Muddy Roots Announces Spring Weekender & European Lineup 2013

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Muddy Roots Europe 2013

The Muddy Roots Festival has just announced that they will be heading back over to Europe once again this summer for the 2nd Annual Muddy Roots Europe June 14-16, 2013 at Cowboy Up Saloon Waardamme Belgium. They have released a lineup that spans the globe. From the US, from The Netherlands and Germany, to all the way from Brazil, bands and fans will be trekking from all over the world.

“I’ve made a lot of friends in the old world that are lending a hand,” says promotoer Jason Galaz. “A hand full of other festival promoters have reached out with help in promotion and have been teaching me the ins and outs of putting on an event in another country. It has been nothing but support from small promoters to mega festival promoters. Many local bands have been asked to join the bill as well as a few acts from around the world. It just goes to show you that all this hard work is and adventure has been effective in changing the underground music climate worldwide.”

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2013 Muddy Roots Europe Lineup:

Possessed By Paul James (US)
Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies (US)
Joe Buck Yourself (US)
Koffin Kats (US)
Reverend Beatman (Switzerland)
Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band (US)
Jet-Sons Rockabilly Trio (Poland)
Rachel Broooke (US)
Viva Le Vox (US)
Tio Gringo (Netherlands)
Dad Horse Experience (Germany)
Dinosaur Truckers (Germany)
Heinrich XIII  & The Devilgrass Pickers (Germany)
James Hunnicutt (US)
The Booty Hunters (Spain)
Husky Burnette (US)
Johnny Foodstamp (US)
DJ Charlie Hounddog (UK)
Lonewolf OMB (US)
Big Bayou Bandits (Belgium)
The Dublo (UK)
Mary Lee & The Sideburn Brothers (Brazil)

Muddy Roots Spring Weekender

Muddy Roots will also be adding a brand new domestic show called the Muddy Roots Spring Weekender on May 10-11 in Adams TN, just north of Nashville. The Red River Canoe Campgrounds where it will be located has permanent restrooms, showers, laundry room, ample RV hookups, and shade trees.  Folks can rent canoes and go down the river. This event is not intended to be as big as the Muddy Roots Festival held on Labor Day weekend annually, but will still have the great music people have come to expect from Muddy Roots. They are planning to have about 15-20 bands perform “…but you know how I tend to get carried away.” says Jason Galaz. “I really want to give folks the most I can and then some.”

Additionally, connecting the two Muddy Roots events is going to be a “super-tour” of sorts, fitting Joe Buck Yourself, Rachel Brooke, Viva Le Vox, and Sean Wheeler y Zander Schloss together. The 4 acts will be playing the Spring weekender, then tour the US, and then Joe Buck Yourself, Viva Le Vox, and Rachel Brooke will end up at Muddy Roots Europe.

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The full lineup for the Spring Weekender is still being forged, but here is the preliminary lineup:

Joe Buck Yourself
Sean y Zander
Rachel Brooke
Viva Le Vox
Possessed By Paul James
Husky Burnette
Hooten Hallers

9 Comments to “Muddy Roots Announces Spring Weekender & European Lineup 2013”

  • Rachel Brooks, I wondered when she would cross the pond and now she will, that is great.! Looking forward to the whole program!


  • What a great venue Red River will be, as a father who’s son is a staple at Muddy Roots will now have more stuff to get into. Well done!


  • Killin it as usual!


  • Damn good line up! Only one little detail: Reverend Beatman is from Swiss.


    • Thanks, fixed!


      • do you know if this ever comes through georgia?

        luke bryan/aldean/eric church have new song together.(just telling you cause i’m sure you would write a awesome review of it lol.)


        • Don’t have any dates yet for the super tour, but since we know it will be going through Tennessee, it’s not out of the realm of possibility it would be making its way to Georgia too.


  • Get Joe Huber to play!! He is a gem and a truly amazing singer songwriter. He was at the latest Muddy Roots and blew us all away. Do it!!


  • A few others to consider for the spring weekender. Flea Market Hustlers, Doug and Telisha Williams ( Gothgrass ), Ned Van Go , Less Honkie More Tonkie and Creech Hollar. All are middle tn area. Can not wait. I think when we open gifts tomorrow night I will have my ticket !!!!!!!!!


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