Is Taylor Swift’s Song “Mean” About Me?

November 24, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Random Notes  //  206 Comments

Alright. So when I first listened to Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now over two weeks ago, and heard for the first time the song “Mean,” I have to admit that it crossed my mind that the song might be about me. And not me as one Taylor Swift critic among many, but me, The Triggerman, the benevolent dictator of Saving Country Music, specifically.

But then I laughed off the idea and let it die. To think a song on Taylor’s album specifically targeted me seemed the utmost of conceit, and I was a little embarrassed for even letting my brain go there. And moreover, the thought of asserting this idea publicly seemed like the mother of all ego strokes. So I buried the idea and went about my business.

However apparently I am not the only one who has had that thought. Numerous people have told me when they first heard the song they though of your lovable Triggerman, and few others who had never heard of me before, but are hard at work scouring the dirty internet trying to figure out who this “Mean” person is, have contacted me with inquiries as well.

And let’s not gloss over the gravity of what being the target of this song means. Speak Now sold over a million copies in its first week. It is already one of the biggest albums in 3 years, and at this rate, will possibly be the biggest album in all of music in the last 7 years–in a period where the music industry is going through heroic contraction. Also most people these days are buying music by the song, not albums, but again Taylor is bucking the trend, selling well across all formats. Speak Now might go down as the last great American album. Not “great” in content necessarily, but as the last album that was successful on a grand scale before the MP3/.99 cent song format dominated music. “Mean” was also chosen as a single off this album, so this is not some buried track.

One reason I recused myself from consideration initially was because I thought the song could possibly be about Taylor’s critics in general, and not about anyone specifically. Or at least this is what I kept telling myself, when the other half of my brain was latching on to the hints Taylor dropped in the song that seem to point the guilty finger right at me. What hints?

Well first, there’s only a few people that truly can fit the mold of being the “Mean” muse. Taylor has yet to reveal who it is obviously, but as I was trying to find evidence of why I was NOT the marked man, I ran across her talking about the song in an album preview video, where she narrowed the field pretty harshly, and dispelled my previous conceit that it is not about a specific individual:

…there is a line that you cross when you start to attack everything about a person. And there’s one guy man, who just crossed the line over  and over again, and just being mean, and just saying things that would ruin my day.

So that eliminates all the femmes. Sorry ladies. And it eliminates any critic who might have spoken out against Taylor, but only once. And it would also have to be someone with the rocks to “cross the line” with Taylor, though to be fair, whether the “Mean” man is me or someone else, everybody’s line is set in a different place, and speaking for myself, I have tried to never attack Taylor Swift personally, except maybe in obvious sarcasm.

It would also have to be someone with a public forum. It couldn’t be joe shmo bitching at his local bar, and someone who Taylor for whatever reason would be able and inclined to read/hear/see this criticism or “meanness” from. If you go to your search engine of choice and type in “Taylor Swift Not Country” or a similar string of words, Saving Country Music will come up first. (Please, open a new tab and try yourself at home). It also used to come up first when you put in “Taylor Swift Can’t Sing,” until it got bumped a few spots to third by more optimized sites like

So it happens to be that I fit all of these criteria. As do a very select few others, including Dan from taylorswiftcantsing, though I don’t see Taylor frequenting a site like that unless the is an absolute glutton for punishment. I have scoured the internet try to find any other additional matches and have come up short. That leads us to the hints that Taylor drops in the song.

The main reason I thought when I first heard “Mean” that it was about me was one specific line, “But the cycle ends right now.” It comes across in the song a little out of left field, and doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the lyrics. It almost sounds like it was put in as a hint.

Back in February, after Taylor Swift bombed some vocal performances on the Grammys, I wrote what possibly could be my best blog ever called I Told You Taylor Swift Can’t Sing. Most people read the title and skimmed through the words, but the theme of that article when right over their heads, including Taylor’s, possibly. Believe it or not, I did not criticize Taylor anew, except to state facts and quote previous criticisms to help set the context for the overall point of the blog, which was to, believe it or not, humanize Taylor and offer sympathy. The article was about what I characterized as the “vicious pop cycle,” where average talents are built up by the pop industry, only to be torn down:

People across the board are now tearing down Taylor because she can’t sing, but this is the same public that made her the biggest artist in country this year, and now in ALL of music with her “Album of the Year” Grammy win. This is the vicious pop cycle, and sorry, but FUCK YOU, I won’t participate.

…the mass public overly glorifies an otherwise average talent to make themselves feel “inspired,” and then when the fall starts for their starlet, it is meteoric, and fueled by the jealous, narcissistic hunger of the pop public, tearing that person down with all their spite, sinking their nails into their flesh and feeding like animals off their destruction to fill their vacuous egos. It is a sick, pathetic, and all too predictable cycle that I will not participate in.

Well the pop cycle has started, and soon the words “Taylor Swift” will be a punch line to jokes, uttered by those same “fans,” while Taylor the person is onset with personal demons.

There are some more subtle hints and suggestions as well, one being that this is the most country song that Taylor has ever recorded, and not according to me, but according to her producer Nathan Chapman. What is a more fitting way to counter-attack a country blogger spewing how you’re not country than with the most contrified song you can muster?

Also in the song Taylor calls Mr. Mean “A Liar, and pathetic, and alone in life.” It has become almost comical how predictable it is when I write a negative article about Taylor or any pop country star, that the fans come to defend their artist by making wild eyed assumptions about me personally that are never correct, instead of defending the music or artist they love based on substance.

So there is the evidence. Regardless if “Mean” is about me or not, I plan on writing a response to Taylor soon. But in the meantime I want to hear from YOU, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. The evidence has been laid out. Is “Mean” about me?

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  • “You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you…”

    Sorry I could not help it :-)

    • No, I actually think that is a valid point. That is why I’ve been choking down the thought it was about me for a while, and now offering up the theory to see what other people think about it.

    • LMAO…Bill, the same song popped in my head.

      And here’s my question back to you, Trig…why do you care?
      I mean, she is what she is and she isn’t going to change.
      Critics are a dime a dozen. I was on Kev Seconds FB page a month or so back and he was criticizing a guy who had criticized him in a review. All I could think to myself was, “Who cares what other people think of you…me…or anyone else?”

      Stand up for what you think is great, good, sincere, or quality music and walk away from the pop bullshit you dislike.

      We all know the masses have no taste. We all know corporate greed has ruined much of what we love about this nation (including country music). We all know that people who have success in this corporate run world like to think it is because they are talented and gifted when in fact they are pawns of the system.

      Keep your eye on the prize here, Mr. Triggerman. You have a ton of awesomeness to contribute to this scene. Stay focused…stay true.


      • Why do I care? So you’re saying that if someone wrote a song about you on possibly the biggest album in all of music in the last decade, you wouldn’t care?

        And you’re also saying that people’s opinions don’t matter, and I should keep me eye on the prize, but the prize to me is changing those opinions, to spread education and understanding on how music has devolved, and shining a light on the musicians that are staying true and making great art.

        I’m not sure what you’re saying here I guess. Some think I should focus solely on propping up music, and that is what I do 75% of the time. But exposing the fraud is important too. Sometimes the ratio seems skewed, because articles like this get all the attention. Lets see how many comments end up here compared to the Joe Huber review I wrote that took me 7 hours.

        • People like drama, Trig. I’m not saying you are doing anything wrong here…I’m simply stating that everyone has an opinion and I don’t think that anyone can change anyone else’s. You know the saying “Opinions are like A–holes…everyone’s got one”…They tune into this conversation over the Huber review because they want to see the carnage and the drama. It’s like the Jerry Springer Show.

          But to me, and hey, this is just MY opinion, what you offer is a showcase of quality. And I appreciate that. You also offer a forum for community and connection which is very different from the corporate model that Swift is engaged in. It is a relational environment where people can connect with one another over good music. It is a place where people who think can share their thoughts with others.

          Will Swift’s music change because we criticize it? Will people who like it stop liking it because we criticize it? I don’t think so. I think they are on a treadmill toward oblivion of bad taste dictated by corporate interest and they are blindly being fed the Kool Aid and drinking it like it is PBR.

          To me (again, my opinion) a useful critique or critical analysis of the music industry would be a clear outline of where the power and money lie in the corporate structure. Pointing out where Swift fits into this and how Americans are being spoonfed garbage via the CMAs and CMT is just fine. But attacking Swift herself just makes you look…well….mean. lmao!

          So maybe this song is about you. And if it is…how does it make you feel? I mean, do you feel like you got what you wanted from it? Just asking.

          And no one would write a song about me. I’m invisible. So I can’t even imagine what it would be like! :o)

          • Am I attacking Swift here? And wasn’t that the point I made in the last article, the whole “cycle” talk I referenced above? I think you’re completely missing the point.

            As for “you’ll never change people’s minds.” Bullshit. You won’t change anybody’s minds if you don’t respect them, or respect who they respect. That is why I don’t completely laugh off Taylor like I do some other artists. Taylor’s model was not corporate. That is why she has been so successful. She used grass roots, on MySpace, and gave music away to build a loyal following. There’s also accusations that she bought her way on to her label, and bought CD’s to bolster her numbers through Soundscan and such, but I have cautioned numerous times to not underestimate her.

            You don’t change people’s minds by insulting them first. People think painting a Hitler mustache on a politician will convince their supports to leave, when all it does is make them stronger.So does underestimating them.

            I think you need to go back and read my “I Told You Taylor Swift Can’t Sing” article.

          • Wow! What a huge response this has gotten. Gina hits some of my thoughts as do a lot of the other people who posted here. And I’ll admit, Kyle, I haven’t read all of your comments on her. I was the 2nd person to comment on this blog post and it was really a response in wonder as to why you would care about someone who you don’t respect writing a song about you.

            As a good friend has said to me many times: It is so much better to quiet the noise than to entertain thoughts that do nothing but make you spin your wheels. I see now that your interest lies in a hope that SCM is making some sort of a difference and in this, I admire your attempts at reformation of a genre of music that has gone down the toilet in so many ways.

            Perhaps you aren’t being mean to her. People in general don’t take criticism well. And I’m still holding out that it is a tough row to hoe if you are going to try to change people’s opinions. I think that we have cognitive structures at play in our minds that prevent us from really reversing our views a lot of the time. George Lakoff did research on this. But I digress…

            Fundamentally, whoever she is writing this song to it is most likely because the person has challenged her authenticity. We all really want to be “authentic” right? As problematic as that term is, no one likes to feel like they are a fake. Perhaps if she can HEAR your critique, she can reflect on her own authenticity and realize that she has compromised it in the name of being product or whatever she is. But if she has not ears to hear, it falls to the deaf and she will simply cast you as a meany.

            I don’t. I think you challenge all of us here to think and to consider the integrity and quality of music. Thanks for that!

  • Perhaps it’s about someone she deals with on a regular basis? The way that she says, things ‘he’ said would just ruin her day, makes me think she deals with this guy perhaps more personally. The music industry is full of alot of assholes and maybe she’s seeing the side effects of the aberration that is the pop country industry, and fueling it with her music no less!

    If she is talking about you, well, I would consider that an honor that a blog such as this is getting under the skin of pop-country.

    • Maybe, but having made $45 million so far this year, my guess is Taylor can pick and choose who she deals with on a regular basis, and if there was someone ruining her days, he would be shitcanned pretty quickly.

      I also do think it is a critic. Maybe should have made that point above, but when she talked about the person in the preview video, she starts by talking about criticism, and how there are different types of it, etc.

      • Ask her. Send her a message and ask her if it is you…

        • Sure, I’ll text her. I have her in my Fav 5.

  • In the video clip it’s pretty clear the song is about a critic, and it seems like you fit the bill. I’ve never thought you were mean about Taylor Swift. Some of the comments on your articles have been mean, but I always thought you were being honest. Brutally honest, but honest. That’s why I agree with your theory that in a year or two you’ll look like Swift’s best friend.

    • Heck, the Taylor Swift fans have been meaner to you than you are to her!

    • “Mean” is a pretty subjective term, and I could see how I could be called “mean” toward Taylor. Doesn’t mean what I say isn’t true, or still above the board of propriety.

      Great thing about Saving Country Music, is I can do whatever the hell I want. I choose to deal with Taylor taking into understanding that beyond all her flaws, she is still a young woman.

      Said it before and I’ll say it again: In the end, I will look like Taylor’s best friend.

      • Then she will add you to her top 5 too!

        • (This is for Lindsay) But perhaps I can go hang with her and use my feminine, motherly ways to get the truth out of her. We ladies need to stick together…even if she isn’t yet pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen.

  • Awesome! I hope it’s you and I mean that in a good way. If it’s you it means she’s reading your blog. The point of this site is real country music. If she is reading your site, hopefully she will pick up some knowledge about the real stuff.

    Right now, there is prolly no one better able to bring real country into the mainstream like she is … if she actually played country music. She could probably “sell” more Hellbound Glory records than they could themselves (unfortunatley). Even if folks don’t think she can sing – Lots of great artists in country music’s past were not great singers.

    Therefore, I for one would welcome Taylor to the Saving Country Music blog (if I were allowed to do so). I’d hope it could expand her horizons and hopefully she would embrace and create legit country music (as we know it). Imagine if she put out an album with fiddles, banjos, steel guit, etc. Maybe, we’d get some traction.

    Taylor … feel free to call me with any questions. Your buddy.

    • Hehe, seriously doubt Taylor will get turned on to Hellbound Glory through this site, but it does show just what influence we can have, and when I say “we” I mean ALL of us, not just me, that have made Saving Country Music something worth paying attention to, even for someone as big as Swift. And even if it isn’t about me, it is about someone who thinks like we do around here, and is fighting for what they believe in. Whether it is us or someone else, our tentacles are reaching deep.

      And if this is about someone that did cross the line with Taylor, I certainly don’t condone this, but in some ways, that works in our favor as well, because it proves we are above the fray.

  • Pretty sure it’s about Bob Lefsetz. Chris Willman who knows Bob and did a bunch of pieces on Speak Now, including dissecting who every song is about (though he was wrong on a couple of them), agrees.

    Anti-climactic, I know.

    • I’d say Bob Lefsetz is a very very outside possibility, but he doesn’t fit the mold in many ways. And it’s great that Chris Willman knows Bob, but that really has nothing to do with anything, esp. if he’s already been wrong playing the match game. It just proves he’s unwilling or unable to unseat himself from his reality tunnel to be objective. I know who Bob is and read his stuff often. Doubt if Bob knows me.

      Bob has been very complimentary of Taylor, I’d say he’s been 80% complimentary of her, but then he proceeds everything by saying she can’t sing. That’s his Taylor bit. Taylor says the person has crossed a line and criticized “everything” about her. And Bob’s main interaction with Taylor was him taking the point on the bombed Grammy performances. His piece actually inspired my piece. But Taylor says this person has been criticizing her “over and over again.” I was on the Taylor case way before Bob, including saying that she couldn’t sing, way before the Grammy performance.

      Bob is also not seen as much as a critic as an industry thinker. And honestly, I think my criticism of Taylor has been way more visible than Bob’s.

      I’d say there’s a way better chance it is before it is Bob Lefsetz.

      Here’s Bob’s take if anyone is interested:

      • There was a post about him on her official forum after the Grammys (there may have been one on oceanup, which she definitely reads, too) so I’m guessing she knows who he is. She seems like the type to desperately follow all of what someone who is nice to her says and then react very harshly to them making the slightest critique. She always seemed a little Borderline to me, but that’s another matter entirely. The fact that it is her most country song definitely means it’s about someone who said she isn’t country because she did similar things with the other tracks on the album to hint at who they’re about.

        No matter who it is about, it shows she isn’t good at handling criticism. Chances are she’ll get better, but it’s sad for me to watch people who aren’t well-suited to mega-stardom and the harsh light that inevitably follows achieve this kind of success. It’s not a recipe for anything good.

        Side note: The one thing that amused me about this song and Innocent (and some of the ones about Joe) is her tendency to psychoanalyze everyone, especially the people who displease her. My inner psych major relates, even if I can’t relate to her weird, emotionally-stunted fairy tale thing.

        • Exactly. She writes songs about individuals, and then puts hints in the songs implying who they are about. Like “Dear John” having very John Mayer-esque guitar parts in it.

          I wouldn’t completely rule out Bob Lefsetz, but he makes some good points himself why it couldn’t be him. His criticism seems so isolated, in time and scope. And the person Taylor seems to be talking about is someone who criticized her about numerous things on multiple occasions.

          I wish that more Taylor fans would come here, take the time to consider the evidence, and give their opinions. Or that more names would be bellied up. Whether it is me or Bob or someone else, I would like to here some more genuine takes like yours.

          I actually think the premise of the song is a good one. The execution is where it lacks. She should have tried to be the bigger person. Instead she descended into being mean herself.

  • I think it’s about Warren Beatty

  • I think you and Taylor are doing it…

  • Does it make you blush?

  • I think it’s critics in general, with the overwhelmingly bad reviews she got for the Grammy fiasco? I’m ignoring that interview where she referred to this one guy, lol, I’m thinking she does not want to specifically refer to, or discuss, the Grammy thing.

    One comment I want to make on the lyrics of this song. She wrote one line “”drunk and grumbling on about how I can’t sing”. That’s not being mean in my opinion, that’s simply stating an opinion. Now if someone says that she has the voice like that of a cat being tortured, now that’s mean lol.

    • Just read the entire discussion and agree with CJ, just my humble opinion, but I think she thinks anyone who dares criticize “her highness” is a big old dumb meanie. Awwww, when you are told that you are the perfect princess, it is tough to believe any kind of criticism. She may have made 45 million, but she still is a young girl who has been blasted into stardom right past all those normal growing up years where you learn to develop character and maturity by taking some bad with the good.

      • Don’t know if the song is about me, but without question, it is about an individual. This is Taylor’s writing style. She has always written songs for individuals.

        • Ah! That is what you said.
          Admittedly, I have not read all of her lyrics, I have trouble getting past the flats and sharps.

          Thanks for all the information. I have learned a lot since dropping by this fine place.

          Happy Thanksgiving!

      • True. She needs to learn the difference between constructive criticism and outright bashing. Giving a negative review does not automatically mean that the critic is being mean.

      • Agree with this. She needs to differentiate constructive criticism from outright meanness. I’ve read a lot of reviews on her album that stated that they see maturity and growth from Taylor on this album. I disagree, songs like Mean make me think she is still not mature enough. To me this song is about her pouting because some people (or one person, as was implied in her interview) had the nerve to criticize her singing. I’m not dissing her, I’m sure she’s a lovely person, and people seem enchanted with her personality. She just needs to mature more, that’s all. Of course, being thrust into the limelight early in life and having a lifestyle totally different from that of a typical 20-year old might have contributed to the stunting of the maturity.

        • And I think I’ve repeated my statement lol. Sorry.

          • Haha, no problem CJ. The fact that there is much discussion about Taylor S., signifies that there is a problem. SHE IS NOT A SINGER, NOT COUNTRY AND DID NOT DESERVE SINGING/VOCALIST AWARDS. Give her award for cute or generous or nice or songwriting for pre-teens, or being able to play a little guitar and a little piano, whatever, but not singing. Triggerman is nice and wants to give her credit where credit is due but bottom line, we all know she is in the wrong place. Maybe she should just model clothes or sell perfume but the fact that they are using the country music genre to make millions of dollars is disgusting. An insider in Nashville admitted to me that she is not a vocalist but “is a lovely young lady who is generous with her money and can hold her own with the best of the songwriters.” Yet, when I tried to get his person to admit she shouldn’t be winning vocalist awards, he stopped speaking to me. Nashville has definitely supported her and encouraged this crap. One very amazing legendary quartet comes to mind. Also, while I am on my morning rant about music, American Idol is not a gauge for what is good music. (Not directed at you CJ). I just can’t deal with the idea that people have bought into a reality show being what music is about. Thanks. :)

  • Man I hate to bust your bubble Triggerman but the song is about me. I said her eyes were too far apart. She’s holding a grudge. Well, anyway, hope you can prove it’s about you. Guess that will give you the exposure that you’re lookin for. More power to ya, I know you’re a well trained media person. I don’t know if I agree with using mainstream pop for publicity, but don’t guess it matters with somebody as easy a target as Swift. I could care less what her songs are about, but if there is a point here then so be it. My guess is Taylor Swift won’t mention SCM in People Magazine. Hee Hee I enjoy this blog .. Keep up the good work. I know how you feel, Gettin Drunk and Falling Down was written about me.

    • If it is true, which I am not even close to convinced it is at this moment, I would not be as giddy about what publicity it could bring me as much as it proves the influence this site has had. And Saving Country Music is way beyond just me. It is all the people over the years who have made coming her a habit that has made it what it is, however big or small or influential it happens to be.

  • I’m pretty sure her song “Hey Stephen” is about me

  • Happy Hanksgiving everyone

    • Been rockin’ the three Hanks all day! What a great holiday!

  • Dude, no way. It’s about me. I trash her music every chance I get. Or more specifically I trash the consumers who swoon over her pre-pubescent drama slop. I take it personally when people refer to pop as country. It’s like somebody calling an ugly girl your girlfriend when she’s not…wait…I have an idea for a Swift song..

    • Can’t tell if you’re being completely serious, completely sarcastic, or somewhere in between, and your opinion means a lot.

  • Before knowing you/website, i thought the song was aimed at Bob now am confuse who her victim is. I think the song is intended for a specific critic because that is Taylor’s style at writing, I don’t think it’s mean to say she can’t sing (obvious truth) but I think is mean to repeatedly point out her flaws, nobody wants to be reminded about their flaws especially since is a known fact. to be fair Taylor gets criticize harshly, I mean there is a lot of singers who can’t sing but everybody seems to be focus on her. Taylor has never prided herself as a great singer/vocalist, her strength is ability to write relate-able lyrics. Great songwriters have been known with limited range aka bob dylan, mick jagger, Kris kristofferson, and many more. I personally appreciate songwriters over vocalist. American Idol helped ruined the importance of vocalist, they keep producing vocalist with no substance and artistic value.

    • The reason people focus on Taylor is because she is the biggest thing in music in the last decade. This isn’t a bias towards her. The hotter the spotlight, the more people are going to be critical. And I’d point out, even though someone like Bob Dylan may not have a great voice, it doesn’t mean he can’t sing on tune. Really, Taylor has a sweet voice, she just can’t hit the notes she wants and her range is limited. And because of that, she would never make it on American Idol.

      • Dylan is a phenomenal singer.

        • Is Taylor Swift the biggest thing in music in the last decade? Really? Because I can’t even hum ONE of her songs. I don’t really even know what they sound like. If I have heard them, it is because I am in a store and they are on the piped in music. I limit the damage to my ears and use my listening time for quality music…quality music by my definition of course…which is to point out the subjective nature of quality in anything.

          To me she, and everything else in the pop world, seems like nothing but a marketing scheme. And this, in my opinion, is why people listen to her. They are led by media dictates of what to like.

          I have a question: If she did promote herself via giving away music and MySpace, etc., who decided she was good? Who decided to give her a chance? How did she get out of her pink bedroom with her canopy bed and onto the CMAs? I have to plead guilty of being completely ignorant of her rise to media stardom. I have never cared enough about her to even bother to read the articles about her in People magazine when I am in the doctor’s office…

          And here is another question that truly does occupy my thoughts: Why is it that most female performers, in almost any genre, have to be madonna/whores? Why do they either have to be sweet and innocent, or slutty and sexual? Is there no way for a female musician to be of interest to the masses or the media if she is neither of the above?

          • KAK! Love you! You just keep proving the point! I couldn’t hum one of her songs if you held a gun to my head but I bet everyone here could sing the Beatle’s first single, Love Me Do! (No offense to any hard core NON Beatles fans :) It is just that music is music and Love Me Do came out almost 50 years ago but most people, including young kids can sing that musical song. It wasn’t sold on myspace or starbucks, was just a catchy tune with real harmony and a kickin harmonica solo.

          • Without question, Taylor Swift is the biggest thing in music right now, and has been for two years. The numbers don’t lie. Saying that you have never heard her songs and using that as evidence that she is not very big is anecdotal. She is huge. And really, you’re proving my point that she is underestimated by many. I will not underestimate her, or completely laugh off her influence, or even the talent she does possess.

    • I think partly the reason she gets so much flak for dismal live vocals is because she’s been the recipient of a lot of industry awards, including vocalist awards from the CMA and Grammy. Not her fault that she’s been heaped with those awards, I recognize that. But when you are the reigning vocalist of the year, people will rightfully assume that your vocals are topnotch, or at least, on pitch, both on record and live, and the live performances are where she fails. I think those awards made people scrutinize more closely the kind of live performances she delivers. And I don’t buy the notion that just because there are a lot of other singers who can’t also sing then we should somehow give Taylor a free pass on subpar performances. We cannot allow ourselves to think that, oh well, there are many others out there who can’t sing, I might as weill accept this or that singer for what she is. This is how mediocrity prevails.

      • The vocalist award was the biggest joke ever but like you said it’s not her fault, she didn’t award herself those award, it was embarrassing to watch her receive Vocalist award. Am not saying she should be given free pass but people should treat her the way they would treat other bad singers. It’s just like saying “I hate Taylor because she can’t sing” yet you love artists like Katy perry, Rihanna, Britney, and company. That don’t make sense. if you chose to love an artist because of vocals then you should only listen to singers from American Idols.

        • I agree 100% about the other “singers” you mentioned. And that is why I don’t listen to pop music anymore. Have you heard Katy Perry live? Kinda painful.
          And yes, one reason I choose to love an artist is because of vocals, as should be. I mean, if you’re going to promote yourself as a singer, then you better be actually good in singing. Singer/songwriter does not mean that since you’re a good songwriter (and Taylor is in my opinion), then it’s okay to not be a good singer since you have the other quality. For me, singer/songwriter means you’re good at both fields.

          I was wondering if she also got backlash for Entertainer of the Year, or is the backlash more for the Vocalist? Because I do think she deserved the Entertainer nod last year. Like her or not, she was really dominant in 2009, I don’t think there was any way she could be beaten at that category last year.

          • I used to dislike Taylor because of her lack of vocals, but I thought to myself; how can I dislike her for that reason when I like artists like Bob, rolling stones, and kris. I still have strong opinions of her in other aspect of her image like what is her take on Feminism and what she represent to the young girls that look up to her. I also question some of the things she writes about, hopefully she should listen to lyrics from the 80’s and learn how to diversify. I feel like people expect her to sing like Carrie or AI singers, which is impossible. Am ok with her singing on her limited range as long as it’s not off-pitch, like the way she sang at the last country award. The backlash was for the vocalist award, she and the voters were heavily criticize for that.

          • I’m with you on the feminist perspective. To hell with her fairy tale princess bullshit! What a horrible disservice to young women!

        • This was the whole point of my “I Told You Taylor Swift Can’t Sing” article. It was the pop public that celebrated Taylor’s mediocrity, and then when she failed, they were laughing her into the ground. That is bullshit. That’s why my take was to humanize her and show what a mockery the system is.

          • Yes, pop public celebrated Taylor’s mediocrity, but you have to admit the country people certainly contributed to that celebration.

          • A bit off topic, but I’ve been wanting to ask you this Triggerman ever since I read your Taylor-can’t-sing article : who among the mainstream female artists you do like? Or if not like, at least aware of the talent/potential they have? Thanks!

          • Honestly, I don’t listen to a lot of mainstream music. Carrie Underwood can sing, but she is not country. Miranda Lambert is decent. Brandi Carlisle is an excellent singer, but she’s not really mainstream.

            Only mainstream female artist that I can stretch to say I “like” might be Nelly Furtado. She has some good songs. And I’m sure there’s some hip-hop divas that are decent. You can’t fake being not able to sing in that scene. I just don’t pay enough attention to it to name names.

  • Most singers today won’t make it to American Idols even past Legends won’t (thats why AI has been criticize by people like Elton John and Paul McCartney). Like I said I don’t care for American Idols, they devalue the quality of the word “Vocalist” with the exception of Daughtry and Kelly… The only reason I excluded those two it’s because they can write on paper. Having great vocals is gifted, its either you have it or you don’t, it’s not something you train to have. In Taylor’s case, she is vocally challenge (Bob) and she can’t help it but she needs to learn how to sing well on her limited range. There are 3 parts to music; Vocalist, Songwriters, and Entertainers. Hardly do you see artist with the 3 combination except if you are pink. AI only produce just 1, Taylor is a songwriter and an entertainer. I agree with the hotter the spotlight the more the critique but sometimes what people say is unbelievable. There are a lot of artiste I don’t like (Lady gaga) but I don’t even bother myself with her.

    • Cindy .. so true. Look at Johnny Cash, He would never make it on American Idol. But IMO, He is a true entertainer and sings from the soul. To me thats all I need. Taylor.. she just sings and plays because her momma said she was the best, and someone saw how young and cute she is, and turned her into a product. If she really cared about the decency of music, she would of said ” Hell no, I m not doing that etc etc” Unfortunately, she was/is so young that she has no clue. and she does not sing from her heart and soul. She sings for a paycheck and the glory of stardom… in my opinion of course. But some one has got to play that role. what if Dale Watson, became a super star? It just wouldn’t be right. So with people like Taylor filling those roles, where would we be with out true artists like Dale, Wayne, etc.. We just appreciate them more and more and we are lucky that they are still approachable and we are able to see them perform for under $15 and in an intimate setting. -vs- $100 a ticket in a huge auditorium . Kyle, I tried to listen to Mean, and to see what you are talking about, I couldnt’ get past 2 seconds of it, before I started feeling sick and disgust.. haa But you never know!! You really can’t tell. This song could be about anyone, why not you? But dont worry, one day she will be living in a big city and all you will ever be doing is… speaking the truth. ;-)

      • Get your facts straight before you post misleading comment. Even Taylor’s harsh critic will agree that she is far from product. No product comes from Independent labels or write their materials. If she is I wonder what you’d call the likes of singers from big labels. The music market is big enough to contain all artists, pick your favorites and stick with them. No need posting bias comment.

        • It is MY opinion that Taylor Swift is a product. as I mentioned .. Twice.. In my opinion.
          The facts are right in my face. She is a product and shes making millions.
          Taylor Swift clothing line? thats a product.. Doesn’t Walmart or Target carry it? OR do I need to gather up facts of which corporation carries her clothing line?

          • Is that your interpretation of “product”? Hahaha!! that means all artists are product, even rockstars because they do endorse products. The only genre that will be excluded from the product name would be Indie bands with the exception of King of Leons.

          • Cindy, you’ve had some good thoughts here, but Taylor’s name is now a franchise.

            Check it out:




            Just a few examples.

            The reason stars put out perfume lines and such is to keep their name branded and increase name recognition even when they are not putting out new music. In fact perfume is one of the most common products to do this with. Tim McGraw also has a perfume line.

            I will say, I do think that she has more creative control than most making music on Music Row, and I commend her for that. But what has she done with that control?

          • She is entirely a product. She is corporate America on steroids. And I was wrong in stating that she came up that way, Trig pointed this out, but today, she is nothing but a giant commodity.

      • Well said Gina, I agree with everything you said, and I think you bring up some good points. Cindy, I have to disagree with you strongly. I don’t know half the people you mention by first name along (who’s Al?), but I sure as hell know Dale (Watson) and Wayne (the Train), and they don’t “endorse” nothing. They play music for the love of playing music, and it shows in their music. By “Indy” bands you mean “Indy rock” right? Like Built to Spill or Modest Mouse? Because “indy” originally meant “independent”, which is to say not owned by a major label. Most of the artists promoted on this site are “indy” in that case.
        Pop music IS a product, whether we’re talking about Taylor Swift or Madonna or Lady Gaga. It’s designed to appeal to the widest audience possible, thus (in my opinion) sacrificing soul. To each his own, there’s plenty of room in this world for all kinds of music. The problem is the product of pop music has been steadily crowding out all others. I believe it is getting to the point of musical genocide practically. This is not Taylor Swift’s fault personally, but the fact that she is SO big, and the fact that she calls herself “country” is where the problem comes in.

  • I see your point but so many critics (I think) have made the obvious observation that she can’t sing, as of course she cannot. And do you really think she reads your blog? Someone could have pointed it out to her, but I believe their head would have been chopped off. But nevertheless, the thought cannot be dismissed… To the point of being “mean,” well that obviously fits you, and I as well, although I don’t think I’ve gone after her as voraciously as you. So let’s give it to you, well done!

  • Hell Yeah, the song is about you. Why you gotta be so mean? Just because she embarrassed some one who CAN sing on national television and refuses to learn to sing in her own god given range?, Just because she is smothering CONTRY Music with pop rock candy coated bullshit and choking out the talent that won’t buy their way to popularity?. She really should change the name of the song to “Honest”! Why you gotta be so HONEST?

  • You’re just an immature virgin! Now go run off and masterbate; and don’t forget to wash your hands!!!!

  • nah man, the song ain’t about you. it’s a song about an abused young person (“someday you won’t be able to hit me”) and the cycle she’s talking about is the cycle of abuse: she won’t become an abuser like he is

    not a Swift fan, but the lyrics to this song are quite good

    • I don’t know why I spend the time writing these frikkin articles sometimes if nobody is going to actually read them.

      Oh well.

      • There’s a fair number of us who read the entire articles Trigg, don’t give it up!

      • Yeah, we read your articles in their entirety Triggerman, don’t stop writing them!

        One minor complaint though – your article made me listen to this awful song so I can analyze who the inspiration of this song was. Kidding! lol. Why am I always annoyed with her vocals though? There’s something about it, even in the recorded version.

      • I read the article. won’t bother to again. laters

        • EFAmericana:

          It’s not about abuse you moron…wow. That’s “hit me” line isn’t about literally hitting her. If you listen to the rest of the lyrics, that wouldn’t make sense. It’s about one of her critics…she even said so in the interview that he has posted on his page.

          Get a brain, maybe?

  • THAT was the 1st time I intentionally listened to taylor twitt and this much I know…it is NOT about domestic violence. That is likely a commercial ploy to attract/target another specific population of people while getting her whining, quit picking on me, song out there. Steven Tyler – Aerosmith wrote about watching his daughter sleep, but it could be interpreted as watching a girlfriend or wife sleep.

    WORDS are the weapon and TRIGGERMAN has an artillery of weapons and soldiers via SAVING COUNTRY MUSIC….I told you a long time ago that you have a way with words that stands out and in my humble (lol) opinion that is what bothers her. YOU have followers, just as she does, but that’s where it ends, You have talent and ability…..unlike this commercialized, packaged for production, bubble gum pop product called Taylor Swift.

    • btw….did you ever use the phrase “like nails on a chalkboard” when describing her voice?

      • Not really my style to use common colloquialisms. I’d say something like “I’d rather listen to my genitals being pureed in a blender.” So no.


    of course i was “mean” and had to leave my 2 cents worth….

    “this is exactly what taylor twitt is produced, commercialized and packaged for –
    young impressionable girls with goofy mom’s who enjoy web shots down her shirt.
    way to go goofy mom….”

    • Ya, well, when you get right down to it, it is up to the parents isn’t it?

  • If It Is about you how big would that be for Your site and it could use the publicity So I would tell her thank you

  • If this song IS about you, Triggerman, congratulations! You’re obviously hitting where it hurts and touched her in a very sensible area, only in a slightly different way than John Mayer did. And I think you gave her a lot more attention than he did.
    But I doubt that she will actually name the man who is so mean to her. It would draw way too much attention to someone who is telling things about her in a way she doesn’t like, and I don’t think Taylor Swift wants her fans to listen to such a mean man. Apparently, listen to her music, she doesn’t care a bit about saving countrymusic, so why should her fans?

  • If she really is singing that song about you Triggerman, and your points are convincing; then she is visiting your website. She is reading your articles, at least about her. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t send out a response back to her Mean song just yet. Lets face it; her shit in the toilet will be more popular than what you will ever get. It’s sad, but its true. So you can’t just go writing response articles to someone that big in the pop scene, assuming it’s you.

    So my point being; you should write another article. Make the title boldly state that you are after Taylor Swift’s attention. Announce to her personally in the article, that if you are the one in the song, and if she does have problems with you, then she needs to contact you. If she can spend the time to read your articles, then she can spend time to contact you. It would be amazing if you could actually talk to her and explain to her your points.

    Its like the saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She’s head pawn in the pop music industry. We are fighting to get our country music back. And she needs to know! Interview her! Talk to her about our cause! You are a writer, an informer, a journalist, a critic. It is your job to do these things. What a better person to interview than Taylor Swift?

    Of course after writing this and reading it all over again, I laugh at the thought that you would actually get her to talk to you. And I also laugh at the thought that you are the Mean man in a top selling album in America….hahahaha crazy shit. Just seems like yesterday, you were a no name website that just a handful of people went to. Congratulations!

    • I don’t think Taylor “reads” this website in the sense that she comes here on a daily basis to see what’s happening. I do think that she’s an internet savvy girl, that when she knows criticism is coming, would type in things like “Taylor Swift Can’t Sing” or “Taylor Swift Is Not Country” in a search engine, and invariable this website will come up. I do not have sponsors, or a lot of big support from other big websites or media outlets. What I do have is a crack internet team that works for Pabst and knows how to get my stuff good exposure.

      I would like to engage Taylor, interview her, talk to her, whatever. And I don’t think that possibility is out of the question, and if I am Mr. Mean, that probably increases my chances. Maybe she wants to interview me.

      Taylor is a formidable foe. Maybe she can’t sing, but if she is the biggest thing in music right now, she is doing something right. I will not underestimate her. I respect her, which is the first step to receiving respect.

      Taylor and I are not done far from it. And if she doesn’t know who I am and I’m not Mr. Mean, then I will keep trying until she does.

      • Interesting thoughts, but if Taylor DID agree to be interviewed by you, that pretty much would be tantamount to an admission that she, indeed, cannot sing.

        The other night I had the AMA on with the TV muted because I was hoping that a couple of award winners were going to perform, but they did not.

        I caught Taylor’s performance, mostly muted out of necessity, and at the end she absolutely did look formidable! She had an almost evil look on her face as she gazed out over the groveling lemmings, that looked like, “I put one over on the whole f****** world again.”

        • I don’t know if that would be admitting she can’t sing. I think her biggest drawback would be making my star burn brighter by way of her celebrity, and if she doesn’t like me on a personal level, she would never want to do that.

          Taylor and I approach life in a much different manner. I embrace my detractors and try to rationalize with them, show them respect. Taylor likes to get revenge against them. I think the song “Better Than Revenge” is a very similar song to “Mean” in the context of taking a very unwise, immature approach to life: looking to get even in a situation instead of attempting to learn from it.

      • Tell me, what is the lesson she must learn? In a few sentences…I’m curious.

        • That life is about the gestation of the human soul, and art is supposed to facilitate that, not stultify it by grovelling about banal human problems and frailties like the desire for revenge, worldly possessions, or acceptance.

          That’s what I can come up with quickly.

          • Kinda lovely and sexy
            but let’s take that another step…
            What about quality? Quality in art…
            And I do not disagree with you here. In all honesty, I think the youth of today need a lesson in self examination and development of soul.
            Acknowledging frailties are a pathway to development of the soul, so it is good she has taken this first step, correct?
            She needs to have the second and third steps mapped out for her with a tender voice I believe.
            But she may not be able to hear you for the noise of capitalism.
            Tis a shame.

          • Here, here Triggerman and it is a shame.

          • and lets not forget is she is 20-21. So her not realizing what life is all about is kind of normal. Where were we when we were 20. Someone screwed with you and you wanted some revenge eh? If not, I guess you were wise beyond your years.

            Also, how many songs that we praise from many of the SMC artists supported deal with mean, violent revenge?

            I am not a Taylor fan, but the energy spent bashing her and other acts like Miley for folks like us, that are older, and supposed to be wiser… come on. They are blips on the timeline of music. They aren’t game changing artists.

  • […] lately, the nature of it, where to draw lines, etc. Some of it stems from the controversy over whether Taylor Swift’s song “Mean” is about me or somebody else. Some criticize me for even wondering, calling me egotistical, and some are […]

  • godammit i fucking hate her.
    hope she reads this and writes a song about it.
    she can title it “pete berwick fucking hates me.’
    congrats triggerman, you mean bastard, you
    made that little bitch cry.
    fuck her.

  • I can’t read every post, but seriously…. when I came to this site about a year ago, I was interested in it based on the title. And Trigger runs the site, so he can do what he wants, but I am lost now???

    For a site/group that claims to not care about CMA’s and ACM’s and mainstream stuff… how you give as much time to Taylor Swift as you do, I am blown away.

    Taylor is not a threat. She sings music that isn’t country. She gets awards from the big reocrd companies that you claim to hate? So big deal. You don’t respect Nashville, yet you give them tons of respect everytime you acknowledge that their packaging of Taylor gets to you.

    When people ask me what music I like, I say “country, real country. Not the pop stuff.” Everyone knows what I mean. Everyone knows that Taylor, Lady A-wful, Sugarland etc… aren’t country.
    Saying it over and over and over isn’t going to help a group like HellBound Glory get anywhere.

    If you simply cease acknowledging Taylor on a site like this, you might get pointed in the right direction.

    God there is good music out there. Yeah, they don’t get a CMA award or sell a million records in 5 min. like Taylor, but you know what…. Taylor’s fans weren’t going to buy Bob Wayne anyway. Your focusing on the wrong people.

    If someone says “hey, I like that Eric Chruch, and his rough side.” Rather than blow your top on that, simply say “hey, that is kind of manufactured stuff, if you do like that type of sound, check out (so and so) you probably will like them and they are the real deal.”

    Or ask yourself this question Trigger… If someone is a Taylor fan, and comes up to you, say a 17year old girl, and says “I love Taylor Swift, I saw your site, who else do you recommend?” Who the fuck are you going to point her too? What alternative do you offer? Maybe one, in Ruby Jane…. but seriously, the music we all claim to like isn’t for Taylor fans.

    You do have people in Nashville moving some things in the right direction, but your worried about Taylor?

    • I completely disagree that Taylor is not a threat, and that is why I focus on her. But even with my focus, it is by far my singular focus. It may not seem like that, because every time I bring up Taylor that article gets way more attention, but just in the last few days I focused on a concert with Wayne Hancock & Lucky Tubb. They are not Bob Wayne, they have accessible music to the educated ear, and/or the traditionalist. I’ve offered insight, MP3’s of the performance, pictures, etc. I put a ton of time and love into that article. It is not my fault not as many people care about that as they do this Taylor shit.

      Also on the front page right now I have an extensive interview with Ruby Jane, and article about a book about the Three Hanks, info on a Charlie Louvin benefit DVD. You can’t hopscotch to the articles you’re bitching about and ignore the others.

      I’ve always had the ratio of writing 2 positive articles for every negative, and I’ve never steered for that, except on writing more for the positive side. I can’t control if the negative ones are the ones that get the attention form you and others.

      I also would like to say that if i had more time, I would focus that additional time all on the music. Unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day.

      • I am not hopscotching to specific articles. I don’t have a comment for them all. I may not comment on some of the ones I find educational and interesting. But I do comment on most that seem to be bashing things that don’t need attention.

        I really think that if people took a long hard look in the mirror, you would find that we are spending to much time on artists like Taylor. Her fans aren’t going to buy what this site is promoting. They just won’t. You can say that some of the artists on here are wholesome enough for teenage girls, but come on… be serious.

        No teenie bopper on their iPhone or 20something woman watching E and Bravo all day is going to stop and consider Wayne Hancock.

        I think posts like this are worthless on this site. Plain worthless. Stick to pushing the stuff that really is trying to stick with pre-pop country roots.
        Pick “mainstream” artists that are trying to break the Nashville machine (not just long shots with no chance, or Hank III warning us of the day he breaks loose of curb)
        There are “mainstream” artists that are making some noise. Artists on the award shows that are differnent. They should be celebrated as much as the deep underground guys.
        Jamey Johnson and Zac Brown should get more posts on here than fucking Taylor and Sugarland.

        • You really think you know everything about girls don’t you? Seriously, I’m 16, and I’m on my laptop supposed to be doing my school work, but instead I’m here reading through all of your pathetic comments of Taylor Swift! Grow up! Taylor has an amazing voice! I truly, don’t listen to all of her songs, but I do listen to some, including “Mean.” Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you have to come on and comment on all of her flaws! You have flaws as well, as do I, and everyone else on this page! There are people out there who look up to Taylor as a role model, and just because she isn’t your’s, doean’t mean you get the right to come on and disrespect someone’s role model. Do you see us disrespecting your’s? No, and let me ask you this question: How would you feel if someone started talking down to and belittled your role model? Just keep that in mind incase you get the fancy to go and make fun of other people. Theres a difference between being a critic, and just being a big A-hole.

  • And if you all want to argue that Taylor didn’t deserve vocalist award….I agree, but you know what, no one deserves it so long as Martina McBride is alive. No one can touch her. Nashville or underground.

    So to be upset with Taylor winning it, the only alternative you should offer is Martina. Anyone else isn’t deserving either.

    • I would rather have Carrie Underwood win Vocalist than Taylor. Not because I love Carrie, but because i think it is important to draw distinctions between these pop artists. Marina can sing the best, but Carrie can actually sing, unlike Taylor. Small victories.

    • Lol, just have to get my two cents in here if you are talkin pop singers. Mary Chapin Carpenter “used to be country” but isn’t anymore and she can sang her butt off and play geeetar too! Martina is good but, personally, I prefer lower voices instead of the people who tend to yell more. (I know, I know, ya gotta be nominated to get an award :) There are entirely too many award shows and definitely not much award-worthy singing goin on!! Thanks for listening. (Mary C.C. is a bit too liberal for me but I can overlook it sometimes. ;o)

  • After listening to that interview with her I say it absolutely could be you. As you have pointed out many times, you are not a hater and when you reviewed her album it was very thorough – you pointed out some good points and some bad ones. I say ask her directly! I’d personally love to see an interview you’d conduct with her. Having met you and read many many interviews you’ve done, I know you are always very respectful and well researched in your interviews. I’m quite sure you would afford the same considerations to Taylor Swift. Oh look, here’s her management info I found on Wikipedia! BIG MACHINE RECORDS / THE VALORY MUSIC CO. 1219 16th Avenue South Nashville, TN 37212 phone: 615.324.7777

    Get on it Triggerman ;P

  • […] for me it’ll take ‘em a while to see this, since they’re currently trying to figure out if one of their own got called out in a Taylor Swift song. To them I offer a challenge; forget “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and really listen to the album. […]

  • Jesus, dude – it’s not like you said you wouldn’t fuck her! Man, I hope this shit IS about you and you can count on some kind of royalty check. I knew a guy that was a “contributing writer” to “Flowers on the Wall” and he told me every few months, there it was. A nice little reminder about playing with a deck of 51. Sorry, Kyle, I get started… Anyway, a little howdy from the Southern Oregon town you once resided in and an overall CONGRATULATIONS on this site becoming what it has. DevilCool will ride again and would be honored to speak w/you some time about this entire experience. Take care and have a good holiday season, dw.

    • Great to hear from you man, I would love to chat with you sometime. I’m hoping to make it out there at some point either this Spring or Summer. Don’t be a stranger my friend!

  • Your an absolute ballbag.

    • Why?

      And are you going to contribute something to this conversation by giving your opinion on who the song might be about, or are you too busy kicking me in the nuts because of a song Carly Simon wrote 35 years ago?

  • Hey Triggerman – I know this is a bit delayed and I haven’t a clue who you are nor do I follow your writings. However, I was interested in Taylors song mean and agree that it’s directed at a specific individual so I started digging into who is this ‘mean’ person and ran across a site that spells out messages/hints that she leaves for each song within the lyrics of the CD pamphlet. The code spelled out in the highlighted caps for ‘Mean’ is this…”I THOUGHT YOU GOT ME.” To me, this would imply that at one time you appreciated her music (or her, in general)…which, based on what I skimmed through above, is not so. I’m just thinking out loud here, but I’m not sure this is directed at you if you’ve consistently stood by the notion that she cannot sing. If you’re already aware of this hint then forgive my duplication. Just a fun little tidbit to share (see full article at

  • This is a few months too late, but you said you were hoping some Taylor fans would comment on here. I agree that there are times when Taylor doesn’t sound good, or in tune, but most of the time she is really great! Her performance last night at the American Country Music Awards was good!! I thought she sang Mean perfectly. Is she the best singer out here? No. But you are right in saying that no one should underestimate her. She is brilliant. And talented. Her song writing is phenomonal. I think it speaks to all of us, if not where we are now in life, but where we were.(young, hopeful, lovestruck, etc) She is honest and sincere and sweet and I don’t know how anyone can’t like her. She was never trying to sell herself as the best country singer out there. But she is a true musician who can actually play he instruments and write the songs. Her songs are both pop and country, which I think many country artists are doing. I am a true music fan and listen to everyone from George Strait to Taylor Swift, to Dave Matthew Band to Mumford and Sons, to Kanye West to Jay-Z, to The Avett Brothers to Coldplay, you get the idea. It doesn’t matter how music speaks to us. But it is obvious by her numbers(sales, etc.) that Taylor speaks to most of us. And maybe, if you really listened to the lyrics, and let yourself go back to your younger years, you’d see she speaks to you as well.

    • Anna

      You sound like a greatly conscientious person and quick to protect Taylor. But a young lady that makes statements like she’ll write songs about boyfriends she has been wronged by probably isn’t mature enough to handle being the so crowned greatest singer in country music history. I mean really! She must be better than any other with that kind of royalty.

      Please also understand that articles written in criitcism is exactly what she intends to do, right? Only in a song. So tit for tat Taylor!

      I mean, really! I’m sure Taylor is the sweetest thing since bee pollen. But I still don’t like her music. Can’t stand what she stands for, musically, and I have that right.

      I mean really!

  • From what I read, probably. “Mean” is most likely about you. I can’t believe you were brave enough to do that! Taylor once said, “If a guy doesn’t want a song written about him, then he shouldn’t do bad things.” She also said another time, “If a person is ever mean to me, I WILL write a song about them.” You must not have heard those quotes because if you had you wouldn’t have criticized Taylor the way you did. And Taylor CAN sing! If she couldn’t, she wouldn’t have surpassed the “20 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD” mark. OH YEAH! She passed that! She found out she did the night she was about to perform at the O2 in London. And that’s WORLDWIDE. And if she couldn’t sing she wouldn’t have won “Entertainer of the Year” at the ACMs April 4th. And that award was FAN VOTED. She also wouldn’t have won “International Artist of the Year” if she couldn’t sing. She is a role model to me. If the comments you made were because you were doing your job, it shouldn’t matter to you if the song was about you or not. I would never be brave enough to cross the line on Taylor. NO WAY.

  • I assume you’ve seen the article written by Ruth Gerson?

    I know you don’t think it’s Bob, but that would be my guess. I think it’s someone more mainstream. Your site, however awesome to those of us who visit and read it, probably wouldn’t garner the attention of Taylor or the crowd she socializes with. I’d only focus on the established media and the mainstream press if I were a pop star like Taylor. After all, they’ve got to know there is always going to be an alternative segment of super selective listeners that will hate them. Their focus is that large and profitable sea of average consumers, and the people who write to and influence those consumers. If your record sales are making you rich, and you’re winning Grammy awards, you’re going to care about the main stream critics.

    But, claiming it is you does help energize YOUR fan base, so take it away trig!

  • Personally….if you honestly think the song is referring to you, perhaps it’s time to take a long, hard look in the mirror and decide if that is the legacy you want for your life.

    Just sayin.

  • Its about Bob Lefsetz. Enough said.

  • I love Taylor Swifts music. I heard on the radio that her new song, “Mean,” was insipired by a blogger who continuously tore Taylor down. Curious as to who this blogger was, I googled the subject and came to this webpage, this blog. I have never heard of you Triggerguy, or whatever you call yourself… (I don’t care to scroll up to find out.) I think some people, cough cough, like to spend their days criticizing people and things until they’re blue in the face because they don’t have an outlet for their negativity…so they put it out for the world to see, in a blog. If you don’t like Taylor Swift, or her music, don’t listen to it. If it comes on the radio, turn the station. It’s pretty obvious she can’t belt out a tune like Christina Aguilera or Celine Dion…but she writes her own music…it’s catchy…the melodies, to me anyways, are great…and I find her songs, and for most young girls in general, to be pretty relatable. She seems very down to earth. She doesn’t dress like a slut. I find Taylor to be a positive artist in MANY ways. Why don’t you find another outlet for your sarcasm and bitterness, like squeezing a stress ball or going for a run.

    • Huh, stress ball, GREAT IDEA!

      And just to clarify, I go out of my way to give credit to Taylor for NOT dressing like a slut and being very very adept at creating mass appeal.

      But this is all mute, because it’s been discovered that the song is in fact about Osama bin Laden.

    • Dear Jenni

      Thanks for commenting! It’s great to have real fans of Taylor’s music . . . so we can explain to you over and over why POP country is not real country music and why we think you should be exposed to real music and not manufactured POP country music. I’m so glad you think Taylor is relatable. I can’t relate to her music and she sings off key. She is a pretty gal. And I’m sure super duper nice. I bet she really appreciates you sticking up for her. But you see . . .

      I think her music sucks.

      • Dear Denise,

        I like ALL types of music. I don’t stick to one genre. I wrote on another post earlier that some days I like a powerful voice like Adele’s or Carrie Underwoods. I’ll get in the mood for a great ballad. Some days I like a good old classic rock song. Some days it’s rap…and some days it’s miss Taylor Swift. She writes her own music, from what I understand, and for someone her age, I consider her music to be pretty damn catchy. Have you listened to her albums through and through before judging, or did you hear one song or one live performance and simply put your nose in the air to her music in general? I’m being serious.
        Also, I never said anything about Taylor Swifts music being country, or not country…What the hell? Who cares? She’s ONE artist among many artists and just because she’s not singing with a super strong twang with nothing but banjoes in the background doesn’t mean it can’t be considered country.
        As I wrote earlier, if you don’t like Taylor Swifts music, and you think she can’t sing…uhhh, don’t listen to her music. If you hear too much of her music on the radio, then go get yourself an i-pod and and i-pod dock, download yourself some,, what you would consider to be country enough music, and enjoy. But it’s people who go around being so aggressive about the fact that they think someones music “sucks,” and they try to shove that opinion down peoples throats because they can’t get over the fact that the person they hate so much as a musical artist is succeeding at alarming rates.

        • Dear Jenni

          Thankyou for taking the time to respond. I don’t stick my nose up in the air without listening to Taylor Swift’s music. Originally I thought the same thing, that one of her songs was catchy about three years ago, until I heard it fifty two thousand times and learned that Taylor Swift is nothing short of a manufactured POP star. I don’t think I am trying to shove my opinion down anyone’s throat any more than Nashvile is trying to shove POP country down my throat. I won’t be listening to Taylor Swift’s music. That’s what Triggerman is for. I am just a bystander/writer who has a little higher standards when it comes to music. I love music of all kinds also and so I can honestly say that POP country music is down at the bottom of the spectrum for me.

          I also think it’s a sad state of music when the person that is tauted as the best in the genre cannot give a good live performance without help from machines and has been created to be a superstar instead of earning it through blood sweat and tears. Again, my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

          I don’t have an IPOD but if I did I would fill it with great music from Hank to Willie to Loretta to Bill to Webb to Marty to Wanda to .357 String Band to Jayke Orvis to Bob Wayne to Whitey to little lisa dixie to Lucky Tubb to Ernest Tubb to Hank III . . . you get the picture. No Taylor Swift.

          Anyhow, thankyou again for responding. I’m sorry the term “sucks” offends you but it’s a general term for describing something and is kinda like your general term “laughing all the way to the bank.”

          I wish Taylor Swift had more love for the country music that use to fill people’s homes when all they had for entertainment was a radio. Maybe then she would have more respect for the genre that many people love and hold dear.

          Instead she’s laughing all the way to the bank. UGGGGGGGH.

          • Dear Denise,

            I DO get what you are saying about her receiving major awards for country music. It seems like when she first started her music was more country than it is now. I loved her song Tim McGraw…and even Our Song I would consider to be country. I’m 25, so maybe I didn’t grow up around enough of the real true and gritty country music. But perhaps as a new generation of people are emerging, so is the taste for country music. Maybe it’s just shifted into a more “pop-ish” sound…if that makes sense. I always considered artists like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Kesha to be pop. They’re music doesn’t really sound anything like Taylors. She isn’t just singing about ripping your clothes off on the dancefloor, or dancing until the world ends. She sings things she writes, from what I’ve read. Her songs are cute, and relatable to A LOT of people, but obviously not everyone. I think she won so many awards because a lot of people found her to be a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Again, not to EVERYONE. She is a freshfaced, somewhat innocent girl who writes from the heart and sings, and keeps singing even after people tell her she can’t. She can’t belt out a ballad. That’s obvious. I’m sure she knows that herself. But her voice isn’t horrendous. It’s soft, and it works with the songs she writes. I guess I got a little frustrated because instead of just not listening to her music, people feel the need to go on public forums and tear her apart like she’s just the crappiest singer ever, and that people who DO like her must just have crappy taste in music. I don’t go on websites for no reason announcing how much I love Taylors music, like the people who go around annoucing how much they HATE her music.

    • Quite frankly, I would probably rather hear Taylor Swift sing her songs than hear Christina Aguilera or Celine Dion. With those two, it seems to me that it is always about the singing performance and not about serving the song. My only exposure to Ms. Swift’s music is her first album, which my wife bought. Heard it a few times on a drive from the DC area to the NY area. Every time it was my wife’s turn, that’s what she wanted to hear. It went down OK with me the first time and I was even OK with it the second. I thought it was decent pop music with a little bit of a country feel, but not something I would choose to listen to myself. When her second album came out, I bought it for my wife for her birthday. She’s never listened to it. She didn’t care for the songs she heard on the radio. If I remember correctly, I think it was because it was more of the same and as a woman in mid/late 30’s, she had grown a little weary of the subject matter.

    • Oh, and I commend you for continuing to engage the “SCM community” on these Taylor Swift issues. Sometimes, people just vent their spleen and just move on.

  • P.S. I went back and read some of your comments on this particular blog and you seem so desperate to know if people think her song is about you or not. You seem pretty giddy to know the one and only T. Swift may have taken the time to write a song about YOU! Who cares? She’s laughing her way to the bank while you sit behind your computer screen dissecting her song over and over to see if maybe it might possibly be about you. HA! How the tables turn.

    • The tables never turned. Taylor Swift has always been on top if your measure is in money. Yes, she is laughing all the way to the bank, but maybe stop for a second and think that some might not measure success in money. You couldn’t pay me enough to have Taylor’s wealth, and if I did, I would give it away and get right back behind this computer screen. People first, then money. And I don’t think you’re giving me enough respect for having respect for Taylor Swift the person.

      • It was just a general phrase…laughing her way to the bank. I don’t get the impression that Taylor Swift is a greedy broad. I read your post, the one about the Grammy’s. I get that bloggers have to have an “edge” to them, otherwise people won’t read…However, some of the stuff you said was downright, well…MEAN! Do I think Taylor Swift deserved an award like Vocalist of the Year? Hell no. But I don’t think she’s this manufactured “Singing Barbie” that someone discovered and shoved on stage with a bunch of songs that weren’t written by her. It’s like people think Taylor is just getting by on her looks or something. Her songs are so cute! She doesn’t have a powerful voice, and some of the performances I’ve seen do show that she sometimes sings off key…but in general, she has a soft voice that is perfect for the type of songs she writes. It’s not HORRIBLE.
        On another note…again, I came across this blog out of curiosity as to who “Mean” was written about…I kinda think it might be Kanye West. She said that it was written about a man who kept crossing the line, and Kanye proceeding to talk crap about Taylor even after she wrote her song “Innocent” and performed it for him at the VMA’s. He’s known for getting drunk and getting on stage, and I heard a few months back a rant Kanye did about how Taylor “rode” this wave of press she got from the whole VMA incident in 2009. Just thought I’d share since this post originally was about who you thought it might be about.

  • i don’t think its u she talks about this guy switching sides and i think u have always been pretty clear about not liking her lol so i dont think its u

    • Just heard this song for the first time yesterday. Made myself listen to it all like the good Saving Country Music fan that I am. Then, looked up the lyrics. I would have to agree that the “switching sides” lyrics were problematic for me.

  • there is also something about being in a bar and talking about a football game. Do you do that?

  • alright man. I didn’t want to have to do it, but I spent some time with this song, and to even get the idea that this song is about you is ridiculous. Taylor swift is ridiculous, but you are actually coming off as a bit more than that by assuming that this song is about you. there are at least 20 points in this song that have nothing to do with you. honestly, just you putting that idea out there has caused me to lose respect for you. this article was so retarded, how can I ever have any faith in your credibility?

    • The title of this article was “Is Taylor Swift’s Song “Mean” About Me?”, with space provided for others to give their thoughts.

      Thanks for your honest opinion.

  • The Triggerman, I really hope the song is about you because there isn’t a more devastating blow one can deal to a critic than by turning the opinions of millions of people against that critic. If the song is about you, then she has put the spotlight on you as exactly what you are, someone who lacks accomplishments of their own, so turns to pointing out flaws and dislikes in the accomplishment’s of others (which then becomes your big accomplishment: criticizing others). Why don’t start crusading to save country music by making great country music and pointing people to great country music, instead of trying to tear down artists that don’t fit your criteria for such? Have you ever considered that all you’re doing is exposing more people to Taylor Swift that otherwise might never have given her a second thought?

    • “as exactly what you are, someone who lacks accomplishments of their own.”

      Do you know me personally? Then how can you assert this as truth? And even if you did know me personally, people’s measure of “accomplishment” is different. For example, you think if the song is about me then it would be a “devastating blow”, and I would see it as a huge accomplishment.

      “Why don’t start crusading to save country music by making great country music and pointing people to great country music, instead of trying to tear down artists that don’t fit your criteria for such?”

      That’s exactly what I do all day, with the majority of my articles and time. This article is six months old. I write on average of six articles a week. In six months I have written two articles about Taylor Swift’s “Mean”, which is hardly an obsession, or even a focus. The majority of my focus IS promoting good music, including through my radio show and many behind-the-scenes endeavors that cannot be seen through the portal of this website.

      I am always astounded with the facility people make assumptions about me, and what they are.

      • You’re right, our measurements of “accomplishment” are different. For example, I wouldn’t consider a multi-platinum artist writing a song about me, not because they respect me as a fellow artist, but because of how good I am noticing bad things about people, an accomplishment. However, since you do, congratulations on your accomplishment of being able to notice negative things about people. This puts you in an elite group that includes 100% of the earth’s population.

        Further, I’m astounded that you are astounded that people make assumptions about you. You SHOULD be criticized because you yourself publish criticisms of others in an effort to sway opinions about artists you don’t like. For example, you would be right in criticizing me, since I’m criticizing you. However, you know even less about me than I do about you because I don’t have a personal attack site with lots of articles I’ve written. Since you do have that, I’m able to make assumptions about you. When you start attacking someone as beloved as Taylor Swift, people are going to return the favor (a lesson I’m sure Kanye West has learned quite well).

        Lastly, I know I’m being really “mean” here, but I’ve known so many musicians with the same attitude you have about keeping this genre or that genre “pure”. It sounds to me like you’re angry at the industry, most likely because your own efforts were rejected by it (if I just astounded you by making an assumption, this one is based on reading your articles as well as knowing lots of die-hard underground music purists and why they are the way they are). Stop talking about how much you respect Taylor Swift as a person when you continue to publish pretty horrible things about her work no matter how it would make her (as a person) feel if she were reading them.

        • “Further, I’m astounded that you are astounded that people make assumptions about you. You SHOULD be criticized because you yourself publish criticisms of others in an effort to sway opinions about artists you don’t like.”

          I agree, I should be criticized and I never said I shouldn’t. I embrace good criticism. However, before I criticize an artist, I always do my research and learn everything about the situation before I make my criticisms. If I’m criticizing a commenter, I leave it based on their comments, not on assumptions I have made about them personally, because those assumptions are almost always wrong.

          In the case of criticizing me, there are over 1000 articles written over 3 years, an “About” button, and many other tools to let people know exactly who I am. However most of the time what happens is someone puts some keywords into google, hit on this site, and make assumptions based on one article.

          I’d also like to point out that my views on Taylor have softened dramatically over time, from over a year ago, to when I wrote this particular article. Here is an example:

          “Listen to me and listen good folks, DO NOT DISCOUNT LADY GAGA, and while we’re on the subject, don’t discount Taylor Swift either. They are the future of mainstream music. The formulas they are using to get their music to the people, and to keep their names on your lips is what is giving them the advantage. It’s savvy social networking and marketing practices. And as bad as they are, they are better than most of the stuff out there. Yeah, I said it.

          Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are leading, and everyone else is following; sonically, culturally, and financially. As bad as their songs might be, they are doing what they want to do, recording songs they wrote, and dominating the trends. Everyone else is following like a bunch of lap dogs. Taylor Swift has a 55-year-old Reba McEntire out there in a pushup bra singing hip hop songs. Blake Shelton, Sugarland, and Jason Aldean are all recording songs that insult their dignity in hopes of appealing to the mainstream crowd. They all want what Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga have.

          • So you made an assumption about me that I simply found the site from Google and made my assumptions based on 1 article? Isn’t that making an assumption not based solely on my comment? How could you know what I’ve read? I actually read multiple articles and the “About” page. Unfortunately, as far as information about you, the about page contains only a very sarcastic bio with no actual information (unless you actually do live in your mother’s basement, etc…). So even reading the about page doesn’t give anyone more insight into you as a person. Also, don’t you agree that your articles give people a pretty good basis on which to form assumptions about you?

    • “Have you ever considered that all you’re doing is exposing more people to Taylor Swift that otherwise might never have given her a second thought?”


      • huh?

        Didn’t you post above that you forced yourself to listen to this Taylor Swift song for no reason other than this article? Or was that a different Jack Williams?

        • Sure, I did. But I think it is extremely unlikely that Taylor Swift is going to win over many of those who regularly visit this website. I would think that the vast majority of people that have found their way to this site are here because they want their country music with much more soul than what Music Row is producing.

  • This is for Jenni, as I couldn’t reply above. Again, you are repeating things that make your argument for why you think Taylor is a good entertainer. I want you to see the other side. We (Taylor Swift opposers) make an argument against the machine, against all the awards and accolades for country music and the fact that T.Swift is upheld as the best singer in country music when she clearly is not. I don’t care that her songs are sweet and her voice is soft. She does not have the talent that I think should be present if you are “the greatest country singer in the world today”.

    I don’t hate T.Swift. I hate what her genre is doing. I hate what Nashville tries to accomplish. I think her songs suck on the level that I know what good music is and so I can’t think that little ditties and excuses as to why she can’t sing better or write more relevant songs are good enough.

    The country music world has made Taylor Swift their golden girl and I have a problem with it. And yes I have a life. I enjoy this site so I come and say what I want. You said that her music is not going to appeal to everyone. I’m one of the one’s that it doesn’t. But you seem to want me to shut up and put up. I hope that’s not what you think anyone should do. It’s exactly the type of sentiment that keeps Nashville wants so that they can continue to cash in on country music with no respect to the artist or artistic freedom.

    For example, so you don’t think I’m just bashing Taylor: hate the sin, not the sinner. So, I hate the fact that Nashvile and music companies have destroyed the purity of real country and replaced it with replicas and manufactured country. Some of those songs are so dumb. Doesn’t mean the singer is dumb. They just don’t have enough gumption or something to say, no, I’m not going to do that.

    Taylor Swift is in the positon to call some shots. But it seems like she just keeps on doing the same old formula that wins her awards. It’s hard to respect that.

    This is a snippet of her lyrics to her song Enchanted.

    Here I was again
    tonight forcing laughter
    faking smiles
    same old tired lonely place
    walls of insincerity
    shifting eyes and vacancy vanished
    when I saw your face

    All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you

    That should speak for itself. Not really so enchanting, not to me, so you see, I am not bashing her just for the sport of it. Her songs are not that good.

    And finally, perhaps you are drawn to music for the music, not the lyrics. But when a good song has all the elements that a good song should have, then the lyrics stand on their own two feet.

    I believe wholeheartedly that the people here are sick of the demoralization of the country music genre rather than just not liking the sweet and pretty T. Swift. It’s way deeper than that, Jenni.

  • Denise,

    I don’t think I can delve much deeper into this “debate,” if you will. I don’t think THAT deeply about music, lol… I am with you that she should probably not be winning awards for the best country SINGER…Entertainer, sure. May I ask how old you are, honestly?
    I’m asking that because if you’re an older woman, you probably aren’t going to relate to a 21 year old girls lyrics…naturally. I’m not saying anyone HAS to love Taylor Swift. It’s fine if you don’t. I just thought you were a bit aggressive with your opinion about her.
    You said, ” I think her songs suck on the level that I know what good music is and so I can’t think that little ditties and excuses as to why she can’t sing better or write more relevant songs are good enough. ”
    That right there kinda implies that anyone who DOES like her has crappy taste in music. Not everyone likes gritty, deep, country music. I sure as hell am not in the mood all the time to listen to a song that has deep, moving, extra-emotional lyrics. Sometimes it’s nice to have songs that are light and uplifting.

    • Dear Jenni

      Yes I’m much older but age doesn’t play that big of a role. Ruby Jane, who is younger than Taylor Swift, I have no problem relating to. Check her out. It’s not that anyone who obsesses over Taylor Swift has crappy taste in music, perhaps they just haven’t been exposed to REAL COUNTRY. And they fall right into the POP COUNTRY equation. It’s big money, sista, and big greed goes right along with it. I’m thinking you aren’t seeing the differenace between REAL and POP.

      Anyway, thank you for responding. :)

      • @Denise,

        So I was just sitting here vegging out, and I thought I would look up Ruby Jane. O…M…G…that song about holding hands. “I wanna hold your hand. I want to hold your hand. I. would. like. to. hold. your. hand. Can I hold your hand? Wanna hold hands? Can I maybe possibly hold your hand?” Ok, so those weren’t the exact lyrics but I just about fell asleep. She has a pretty voice, but I’d definitley have to be in a certain mood to listen to her music. Not bashing her, she seems like a cutie! Just wanted to weigh in on that.

        • The song is called “Holdin’ Your Hand” and it was written by Ruby Jane’s grandfather Perrin Smith. Ruby thought it would be a kind gesture to make a video of the song for her grandfather. It is not a song she wrote, or a commercial release, simply a song she made a video for. Her grandfather can be seen at the end of the video:

          If you want to see a song Ruby Jane wrote:

        • Dear Jenni

          Holdin’ Your Hand is a fantastic composition! I dare say you might not understand that concept if you are under the impression that Taylor Swift’s music is top notch.
          That’s the problem with Nashville/Pop Country and the public radio. It’s programming the public to think that catchy tunes and country hooks make a great song. And they are wrong.

          Ruby Jane has more talent in her pinky finger than all those knick knacks on Taylor Swift’s mantel could ever hope to represent.

          Just sayin’.

          • @ Triggerman, I read something about that before watching the video, about it being written by her grandfather, but after the 18th, “can I hold your hand?” I was like nooo.

            @ Denise,

            You wrote, “That’s the problem with Nashville/Pop Country and the public radio. It’s programming the public to think that catchy tunes and country hooks make a great song. And they are wrong.”
            I get that you think what’s being played nowadays on the country stations isn’t country enough. I respect that. It’s your taste in music. I clicked on the link Triggerman provided for Ruby Smith and the song she played was somewhat catchy, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard before. I’m not even trying to say that to one up you because you said Taylors music was bad. It’s just my honest opinion. Her music isn’t something I find to be, well, what I would go see live or even watch anymore youtube videos of.
            I don’t think that a radio station is programming ME or anyone else into what should be considered a good song. (Maybe some teeny-boppers who go along with what’s popular at the moment…) I form my own opinion with my own ears. There’s A LOT of pop music on the radio I find boring. But I have to ask, catchy tunes don’t make a great song? Uhhhh. That’s new to me…and people like country hooks. It doesn’t mean people are being brainwashed into liking those things though.
            At the end of it all, it really just is a difference in opinion. You like the type of music you like. I like what I like. My opinion is just that, my opinion. It doesn’t mean Taylors music is awesome just because I say so. Just as it doesn’t mean it’s bad just because you say so.

    • I read a quote once by No Depression co-founder Grant Alden that resonated with me. He thought that by and large, mainstream country musics acts want to be “stars,” while those not in the mainstream (alt/insurgent/outlaw/whatever country, bluegrass, newgrass, etc.) could better be described as “artists.” To me, that explains why I typically don’t feel much when I hear pop country on the radio. For the most part, I don’t feel like it has much soul. And I don’t think a song has to have deep, extra-emotional lyrics to have soul. Sometimes it’s the way a song is played or sang that gives it soul. I’ll throw out one example. Buddy Miller’s “Little Bitty Kiss.” The subject matter isn’t too deep, but the way Buddy and his wife Julie sing it and Buddy’s guitar give the song a boatload of soul. Fun, too.

      Triggerman says that Taylor Swift is pretty much doing what she wants to right now. Maybe this is a case of her artistry and coporate interests aligning perfectly. It should be interesting to see what direction she goes in as she gets a little older.

  • @ Jenni

    It’s somewhat true that my opinion doesn’t make it so, but I can’t be the only one who thinks so. And I’m not.

    And you are naive to think that radio isn’t programmed to promote one over the other. Of course it is. It’s a whole other entity that you might not think so deeply about either.

    I reckon I’m just a real music lover. That is to say, I love music. But I don’t love what Taylor Swift and POP country stands for. I would say it’s cool that you love POP country but I’d be lying. I’m not glad you don’t expect more from your entertainers.

  • @ Denise,

    Again, it’s just a difference of opinion. You aren’t the only one who THINKS Taylor Swifts music isn’t very good, and I’m quite obviously most definitley NOT the only one who thinks she’s good. Do I think she is the most amazing and talented musical artist on Earth. Uh, no. But if you put Ruby Janes music on the radio, there’s really honestly going to only be a handful of old fogies who like it. I’m sorry, but that right there is the truth. I thought her music was okay. There was an element of real, true, gritty country music there…but that to me doesn’t make it fun to listen to all the time. Or actually in my case, really probably never. I respect artists like Ruby Jane, and her fans…but I just could never picture hearing her music on the radio, or me in my car turning one of her songs up…NOT because the radio “programmed” me to think that way, but because her melodies aren’t very catchy.

    • Ruby Jane runs circles around Taylor Swift, musically speaking. And I’m 32, so that would hardly qualify me as a “fogie”. But then I never listen to the radio, so it hasn’t influenced what I think is catchy.

    • Old fogies? Really? I don’t know much of anything about Ruby Jane, but the song Triggerman linked above is on fire! Funky, even.

    • @Jenni

      You make me laugh out loud. You put Ruby Jane’s music on the radio and you have two minutes of something real versus something manufactured and fake. Yeah. Pop country has you right where they want you.

  • @ Aran,

    If you say so. Maybe Ruby Jane can play another instrument, but I still don’t find her music interesting. Again, it’s not because most of the people on this blog dislike Taylor, it’s just because it’s what I think. Ruby Jane has a soft voice, it is a bit stronger than Taylors but I don’t really like it. It’s kind of Norah Jones-ish…I guess it just depends on if you like that kind of music…I personally would probably fall asleep.

    @ Denise,

    Ok, I get it. Taylor Swifts music is too “Pop” to be considered straight country. That doesn’t mean her music sucks and that it’s manufactured. Of course they’re going to add some different beats to her regular music, which makes it sound more “Pop” before putting it on the radio. It has to appeal to a variety of audiences including young girls and I pretty much guarantee young girls aren’t going to find someone like Ruby Jane’s music appealing. Not knocking Ruby, she’s good if you like that kind of music, but most people, from what I’ve seen, don’t.

    • Pop music is a product, designed and marketed to appeal to the widest demographic. It was always been that way, but these days it’s more extreme than ever. You’re saying “most people don’t” like Ruby Jane’s kind of music, and that’s true. Because most people like to be spoon-fed pop music that sounds like everything else that’s on the radio. I don’t. I like music with a bit more soul, a bit more personality behind it. I’m not knocking you for liking Taylor Swift, I couldn’t care less what music you listen to Jenni. But if you’re going to defend Taylor Swift as a COUNTRY artist be prepared to debate.
      If you want to hear a woman singing REAL country music go look up Loretta Lynn, Emmylou Harris, Kitty Wells, or Patsy Cline.

      • That’s right !

  • It probably is about you. Do you really have this much time on your hands to be criticizing her so much? Look how successful she has become. While she is out touring and making millions of dollars, you’re sitting at your computer writing about how she can’t sing. Get a life and stop being so MEAN. She never did anything to you. Screw you.

    • Emily

      Taylor Swift HAS done something to the Triggerman and country music fans in general. Her POP country crown has erroded the country music genre and along with the music labels who don’t promote these artists for the talent they possess but rather the money they can make shows that it’s not about music. It’s about marketability. Someone more marketable comes along and Taylor Swift will be yesterday’s news.

      I expect anyone at the top of their genre to be able to hold a tune. Remember Milli Vanili? It was the end of their career when people found out they were autotuned and lip synching. Now it’s accepted? If you are going to be touted as the best in country music and you cannot sing well enough without autotune than that is nothing but a big lie.

      Not everyone is going to like manufactured fake country music and just sit by and not say anything about it just so somebody won’t think they are being mean. This is the real world not the manufactured fake one.

  • I don’t think Taylor Swift is a bad singer and I also don’t think that she is ruining country music…I would just as soon call her a crossover artist! She is just a little bit of everything. That in no way means that she can’t be considered a country artist. For as young as she is I actually think she is quite bold for just laying her entire life out there for her fans to listen to. Not many people would have the confidence to do that! I don’t think there is anything wrong with stating an opinion though. If you don’t think that she can sing then that is your right, but no point beating it into the ground. That is when it becomes mean!

    • Well maybe Taylor Swift should beat ground and be a POP singer and leave country music alone.

      Too mean?!

  • I am convinced now that all of you haters on here are mean! Taylor Swift is a very young girl and grew up in an era where pop country is popular! I am very ecletic in my musical tastes, but personally I don’t want to listen to deep meaningful crap all the time or a song where it is being belted out that isn’t something I can sing along with! By the way a singers main job is to connect with their peers on a personal level. I think she has gone above and beyond in doing that! I would say her sales speak for themselves on that matter! Who knows she is still young I have heard many artists and as they grow through the years so does their music, but you all would rather sit around and judge. I can guarantee half of you are tone deaf so who gives a crap what you think anyways. I have a life besides for trying to tear people down so I won’t be on this sham of a site anymore!

    • Oh, the irony! I guess two wrongs make a right in your world.

  • Taylor wrote the song “MEAN” about my ex/ Jeff B in Brick NJ…Promise you all..its all about him!

  • ‘The main reason I thought when I first heard “Mean” that it was about me was one specific line, “But the cycle ends right now.” It comes across in the song a little out of left field, and doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the lyrics. It almost sounds like it was put in as a hint.’

    Or… it could’ve just fit perfectly in with the surrounding lyrics, and you have decided to take this out of context and use it as a “hint.”

    ‘I bet you got pushed around,
    Somebody made you cold,
    But the cycle ends right now,
    You can’t lead me down that road,…’

    Hrmm, basic reasoning puts that the cycle of someone pushed him down, now he’s pushing her down, but she won’t continue the cycle (which would be her pushing somoene else down).

    And if it is about you, well congratulations, you got 15 seconds of fame. Kinda.

  • Woww you ARE one conceded guy!!! And honestly? She can’t sing? I wonder why she won an award then? Just stop and keep your opinions to yourself

  • Jesus, stop arguing about that (have read 1-4 comments and stop reading)..the song may be for the people who are bullied too..

  • Your dumb, she’s an amazing singer andyou have no right to say anything, she can sing better than you. why don’t you have the the guts to get out from behind this computer. so shutup

  • I can’t tell if some of the people commenting on here are trolls or legitimate fans of Taylor.But I’m not sure if its about you or not.Whoever its about,she has definitely blown the situation out of proportion and after reading the lyrics to “Mean” it is clear she has sunk to a level far below whoever she is accusing of being “so mean”.
    Anyone with working ears and half a brain can tell that Taylor can’t sing.She’s just mad that she has been called out on her lack of singing ability and is retaliating in a contrived,immature way.

    And for the record,I have agreed with every single thing the Trigger Man has ever said about Ms. Swift.

    • She makes millions selling records does that just burn you up?

  • I can’t help but wonder why you are so fascinated with Taylor that you stay on did up everything you can find about her sifting through stuff seemingly daily for someone you have made it obviously clear you do not like and do not enjoy her music. I will admit I haven’t read all your articles, but I can only assume you have never met the girl face to face and for that matter never bothered to. I also find it hilarious that you make it a point to come out and defend yourself saying that when her fans write you they say ” MEAN ” things about you that aren’t true. Oh how easily offended the bully becomes when the shoe is on the other foot. I’m sure you will resond that you weren’t offended, but the truth is, if it didn’t bother you what people say about you, then why respond to it if it’s not true? Let the chips lie. But ok..whatever. You will always have the right to say your peace, and try to convince others that what you say about Taylor is correct and what people say about you is false. But since I don’t want to be someone to hurt your since of pride, I won’t join the mass’s and make statements that offend you. I’ll simply make assumptions that can be taken how ever you like. I assume you can not sing..I assume you don’t have a record deal..I assume you don’t have hundreds of thousands of fans that come to see you and travel many miles for you. I assume you have never been on major networks..nor award shows..I also assume your bank account as of this very moment isn’t even the size of Taylor’s pocket change. I assume you haven’t given thousands to charities.. I assume you haven’t seen nor done a quarter of the things in your lifetime, that Taylor has in her last 2 years alone. I assume you must be terribly jealous of Taylor and I assume you are one of the lynch mobs that go to Rebecca Blacks Youtube so you can feel right at home. I also assume your mother never taught you that if you have nothing good to say about someone then don’t say it. I assume you decided to make this your lifetime achievement because of all the bad things happening in the world right now, you stay plugging away at Taylor like this is some impressive goal. If your opinions were correct, and everything you said was true.. Then why does she still sell out concerts and why is she winning awards? You can pretend that the awards shows are pushing her and only giving in to a Kanye syndrome..but that doesn’t account for album sales, concert sales..and radio play. That doesn’t account for her being in demand and popular overseas. Let’s pretend she has no talent..let’s pretend she’s so terrible… then ok..maybe..HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF THIS..maybe…people LIKE her non talent and terrible singing. I bet she can walk in any crowd WITH YOU..and EVERYONE know who she is and want her autograph while pushing you aside not even knowing your name. SO I can only assume it’s fame and recognition you desire and you have realized that there is 2 ways to get GREAT at what you do…even if it sucks…or ride Taylor’s coat tails and hope her greatness at ( Sucking ) according to you…rubs off and someone takes note of nobody ol you. You made that apparent when you showed us all that Mean MUST be about you and you FINALLY feel have made it. You finally think your golden cup has arrived and all your smack talk has finally paid off. You asked what we thought….you said all the evidence is in…and ONLY because the past 2 weeks have been a bad time to be a juror, because if you do your job you get death threats, I’ll side with you. Yes The song was ALL about you. Now you can rest easy and enjoy your fame. There you go ED…..wait..Silver…Trigger..whatever your name is..see already forgot ya. Your 15 minutes of fame is already over and has been done way before you got through with my cheery little note. HOPE you had a blast!

    • First off, your comment is fairly well thought out, which is refreshing. But nonetheless it is filled with inaccuracies. First off, you and many others tend to pin the American idea of “success” behind my motivations, which is always a fatal mistake. I have no jealousy for Taylor Swift because I have no envy for her status. If I had her wealth, I would give it away. If I had her fame, I would use it to promote others. Wealth and fame are a broken promise, and I have purposely led my life up to this point to avoid them. I am a cultural warrior. Yes, maybe if I knew that this song was about me, it would give me some sense of egotistical pride that what I am trying to accomplish is having at least some sort of effect. But you are missing the point of this article. The title ends with a question mark. I am soliciting the public for their opinion, of which everything else you touched on, you did not touch on this.

      You implied that I am obsessed with Taylor and this issue. I understand how it might look like this through the eyes of Mr. Google, etc., but I write an average of six articles a week. I maybe have written a total of 6 articles about Taylor in the last two years. This is far from an obsession, or even a focus.

      Something else I think it is important for you and others to understand is that I do not hate Taylor Swift, or think that her music is bad. Since her last album, I have come around on her and her music quite a bit. I do not expect you to know this and read every little comment I have made about Taylor, but this is the case. I still think she is not country. I still think she has voice issues. And this might be more of a symptom of country radio coming down to her level instead of her rising up, but nonetheless, Taylor Swift might be one the best things on country radio right now, and I am on record as saying as much.

      And as for you mocking my 15 minutes of fame, whatever. Again, you must appreciate that not everyone has dreams and desires based on the current reality TV world. Try to find a picture of me, T-shirts or other forms of self-promotion. You won’t find them. It’s because I don’t care about being famous, I care about being effective.

      Good comment though.

      • I love you Triggerman. :) Fame is fleeting and wealth is even moreso. Taylor Swift is a POP country singer, and as such, should be thanking the Lord for her fans, record deals and wealth. Instead, she writes songs called Mean. If she really is so secure in her fame and fortunes there would be no animosity about her critics.

        Don’t idolize Taylor Swift folks. It just ain’t right.

  • The song isn’t about you. It is about Bob Lefzetz who was once a big fan of Taylor’s but has changed his tune. Note that she says in the song “You, with your switching sides…” And you sir cannot be accused of switching sides. You were never a fan.

  • I am so glad you enjoyed my article, I am trying to spread the word with as many people as possible!

  • I may not be a music buff or anything of that matter, I like my country music.
    I could say things that i thought reading over this. But you know what?
    She apparently has no problem singing Since she make millions doing so.
    I myself like her music as well as my family. She may have messed up at the Grammys but hey tell me you never made a typo or an error at your job? Had a bad day? You entitled to your opinion as well as everyone is but if this song was about you you honestly don’t deserve the honers of it. Even tho it is a great song like most of her music is. She said it she will go on with her life singing and selling records
    and you will still be here discrediting people. She will come out with more music and people will buy it, There will come a time nobody will care about your little Blog.

    Have a Nice day.

  • I just bumped on this little discussion and need to suggest everyone forget the WHO she writes about.

    My wife is a teacher, 20 years on the job in catholic and public schools. When she heard this song it was instantly a must buy.

    Why? Because WHAT she says is impressive in the perspective it delivers and the message it hammers home.

    Just consider this from the perspective of the school universe where mean people have been destroying kids egos and lives for generations.

    This song points out how low class and pitiful such people are.

    Get beyond the ego, and accept it is a powerful message, and well received.

    Do you really care about the music war between Neil Young and some hicks from the deep south? All these years later, does it matter that it is really Richard Nixon we can thank for Sweet Home Alabama?

    • Well said! I think the whole point of the song is the message about just being mean in general, I don’t think it was specifically directed towards anyone….everyone is affected by numerous “mean” people throughout their entire lives.


    this video (starting around the 10:40-10:50 mark) definitely suggests the song is about Lefsetz, but who knows…

  • So your “saving country music” right? You are saving a type of music that has traditionally been written by one person and performed by another. To me, that’s the most pathetic thing about traditional country music. Taylor Swift writes and performs her own music and apparently just gave you a nice Swift kick in the arse. Take your medicine like a man instead of whining on your blog about how you think a song is about you. Better yet, go write some of the sacred country music you are trying to save and perform it for us. Not a big country fan here, but I and a few million other people think Taylor Swift is pretty fantastic. Oh yeah, and you’re mean.

  • First, My assertion that country music has traditionally been written by one and performed by another is not asinine. It’s true. Go ask Willie Nelson. What you are fighting for, I’m not sure of.

    Second, This post was referenced in the link you posted above which is how I got here in the first place, so apparently it’s still relevant.

  • ok first of all.. Sorry this is majorly late. I was just trying to find out
    who all of taylor’s songs are about because I was bored,interested,
    And a fan of taylor swift. Please don’t get angry and say I don’t know
    What I’m talking about and blah blah blah. At the same time, I respect
    All of you peoples’ opinions. Like Anna said, I agree that she has
    Ups and downs with singing(like every artist had),but you can’t
    Look over the fact that she is amazingly talented. How many
    Singers do you know that actually write their own songs? Not very
    Many so you have to respect her. I went to her Speak Now concert
    And it was absolutely amazing! Not only her singing but she also puts
    On a Very good show. Before going, I wasn’t really a fan. Sure I
    Listened to some fearless songs like you belong with me
    And love story and liked them a lot, but I just didn’t listen to her much.
    After going, I constantly am listening to her songs. Litterally my
    Whole iPod is filled with her songs. But this is all an opinion.
    Now for who I think mean is about: it is definitely about a critic
    Or critics. Especially the line where it states: drunk and grumbling
    On about how I can’t sing. That is most definitely about’s obvious.
    And basically the whole song: some day I’ll be livin in a big ole’ city
    I think that is saying to critics: hahaha one day I’ll go down
    In history famous and all and you’ll be thinking wow I was wrong
    So yeah I think it’s about critics. Whether it’s about 1 or all in general,
    I’m not sure. As for you, all the things you stated sound like
    It could be about you. Very highly actually. The thing with the cycle especially.
    To me though, it sounds like it’s to all critics. If the line drunk and
    Grumbling on about how I can’t sing, wasn’t in there, it could very well be
    About a guy(not critics). But since it is, it has to be about critics.
    I hope this helped and wasn’t just random jibberish. Hahaha

  • I too am way late to this conversation but my thought is – it sure seems like you WANT it to be about you and to me that says far more about you than her. In fact if the song is about you, you helped her prove her point, congrats to her. I am an adult woman and not a TS fan but I think she has talents (far more than I do) and my teen daughter likes her. I have been caught singing along to a few of her songs, big deal. She may not leave us with any significant contributions, but who cares? Not every artist has to be The Beetles or The Eagles or The Rolling Stones. No one appreciated my obsession with Motley Crue when I was young and those guys are on 30 years and headlining Vegas. Anyway I just heard Taylor sing your song on the Grammys tonight, you must be so proud. She is a young girl and a human being and someone’s daughter- leave her be already.

  • I just thought of something I hadn’t thought of for a long time – in relation to preserving Country Music. Several years ago when Shania Twain was having her hey day, I just hated her to no end. She wasn’t Country either and it was obvious she was using it to break into pop- people think that’s the easy way in, start Country and cross over, right? So I just could not stand her at all and part of it wa that every song had her sighing, moaning and groaning- “woo, woo, woo” – my ears bled, I swear! My point- Country isn’t Country anymore – not really. And I don’t think we can blame that solely on Taylor Swift. I personally would rather hear a song about a strong girl standing up for herself vs hearing Tammy Wynette standing by her man. Those days are long gone (I hope) Sorry to desecrate the name of Tammy Wynette but the days of the little woman sitting at home waiting for Billy Bob to come home, open a beer and start smacking her around are over and I think that’s a good thing.

  • The Triggerman,.said,….:You couldn’t pay me enough to have Taylor’s wealth, and if I did, I would give it away and get right back behind this computer screen”.

    You are so full of crap it isnt funny!. If you had all her millions, you would give it away so you could sit here!? ,..sure you would. All you people on here running her into the ground are pathetic.

    You all dont have a damn thing better to do in life then sit on here and bash a stunning talent. You are all so insecure and you come here to stroke each other while you trash people like Taylor so you dont have to take a long hard look at your own lives. Sad!

    Taylor ROCKS! SHE IS SO REFRESHING AND CLEAN CUT! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER MUSIC! signed, a 69 year old grandmother from PA

      • Triggerman,
        Im find myself a little speachless. Sometimes its very hard to do a 360 and you sure did. I like her for all the things you mentioned and then some. I can see her maturing in leaps and bounds. I cant imagine what she will be producing in 5 to ten years, God willing, I’ll still be around.

        You mentioned your dislike for Romeo and Julliet. That is what I found so magical and intriguing about her and her song writing, and how she could weave a wonderful story and appeal to all age groups. A song I could share with my 14 yo granddaughter. Its been a long time since someone so pure in so many ways has graced an audience. She truly is a cut above the rest out there. I think she has stamina and will last. She may not be the best singer in music, but she is genuine, she is wholesome, she is original, and she is the WHOLE package that makes her shine.

        Please accept my apology. Thank you for not turning on me. That goes for any of your followers as well. You are a true gentleman. I totally enjoyed reading your take on Taylor. Very well written. Thank you!

      • OK that’s better – read the Nov 2011 blog and I agree. Hey you are obviously a decent person to come forward like that and be open even if it could mean being crucified! I still hate Shania Twain though LOL! “Woo, Woo, Woo!” I just really think if we’re going to complain about the death of Country – that is where it really began. And again, I don’t know if I always miss “true” Country – what is the purpose of the song (don’t even know the artist or song title) but it’s about holding a little girls hand in heaven while she crosses the street (because she’s dying no less). Its not a feel good, sing along type song and you cannot dance to it, not even slow dance because it would just be wrong. So what is the point? Because Country is supposed to be depressing? That’s just ridiculous :p If that is Country then I will have to pass (and I will always pass on Stand by Your Man!) what a load of garbage! Of course every time I hear it I think of Billy Bob, just came home drunk from the bar wearing his white wife beater tank top and ready to slap his woman around, no thank you – that is a song for a weak woman, we need to be stronger than that!

  • Yes, I think the song is about you. At least mostly.
    She had her way back at you. Eventhough you claim it was not personal, when you question her talent and job it inevitably becomes personal.
    I am not qualified to say whether her music is country or pop. It might even be in-between. However, any artist may have a bad performance and you did not respect that.

    Be thankful, she gave you a mintue of glory.

  • I don’t think the song is about any one in particular, just about people that are “mean.” I don’t think Taylor is the best country singer out there but heck she is only what 22…got a lot to learn, I think for her age and where she is in her life, her songs are appropriate. I don’t understand why people are so ugly about singers they don’t like…if you don’t like them, don’t listen to them…it’s not that hard to leave it alone…. that’s all. I may not like a singer but I bet they have a lot of fans who do, everyone has different taste’s and interests and opinions on who is or isn’t a good singer/actor…etc. These singers probably don’t have time to even get on the internet and read the nonsense and criticism about them. Everyone will always have critics in life singer, movie actor/actress…and all of those who are not famous also have critics…but you can’t live your life trying to please everyone, just do what you do and what you love and who cares what people think. I hope that one day, Taylor becomes a wonderful singer, i think with time she will. Shake the Haters off Taylor, some folk can’t handle seeing you blessed.

  • Funny, when I first heard it, I thought the song was about her father or another male relative. Don’t know anything about her family life but it sounded to me like talking about the parent who cuts you down.

  • Triggerman,
    I have never replied to a blog before, but today I read yours from back in Nov.2010 to present and I must tell you that originally I thought you not the best. I have changed my mind after reading the “WE WERE WRONG ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT” article. Please everyone who reads on this blog must read that article – Taylor Swift fan or not. I am a 66 yr old grandfather (retired Pharmacist of 40 years) and I love the the story of this girl. I have sat and watched the Journey to Fearless Video and the Speak Now Video with my 12 year old grandaughter over and over. Taylor is an inspiration to both of us ( but I still can’t get my wife to watch it) – Taylor Swift’s story is an American story and should be inspirational to every American that there is still room in this country to make it big. Those videos are so entertaining and to see the fans in the videos singing the words to all of her songs – clean songs by the way – gives me hope that there are still good people out there. Taylor Swift is and I see you as one of them also.

    • Thanks John for reading, and reading all the way through and getting the full story. I have learned a lot from Taylor Swift, regardless if the song is about me or not, and I think we all can find something to learn from her story. And I agree, she is an example that there’s still good people out there. She has inspired me more than I ever thought she would when I first started following her career.

  • based on all your own comments on this thread it is apparent you are a *self *absorbed *asshole Mr. Triggerman

  • I went to her 100th concert Sunday night. By the looks of it its about someone from her childhood. Why would she waste her time writing a song about YOU? I doubt she even spends time on the internet lookingfor blogs like yours. By the looks of this website you are tryin to save country music etc… Country is my favourite form of music to a certain point. (not to the extent of Slim Dusty…) I love Garth brooks and he is country. But if you haven’t noticed Taylor Swift isn’t classed as just country she is classed as POP country. And I would like to know your opinion on Shania Twain, even though she is outdated she wasn’t just country either but more like POP country. As to the fact of Taulor not being able to sing, I don’t thin she would be a doing a WORLD TOUR with screaming fans and sold out concerts, of she couldn’t sing. She hit every note pitch prefect at the one I went to. Maybe you should head to her speak now concert and then come back and say she can’t sing …. Oh wait they are sold out. Too bad.

  • Until I see the video it’s hard for me to believe it. Even if it is about critics I doubt it’s about you hey

  • This I found on a website:

    Kanye isn’t the only critic she addresses. “Mean” initially seems to be written as a kids’ anti-bullying chant (“Someday I’ll be big enough that you can’t hit me”), before it playfully reveals itself as more autobiographical when Swift imagines the subject of the song “years from now in a bar… washed up and ranging about the same old bitter things/Drunk and grumbling on about how I can’t sing.”
    Certainly there was no shortage of naysayers criticizing Swift’s vocal ability after her duet with Stevie Nicks on the Grammys this year, so “Mean” could be seen as directed at any number of critical suspects. But the hidden clue makes it clearer: I THOUGHT YOU GOT ME. This reinforces a hint in the lyrics, when Swift says “You, with your switching sides…” Those phrases in particular are seen as pointing to widely read industry blogger Bob Lefsetz, who once praised Swift through the roof. After the Grammys, he turned on her in a big way, writing: “Now, everybody knows that Taylor Swift can’t sing… Did Taylor Swift kill her career overnight? I’ll argue that she did… In one fell swoop, Taylor Swift consigned herself to the dustbin of teen phenoms.” (Naturally, Lefsetz has already addressed the idea that “Mean” is about him in his blog.) 

  • I think that the person that she is reffering to in her song would most likely have been someone who’s opinion she actually values. Someone who knows her personally and actually has made an impression on her.

    • Well, she said she wrote it about a critic after getting Google alerts. If it was someone she knew personally, she probably wouldn’t need to rely on a Google alert to get the information.

      This is the most detailed explanation about how she got the inspiration for the song, and she talks about the Google alerts.

      • Well, why you gotta be so mean? If it’s about you, it’s only polite to answer.

  • As for the cycle comment, Taylor says “I bet you got pushed around/Somebody made you cold/But the cycle ends right now ’cause you can’t lead me down that road” I think she means Mr. Mean was bullied, became a bully, and now bullies Taylor (maybe to make her mean), but Taylor isn’t going to become mean and she’s going to break the cycle of bullying. Basically, bullies were often bullied, thus resulting in their being mean, but Taylor is above that.

    Also, sorry this is so later, I just now read this article. :)

  • My first impression ….this song was about her father.
    I’ve never really changed my mind.

    I believe it’s about someone very near. Didn’t her folks split up in 2012?
    I think this is about her father and that family heartache.

    • It is not. Here is what she said about the song in a Jay Leno interview:

      “A lot of people think that I wrote it about being bullied in high school, and when the song went out in the world it kind of became that. But I actually wrote the song about a critic that kept giving me really bad reviews…And then there’s like the scathing review, that’s kind of past constructive criticism and is more into “I hate you” territory.

      …and I don’t read any of my Google alerts any more.”

      You can find more information about this here:

  • Geez dude…not only are you obsessed with sounding cool when lashing out about another person’s talents and/or shortcomings…you’re so self absorbed that you argue the points people have on here even when they’re agreeing with you.

    Stick to reviewing those lesser known artists so you won’t have as many people to argue with. It’ll free up your time to get outside and enjoy life…it’s gotta be lonely sitting at a computer all day and ranting about people who could probably care less about you.

    And I know you’re gonna retort with some witty, groundbreaking insult/arguement about me being ignorant to your life or me being part of the uneducated, spoon fed American public but…save it. I gathered enough of your points and judgments from the 3 year barrage above.

    It’s not really worth trying to wow somebody at this point is it?


  • I heard something about Taylor working on a new album and got a flashback of this article. I never thought for a second that ‘Mean’ was about you. It just doesn’t seem to fit.

    You should just start unloading a bunch of Taylor Swift articles now to see if you can get on her new album. One thing I’ve always found ironic is that when Taylor Swift was first starting out and no one knew who she was, Brooks and Dunn reached out their hand and lifted her up on stage. I think I good argument could be made that they had more to do with the kick start of her career than anyone. But, since then she has done some much to accelerate the decline of main stream country music that a young Brooks and Dunn with their first album couldn’t even get their foot in the door in the country music industry.

    She isn’t the slightest bit country and uses country music as a doormat. She doesn’t hang out with, date or assist other country music artists.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed you make the new album!

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