Idol Scotty McCreery’s Lip Sync ‘Clear As Day’ on CMA’s

November 10, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  70 Comments

One thing a good old-fashioned live awards show will do is give the music consumer glimpses into just what a sham a lot of popular music is. In the hustle and bustle, backbones are exposed between the cracks in the facade to those that pay close attention.

Take for example last night’s 2011 CMA Awards. During Martina McBride‘s rendition of her mawkish, objectionably-sentimental Cancer song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It,” three times during the performance, you could clearly see a teleprompter flashing words in Martina’s direction, for this song that’s supposed to come from inspiration, and be sung from the heart, before flashing out quickly, illustrating culpability from the show’s producer’s that they knew showing a teleprompter on camera would not give a good impression.

Watch at 1:07, 1:30, & 3:00 in the video below.

Whether Martina actually needed the teleprompter or not, I don’t know, but I have no doubt she was actually singing the song live. The same cannot be said for American Idol’s reigning champion and Alfred E. Neuman look-alike Scotty McCreery. During his abridged performance of the song ‘Walk In The Country” from his new album Clear As Day, he was clearly lip syncing. I noticed it immediately as he started the performance. He would lip sync during the verses, and in between, and at the end of the performance, his microphone was cut on so he could speak or shout.

Unfortunately there are no good videos of the performance at the moment, and the lip syncing may be the reason for that.


I was finally sent a video that has been confirmed on two different computers to have the audio and video synced up. The quality is not perfect, but it is better than the other two videos out there, and will help folks make their own decision. Pay attention to the first segment, where the camera is isolated on Scotty. This is where I first noticed the lip sync, as in my opinion, his facial movements do not sync up with the lyrics. Then pay special attention at 00:37, where Scotty pulls the microphone away while vocals can still be heard, and at 00:59, where his vocals clearly change, the backing tracks falls out, and Scotty’s voice sounds “live” in the performance for the first time.

For an even clearer video, you can try using this link.

Scotty was also clearly caught lip syncing a couple of weeks later at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Scotty McCreery offered up the only obvious lip synced performance of the night. With the over-production and intense interest in award shows, you might think lip syncing would be more commonplace. But it tends to be pretty rare, seen as a stigma in a situation where top tier talent is supposed to be showcased. Having said that, some artists, especially if they are up-and-coming, can be forced into plip-syncing by producers or their record label. What makes this offense even worse is that Scotty McCreery is an American Idol alum. It’s been popular lately to say that a lot of pop stars would not be able to make it on talent contest shows like Idol, because they are not good enough.

As I said when I welcomed Scotty McCreery to country:

In an ironic symptom of the current state of country music, teeming masses of 14-year-old glitter-faced girls high on Spree and voting en masse on cell phones seem to be a better judge of talent than boardrooms full of business and marketing majors. Look at Carrie Underwood; she’s kept her nose pretty clean with me. So American Idol or not, I promise I will judge you on your own merit.

Scotty’s lip sync performance also comes just days after Idol’s rival talent show “The X Factor” was caught red handed using lip syncing and backing tracks with one of their contestant’s, Leroy Bell. All of a sudden, the facade that these reality show stars are the real deal, put through even more rigorous trials than real stars, is starting to crumble.

As for Scotty McCreery, I think it is perfectly legitimate for McCreery fans to ask if maybe some of the performances that won him American Idol’s top spot were lip synced as well.

70 Comments to “Idol Scotty McCreery’s Lip Sync ‘Clear As Day’ on CMA’s”

  • I still can’t believe that this puts even made it to the Top 24 on Idol, let alone won over James Durbin. Let’s see which one of the two gets to put out a second album on the same label in two years time.

  • Despite having been a loyal reader for nearly a year now, I’ve never posted on this site. The most offensive thing is that if you pop over to youtube people are going on and on about how great this kid is. It’s offensive.

  • Whenever my wife and I are watching any kind of live show like this, I’m always quick to defend a few bum notes. As a singer, it’s really hard to sing only a single song on stage and be on top of your game. I still believe that Scottyboy has a decent voice for this kind of crap. However, if these folks are being sold as the absolute top of the heap in American music, they ought to be able to pull it off without cheating. It’s not like their driving cross-country and sleeping in a van for weeks while trying to maintain a high level of performance.

    • A few bum notes is completely understandable, unless you’re trying to be opportunistic in your criticism of an artist. In some ways, missing a note or two can humanize an artist. But lip syncing is like admitting guilt before you even tell the lie. And Scotty McCreery would have been the last guy I would have suspected of doing this last night, given his American Idol background. But I think in the coming weeks, we’re going to see more info come out about lip synced performances on those shows.

  • You haters are pathetic. He didnt lip sync last night. Dont say like you knew the truth when in fact you know nothing at all.

    • Wow, that’s deep. I think you’re right. I do no “nothing at all’, and you intelligent use of debate points backed by evidence has convinced me of this.

  • I’ll say it before anybody else needs to.

    The fact that I can’t come up with a clean video of Scotty’s performance so people can judge for themselves is bullshit, and slightly unfair to Scotty. I’ll be searching for one, and in the meantime, anyone finds one, or happens to have the thing TiVo’d and can upload it or something, let’s get that done.

  • i remember sitting in the crowd at The Pyramid in Memphis for the Grateful Dead’s April Fool’s day show in ’95, thinking that i was really, really getting off good on what i had thought initially to be some so-so blotter… i was even with the stage, and at the lip i could actually see the words to songs i didn’t know, as they were being played… it really spun me out for a while, until i realized “Jerry’s using a teleprompter!!!” I was pretty much not impressed with the idea, until i realized he WAS pulling songs, at random, from a 300 song repertoire… & with his habits, a little help did make things smoother… that said, this is ridiculous… if you have ONE song to do, and ONE song only, and numerous rehearsals for your performance of said song, learn the fucking song… I’m not a fan of Ms. McBride, but her reputation demands a little more professionalism than that… as far as the lip-synching goes, just another symptom of mainstream force-feeding us what they think we want, regardless of the quality of the fiber… sad days indeed…

  • I rarely ever watch these shows–since they stopped doing the Hero Award several years ago on this or ACMs one. I watched last night because I wanted to actually listen to some of the music I make fun of so often. Even my daughter noticed how non-country it was. (the shaking country girls didn’t even have on boots!). As I expected, most performances were reminiscient of 80’s fluff pop bands. The Glenn Campbell tribute was the only noteworthy moment in my opinion, although I did enjoy Lionel Ritchie. Even Hank Jr’s “cameo” was dissappointing. I was so disgusted by the award winners though, I kept forgetting to pay attention to the performances. I guess that means they weren’t worthy of attention.

    It’s sad to me, the death of the music I’ve loved all my life.


  • Martina seems to have a hard time hanging with this younger crowd,her air time has dipped big time over the years.So when all else fails,pull a song out about cancer,throw Sheryl Crow and some famous talk show hosts in the video,and get a teleprompter!

  • The CMAs were on last night? Darn…I missed it. Wait…no I didn’t. I didn’t miss anything.

    I’m really out of touch, I guess. I’ve never heard of Scotty McCreery.

  • Here’s your better video. Scotty’s just sounds better live sometimes than what he’s produced in the studio. His song was sung great, yet it still differs in many ways from the studio version. Believe what you want, but here’s the video.

    By the way, do you actually watch the CMA’s live? And have actually even listened to Scotty’s Clear As Day yet?

    I don’t mind the fact you guys don’t like alot of country on the radio these days. I just want things to represented correctly. He sang the song.

    • Unfortunately that video is too low quality to determine anything. But thanks for the effort.

      And you’re right, I haven’t even watched his performance. I’m just a pasty music nerd living in my mom’s basement who makes fun of others with uncorroborated accusations to attempt to compensate for my wanton personal failures and lack of self esteem.

      • Exactly – and for your info, his band was in the background who also do some backup singing on this song. Really should know what you’re talking about before you put this crap on a website. On the other hand, that’s what all your articles are aren’t they…crap!

    • I agree Craig Scotty sang the song – he didn’t lip sync!

      • You can sing into a microphone that is not amplified and overdubbed music is louder than your singing. He actually can sing without singing over the lip synching. It’s the same in movie voice overs and such. Match the song to their lips moving. It’s still not the same as a live performance. Go to a small venue concert and then to an arena concert and you’ll see the difference: it’s all in the production and this was a televised live show where they are giving out awards. The TV producers don’t want to take chances on a bad performance.

        • Give us proof. You folks over here saying this, where’s your proof?

          Some of us posting what we are posting, now 100% certainty Scotty and his band sang this song live. No lip sync. We want proof for you folks claiming otherwise. Where is it?

  • As far as Martina and the teleprompter, I’m curious as if it’s the show’s producer’s ‘say’.
    They want the show to go off without a glitch, and this is a form of insurance.

    I wonder if the ‘artist’ has a choice in the matter.

    • Despite this song, I think Martina is one of the good guys, and you very well might be right, the teleprompter might have been there for all the artists. I’m perfectly willing to leave open the possibility she didn’t need it, or even want it. But the way it is clearly there and then blips out makes you wonder what else they’re hiding with camera tricks.

  • I’m watching a video of CMA 2011 right now and just watched Scotty’s performance. I immediately noticed the lip sync as well, it was very obvious. I immediately ran a google search to see if anybody else noticed too, obviously I wasn’t alone, lol.

    I think it’s ashame that they dropped John Wayne Schulz for this guy on Idol, thought John Wayne had a much better voice. He has a lot more range, Scotty is always the same flat deep tone, it gets old IMHO. Ladies seemed to like John Wayne a lot better too. At the very least John Wayne should have been in the top 24 so we could see the two of them side-by-side a little more… whatever I guess. Just thought I’d toss that in there :)

    • Trust me, he sang the song. There hasn’t been ONE, not ONE report of this nonsense other than what I’ve seen right here. Many times you see folks saying artists are lip syncing when they are watching videos on youtubes. They are typically wrong about that as well. It has to do with the quality of the videos for sure.

      Do you think Scotty would actually do something so dumb on the first opportunity he had to impress his peers in Nashville?

      I have the CD, have listened to it many times, I did something you guys didn’t do, actually watched it the CMT’s live, And he was clearly and obviously doing the singing live, Scotty sang an abbreviated version of the song with obviouos differences from the produced studio version, and 2 members of his band sing backup with him as well.

      Again believe what you would like if it makes you feel better, but those of us that have seen him live and followed him for almost a year now know he sang the song.

      His voice is just that good some nights!

      Some of you are being fooled by bad video, and I think you are not taking into account the bands backup vocals. Yes Scotty pulls off some of the words early, but his voice clearly stops – you are hearing Matt Reviere’s voice at that time.

      Trust me, I’m a big fan of his, and if he did what you few are claming, many Scotty fans would be upset. He has a great voice and lip syncing isn’t needed. They rehearsed the night before in front of thousands. You guys assertion is ridiculous, but you are entitled to you incorrect opinion I guess.

      • Amen to that! Some people are puzzled and amazed how Scotty sings better than the cd version and cannot believe what they are hearing coz his voice is just that GREAT!

        In here, some of the ladies in the audience cannot believe what they are watching and arguing whether he lip sync but was stunned when proven wrong.

        The triggermen…If only you have witnessed him perform live…you will not be writing this article.

        To see and hear him sing live…INDESCRIBABLE!!!

        • Nowhere in this article did I say Scotty was a bad singer, nor did I even criticize his style. And when I said his vocals were “too good”, I was not talking about his performance. When you’re jogging from one side of a stage to another, you’re going to get some breath in the microphone. When you have 14-year-old girls screaming at the top of their lings 3 feet from the microphone, that is going to bleed into the microphone as well. These things are normal. It not normal when none of those elements are present.

      • There’s been more than one report. If you search Twitter, or even look in the comments of this blog you will find people that watched the performance and came to the same conclusion I did.

        I agree that it is bullshit we do not have a high quality video that we can go back and all look at and attempt to judge fairly, and I mentioned that very thing above. But I find it curious that there is a high quality video for virtually every performance, but for Scotty’s, it’s either very low quality, or the audio/video sync is clearly off so the subtleties of lip syncing, or NOT lip syncing could be revealed. These performance are copyrighted by ABC, but inevitably video shows up, because it is in the best interest of the artists to get videos out there to help promote themselves through social networking. So why no good Scotty video?

        I am a music critic. My job is to look and listen for things that 99% of other people would pass up. Just like with the Martina McBride teleprompter (her video is perfect!), 99% of people would have just seen a blip of light in the crowd, when I distinctly saw a teleprompter with words. Once you put the revelation and the video together, it is indisputable.

        And I agree with you that the backing vocals are very important to this situation. I understand your point that the backing vocals still could have been going, while Scotty pulled off of the mic. I don’t know that I agree with that, but I do think when people are trying to judge for themselves, they take the backing vocals into consideration. I also think that that the backing vocals should canned and not live either. And this biggest thing that makes me think something was up has nothing to do with synchronization, but the obvious change in Scotty’s vocals at 00:46 in the video above. All of a sudden you can hear his breath in the mic, which you couldn’t before, and the backing track is gone. I believe this is when they cut on his mic.

        • Still google it, and this is the only site I read it on. PROVE IT big dude. Or Remove your article.

          • Prove that he didn’t. A clear video would clear this up real quickly, regardless of the viewpoint. So why isn’t there one? I know what I saw, and I made a judgement call. If a clear video is being suppressed because that would prove I’m right, I’m not going to let them win by keeping my mouth shut. I have a right to say whatever I want. This is my website, I paid for it.

            And this is the only website you’ll see pointing out the Martina teleprompter, WHICH IS VALIDATED BY A CLEAR VIDEO. And there are numerous other people saying he lip synced. Just because they don’t have prominent websites, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The whole point of this article was to point out the suppression of reality by the mainstream. Most sites are too scared to publish what I do.

            I stand behind my accusation, and wait for a clear video that will prove it. And if given absolute proof that he didn’t, then I’ll admit my fault. But he said, she said is not proof.

  • you can’t see the different between LIVE and Lipsync and you want to “Save country music”.. oh,, with a hero like you, country music should die long long ago.

  • I believe the Trig said it when he says “camera tricks” … Key word being TRICKS. These people are oblivious to the fact that they (and their money$$) are being tricked/fooled into believing this is ‘real’ music. And I believe that money gained by way of trichery/lies is also considered theft … So I vote we lock these people up and melt the keys down to make some guitar pickups for some real musicians.

    • Real Country is Pop Country’s nemesis. They are eternal foes. You actually have to understand the depths that Pop Country will go to for the $ to understand the difference between real music and manufactured.

      Money is their god.

      • they should try a church if they’re lookin for god! and in the mean time stay the hell off my radio!. thank god i have plenty of hellbound and scott biram on my iPod!

    • Well maybe that is why a lot of you folks on this site can’t get over the fact that there are still some really good country talented voices out there that are just trying to make it. Folks like all of you guys on this site, make it very difficult for them. I wished you guys weren’t so consumed with trying to tear every new artist in country music down, and could someday just enjoy some beautiful new voices that are in country music now.

  • btw, i suggest you the link to make sure Scotty lipsync. it’s NA performance at World series. he sang too good to be true…lol.
    To save country world, you need learn how to differentiate lipsync and LIVE

  • First of all: this is your word: “The one below does not have the audio and video synced up enough to be fair to judge from and this video is too low quality to see detail, but if you listen, the song is sung way too perfect for being live, with an obviously pre-recorded multi-harmony backing track.”

    Scotty can sing live well, so well that many songs are better than his recorded version.

    This is the version of Walk in the country he sang at his 18 birthday bash:

    Listen to see you can find that it’s a lipsync version – mind you, he even forgot the lyric. And this is the close-up version

    Well, just because you doubt his ability to deliver a great perfect doesn’t mean what you believe is true.

    • Herein lies the problem with Triggman I believe, is the fact he doesn’t know if what he is saying is true, he doesn’t care either. This is basically his forum and he can say what he wants. He knows how to rile folks up and that gets hits. :)

      My only concern is without PROOF of some of the things being said regarding several country artists I read here, and now a slam against Scotty with your statment Scotty just went to the bottom of his shitlist? Why? For having a wonderful Country voice that folks love, whether you do or not. He was going to go to the bottom of your shitlist quickly anyway. Everyone in country music today is right there with Scotty now – on the bottom of your list.

      But you can’t prove he didn’t sing that song live by your own admission. You didn’t watch the CMA Awards. You haven’t seen him sing live. You do not know anything about his band and their great vocals as well. His fans that have seen him live, and we freel 100% certain he sang Walk In The Country live, and delivered a beauty. But he’s done that so many times lately, we come to expect it.

      I find it in poor taste that you put up an article titled Idol Scotty McCreery’s Lip Sync ‘Clear As Day’ on CMA’s. He didn’t sing Clear As Day first of all. And then you even go on to admit you need better proof. Very poor journalism and professional.

      Triggerman, I enjoy reading over here sometimes. I even agreed with some of you articles on Jason Aldean. He does seem to rap in country. But this article accusing Scotty and his team of doing this is not fair. But I’ll keep checking in from time to time.

      I dig ole country music as well. And if you will listen to Scotty’s songs, you might be pleasantly surprised at his big voice singing some old traditional country songs about love of family, love of bible and God, a mother’s love for her kids, and some good ole uptempo songs.

      • “You didn’t watch the CMA Awards.”

        How do you know that? Even an elementary investigation of this website would reveal that I probably did watch the CMA Awards live. I wrote three full-length articles previewing the show, then I wrote two full length articles (including this one) recapping the show. I run a website called So what do you think I was doing during the awards show, watching Law & Order?

        In fact I was hosting a live event here on this website during the CMA in our chat room, and mentioned IMMEDIATELY upon seeing Scotty that he was lip syncing. I also was participating in a live blog on another country site called You can see in the live blog, where I mentioned in real time my thought that Scotty was lip syncing:

        Saving Country Music
        November 9, 2011 at 10:08 pm
        Holy lip sync Batman!

        That was right when he started singing as you can see in the time register. Then I watched the rest of the performance intently, and commented:

        Saving Country Music
        November 9, 2011 at 10:11 pm
        If Scotty McCreery wasn’t lip syncing, I’ll eat my hat.

        • Fair enough, I see where you said it. I guess you were teasing when you earlier replied that you didn’t watch it.

          It also appears you were the only one who commented at all on this on that second site, so I’m not sure if that meant others just didn’t comment or weren’t buy it like myself.

          I guess we will never know, but I’m sure TBTP for Scotty have already been alerted to this. The same thing happened after he sang the NA, he got bashed for doing nothing but singing from his heart. This kid can’t win with some folks.

    • One last comment and I’m done with this nonsense: I would love to send you copy of CAD Triggerman so you can listen and even do a review, however good or bad that might be, if you would just email me the address I can send it to you. Thanks.

      • I have a copy of “Clear As Day”, and I will be reviewing it soon, and I will do my best to stay as impartial as possible.

    • Nobody is asserting that Scotty McCreery can’t sing live. I have no doubt the guy is a great singer. But there have been a ton of great singers, especially when they are young and unproven, that have been forced to lip sync their performance by a producer consumed by concerns over quality. Just like many have observed about Martina McBride using a teleprompter, she very well may have not needed it, but the producers may have insisted the teleprompter be there just in case.

    • Did you notice that his vocals aren’t near as good in those videos? Also there is some reverb accompanying them and they have a “dirty” texture to them.

  • Scotty has the best voice for country music of anyone around these days. As a matter of fact, he brought me back to country music. I love his voice, and he did not lip sync at the CMA’s, nor did he lip sync while he was on AI. The people that are criticizing are just mean spirited and are just trying to bring Scotty down. His many fans will see to it that that will not happen. Whoever wrote this article will forever be at the top of my SHIT LIST!!!

    • I removed the “shit list” comment from the article when I realized he COULD have been forced into lip syncing by the producers of the show. And once again, nobody is saying he’s not a good singer. Many good singers have lip synced in the past due to live situations.

  • […] Triggerman of Saving Country Music points out a couple flubs he noticed on the CMA […]

  • i don’t know bout this Trig. From 37 to 50 seconds into that video you got in the article i hear about 4 spots where he’s a touch off the notes. I’m purely listening to it because right away you can tell the vid and audio arent synced worth a damn. Maybe i’m just hearing shit…

    • Hey, at least triggerman did what he intended to do, he got folks stirred up. For nothing though. Scotty sang this song live. I know that 100%. And though I said I wouldn’t say any thing more about, I couldn’t help but come back to wonder one thing. He’s a music critic, but he doesn’t have an HDTV? He doesn’t have TiVo? DVR? Well. all of us that do have NO DOUBTS Scotty sang his butt off and yes, he sang it live with his wonderful new band.

      I think I’d invest in some modern technology and quit living in the 40-50 years gone by if I was going to call myself a country music critic. You don’t put accusations like this out there without proof. And he has none, and can’t seem to get any. But we will blame it on ABC for not giving him a good quality video to support his bogus bullshit.

      • Once again Craig, you are making assumptions about me that are false. I do have HDTV, that is how I saw Scotty clearly lip syncing live when it was first broadcast. Unfortunately I do not have TiVo, or any other way to upload a recorded version to the internet. If I did, I would have, because I believe that would prove my point.

        • Others have HDTV too, and totally disagree. We want proof. I have it from the horses mouth. When you can top it, I want to see it.

  • lmao looks like Trigg picked up the American Idol army on this one! Maybe they will look at past blogs and learn a thing or two!

    • I don’t watch AI. But I discovered Scotty McCreery after the fact. He has an outstanding country voice. I’m older myself and today’s country music played on the radio doesn’t do much for me at all! I rarely listen to it to be honest. But when I hear a voice that immediately resonates to my ears like Scotty’s did to mine, well of course, I’m like, who is THAT?

      It’s hurts me to see folks here claiming they love old traditional country music not even giving this young man a real chance. Just tearing him down before he can really get started. It does, it really hurts. Just give the guy a chance. Please stop yearning for things you loved about country music in the past that are never coming back. Welcome someone that is more close in sound and song selection (and hopefully will have good song writing skills) to the older days than the crap we listen to daily on country radio stations.

      That’s all I got. I’m so sorry the dude is so good he fools everybody.

      • Look Craig, the best way I can explain it is that country music is a traditional genre, meaning it is imperative for the traditions to continue, or the genre will fall apart, just like what is happening to rock music right now. Think about it like the difference between basketball and baseball. Basketball thrives in the here and now, while baseball works to carry on traditions.

        There are thousands of young artists that have more talent than Scotty McCreery, who have worked their whole lives to have a career in country music, that got hopscotched because Scotty won a talent contest. That is not to say Scotty does not have talent, or that he’s not worked hard either, and not even to say that he doesn’t deserve it. But anyone would have told you that Scotty, regardless of talent, was going to meet very stiff criticism when entering the country genre. If he sang pop, there would not be nearly this push back.

        But if Scotty perseveres, he may earn the street cred and acceptance from people. It is possible. This is something Carrie Underwood faced and overcame, and now Taylor Swift has fought and overcame, even from one her biggest critics, me.

        So complain all you want, but in country music, respect is not assumed, it is earned.

  • Stop it Mr.SaveCountryMusic!

    All you did and wrote just proved you are Scotty’s hater. YES you are, your writing made us sick with full of nonsense invalidity information without any proof ????

    Come on, no matter how much you are trying to push him down to satisfy your jealous as well as your felow haters here… you still have to grow up with Scotty’s success in long term…

    And YES, your site suddenly have a lot of visiters – you should thank to Scotty.

    When he sung the line “Walk in the country with me” in live, he sung “Walk” word louder with breathe in his range. Who cares if you can reconize it or not since you don’t pay attention to his music and his actual “WITC” record? And yes, you have to accept the fact that, his singing ability in live is “too perfect”, coz this fact will follow your writting career in long run too.

    • Who said I don’t pay attention to Scotty’s music? And trust me, I don’t need, neither care about the traffic this article may or may not have brought to my site, that is not the point.

      I agree, and I have said before, it is not fair to Scotty that there is not a clear video out there so that people can judge for themselves. Now 4 days removed, and still we have no video. If Scotty is innocent, and a video will prove it, then his fans need to band together and get one posted. I am all for it, and if I had any way to post one myself, I would do so. Ask yourself, why does nearly every other performance have a clear video, and with Scotty’s, that audio and video are not synced up? But I am not going to let this get in the way of what I saw. I have every right to voice my opinions, just like you do, and that is why I have given you a forum to do so.

  • 1. Scotty is a good single. He can sing live very well. If you ask for pitch-perfect performance every time, of course not, he also sang off-pitch at times but he always delivers heartfelt performance.

    2. Your word: “As for Scotty McCreery, I think it is perfectly legitimate for McCreery fans to ask if maybe some of the performances that won him American Idol’s top spot were lip synced as well”. Lipsync for live AI performance- it’s suicide. AI producer would risk the season’s reputation to live him lipsync just to make Scotty look good? Seriously?

    3. You don’t know Scotty for sure. However nervous Scotty is, he always appears calm. He got great press for the first time he sang at LP Field in front of 70.000 audience. At two times singing at the Opry, he did well. There’s no reason he can’t pull it off great at CMA like usual.

    4. He can sing live very well. You say you watched the live CMA Awards, OK, but you never hear Scotty sing live in person.

    5. From the video of “Walk in the country” posted above on the occasion of his 18 birthday in Oct, see for yourself how well he sang it. Judging on how well he pulled off at important events and how well he can sing, no reason to lipsync. After hearing his live version and comparing it with the CD version, I just see a kid sing live well. The CD version is much more polished – the live version is raw and slightly off-note at some parts but great enough to make people think he lipsync. Come to think of it, it’s much be a blessing in disguise to know there are people thinking he sings to perfect to be a live version.

    And in case you still insist in what you think you see and you hear, if he did lipsync, didn’t the CMA people know? If he did lipsync, they must have approved it or forced him to do so.

    You replied to some comments that Scotty that you have no doubt Scotty is a good singer and he may be forced to sing live.

    But again, this is what you posted: “What makes this offense even worse is that Scotty McCreery is an American Idol alum. It’s been popular lately to say that a lot of pop stars would not be able to make it on talent contest shows like Idol, because they are not good enough”. Then you questioned whether Scotty did sing live at all AI performance.

    And look at your title.

    It’s contradicting and misleading.

    Blame CMA people if you insist that Scotty lipsync.

    6. There’s something you should know. His family was there for him the day he sang at CMA. His dad was informed by Scotty fans about your article and he was upset – he stood only 15 feet away from his son, seeing him singing his butt off in an event that meant so much for him. Don’t ask me why I know that and I don’t need to make that up cos it will be an insult to his family. But you do hurt their feelings. The kid already has too much to handle at this moment.

    I suggest you have this article removed. The truth will always be the truth, no matter what. Scotty has nothing to fear. But if this article hurts feeling of others in an unnecessary way, I don’t think it should exists. Or..fix your article with the blame on the right party, not this innocent kid.

    • I have revised this article, which I do extremely rarely, to reflect the possibility that Scotty could have been forced to lip sync.

      As for Scotty or his family’s feelings being hurt? Tough. It hurts my feelings, and thousands of other artist and country fan’s feelings that a kid can come out of nowhere and become a huge superstar just because he won a talent contest, while thousands of other artist who’ve been working all their lives for an opportunity are still living in obscurity. If someone told Scotty or his family that his way in country was going to be easy, they lied.

      Think about if you had dedicated your whole life to one pursuit, worked at it every day, and then were hopscotched by someone simply because they were popular?

      And I’m supposed to feel sorry for Scotty? Scotty McCreery will be a household name until the day he dies, and unless he makes big mistakes, he will be set up financially as well. But I don’t envy him for one second, and for all the folks that think I’m “jealous” of McCreery, you are completely off my scent. You couldn’t pay me enough to have McCreery’s fame and money, lip-sync or not. Fame and money are broken promises. For some they can be a path to fulfillment, but for many, they’re a path of evil and problems. Whatever path it leads to for Scotty and his family, I would suggest bringing a thick skin, because this is just the beginning.

  • Craig,I’ll give ya this much – The winner of AI has a contract with them for 2 years.They pretty much sing songs they’re told to,do concerts where they’re told to,and can only do interviews or tv shows they approve of.(I think it’s the same with the runner up).That’s why so many say you’re better off if you DON’T win..I agree the kid can sing and is probably the closest thing to country that has come off that show.I think to truly judge him though,we’re going to have to wait 2 or 3 years until his American Idol jail sentence is up.

  • I came over to your site after reading from another site that you were accusing Scotty McCreery of lip synching while performing at the CMA’s. After reading your accusation and not having proof; I believe that you used Scotty for his fan base to get people to your site. Say what you want. It’s my OPINION.

  • An amazing artist that was completely overlooked is Nathan Osmond. Osmond had a #1 hit on the indie charts this summer called “Sweet” and currently has a song on the charts called “The Tailgate Song”. His music video is on youtube under “The Tailgate Song” by Nathan Osmond.

  • Scotty McCreery is a complete joke just like all the other pop country bullshit today

  • Scotty DID NOT lip sync this song! The proof is at 0:52 when he says impromptu “Come on!” He doesn’t do that in his recorded version of “Walk in the Country.” In the recorded version he says, “Come on now!” after the second verse. “Come on!” was clearly something he put in there during his live performance on CMA! The only reason I even saw this article is I was researching for a fan page where I am one of the administrators, but your web site WILL NOT be one that I draw information from because you make things up to clearly draw attention! I have seen Scotty sing live, and I can tell you he doesn’t lip sync. He has one of the best voices out there in country music. Unbelievable really! What you are seeing at the CMA is how good his voice really is! This article is pathetic because you are attacking two of the best country singers I know of Scotty McCreery and Martina McBride!

    • Read the article. My assertion is that at 00:46, Scotty’s mic is turned live.

      • I read the entire article and saw your assertion that they turned his mic on at 00:46, but he says “Come on!” at 00:52. I don’t think a “Come on!” would be worth the trouble to turn a mic on and off! Your accusation is just laughable really. I got you on this one, and YOU KNOW IT!

  • He is definately lip syncing at the Macy’s Parade. The vocals start and he hasnt even said a word! Pretty funny really.

  • […] McCreery fans who told me that their beloved American Idol alum Scotty would NEVER lip sync, as I asserted he did on The CMA Awards a couple of weeks back. Among other things, I was accused of lying to to bring myself web traffic, […]

  • […] I could read these comments all day long.   […]

  • who care if he did either u like them or not. We all know how music is twisted around to suit the show. Me personly would never lipsink anything. Go to the next act please. Just aint the same.If we did make a mistake most wouldnt even catch it only musicain would know so what either u got talent or u suck just the way it is.this is why i dont watch tv to much un reality shows.I sing,play,& make mistakes dam im an alien.

  • I sent the video that is now on YouTube. In my opinion, the original is better than the YouTube version and I experimented even more this morning by using my DVR to get better resolution. I have it as a Windows Media Player file on my website. I suggest you view it in full screen mode.

    • Thanks Mar, I just put your link to the video above the embedded YouTube player.

  • Are people actually saying he didn’t lip sync? This is the first time I saw the video, but even without your markers, the vocals are just too crisp for the movement he is doing.

    • wow. just read the comments after my comment. I didn’t realize what a stir this raised. neat.

  • yall need to shut yalls mouth i wud love to see half of yall go on stage infront of millions and sing i garentee half of yall cudnt do it. he just started out and is still learning give him some slack haters! yall are pathedic to pick on someone up higher then u tipical… put ur self in his shoes! not everyone is perfect and scotty is great!

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