Jason Aldean Forgets CMA’s Are Rigged After Nominations

September 9, 2011 - By Trigger  //  Down with Pop Country  //  33 Comments

The nominations for the 45th Annual CMA Awards were announced this week, with one of the big winners being Jason Aldean, who is up for Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Single of the Year for his country rap song “Dirt Road Anthem”. If the voting falls in line with sales numbers, there’s a very good chance Aldean could virtually sweep the awards show. When talking to The Boot, Aldean seemed excited about the the nominations.

We’ve been to so many awards shows without me being up for anything, so to go to an awards show and be nominated, and in this case basically in most of the categories, it will be a whole different experience for me, a whole different thing to look forward to….In the past, we’ve gone to hang out and see everyone. This time it will be that, plus we might get to bring home an award or two. For me it’s a whole different excitement level and a whole different reason for being there.

But Jason Aldean seems quick to forget that less then a year ago, just before the 2010 CMA’s, he, along with prickly-haired Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts was panning the CMA’s and their nomination process, calling it rigged. Jason Aldean told The Associated Press:

The average fan doesn’t understand how all that stuff works and the industry probably doesn’t want them to. Fans watch a show and they get all up in arms because their favorite artist wasn’t nominated or didn’t win an award they were nominated for. Bottom line is it’s not based on anything, man. It’s based on who can rally the most troops for their guy, and sometimes this guy wins and sometimes that guy wins. It’s just kind of the way it all shakes down.

Huh. So it looks like Aldean’s views on the CMA’s have changed, now that he’s sitting on the brink of sweeping them off the strength of a rap country song. At the request from Saving Country Music to the Aldean camp to explain the sudden sea change in Aldean’s CMA stance, they sent over this video message they said would clarify everything:

33 Comments to “Jason Aldean Forgets CMA’s Are Rigged After Nominations”

  • Hahahahahaha! Wrangler Retro………jesus christ people need to wake up!

    • At least they don’t have him singing in the video

      P.S. Isin’t “A new take on the original” unoriginal? I think they got the right guy

  • SELL OUT! Haha this is awesome. Triggerman you forget; he’s a “whole different” person now.

  • That commercial totally reminds me of this:

    • That’s hot!!!! WTF was the agency who produced that ad thinking? It doesn’t showcase the product at all. As you pointed out with the parody above, it just had lots of tight shots of whats-a-diddles bum and that totally distracting chain he had hanging off them *eye roll* That’s soooooooo 2001 daaaaarling.

      After watching that I have NO clue what Wrangler Retro jeans look like … and when any of us decide to invest in a new pair of denims, isn’t the most important thing we all look at is the CUT of the jeans. What sort of ‘fit’ are they? What sort of leg do they have (straight, tapered, bootcut etc). And what about the colour finish of them?

      That’s gotta be the dumbest ad ever. Wonder if sales increased dramatically after that campaign started, or whether that dude just experienced a surge in record sales cos the laaaaadies like his bottom? What a dick.

      PS Hey Trig, totally off topic but we have a new ‘Country’ TV channel here on cable. Country as in farming etc, but they are screening The Marty Stuart Show! Also two pieces of pus called ‘Inside Music Row’ and Tru Country (I think).

  • Oh, the irony! Using Jason Aldean as your spokesman for a product that you call “the genuine article.”

  • Long live cowboys? I don’t know any cowboys who prance around with hoop earrings….

  • What happened to your news feed? I enjoyed all the new articles you used to put on there.

    • It is still there, do you not see it? What browser are you using?

  • What a jeezless douche bag. Good on ya for calling him out. Just when I thought we’d about heard the end of Rascal Flatts, along comes this jackass.

  • I’m actually rooting for Taylor Swift to win ETOY over Aldean,Shelton,Urban or Paisley.In fact I think it would be pretty damn funny..Yeah I said it.

  • Meh, theres good money in being a dickhead.

  • Is it just me, or is the audio on that wrangler ad completely screwed? WTF?

  • What award show isn’t rigged? The Grammys? The Slammys? All of ‘em!

    • The Slammy’s ain’t rigged! :)

  • Why’s everybody hating on Jason Aldean. He’s a real cowboy, the brokeback mountain type.

    • Nice! There’s a whole new market for Wrangler out there …..

  • Pfft…Jason Aldean and his rap song takin’ over the CMAs! :o)

    They must be rigged though…how else can Blake Shelton’s effen 6 pack be nominated for Album of the Year…over Jamey Johnson’s 2-cd album! A 6 pack? Seriously…it’s not even enough to be considered an album! lol

  • I don’t see why everybodys hating on wrangler come on so they chose a bad spokesperson. But there still the best jeans money can buy. The commericial long live cowboys is a real good commercial well the first 2 any how. And about aldean I’m past the point on giving that fucker any attention. Just wanted to defend wrangler.

  • Wow…what a douche. I do not see how this guy is so popular. A perceived lack of options maybe?

    • I’ve been watching some CMT trying to figure out why anyone likes any of this sh!t. They have a weekly top 20 countdown but through the week only seem to air the same 10 to 15 videos. So Aldean is a top seller, woo hoo, but he’s 1 out of a very small handfull that even get a chance to be in the public eye. So yeah, at that level of commercialism, I’d have to go with “lack of options”. The generic country music fan base doesn’t have to like him better than every other artist out there. They just like him better than Brad Paisley/Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery this week. Aldeans job includes selling CDs and downloads but if he wants his precious awards he’ll have to sell what he’s told. Now he’s sellin’ dat azzzz.

  • I care zero about the CMA’s. The Opry won’t reinstate Hank, rap has infiltrated country, outlaws are popping up quicker than ragweed and everybody and their sister are going country. I’ll just keep listening to KOOK and enjoying SCM. You cannot convince me that POP country/rap country and faux outlaws are the best things out there cause I know better. . . e’ry body knows that almost everything is rigged from politics to award shows. It ain’t no news flash. Jason Aldean just changed his tune, that’s all. Anyone who caves to fame and fortune will.

  • Does Aldean really think he is a cowboy? I dont know to hate him or pity him for his ignorance

  • I never understood the draw to this guy from day one? I mean, what is it?
    He has two hoop earings…but cocks the hat down and acts like a hard ass???
    He has Strait’s sponsor in Wrangler… how the fuck did they go from real cowboy King George, and sit around a boardroom and say…”hey, go for the earing wearing dude with mediocre songs”
    Also, I am a straight male, so don’t take this wrong, I have eyes and can see, and Aldean isn’t attractive at all. I mean, you can see the draw females have to McGraw, Chesney, etc… but this dude? He is the guy at the bar trying way to hard you laugh at.

    I don’t get how this guy has continued to rise over the years. He has been around a while and record execs still push him? Everyone else, Toby, Paisley, Urban, McGraw, Chesney… all of them have peaked, this dork keeps rising and I guess now has peaked???

    I just don’t see how he even got through the label execs. direction. He is a joke.

    • His “draw” is simple. What’s the draw to a McDonald’s hamburger? Are those salted dogfood and sawdust filled patties just that damned delicious? The serve billions because a) people eat b) people eat what’s available. Through extensive marketing, McDonald’s is able to pass off it’s variety of thawed out gizzard grindings as something we love to eat.

      There are a lot of people out there who will purchase 3 CDs. One by George Strait, one by Guns ‘n’ Roses, and one by Snoop Dogg. Just as sure as people have to eat, many people are genuinely interested in these 3 very different sounds/styles. When you grind up these 3 CDs and sit the processed grindings on the shelf under a heat lamp, you get Jason Aldean.

  • I never bothered with the CMT message boards at all until Shooter’s Outlaw You video debuted. Since then, I’ve posted off and on, mostly in reply to Jason Aldean fans and to try to explain to people who simply don’t have a clue what the song/video is about. Even after several attempts by myself and others (and in very simple terms), these fools still don’t get it. I was on the site voting for Outlaw You yesterday when I noticed this headline in the “news” section: “Jason Aldean Earns First Double Platinum Album”. I couldn’t resist replying to someone who congratulated him. The pricks deleted my post! LOL! So I posted again this morning. I had originally included a link to your article about him saying the CMA’s are rigged. Well, I included it again! Whatever happened to freedom of speech?! Anyway… My post: “CMT, I have a question for you. Why are you censoring posts, or more specifically, why did you delete my reply to urbanfan? “At least some radio stations have a lick of common sense. The song is horrible!! Beyond horrible! It stinks! Jason Aldean doesn’t deserve a pat on the back. He deserves a boot in his butt for being such a hypocrite. Just last year, he was carrying on about how the CMA’s were “rigged”, but now that he’s been nominated for a bunch of awards, he’s suddenly changed his tune. What a phony!!” What in that post was so offensive? What I posted was fact. All you need to do is click on the link and read the article. Yes, I’m a Shooter Jennings fan, and I’m an old school country fan. I follow many of your articles, read a lot of peoples’ comments, and enjoy your site in general, but if you’re going to start censoring, then do it all across the board. If it’s ok for people call Shooter Jennings a snot nosed, greasy looking idiot, then why is it not ok for me and others (because I’m not the only one you’ve done this to) to post our views?

  • Nice ass. What were they selling again?

  • I would think that Jason Aldean is referring to the fact that he virtually never wins an award no matter now many times he is nominated and his fans get a little bent over it. It’s just his way of letting them know it’s no biggy. I doubt he wins anything this time either. But he’s doing allright. BTW, you seem very negative. Do you ever find anything positve to talk about?

  • Aldean is the poster boy for what I HATE about today’s country. Singing about what a cowboy you are or southern man you are tells me you’re just a suburban GQ wannabe. I hate, hate, hate, this modern s#it. It’s not so much him personally (he just fits the suit) but rather the “focus group” approach to making modern records.

    I grew up on Hank Williams and Johnny Horton records twenty/thirty odd years after their deaths, was fortunate enough to just catch Johnny Cash two weeks before he retired from touring, and haven’t watched “country television” since they stopped showing Porter and his eye blinding bad ass suits.

    Thanks to the internet though I can still find some good new artists. Hank 3, Wayne the Train, Dale Watson, and my new favorite Joey Allcorn.

    I wrote an essay (with cartoons) about what makes authentic country music last week. If anyone wants to read it you can find it on my link (and I’d be appreciative). I’m new to blogging and am trying to get out there.

    In any case I’m surfing old school country blogs today, sadly several promising looking ones have either shut down or haven’t posted in a year. I’ll think I’ll hang out here.


    • Thanks for reading Mark, we’ll check out the blog!

  • Gunna play Devils ad here.

    I think everyone see’s this wrong on here. To me it looks like Aldean had stated that he sees a hole in how the nominations are chosen and awards given and feels that people can be left out. He saw what there is. A lack of a viable way for people who aren’t that well known to be recognized for their music. (Aldean being not a big star in the past) That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want recognition. In fact, he seems to have done exactly what he needed to do to get where he wanted. He

    Don’t really see him being hypocritical at all.

    Just saying

  • Yeah…you guys should cut your losses and start following the Zac Brown Band instead :)

  • I hate jason aldean he thinks he is a rap star and country music star who the hell wants to heàr you say joe Diffy 50 times like your some rap thug. JASON ALDEAN your a disgrace to country music and in sure the real country singers are rolling in their graves with this crap coming out of your lyrics

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