New Dale Watson Single & “I Lie When I Drink” Album Coming

August 24, 2012 - By Trigger  //  News  //  12 Comments

If there’s one thing you can expect from Dale Watson, it’s a new album on the way. With 21 major albums under his belt in 17 years, the iconic pompadoured Texas music legend has been nothing less than prolific.

His last album The Sun Sessions with its Johnny Cash-infused vibe came out in October of 2011 so you’d figure it’s about time for him to release some new material, and that’s exactly what he’ll do on Monday (8-27) when he debuts his new single “Daughter’s Wedding Song”; the first single from his upcoming album I Lie When I Drink due out in early 2013.

“I’m often asked to recommend a song for the father/daughter dance,” Dale says. “I usually say Merle Haggard’s “Farmers Daughter.'” The only problem is that, in the song, the mother is gone. So one day I told this couple I would write one special for the dance. While writing, I drew on my two daughters for inspiration and started crying halfway through it. I figured if it hit my heart strings, maybe it’ll hit the heart strings of fathers and daughters everywhere.”

Like The Sun Sessions, I Lie When I Drink will be released on Red House Records. And for those that can’t wait for some Dale, he will be playing at the Muddy Roots Festival in Cookeville, TN Friday night (8-31), right after Little Jimmy Dickens, and right before Wayne “The Train” Hancock.

Here’s Dale performing the song “I Lie When I Drink”

12 Comments to “New Dale Watson Single & “I Lie When I Drink” Album Coming”

  • Great news on the new album. Really looking forward to seeing Dale in Bristol in a couple of weeks. The only problem with seeing him in Tennessee is that almost no one dances.


  • Dale’s singin and playin always make me happy. Thanks.


  • good stuff. thanks again.


  • Another great one from the king of country music!


  • I saw Dale play recently and he graced us with several tunes from the new record. It is going to be a fine piece of work I assure you.


  • Great news, of course, but what happened to the “Dalevis: Sun Sessions 2″ album that was mooted to be coming out this year??

    Looking forward to seeing Dale during my first visit to Texas in October!! He visits us pretty regularly here in the UK but seeing at the Continental, Ginny’s, or the Broken Spoke will be a real treat!


  • I discovered Dale at the Broken Spoke and truly enjoy his music . I love his versatility and of course his “Lone Star”.


  • We love Dale here in France.
    To listen to WRCF


  • I saw Dale for the first time in Bristol Tn last year. It is a good thing I live in Houston Texas because I have seem him 12 times since. Looking forward to 3 more shows this year including New Years Eve.


  • I love this man, his band, the music…just go see him for yourself. You’ll have a ball!


  • Absolutely love his music and am very impatiently waiting for the new CD to be released. I have listened to “I Lie When I Drink” so many times and am ready for the entire CD.

    Anyone know the release date?

    Thank you Dale Watson for your great music and thank you in advance to anyone here who might know the date.


  • His new CD became available back in late January, and I hurried down to Waterloo Records to get it. As with his last CD, it is awesome! I personally don’t think he is capable of writing a “bad” song. Also, if you ever get the chance, visit the Broken Spoke. You’ll never see the same show twice, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy every one of them!!


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