Jason Aldean To Zac Brown “Nobody Gives A Shit What You Think”

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(This story has been updated. See below)

The war of words concerning the state of country music continues, with Jason Aldean being the latest to enter the fray. Responding to comments by Zac Brown in a recent radio interview, Jason Aldean took to his Instagram account to call out Zac Brown for calling Luke Bryan’s current #1 hit “That’s My Kind Of Night” the “worst song ever.”

I hear some other artist are bashing my boy @lukebryan new song, sayin its the worst song they have ever heard…….. To those people runnin their mouths, trust me when i tell u that nobody gives a shit what u think. Its a big ol hit so apparently the fans love it which is what matters. Keep doin ur thing LB!!!


In an interview on 93.7 JR FM in Vancouver, Canada last week with Barbara Beam, Zac Brown said in part:

I love Luke Bryan and he’s had some great songs, but this new song is the worst song I’ve ever heard. I know Luke, he’s a friend. ‘My Kind Of Night’ is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. I see it being commercially successful, in what is called country music these days, but I also feel like that the people deserve something better than that. Country fans and country listeners deserve to have something better than that, a song that really has something to say, something that makes you feel something. Good music makes you feel something. When songs make me wanna throw up, it makes me ashamed to even be in the same genre as those songs.

Zac Brown also went on to say, “If I hear one more tailgate in the moonlight, daisy duke song, I’m gonna throw up.” 

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Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean both hail from Georgia, and both appear together on the recent single “The Only Way I Know” that also includes Eric Church. Aldean’s backlash continues a war of words, with many mainstream artists coming out against the current direction of country music. Alan Jackson last week said there was “No country stuff left” on country radio. Gary Allan in an interview with Larry King recently said, “We’ve lost our genre.” And Kacey Musgraves, who was just nominated for 6 CMA Awards, has spoken out numerous times recently, saying in late August that she was tired of Affliction T Shirts and truck songs.

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UPDATE (9-19-13 1:20 PM CDT): One of the songwriters for Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind Of Night” has come out in defense of Luke and his song. Professional songwriter Dallas Davidson, also responsible for such hits as “Honky Tonk Badonka Donk” and Luke’s other big hit  “Country Girl (Shake It For Me),” telling Roughstock in part:

When Luke called and told me about it, the first thing I did was sit there and soak it in. A comment like that will hurt your feelings because when you write a song, it’s kind of like one of your babies. To hear a successful artist say it was the worst song he’s heard and it makes him want to throw up, that’s just not cool. I’m sure a lot of stuff like that has been said behind closed doors, and everybody has their right to their opinion, but to come out publicity and dog on other artists and dog on a song and the songwriters, to me, is just unacceptable and it’s not nice.

Zac Brown also specifically called out the songwriters in his initial comments, saying, “You can look and see some of the same songwriters on every one of the songs. There’s been like 10 number one songs in the last two or three years that were written by the same people and it’s the exact same words, just arranged different ways.”

Dallas Davidson continues:

We write songs for a living. We write about what we know about. What I know about is sitting on a tailgate drinking a beer. Hell I live on the river. When Luke called me to tell me about what happened, I was literally smoking Boston butts on my homemade cooker at my 800 square foot river house with about four of my buddies with their trucks backed up, sitting on a tailgate. And they want to know why we talk about tailgates in songs … well that’s because we’re sitting on them. We did that 25 years ago, and we’re still doing it. I can’t write about things I don’t know about. Fortunately, there’s a lot of people in this country who do what I do. To say that that kind of song doesn’t fit in our genre is mind boggling because it absolutely does…..My mom always told me if you don’t have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

Texas country star Jack Ingram has also chimed in. Last night Luke Bryan performed “That’s My Kind Of Night” on the TV show America’s Got Talent. Ingram took to his Twitter and Instagram feed to first ask if Luke Bryan was singing a Lady Gaga song, and later said, “It’s not the words, it’s that melody..Whoa ah whoa ah oh ah from the Gaga song…is the same as “cook up catfash dinna” etc!”

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UPDATE (9-20-13 12:45 PM CDT): For those wondering why Jason Aldean came to the defense of Luke Bryan and “That’s My Kind Of Night,” it might be because Jason Aldean wanted to cut the song himself. In an interview with Country Countdown USA‘s Lon Helton, Aldean says, “I thought it was great. I wanted it. I wanted to cut it. I’ve figured that out over my career. When we put out ‘Dirt Road Anthem,’ there’s gonna be people that are gonna bash you for it. ‘Rap has no place in country,’ whatever. People either like it or they don’t. Hopefully there’s a market for it. So I think [‘That’s My Kinda Night’ is] a hit, and I was hoping Luke wouldn’t cut it so I could have it.”

Also Justin Moore has spoken out about the feud, telling Nashville Gab in part, “Everybody has their own opinions, and I don’t have a problem with people having their own opinions, but where I do have a problem with it is when you call out somebody in your fraternity.”

UPDATE (9-21-13 5:50 PM CDT): A few more country personalities have chimed in.

Will Hoge through Twitter: “Millionaires arguing about who is ‘more country’ cracks me up. Trust me, farm hands and factory workers are countrier than both y’all. Shhh!”

Blake Shelton through Twitter: “So happy there’s a shit storm going on with some artists in country music and for once I’m NOT in the middle of it.. This calls for a drink!”

UPDATE (9-26-13 7:45 CDT): Jason Aldean has spoken once again on the feud, telling The Province:

Look, as an artist you’re not going to like everything every other artist does. There’s certain artists I really like what they do and certain artists I’m not that big of a fan. But I’m not publicly going to go out and trash ‘em. “I know Zac, I don’t have anything against the guy, he’s always been cool to me, but I didn’t like that. And of course Luke’s one of my best friends and it rubbed me wrong. You don’t have to go out and say those things. I don’t agree with any artist bashing another artist.

Also songwriter Adam Hood took to his Twitter page to say, “Thank you zac brown for speaking up and giving “the rest of us” a voice!”

190 Comments to “Jason Aldean To Zac Brown “Nobody Gives A Shit What You Think””

  • Even though I definitely agree with what Zac Brown said, I do give credit for Aldean standing up for his friend. I wonder if both of these guys, with the recent comments of how bland and “over produced rock” country music is becoming, are re-thinking their musical approach for their next album…

    • Friends should not let friends record rap crap under any assumption that it is remotely related to country music.

      • Serioisly y’all, country music doesnt have to be about a particular sound. Country music is about stayin true to your roots in the back woods or small towns. Why does it offend you that with the new sounds these artists are able to make they can be successful also? Grow up and embrace the forward thinking mentality these new artists have. Be country at heart if youre truly a country fan. I still love ZBB but his sound isnt traditional country either. Aldean you are one of my faves you speak to the laid back fun loving girl i am. But guess what? I also love mcgraw, keith, cagle, and oh my word johnny cash. Seriously all music is not about conformity, its about individuality, and country folk are supposed to be accepting not bashing. Wake up!

        • Forward thinking? Are you kidding me? Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are agents of cultural stultification, and the idea that anyone that’s opposed to them simply doesn’t want the music to evolve is complete propaganda. These guys are devolution by definition.

        • If you really believe that music isn’t about conformity, why are you here sticking up for an artist whose songs are all about the same subject matter?

          • You are all bitching about how this isnt country music and you want it to CONFORM to the old style. These guys are doing somethin NON CONFORMIST (out of the ordinary) for those that obviously dont know the meanining of the word. Get over it, if you dont like it, too bad. You dont have to listen. Download your preference on your phone or whatever and play it from there. Seriously, stop whining about something you have no controll over and more than likley are not talented enough to do.

        • Sorry, ma’am, but in 2013 traditional country music IS non-conformist. If we wanted to conform we’d go out and buy Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean CDs like we’re supposed to.

          • “From a renegade perspective, the most outlaw thing you can do in Nashville today is play traditional country music.” – Marty Stuart

        • Nice try BajaChick11 lol. Worst troll attempt I’ve seen in a while. You guys really think there could be someone on this earth that would stick up for Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan’s muzak and can also use a computer?? The only person I know with that distinction is Blake Shelton.

        • I can’t believe how childish you sound, perhaps you are one of these new country imposters. This is just a bad rut that we are in, quite a few steps backwards to say the least. And as far as talent goes, this new generation does not have it, they are just average joes willing to sell their souls to be the flavor or the week, personally I make a living playing real country music and yes I can walk circles around todays wanabes with my eyes closed, there is so fucking much talent in the country scene but unfortunatley you have to dig deeper underneath the pop trash that have overtaken our identity. Aldean, Shelton, Bryan or whoever the fuck you are this is a site devoted to Country music, not homo-pop-country so feel free to stay out of these discussions.

        • I’m sorry, but anyone who says songs churned out by “professional songwriters” is “staying true to their roots” is lying to themselves. Staying true to your roots doesn’t necessarily require sounding exactly the same as those that came before you. But having an executive in a boardroom hand you a song written by a “professional songwriter” doesn’t qualify as staying to true to your roots and representing the small towns of America. I’m just sayin’……
          Bill Monroe or Willie Nelson may not have been handed the title “professional songwriter” but I’d rather listen to someone sing something they wrote any day of the week.

      • I really hate to say it because I LOVE Luke Bryan, but to me his last few songs are not all that. I loved “All my friends say” and ” I never want this night to end” and “Crash my Party” is pretty good but he’s just getting less and less country. However, what’s funny is I don’t care too much for Jason Aldean but just like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney with the horse BS I love a man who supports their friends.

    • Their music approach isn’t being re-thought. It is being reinforced and influencing other artists from its massive commercial success.

      • Exactly they are not rethinking their approach to their music. It’s obviously selling and making money because stupid young females out there think this is the best thing since sliced bread. Most of them don’t even care about the music just as long as they can see their heartthrob dance and slap his ass again. They don’t know any better though because I would assume most of them don’t hear anything else other than what is played on the radio.

  • Just confirms (again) that Aldean is just as big of a problem. These artist dont care about country music. They just want to keep on getting richer. If music row told them to rap, they would rap. If it told them to sing opera they would do that. They dont give a D about putting out quality country music. They just want to know where to find another wallet chain.

    • Bryan, Aldean, Church and the rest of todays morons have spent countless hours polishing music rows cocks, to them its not about the music they are complete sellout skin puppets!! And will stop at nothing to continue driving nails in real Country’s coffin!

      • I would take Church out of that group. I may not like his music or personality but at least it appears that he is doing what he wants not what some music executive and/or focus group says he should do. That “Creepin'” song was quite a bit different than the latest Daisy Duke Truck song.

        • My biggest problem with Church is that he goes around shouting “Hey, look at what an outlaw I am because of all the BAAAADDDD things I do!” when in fact he wouldn’t know what being a musical outlaw was if someone hit him upside the head with Waylon’s leather Telecaster cover and shoved Willie’s bandana up his ass.

          That, and he mumbles rather than sings. Take the damn dip out when you’re in the studio, boy!

          So while that’s enough to make him suck in my eyes, I will concede that he doesn’t seem to have jumped on the pickup/bonfire/drunk chick bandwagon. Yet.

          • You have obviously only listened to the 3 of his songs on the radio and made an opinion on him and never heard the man actually speak on his music. So in reality that makes you as ignorant as the blonde suburban girls that buy every Aldean/Bryan album because thats what is on the radio.

            Church is one of if not the best thing in popular country radio these days. Someone who isn’t taking advice from cash grubbing execs, writing his OWN material about personal experiences,(not as much on the chief record but on his first) putting emphasis on bringing energy to every live show he does.

            If the music doesn’t interest you that’s fine. But you need a legitimate reason to HATE the man which you do not have.

        • First time I heard ‘creepin’ I swear I thought he was saying rayban and I asked my husband why in the hell the song was about sunglasses!

    • Jason Aldean singing opera music. *deep sigh with head bowed*

      Actually, no. Let him go bother them.

  • I think this is great. ZBB has a big & loyal fan base and they are giving their supporters some food for thought other ZBB members have spoken out against Fla GA Line as well. ZBB is also from Ga (where I’m from) and they had a huge fan base before ever becoming commercially successful. While I am not a ZBB fan (I prefer more grit than they offer) I do appreciate that they all play instruments masterfully & write their own music. ZBB is commercially successful and pleasant which is a rare combination today. If Jason Aldean thinks no one cares what Zac Brown thinks, he should think again. In 10 years will people be listening to Colder Weather or a song about shaking it for bumble bees, fish, & tractors? It seems like a no brainer to me.

  • I think this proves to show that Zac Brown is a decent guy, while Jason is an asshole. I mean seriously, Zac Brown said very decently that he doesn’t like the song, and then Aldean has the nerve to insult the guy? Wow. That is just so immature and childish.

    • And see phony good ol’ boy Blake Sheldon for a similar response to criticism. They know their music is crap. No one can convince me that Sheldon with “Boys Around Here” and Aldean with “1994” didn’t realize their songs are crap and that they are just releasing it to make money. Did Tim McGraw really think “Truck Yeah” was good? No.

      They have the right to make all the money they can. I’m not questioning that. There have been many bad songs that have made money. Being a hit doesn’t imply quality. They can release the “99 Wallet Chains on the Wall” if people will buy it. They get defensive though when they are called out for it.

      • Blake Shelton said something? Or are you just speculating? Because that would be the ultimate commission of hypocrisy in the history of country music.

        • Shelton had the whole Twitter war with “Farce the Music” when Farce criticized or make fun of him for something. Then of course there was the whole “Decider” thing after the old farts comment where Shelton basically said he didn’t care what others thought (yeah right) because he was the decider of where Country Music was heading because he was an award winner or something like that.

          While not directed at his music, Shelton also threatened on Twitter to beat up a critic because he criticized one of Shelton’s Voice candidates. Blake doesn’t seem to take criticism very well.

          • Gotcha. I knew about those, just thought maybe he’d weighed in on the current debate, too.

  • Jason Aldean lord have mercy…..didn’t you actually read Zac’s comment? He wasn’t bashing LUKE he was bashing the same ole shit coming out of the same few songwriters and calling it country music. Write or co-write your own stuff! Do you know how to do that?

    • Writing takes a certain level of skill along with perspective gleaned from real life experience. Someone like Aldean (who, from every interview I’ve read of him, along with his “music” comes across as having very limited intelligence) is the antithesis of a real artist. Like Katy Perry and Ke$ha, he is more of a corporation: a brand name propping up an army of hangers-on who depend on him and his moronic tunes and performances for their livelihood.

      • Aldean has never struck me as “book smart” in all of the interviews and transcripts I’ve read of him. His vocabulary strikes me as rather limited, he interjects “uh” a lot and makes a lot of pauses when transitioning from one point to the next.

        With both Luke Bryan and Eric Church, I get a notably different impression. Both artists pander just as egregiously (though in different ways) to the core “country” listening demographic, and the former especially cuts some of the most asinine audio diarrhea ever cut to tape………….but when I hear them being interviewed, I actually think both are significantly more “book smart” than Aldean.

        Bryan may be spineless as an “artist”, but when I hear him in interviews and the like, his vocabulary is unquestionably superior to Aldean’s and, to his credit, he thinks much better on his feet. Bryan is much more comfortable with the press. Church, meanwhile, isn’t all that comfortable with the press, but while he is prone to his share of gaffes and arrogant statements, Church also has the most advanced vocabulary of the three and also provides the most well-thought out commentary of the three.

        Obviously, all three drastically pale in comparison to Kacey Musgraves, Keith Richards or Noel Gallagher when it comes to quote-worthy interviews. I was just pointing out that among established “country” male superstars, Aldean is especially bland and unquotable when sized up to his chart rivals.

        • Damn man, how many interviews have you subjected yourself to?

          • Surely not as many as either of them. But I get myself out there! ^__^

        • We’re you able to read Luke Bryan’s interview for EW where he was asked about difficulty of female country artists in achieving success? Quite painful to read heheh.

          • I did, in fact.

            And you’re right: it is painful. But can you also imagine if Aldean were the one being interviewed instead of Bryan? It would have been even worse, trust me! ;)

            At least Bryan was trying to explain his viewpoint on how the odds are stacked against females and acknowledging all males like him have to do is put on a shirt and, boom, he’s ready. If Aldean were asked the same questions, he would respond something in this vein:


            “Uhhhhhh, you know………yeah, it sucks for women a lot. I guess listeners just aren’t taken in by women as much as us guys for whatever reason. Uh, it sucks, y’know………but I don’t know what else to say about this, man. Tough world.”


            Can you see the difference? They stumble toward the same end result, but Bryan is more smoother in front of the camera than Aldean most of the time. Bryan was definitely less comfortable in that exchange however.

    • I saw a special of him on TV. His manager said explicitly that he does not write any of the songs he sings. All of the hit songs he made are and were written by someone else. She was bragging on how well he was able to put so much feelings into songs he did not write himself. I am sorry, but I didn’t buy that. Unless you know the person that the song is actually about or you have written the song yourself, I cannot imagine putting a lot of feelings into someone else work. Maybe you might be able to struck gold in receiving a few songs you can identify with a couple of times in your career, but not every single song, that’s why he is a cracker jack. He is big like the Osmonds were big. They were a huge commercial success, but who remember one song they sang. I know I don’t. Jason Aldean, the modern day Donny Osmond.

      • Sorry, I disagree. Singing and songwriting require very different gifts. Some are able to write but aren’t very good singers, and some are able to wrap themselves around a song and sing the hell out of it but aren’t able to write.

        Just throwing out one example, I can’t think of anyone who would rather hear Bobby Braddock and Curly Putnam sing “He Stopped Loving Her Today” than George Jones.

        George Strait is an artist who has famously written virtually none of his hit songs over the years, although he has co-written a handful on his recent albums at the urging of his son. It seems to have worked out alright for him.

        • I don’t think it is a requirement that the song must be written by the performer to be good. It is always a plus, and I believe it facilitates a better song, but sometimes performers who are not gifted songwriters, or only have a few good ones in them are better off singing other people’s compositions. Willie Nelson’s “Red Headed Stranger” is 2/3rds covers. The majority of Waylon’s songs were covers. This idea that you MUST write your own songs I think can lend to some bad music. Somewhere, there is a balance.

  • To find Aldean in the english dictionary, look under Fucking Douchebag!

  • And in 10 years, will Luke Bryan’s tight pants have a skoosh more room as he dances around singing his 57th song about trucks?

    • Are you saying he’s not going to record any more songs about trucks? Because I think he’s already recorded more than 57 of them. At least, it seems that way.

      • Understandable since they are all sound the same and release the same songs with the words swapped around.

  • Of course Aldean would say that. If Zac Brown is right then ‘1994’ would lose that distinction. He has to be protective of his accomplishments!

    • Heh, I thought the very same thing!

  • “I” and “you” Aldean it’s not that hard, perhaps you should learn proper word use and grammar before you make a response. This guy is ignorance at it’s best, what a fucking joke.

  • This:

    “In 10 years will people be listening to Colder Weather or a song about shaking it for bumble bees, fish, & tractors? It seems like a no brainer to me.”

    Quoting Brittany above.

  • Jamey johnson is the last of real country ,all the rest have sold their souls and dont care about whos gonna fill their shoes.anything on the radio is pop country crap. Just my opinion

    • And yet Jamey Johnson wrote honky tonk badonkadonk. I consider that the downfall of country music and the worse ‘country’ song of all time. Sad it came out of such a great artist.

      • I depends how you look at the song.

        If you take it seriously, I would agree with your comments.

        But if you look at it as a humorous commentary poking fun of the inroads urban influences are making in country culture, it puts it in an entirely different light.

        The same could be said for “Bait a Hook” by Justin Moore. If it’s supposed to be taken seriously, it’s a pandering piece of crap. But if the point is to make fun of the subject for thinking that the girl couldn’t possibly be interested in anything beyond his narrow world of hunting, fishing, drinking, and driving a pickup, it’s kind of a funny song.

        I’ve never spoken to the writers so I can’t say what they were thinking, but I’m willing to keep an open mind about it.

        • Good points.

          I normally recoil from all things Justin Moore, but when I saw the video for that song, it seemed like he was poking fun at himself or at least “the type” described by the song. But he does do a lot of pandering.

      • Ah, but at least Jamey knew enough not to record that song himself and pass it off on someone else to push while he profited!

  • I almost thought this was a parody article.

    • I almost think Jason Aldean’s career is a parody.

  • I haven’t read the comments for the last few articles about this subject but I sure hope they are filled with people saying that ol’ Zac Brown also sucks. Is he just trying to put himself above the rest of the pretenders? If so, unfortunately for him the proof is in the pudding (or in his care the discography).

    Rights to complain about modern country:
    Dale Watson – Hell Yes.
    Alan Jackson – hell yes.
    Gary Allen – sure.
    Zac Brown – Hell No!

    • ZBB is quick to tell people they are more southern rock with reggae and other influences. They do not pretend to be a country group. If LB would come out and tell people he is a pop artist I would probably have a very different opinion of his music.

      • Funny, I’ve never heard them played on my local southern rock/reggae station but I have heard them played on the local crap country station.

        • All about how the record label wants them presented to the public. I agree with you if they claim to be that stick to your guns but heck $$$$ talks. And to be honest id rather hear ZBB come on the radio than LB, JA or hunter hayes crap.

          Trigger did a nice piece on how music is becoming more and more similar and that explains how one group can claim to be this but is actually played on multiple stations.

    • If you honestly can’t draw any contrast between Luke Bryan and Zac Brown Band, or specifically Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” and any Zac Brown song, you’re a closed-minded reactionary listener, perpetuating the stereotype that all independent music fans hate anything popular simply because it is popular, which it turn significantly hurts the cause of independent music. Hate to be so harsh, but that is simply the truth.

      • Wow trigger, that’s messed up. You dont know me or my taste in music. Take three lines and think you know it all.
        I draw a line beacuse zb drew a line. The zbb and lb are not my bag because of the sound not the popularity. I am not saying they sound the same nor are they trying to sound the same. They do however likely share about 50% of their audience simply due to the stations which play them.
        I know it’s your soapbox but i would stay away from personal attacks on your readers for the general benifit of the site.

        • I’m not commenting on your taste in music. I’m simply saying that if we cannot draw a contrast with artists, we will lose the fight to save country music. If we attack all the artists that speak their mind about what is going on in country, what will be their motivation to do it? You may think Zac Brown’s music “sucks,” but that is your opinion, and doesn’t make anything he said any less true. Really, that’s completely irrelevant to the discussion. I think Zac went out of his way to explain why his music is different from Luke Bryan’s, and I would agree with his assessment, regardless of taste.

          I apologize if you feel I attacked you, but I’m simply making a point I feel is very important. It goes without saying, when it comes to comments on this site, bring a thick skin. I encourage a spirited debate on this site. If you disagree with me, tell me why. There’s always a foundation of respect.

    • Nobody REALLY gives a shit what YOU think, Howard.
      ZBB keeps it real. That’s country.
      He also brought us Blackberry Smoke. Nuff said.

      • I give a shit what everyone thinks about music, including Howard, and Zac Brown Band. Everybody has a right to an opinion about music. This is a founding principle of this website. I don’t see why there is not more consensus on this subject.

  • He’s got to stick up for him – they have matching deer antler tattoos, remember? That’s not surprising to me. What is surprising? That they didn’t get them tattooed on the middle of their lower backs.

  • If nobody gives a shit what ZB thinks, why respond? Apparently, you, Punk Aldean, give a shit… and got your wittle fweewings hurt.

    Why jump up and play tough guy now? Where were you when H3 called y’all out? Or Dale Watson?

    I’ll tell ya why… because when H3 or Watson spoke, no one outside of their fan base really did listen. Outside of the purists and fans of their genres, no one really did care. But now, you’ve got a mainstream artist, who gets played on pop country radio along side the Aldeans and Byans, calling em out for the crap they’re producing.

    ZB ain’t my cup of tea, but I have seen him at festivals, and he seems a decent sort of chap.

    • Bingo. I think Aldean’s getting a little nervous.

  • Jason Aldean = the musical equivalent of a convenience store burrito, zapped in the microwave and washed down with a lukewarm Bud Light.

    • More like that burrito washed down with some Colt45. He’s into the rap.

  • More like Milwaukee’s Best Light.

  • ……………….I do! ;)

    There, I’ve instantaneously exposed Aldean as a bald-faced liar! ;)

    • In my case, Jason Aldean is right. I really don’t give a shit what Zac Brown thinks.

      That doesn’t mean that I don’t agree with him, though. ;)

  • If something doesn’t matter why take the time to comment and give attention do it Jason ? Obviously it matters which is why you are being defensive. Yes your kind of stuff makes money and that is fine just don’t call it country, call it pop music and move on and cash your checks. Country music deserves to be what it is supposed to be honest songs about everyday folks making their way in this crazy world we live in. With good pickin’, fiddle, steel and a mandolin or banjo now and then. It is not hip hop/rap light with drum machines and synth over inane lryics stacked on top of one another and played in a loop.

    • I can’t wait down the line to hear what he REALLY thinks about Luke Bryan abruptly eclipsing him commercially after aggressively featuring him on his tours, only to pull the rug out under him and win the “Entertainer of the Year” award at the ACM’s before he ever could! ;)

      If you listen carefully to numerous interviews of his, he has been obsessing with winning the “Entertainer of the Year” accolade at the Country Music Awards. Now that Luke Bryan’s commercial stature has skyrocketed over this past year while Aldean’s has somewhat declined, he has likely missed the boat altogether (Shelton will retain the title if not Bryan claiming it).

      He may visibly be defending Bryan here, but I’m pretty comfortable somewhere in the back of his mind he is at least envious of Bryan’s standing.

  • Honest question: What is the draw to Jason Aldean?

    I mean, I don’t think Luke Bryan is a particularly good looking guy. At least though, I can rationalize that he’s not ugly and women must like his schtick. As far as I can tell Aldean is ugly, pudgy, doesn’t write his own songs, doesn’t play an instrument, is an unremarkable singer, is very far from a cult-of-personality, is generally boring, seems surly and lacking intelligence, and got caught in some stupid celebrity rag sheet scandal. What about this appeals to label execs or people in general? I’m honestly at a loss.

    The only thing I can come up with is that he does have a distinctive sound to his voice. You know he’s singing when the song comes on.

    • Am I the only one who thinks Jason Aldean looks like a dark haired John Anderson?

    • Between the two of them (and I’m surely no fan of either), I can admit this.

      Even more recently, I can single out one or even two cuts off an Aldean album that I genuinely like. I’ll openly admit right here that even while I’m aware of how done-to-death the theme is, I actually like his current title tracked single. I know it may seem shocking, but i attribute it mostly due to Aldean being able to inject a sense of urgency, even melancholy, tone to the declaration “Baby, let’s go listen to the night train…” On the surface, it reads like another dime-a-dozen song about tailgate romance, but somehow Aldean pulls off in his generally unremarkable voice a sense of saudade in this case. I also thought “Church Pew or Barstool” from his previous album was a very well-written song (Aldean obviously didn’t write that) and was competently interpreted without any of the bombast.

      With Luke Bryan, on the other hand…………not a single track of his from his current album, nor his preceding release, stands out to me. There are releases that are outright terrible, and then there are deeper cuts that aren’t half-bad lyrically but are marred by overproduction and vocals from Bryan that feel detached from the subject matter. He sounds detached on “Dirt Road Diary”, and “Drink A Beer” could have worked if not for poor production choices and a half-hearted vocal. Even more peculiar is that the moments where Bryan’s singing is more impassioned also happen to be the most lamest, hackneyed moments lyrically on the album, most notably “Beer In The Headlights”. Really, Luke? A lame titular pun gets more out of you than something at least meant to convey sentiment like “Dirt Road Diary”?

      I don’t expect to be anywhere remotely close to “fan” status for either artist anytime soon, but the point is I make a concerted effort to provide an respective artist the opportunity to prove me wrong and giving each effort a fair listen. I have for both Aldean and Bryan’s latest efforts, and I can tell you both sinew what I already thought based on their previous mediocre to worse-than-mediocre material. Even so, I will give credit where it is due, and Aldean still demonstrates he can cut a decent track when he wants to. It’s been a longer while since I can say the same for Bryan.

      • I almost like “Night Train.” I think he sings it pretty well, and it doesn’t have all of the essential components of a typical “tailgate and Daisy Duke” song.

        But he regresses into this territory with two little lines in the first verse:

        “got a blanket and a fifth of comfort
        a little something to knock off the edge”

        He just couldn’t do it. He had to get the booze reference in there despite the fact that it adds absolutely nothing to the song. And a specific brand, to boot, which makes it doubly douchey.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-alcohol by any means and don’t mind drinking references in country music for the most part. But I’m so sick of the crutches these guys use that I’m overly sensitive these days.

        • Point well taken on the alcohol mention! ;)

          The general point I was making is that even though Aldean has the most woefully limited range of any format singer I know, even someone with his kind of bland monotone can work it to his advantage in the right context. And I think he does with the title track, as well as a small handful of other cuts including “Church Pew or Barstool”, “Tattoos On This Town”, “Not Every Man Lives” and “I Believe In Ghosts”.

          Which makes Bryan immediately look more embarrassing. Because unlike Aldean, while not spectacular or even great by any means, Bryan actually has a distinctive vocal as well that is able to attain more notes. I think Bryan has the potential to be an effective vocalist, but he simply hasn’t been trying whatsoever since his debut album, when he actually exuded plenty of sincerity and heart in his performances on “We Rode In Trucks”, “The Car in Front of Me” and “Tackle Box” most notably. With all three of those cuts, I was convinced Bryan was singing from the heart because he was living those songs. When he sang “The Car in Front Of Me”, I was convinced he really used to be that lovesick boy who yearned to be closer to the subject he doted. When he sang “Tackle Box”, I was convinced he had a close relationship with his own grandfather who had so many compelling stories to share and who he loved to fish with. Those songs were, and still are, sincere and affecting in their own right.

          Bryan has just lost that touch ever since. The music industry and his successes have spoiled him. He may try and revisit that sentimental spark on deeper cuts, but even in these instances it’s just not the same. The sincerity is lacking and it can’t help but feel like Bryan is doing them more out of obligation to prove he’s “staying me”.

        • “Night Train” is ok. Surprised tho no one has called the similarity of the melodies between it and TSwift’s “Haunted.”

          Musically, it’s like a cheaper “Haunted” to my ears.

          Jason Aldean is dumb, and the sky is blue.

    • Jason Aldean’s distinct market advantage is the same as Luke Bryan’s: they will do anything and everything their labels tell them to do to be as popular and commercially-successful as possible without any bit of self-pride or personal loathing. They are 100% products of the industry; something you can’t even say about Taylor Swift.

  • Ive been thinking a lot lately about the shitty radio country nowadays and I though of something interesting. Music row doesn’t give a damn about the legacy of the greats, in fact they show no respect to them at all with the quality of songwriting and songs in general, yet they still like to name drop all the greats with every new song. Why do they do this, they obviously don’t give a shit about them with the old farts and jackasses comments. In my opinion, they should just drop all of that all together and if they want to name drop anybody, they should just drop names of the douche nozzles that are popular nowadays and leave us our greats and new great acts out of it all together, because from what ive seen, the people that really like these guys, don’t like the old acts at all, always says it sounds old and stupid, so they wont miss it at all, and then we can all care even less (if that’s even possible)

    Because as far as this song is concerned, it is just as bad as any other horrible hick hop songs out nowadays, and if you look at all of those types of songs, they drop George jones or Conway twitty or whatnot, and I always get so furious because they include these guys in their horrible efforts. If they stopped, I wouldn’t even watch a video of these songs even once because I know it wont affect me at all. Sorry for the rant, I just thought that it might be a good plan for everyone involved.

    • You know its really fucking sad that country radio does not pay homage to the greats even in the least bit, where as rock radio plays music from past decades. There is no respect to the past artists only the occasional name dropping it makes no sense to me. Is it that if good country and pop faggot country were played on the station the listeners would see right through the garbage? Not sure but seems really strange all of the bridges that are being burnt, and by untalented knobs to boot!

  • my response to Jason…

    You heard wrong or you’re liar and attention seeking drama queen because nobody bashed Luke and Zac Brown stood up for country music. This bullshit defense from a pig at the pop trough who compromised his own music with another shit single “1994” that bombed and bigger hilariously bad turd “Drivin’ Around Song.” If you, Luke and your other bro country homies are going to keep selling out, shitting on and fucking up country music with pop and rap you need to take pop lessons from a real pop artist and rap lessons from a real rapper because you really suck at both. Or take a refresher course on how to make country music. Your choice and I hope you choose country. “nobody gives a shit what u think.” There lies the problem with country music and radio today. Nobody gives a shit what country artists making country music with integrity and country fans think, here country radio just play this pop fake “country” shit 24/7 so it sells and it’s allgood. Are you surprised Luke’s “he’s HOT” fans love it? Most country fans hate it. Guess what Aldean, nobody gives a shit what YOU think because you have no integrity yourself, not a leg to stand on. Thank you for announcing that you don’t give a shit about country music, artists, radio, and fans.

  • Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan are the same douche bag singers. So they will stick up for each other.

    • I shouldn’t read so fast. I thought you said “Stick it up each other” and almost had pop come out my nose.

  • I can remember a while back when Jason Aldean did a guest performance on Nashville Star. The response he received in articles was things like – A very average performance & one also said – If Aldean was a contestant on Nashville Star he would likely be eliminated early.

    I was going threw the radio dial on sunday night and out of nowhere I heard George Strait singing The Steal Of The Night, an early 80’s tune. It was followed by Lee Brice I think, but man the old Strait tune was miles ahead of what followed it. The station was at 94.7 FM on the dial. There are a few out there that are willing to play some old stuff, thankfully.

    • Not just “old stuff,” but an old album cut! “The Steal of the Night” wasn’t a hit; I don’t think it was even released!

      There aren’t many stations around that will do that kind of thing; my guess is that they actually have a live announcer working the board and he either a) played the wrong track, or b) just likes that song and knew the program director wouldn’t be listening.

      Either way, I’d make sure to add that station to my presets. And whatever you do, don’t call the station up and thank them, you might get an ally in trouble!

      • Actually, the station’s owner has been trying to revive a classic country station that the previous owner shut down for what ever reason. I was told by the station owner who operates a “Today’s Country Station” that they are trying to restart the old classic station because it was actually very successful, the station was launched in 2008 and was a hit but I’ve heard the owner was not a country fan at all and just shut it down even though it was making money. It was located in the mid 90’s dial on FM radio as well.

        • here in western Co. theres a station on 97.9 and i think a repeater somewhere else on the dial that used to be the “outlaw” country station, then they changed it to
          ‘legendary” country, both seemed to be fairly close in what they played. I believe its a small, privately owned “labor of love” kind of station out of Montrose Co. and it is a ray of sunshine out here where all you can get clearly is pop country and Rush Limbaugh

  • So Zac Brown comes out against checklist songs like “My Kinda Night”. Ballsy move from a guy whose first hit was the uber-checklisty “Chicken Fried”.

    • I have to totally disagree with that. As an avid independent music listener, I liked Chicken Fried from the first moment I heard it. I hear it as a song of about how grateful someone is for the life they have been given. It didn’t throw it in my face how country he is and how others don’t know what life is like in the back woods. I guess we all interpret things differently and view songs with our own vision, but to me that song is light years above things songs Aldean and Bryan are cutting.

      • It’s a pandering piece of fluff designed to get maximum airplay on corporate radio. He even went so far as to record individual versions for big “country” stations like WIL and “The Bull” in the St. Louis area where he name drops the station in the chorus. It even has the boilerplate “salute to the troops” verse. Ugh.

        • I loved Chicken Fried and it deserved maximum airplay. It’s not just a fluff or laundry list song and is much better than Luke’s song. The troops it salutes love it and Zac had the respect and balls to go on USO tours and perform it for them. He even skipped the ACMs to go on a USO tour.

          How many USO tours has Luke, Jason, and Justin done? None? Thought so. I love some of Luke’s songs but not this. What happened? Maybe he needs new A&R or something.

    • “Chicken Fried” was written in 2003. I agree it is a pretty checklist heavy song, but it was written a good 5-6 years before this was a trend. If you don;t like the song that is one thing. But I’m not sure we can criticize him for being a trend chaser for it.

    • Especially since Zac should change the name of the band to the “Zac Buffett Band” considering he wants to be Jimmy so bad he can’t stand it!!

  • What–no Americana Music Awards live blog?

    • Unfortunately I cannot get it on the TV or Internet because I don’t have cable. But I am listening live and putting together a recap that I will post right after the end of the presentation. I’m also tweeting some observations and stuff too at

  • Jason Aldean can go suck one. I was listening to “The only way I know” and it has to be one of the most offensive and arrogant songs I’ve ever heard.
    Country music has become nothing but a sick cliche. Screw Jason Aldean, his stupid cowboy hat and his awful songs.

  • Zbb does suck. And by the way, you suck just a little extra for spinning an argument from someone else’s argument. So everyone can shut the hell up. Your a phonies.

    • Thanks so much for your intelligent, thought-provoking contribution.

  • I am really curious if Eric Church says something about this. I hope he starts distancing himself from Bryan and Aldean, but I’m afraid that wont happen. This next album will be big for him if he truly wants to be a great artist. Hopefully he doesn’t follow them into the “ill do anything to be popular category”.

    • Like team up with Avicii for a “country”-EDM hybridized collaboration? ;)

      (Hey Trigger, I’m curious to read what you have to say about Avicii’s emergence and what his blending of EDM, “folk” and “country” sounds means for the “country” format in the months to several years ahead! ;) )


      No, I’m actually predicting Eric Church will likely continue to release material that, at least musically and sonically, is more eclectic than what you expect to hear on “country” airwaves. He’ll follow more of a Miranda Lambert path.

      It’s in terms of songwriting where he needs to step it up. Too many of the songs on “Chief”, while rescued by such engaging production choices, leaned so heavily on done-to-death “outlaw” artifacts to formulate song concepts. There were moments where it worked great especially “I’m Gettin’ Stoned”, but on others like “Jack Daniels” and “Hungover & Hard Up” the lyrics left a bit to be desired. “Springsteen” wasn’t a bad song, but I nonetheless consider one of the most overrated hits of 2012 from a songwriting standpoint in that it was basically for him what “I Go Back” was for Kenny Chesney.

      Church has proven he can write just as effectively when his mind isn’t dwelling heavily on “outlaw” iconography: most notably on “Over When It’s Over”. I hope he steps it up as a lyricist with his fourth album just as he started to do with Jay Joyce in setting a musical template with “Chief”.

      • I’m honestly not familiar enough with Avicii to be able to give a strong opinion either way…yet.

        • I understand.

          Avicii is a Swedish DJ who first emerged to worldwide popularity fairly recently off of releases that fit more in the vein of middle-of-the-road EDM expectations, but has now released his debut full-length album “True”, in which he has heavily polarized the EDM listening constituency because of his alleged mixing of “country” and “folk” sounds with EDM.

          The best place to start in researching Avicii is by turning to the source: streaming his global hit “Wake Me Up”. It features American soul singer Aloe Blacc and musical assistance from multiple members of the alternative rock group Incubus. Many have been likening this song to Mumford & Sons gone club music.

          Now I know Mumford & Sons receive bare minimal airplay on the “country” format, but I can’t help but feel the end result of Avicii’s breakout success and the popularity of “Wake Me Up” may likely result in EDM much more aggressively targeting the “country” format, thus further initiating the “monogenre”.

          In other words, the same stale “Thump thump thump thump” four-on-the-floor beats (many of which could be scored from ancient 90’s Atari games)……….with token banjos interpolated in them! -__-

          • Avicii sucks. I’d take Madeon and his sugary sweet tunes or Guetta (ew) over him any day.

            Avicii was fading before he chased the grass roots trend. Speaking of popular acts on EDM/rave scene, Swedish House Mafia are probably the best act around. May be a little biased tho, since I like a lot of Sebastian Ingrosso’s solo mix.

          • Btw, the Country/Dance is already happening! I listened to some Laura Bell Bundy tunes. Enough to say that Country & EDM beats should never ever be together. (like ever. // soz, just perfect use for it.)

  • For anyone who doesn’t think Zac Brown is trying to promote good music, just check out his Southern Grounds record label and the artists he has.

  • hey Jason, no one gives a shit what YOU think.

  • I hope Aldean gets hit by a night train or a big green tractor!

  • I can’t stand either of them. I saw on the X Factor tonight a guy did “Hicktown” by Aldean. He actually sounded a lot like him (which in my opinion is not a good thing). He got through with a unanimous decision by the judges and one of them even called his voice “unique”. I swear for the life of me I can’t see how anyone could call that talent. He was basically a Jason Aldean impersonator. If this kind of crap is all we have left to look to as “talent” it’s a sad day for country music and really music in general. Even Simon liked it! What the crap? Let me on that stage lol Not trying to boast about myself but I know for a fact I can at least outdo that! It was awful!!!! God help us save country music! It surely needs it. Anyhow back to the story at hand. I don’t see how it’s Aldean’s place to tell Zac Brown anything. I’ve never been a huge fan of either but I can absolutely see how Zac Brown is creative and talented and Jason Aldean is a cookie cut country pop star. He’ll do anything for a hit. Brown at least has talent and an interesting sound. Besides he criticized the song not Luke Bryan personally even.

  • Jason and luke are nothing but posers. plain and simple

  • This coming from a guy who tried to combine country and rap and came up with crap.

  • Radio country music (though ZBB isn’t country, I know) is becoming more and more like rap every day. I’m waiting for full-blown feuds to start up, like the whole 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule ordeal.

    • Maybe Cowboy Troy should start packing a six-shooter.

  • Whoever described Aldean as a brand (I’m far too lazy to scroll back and look up who said it) was dead on. This man is not an artist. He is a name. A name that nobody EVER would have sought out in the underground had he not been shoved down everyone’s throat. By the machine. From the get-go. I thought that from day one when I seen this cock-grabber turned loose at an award show. The whole performance was such an obvious ploy. Taking some unknown and shoving him up onstage with a big band, a cowboy hat, and a microphone. He may have been just another McGraw clone then, but he’s evolved into something far worse. It reminded me of that scene in “Pure Country” where they couldn’t find George Strait’s character so they took his roadie, dressed him up, and no one knew the difference. I doubt that it was the film-makers’ intention, but there was something very prophetic going on there. If the masses are told to like something…. Anyway, enough about that.

    Sad thing is, you can spend all hours of the day pointing out the douchiness and lack of talent from Aldean or LB and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to the masses. I’m for certain that these guys could come right out and say that they don’t give a shit about Country music and they’re only doing it for the money and (especially in Bryan’s case “cuz he’s hot” ) it wouldn’t knock a dent in their popularity or sales. I may not be making much sense here and I know I might sound like some kind of elitist asshole who thinks that only “my music” is worth listening too, but seriously, how are so many people blinded by this horseshit???

    Also, if I had ever wore a wallet chain out to the farm, my Grandad would have snatched it off me and beat my ass with it. Just sayin’. (and yeah I hate that cliche too.)

  • ZBB albums reminds me a bit of Alabama, and – given the sorry state of country music – I mean that in a good way…their albums seem to mix in corporate spray cheese with top-shelf cuts w/ the solid material outweighing the bad…personal opinion aside, that band can flat out play…much respect for that.

    Well put re: artists versus brand distinction…calling ass-hats like Aldean and Bryan artists is way too nice…kind of like calling the Houston Astros a major league baseball team.

    • unfortunately for musical quality and integrity, the only thing that matters is $$$$. And like the Houston Astros, who are the worst team in baseball, this season they were also the most profitable, doesn’t make any since I know.

      • Good point re: the Astros’ profit…it makes the comparison to Aldean and Bryan all the more fitting…ha!

  • Just put the Dixie Chicks back on country radio, circa “Home” of 2002, and we’ll all be fine. :)

  • I disagree with Zac Brown 100%… 1994 is the worse song I ever heard :)

  • Isn’t this the same guy that wrote Boy’s Round Here? A guy like that doesn’t have feelings, or a soul.

  • So Dallas Davidson writes about what he knows. IMO he doesn’t know shit :D

  • I remember back in 1992 when Travis Tritt called out Billy Ray Cyrus for “Achy Breaky Heart” and said country was going to turn into an “Ass Wiggling Contest” How right he was.

  • I thought Jamey Johnson wrote the Badonca Donk turd?

    • He was a co-writer with Dallas. It helped launch both of their careers.

  • At first I was shocked that anyone would own this song as one of “their babies.” Then I read further into the interview on Roughstock:

    “I think the downloads and the ticket sales that come with those big hit songs are the facts, and that’s really all that matters to me.”

    Aaand there you have it.

    I also find it hilarious that he defends his writing by saying that he writes what he knows. I smoke pork butts and drink beer all the time, but I would never write a hundred cookie-cutter songs about it…

    • It is simply reflecting mundanity. How about writing songs about deification, putting your pants on every day, brushing your teeth, emptying the trash? And wouldn’t we all love to be perpetually sitting out on a tailgate having an endless BBQ. But unfortunately, some of us have to work, including the majority of people from “the country.”

      • Trigger, when you say “deification” I assume you mean “defecation.” Personally, I consider taking a poop more of a mundane, everyday activity than establishing someone as a god.

  • Wow! I’m impressed with the size of his cooker, the size of his river house, and what kind of meat he smokes. But then again, diarrhea impresses me.

  • Kind of weird that Jack Ingram of all people would jump into this debate. I seem to remember a pretty substantial hit he had four years ago called “Barefoot and Crazy.” Co-written by none other then, you guessed it, Dallas Davidson. So there was a time when he wasn’t above pandering to radio to score big, no matter how it affected the greater good of country music. His single may not’ve sounded like Lady Gaga, but he probably wouldn’t have given a crap if it had.

    As for Dallas, how is he even employed in this business? Songwriting is about diversity, not just taking one subject and milking it to death. Every one of his songs is essentially the same but with the words in different places. There’s no feeling or effort put into it. It’s sickening to think that someone with such narrow life experience could be a cash cow in Nashville. If I were someone like Bill Anderson, I’d be having a pretty difficult time watching this go down.

    • It’s not weird because chances are many millions of people are thinking the same thing. I wasn’t a fan of Barefoot and Crazy because the music is too rock with no country in it but Luke’s song is exponentially worse. No way Jack would have recorded it and I suspect only a few would. Dallas has written some much better songs like Start a Band, That’s How Country Boys Roll, All Over Me, Rain Is a Good Thing, If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away, and Runnin’ Outta Moonlight.

  • Yes. And when Billy Ray won an award (1993 American Music Awards) for the song he said – “To those people who don’t like ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.”

    • Billy Ray might have made funny on Travis Tritt when he plucked up his little award but what
      He didn’t realize at the time was just how devastating that song was to his career. Never, despite a decent voice, would he be taken seriously on ANY level and his ensuing (and awesome )run of shit-luck could be rivalled by no one……except maybe Great White. Oops. Was that too far?

  • Please don’t get me wrong, I love that Alan Jackson, Kacey Musgraves, Zac Brown, Jack Ingram, Gary Allan, Dale Watson, etc. have come out and said the things they’ve said about this pop country garbage. But those artists, for the most part, aren’t even on most Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan fans radar. From what I’ve seen online/social media, pop country fans just respond with some dumbass, 5th grade response like “who is Gary Allan?” (except for, of course, the case of Alan Jackson. Who wouldn’t like to hear Aldean say something to him like he said INDIRECTLY to Zac Brown?? That might stir the pot a little bit more). But I really think what we all need is Eric Church to chime in on this. Most of us will admit he is the least offensive musically out of the entire country radio lineup, and he’s one of the more popular, visible, polarizing artists in music today. If he gets out in front of this debate on the side of traditional country music, maybe more dominoes, ie Paisley, Dierks, will fall as well in place behind him as well. But honestly I don’t know if either of them have the intestinal fortitude inside of them to actually say how they feel in fear that they might piss somebody off.

    I really wish George Strait would weight in on this as well but unfortunately I just can’t see that happening, not because he doesn’t have the balls, but because he doesn’t give a flying fuck about these dipshits.

    • “I really wish George Strait would weight in on this as well but unfortunately I just can’t see that happening, not because he doesn’t have the balls, but because he doesn’t give a flying fuck about these dipshits.”

      Sadly, it’s true. TOO many acts who just don’t give a fuck about what’s happening. It’s like, “If you play me, thanks. Oh an award? Thanks. You snub me? Oh, alright.” I’m definitely guilty, I’m part of that mindset. I couldn’t care less about those turds in bloody expensive jeans aping around. I can’t fault those artists for ignoring the travesty happening. They just do their own thing. Look at how the responses to those who dare to speak up. They’re called as “haters”, annoying fucks, etc. But without artists to go out of their way to call out those monkeys, the state of Country music will continue to decline.

    • Here’s Dierks’ opinion (on that song) :

      • Wow, that’s disheartening. Thanks. I guess???

      • Dierks is in money making mode right now. At some point he’ll put out some ultra-progressive album and re-energize those fans. He likes to work both sides of the isle.

    • Not going to happen…In fact, Aldean got booked on George’s final tour next year.

      • And the way I understand it, which show each “special guest” plays at won’t be announced in advance. It sort of makes me not want to go in case Jason Aldean opens the show I would attend.

  • Really, there are other things going on in this world but you want to constantly talk about words that none of you made. Now here is my opinion.
    All of you Grow up! I get the sense that you are all grown ups, so act like it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, yes but, no body gives a crap. Calling out other artist is stupid, especially if your part of that genre. What’s great is in this society you can listen or don’t listen. That is our purgative. I listen to country music every morning on my way to college. I switch channels when i don’t like certain songs. Every one knows that this is different music from the past, you didn’t have to tell us. We are not stupid.
    Get over the comment either of them made because it is all childish and stop talking about it. Get a hobby and go fishing or ride your tractor or put your toes in the sand next to Jimmy Buffet.
    This is all drama and I thought only girls did that….teenage girls!

    • Music IS our hobby, and it also makes up the soundtrack to our lives, so we have a right to take it seriously. And I’m tired of hearing the argument, “If you don’t like it, just turn it off.” What a selfish pursuit that would be. The people complaining here don’t listen to mainstream country radio, at least most of them don’t. But they care about what their neighbors and friends are listening to as well, and how the filth they’re exposed to could result in other actions outside of music. Everybody deserves good music. We could be elitists and say, “Well, we’ve got our music, screw the masses.” But I want everyone to discover the joys of good music, and find out how music that is more artistic can be more fulfilling.

    • You need to spend more time in English class and less time listening to Florida Georgia Line. Learn to use a comma. Or maybe itz juzt wat yu du. You’re on this site telling us that your opinion is that our opinions don’t really matter?? It might not be a bad idea to work on your little argument. Most of us that use this site are sick of hearing garbage from these SINGERS while our ARTISTS that we like are playing small shows and making pennies compared to what these dipshits like Bryan and Aldean make. There is plenty of room on the radio for those guys and there should also be room for Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson, Chris Knight, Rachel Brooke, etc. The immaturity and shallowness that consumes country music and country radio disgusts most of us and if our bitching or “drama” can instill some sort of change, good.

      • For your information I do not listen to Florida Georgia line unless it happens to be on the radio then I turn it. My CD’s consists of the oldies not the crap they play now. Listen, is that the way you talk to your mother. Learn respect will ya. I read every comment and my thought was Damn, really! I am from the south ok and we talk to each other or text each other civil. When we Bitch we do it in front of each other not behind a damn computer. When we bitch about a problem we move on from it. Yes, your right it has changed but so has the damn world. How is my English for ya!
        And for your information I am a Waylon, Willie, Johnny and Hank girl.

        Thanks though for making an ignorant remark it shows your manners.

        • So you’re from the south and when people from the south bitch they do it in person, not behind a damn computer….. I’m pretty sure Jason Aldean wasn’t right in front of Zac Brown when he said nobody gives a shit what he thinks. Hell Aldean didn’t even have the balls to mention ZB by his name, so unfortunately your argument once again has no merit.

          And your English still sucks.

  • Seriously, why is it that the comments for Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are always run-on sentences, sometimes whole paragraphs, without a single period? Is this something they do as a means of disrespect to us? Or are they really just that stupid? Or both?

  • I’m not a pop country music fan and I don’t know any pop country music fans. I hate pop music. I hate pop country music. I hate rap music. I have a 10 year old daughter and a 5 year old daughter. While I would rather my daughters listen to pop country than rap, I would prefer they listen to outlaw country or rockabilly or vintage country (or Ameripolitan for cousin Dale) and the only way I can make sure they listen to that is to introduce them to that music at a young age and hope they grab on to it. It might be a tough sell but I’m willing to fight for it. The problem is that the majority of country music fans aren’t raising their kids to listen to Merle, George, Waylon or Johnny much less Hank III, Wayne Hancock, Dale Watson,etc. It’s too easy to listen to the pop country drivel that dominates country music today.

    So, educate your children. Outlaw country, rockabilly, Ameripolitan, etc. Say no to the Kenny G of the country music genre.

  • I am not saying your opinions don’t matter. I meant, people these days think only about themselves and what they want. They can’t help they like crappy music. I got friends that listen to this stuff but I don’t knock my friends for what they like. I accept them for what they listen too. Just like, changing country music back to what it was isn’t going to happen. Times change even if it isn’t good. Just got to believe there will be more country stars with the old sound coming out eventually. It’s glitz and glamour now days with a little camouflage. Oh, I listen to the DJ’s more than the music on the radio station. That’s why I buy CD’s and the last two I bought were George and Gary Allen.

    • I thought George Allen was a football coach?

  • Oh, you really are a negative nelly. It’s sad. Since your so obsessed with other peoples balls. Borrow someone else’s and slap yourself with them. It might do you some good. The fact your behind a computer or your phone typing means you don’t have balls. Your pissed because you can’t change this situation, your a nobody just like everyone one else just like me. See I am ok with this because I have a great life. I see the good and great in people because that is my job. You gain humility when you work with children or adults that are not aware of a lot. See I may not have balls because I was born with different genatalia. Thank you Jesus..but I know that life is to short to be full of hatred all the time.
    Good luck with what your trying to accomplish but unless you do it a little different I doubt you get any where.

    • Not sure who you meant to respond to but this goes for everyone: Let’s keep the personal attacks to the minimum, stick to the topic, show respect, and offer something constructive or I am going to start deleting comments. Nobody wants to see your personal back and forths.

    • “The fact your behind a computer or your phone typing means you don’t have balls. ”

      No. You didn’t. That “behind a computer” line again. When, oh when, will that phrase just die. Your left out the part about him hanging out in his Mom’s basement in his tightie whities. He’s probably got orange cheese doodle dust all over his shirt and stuck in his keyboard, too. I bet he’s yelling to his Mom right now asking for more hot cocoa.

    • You’re. It’s “you’re.” Every single time you typed the word “your” in that post it should have been “you’re.” It’s a contraction for “you are,” hence the apostrophe.

      I know you can do it, and that you aren’t one of these “anti-punctuation” folks because you managed to accomplish it with it’s, can’t, and don’t.

      Better luck next time.

  • If Dallas Davidson doesn’t want people calling him out for writing shit music, there’s a really simple solution for that. I’m sure its completely beyond his ken, though.

  • Among other things, Aldean doesn’t get irony.

    Gotta protect that corporate brand.

  • After reading through some of these comments. You “real” country fans are some of the whinest people I’ve ever come across. You’re really going to cry that you’re “losing” real country? Cry me a river, please. If everyone had that same exact mindset, music would never change. There would be no sub genres of anything at all. Nothing fresh, nothing new. It’d be the same recycled garbage over and over again that you claim newer country to be. I’m newer to the country genre. But I’m a lover of musc. I don’t care what genre it is, whether its “real” or “fake”. I’ll listen to it as long as it sounds good and the melody hits me just right. I’m a die hard Metal fan. Ranging from old metal like Metallica and Iron Maiden, to newer metal bands like Heaven Shall Burn and Suicide Silence. If you compare the bands; the sound is DRASTICALLY different. But I still enjoy the music for what they both bring to the table. Not picking it apart and whine saying it’s “Not real metal”. Which is my whole point. Stop crying. Music will continue to change and what you loved back when you were a kid won’t be popular when you’re 70 years old.

    • What’s your general feeling on ’80s pop metal bands like Poison. Do you think they were worthy peers of the Big 4 or maybe soulless pop stars? If you’re closer to the latter, then you might be able to understand how a lot of us feel about the douchebilly set, which includes people like Aldean, Bryan and Justin Moore.

      • I have been a fan of Anthrax since they first came out. I will guarantee you…If a guy came in to an Anthrax concert wearing a Poison shirt, he would be instantly dragged in to the pit and gotten ripped to shreds!!!

      • Great comparison, Jack.

        As for this:

        If you compare the bands; the sound is DRASTICALLY different. But I still enjoy the music for what they both bring to the table. Not picking it apart and whine saying it’s “Not real metal”.

        I’ll just reprise what I said on my own blog a few months back…

        I know (online) a fair number of metal fans, and they’ve been metal fans going all the way back to Black Sabbath. I have yet to hear them deriding any modern metal band as not being true to the genre. And there’s a good reason for that — you take, for example, Iron Maiden’s 1984 album Powerslave and put it up next to Symphony X’s 2011 album Iconoclast, and even with their differences, if you know metal, you’d walk away thinking of both those albums, “Hey, now that’s metal.”

        (And even though I can’t stand what Arch Enemy did with Maiden’s “Aces High” and Queensryche’s “Walk in the Shadows,” it’s still pretty hard to argue that even that is not metal.)

        On the other hand — let’s just give modern country an unfair advantage, take Rascal Flatts’ eponymous debut album from 13 years ago, and compare it to George Strait’s 1984 album Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind.

        The George Strait record? “Whoa, that’s country, hoss.”

        Rascal Flatts? “So that’s what they’re calling country these days…

        It’s more than a bit off base for a metalhead to come in here and call people a bunch of whiners for not liking what country music has become. Metalheads still have their genre. In fact, they already had their genre hijacked for commercial gain, before they eventually took it back after all the commercial crap was rejected. Instead of trucks and beer, they just had bands singing about, oh, I don’t know, looking for nothing but a good time with girls who were their cherry pie but gave love a bad name. So you’d think they’d be a bit more empathetic.

    • Would that be a Flint river? If you don’t love country why are you here? You’re way off the mark. We’re glad music changes when it changes for the BETTER and some of us love country/pop but Luke’s new song is way beyond that. It’s pure pop like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, which Taylor said she made to be annoying then put it on country radio where it annoyed listeners to no end. Who would have thought Luke would try to be like her? He’s not that pop so it doesn’t work and sounds forced. Even worse, since country radio plays this pop and Luke is a leader others will be inspired by or try to copy him.

      Let us know when pop radio starts playing pure country songs to annoy the hell out of pop fans and artists. Do you think they wouldn’t be raising hell if pure country started taking over and displacing the pop they love? The same recycled garbage over and over again is exactly Zac’s and our concern and what radio is playing and it does not sound good. Your metal analogy is terrible. Is Luke’s song real metal or metal in any way, shape or form? No and it’s not country either. Try performing it at any metal fest. Which metal bands went pop? Is country radio playing metal? No so why play pop, it’s worse. I’d take Metallica over Bieber any day but classic rock is the only genre that fits or blends well with country.

  • Fuck Aldean, Bryan , Moore, FGL and every other one of these dirt bag, glitter jean wearing, country music killing, pocket chain wearing ,plastic cowboy ,rock/pop singin Mother Fuckers!!!
    I’ve had it up to HERE with every one of them And these misguided dumb pricks that follow them.
    I’m glad artists are finally saying something. Obviously the shit has hit the fan and they just can’t take it any longer. GOOD. I hope more quit being so ” polite” & ” politically correct ” and tee off on them.
    Merle, Willie & others must just be sick to their stomachs with what’s going on.

  • BWAAHAAHHAAHHAAA…….You listen to Suicide Silence….and you probably listen to Avenged Sevenfold too….you corporate Hot Topic poser!!!! Now please pardon me as I go listen to some Burzum, Bathory, and Gorgoroth!!!!

  • This may get a lot of criticism.. but.. as a proud Canadian country girl, I find that the best place to find some of the best traditional sounding country is from the great white north. Here they haven’t had a chance to sell their souls for the almighty dollar (don’t get me wrong obviously there are exceptions, umm Shania for example, America can have her haha) Artists like Corb Lund, Dean Brody, George Canyon, Paul Brandt and Lindi Ortega, just to name a few, have managed to sound traditional in the midst of this mess today. Too bad they will never be heard fully on mainstream radio. In fact, many artists get over looked as country all together and get thrown into being called “Bluegrass” or “Folk”.. but to me that is way more country then a lot of what is on the major country stations.

  • Corb is great , haven’t heard much of Ortega… The others you mentioned are no better really than what’s on FM radio and they are played heavily on Canadian radio… Brandt is so vanilla & boring its painful.

  • I’m not too sure why I have seen on the website multiple times people saying Dean Brody is a Kenny Chesney wannabe yada yada and I don’t know how you can say he is as bad as the others. He does ALL HIS OWN WRITING unlike aldean and luke bryan of late. George Canyon has done 2 albums of classic songs.. most recently releasing pancho and lefty as a single.. not too sure I could see other Nashville artists doing that, and his voice fits these songs perfectly. Paul Brandt is vanilla? That’s your opinion I suppose. And yes, many of these artists are highly played on Canadian radio, well we need something to fill out Canadian content. And it also depends where you are listening, stations coming out of the big cities are just as bad as American radio polluting the airwaves with the same stuff over and over again.. rural radio stations will play more Canadian with more diversity.

    • April, I respect you like these guys, and that’s great. Read my comment about Brody and crew in that link about Canadian artists. I live in a rural Canadian market, and these hacks are forced down our throats constantly, Brody being the worst. He truly IS a Kenny Chesney wannabe. If he does write his own songs, it proves one thing: he’s good at aping Chesney, if nothing else.

      Canyon is as dry as a popcorn fart (even if I respect his admirable charity work), and Paul Brandt is a mediocre talent who was at the right place at the right time. And yes, he’s vanilla.

      Also adding to the “who cares?” part of the Canadian artist program are the abysmal Doc Walker and Emerson Drive. These guys did a song together, and I could barely tell where one stopped and the other started. Brutally bad.

      The worst part is Canadian country radio treats these clowns like royalty, and flogs their bad music all the time. If it weren’t for CanCon, these guys wouldn’t get a sniff from listeners. Due to the fact that they’re bolstered by CanCon, we’re forced to hear their lukewarm musings, which they pass off as songs. After a while, it’s like a musical Stockholm Syndrome, and people just accept their music.

      Canadian country is in a bad, bad place, and there’s only a handful of decent artists out there. The ones that get airplay are mimicking more popular American country stars. Badly, I might add.

  • Jason Aldean needs a big steaming cup of SHUT THE HELL UP.

    His particular brand of craptastic music is nearly as insipid as Luke Bryan’s. Nearly, but not quite. His chest-thumping, sticking up for his bro, pretend macho antics are laughable. Maybe the comments hit close to home, him being the runner up for having some of the worst songs of all time and all. He needs to take his drugstore cowboy act elsewhere, IMO.

    And as much as I agree with Zac Brown, he’s delivered a couple of turds as well. Yeah he’s right, but those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Brown’s “toes in the water, ass in the sand” song is a hop, skip, and a jump from a song about trucks, Daisy Dukes, and Sweet Tea.

    None of these guys are helping to move country music forward, and the more they fight amongst themselves, the more asinine they make the genre sound. Thanks, guys.

  • Whoops! I mistakenly referred to Gord Bamford as the guy that recorded an album (apparently TWO of them) of country classics, but it was in fact George Canyon that did this.

    Sorry, I get these two mixed up all the time. They have a very similar sound, and they just flow into one another on the radio when I have the misfortune of listening to their music. My bad!

  • Listening to Johnny Horton songs, and Marty Robins songs today. It was all abou the music to them and you can tell. It’s a sorry state that all music is in today.
    I completely agree with Zac Brown.

  • I am the league of pop country…..I’m here to fulfill SCOTT BORSCHETTA’S DESTINYYYY!!!

  • Jason Aldean is my favorite ‘dog turd’ singer. Whenever his videos come on….I mute the sound and sing my Jason Aldean , ” Dog Turd” lyrics.

    “I went out in the yard …rap rap rap
    I layed a dog turd down…rap rap rap
    I hoisted my leg..rap rap rap
    I killed your plants

    I’m a party animal…rap rap rap
    I am a polyamorous guy…rap rap rap
    The girls love me…rap rap rap
    One day . the party’s over

    My wife is gone…rap rap rap
    I’m goin’ rogue, cad, lothario..rap rap rap
    Layin’ another dog turd down”

    The dumbest day of my life…rap rap rap
    Losing my wife….

    Jason always takes the high road. Epic. Too bad he didn’t fight for his wife.

  • There are so many traditional country artists doing the “real deal”, the best place to hear them is xm radio.

  • Zack Brown would be nothing without a capo. I had the misfortune of listening to his bound foul the air at a September concert at The Gorge in Washington. Worst and most overpriced excuse for a live band that I’ve ever heard. Disgusting.

  • People need to realize that if all of the so-called “non country” acts were not around (Luke Bryan, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, etc.) there would be a lot fewer people listening to radio stations that play the songs of the other artists. They are helping you people.

  • My goodness, I had no idea there were so many “purists” out there. Your vitriolic rants are just sad.

    There are valid arguments to conformity on both sides. On one hand you have those that would buck historical convention in order to create something new. On the other hand when so many are currently doing something “new” it would go against the stream to do something historically conventional. If you can’t wrap your head around that then there is no helping you.

    Now, onto this whole business about drinking/tailgates/cornfields. I’ll even do you a favor and frame it in the context of the Bryan vs. ZBB debate. Full disclosure, I like both artists. However, you’re in full out denial if you don’t think ZBB doesn’t sing about the same stuff over and over. Go ahead. Listen to “Goodbye in Her Eyes”, “As She’s Walking Away”, and “Colder Weather” right in a row and tell me those are all not essentially the same song. The same goes for “Toes”, “Knee Deep”, or “Island Song”. So please tell me what is the difference between singing about drinking in a cornfield on a tailgate and singing about drinking on a beach in the Caribbean? That’s right. That’s the sound of the glass breaking of the “holier than thou” illusion that you have built up for yourself.

    Finally, this notion that Aldean/Bryan/Shelton, etc. are not playing “real” country music is absurd. Please tell me what are the approved topics for a country song? Apparently it’s overdone to sing about love, drinking, hanging out with friends, meeting girls, patriotism,or just generally what people do in their free time (hunt, fish, or spend time near a body of water). These are topics I hear on Country radio all the time. So seriously, what else is there? What should they be singing about? And God forbid they use an electric guitar instead of a six string acoustic.

    The main problem that many of you have is that you’re extremely shortsighted and judgmental. You don’t like that there is energy in today’s country music. You just want to hear something slow and sad. Ironically you probably like Bryan’s “Drink a Beer” because of the pain and sadness it addresses.

    The message I’m trying to get you to understand is that there is a place for ALL of it in country music. You don’t have to like it, but you darn sure shouldn’t judge someone because they do.

    • On one hand you have those that would buck historical convention in order to create something new. On the other hand when so many are currently doing something “new” it would go against the stream to do something historically conventional. If you can’t wrap your head around that then there is no helping you.”

      That is the problem right there. You are painting it as it has to either be one thing, or the other, and that “purists” don’t want country music to change at all, when this is something that has NEVER been asserted by “purists” but the other side as an argument in their defense. Of course country music has to evolve and change. It doesn’t mean there can’t be any pop or progressive influences in country music, all that is simply being asked for is balance.

      “The message I’m trying to get you to understand is that there is a place for ALL of it in country music.”

      Exactly. And that is why traditional, or “purist” influences also deserve to be represented, which they rarely are on mainstream corporate country radio.

  • Dang….I’m going to stand up at the Sportsmen’s Banquet and announce that the best way to have “Ducks Unlimited” is to stop shooting their butts off.

  • I just have to say that when I’m driving and a Zac Brown comes on I have never had a problem with changing the channel. I like the bands music and talent but I’m pretty sure the performance that was played on the cma’s kinda threw me. I am a major fan of David Grohl very talented man. To me Luke, Jason, Erick they have the sound I absolutely love. The songs they put out takes me back to the greatest days of my life. Personally I would be happier on a tailgate around a bond fire with a guitar and alot of friends than having to clean sand out of my ass. Y’all keep it up. Me being from Texas I didn’t listen to much mainstream country. I stuck alot to the locals cause they had the sound I love. But Jason brought me back to the mainstream brought me what I was looking for. Thank you. Keep doin what your doing. We haven’t lost country, country just can’t keep up. Lol

  • You wanna hear a real singer with true written songs listen to Jamey Johnson and the fact that Nashville Pricks won’t pay him makes me wanna burn the town down!! Its such a disgrace that singers/songwriters like Jamey have to go through bs like he has when he’s one of the few true country singers left that writes his own songs!!!

  • I nearly wet my pants when I read the comments from Zac Brown as I’ve just returned from the Country 2 Country Festival in London which The Zac Brown Band headlined. PEOPLE WERE LEAVING IN DROVES after the first three songs. If they’d wanted Dave Grohl lite or a note for note Metallica cover then they’d have gone to see thos bands. TZBB won no UK fans – and we love tailgate songs;-)

  • Country music radio is laid to waste. I was a classic rock fan but I enjoyed country for a brief period of time until the likes of Rascal Flatts (whom give a guy diabetes just listening for brief periods, and the fact that they don’t even play on their albums), Jason Aldean, and who the heck is Luke Bryan or whatever his name is. Country has been introduced to mass commercialization and the pop audience is 10 to 20 year old kids. That is what sells. Their music is as persistent as a June snow. Here and gone. But Jason and those Rascally Flatts are laughing all the way to the bank, as are the legions of studio musicians, writers, producers, and Nashville flesh peddlers. Face it, widely popular music sucks, regardless of the genre.

  • Get your rap outta my country or i’m kissing you goodbye.

  • I don’t understand why you guys are arguing over a song. No offense but I think everyone is being childish about it. Let me put it this way, if you don’t like their music, why listen to it? And then hate on it. If you don’t like the song, get over it and move on. There are plenty of other songs you can listen to that you actually like! I really just don’t understand the concept of arguing over A SONG. It’s not really worth anyone’s time. If you want to argue, argue over something rational…

  • Most of today’s commercial country is all cookie cutter crap, And these 40 year old men that are singing it know it. You see, it’s the business, Music row has to churn out cookie cutter hits, why? because, it worked before, so they have to keep doing it to have a paycheck, that’s why there are SOOO many, big tire, tail gates, daisy dukes, fishing, cold beers songs out there. And your teeny bopper generation can identify with that, and guess what THEY are the owns buying music, not people in their 30’s and 40’s. So welcome to the cookie cutter I tune .99 cent download cereal box country world people. Been going downhill since Billy Ray Cyrus’s Stanky Stanky Fart. lolll.

  • zac brown needs to shut the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to love the song that’s my kinda night.i hate all of the zac brown songs!!! so zac get a life a grow up and go back to yr city roots yuppie ye ye ye

    • Logan, trust me when I tell you that nobody gives a shit what you think.

  • I have really learned a lot by reading your comments. As a girl raised on classic country, I get extremely upset listening to today’s country” radio. I want to turn on my radio and hear something that represents me. For years I blamed Tim McGraw for polishing country music. His thrusting and commercialism turned off my radio. However, compared to current Nashville, he seems old school. And where the heck do all these idiots like Jason get the idea that they are artists? They sing other people’s songs, have wardrobe, makeup, stage designers; the list is endless! I saw his show in Springfield, MO. a few years ago and wish I had stayed home. Jason put zero effort into his performance.
    A few years ago, I went to a Kris Kristofferson concert. It was him and his guitar, telling his life story. That is an artist. Deep sigh.

  • Although there are quite a few contemporary country artists that I like, I do wish we could go back to the days of singers such as: Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, George Jones, Conway Twitty, George Strait, Eddie Rabbitt, etc. Some of these singers are still alive and quite popular, but it’s hard to fill the shoes of those who have since passed on.

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