Lineup for 5th Annual XSXSW 2012 Announced

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A few years ago, the only thing really lacking from the independent/underground country and roots world was true festival infrastructure. Now with The Muddy Roots Festival heading into it’s 3rd year, Farmageddon Fest getting up and running this summer, things are looking up. And 2012 will be the first year that underground roots will be fully represented at one the largest and most-important gatherings of the music tribes in all of the world: Austin, TX’s Annual South by Southwest (SXSW) event in mid March.

Saving Country Music, along with Muddy Roots and Cracker Swamp have teamed up with Hillgrass Bluebilly‘s 5th Annual XSXSW showcase to create a two day, three stage event for the edification of the underground roots fan, and to help represent the independent roots community to the rest of the independent music world.

And unlike most of the rest of SXSW, there will be no need for armbands or badges that cost in the hundreds of dollars to gain access to the music, and the event is being held outside of the madness Austin’s downtown corridor becomes during the event, at The Austin Moose lodge just east of downtown. XSXSW 5 will give fans a chance to be a part of SXSW, without all the trappings that usually keep many locals and out-of-towners away. And this year’s event will also be extra special, as it will serve as a pre-release party for Texas legend James Hand‘s upcoming album.

Artists and fans from all over the country are coming to this event. Admission to see all of these great bands will be a measly $10, so get out to Texas and pony up! But in the event you cannot make it, portions of it will be broadcast right here on Saving Country Music, through SCM LIVE.

Many more details will be coming soon, so stay tuned to Saving Country Music.

Day 1 Lineup – Friday March 16th

  • Possessed by Paul James’
  • Restavrant
  • Soda Gardocki
  • James Leg
  • Farmer Barrett
  • Husky Burnette
  • Patrick’s Beard
  • Run-On Sentence

Day 2 Saturday March 17th

  • Sunday Valley
  • James Hand
  • Hellbound Glory
  • Tom VandenAvond
  • Hashknife Outfit
  • Calamity Cubes
  • Rachel Brooke
  • Pearls Mahone
  • Ruby Jane

17 Comments to “Lineup for 5th Annual XSXSW 2012 Announced”

  • Who is Patrick S. Beard?

    • He’s the front man of the Rusty Razors. :)

    • Actually, it’s Patrick’s Beard

  • Is it possible to get tickets to this, or do you just need to show up?

    • There’s no advanced tickets set up at the moment, but that may change as the event gets closer. Many details are still being worked out and solidified. Just wanted people to know what has been confirmed here 2 months away from the event.

      • Thanks for the info, that’s worth the cost of a trip from Nashville I think.

  • Wishing I lived even close to Texas at this point, looks like a solid lineup and cant beat the price.

  • This is a show that is deffinatley worthy of keeping an eye on plane ticket deals to fly in for. I know I am keeping an eye on them. Would love to come across a good deal on a plane ticket to come down for it. This will be one hell of a show, which is no surprise, as HBE, Cracker Swamp, and Muddyroots has their hands in it. Anyone there will be seeing a show that they will not soon forget!!!

  • LONE WOLF is playing BOTH DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JEALOUS! The artwork is rad too. Did the lovely Mrs Hillgrass Bluebilly do this? Keith has been posting some of her artwork up on FB, it’s fabulous.

    Also, I see JTE is playing SXSW this year! You must be stoked ;)

  • PS Shitballs, this really really REALLY makes me miss Austin. I reckon I might try and make it back there for SXSW next year :)

  • Looks like I’ll have to drive down to Austin. I’m really pumped about Sunday Valley.

  • I was hoping to go but both our cars bit the dust over the holidays. I’ll have to buy a car around that time. Pinchin’ pennies now. I do plan to be in Austin with family and friends in June though.

  • My lord I would give just about anything to be there for this! I need to move I think…

  • ***UPDATE***
    “Chili Cold Blood” has just been added to DAY 1: Friday March 16

  • ***UPDATE***
    Old Gray Mule & Captain Mudhole have been added to DAY 1 Friday March 16

  • DAMN that’s an awesome lineup……….maybe there will be a last-minute deal and a tax return at the same time? Can only hope, right?

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