Josh Abbott Admits to Infidelity, Asks For Forgiveness

February 7, 2014 - By Trigger  //  News  //  52 Comments

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Texas country singer Josh Abbott of the Josh Abbott Band took to his Twitter account late Friday afternoon to admit to his fans that he’s been untrue to his wife, Amanda Abbott, and to ask for forgiveness from his fans. Josh said he would write a more lengthy letter to fans in the future, and says that he is 22 days sober.

The Josh Abbott Band is one of the biggest-drawing bands in the Texas country scene. Formed in 2006 in Lubbock, TX while Abbott was attending Texas Tech University, their latest album Small Town Family Dream debuted at #3 on the Billboard Country Charts. The band’s video for the Adam Hood and Brian Keane-penned single “I’ll Sing About Mine” came in at #1 on Saving Country Music’s Best Music Videos of 2013.

Below is Josh Abbott’s plea to his fans for forgiveness:

At some point down the road, I’m going to write a letter to you all that needs to be written…for right now, I have a few things to say:

I have not been the Christian husband that I needed to be in my marriage. I have destroyed my marriage through multiple problems, including:

Problems w/ alcohol abuse, infidelity, and language. Somewhere along the last several years I have lost myself as an accountable human being. The temptations that we as artists and celebrities face are unreal to many of you. But regardless, I have to own up to my mistakes as a man. I’m 22 days sober and hope that I can continue to control my addictions. I want to be an honorable and godly man and this is the first step. I hope the songs I have written have inspired you and given you feelings because that’s why we do what we do. That part is real. What hasn’t been real is the perception that my marriage is perfect & I’m an incredible husband. I’m not.

I hope all of you reading this will understand. that the only things that truly matter in life are your relationships w/ family, friends, & God. Be better. Please pray for us in this time. Being a celebrity doesn’t give us the right to treat our marriages with disrespect. At some point someone has to say it’s not okay!And please don’t send your prayers my way. Send them to @ASouthernHippie and her family. They’re the ones crushed by all of this.

Later in response to some Twitter replies, Josh Abbott posted:

Please stop saying you respect me. I’m not someone you should respect. I’ve cheated on my wife. That’s as low as a person can get. Just pray. I didn’t post this to get my wife back. I posted because we agreed I need to be accountable to fans who think I was better than I really was

52 Comments to “Josh Abbott Admits to Infidelity, Asks For Forgiveness”

  • For the record, I really didn’t want to post this story. But if Josh Abbott wants to get this information out to his fans, it falls under my duties as town crier. I hope the best for Josh and his family.

    • It’s not always easy being the bearer of bad news. But thank you for having the integrity to post the story. How josh decided to tell what he had done is his business. If he felt in his heart that this was the best way to start working on himself then I see no fault in it. As time passes we’ll see if he’s truly committed to making his life better. In the mean time all the assholes will come out of the woodwork to judge him and how he goes about things. Already quite a few on this thread. Each of us makes mistakes and tries to go about learning from them in different ways!

      • i forgive you josh abbott

  • I was surprised when I saw this, because you’re better than that. Your explanation cleared it up, though.

  • I hope this doesn’t destroy his family life entirely, and I hope that each person involved can recover, in time.

    This is selfish on my part, as a fan, but I have a feeling that his best music is ahead of him, now. Few things hurt more than the pain caused by realizing you’ve caused pain, if that makes sense.

  • Give me a break!!! How can you people be so forgiving? It is obvious he doesn’t want his marriage to work. He totally skirted around that. As far as his self proclaimed celebrity status— get real! He is a musician. A touring musician. A touring musician who cheated on his wife and who has decided to make it public, draw attention to himself, and get free publicity.

    • Or, Josh wanted to hold himself accountable and bring to light the fact that he wasn’t such a good person as he portrayed himself to be and own up to that. To admit his wrongdoings is the Christian thing to do. Whether or not it was appropriate to broadcast via twitter, I’m undecided, but In my opinion he’s being sincere…

      Oh, and we are so forgiving because we’re supposed to love as Christ loved us first. Not trying to go all holy-roller, but that’s just the truth.

      • Wallowing in self pity (which is that second twitter message of his) isn’t really what Christ intended.

        • I agree on the second message.

      • Holding yourself accountable is different than publicly admitting all of your mistakes. This isn’t acting as accountability, it’s acting as self-promotion. It’s no different than, say, donating to charities but publicly talking about it so people know.

        Redemption isn’t asking forgiveness, it’s earning it, and the way to go about it isn’t through a public announcement where many people will show you some sort of pity or empathy, anyway. It’s unearned. This does nothing for his sobriety, for his fidelity in either his current marriage or in any relationship that may happen if his current marriage ends in a divorce. I love Josh Abbott’s music, but this is unnecessary exposure that will probably go viral. It’s a career move, if anything.

        On a lighter note, I’ll always be thankful to Josh Abbott for first exposing me to Kacey Musgraves.

  • Hmm, the devil on my shoulder says it only sounds like he saying that cause he got busted while the angel on the other says he’s taking the right steps in trying to make amends. Nobody knows the real story except Josh. I will say I don’t envy being married to any celebrity. Superficial stuff may be nice but the foundation you build a family around never seems too solid.

  • Seriously??? It’s times like this that I wish social media didnt exist.
    Airing your private issues to us when we could care less.
    I’m amazed pretty much daily what useless info people post via social media… People have become so needy for attention it’s nuts.
    Sucks for anyone on the receiving end of an affair, always has, always will and it happens EVERY DAY globally.

    • I would cut the guy a little slack. Isn’t what we listen to when we hear a good song an airing of private issues? I wouldn’t say we care less about an album like “Southeastern” when that is pretty much all a public airing of private issues. Its art. For good or ill, like the other commenter said, his best music may now lay ahead of him because of this situation. But art is not all that this is. It’s his life too. Abbot must now go through a process to deal with this mess and if he feels like he needs to come clean to his fans, at least he has the courage to ‘fess up and maybe even have a contrite heart.

      Keep in mind, this is also in Texas we are talking about. I lived there for four years and I can say that, while still being filled with people with typical human nature, there is also a different cultural expectation for folks there. Abbot must understand who is constituency is and he is acting accordingly.

  • His music sucks just as bad as his character. You are clown Josh Abbott.

    • His music does not suck, but the verdict is now out on his character.

      • oh, yes it does. it’s laughably bad music.

        • His music makes Florida Georgia Line sound good. He is a poser.

          • I don’t know if I would necessarily say he’s THAT bad … but the first (and so far only) thing I have heard from him was his latest album and I gotta say, over all, I was definitely less than impressed.

        • God, I hope this guy is not reading all you guys comments. You guys are brutal. I am LMAO!

  • Let me just say a few things here that may help some people understand why there may be speculative thoughts, distrust, or downright anger in what Josh Abbott is saying here and/or how he is saying it, beyond any particulars about his infidelity or sobriety.

    As I’ve always said, I come to the Texas scene somewhat from the outside looking in. Over the past year when I really got behind Josh Abbott’s song and video “I’ll Sing About Mine,” I began to see that within the Texas scene, Josh is a very polarizing figure—the rough equivalent of a Shooter Jennings or Eric Church—not necessarily in his specific behavior, but in how you bring up the man’s name, and in certain segments there is immediately bad blood. Some people see him as phony, or have specific stories about something he did to them or someone they know or another artist. I have never met Josh Abbott so I can’t speak to any of this. I enjoy some of his music, and that’s where I’ve always left it.

    But when you see people having very negative reactions to what appears to be a man pouring his heart out, just understand the context. In many respects by posting this on Twitter, Josh Abbott played right into a lot of his critic’s hands, fair or not. Or, you could see a man at the end of his rope, admitting to his shortcomings that maybe caused some of these previous conflicts, and trying to get help. Either way, understand there is a tremendous back story with Josh Abbott.

  • Narcissistic douche.


    I think “regional footnote” is more accurate.

    This is proof that in his darkest moment, he still can’t stop staring at
    His own reflection.

  • I don’t know Trigger. Isn’t it a part of the 12 step program to admit and confront those who you’ve wronged or disappointed? If that is the reason he is doing this, then fine. Or I suppose if something happened in which he was busted or whatever, and that this is an attempt at some kind of damage control, then fine. Or even if he is attempting to beat someone to the media, fine. However to just initiate this kind of self-depreciation, heck, I don’t know. It is none of our business what happened between him and his wife, but if he’s going to tell us he cheated on his wife and he’s not asking her to stay with him, why is he even telling us about his adultery? Seems like the only person who deserves our prayers is his wife. I do, however like his music. Never really put him in the celebrity status, but I guess he is.

    • The demarcation line of what is “celebrity” and what isn’t is a hard one to define. It seems like either you are, or you aren’t, but if there’s a gray area, that is where Josh would reside. He’s got 104,000 followers on Twitter and has had a #3 album in country, but my guess is your average American, or even your average country music fan outside of Texas may recognize the name, or may not. Either way, if there is a gray area there, it’s best to leave it to others to deem you a “celebrity.” At the same time, his context was that as someone in the public eye, he’s faced with a lot of temptation. The truth is most any artist is faced with temptation, as the music business is rife with them, which is unfortunate because artists tend to be predisposed with lower willpower at facing them.

      Interesting that last night DJ Bobby Bones had a similar, but different meltdown. It was similar because he seemed to have a similar, elevated take on his place in the world compared to the reality of the situation.

  • Airing dirty laundry in public never solves problems. (aka Jerry Spring, Dr. Phil etc.). What an embarrassment for his wife and family. Anyone who really is repentant and wants forgiveness from their loved ones doesn’t broadcast it. He needs help and prayers and forgiveness, but not from his “fans.”

    I’ve dealt with people who run around “sharing” their transgressions with everyone to get validation and sympathy; it’s easier than confronting or being confronted by the person they’ve wronged.

  • Hopefully everything can work out for Josh, if that’s what he and his wife truly want. I never like to see any marriage fall apart, it’s just not a good thing. I am very mixed on what I think the purpose of him going public with this was. It could be looked at as an obvious attention grab and trying to look like a stand up guy, even though he says he is not, he knows how fans will look at it and actually start feeling bad for him. If his wife told him that he needs to do this, in order to show his fans that he is not the man they think he is, then I guess he was doing it for that reason. One thing I don’t like is how he tries to obviously make an excuse about how us regular people basically have no idea the pressure these musicians have on them, but then states how that is no excuse. He tried to make an excuse. If you want to make things work step away from social media, he’ll step off the stage for a while to try and get life back in order. Josh is polarizing because he built a fan base with a bunch of anthem songs. He has had some good songs, but if he wasn’t from Texas, a lot of the songs he sings would absolutely be ridiculed by a lot of his fans. He has had a lot of very gimmicky songs in his career, the same type people bash every day when sung my mainstream artists.

  • “I have sinned against Youuuuuu…..” (gag)

    I went to Texas Tech like this guy but never joined a Frat. Knowing he was a frat boy immediately lowers my opinion of him (I’m speaking from 1st hand experience in being around Frat boys).

    This whole story is disturbing. He’s been doing this stuff for years. Then his wife finally catches on to the full extent of it and forces him to apologize on Twitter (Husband Shaming?). The world was a lot better place before Twitter or social media. I work with this one lady that spends most of every day bitching about her husband and her life. But, if you look at her facebook page it’s all full of smiling pictures and bragging about how good her life is. The world is nuts man (and was a better place before social media).

    • Not trying to get off topic, but I feel the same way. I always see people bragging about how great their lives are, how blessed they are, how wonderful their spouse is, etc. When I know that just isn’t the case. Me and my wife had a discussion about when we see all these people on Facebook saying how much they love their significant other and try to come off as having the perfect life. Nothing is more annoying than dealing with fake people like that and that’s the vibe I get from Jodh Abbott. I liked his music when I first heard it. Most of it was decent, but when I saw him live and heard him in interviews, it totally killed it for me. He comes across as a major dbag to me. It seems that this is just another desperate attempt at attention, just like his stupid, drama filled music videos.

    • I LOL’ed at the first part of your post. I have to admit that I could hear Reverend Jimmy bawling when I first read this.

  • I think his “confession” last night was a douche move. What happens between his wife and him is a private matter, and to me was done to get sympathy. The whole “You just don’t understand what I go through” is just a convenient excuse to justify behavior.

    I’m not sure why people are so quick to “forgive” those who make these kind of choices. We all make mistakes, but most of us don’t feel the need to broadcast it to others. If I am feeling compassion for anyone, it is to his wife. She deserves better.

    • “I didn’t post this to get my wife back. I posted because we agreed I need to be accountable to fans who think I was better than I really was.”

      His wife made him Twitter shame himself (reading between the lines). She should have just left him but apparently making him put their dirty laundry on the Internet was the right thing to do. Douche move either way.

  • Reality is like a stealthy dog….it will sneak up and bite you in the hindend when you’re not looking.

  • Why bash the guy when i’m sure a lot of yall’s favorite songs are about cheating?

    • Because he tried to portray himself as a wholesome family guy that had the perfect marriage and life. People who sing cheating songs aren’t hiding anything. Country music is about honesty, Josh Abbott is as fake as they come.

    • I cannot speak for everyone, but my problem is not so much his cheating, (this does not mean I condone his cheating) I simply cannot find any logic in him telling us about his infidelity. Yeah, I like cheating songs, am not sure I like them accommodated with this kind of drama. I really would like to go back to the days when you didn’t even know who your country music singer was married to. I really don’t want to know what’s going on inside their homes, good or bad. That another reason why I hate Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. You want to share your problems with your fans, put it in a song.

  • what a fat idiot. I feel bad for his wife. what a filthy degenerate

    • Oh and you are by judging people like you make me laugh.

  • I wish Josh well with his recovery, and I also wish his family the best.

    Getting and staying clean and sober is an everyday commitment.

    I hope he is in a safe place and that he stays there a long time.

  • Hey Josh,
    I want to give you my opinion because I have been in show business for decades and in recovery from alcoholism for decades. If I were you I would stay away from public pronouncements and especially social media regarding your personal life, especially during this important early period of recovery. Your number one job is to get sober and stay sober. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.

    This is a private and personal matter. “Celebrity” has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, and fatal disease. It affects everyone equally, no matter their occupation. As far as stress is concerned, show business is certainly not as stressful as being a soldier in combat, now is it?
    Don’t drink even if your ass falls off. Take it a day at a time, a minute at a time if you have too. After a few months of a genuine commitment to sobriety, you will find that life’s problems will have a way of solving themselves. And you will be a better artist, a better friend, and a better man.
    Good luck to you on this journey. Remember that your life is more important than what your “fans” may or may not think of you.
    Put your recovery first and your relationships will work out the way they are supposed to.

    • Well-spoken, Ben.

      I certainly said some foolish things when I was 22 days “sober”.

      I got sober in 1988, and I remain active in recovery because I don’t want any part of the problems and lifestyle I had when I was drinking (think: Townes and Blaze Foley, but without the talent).

      Alcohol would have killed me had I not gotten help.

  • WOW a lot of people on here have no idea what UNCONDITIONAL love is, awesome no wonder the divorce rates are so high! Honestly it takes a real man to stand up and admit that they have done something wrong!

  • While Twitter is not the avenue I would have taken. I don’t beleive judgement on my part if right. I don’t know Josh I’m 50/50 on his music. However, I wish Josh and his family all the best. If you have ever lived on the road for any length of time temptaions do seem to abound, for sure. No excuse at all but a fact.

  • His music is the suck. He is a phoney and not cool.

    • Firstly, if you are going to critique someone write properly. Also if you are going to make a statement don’t just give an opinion, give facts, and support hose facts, otherwise you are just ranting and will end up coming off as stupid. Also Josh’s music is good he has thousands of fans how many do you people have?… That’s right y’all don’t have any so quit running your mouth.

      • *those

  • Don’t know who this guy is. Not sure I understand why this is anyone’s business other than his and his wife’s.

  • Here’s an unmentioned element in all of this–and maybe something that those who aren’t big Texas Country/JAB fans–Josh has political aspirations, and has said so multiple times. There will be some backlash now, but I can imagine him wanting to get this out there before then…

    • Greaaaat…

  • What’s funny is all theTexas “Artist”, think they are celebrities. They are not. I think if he truly loved his wife, he wouldn’t have posted his business all over twitter. This isn’t the firs time I have heard about Josh messing around with someone other than his wife.

  • I’ve seen him flirt …. It’s obvious he wasn’t a popular guy but his music got him out there. Now instead of integrity he now has a black cloud…. His poor wife, I hope she never saw him misbehave because it’s embarrassing, he is sloppy and messes with young college girls not even old enough to drink….

  • “Narcissistic douche.” Best and most concise comment above
    “What an embarrassment for his wife and family” close second.

  • this cheating stuff is becoming way to commen in the society we live in. no one ever tries anymore to be faithful and honorable to their family and loved ones. maybe he should start an organazation that brings awarness to cheaters and the people affected by infedality.

  • I agrees with ole BJjones up there.

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