Mattie Breaux of CMT’s “Party Down South” Wanted By Police

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Mattie Breaux

Mattie Breaux

More legal troubles and location battles for the cast and producers of CMT’s new reality show Party Down South. The latest fugitive from the show is 24-year-old Mattie Breaux of Louisiana, who is wanted by police for a bench warrant after she failed to appear in court as part of a pretrial hearing in March. The hearing was for a previous arrest for driving while intoxicated in September. Breaux was taping Season 2 of the reality show at the time of the hearing.

On Party Down South, Breaux is known to have a turbulent, and at times violent alter ego named “Martha” that comes out when she drinks too much. “Martha” was a focus of one of the show’s episodes in Season 1.

Mattie Breaux is the second Party Down South cast member of the eight to find herself on the wrong side of the law. In late February, fellow Louisiana native Lyle Boudreaux was arrested in Maurice, LA for burglary of a vehicle. According to police, while at a Mardi Gras parade, Boudreaux found an unlocked car, rifled through a purse, and stole a credit card to fund the night’s drinking. When he went to the 2nd bar on the night and tried to start an open tab, bartenders noticed the name on the card and alerted police. The 28-year-old Party Down South star was arrested, and eventually released on $10,000 bond.

party-down-south-adAnd these are not the only problems for the troubled show. In March, the show got kicked out of Pensacola, FL where the taping for Season 2 was originally supposed to transpire. A backlash from Pensacola residents incensed by the portrayal of Southerners in Party Down South resulted in the cancellation of food and lodging contracts for the show’s support staff, including a $1 million hotel deal, and a $160,000 catering contract.

“It was really an image thing,” Hotel spokesman Julian MacQueen told USA Today. “We spent millions and millions of dollars investing in an image for Pensacola Beach that gets away from the whole Redneck Riviera crap. I hate that image. That’s not who we are. All you have to do is watch a trailer of the reality show and realize it will undo everything we’ve been trying to put together. It sure puts a stereotype out there, and it’s the lowest form of entertainment. Yes, it’s painful, but it was the thing to do. You never make up that business. What you can do to make yourself feel better is look at the business it possibly could have displaced.”

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In lieu of Pensacola, Party Down South moved to Athens, GA, where they haven’t been very well-received either, or very well-behaved.

Athens-Clarke County Mayor Nancy Denson said in April that she felt that the South was always portrayed unfairly in the media, and that the mayor’s office did not condone the show. “I’m terribly disappointed that this is being filmed in our community. There’s so much promise in that (TV) technology … (but) we’ve sunk to the lowest level. It makes me worry about our society.”

According to numerous accounts, bodyguards/babysitters watched the cast whenever they would leave their house for Athens proper, though one of the cast members still ended up in the ER twice for alcohol issues. The presence of Party Down South has also stimulated talk of creating tighter controls on TV and movie production in the area for the future.

38 Comments to “Mattie Breaux of CMT’s “Party Down South” Wanted By Police”

  • Does anyone know where I can audition for this?


  • And in other news, the sewer is still full of sewage…


  • More trash to make my home state look bad as if luke bryan and brantley gilbert and jason aldean weren’t enough. Props to Florida for kicking their asses out, though.


    • I’m proud to be from a state where brantley gilbert can kick it in the sticks, Jason aldean can take a little ride, and where luke bryan can get some country girls to shake it for him!


    • BYE FELICIA!!!!!


  • Do people actually watch this garbage?


    • Whats wrong with you its just a show you stick in the mud


    • trash. it takes trash to watch trash and keep it on t v. yes. i said it and i mean it. stupid freaking trash. there’s trash all over the u s.why don’t other parts of the country depict themselves in this light? i’m not very religious but i am spiritual. firm belief in God. but i was very offended when that blond skank drunk layed down in almost no clothes with her legs spread and said “thank you Jesus” that went beyond disrespect.
      no i didn’t watch the show. saw the ads. i’m not a prude by any means. but this went way too far. TAKE THIS CRAP OFF THE AIR. signed the one hand mississippi moss man


      • its really simple people, if you don’t like “that kind of show” don’t watch it. No body asked for your opinions. who are we to sit back and judge one another? Hell, i bet there are several thing each and every one of you do that other would call “sinful” cheating on your husband/wife? drugs? stolen things before? watched porn? had sex out of wedlock? the list could go on and on people… point is people are going to do what ever the hell they wanna do regardless if YOU think its “trash” garbage” ect. so save your dern breath for something that actually matters, like instead of putting your two cents in on a TV show… how about go volunteer at a homeless shelter, clean up a neighbors yard… MIND YOUR OWN??
        on another note, i find the show very entertaining do i drink beer, and hang with friends? well hell yea! does that make me a horrible person? not at all…

        Peace out from BAMA !!!


        • When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child : but when I became a man I put away childish things. 1st Corinthians 13:11. I’m not trying to cram religion down your throat. Faith, or lack of, is a highly personal subject, I, myself, am not a very religious person but I am very spiritual. God, What ever or Who ever is real. I’m a firm believer performing what’s known as a Random Act Of Kindness. That’s when you do something for someone else, even if you don’t know them and don’t expect or accept anything in return. And you keep it to yourself and God if you believe in Him. Therefore I will not list what I’ve done for others. Just know that I do. Try it. I promise it will come back to you in ways you can’t imagine. I’m 58 years old. When I was a teen and young adult my friends and I partied hardy, so hardy in fact 3 of them didn’t live to see age 23. There was no good reason for it. Party On. I lost my left hand and almost my life. What do YOU have to lose? But, hey, Party On. I became a drug addict and wasted a great portion of my life that I’ll never be able to get back. Party On. I contracted hep. c. Party On, I lost the respect of the ones I loved. Party On. It took most of a year in rehab to shake the Party On attitude and longer still to win back my mind and the trust of others. It took 8 months of utter hell to rid myself of hep c. Remember this: NO ONE WAKES UP AND SAYS “I THINK I’LL BE A DRUG ADDICT OR ALCOHOLIC WHEN I GROW UP.” Don’t think you can’t end up like me.I thought I was something when I drank a whole fifth of Old Grand Dad by myself when I was 19. All my “friends” cheered me on and when I was close to dying from alcohol poisoning they dumped me on the porch, knocked on the door and ran like rats from a sinking ship. Hell Yea, Party On. You will see what I mean when you get some years under your belt. (That’s if you live that long.) Now lets get to the subject of good taste and respect for others. This show has neither. Like I said, I’m not religious but can we not disrespect Jesus the way this show did? I’m far from being a prude. Do I look at naked women on the internet? In the words of Sarah Palin “You betcha!” Have I ever fantasized about ramming it up her old poot chute? (not literally ) Sure, but I would have to be quick. If the far right wingers are put into power you better have a BIG

          jar of Vaseline handy. But certainly never in public or on national tv. Have I ever committed adultery? NO. NOT EVEN ONCE, EVER. That’s not entirely true, Like Jimmy Carter, I have done so in my heart. (imagination) Is that being a goody two shoes? That’s one thing I can never be accused of. Have I ever been a thief? It shames me to have to admit it, but yes. It boils down to RESPECT!!! Hypocrite? Never. Doesn’t matter what I do, good or bad, I’ll hold up for it like a man. Lastly, I’m a Viet Nam veteran. I VOLUNTEERED my time in the Army to make sure the cast of this show has the freedom to make it and your right to watch it. I only wish ya’ll would have enough respect for others to show a little bit of class and not insult the religious views of others. Glorifying excessive alcohol use is irresponsible. I read that one cast member had to go the hospital emergency room twice in Athens for alcohol related reasons.I don’t know if that’s true,but if it is did they include it in the show? Most likely not. If true it sure should have been. And I don’t watch this white trash crap. Peace And Love For All, Even You!!!!!!!!!!


  • The Gulf-front Pensacola Hotels in question are:

    Hampton Inn, Hilton and Holiday Inn Resort.

    Y’all stop in and throw some make-up business their way the next time you roll through there, OK? Seems like good people.


  • Probably also a good business decision in the long run.

    I’ve known people like the ones in this television program.

    and I do not understand the fascination with such people. Maybe you have to meet them in person, and get to know then a little bit to realize, they are not very interesting.

    It looks like one of the limits of reality tv has been found.



  • now there’s some Breaux Country i can get with…


    • Good one.


  • Smart move by Florida, look what happened to Seaside after Jersey Shore.


    • What happened except they walked away with milions.


  • It’s depressing that being a skank and a whore is so publicly accepted these days.


  • Oh Wow! Doesn’t the state of Georgia look bad enough? Damn! I’m from Georgia! Just what we need!!!!


    • And of all places Athens? Really? Athens is home of the University of Georgia where people have a sense of pride in that town, there is a lot of history and not to mention a great place to visit. I have been to Athens many times with my family we love it there and I can see where the mayor would be worried because you can almost bet that the producers and the cast members have done nothing but focus on smut because that’s all this show really is! I’m sorry but I just can not see where watching people wreck themselves would be entertaining. I am sure that I will not be the only one outraged by this! This is just something else that will have my home state look like we are all just a bunch of ignorant drunks which is not true and the saddest part is that these girls like this with no respect for themselves get to be in the spotlight glorifying binge drinking, sex with random partners, fighting and going to jail. Why not show some of the young women who are there attending college working hard to make something of themselves?


      • Don’t watch the show! Quit complaining! Would anyone watch a show that followed a bunch of boring people? If you think your home state of Georgia is embarrassing and has a bad reputation then LEAVE!


        • it takes trash to enjoy watching trash. i almost died from drinking a whole fifth of whiskey when i was 19. that was in 1975. what’s it going to take? some teen or young adult dying from drinking too much because they saw people on this show do it? i’m a proud southern man from mississippi i don’t care for the way southerners are depicted in this show. take your white trash up north and try that crap up there.


  • Georgia are u serious boring who goes there and Florida you people suck do you really think a couple kids are going to hurt your state you no how many people go to Florida to do what they are filming its a joke its 2014 were not in 1960 won’t be long all these old farts will be gone there having fun and all these haters talking smack are people with no life jealous they get no love go play bingo stop hat in Mattie is Hot go watch golden girls are Dr Phil what do you think people go to Florida for to party maybe you should band spring break oh wait they won’t do that that’s there money maker what there doing is no different then spring break and Florida welcomes the kids with open arms it such a joke


    • I think you may have to attend some sort of school to be able to write something like that. Good lord, that is HORRIBLE!


    • @stan: your spelling and grammar are stellar. Way to prove the quote “haters” point. Society is doomed


    • Lyle, is that you?


    • this is type of people that go in for this kind of trash. get your head out of the party and try to learn how to express yourself in proper english. p s i don’t use capitals because i only have one hand. which, by the way i lost my left hand partying. so go for it. what do you have to lose?


      • damn. i forgot to put “the” in my post. see what too much party will do to someone who isn’t STUPID. we all need to keep as many brain cells as possible.


  • Stan,

    Your ate a lot of paint chips or lived under power lines as a kid, didn’t you?


    • LOL you sound just as bad as Stan


  • Stan makes sense!! Stop putting down on him! I love the show. Whether people know this or not, things like this do happen!!!!


    • Actually, Debby, Stan would make a hell of a lot more sense if he would actually learn to use proper spelling and punctuation. That post made my brain hurt!!


      • Hell yea !


  • Lets start off by saying I love georgia and just because Florida is a party state doesn’t mean they want to be associated with the bad image this show sometimes projects of how southern people are and live. Southern people aren’t all drunks, they all don’t sleep around, in fact most of them including myself have high moral standards,strong religious beliefs, and outstanding manners. But with this the people on this show are young and making mistakes as everyone does. It just so happens that there mistakes are being publicly displayed. So stop judging them because I’m sure you’ve made mistakes too, butt I agree there moral standards and behavior should be better considering that there good moral,southern people.


  • Bunch of Haters! I love the show! These people care about each other and have a real friendship!


  • Oh please!!! This one little show ain’t gonna hurt Georgia!!! How many company’s film in Georgia????! But I can tell you one thing what is Florida known for during spring break? Yeah thought so.


  • Haters!! U guys should have went to New Orleans, Louisiana…Where the ppl know how to party!!! it’s awesome !!! I love the show.I think lil bit and daddy would make a great couple. Love u guys and can’t wait until next Thursday. Have fun!!


  • I swear all of you bitching and whining over a damn show. Honestly, I don’t see how it depicts “southerners” as something they aren’t. You tell me how many grown adults between the ages of 21-35 you know that do the same thing every weekend. The only difference they aren’t getting filmed and making money off of it. I enjoy the show because it reminds me of my friends and I. P.s. news flash for you southern people have been partying just like the ones on the show since way before this damn show ever was even a thought.


  • Yo stan…….quit it . I’m 52 and I can agree with some of the stuff your sayin but cmon man we all know tv is just entertainment . one day maybe you’ll have a daughter and she decides on college which we all know is the path we try to go for , but when we see things on TV that seem ok…….. now your daughter is lying in the street acting a fool because why……..? how does that make you feel ? is it your fault ? Or…………


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