More Than A Hank Williams Birthday

September 17, 2010 - By Trigger  //  Causes  //  18 Comments

I noticed this for the first time last year, that as the birthday of Hank Williams approached, people were looking at it more than just a bulletin you would pass along on social network sites. It felt like a full blown observance, maybe even a quasi-holiday. And the days leading up to it, there was anticipation.

My favorite country writer Juli Thanki (who recently interviewed Hank biographer Colin Escott) informed me the other day that some call September 17th “Hankstitution Day,” as it is also Consitiution Day. Apparently you celebrate by listening to Hank Williams and exercising your favorite amendment. I’m going to roll with the oft forgotten 3rd Amendment, by inviting some solders to stay at my house, and then when they show up, waive my pocket Constitution at them and lock them out. Or maybe I’ll just form a well regulated militia, haven’t decided yet.

Unfortunately no interesting turn of Hank Williams events colored my life leading up to this day like they did last year, though one long time reader around here Restless in Amsterdam from Holland made the trip all the way to the US to celebrate this day haunting the same places Hank Williams once did, making some Hank Williams memories of her own. Restless, along with a few of us others made some Reinstate Hank videos a while back, and since there’s so much new blood around here, I thought I’d re-gift them to Hank for his birthday. And hell, maybe it will inspire a new batch of videos from people who think Hank Williams should be reinstated to the Grand Ole Opry.

Happy birthday Hank!

18 Comments to “More Than A Hank Williams Birthday”

  • Happy Birthday Hank. Thanks for the music. We will keep fight to get you reinstated. REINSTATE HANK!

    • See, look how cool Nix looks with his Gravatar he got at !

      Cool video too Nix!


  • Party.

  • Yeah I live just below montgomery & they put flowers on Hank’s grave and everybody meets at the hank Williams museum And some people perform yeah and their are alot Hank festivals down here and nobody pays there respect like they ought to

    • I’d like to be there some time for that.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANK! Lots more Reinstatement videos in there if ya click on em’ folks. A HAPPIER BIRTHDAY TO YOU ON YOUR IMPENDING REINSTATEMENT HANK!

  • Don’t know how I missed this post earlier, but yeah, I been thinking of Hank all day. Telling my co-workers and listening to all the songs. Singing along at the top of my lungs driving my housemate nuts. Here’s to ya Hank, thanks for the music.

    • Probably didn’t miss anything man, I was late in getting this up. Between the Hank III dates dropping, trying to get Rev. Nix’s new show on SCM live, and trying to dig up info on Justin Townes Earle, this has been my busiest day on record, after a busy week, and the busiest month I’ve ever seen. I’m ready for a break, but I know a lot of people are waiting on some key album reviews.

      • Yeah man, three posts in one day! Busy busy, thanks for the footwork. If you do need a break, we’ll be here when you get back!

  • Happy Birthday and REINSTATE Hank!

  • We spent Hank’s birthday at Bogarts being entertained by his Grandson…what better way to “pay respects” to The King of Country music.

    Hank III made note of his grandfather’s birthday and mentioned the REINSTATE HANK PETITION at all three shows we attended.

    I’ve got video to put up of all three shows but pics are up on myspace and facebook….Headliners in Louisville, Bogarts in Cincy and the Happy Tales Shelter benefit.

    The shows were fan-freakin-tastic…..

  • : )

  • Happy Belated Birthday Hank Snr! I don’t hold Colin Escott in very high regard myself as I thought his Hank Williams biography was just awful, I struggled to get through it as it is just so dry. He’s always on every doco about country music too, which is unfortunate as he’s far from charismatic. I wish Peter Gurlanick would do a biography. Have you read the stellar ones he did on Elvis? He totally brought all the characters in it to life. I have a few more books of his too, but have been unable to find the one on country music to buy thus far.

  • It was such a wonderful trip. Thanks for mention it Triggerman.

  • My dad love this guy, I’m looking for some of his album so I can gift it to my dad. HAppy B-Day dude!!!

  • Some say “In with the new Out with the old” but it is the music artist like Hank who shape our music industry today.

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