Joey Allcorn: No Consent on Hank3’s “Long Gone Daddy”

April 17, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  49 Comments

Today is the released date of Long Gone Daddy, an album Curb Records is releasing that contains outtakes from early in Hank Williams III‘s career when he was under contract with the label. Most of the material on the album has been released previously, on compilations or tribute albums or bootlegs. One of the songs, “This Ain’t Montgomery” was written and co-performed by Joey Allcorn from Columbus, GA, and originally appeared on Allcorn’s album, 50 Years Too Late.

Hank3, whose had a long-standing feud with Curb Record that has continued well after his contract ended in December of 2010 has come out publicly against the release, and has been instructing his fans to not purchase the album, but to bootleg and share it. He’s also been vocal about a few folks he feels betrayed him as part of the Long Gone Daddy release, saying through Facebook:

I hope you Hellbilly’s and Hellbetty’s notice the other 2 guys I stood by when they were nothin are now Curb records alter boys! I hope ya’ll dont waste your hard earned dollers on there backstabbin bs either…

Hank3 has never named who these two people are, but it has been assumed by many that one of them is Joey Allcorn, who apparently had a falling out with Hank3 at some point in the mid to late 2000’s. According to a press release released today by Allcorn, he had no more consent from Curb to release his song “This Ain’t Montgomery” than Hank3 did.

In October of 2006, I released my debut record, “Fifty Years Too Late.” Featured
on this album was “This Ain’t Montgomery,” a highlight among the songs
because it refers to the by-gone era of Hank Williams, Sr., and was recorded
with his grandson, who was, at that time, under contract with Curb Records. I was
honored to have him record this song with me, and I appreciate his association,
and the support it provided me in the early part of my career.

However, in order to obtain Curb’s permission to legally use his name in association
with my project, a release was signed granting the label reciprocal rights to include the
master recording of that song on any two future albums, and stating that no consent
would be required by either party in order for that to take place. To that end, I was
notified in January of this year that Curb Records would be exercising it’s right under
that contract/release and was planning to include “This Ain’t Montgomery” on “Long
Gone Daddy.” No permission was granted because again, legally, none was required
under the terms of the contract.

However Hank3’s issue with Joey Allcorn may not just be that Joey did or did not give his consent to the release of “This Ain’t Montgomery”, but that Allcorn did not challenge the release. In the press release, Allcorn talks about how he is “humbled” to have the song released on Long Gone Daddy.

I am humbled that a song I wrote and recorded at such an early stage in my career has been released on a project by a major label. I believe it’s still the dream of most artists and songwriters to achieve this goal, which allows their music to reach a large and diversified audience. Also, as a songwriter, I am honored to be a part of a project that includes songs by writers I greatly admire, such as Hank Williams, Sr., Merle Haggard, and Waylon Jennings.

Allcorn has a new album titled Nothing Left To Prove scheduled to be released later this year. Hank3 has an upcoming tour in May.


Visual artist Keith Neltner, who did the artwork for Long Gone Daddy, as well as previous Hank3 albums Straight to Hell and Damn Right, Rebel Proud, has requested that Saving Country Music release this statement. Neltner has been rumored to be the other individual Hank3 referred to along with Joey Allcorn as “Curb Records’ alter boys.”

First, I’m extremely proud and grateful of the collaboration I had with Shelton for nearly a decade. In 1999 we started working together, as he was emerging as a country artist. The influences as the music and art evolved together created an impressive legacy of work. In 2010 there was a decision to part ways, copyright and licensing issues couldn’t be resolved.
At the same time I’m a working artist and I have lights to keep on, so being hired by a client I’ve worked with since 2005 just makes sense. Curb already had a schedule for the release, regardless of who created the artwork so I wanted to represent the visual look of the album in a positive direction that gave the collection of songs its due.
Even the most devote fan has no idea how deep the rift between Curb and Shelton runs, I simply don’t have a dog in that fight. I hope new and old fans can enjoy the collection and I wish Shelton the best.

49 Comments to “Joey Allcorn: No Consent on Hank3’s “Long Gone Daddy””

  • im a strong supporter and follower of shelton, and i’ve met joey and talked with him and he is an awesome dude. I love both of their music. Wish they were still gettin along and made some music together, i must say.

  • OH LORD….Quick somebody stop the world Artists fighting and getting fucked by a record label NOway! How dare they do such a thing. And this fighting bless these boys hearts lord and let love in…in my name i pray amen

  • I’m not a really big fan of Allcorn or that song. I have seen him once live and i didn’t think his tunes were all that.

  • The way Joey says that he’s humbled to have his song included on Curb’s release, makes it sound like he’s be all to happy to sign away the next 20 years of his life to Curb if given the oppurtunity. That’s a scary thought. Nashville allready has the “new” (Eric Church) outlaws trying to use 3’s image/themes but they can’t imitate his sound. Allcorn can do a similar imitation of 3’s sound though.

    • The for III baffles me on this site. Yes, he’s the shit. He makes some amazing music, but he signed to Curb as well. Don’t act like he has never bowed down to the man.

      • love* for

  • Torrenting now. :D

  • What artist besides one who can ride on their family legacy wouldn’t be honored to be on a major record release? To say Allcorn is taking III’s sound is disingenuous deluded tripe. All y’all drinking the III cool aid need to get off ya knees and wipe your mouth off and think for yourself instead of having your opinion spoonfed to you.

    • one with principles.

      • There are plenty of artists without principles if the criteria is having a song on a major label release. I could care less that III or Tim McGraw don’t like Curb, the fact is they made their bed and have to lay in it. Poor guys … Gettin fucked when they should have been getting a lawyers. Wipe yer mouth.

      • Trig has written some good articles about being a hipster. Please read and start doing the opposite.

  • So, who’s got a download link?

  • Shelton’s mad he didn’t “challenge” the release? He COULDN’T if he’d even wanted to. Shelton couldn’t and didn’t either, outside of a couple of interviews intended to rile up the posse (and to no doubt bring attention to the album which he is profitting off of). Out of the 2 artists (3 if you include Neltner), Shelton is the only Curb Record “alter boy”, and he’s STILL getting paid to be one.

    • To be fair, we don’t know that Shelton is mad because Joey did not challenge the release. He could be mad at Joey not knowing that Joey had no say so in the song being included. There’s probably a lot of stuff between the two men we don’t know about, and some of it may be none of our business beyond what they decide to share with us, which is what Shelton did on Facebook, and Joey did through this press release.

      • The thing with it is Allcorn’s attitude. Was he kicking and screaming when they used his song? “Or did he say thank you come again”? His press release makes me conclude the latter is what happened.——— If you call the police to your house over theft, then tell them that you gave the thief a key to your door and helped him carry out some of the heavy items, you’re going to be considered complicit to the crime. ——– It’s unknown what he did behind the scenes. He may have brought the song to Curb’s attention and triggered this album to happen. Allcorn never publicly said anything negative about the release, and apparently never contacted Hank3 to bitch about it either. Allcorn could have credited Hank3 under a pseudonym like many other people have done, but he decided to play nice with Curb instead. I bet he’s drinkin coffee with Mike Curb right now……

        • I agree, we don’t really know what happened. I just didn’t want it coming across as fact that the reason Hank3 is pissed at Allcorn is because he didn’t challenge the release, and I can see how maybe that was inferred by the article. It is easy to assume that’s the reason because it’s easy to assume since Hank3 has been a victim himself many times of Curb releasing his music without consent that it is likely Allcorn had no say so in it either.

          Allcorn might be complicit, but I don’t think he’s the reason, or even one of the reasons this album was released. I think Curb was looking to repackage any song they had rights to.

      • Starting w/your comments:
        “However Hank3′s issue with Joey Allcorn may not just be that Joey did or did not give his consent to the release of “This Ain’t Montgomery”, but that Allcorn did not challenge the release.”

        “I agree, we don’t really know what happened. I just didn’t want it coming across as fact that the reason Hank3 is pissed at Allcorn is because he didn’t challenge the release, and I can see how maybe that was inferred by the article….”


        Joey Allcorn never impressed me before or now. Good luck to him and his struggling career because when Mike Curb is done using him he’ll be right where he was, if he’s lucky. Joey is nothing but a pawn to Curb or they would have picked him up back in the day if they thought he had talent.

        The “issues” came about in 2009. Neltner kept the lights on from 2010 until now…..now being the time Shelton is released from Curb. For a few $$$ and an opportunity to “stick it” to Shelton, Neltner is riding the coattails and in the pockets of Mike Curb. There was just as much “trash talk” coming from Neltner and Judd re: Curb as there was with anyone else back in the day.


        • What impresses me most is the fact that yall really think that Joey has any direct contact with Mike Curb! Really? Like he sits there over a cup of coffee putting thoughts into Mike’s head about who to screw over next. So funny how someone can stretch the truth so far from the real picture. Music is a business. We all do this because it’s better than flipping burgers and because we love it!
          First off, you need to know about the business! To record with someone on a label, you have to usually sign a contract giving that label all sorts of rights to your music/song. You GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS! Like the person said before, you really can’t challenge it. And if you did, that usually takes lawyers and lots of money. Money is something that most of us musicians don’t have. It’s not like Joey is making any money on that song anyways. Believe that or not. Plus most people in the position to have a song on a major label wouldn’t turn down that offer. It’s an honor and you have accomplished something major! If you weren’t worth a shit, well I don’t think they would ask to put your song on anything.So if Shelton wants to be pissed at anyone, he needs to put himself as #1 as well. They’re all in the same boat together with no paddle! It’s all a matter of opinions, and everyone is full of those and assumptions. ” ASSUME” Makes and ass out of you and me!
          Not to be a bitch or say the obvious, but when have you not heard Shelton complaining about something anyways. Things never seem to go his way. Yeah he got screwed by Curb, but that really doesn’t give him the right to throw other people under the bus that he “Helped” in the beginning. He should understand that those people were probably under a contract to let them use their songs or art work they made! Shelton obviously put them in that position. But who really knows why Shelton is pissed off… he always is anyways it SEEMS.
          But I’m not going to sit here and get into any more details about it all. I honestly don’t like Shelton’s music as Cathy doesn’t like Allcorn’s. Simple as that. We have our own taste in music. And yes that albums sucks really bad. I only listened to about 30 secs of each song and there were two on there that were actually worth .99. And one of those was “This Ain’t Montgomery”. We’ll probably find out the real truth behind Shelton being that way, but I can’t blame the others for not challenging it. You can’t call it “Selling Out” when you had no right to it anyways. Hopefully it gets their names out there and brings some attention to this music scene! We all need it! This economy suck for musicians right now and I would know about that! Everyone benefits in the end! Now lets get to some more great album reviews and these great articles. :) KEEP IT UP TRIG!

          • I take offense to the portrayal of Shelton Hank III as some sort of drama queen. Over the last year, the Triggerman has been in at least twice as many public altercations as Hank 3 has in his entire career. (Not trying to call you out, bud. Just using you as an example.) Both of those men were in positions where they had the option of just rolling over and taking it or fighting back, the latter of which subsequently causes a public shitstorm because of their status. I’m not saying you have to like Hank 3’s music. Hell, it’s not for everyone. Although if you’re a fan of Allcorns I don’t really see how you can like one and not the other, if not for some sort of prejudice against the most successful man in a genre full of struggling artists. I guess it’s not trendy anymore to be a fan of 3. That’s fine. Peoples’ tastes change. It just seems like everyone would have some appreciation for a man who did so much for the music that we all claim to love. If it wasn’t for Hank 3, I never would have heard of savingcountrymusic.com and I damn sure would never have heard of (or spent any money on) six gun brit. Ok, the man was blessed/cursed with a famous last name Isn’t it mostly important what he chose to do with that instant celebrity? Hasn’t it been overwhelmingly beneficial to anyone associated with real country music?

          • I agree with Six Gun Britt, the thing I don’t understand is why does Shelton and his “Ass Kissing Fans” think that the world revolves around him, cause it doesn’t and when ever he has a problem with somebody, then his “Ass Kissing Fans” have to jump in and start hating who he doesn’t like. Its easy to compare the 2 just by listening to there music, it would only take common sense to see the difference, Joey writes and puts out Mature Country Music, and has played and recorded with “Don Helms” which is something Shelton never did. The only thing I see from Shelton and his fans is that they only have more negativity, instead of supporting one another and helping to Save Country Music like what this site is about!!! So what’s the difference I see? Joey=Classy Shelton=Trashy

          • just for the record i saw on the facebook news feed that joey allcorn is at curb records (damn smart phonees) back in late feb. or early march… i know i seen it because i commented on the post… my comment was “on purpose ? “

        • I detect a little animosity towards the “Ass Kissing Fans” of Hank 3….
          hahaha….chill out whiskeyman….jealousy is not becoming. Nobody is hating on Joey, but since you mentioned it, where are Joey’s “Ass Kissing Fans” if they are so interested in ‘saving country music’……lol.

          If any one entity influences or has influenced the ‘saving of country music’ I hardly think it’s Joey or this particular site, anymore so than any other music blogger site.

          Furthermore, this site spun off from the “Free Hank III” site, so IF it even would have come into existence without having had the “Ass Kissing Fans” of the Hank 3 audience is very questionable.

          • Correct, the roots of this website are in Free Hank III and that is why I have covered, and will continue to cover Hank3 more than any other artist, to the benefit or detriment of the site. Some people refuse to read this site because they have typecast me as a Hank3 homer. Others don’t read it at all because they think I’ve turned my back on Hank3. Others only come here to read the Hank3 coverage. It’s a benefit and a detriment all at the same time, similar to how Hank3’s famous name is.

            I don’t have a dog in this race. This is not a “pro Joey” or “anti-Hank3″ article despite how some may want to characterize it. I have been covering this release from the beginning. In fact my first article on it, just like with “Hillbilly Joker” is where Hank3 and his camp found out about it (not bragging, just a fact). When Joey Allcorn released a press release about it, it was a tentacle of the broader story that I felt was necessary to cover. If Hank3 had released a similar press release, I would cover that as well.

            We all lose here. Possibly the only winner is Curb, and the more Hank3, Joey, their fans battle back and forth, they more Curb benefits. I don’t think Curb has its shit together enough these days to perpetrate this on purpose, but this release has sure been good for dividing its enemies.

            I enjoy Hank3’s music and I enjoy Joey Allcorn’s. They both have assets and takeaways like any artist. They both have personal issues, and have made certain business decisions that we can all decide to let seep into our opinions of their music or not. None of us are perfect, and it is unfair to expect that perfectness from our artists.

          • haha no jealousy here, I’m just pointing out what I see, most majority of Shelton “Ass Kissing Fans” all respond the same, just like you are by defending him regardless! Well I’m sure if Joey had the last name “Williams” then he would have a big fan base as well!!! Shelton decided to get on Curb cause he had to pay “Child Support” not cause he has a “Passion” for Country music. Shelton says that he didn’t take the easy road out, well I guess he was just damn good that he got signed, not cause of Hank SR and Jr. Oh yeah Shelton stated that he stood by Neltner and Joey, well I’ve been to Sheltons shows since he first started, when there were about 6 people at his show and now about couple hundred at his shows, but I have never heard Shelton Advertise Joey, or even toured with him!! So there’s no jealousy, Shelton is just full of himself that’s all!! :)

        • Alright, as for me “back-peddling”, what I said in the story was “However Hank3′s issue with Joey Allcorn MAY not just be that Joey did or did not give his consent to the release of “This Ain’t Montgomery”, but that Allcorn did not challenge the release.

          What the commenter “norichrelatives” said was:

          “Shelton’s mad he didn’t “challenge” the release?”

          …taken what I said MAY have been the case as a given, like we know it was FACT. That was the reason I felt the need to clarify the statement. If you want to characterize that as a “back-peddling”, so be it.

          • whiskeyman make up your mind…you can’t have it both ways.
            You said:
            “Well I’m sure if Joey had the last name “Williams” then he would have a big fan base as well!!!”
            And then you said:
            “well I’ve been to Sheltons shows since he first started, when there were about 6 people at his show and now about couple hundred at his shows”

            Is Shelton earning his dues by playing hundreds and hundreds of shows, for years taking his music out on the road or is he riding the Family Name with Curb making him famous??

            Furthermore, I read back what I wrote and not one time do I see where I defended Shelton as you said: “majority of Shelton “Ass Kissing Fans” all respond the same, just like you are by defending him regardless!”
            I spoke about this site, Neltner’s recycled ‘art’ and Joey Allcorn. As I said, I wasn’t hating on him. I think you are the one who is blinded by something.

    • Thanks for the link, from one wayne to another…

  • The track what they want me to be is Trashville, I know this just from listening to the samples of the songs on Amazon

  • This CD sucks the only song i can get into is the wind blew cold thats it i wasted
    9 Fucking dollers on one song!

    • should of took hank3’s advice and downloaded it for free like everyone else did…

      • BWWWAAAAHHHHH…….best statement of the day!!!!

  • The only Joey Alcorn song I know is the one he did with Lonesome Wyatt. I doubt I’ll be buying this, although I might trick someone into buying it for me. I wish III would make a good ol country record again, blah blah blah….

  • FYI, the album is on Spotify.

  • who cares about either one of these guys! if you want good music listen to my chemical romance or death cab for cutie! country sucks anyway. fuck both these guys!

    • emo fag music sucks. how can people like that shit. i would rather cut my grass with a knife then listen to those shitty bands

    • Obviously this person just wants a ride out of people. And well it looks like he got what he wanted. No one should take this comment seriously. And by the way, both of those bands are not “emo”.

      • You can take your deathcarp for cooties and shove it where the sun dont shine

    • why are you on a country music site dip shit… your gay ass emo music sucks…

    • Dude, you’re in the wrong place, get the fuck outta here and take your cocksucker music with you, that shit is played by men without testicles.

      • country like emo is an acquired taste. i wouldnt expect you to have any taste at all. fuck you and your shitty attitude dick breath! dont be ashamed you were caught fucking your own mom while your daddy watched!

      • Don’t feed the trolls y’all

  • III upset at some one is less surprising than water running down hill.

  • As much as I’ve enjoyed Keith Neltner’s art over the years, this statement of his confuses me. I thought this album cover was a recycle of Eric Church’s gig poster: http://www.gigposters.com/poster/149398_Eric_Church.html

    • i reckon changing from a ball cap to a cowboy hat is considered creative art work…

  • I just got to hear the shuffle mix of “If The Shoe Fits” It’s like Curb tried to turn it into a country-rap song. It’s somewhat surprising that they didn’t have Coltford contribute to that track.

  • ::: April 18 :::
    Are you a graphic artist? Are you able to incorporate those design skills into artwork that can be transformed into T-shirts or posters that relate to Hank 3/Attention Deficit Domination/3 Bar Ranch merchandise? Well…we’d like to not only see your artwork, but purchase the design from you if we decide to use it.

    All submissions must include your relevant contact information, and can be sent either in print or on a disc which contains a viewable format compatible with both Mac/PC, to the PO Box below. Please DO NOT SEND ANY SUBMISSIONS WHATSOEVER via e-mail, Facebook, or other outlets.

    3 Bay
    P.O.Box 60185
    Nashville, TN

  • I love Hank III and I love Allcorn but in all honesty what irritates me the most about this whole thing is that III found yet another person to feud with. Is there anyone he doesn’t have a problem with?

  • Well, got the CD today. Bunch of good ones, and some not so good, shuffle mix … yuk! Top of the list being Sun Comes Up, this is my 3! That’s the sound i want, pure!
    Got most of these already but it’s good to have em’ collected on one disc, Curb or not …

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