Jason Aldean Caught Cheating On Wife In LA – UPDATED

September 30, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  63 Comments

(This story has been updated with a statement from Jason Aldean-see below)

You know, I normally would steer clear of stories like this. But the fact that every time I’ve headed down to the general store for provisions for the Saving Country Music hideout over the last month I’ve had Jason Aldean’s sparking photoshopped teeth whiter than the wind-driven snow starring back at me from a People Magazine cover story showcasing the country singer’s “softer, romantic side” and his “daddy skills,” I thought it would be apropos to point out that TMZ just caught Aldean red handed cheating on his wife.

Aldean, who was performing this weekend in Southern California was snapped at a prominent bar on the Sunset Strip holding onto the hips and kissing former “A.I.” show contestant Brittney Kerr right out in the open. As People Magazine points out, Aldean married his high school sweetheart Jessica Ussery in 2001, and they have two daughters, ages 9 and 5.

And I don’t want to hear anyone say this is the first “country” thing that Jason Aldean has ever done. True, cheating songs are a common theme in country music, but cheating is also against everyone’s values no matter where you’re from, or who you are. This incident is unfortunate, and I feel sorry for Aldean and his family that this information is being dealt with in the public eye, but what’s even more sickening is how the pop machine tried to sell this guy to us as a family man just this month, while millions of country music fans are looking up to him as the highest-selling star in the business right now.

I hope Jason Aldean and his family can work though this difficult time amicably, but I also hope that people realize what a sham they are sold regularly through popular media, on checkout stands, smattering the public airwaves in ridiculous entertainment shows, and on the internet. We all make mistakes, and don’t for a second look down your nose at Aldean and think you’re better. But that is why instead of painting idyllic scenes full of perfectitude that are inevitably going to let us down, the approach should be honesty.

Jason Aldean is up for Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Single of the Year at the CMA Awards in a month, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the People Magazine cover story was part of a propaganda machine attempting to influence votes. Well see if this illumination of Alden’s true colors does any damage to his chances.


Jason Aldean released a statement Sunday night admitting to acting inappropriately, and apologizing to fans.

Hey Guys – I wanted to talk to you directly, so you were hearing the truth from me and not just reading allegations made about my personal life on gossip web sites.
The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar. I left alone, caught the bus to our next show and that’s the end of the story. I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself. I’m not perfect, and I’m sorry for disappointing you guys.
I really appreciate being able to work through this privately with my family and for all your continued support.

63 Comments to “Jason Aldean Caught Cheating On Wife In LA – UPDATED”

  • This seems like a personal attack on Jason Aldean. I think we would all be better off by focusing on the artists’ work instead of on the artists’ personal lives.

    • Did People Magazine focus on Aldean’s music? I don’t know if there’s any mention of it in their story at all. I think it is a personal attack on integrity, and a personal attack on me when on every single newsstand in America there is Jason Aldean’s un-humanly white teeth glittering back at me saying, “Look, this is perfection! I’m beautiful, my wife and kids are beautiful, my house is beautiful, everything is perfect!” when there is a seedy underbelly to the story.

      If you want to be idolized and be in the public eye and voluntarily present yourself to the world as being an ideal father and an ideal husband, then yeah, when the full truth comes out, don’t bitch that it isn’t about the music. The fact that Jason Aldean’s music sucks has nothing to do with this story. And I’ll state again, I don’t think I personally am better than Jason Aldean or anybody else.

      • Neither the People Magazine cover/article, nor this news, is in any way relevant to Jason Aldean’s music. I don’t see how it is our business what Jason Aldean says about his personal life to People Magazine, let alone how it is a “personal attack” on us.

        • “not a reflection on his music” who are you kiddin?. His music may not reflect this act but being a HUGE Aldean fan I and most will have to admit this taints our view of his music making it alittle harder to listen to as anytime a song of his plays what do you think the topic of discussion will be? Not his talent but his mistake. I dont condone what he did, and I will still listen to his music but it will now change the personal view on the music.

    • He surely must have just slipped and fell into her mouth…. lmao!

  • Wait til the other side of the story is revealed Triggerman. Out of every critic, i’d expect you to do better. Not saying he did or didn’t do it, just wait till further details come out !

    • Yes! She had something in her eye.

      I’ll take my chances…

      • He was giving her the heimlich maneuver.

  • Please don’t preach while you are publishing the story

    • That’s the great thing about having your own website and not being beholden to sponsors. You can post whatever you want, however you want.

      Like right now I want to post this:

      • where the hell did you find that picture?

  • “I also hope that people realize what a sham they are sold regularly through popular media, on checkout stands, smattering the public airwaves in ridiculous entertainment shows, and on the internet…..instead of painting idyllic scenes full of perfectitude that are inevitably going to let us down, the approach should be honesty.”

    this part is so true. though when I’ve tried to raise this idea with people, the argument is always, ‘But entertainment is supposed to be fantasy!’

  • Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr, Johnny Cash, etc etc are all men you have praised that have all cheated on wives. Hank 3 has cheated on woman and didnt pay child support for his kids, yet you decide to make an article about Aldean being caught cheating? Perhaps if you are going to try and bury him and People Magazine for presenting one thing while doing another, you should put yourself to the same light. Why is it ok for you to totally bypass it in your heroes of the genre but roast Aldean because you dont like his music? If you truly ” hope Jason Aldean and his family can work though this difficult time amicably” as you say you wouldnt be trying to stir shit by posting this and instead perhaps write an article about how country music has glorified cheating in its history and talk about how that is wrong.

    • First off, as I said before, it’s not about the cheating, it is about the misrepresentation of Aldean’s character by popular media. As for the three Hanks and Johnny Cash, there’s elements of popular culture that love to portray them as cheaters because it increases their folk hero status, something I am opposed to.

      As has been well documented, Hank III did not skip out on his child support as you seem to imply, he had no idea he had a child until he owed it for many years. And from my understanding, he has paid every single dime he owed, and put forth great effort to be a part of his son’s life despite his mother making that very difficult. I spoke about this very subject with him when I interviewed him about a year ago:

      I also have been very critical over the years of Hank Jr. specifically as a father figure and for his personal behavior.

      “I love how the man wants to preach about how we should all live and how the government should run, yet he’s had how many divorces? Jr’s been a part of how many public embarrassments? Been to rehab how many times? And is currently estranged from his son and name sake?”

      Here’s some more:

      I didn’t “bypass” the heroes of the genre. Posting a story about how Hank Williams cheating on Audrey 60 years ago would just be stupid. Maybe I would have posted a story when it happened, but I wouldn’t be alive for another 30 years. It’s called “news” and you post it when it happens, and when it’s relevant. Yes, all those folks cheated. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

  • Country music is like the old Hollywood studio system. Country music has more control over their stars public image. Makes for less interesting stories but now that Country music is becoming more mainstream in pop culture stories like this start popping up! I’m intrigued… I can’t turn away.

  • I also find it extremely showing of your true colors as a human when you post this article yet have made no reference to Kellie Pickler (who is a woman that is heralded as beautiful and a role model and looking to be signed to a new label) recently shaved her head in solidarity with her friend who is going through cancer treatments. Why post a completely positive and uplifting story from Music Rows creations when you can just slag on them for making the same mistakes your heroes have.

    • Okay so now all of a sudden I’m not a supporter of Kellie Pickler? Please someone tell that to all the underground country scensters that are nailing me to the cross for selling out to the mainstream expressly because I said I liked her last album.

      And what do you mean I made “no reference?” It was at the top of the news feed for a week after the story came out. The only reason I didn’t run a story myself was because so many other outlets had by the time I heard about it, it would have been redundant. Once it’s on CNN, and when she does it on the Good Morning America, there’s little reason for me to talk about it unless there’s some unique take or angle.

      Make no mistake about it, I am keeping a scorecard of all of the things Kellie Pickler has done this year, including the head shaving, including serving meals and going overseas to entertain the troops and I will post them all in due course, at a time and place that is appropriate, trust me. In the meantime, try and sell the idea that I am not one of Kellie Pickler’s biggest (and most unlikely) undying supporters, and haven’t gone out of my way to let the public know about her accomplishments this year.

  • You have gotten this far speaking your mind trigger. Why stop now? I understand what your saying and why you said it. The guys a piece of crap saying he’s something he isn’t. Just like his music does. Thanks for the news. Trust the gut.

    • Thanks man. I’d been wanting to write something on this People Magazine portrayal of Jason Aldean as the perfect American male for a while, and this development gave me the perfect excuse.

  • Such a sad thing for the children to have to hear about their hero dad. Hope it was worth the risk with the opportunist.

  • Ever since my personal experience with the family of a certain country pop princess who is sold as a down-to-earth, girl-next-door type, I have questioned ALL those in the celebrity making machine, be it Hollywood, Nashville, what have you. The most frustrating point was seeing said princess – whose parents were millionaires who bought their way into the industry and spent millions of their own money on promotion — on the cover of a Seventeen magazine that read “How a regular girl can become a superstar.” How UNFAIR to all the little girls who will read that and believe it to be true!!! Your point and my point is this: stop creating a LIE to sell these people to the public. If you want to talk about country “cheating” songs, Williams, Cash, Nelson, Jennings, Haggard, Jones, Wynette, Lynn — their fans knew they lived troubled lives — in some ways it was cool and in some ways it wasn’t — it was there in the songs — nobody was selling anything that wasn’t the truth. If you have to create a fantasy to sell your music, what does that say about the music? I expect that from Hollywood. That’s what movies ARE…fantasy. I want the opposite from my music.

    • In response to your comment, I just checked out the archives of Seventeen Magazine and now I am pretty certain I know who you are talking about. So if you are going to use such obvious clues, why don’t you just go ahead and name this “princess”? And even if you don’t want to name her, could you explain exactly what personal experience you had with her family and how you know about their finances?

      • Don’t care to name my personal experience. Anyone running a business that size crosses paths with a lot of people and this is a small town full of people who make a living in the music business, tangentially or otherwise. It’s common knowledge that these people had money to start with. That’s not a crime. Garth Brooks was backed by some guy with Texas oil money. In fact, I’ve heard that a bunch of Texas artists who had success in the 80’s got a similar start in the business. It probably happens more than people know. I also know of artists in other genres who’ve built careers on an image that couldn’t be farther from the truth. And every time I hear one of these stories (from someone with “personal experience”) it makes me angry and sad. That’s all.

        • The problem is that you gave away so many clues in your original comment that it takes less than 15 minutes to figure out the identity of the “princess” using online searching. Since you are being so specific about the person and about your assertions regarding her family’s actions and financial history, you should also be specific about the personal experiences that led you to those assertions.

        • You’re clearly referring to Taylor Swift but she has never marketed herself as a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, despite what one Seventeen byline may say. Taylor has always been very open about her privileged upbringing – both parents had high-powered finance jobs, they had a beautiful house, she was into horse riding and spent her summers sailing on Cape May.

          While it’s not possible to “buy” a successful career, Taylor has often talked about the support her parents offered. They drove her to Nashville to hand out demos, hired an agent when they realized it was needed in order for Taylor to be taken seriously, paid for her website design and presumably for singing/guitar lessons, moved to Tennessee to allow her to work more frequently with songwriters, drove her to songwriting sessions and showcases, toured with her in the early days etc etc. While they definitely invested money in her career, I highly doubt it approached anything near a million dollars.

          I don’t see anything shady or untoward about Taylor’s story. If she had been born to a different family, she probably wouldn’t have recorded an album at such a young age but I think her determination and songwriting talent would have taken her to the top eventually. Although if she had been born to a different family, she might not have had the same confidence or ability to navigate fame that she has now.

          • The figure I heard from an industry insider was $3 million in personal finances spent on promoting the first record. Sorry to step on an “artist” you and millions of 10 year old girls hold in such high esteem. I’ll be sure and hold my tongue re: any Justin Beiber inside dope I pick up. No worries. They’re rich and famous. They win. My point is that I understand the Trigger Man’s frustration. That was the point of my post. I didn’t mean to steer his conversation elsewhere.

          • @Donna There’s no need to be so snide but at least you’re no longer talking in riddles, I guess? As I said, her parents undoubtedly did invest money in her career and I’m interested to hear that they personally paid for album promotion. (I knew they spent money on creating a website etc before she was signed). Bob Lefsetz on the subject after the 2010 Grammys debacle:

            “Scott Swift, Taylor’s dad, I know you’re reading this. You’re a smart guy. I know you’re protective of your daughter, I know you believe in her, why don’t you help her? Call Larry Solters. Call another crisis publicity agent. To manage the story. Because I’d say you’ve lost control of it, no, I’d say you never had a hold on it, and it’s time you did.

            Everything’s got to come out. Honesty is the best policy in a crisis. We’re a forgiving country. Tell the backstory, the true story, of how Scott spent so much to make Taylor happen. Not as a tale of millions spent, but as a father doing everything to make his daughter’s dream come true. Release video of Taylor singing at twelve. Show the arc of her development. Make the Grammy appearance part of her development. Instead of the end of the story…”

            However, I still don’t see a correlation between Taylor and Jason here. Jason sold himself as a ‘family man’. Taylor doesn’t sell herself as the star of a ‘rags to riches’ fairytale.

          • I understand the point Donna was trying to make. I agree she should have used Taylor’s name, but she probably didn’t think it was going to bring the scrutiny it did. Her point that Taylor Swift is portrayed as the perfect female, just like Aldean is the perfect male, when Taylor has admitted pitch issues, and has made some mistakes in her career, just like we all do. Nobody is perfect, and this People Magazine portrayal of people is just unfair to the artists as it is to the public, setting up unrealistic expectations from supposed super humans.

    • C’mon, tell us some juicy things about Taylor Swift!

    • You are so full of shit Donna. Taylor Swift is more talented than most of the country music scene today. ‘Ronan’ is the best song released in 2012 by a country artist overall. If her father indeed invested in her he made a bloody good deal. But i can smell BS with this story miles away. I bet u are one of those smarty-pants who firmly believes Scott ownes Swift Trucking as well? Lol.

      Stop creaming over Aldean…u can bet your behind this dude is much more lacking in talent department than Taylor.

      • Hey, please show some respect to the other readers. “Ronan” being the best song in country in 2012 is your opinion, not the basis of an argument. Let’s agree to disagree about this, especially since it is completely off-topic at this point from the original story. Please and thank you!

    • I read the entertainment stuff just like anyone but are you all serious on how intently you even think about this stuff? They are entertainers. They sing songs. They mean different things to different people and every so often, it’s interesting to hear how they came up with the idea and compare to what it means to ME. I could care less who is paying child support or where they got their money. Why would anyone have an image of who these people are when WE DON’T KNOW THEM!!!!!!!

    • “The figure I heard from an industry insider”

      In other words, your accusations are based on something you heard at a rumor mill, NOT on any “personal experience” with Taylor Swift’s family. So not only are your assertions cowardly (by giving away so many hints that anybody who knows how to search online can quickly find out that you are talking about Taylor Swift, but not having the courage to actually mention her name) but also dishonest.

      Here’s some advice: If you are going to parrot some rumor-monger and then falsely claim that you got the information from some first-hand “personal experience”, you probably should do at least some basic research on the matter to ensure that the rumors pass the common-sense test. If you did, then you would have found that Taylor Swift’s dad was a stockbroker and her mother a homemaker, and that although stockbrokers make a significant income, the idea that someone on that income can afford to just shell out even $1 million, let alone $3 million, is patently laughable.

      If you did not mean to “steer the conversation elsewhere” and did not want scrutiny, then you should not have used lies and slander to prove your point. And if you want to use your own vivid fictional imagination based on some anonymous rumor that defies plain logic, then you shouldn’t have given away such obvious hints that refer to an actual, non-fictional person. You do realize that magazine cover archives can be searched online, right? If so, do you honestly believe that we are too foolish or technologically backward to search them?

      • Any further comments on this thread will be deleted. You want to talk about Taylor Swift? Go do it on the article about her I just posted.

  • I’m guessing the girl at the bar has never heard his music…

  • He’s a man, so he’ll be able to dust himself off and this won’t affect his career in the long run. If Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift found themselves in this situation, it would be more difficult. Depressing but true.

  • I hate to see this happen to any family.

  • Now just wait a doggone minute here,what the heck is a COUNTRY boy like Aldean doing drinking fancy smancy drinks in a big ol city like LA? Why isn’t he in the country on dirt roads with her dancing around his truck and singing about his tractor and plows? I don’t believe this story,I think them city boys be trying to frame him cause they jealouis.

    • Exactly, everyone knows Jason only drinks ice cold beer from the console of his truck. It’s common knowledge, people. I can’t believe Triggerman is posting about this hoax.

  • I’m curious why no one has mentioned the responsibility of the young lady on this issue…is she going to claim she ”didn’t know he was married”? It takes two to tango, folks.

    • In her defense, I had no idea he was married, because I didn’t care then, and I don’t care now.

  • Why is it so hard to see Triggerman’s point to this article?

    • It is because people come here with already established feelings on this story and on cheating stories in general as opposed to reading it and understanding the point I am trying to make. But honestly, I don’t blame them because it IS bullshit that someone’s private family drama is in the public eye, and there ARE much more important things to report on in the world, and even in country music. I worked really hard on a review for the Shivering Denizens yesterday that virtually nobody read. This Gaylord sale to Marriott I believe is the biggest story in country in 2012, and I can get anyone to pay attention to it. That’s just the nature of humans.

      • “But honestly, I don’t blame them because it IS bullshit that someone’s private family drama is in the public eye…”

        It’s fair game and the price of fame and fortune. While millions of people are jobless Jason Aldean is raking in million$ and hiring his PR machine to paint a pretty picture. He was cocky and got caught. Too bad so sad.

  • The interviewer also told Borchetta himself that he’s been called the “anti-Christ,” based on your article.

      • “”I’m just the current one in a long line of being considered trying to kill country music,” says Borchetta. “But if you go back and read up, Patsy Cline was taking guff. ‘Her albums are so poppy-sounding! This cannot be!’ Our entire goal is to make something that moves you … if you don’t want to call it country, I don’t care. That doesn’t matter to me.”

        Just wow.

        • I will have plenty to say about this soon.

          • I was hoping you’d say that!

  • Although I think this is a very pathetic thing to “report” on, famous people are in the spotlight. Everything they do will be scrutinized and reported upon. Shame on the reporters covering this story, but much more shame on the individual who cheated on his wife in a drunken stupor.

    • I know this may sound like hogwash, but if you read my story, I am not reporting on the cheating, I am reporting on the hypocrisy. The cheating just happens to be one element of the story. If you go to virtually any grocery store in American right now, any newsstand, anywhere that carries People magazine, you will find on the cover a story about how Jason Aldean is an ideal family man. I feel it is my responsibility to use whatever pathetic little eppish bullhorn I have to help set the record straight.

      • I get it, and I’m not exactly pointing the finger at you. As soon as I see the letters TMZ together I get all pissy. You are right about the point you are trying to make. I just hate the fact that there are giant corporations making millions from this type of coverage. And, I’m even more upset that we eat it all up.

  • The real scandal should be the purty earings (follow the TMZ link).

  • […] I could read these comments all day long.   […]

  • Its sickening how men get a pass for cheating that easily when women in the same situation are practically stoned to death. Genre double standard at full force. Crazy society we live in.

  • At the end of the day, the marketing image making machine aside, he is a young guy drinking in a bar that spends a lot of time away from home. That is a receipe for a person to stray. Women too. Of course, because of the way he has allowed himself to be marketed he is going to catch hell. If this were say a Carrie Underwood you bet it would be a worse backlash. There is a double standard. Always has been most likely always will be. This simply is what it is.Celeberity or not we all are human beings with human faults so let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone here. It sounds like he got out of dodge in the nick o’ time to me. At least if you beleive his account. Lord knows most of us has either been tempted to stray and/or has strayed at some point in our lives.

  • I dont see the point to this article, why are we wasting time talking about this? Its like eating a piece of Styrofoam, or bringing up cotton candy during a conversation about healthy diets, i mean no shit its cotton candy, faky coloring and pure spun sugar, just like Jason Aldean…….. uhhh …..hmmm ok maybe i do get why we are talking about this

  • I don’t think that is Jason!

    • Why, was he with you that night?

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