics make ur voice staticy and too loud and changes it. if u say she is bad then basically ur saying tht the ppl who gave her the awards are stupid? the proffesionals are STUPID? think it over.

    • “uh… she CANT sing? are u guys deaf”

      YES. NO.

      She is one of the most richly compensated singers on the planet. The marketing machine behind her has pushed more deserving artists (those who can consistently sing well) out of public consciousness.

      As you get older, you may come to realize that artists who are popular among teens are often not very talented. See Justin Bieber for another example.

  • have never listened to more than a few seconds of any grating song she “blates” out.

  • I agree with you taylor cant sing

  • This blog is a complete joke I can’t believe I wasted my time reading that load of crap.

    It’s hilarious that all of you think it’s “cool” to hate on Taylor Swift so you jump on the bandwagon.

    Now watch this and stfu: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2obMo7y-rvA

    I dare all of you pretentious, so-called “true music fans” to talk shit about the performance I linked you to. Come on, entertain me. What did she sing off key again? Rofl. Didn’t belt out some long, powerful note like Whitney Houston? Don’t like what she’s wearing? Let’s see what you people with your “refined taste in music” pull out of your asses this time, that’s what this blog is about right?

    • For the record, I was hating on Taylor Swift way before it was cool to do so.

      But let me point out this article is nearly 3 years old. How about you poke around a little bit more before you start calling people out. I’d start here:


      • Your original assertion about Taylor Swift may have been right all along.

        I recently heard her in concert during her Red tour. She was pitchy. Very pitchy.

        I think she’s relapsing back into her pitchy ways again.

  • I’m sorry, but this was very rude and inappropriate. Taylor Swift has a wonderful voice and that’s how she became famous and people need to stop writing rude things about her. I really like her music and putting it down does not go over well with me :)

  • Why are you guys being so mean? I happen to think- along with many other professionals that Taylor Swift has a great voice, and not only that, but she sings with a passion that some people will never have, and writes all her songs from the heart. They say that music is the shorthand of emotion, and yeah, some other pop songs might have missed that, but not Taylor. In each and every one of her songs she pours herself out into music, and then puts that music out there into the world for people to see, and there are few brave enough to do that. Maybe you don’t like her music particularly, but you must be deaf to not hear that she is good, no she is great. SO stop being a bully, aren’t you guys ashamed of what you are doing? Have you no heart?

  • you’re really mean, she was right.

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