January 2011 BIG Month For New Releases

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As much as we’ve been ballyhooing what a big year 2010 was for great music from independent and up-and-coming artists we love to champion around here, January 2011 might be a bigger month than any one 2010 can boast about. And it is especially big for the female artists, and artists taking a step up from burning CD’s out of the back of their car to more legitimate and professional releases.

Wanda Jackson – The Party Ain’t Over -1/25

Oh yeah baby! Can’t wait for this one. When Jack White teemed up with Loretta Lynn for Van Lear Rose, the result was one of Saving Country Music’s Albums of the Decade. Now Jack takes on the Queen of Rockabilly and I am frothing with anticipation of what that concoction will brew. They have already released a couple of tracks, “You Know I’m No Good” (see video below) and “Shakin’ All Over” and from what I’m hearing Wanda has still got it, and so does Jack! This is gonna be a big one folks!

Pre-order from Amazon.

Bob Wayne -The Outlaw Carnie – 1/25

This is Bob’s first serious release through the traditionally-metal label Century Media. For fans of his from the past, it includes much more slick versions of his past great songs, with a few new ones as well. Works as a great primer of his music if you are just learning about him, or a great addition to your collection if you have all three of his independent releases. Fun, rowdy music to listen to, with glimpses at masterful songwriting thrown in there too.

Right no this is available for pre-order through Century FOR ONLY $7.00 !!!

You can also listen to 4 songs from the album on his Facebook Band Page, of course, if you have Facebook, or are friends with him, or who knows what other provisos Facebook has put into place to preclude artists from promoting themselves.

Rachel Brooke – Down in the Barnyard – late Jan.

From one of my favorite female independent artists, this is her much-anticipated release that she has been working on for a long time to make sure it is “right.” Rachel’s work on albums like A Bitter Harvest have made many huger for that one seminal release from her, and by all accounts, this will be the one. She has been working very hard on it and has been uncompromising, while taking some risks as well. “I have been recording it at home, and have been playing just about all the instruments on it.”

No exact date on this yet, but as soon as one’s available, you’ll hear about it here. Also keep your eyes peeled for some Midwest tour dates with Rachel and Those Poor Bastards in March.

Joe Buck – Piss & Vinegar

Folks who already ordered this album online, word is you should be expecting it very shortly. This is Joe’s first professionally-done CD, working with the legendary Jack Endino. It’s very similar to the Bob Wayne release, where it has a lot of Joe Buck’s classics redone better, with a few new ones mixed in. Piss & Vinegar was going to be released through Century Media as well before things fell through.

As explained when Saving Country Music released the EPK for this album, it will be available only in limited quantities online. The main distribution outlet is the Joe Buck show, which is not as daunting as it sounds due to Joe’s incessant touring schedule.

Order Piss & Vinegar

Little Lisa Dixie – late Jan.

Another one that is almost done with no definite date at the moment, but keep your eyes peeled. “I can’t wait for y’all to hear it! I’m so lucky for the friends and talented musicians who have lent their time and talent to help me out. I am forever grateful for y’all”

You can listen to four of the tracks on littlelisadixie.com, “Devil’s Gate” “Dance With The Devil” “Woke Up Broke” and “Stoned Again.” Such a sweet, innocent girl that Little Lisa is!

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Wanda Jackson & Jack White:

64 Comments to “January 2011 BIG Month For New Releases”

  • I watched a clip on youtube with Jack White at Thirdman Records discussing Wanda’s new pink vinyl release. When you open the the album it plays a song like the little hallmark cards do. Pretty damn badass!!

    • That is a cool little touch.

      • God, I fucking love Jack White, one of the few current artists in the mainstream that I enjoy.

        • Ditto. The man’s a genius. I’m looking forward to all these releases. It’s a great year to be a music snob! :-D

        • Agreed. I watched that film about him, The Edge and Jimmy Paige just to see him. He blows me away.

  • the Wanda Jackson project sounds cool.

    I don’t know anything about Rachel Brooke.

    I will pass on the Bob Wayne and Joe Buck. Just not my style. Although I respect what Joe Buck does. Can’t say much for Bob.

    Little Lisa has a great sound. Similar to Neko Case. My fiance likes her, but I haven’t heard much new from Neko lately?

    • MUST check out Rachel Brooke. She is the female version of Hank Williams reincarnated.



      • you got that right man. cannot fuckin wait for that Rachel Brooke album.

      • “the female version of Hank Williams reincarnated.” – Iove that Triggerman. It’s a great way of describing Rachel Brooke!

      • Yup, I get it. Got some of that June Carter Cash and Emmy Lou going too. Mournful sound like Hank.

    • I understand how some people may not like everything Joe Buck or Bob Wayne does but have you checked out the song “Blood to Dust” by Bob Wayne. I personally think that is a great country song. Cool Story and everything.

      • There’s two versions of Bob Wayne, there’s the rowdy “Driven by Demons” version, and the introspective songwriter version. Not every artist is for everyone, but people should make sure they give both versions of Bob Wayne a chance. “27 years” “Final Walk” are also great ones.

      • Thanks for the clip Chris. I know Bob Wayne music, and have seen him in concert, and my jury came back with a “not insterested” verdict.

        With due respect to his fans, I don’t like him. I am not turned on by someone that has to remind me how tough he is every few lines.

        The media and fans anoint some artists with certain “badges of honor”. In most cases the artist never asked for the badge. Example- “Outlaw country singer”

        But when an artist, or person, anoints themselves with a title like that? I am not interested. I don’t like Blood to Dust, but I could see the draw for some. But songs like “Fuck the Law”? If you want to be known as someone that “bucks the system”, get more creative than what a 16 yr. old would say.

        And being from MN, half of us get kicked out of Canada every year. You just go back in later. So his tale about that isn’t impressive nor makes him an outlaw.

        Sorry, I know this is opinon based. I just really don’t like him. I will leave it at that.

        • like so much music talked about on this site Bob Wayne is a”get it” kinda artist, like you either get it or you don’t. i am a huge Bob Wayne fan and he also seems like a helluva good guy from the few times i’ve spoke to him at his shows, but i can understand how folks might share your opinion. i listen to country music because of guys like Bob.

          • I have never talked to the guy so I can’t say he is or isn’t a guy I would get along with, but the ideas in his music are not novel, I mean, Waylon, David Allan Coe, Johnny Paycheck, on and on, sang about similar ideas. They just had some creativity to it.

            Again, opinions.

          • icecoldcountry, you’re implying that Bob has little to no creativity i can presume. in the spirit of freely offering opinions i might opine that Bob has more creativity than many out there these days, realizing my outright bias in this discussion as a Bob Wayne fan. but how many are out there doin what Bob does? its easy to follow a path, harder breakin your own trail. this he has in common with your above-mentioned country heroes more than some others do. willie and waylon and the boys originality and creativity, i believe, came more from style and approach while lyrics,subject content were also similar to their predecessors, jimmie rodgers and the like, in the same way you state Bob’s is.my fuckin ever-so-humble opinion of course.

          • I hear what your saying. As you are fan of Bob’s, I totally get it. I haven’t given much more than a few songs of his a chance, but they weren’t doing it for me. I am sure you can appreciate, when you hear a song or 3-4 by someone, if they don’t have you, they are going to have a hard time getting you if all the rest of the songs are similar.

            For me to say he isn’t creative, is wrong, admittedly. It is based on a few songs. I guess my issue with him, and this isn’t a creative or not creative thing, but he, to me, seems to have to remind us that he is “different” or “outlaw”. When you have to remind me, no thanks. BUT, if an artist feels the need to remind, I am just not getting any sense of creativity from Bob on that. Generaly B.A., outlaws don’t go around advertising it.

            I have only seen Bob once live. It was a couple years ago, but even the newer stuff I hear. Same reminding me about his “outlaw” ways.

            Do I “get it”? Yes I do. Same as when I hear guys like Waylon, I know it is different, but Waylon didn’t over and over and over say he is different.

            My reading of articles on this site, leads me to believe if I mention Jamey Johnson, will cause a stir. I am not comparing him to Bob Wayne, but “if” Jamey is trying to appeal to the “outlaw” crowd, he has only been badged an outlaw by the media. He isn’t going around saying it or self proclaiming it. So, for me, personally, I would lean more towards a Jamey Johnson type than a Bob Wayne. I have stated that I understand Jamey Johnson has some black marks on his resume, but the media has branded him and outlaw. He has never said he was one, like Bob Wayne self proclaims.

          • and I realize that there are many more artists considered in the “outlaw” relam, that don’t self proclaim, and are over looked by the media.

            Bob Wayne is part of this discussion, and Jamey Johnson simply popped in my head since it is an example of a media labled outlaw, when he is just making his music and doesn’t seem to be asking for it.

          • i do agree, if it aint for you then move on. there’s no way any group of people will agree completely with each other on all subjects and i’m comfortable disagreeing on this. ironic maybe or just coincidence that we are also polar opposites in that the way you feel about Bob i feel about Jamey Johnson.eerily reminiscent of past discussions with others that i haven’t heard from around here 4ever. i truly don’t wanna say negative shit but i gotta say how i feel on this once and hopefully you can see my perspective in my opinion,not just negativity.i believe jamey johnson is more dangerous to the music i love than kenny chesney and taylor swift and eric church types all put together.while jamey johnson will always have support from this sector,fans of kid rock,eric church,the guy from that rock band who went country, and all other nashville badass types,we comprise the majority of supporters for types talked about on this site. i fear that folks are gonna throw in with this guy more than supporting and promoting the good lesser know stuff out there( roger alan wade,whitey morgan,hellbound glory,jb beverley etc.) that in my opinion far exceeds anything that jamey johnson has ever done in regards to creativity, originality and true and genuine spirit.i dont feel spirit from jamey johnson. to me when i listen to jamey johnson sing, for example, “are you sure hank done it this way” it pales when put next to leroy virgil singin his version on scumbag country.makin a short story long, i feel this way, i’m not saying i’m right or better for it. just sayin what i feel. sorry for the fuckin novel.

          • I get what your saying and agree that not everyone will like everyone elses idea of what is good.

            I myself wrote a bit of a novel too.

            I agree that Jamey Johnson probably isn’t going to look to bring a bunch of B.A. bands in on the wake of his recent success, and I would love to see him join forces with say Whitey Morgan on a tour of smaller venues, than joining with Kid Rock.

            And for the average crowd listening to radio, Jamey is enough “outlaw” for them they won’t go digging for more unless Johnson promotes it. I don’t not like Bob Wayne because he threatens country music, he is good for it, I just don’t like people like him, with reminders of who they think I should think they are.
            Good discussion though.

          • alright man.

  • A new Auto Club album coming in March! 2011′s looking to be a great year.

    • Slim Cessna’s?

      • The very one.

        Here’s a link to a forthcoming track:

        Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds, Two Shepherds, One Fila Brasileiro:


        • Oh, great blog Triggerman. Longtime reader relatively new poster.

        • Never heard of them. I like the sound. Thanks for sharing.

          • They’ve drifted quite a ways from essentially trad. country, but I still love their stuff. ICC, you should check out some of their earlier albums; ‘Slim Cessna’s Auto Club,’ ‘American Country Music Saved Her Life,’ & ‘Always Say Please and Thank You.’

          • I will have to do some searching on them. a bit limited here at work and in the market for a new laptop to play with at home.

          • Munly and Slim were in JD Wilkes “Seven Signs” too…I happen to love their stuff myself. I asked Jason to try to get them for Muddy Roots but I don’t think it worked out.

        • Very interesting sound.

        • Fantastic, thanks for the link!

    • I saw these guys at South by Southwest and was very impressed. Still have not got my hands on any of their albums. But here’s my review nobody read:


      • Just did…I did!

  • I’d like to buy a few extra Rachel Brooke albums and just leave a few at the big box retailers in front of the taylor swift displays.

    Such an unreal talent. As far as I’m concerned (with no disrespect to the other artists) it’s the only release this month (hopefully!) that matters, even though I’m looking forward to hearing the Joe Buck album.

  • Wanda was performing at Viva Las Vegas when I was there last year. I could barely be arsed leaving my hotel room to wander downstairs to the ballroom to see her perform. I’d known a guy that drummed for her a few years back and from what he’d said about her, I assumed she wasn’t really worth seeing. So anyway, I did finally shoehorn myself out of my room and was just about to enter the ballroom to check out her set and got intercepted by a handsome young American lad who offered to buy me a drink. Obviously, I knew which activity was more important and was blown away! Shame I never got to see Wanda though. However I did see Chuck Berry perform and it was just sad. I’m not a fan of pensioners well past their expiry date still attempting to relive their heyday that just happened to be 5 decades earlier. To me, it ruins the memories. I do think country music is a genre that folks can grow old very gracefully in – look at Dolly, Willie etc they just get better with age. However, I don’t think rockabilly is one of those genres. I do think Jack White is a genius and I’m sure I’ll have to eat my words. I know she’s coming back to tour NZ soon. She was here last year and apparently she has as part of her set where she launches into a full-on Jesus fest for quite some time. I wasn’t there but I know quite a few people who were so polarised by it, they actually left. Ouch!

    • Wanda still has it, in my opinion. She was always about the growl in her voice, and it has not diminished in 50 years, from the samples I’ve heard from this album, or videos of recent shows I’ve seen. I also think that she is healthy. I can’t stress enough how important that is for these older artists. Look at Willie, he does not miss a beat. When you saw Cash near the end, or George Jones in that duet he did with Aaron Lewis, when it looks like they have one foot in the grave, it is just sad. I don’t feel that way at all about Wanda. And I don’t think Jack would sign his name to anything unless he thought it would be greatness.

      • Did you see George Jones spent a night, last night I think, in the hospital? Didn’t sound serious, but I agree if you look at him in that Stained dudes video.

        Also, Cash was scary. He basically gave his own eulogy in “Hurt”.

        • Cash was scary? Johnny Cash was always a God fearing man.

          Can’t wait for Rachel’s new one. Piss and Vinegar I will check out as well as the others. Jack White Rocks. Teamed with Wanda Jackson is a nice touch.

          Great blog Triggerman.

          • Not that type of scary. You just look at them and the heath concerns is what your brain focuses on instead of the music.

          • I guess I agree to disagree. When I first heard John Cash’s version of NIN “HURT” I thought, yep, that’s Johnny Cash! Then I saw the video and was moved to higher emotions. I thought it was beautiful. John Cash lived to 71, through all his addicitions and struggles in life, he truley lived. Nothing scary about the way he looked when he sang from his gut, his heart, his life. Look at all he had endured!

            AND, a God fearing man til the end. God rest his soul.

          • I’m not sure we are disagreeing. I wouldn’t have named The Man Comes Around my #2 album of the decade if I didn’t think it was good.

        • Denise, you have misunderstood me. Which is easy to do on a blog.

          I agree with you in the area that the song and the video were very Cash. But when I say “scary” I mean in a way of the timing of it all. If that song came along 30 years prior, or even 10years, and Cash did it, probably just a good song in his body of work. But “scary” in the way of fate… how the song, the video, it all was perfect timing. Almost like he gave his own eulogy. All the old video clips in it, very retrospetive. June was in it, then she passed suddenly, soon after. Then he. Almost like he made the song/video and they both made a decision, that’s it, we are out.

          His death made it all the more intriguing. When so many artists fade away, or suddenly pass due to a tragic deal, that song, was as if Cash directed it all. Adding to his mystic.

          • Totally agree with you on that Ice Cold. It was eerie how everything just kinda fell in line like that. Almost like it was planned, which of course it wasn’t.

          • The man in black was touched by God, don’t you think?! I do.

      • I totally agree with you about Johnny Cash. When I heard ‘Hurt’ it broke my heart. That beautiful powerful baritone voice had gone. It wasn’t how I wanted to remember him. However, whenever I think of the music video it’s beauty is incandescent. Two ‘aging’ artists I would love to see are Loretta and Dolly. I’d hoped to see Jimmy Martin and R.L. Burnside and they both went and died on me.

  • I’ve seen Wanda 3 times and that little ole lady fucking kills it. She is so appreciative of her fans, a class act. Rachel Brooke is awesome and I really look forward to hearing her newest effort. Though I just can’t get into the Joe Buck stuff I do very much enjoy his live show so I will buy this anyway. The Bob Wayne album is one I have been looking forward to. Each album production wise keeps getting better and better. Last the Little Lisa Dixie album is gonna kill it. I have herd the whole thing and it’s got so much from start to finish. I can’t wait to hear it mastered and ready for mass consumption.

  • sweet, I’m excited for the Rachel Brooke album

  • Love Wanda Jackson’s vintage stuff, have never seen her in person.

    Not sure about Rachel Brooke, think it will have to grow on me. Am listening…

  • Looking forward to receiving my new Bob Wayne and Joe Buck orders. I’am still on the fence with Rachel Brooke. I saw on the link to Little Lisa Dixie a comparison to a Quentin Tarantino type sound track, and I agree…very “retro” I think I would put the Wanda Jackson song “You Know I’m No Good” in that catagory also. Great post Triggerman and thank you manby for the Slim Cessna’s link…GREAT SOUND!

  • Look forward to Bob Wayne’s album as well as Rachel Brooke’s album. I hope she does another album with Lonesome Watt soon.

    • I believe there is another in the works. Rachel and Those Poor Bastards are touring in march/ april

  • love love love Rachel!!!!!! The Joe Buck is good, I’ve had it for a few months now

  • rachel is one of the sweetest and most talented people i’ve had the pleasure of working with during my nearly 20 years(gulp)on stage..she lights up a room and manages to mesmerize everyone in it at the same time.

    last year at the honky tonk throwdown, she went up right against billy don burns and a little before wayne hancock..and she held her own with those masters of song..

    i cant wait to hear it

    • Ill have to go through my footage to be sure but there was one song she did and the whole room went silent.. Ill never forget that..

      Then the first show she played with you guys I remember the room didn’t have many people in it then she started singing and the room filled in from the other side and again.. Silence.. pretty awesome..

      • yeah man, she slayed it that nite. i was truly blown away. just flat out awesome.
        on what was a night of some outstanding playing and great acts, she really shined. really stunning. and she does it every time.

  • I’ve been looking forward to this Rachel Brooke release for a good while now. She’s a hell of a singer/songwriter/musician, and a real nice authentic person.

  • SCM should just have an online store so people can just order all this kind of stuff from the same place. I want most of these albums and many more mentioned on this site but it’s gonna cost so damn much just in shipping fees. Hail the leaf!

    • That is a great idea!

    • Ooh that is a good idea! Or, if you don’t want to get into the legalities of money, maybe a page that lists all of the albums you promote and links on where we can buy them.

    • I’ll look into this. I could do something like that through Amazon pretty easily, with weekly, monthly pics and a “store” interface where you could buy all the titles and ship them at once. But for people whose music is not on Amazon, this might be a little difficult, and I always like to give people the ability to buy directly from the artist when possible. I’ll get with my web guy and think on it.

  • The new Bob Wayne songs sound very similar to Hank III.

  • Holy shit, the new BOB WAYNE is so fuckin’ awesome. His vocals are so damn strong, the band is tight, the new songs rule, some older ones are improved upon, and the guest appearance of Wayne Hancock (on a song co-written with Derek Dunn of The .357 String Band!) is brilliant. (Makes me wish III and Wayne would one day make that duet record they once talked about…).
    It’s only Jannuary, but this one will be remembered in December when the lists are gonna get made again…

  • I just checked out the two offical videos by Century Media about Bob Wayne on youtube (Driven By Demons live with the .357 String Band, and a track by track commentary for the new album) and it seems like most metalheads there are incredibly annoyed by Century Media for doing this, calling Bob a joke and “faggot shit”…seems like the videos could use some thumbs up from us folks…

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