Joe Diffie & Jawga Boyz Country Rap “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” (A Rant)

June 16, 2013 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  69 Comments

joe-diffieDid you feel that Oklahoma? That was the earth tremor caused by your native son Joe Diffie selling out so violently it measured 2.1 on the Richter scale.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Joe Diffie—the mulleted, cop mustached 90’s semi-star—has released an “answer” song to what many consider the worst song in country music history, Jason Aldean’s country rap “1994.” Diffie’s new song is called “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun,” and it is as embarrassing as puberty.

Listen, Joe Diffie. Seriously man, I hate to break it to you, but Jason Aldean has no idea who the hell you are. And neither does his body spray-drenched Tap Out T shirt-wearing corporate country fan base. Aldean is just reading lyrics off of a teleprompter, waiting for the concert to end so he can get down to his real passion: plowing through the line of 20-year-olds waiting backstage to give him hummers.

Just sit back and appreciate this folks: These two dudes are releasing tribute songs to each other, yet they’re not friends, they’ve never met, or even conversed according to reports. There was speculation that Aldean and Diffie would share the stage at the ACM Awards in April where Aldean was scheduled to perform “1994,” but nothing came to pass. They spent the effort to erect this…


…yet couldn’t pony up for a Fun Fare on Southwest Airlines to get ol’ Diffie and his mustache to be part of the presentation.

How much money has this Joe Diffie song made Jason Aldean, yet Jason is too busy getting fitted with wallet chains and having his jean pockets embroidered with glitter thread to call Joe on the damn phone? Aldean told radio station 107.7 GNA when asked if he’d ever talked to Diffie, “No. My booking agent Kevin Neal who is a mutual friend of ours, I think he’s talked to him. But I haven’t actually talked to Joe yet.”

Aldean thinks that maybe a mutual friend talked to Joe? What the hell is all this Joe Diffie, “1994” nonsense about then? You’ll tribute the man in song, but won’t shoot him a text message? Is it because Aldean isn’t paying tribute to Joe, his mullet, his mustache, his pudgy face, or his paltry singles catalog that they pilfered for “1994” lyrics, he’s actually making fun of it? Maybe Joe Diffie is the jester for their little modern-era, ultra-ironic, making-fun-of-country-music’s-past radio hit, not the king.

And so what does Joe Diffie do about it? Does he bow up? No, he jumps on the bandwagon and begins riding this wave of shitty music and anachronistic fallacy to its fatalistic end by releasing his own country rap song, and with all people, the absolute toilet hole of musical expression, the creatively bankrupt and bottomfeeding D. Thrash from the Jawga Boyz. What, were Colt Ford and The Moonshine Bandits too busy bankrupting a Chinese buffet? No, like Aldean, they didn’t answer Diffie’s calls because they knew this would turn out to be an embarrassment.

joe-diffie-d-thrash-jawga-boyz-girl-riding-shotgunUsing anything touched by the Jawga Boyz for anything other than removing the result of a bowel movement from your backside is the textbook definition of “slumming.” They are the music equivalent of a bright yellow XXXL Tweety Bird T shirt from Wal-Mart with dried spaghetti caked on the front.

The beats for “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” sound like they were composed by a 7th grader who just snorted his ADD meds, just like all of the beats of the Jawga Boyz’s bombastic and trashy tracks. The beat doesn’t even get five seconds into the song without going off meter. There’s biscuit crumbs in Joe Diffie’s mustache that could compose a better beat. And then D Thrash’s first line doesn’t even rhyme. Are you effing serious with this song? “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” makes me want to make out with my cousin and bet on a dog fight.

The video for “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” meets the demands of the song by being completely devoid of substance, theme, intelligence, or creative expression. Instead we get trucks, chicks, mud, and hot rods, like we haven’t seen this same idiotic shit used over and over.

And the saddest thing for poor old Joe Diffie is that “1994” has already petered off the country music charts, and never really mounted much of a charge to begin with. It was too awful, too transparent, and Joe Diffie too much of an unknown quantity to the mainstream country listener for it to hold anyone’s attention. So even though Diffie heard the song and got dollar signs in his eyes and delusions of a big career comeback, “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” will be confined to a narrowcasted YouTube phenomenon (just like the rest of the Jawga Boyz’s songs), appealing only to poor white rural folks who’ve cast off their indigenous culture to take part in corporate cultural front running, and curiosity seekers looking for comedic relief.

Sorry Joe. I’ll still go to bat for you and say who had a few cool songs back in the 90’s, and that your bluegrass album wasn’t half bad, and neither is your chorus for this song. But country rap, and the Jawga Boyz? This is a prayer for relevancy guaranteed to go unanswered.

Two shotguns down!

69 Comments to “Joe Diffie & Jawga Boyz Country Rap “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” (A Rant)”

  • ““Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” makes me want to make out with my cousin and bet on a dog fight.” that is why your negative reviews get so many more hits. You are a wordsmith, sir. And that is why I keep coming back. That and all the badass music you do find time to turn us all on to. thanks,

  • -Correction *Two shotguns under my chin!

  • Without a doubt that is the worst song I’ve ever heard. Just when I think I’ve heard the worse trash Nashvile can come up with they out do themselves. Since I don’t listen to country radio I will be spared ever hearing this song again. Come on Ameripoltain.

  • Wow. This is even worse than “1994”. I seriously don’t think this has a chance to be a hit even on today’s country rap radio. I’d listen to “Chew Tobacco” if I had to before this one.

    “Girl ridin’ shotgun. She’s a hot one.” What 2nd grader came up with those lyrics?

  • Sad desperate times in the career of Joe Diffie. What a clown, I actually enjoyed some of his music but this is embarrassing. He used to really sing the shit out of a country ballad.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfSjGOc6bmc

  • Zing!

    Joe looks completely out of place, hanging out with those kids.

    I’m not familiar with Joe’s music, but he has a nice voice, unlike most of today’s male country pop singing stars, whose tunes all sound to me like variations on three blind mice.

    That rapper guy’s hat looks a little small, did they run out of his size or something?

    worthless “tune” that’s for sure.

    and thanks for the laughs.

  • Well, I much prefer the ’90s Joe Diffie. This ain’t no “John Deere Green”, that’s for sure.

  • “Dashboard lights shining on my baby-o”

    This line in particular sends a wave of cringe over me unlike that of which I have ever felt before, terribad.

  • Man, Joe Diffie has gotten faaaaaat.

  • I was a big Diffie fan. This hurts my soul.

  • I watched the video for the Chevrolets.. :|

    As for the song itself, I think it could have been a below-decent laundry list song about riding around in trucks with some stereotypical Luke Bryan loving “country girl” in the passenger seat if they would’ve left out the dumb ass from Jawga Boyz. (And what’s up with the “z” at the end of “Boyz”, I believe that belongs in the ’90s with the flat tops and Diffie’s mullet.) But the country-rapping was fucking terrible. And I could barely bare the video because of “D-Thrash’s” dumb ass beard.

    At least the trucks are nice, though…

  • I was wondering where Joe Diffie went. Now I regret finding out.

  • iv’e lost respect for joe!

    Atleast when john anderson did this it was decent.

  • Joe’s part isn’t all that bad, this could have been an OK song by 90s Diffie standards. Advice to joe though: either cut the mullet or don’t, this halfassed version is a metaphor for this halfassed song.

  • Whats saddest, I think, is that Diffie’s voice sounds really good. Yet, it was wasted on this.

    • His voice does sound good, and his part isn’t terrible. But you can take the greatest steak and if somebody piles dog doo on top of it, you won’t want to eat it, regardless of how good the steak is (or something like that, you get my point).

  • “What, were Colt Ford and The Moonshine Bandits too busy bankrupting a Chinese buffet?” “The Jawga Boyz … are the music equivalent of a bright yellow XXXL Tweety Bird T shirt from Wal-Mart with dried spaghetti caked on the front.” “The beats for ‘Girl Ridin’ Shotgun’ sound like they were composed by a 7th grader who just snorted his ADD meds… There’s biscuit crumbs in Joe Diffie’s mustache that could compose a better beat.” “’Girl Ridin’ Shotgun’ makes me want to make out with my cousin and bet on a dog fight.”

    As always, Trig, you have a way with words. :D

    You’re made of stronger stuff than I am — I could’ve even bring myself to watch the video with the sound muted, let alone listen to the track!

  • I thought the whole thing was pretty straight up, even if the content was shallow. Just a semi-catchy mix of “lo-pro” and “why the F not?” It’s more legit than the highly produced superstar acts at least. I dono if it really deserves all the hate. I mean if someone asked if I wanted to put my pickup in a broke music video and schmooze around a few hours, I’d probably do it.

  • Joe’s part wasn’t too bad, everything else was pretty crap though.

    Hmm, well, at least it’s not as bad as “1994”.

  • Somehow I can’t get really angry over this song.

    I never was a fan of Joe Diffie, but never had much of a problem with him either. I was happy to hear pick up man every other year when 1994 came out.

    As bad as the song was, it was no worse than Dirt Road Anthem. When I first Aldean yell ‘joe joe joe diffie’, my real concern was whether the top comments on the youtube of Pick Up Man would be “thumbs up if Jason Aldean sent you here” or “thumbs up if you are so cool and underground that you were into Joe Diffie before Jason Aldean sang about him.”

    Diffie is trying to cash in off Aldean and it seems to be working at least a little bit (250K views in 2-3 days). If I really liked Joe Diffie, I would be upset that he was stooping to this level (that’s how I felt about Jamey Johnson’s colt ford duet.) However, I can’t say I liked Joe Diffie enough to feel betrayed.

    • All the videos The Jawga Boyz are a part of get a lot of views because they have a strong YouTube presence, but in the end this hasn’t translated to sales, radio play, or big tours for them, and it won’t for Joe Diffie either. Sure, more YouTube views are better than less, but they are like “likes” on Facebook, they have very little true impact. This song has no chance on radio or for big single sales whatsoever. It had it’s 15 minutes and now people will move on, just like Shooter and Bucky Covington’s “Drinking Side of Country.” 2 million hits in 3 days, and probably not 25,000 since.

      • God, I just looked at the Jawga Boys youtube page and some of those songs have more the 5 million views.

        • Yeah, but they don’t have a record deal, radio won’t play them, they can barely book local shows, and their uncle is their manager. All these country rap dudes, Yelawof and Struggle included are isolated YouTube sensations with no real way to monetize their music because their fan base only wants to see the videos online for free.

          • YouTube views have little impact? Yelawolf has a fan base that won’t spend money on him? You have an entertaining opinion but that is BS.

          • Yelawolf is probably the one guy whose been able to put together some infrastructure beyond YouTube views to get a label and decent financial support for his releases. But at the beginning he too was a product of this YouTube-only white rapper/pseudo-country situation that seems to surround these acts. Obviously I am speaking in generalities.

            And yes, when you have an act like The Jawga Boyz that have videos with 5 million views but they can’t even dominate the club level locally, it shows how that can be an aberration in the marketplace. It doesn’t mean YouTube views don’t matter at all, it simply means they can’t be considered as big as other acts that have garnered 5 million views for their videos. That many views is a phenomenon of the white country rap world, and the rap world in general that won’t necessarily translate to a country or rock litmus test. This isn’t necessarily a knock, just an observation.

  • This is just brutal! Something crazy happened when I watched this also, I realized there is even a difference in talent when we are talking about the levels of country rapping. I was thinking how much better Colt Ford is than this guy and I hate country rap.

    • I notice no one brings up Ridley Bent’s name around here- I hate most country rap too, and he’s certainly gotten more country than rap over the years, but the man is an outstanding lyricist.

  • C’mon, no love for:

    “They are the music equivalent of a bright yellow XXXL Tweety Bird T shirt from Wal-Mart with dried spaghetti caked on the front.”

    • Oh, absolutely. Tremendous visual. Just laughed again thinking about it.

    • That was my favorite line in the review, I honestly audibly laughed when I read that (and ended up re-reading it a couple times because it was so good), and that almost never happens with stuff I see or read online.

  • This only ranks a ‘1’ on the Surprise Meter.

  • I made it to :38 then punched my monitor .

  • wow. what the fuck is wrong with these guys. hahahaha. I am glad I know real music, not this fucking shit

  • Thanks for another article Trigg! We’ve got more videos coming, so keep those fingers ready to type.

    Your favorite guy in the world,
    -D. Thrash

    Hahaha, I really do get a kick out of you man, this stuff is great!

  • This is total crap, of course though I hate to say that I think it is better than 1994. That song just makes my teeth itch. This is total pablum and probably the last we will hear from Joe Diffie…unless he does a remix with Nelly.

  • I remember when Honky Tonk Badonkadonk, Cowboy Troy, and the Nelly-Tim McGraw collaboration first came out, all my friends hated it with a passion. These were not traditional country fans. I was in college in at the time, and most of the people liked Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and all the girls loved Martina McBride and Shania Twain.

    Now it seems like most pop-country fans like Country Rap.

    I guess it shows how it just takes a few years of programming.

  • Unfortunately this is the result of the hip-hop/rap language seeping into all aspects of society. When Blake Shelton and others use hip-hop phrases, they say “J-uly” instead of July and other Florida-Georgia Line, Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert songs and lyrics I just shake my head and think about what has gone wrong with society.

  • Holy fuckballs is that awful. To think I paused my playback of “El Rancho Azul” to listen to half of it… Trigger, can I get a refund for that 30 seconds my life?

    You get extra points btw, for addressing how shitty the beats are. I’ll make a Hip-Hop critic if you yet!

  • Want to be horrified? Go to the actual Youtube page and look at the comments section…YIKES.

    • You mean there’s actually people out there who think this isn’t horrible?

  • First of all, what the fuck is a “Jawga”? Is that cock in mouth enunciation for Georgia? Apparently Diffie had to sell his soul to feed his constant diet of pizza and doughnuts. Somebody needs to put the shotgun in their mouth.

    • LOLOL Funny Shit man….spit that dick outcha mouth boy…was thinking the same thing, idk how someone even comes up with something like that!

  • This video has me laughing so hard I’m crying. Thanks, I really needed this today.

  • Damn you Joe Diffie…

  • It’s too bad because I could actually see the chorus being a decent hit on Country Radio, but the rap is so bad, it sounds like something Lonely Island would put out as a joke

  • Hate the rap, like Joe Diffie’s part. Country artists need to stop playing follow the fad leader.

    • I agree, if it was a full out country song, it could have possibly been decent, but for started Joe Diffie teaming up with this disgraceful artist (if an artist is what “D. Thrash” thinks he is) 1. he wants to be black and from the ghetto, yet still claims to be a die hard redneck 2. his “rap” (if that’s what they call that trash nowadays) is f*cking terrible, my 7 year old could come up with better lyrics than that. If Diffie had done this song himself or with someone that doesn’t get high off Jenkem, it could have turned out alright.. but unfortunately we’re stuck being disappointed with this shit.

  • I love how the name of this blog is called “Saving Country Music”, yet you are attracting more views and more press for a group that has NEVER labeled themselves “Country”. Do you really have nothing better going on in your life to where you are so miserable, you have to rally up hatred and negativity towards something that you SAY you have no interest in? Sounds a little like you may have a guilty pleasure here, Trigger…. You sure are on top of everything the Jawga Boyz are doing. Keep spreading the word, man!

    • The Jawga Boyz may have never labeled themselves country, but clearly with Joe Diffie involved, there’s a country thread here. You may think I’m obsessed with these dudes because the two occasions you’ve found to come here I’ve been talking about them. But this is your reality tunnel. To the regular reader, the Jawga Boys are incredibly fey. And if what I do results in more exposure for them, more power to it! I understand this, D Thrash seems to understand this. They probably owe me a check, or at least a T shirt. But I can’t concern myself with butterfly theory ramifications, I just have to give my opinion unfettered.

      And everybody knows my guilty pleasures are Taylor Swift and 80’s one hit wonder pop. ;)

      • I get that you are just giving your opinion, it’s a free world and this would be a boring place if we all agreed on everything – I just don’t get where all the hate and negativity comes from – let them do their thing. They have a lyric that states “I was raised on country and southern rock, but I always loved a little hip hop”. This music may not fit in an established “popular” genre, but why not be true to ALL of the influences they had growing up? Most of us have a hard enough time paying bills and living life bills without added negativity in the world from people that just want to bash something they dislike. I personally find most of their lyrics very positive and uplifting after a hard day’s work – their songs don’t all make me want to hit the bottle or suspect my wife is cheating, etc. To each their own, but I prefer to look at the brighter side of life and bring people up with me, not try to drag them down…..

        • Last time I checked Trigger hasn’t stopped anybody from doing what they want. Also, songs like these are trying to do their best to fit into the “popular” genre. As you can clearly can see the tendencies of the rap-country genre taking off on pop country. Where I do agree with you is people having a hard enough time as is paying bills and such. This also includes musicians and there is quite a few of them who are supremely talented, but can’t seem to pay bills because of refusal to drop their standards and cut a song with Nelly. Therefore, they can’t get the radio/tv exposure they deserve because it is over run with acts willing to cower to whomever is in control. So I guess what I am trying to say is sites like SCM have done way more good to help expose bands that don’t receive popular attention, than bad by exposing how bad some of these megastars really are.

          • “Also, songs like these are trying to do their best to fit into the “popular” genre. As you can clearly can see the tendencies of the rap-country genre taking off on pop country.”

            – Is it that they are ‘trying’ to fit into the “popular” genre or that maybe they are just artistically pulling from their musical influences of their youth. It is now showing up more and more because people that grew up in the late 80s/ early 90s had more genres to choose from than the older artists. Rap came onto the scene in the late 70s and really took off in the 80s. Most of the music made by the great icons of the yester-years didn’t have as much diversity in the music experiences – they created and molded what we call “country music”. I think it is very close minded not to consider these things when talking about music. It has evolved just like everything else. Blondie rapped in the 80s to try something new, Aerosmith had RUN DMC on a single remake of “Walk This Way” – no one ever accused them of abandoning their roots or destroying their ‘rock’ music. I can appreciate that people are open to ALL types of music and aren’t limiting themselves to just the “stuff of the past”. I grew up listening to my parents music which consisted of Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller Band, and Deep Purple, etc, as well as my grandparents music that consisted of George Jones, Patsy, Hank Williams, Loretta, and Conway. In my teen years I loved the grunge, punk, and rap music and feel that with all those sentimental attachments to music with my grandparents and parents and my love of the rebellious type of music from my youth that I am fortunate to have such a well-rounded appetite for music in general – I love so much of it, and the stuff that that doesn’t really strike a cord with me, well, I can still appreciate what went into making it and I sure ain’t about to dog someone so hatefully and nasty as this forum does.

          • I think you are in need of a reality check. I am a huge fan of all different kinds of music. I like country and I like rap, but there are certain things that just don’t go together. And if you are going to try it out that’s fine, but put some thought into not just rapping and singing in the same tired cliches. The whole “I got bud light in the back and a hot girl in shotgun” is so incredibly boring, trite, and just downright uncreative. Also it couldn’t be further from the truth to say something like “country music was created through lack of diversity”…What?! I mean come on it so apparent that the music getting played on the radio aside from a few might as well be created in a lab. As for “limiting myself to the past” this site contains a list of all new albums made this year that are incredibly good so, you might want to check them out. And, by the way you missed the whole point of my previous post.

  • http://www.theboot.com/2013/06/18/joe-diffie-new-single-girl-ridin-shotgun/
    “Diffie admits his status as an icon and influence to a new generation takes some getting used to. “It always amazes me because at the time you’re just trying to do your thing, sing as well as you can, and find good songs,” he observes. “It’s a big honor when you hear stories about how your music has affected others.”

    He adds, “That blows by mind that it would mean that much, but on the other hand, I think about how much I cared about George Jones, Johnny Cash, and Waylon [Jennings] – and how much a part of the fabric of my life they were, so I guess I can see it now.”

    I can’t exactly tell if Diffie is putting himself in the same class as Cash, Jones, and Jennings.

    I actually disagreed with Trigger that Aldean is “mocking” Diffie in 1994. The song is based on nostalgia. The extent of its message is “hey remember Joe Diffie? oh yeah John Deere Green and Pick Up Man was pretty catchy.”

    Putting the difference in talent aside, no one ever needs to be reminded that Waylon Jennings and George Jones existed.

  • Why no mention on SCM on the new Dierks Bentley/Kacey Musgraves tune, “Bourbon in Kentucky”? This is a traditional-sounding song which should be highlighted on this site!

    • There are roughly a dozen songs released in country each day, and a dozen albums each month. I can’t review everything. I am aware of the song, and will feature it if I feel inspire to do so, and have the time. Thanks for the interest.

  • And how many of those releases are by high-profile artists? Funny how you can go out of your way to find an obscure Joe Diffie song that nobody will ever hear but somehow miss this one? Selective.

    • Nevermind, you’re probably right…

  • I made it through 1 minute and 20 seconds of “Girl Ridin’ Shotgun” when it was first released and I wish I could get that minute and 20 seconds back.

  • I’d also like to add that I cringe every time I hear the name “jawga boyz” and feel the need to let everyone around me know that they are not a reflection of the people in my home state.

  • It`s a good song.I know the girl ridin shotgun so maybe I`m a little biased towards the video.She` s a model and she lives in my home town.Joe Diffy can sang.”Sang” means “sing well” for you non-southerners.As far as this video being a Youtube phenomenon;that`s a good thing.

    • What does “Diffy” mean? You know, for us non Southerners.

  • Are you serious? How much of a dick can you be? I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your post. Regardless, nothing you said worth reading, but like a train wreck I couldn’t look away. Now I feel like I need to flush my eyes. ” appealing only to poor white rural folks who’ve cast off their indigenous culture to take part in corporate cultural front running, and curiosity seekers looking for comedic relief.” You have no idea what you’re talking about. I hope you have a day job.

  • Winner ,Winner crack head dinner!

  • You have to be a fan of country rap to appreciate this song. I like this song. You inbread mofos dont understand creativity!

  • This is my favorite song. No joke. & I fucking love the Jawga Boyz & have always loved Joe Diffie. I have been to both of their concerts and it was awesome. Just because you think it’s stupid & all y’all yuppies think it’s stupid, doesn’t mean other people can’t like it/ love it. Some people have respect for any songs and all people. Y’all have an amazing day

  • These Jawga Boys are literally white trash. Not only do they make up this song, but the song Mud Jugs which is all about dipping (not to mention how disgusting it is and how bad it is for you) makes me literally want to vomit and then kiss my sister. Why in the hell would Joe Diffie even give these guys the time of day?

  • U kno joe diffe has been around since yall were getting ur assespowdered so yall should just shut the fuck up sincerely yours a member of bgnation

  • D-Thrash that’s what I’m talking about Hoss. These city slickers want to be country so damn bad they can’t help but run us down. Tell me what it feels like to listen to music that has nothing to with you. Listen to rap…pimping women, selling drugs, making it rain…WTF?!!! We wonder why they go broke so fast? Make it rain and tell me what you get. Superficial friends because your an idiot and blow you money. Joe and D-Thrash ya’ll got it rocking guys. Keep doing what your doing. Between Jawga Boyz, The Lacs, Colt Ford, and Super Cracker ya’ll are making bad a music guys. Oh, BTW I’m the ignorant Southern Texas Pharmacist redneck with a mud cup. Glad you feel the need run your mouth about my boys and make them blow up even more. Keep rocking buck it keeps me and my country buddies laughing. Good music is good music. If you don’t like it you can go to hell.

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