Michael Jackson Montgomery Releases “Perfect Pop Country Song”

August 21, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  38 Comments

We first learned about pop country’s Michael Jackson Montgomery over 1 1/2 years ago, when the pop country “mega-franchise” project he was a part of for a major Nashville record label pulled the plug on his manufactured music career. Since then Montgomery, aka “The Bleeding Cowboy” has been leaking demos of some of the songs meant for his album to Saving Country Music and explaining the stories behind them.

Well now apparently after much wrangling by lawyers behind-the-scenes, Michael Jackson Montgomery is ready to begin releasing the full studio versions of his songs ahead of an album release possibly some time this Fall/Winter, and he is starting today by releasing what he is calling “The perfect pop country song” called “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”.

“I’m serious Trig, it is perfect, and I ain’t saying that to pat myself on the back.” And according to the press release for “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”, he’s not lying:

“Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck” was written by a team of Nashville’s top songwriters in conjunction with scientists that are studying how certain sounds effect dopamine and other chemical responses in the brain, and statisticians who study trends and figure out the best song patterns and the right time to release a song. After years of work, they came up with “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck” and decided that it should be released right now, today, August 21st, 2012.

“Even the flaws in the song were put there on purpose to make it sound dirty and authentic,” explains Michael Jackson Montgomery. “Eat your heart out Steve Goodman!”

So without further ado, here is the worldwide release of Michael Jackson Montgomery’s smash single “Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck”.


Ice Cold Beer In A Pickup Truck = 28 times.

The single is available at, on Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold online.

38 Comments to “Michael Jackson Montgomery Releases “Perfect Pop Country Song””

  • thats it??,,,,what a bunch of crap,,,

  • Lol @ how much time was wasted shopping at walmart

  • You’re gonna tear Nashville down from the inside Triggerman!

  • This MUST be a spoof ! Surely ??

    • I’m really starting to think so, googling the name brings up the MJM website, the Youtube vid, and the handful of articles on him here at SCM… NOTHING else…

      Don’t know for sure, but I think Trigger and/or one of his buddies are having a lot of fun making fun of the pop-country establishment.

      If only I could get this “song” out of my damned head… I can listen to anything else, to try and drown it out, but it doesn’t matter, I keep hearing “Eye Skoal bear in a pickup truck…” in the back of my mind…. could be because the guitar part of this song is actually kind of good, not really country (though Chris LeDoux snuck in a few that were similar over the years), but yeah…

  • I hope he dies a horrible death

  • I can’t bring myself to click play…

  • Man, I really dig the cross arm thing he does. Kind of like what Brantley Gilbert does, except the middle fingers are extended instead of knuckled under. That’s bad ass!

  • nice Steve Goodman reference. i bet he’s pissed he died before he had a chance to write it himself!

  • He ain’t no Tony Clifton but Andy Kaufman would be proud. Awesome stuff!!!

  • I heard he was gonna sing a duet with Shooter Jennings.

    • I don’t know if I’ll do anything with ol’ Shooter, but I’m planning to wear one of his T-shirts in my next video to improve my underground country street cred.

      • Boy howdy, you’re gonna make Bucky Covington so jealous.

  • Your killing me trigger man! Funny spoof!

  • Those lyrics are amazing. MJM is pretty cute ;)

  • Hahahahaha. I love that I can actually buy this on Amazon. I mean, I’m not going to … but I could.

  • Not bad, but he ain’t no Earl Dibbles Jr.

    • Crack a cold one. Ye Ye!!

    • Apples and oranges. Michael Jackson Montgomery has been around for a lot longer, and Earle Dibbles Jr. is a persona. Michael Jackson Montgomery is clearly a real person.

  • Haters beware – you need some humor and a little fun to enjoy this song. If you can’t handle greatness, don’t listen.

  • Is this some kind of a joke.

  • The Axe body spray ties it all together. Freakin hilarious Trigger.

  • Feckin genius.

  • Absolute genius. This is my new favorite song.

  • I’m going to be singing this all day tomorrow, I can just tell. But it’s too true and I laughed my balls off.

  • bloody bleeding bullshit.

  • Banjo is way too loud in the mix early on and guitar is way too distorted later to be the Perfect Pop Country song.

    The lyrics are flawless.

    I hope there is a Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift type of rivalry between MJM and Earl Dibbles, Jr.

    • I don’t know, man. I think maybe he’s going after Brantley Gilbert and wants to be the king of the pop country douche mountain. That crossed arms/devil horns thing but with the middle fingers out instead of knuckled under? If you subtract Brantlley’s pose from MJM’s, all you’re left with are two middle fingers. I think he’s giving ol’ Brantley the finger. It’s on!

  • Ok so I’m curious. Has anyone bought this song yet from Amazon??

  • He looks alot like that guy who shot all those people in Aurora. Creepy.

  • I am going to spin this soon to be classic on my show. I think Coley said she would be all over this fine looking dude like flies on stink.

  • “Eyes Skoal bear and a pickup truck.” (repeat fifty times at varying tempos)

    No idea what it means. From the title, I was expecting a song about ice cold beer and a pickup truck, but he clearly says “eyes Skoal bear” instead.

    I’m disappointed.

  • Lol, it won’t sell any beer.

  • Hey Triggerman, its nice to see you’ve finally found a way to make some real money off this website and its, ahem “side projects”. How in the heck did you get this song on Amazon? “Ice Cold Beer in a Pickup Truck” might just become the country music equivalent of the pet rock….

  • Although this spoof is comical, and all the recent ripping of various pop country…but I hope that something else is on your radar.

    Coming Oct. 16… Hank Cochran tribute.
    “If I had to dream up somebody like Hank to influence songwriters, I couldn’t have done a better job,” Johnson says. “That’s what he was– not just for me, but for Willie and for a lot of people–just a helpful friend. If he knew you needed help with something, he could help you. He was there. And that’s what I want to be for the people in my life, same as Hank. He influenced me, not only as an artist and songwriter, but also as a person.”

    Just letting you know if you didn’t know.

  • Guns shouldn’t be within arms length while playing this song thing.

  • I played this for my wife the first day and she made me turn it off after 90 seconds.

    Now 4 days later she’s angry with me because she still can’t get it out of her head.

    Just sayin’…

  • Gawdammit, this “song” is still stuck in my head days later! What have you done to me?

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